22 Jan 2018

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Jacquie Walters - Album Review: Light For A Broken World
17 Jan 2018 // A review by Corinner
Christchurch born and bred, Jacquie Walters recorded her first song Bob Dylan’s Dream when she was six years old.  Singing Dylan and Joan Baez songs with her parents from an early age was her introduction to singer-songwriters.
Marina Bloom and Moving Stuff - Album Review: When I Am Gone
16 Jan 2018 // A review by butch181
The piano is an often under-recognised and under-utilised instrument. Even though the majority of musicians in this modern day will use a keyboard, it's often to play more "exotic" sounding instruments.
VAZEY - Single Review: Dreamers
16 Jan 2018 // A review by butch181
Dreamers is a well-balanced, light, summery track. While the track feels simplistic in its overall sound, the lead guitar provides properly weighed riffs, that complement the melody and vocals of the track without overpowering the rest of the composition.
Album Review: The Lincoln Greene Project
16 Jan 2018 // A review by Petros
Jimmy Hazelwood, actor and purveyor of acoustic folk, has recently released a new record, but not as himself. This time Jimmy is stepped into the role of Lincoln Greene, bringing you the debut album from this pseudonym, the aptly title The Lincoln Greene Project.
Psyrok - EP Review: Omega Point Blank
10 Jan 2018 // A review by Corinner
Psyrok is a cross-genre electronica producer and songwriter based in Wellington. He also runs his own micro-label Psylince Records.
Gig Review: Skinny Hobos @ Yot Club, Raglan - 06/01/2018
08 Jan 2018 // A review by Matt Mutinous
The sun finally decided to make an appearance over Raglan on Saturday afternoon, following two days of chaos weather and king tides that flooded most of the country. Tourists returned with the warmth as the campground began to fill up, the sun slipped below the horizon almost as quickly as it appeared.
Gig Review: Sol3 Mio @ Wharepai Domain, Tauranga - 6/01/2018
07 Jan 2018 // A review by Corinner
It was a wet and wild weekend in Tauranga, wild enough for even the most intrepid big name International artist to delay a concert for a few days, so it was not without trepidation that I kept an eye on the skies as the hours ticked ever closer to Sol3 Mio kicking off. I wouldn't have been overly worried had I only had to review the concert, but I also had to photograph, in the standard “three songs and your out of the pit” time frame.
EP review: Hault
06 Jan 2018 // A review by Channel1
The 90's will always be my favourite decade for music. It was a time when rock bands took a punk attitude and melded it with face melting heavy 70's style riffs and this is all perfectly summed up in the Sonic Youth doco 1991 the year that punk broke (check it out).
Intergracia - EP Review: Rise of The Incubus
31 Dec 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Intergracia are a Kapiti/Wellington band, and as some may remember, formally known as Magnum Opus. They deliver powerful melodic metal that you’ll love from the start.
Emma G - Album Review: Taking Flight
30 Dec 2017 // A review by Corinner
On the back of her whirlwind All Roads Lead To Home tour of New Zealand, Emma Ghaemmaghamy, or Emma G as she is also known, has recently released her debut solo album Taking Flight. Kiwi born but now based in Washington DC, Emma works full time as a street performer and playing music around clubs, bars and community events.
Troy Kingi - Album Review: Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygertron
22 Dec 2017 // A review by Petros
Where the hell did this come from? Or perhaps the more appropriate question is when?
The Knee High Socks - EP Review: The Knee High Socks
21 Dec 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The Knee High Socks are an Auckland high school quartet that formed in 2015. Their sound is self-confessed indie, ‘math rock’, but not exactly pop, and they have just released their first self-titled EP.
Jonathan Densem - Album Review: I’m Saying It Now
20 Dec 2017 // A review by Corinner
Jonathan Densem - Cantabrian singer, composer, musician and teacher has launched his album I’m Saying It Now. It is an album of storytelling and beautiful melody.
Jas Josland - Single Review: Lie To Yourself
19 Dec 2017 // A review by Corinner
Sounding very much like Gin Wigmore, Jas Josland is a multi-talented self-managed indie rock artist from Christchurch, with an interesting life story and a stunning voice. She has described her music to be “almost like a recipe book with strong influences ranging from 60’s to the new artist’s”  they are songs with stories to tell.
Future Islands with Silicon @ Powerstation Auckland - 16/12/2017
19 Dec 2017 // A review by Channel1
This dude can dance. He is on another planet.
Mitch Alderlieste - Single Review: Breathe
18 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
Mitch Alderlieste’s latest release is a light airy piece, that follows along the lines of Travis’ Why Does It Always Rain On Me? And Robbie William’s Angels.
EP Review: Medusa Glare
18 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
Medusa Glare is the self-titled debut album for the four-piece Hamilton rock act. Coming up to their fourth anniversary since their creation they have released this four-track EP, all with track lengths in the four-minute range (anybody else thinks they should have named the EP Four or IV?
Album Review: SoccerPractise
18 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
The self-titled debut album by SoccerPractise, is an exquisite, eclectic, perky blend of sound arrangements. This experimental indie electronica has the essence of what could have been if Lorde had aimed for clubs and EDM festivals rather than arena concerts.
Cricket Farm - Album Review: Bending Spoons
18 Dec 2017 // A review by Corinner
Cricket Farm, the Auckland based three-piece indie-folk/jazz band, are proudly releasing their debut album with the enchanting name of Bending Spoons. It has been described by the band as “music for hopeless romantic conspiracy theorists”… a statement such as that is simply intriguing and led me on a wonderful journey through 12 tracks of the bands thoughts and feelings accompanied by a stunning and honest indie-folk, gypsy jazz soundtrack.
Gig Review: Paul McCartney @ Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland - 16/12/2017
17 Dec 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Opening with A Hard Day’s Night to thunderous applause and rapture, Paul McCartney didn’t waste any time in appeasing the thirty something thousand crowd that descended upon Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland last night. It was a perfect warm summer’s night with no wind that made for crystal clear acoustics, and a stage that was set up perfectly with two huge live feed screens so everyone, front, side and back got the chance to see Sir McCartney in all his glory.
Gig Review: Armed in Advance, Fallstate and AnimalHead @ Backbeat, Auckland - 8/12/2017
16 Dec 2017 // A review by Channel1
Back at Backbeat. Deja vu, is a feeling you get when you see a lot of bands in Auckland.
Gig Review: Fuel with Coridian and Merrin @ The Studio, Auckland - 13/12/2017
14 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
While the sidewalk outside the venue didn’t look overly packed before doors opened, a thorough scan of the landscape revealed that there were, in fact, a large number of fans waiting to gain entry, they were just spread out along the street, rather than bunched up at the entrance. A quick chat with some of the fans revealed that we didn’t just have Aucklander’s in attendance, many had traveled far (some from the South Island) to be present on this night for Fuel; in fact, one of the opening bands hailed from Wellington, a testament to the appeal of Fuel all these years later.
Gig Review: Marley: NZ All-Stars @ The Trusts Arena, Auckland - 30/11/2017
13 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
Heading to the Trusts Arena, I was rather surprised to be able to get parking right out front. The line of people waiting to get in, only adding up to around 50 people.
L.A.B. - Album Review: L.A.B
12 Dec 2017 // A review by LoraThompson
Needless to say I have seen these boys play live and had long anticipated the release of the self-title album from L.A.
Scalper - EP Review: Want
12 Dec 2017 // A review by Channel1
I read a Facebook post from a friend of mine in the UK recently who writes reviews. It went something like this "somebody please send me some music I can feel enough to believe it".
Gig Review: Paul Kelly @ The Civic, Auckland - 1/12/2017
12 Dec 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
I last saw Paul Kelly in 1987 at the Dee Why Hotel and was eager to hear him again 30 years later, I was confident he would sound awesome, as he is a proven song writer and musician who has not stopped performing and creating beautiful music since 1978, in a stellar career that continues to impress both at home in Australia and abroad. Mr Kelly simply strode to the large stage and started playing his guitar and sang some new songs from his 21st album Life is Fine, they were 3 new songs that are wonderfully fresh, but still typically Kelly songs with his customary sweet melody flowing under his distinctive lyrical comments on life.
Imagine This - Single Review: That Wave
12 Dec 2017 // A review by Corinner
Rapper and songwriter Imagine This (Khalid El-Shareif), has released a bright and meaningful new single called That Wave. It is totally compatible with the stunning visuals that make you wish you are there in the bright blue ocean; it is what we dream a glorious Kiwi summer should be.
Hallelujah Picassos - Single Review: Happy Smile (Naive In Joy)
11 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
This is truly one of the more obscure singles I've reviewed. Happy Smile (Naive In Joy) is inspired by The Peasant Dance, an oil-on-panel piece of art created by the Netherlandish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted in c.
Scared Of Girls - Single Review: Waihi Beach
08 Dec 2017 // A review by Corinner
Scared Of Girls are a young garage surf punk 4-piece from Auckland with big ambitions and low standards and as such are here for a good time not a long time, their aim is to throw themselves into 2018 by churning out party punk bangers at energetic shows up and down the country. You can’t get more of a summer vibe then this bands single Waihi Beach, which is to be released on Friday 8th December.
Spook The Horses - Album Review: People Used To Live Here
07 Dec 2017 // A review by terry666
Atmospheric bordering on doom is what encapsulates this somewhat gloomy affair. This has previously been described as post metal, and there is a lot of darkness but this is in by no means a metal release and it wanders down the path of alternative music in my mind.
DateMonthYear - Single/Video Review: March
07 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
DateMonthYear’s latest release, March, is a piece of minimalistic beauty. Starting with some simple notes on the keys, the composition rises in energy with the addition of guitars before returning to a minimal output, ebbing and flowing.
Primacy - EP Review: III
06 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
III is Primacy’s offering to the musical gods for 2017. Showcasing the three tracks recorded this year; this is their final release with vocalist Jason McIver, who has recently decided to step down.
Gig Review: Cheshire Grimm @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 24/11/2017
06 Dec 2017 // A review by butch181
It was a reasonably quiet evening at Ding Dong Lounge with Auckland music fans being split between multiple venues that were all putting on shows at the same time. Heading upstairs there was a relaxed atmosphere, as punters from downstairs came up to check out the bands that were on show for the night.
Bulletbelt - Album Review: Nine Centuries
05 Dec 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Wellington Metallers Bulletbelt are back and bring with them, their third full length release, Nine Centuries. Bulletbelt are no strangers to the Wellington Metal scene and have been kicking around for years, with a lot of respect within their genre.
Gig Review: Glen Matlock @ Valhalla, Wellington - 25/11/2017
05 Dec 2017 // A review by lucifergunne
As soon as I saw him walk so casually over from the side of the bar up on stage, I knew that this would be a different kind of gig, and possibly one of the most intimate experiences I would have with one of punks most beloved musicians, Glen Matlock.Throughout the night, Glen took us on an audio tour of his career, belting out songs from the rich kids, Glen Matlock and the Philistines, and what you will recognize him best for, the sex pistols.
Fire For Glory - Single Review: Daughters
05 Dec 2017 // A review by lucifergunne
Two things have always stayed consistent (for me at least) when listening to Fire For Glory:1. The vocal work on every track never fails to impress me2.
Undercut - EP Review: Take the Wheel
04 Dec 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Undercut are a recently formed Auckland Rock outfit and have just released their debut four-track EP, Take the Wheel - an EP all about taking back control. Straight off the bat, it’s clear Undercut are seasoned musicians with their concise but sharp four tracks that are punchy and riff laden, with pinches of three genres, Rock, Indie and Metal.
Harry Styles @ Spark Arena, Auckland - 2/12/2017
04 Dec 2017 // A review by Channel1
It must be interesting being Harry Styles. Thrown into the limelight to be the focal point for one of the highest selling pop acts ever.
Gig Review: Marky Ramone @ The Studio, Auckland - 1/12/2017
02 Dec 2017 // A review by Channel1
Hey Ho Lets Go! The Studio on KRd was filling up nicely when I arrived and as expected the crowd is largely made up of males in their late forties/early fifties.
Gig Review: Hunt The Witch etc @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 11/11/17
01 Dec 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
The Kings Arms was a buzz with a wealth of punters keen for a dose of loud heavy rock music, all keen for a good time but regrettably the imminent demise of this entertainment institution was a sad topic of conversation for many, "it's all because of the council's greed and neglect, they change zoning to suit their bottom lines, with no thought to societies true needs", and so we paid our respects to the last Auckland beer garden rock pub, she will be remembered well. Of course, live music will live on and tonight it was alive and well, kicking off impeccably with the energetic pounding rock supplied by West Auckland rock outfit AnimalHead, this threesome gel brilliantly to create a powerful rock grind that could also be described as a bluesy kind of punk.
Album Review: Waiuku College Music Presents - Our Sound Volume 1
01 Dec 2017 // A review by trevf
This collection of songs from students at Waiuku College is an example of a new sensibility in music education, motivated by perceptions of industry realities and recognising the strengths and influences of the students themselves. At its best, this makes for an exciting situation where fresh musical energy and ideas grab hold of traditional knowledge benefiting both.
Three Islands - Album Review: Sunshine for the Soul
01 Dec 2017 // A review by Petros
While I admit I am usually somewhat resistant to exploring outside my chosen genre, though often reluctantly do so, I was surprised to find I had no issue getting into this album - once I finally convinced myself to start it. The Three Islands album Sunshine for the Soul are to Funk and Soul, what Jakob are to Rock.
Minimal Silence - Single Review: House of Flies
29 Nov 2017 // A review by Channel1
Getting ahead in the music business is a competition. You need to give it your all and hope for a bit of luck to get ahead.
Naught for Nothing - Single Review: Lucid
28 Nov 2017 // A review by Channel1
Talent really does shine. I never really thought about it until now but it does.
Album Review: The Electricka Zoo
28 Nov 2017 // A review by Corinner
If you are on the hunt for a totally original, mind warping album that smacks you across the face with big sound, than this is it. No calming tranquil naval gazing going on here, this self-titled 8 track album may leave you wondering what the heck you are listening to.
Nation - Single Review: Summer
25 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
Nation's new track, Summer, instantly hits you with some high notes and some sultry lows on the vocals, reminiscent of Laughton Kora's style, led by some jazzy funky bass and a very Jamiroquai-esque hook in the chorus. With a very basic chorus lyrically (easy to remember which makes it likely to quickly become a crowdpleaser at live shows).
Gig Review: Take That @ TSB Arena, Wellington - 21/11/2017
24 Nov 2017 // A review by Made2Fade
My first recollection of entering the TSB Arena for UK Pop band Take That, was how classy the place was that night. I'm used to going to beer-soaked, B.
Gig Review: Coridian @ The Wine Cellar, Auckland - 10/11/2017
23 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
The underneath of St Kevins Arcade is the place to be if you are looking for up-and-coming, or alternative musical acts. Find your way around the maze of rooms and hallways, you have Whammy, the Back Room, or the Wine Cellar, all in close proximity, all pumping at the same time.
Owlet Nightjar - Album Review: The Regenerative Principle
23 Nov 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
Named after an extinct flightless bird in New Zealand, Owlet-Nightjars' are an amalgamation of unusual and attention-grabbing concepts. Their debut album, The Regenerative Principle is a mixture of sounds, featuring elements of soul, dub, blues, reggae, rock, pop and psychedelic.
Robby Thorne - Single Review: The White Thorn Track
23 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
Creating a hybrid of two distinct musical genres is a tightrope act; trying to simultaneously display and maintain the characteristics of both the Rock and Country genres in a way that feels organic to the audience. Robby Thorne strives to achieve this task by the addition of the amplified electric guitar to an otherwise country track.
Miller Yule - Single Review: Diamonds
23 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
Diamonds has a beautifully clean guitar riff that resonated immediately at my core. A fresh sound, but so incredibly familiar too.
Cheshire Grimm - Video Review: Slave to the Grind
19 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
A rather unorthodox request, having already reviewed the EP, but we were asked to review Cheshire Grimm's lyric video for their Slave to the Grind track from their EP Rain or Shine. The video was created by Jesse Wheeler from Cloudfall Media.
Gig Review: Lorde @ Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington - 11/11/2017
16 Nov 2017 // A review by Freecell
A 20 year old Auckland raised girl kicked off a concert named Melodrama at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington Central on Saturday the 11th of November. This girl is Ella - also known as Lorde - the popular artist that had turned famous overnight at 16 and had since created 2 successful albums and 1 EP.
Killing Bear - Album Review: Mysterium Tremendum
16 Nov 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
Killing Bear - The mystical tribe from Mars who have used psychic powers to poses the minds of four musicians, with their combination of drums, guitars, synths and vocals, this is a psychedelic pop rock band to get your teeth stuck into. I had never listened to any of Killing Bear’s music until now, and what I have heard I love.
Thirty Years Late - Album Review: Fight On
14 Nov 2017 // A review by Channel1
In 1967 something happened. There was a shift in peoples mindsets and that resulted in a shift in the musical landscape.
So Below - Single Review: Close
14 Nov 2017 // A review by Corinner
New Zealand's very own enigmatic songbird, Madeline North AKA So Below has released a new single called Close. An upbeat lively track accompanied by intense poetic lyrics which don’t match.
Needless Cane - Album review: Sick World
13 Nov 2017 // A review by jck2
Needles Cane is a name that I’ve heard crop up quite a few times on posters and gig invitations on Facebook and amongst friends in the Auckland Goth scene. Although the most I knew about them before I listened to their album Sick World was that they were gothic rock.
EP Review: Vallkyrie
11 Nov 2017 // A review by Channel1
The Goddess Vallkyrie has spoken. She is looking for warriors, people who dare to be different, who want to alter perceptions and stereotypes.
Gig Review: Written By Wolves @ Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 3/11/2017
11 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
Heading into the Kings Arms Tavern and immediately you can tell there is something different. It doesn’t take long to see what everyone is looking at and discussing; more lighting, an extended stage with a “runway”, additional floor toms on the side-of-stage, and what appeared to be some gas cannons attached to some rather large CO2 bottles.
Immi Paterson - Single review: Nightingale
10 Nov 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
Here is a most surrendering and peaceful new single from James Summerfield featuring Kiwi Immi Paterson that can really help you escape. Furnished with delicate vocal harmonies from James and Immi that drift perfectly over the smooth and stylish orchestral music which plays serenely throughout the track.
Gig Review: Pennywise @ The Studio, Auckland 07/11/2017
09 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
Turning up to The Studio venue, and you can’t help but be impressed at how well things had been put together to this point. Bringing an international band to NZ, and selling out a venue with a capacity of somewhere around 1000-1200, on a Tuesday night, with the gig announcement only two weeks before the show was penned down to happen.
Radio Coma - Single Review: Too Young To Die
06 Nov 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
Head banging on the front row, covered in beer, sweat and waves of pushing & shoving. Too Young To Die instantly transports you to a live venue.
Gig Review: Roni Size @ The Studio, Auckland - 27/10/2017
05 Nov 2017 // A review by Freecell
V Energy and Audiology brings DnB legend and pioneer Roni Size touring his New Forms Anniversary Live show at The Studio in Auckland. I had arrived early at the entrance I could already hear some drum and bass playing walking down to the stage I realised how long its been since I was last at The Studio, suddenly the memories flow in from previous events of Shift to BSE, the venue had character and a lot of history.
Alice Cooper @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington - 28/10/2017
05 Nov 2017 // A review by terry666
Alice Cooper, Ace Frehley and Strangers. Wellington, 28 October 2017 Aussie rockers Strangers opened the show to a crowd that had probably never even heard of them but the got the crowd going and I suspect won over a whole new set of fans.
Tunes of I - Single Review: Kiss the Sky
04 Nov 2017 // A review by LoraThompson
Wellington dub-rockers Tunes of I just never stop. After a crazy couple of years touring their debut album Restless, they're back with the first single off what will be their third release, and EP called Wicked Ways – due for release on the 17th November.
Gig Review: Apollo SteamTrain @ RockFest 2017, Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 28/10/2017
04 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
RockFest 2017 was held at Totara Street in Tauranga on 28 October 2017in support of the local Cancer Society, with all profits being donated. RockFest 2017 Feature  The drive from Auckland had been long, but the constant rain had led to a reduction in traffic, which made the drive to Tauranga very pleasant.
Gig Review: Remote @ RockFest 2017, Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 28/10/2017
04 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
RockFest 2017 was held at Totara Street in Tauranga on 28 October 2017in support of the local Cancer Society, with all profits being donated. RockFest 2017 Feature  The drive from Auckland had been long, but the constant rain had led to a reduction in traffic, which made the drive to Tauranga very pleasant.
Gig Review: Coridian @ RockFest 2017, Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 28/10/2017
04 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
RockFest 2017 was held at Totara Street in Tauranga on 28 October 2017in support of the local Cancer Society, with all profits being donated. RockFest 2017 Feature  The drive from Auckland had been long, but the constant rain had led to a reduction in traffic, which made the drive to Tauranga very pleasant.
Gig Review: The Eternal Sea @ RockFest 2017, Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 28/10/2017
04 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
RockFest 2017 was held at Totara Street in Tauranga on 28 October 2017in support of the local Cancer Society, with all profits being donated. RockFest 2017 Feature  The drive from Auckland had been long, but the constant rain had led to a reduction in traffic, which made the drive to Tauranga very pleasant.
Gig Review: Play Big @ RockFest 2017, Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 28/10/2017
04 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
RockFest 2017 was held at Totara Street in Tauranga on 28 October 2017in support of the local Cancer Society, with all profits being donated. RockFest 2017 Feature  The drive from Auckland had been long, but the constant rain had led to a reduction in traffic, which made the drive to Tauranga very pleasant.
Gig Review: Deathnir @ RockFest 2017, Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 28/10/2017
04 Nov 2017 // A review by butch181
RockFest 2017 was held at Totara Street in Tauranga on 28 October 2017in support of the local Cancer Society, with all profits being donated.RockFest 2017 Feature The drive from Auckland had been long, but the constant rain had led to a reduction in traffic, which made the drive to Tauranga very pleasant.
Gig Review: Ardijah @ The Oxford Hotel, Levin - 22/10/2017
03 Nov 2017 // A review by Reef
Ardijah are an iconic New Zealand band from Auckland who in the 1980's were popular in the club/pub scene. Their debut single Give Me Your Numba was released in 1986 and since then a string of hits followed.
Yumi Zouma - Album Review: Willowbank
02 Nov 2017 // A review by Corinner
I have crossed the path of Yumi Zouma once before when I reviewed their first track on this album which was released as a single back in August. Willowbank is the sophomore album to Yoncalla, their debut originals LP.
Paua - Single Review: Play By Your Rules
01 Nov 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
Paua’s latest single Play By Your Rules is so smooth and catchy, driven along with the hipest reggae beat that warms your heart and gets you bopping along instantly. Loaded with the most soulful and harmonious choral singing you could imagine, it's upbeat and fun with a very island come summer reggae feel.
Album Review: The Hopkinsville Goblins
01 Nov 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The Hopkinsville Goblins are Back! The Wellingtonian's self-titled album is their second intergalactic collaboration of quirky sound effects, samples and lyrical connotations with continued exploration of everything out of the ordinary with that familiar shambolic confusion that is entirely their own.
Gig Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 25/10/2017
28 Oct 2017 // A review by Channel1
There is a real air of anticipation around this gig. The last time The Dillinger Escape Plan played the Kings Arms back in 2015 still has people sharing stories of what it was like to be there and tonight is the last time New Zealand gets to see one of the most innovative and progressive bands of the last 20 years.
Radius Kink - Album Review: Peculiar Confessions
27 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
Radius Kink's new album Peculiar Confessions is an interesting release; full of nostalgic set pieces that feel like they have no purpose beyond proving that they can exist. Tracks like Maybe I’ll Change My Name have clear influences from groups like Pink Floyd, who are synonymous with experimental alternative music, and the entire album feels a bit like that; a conceptual album, mixing styles and methods to create something completely, without a purpose or direction.
Great North - Album Review: The Golden Age
27 Oct 2017 // A review by Corinner
You know you have stumbled onto a good thing, when you come across a band who reckons that their songs were delivered to them by drunken angels and the music video involves blowing loads of beautifully crafted cakes from the Australian Women’s Weekly Cake Book to smithereens.  “Nearly every 90's child in New Zealand would have had a cake from that cookbook or been at a party where one was served.
Gig Review: Devilskin @ San Fran, Wellington - 13/10/2017
27 Oct 2017 // A review by LilMizCharlie
Devilskin are being seen all over the world in ways that we as New Zealanders should be extremely proud of. You only have to attend one of their shows to see that for yourself.
Silence The City - Album Review: Resilience
26 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
In the New Zealand mainstream rock scene, releasing a full-length album is an achievement in itself. The digital age of the music industry and the geographical limitations of the country tends to push most young acts towards either the constant stream of single releases or shorter EPs in order to maintain their relevance in the music scene.
Gig Review: Devilskin @ Powerstation, Auckland - 21/10/2017
24 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
The Powerstation was filling up nicely and was looking likely to get pretty close to, if not sold out show. An interesting layout on stage; it looked as though the gear for the later acts was already set up, giving the opening band, His Masters Voice only a few metres along the front of the stage to work with.
Gig Review: Modern Maori Quartet @ Powerstation, Auckland - 14/10/2017
23 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
The weather was timid as I wandered towards the Powerstation. For the first time since I’d ever been to the venue, the doors opened well before 8 pm allowing the crowd to casually enter without the need to queue.
Sneaky Feelings - Album Review: Progress Junction
22 Oct 2017 // A review by Petros
I was sure I’d been sent the wrong album. Pieces of ephemeral memorabilia bookending nostalgic rock didn’t suit my usual shtick.
Manon Peak - Album Review: Focused
22 Oct 2017 // A review by Made2Fade
Manon Peak, pronounced 'Main-on Peak’ is a musical project formed by Ben Ruegg. The concept of Manon Peak is collaboration.
Gig Review: The DMA's @ Tuning Fork, Auckland - 20/10/2017
21 Oct 2017 // A review by Channel1
This is my first time at Tuning fork and the smallish room is filling up nicely as we arrive early to catch local band Yukon Era before Aussie headliners The DMA's.I had heard good things about Yukon Era but wasn't sure what to expect.
Parabola West - EP Review: Purity Of Weakness
20 Oct 2017 // A review by Corinner
If ever there were a musical artist whose name sparked curiosity, than Parabola West (real name Amy) is it. Sounds somewhat like a complicated scientific description of something or a character from Westside, fortunately it is the former.
Hybrid Rose - EP Review: Cherry
19 Oct 2017 // A review by Channel1
I have always struggled with instrumental music, be it electronica or the rock soundscapes generated by Mogwai. I can listen and enjoy certain tracks but over an album, I tend to miss the dynamic of a vocal.
Julia Deans - Single Review: Walking in the Sun
18 Oct 2017 // A review by Channel1
Julia Deans is one of those iconic Kiwi artists who just seems to effortlessly create a beautiful noise. This new release, her first as a solo artist since 2010 is taken from her forthcoming album We Light Fire.
Album Review: Headroller
18 Oct 2017 // A review by lucifergunne
"Stay with us now as we cross live to some poor bastard we sent straight to the depths of hell to bring you the exclusive footage you need, Jeff tell me, how much blood is there?"Now, I might have heard that quote wrong (even after multiple run-throughs of the song, Visions), but if I could fit the feeling of this whole album into a few short, simple words, it would definitely be this little skit from the beginning of the 7th track, Visions.
The Gemini Effect - Album Review: Atomic Blues
16 Oct 2017 // A review by LilMizCharlie
That moment when Tom Petty passes yet something else seems to emerge.It’s was one those days.
The Whiskey Show - Single Review: Vengeance
12 Oct 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
This is a classic old school rock song with a modern 'Black Keys' style drum and bass feel thrown in. Dene's vocals are great for this genre, and Scott's guitaring is stunningly good.
Merrin - Album Review: 1
12 Oct 2017 // A review by LoraThompson
From first listen, Merrin's 1 has evolved in leaps and bounds from their earlier singles Sin and Mr Dominant the band are now bringing a much heavier and refined hard rock feel than their previous work. The Album begins with the newest single Durty Little Secret and quickly and easily segways into the heavier, riffier Burn it Up.
Beachware - EP Review: Twin Coast Disc Drive
11 Oct 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Beachware are from Auckland and full of fun with their electric surf pop. Their bubble gum sound is typically Kiwi and has that real beach vibe blended with 80’s synth overtones.
Gig Review: I Am Giant @ Islington O2 Academy, London - 26/09/17
11 Oct 2017 // A review by jdiddynz
A surprisingly balmy late September evening in London saw I Am Giant’s first return to the UK for close on a year as part of their Playing with Fire European tour. Hosted at the Islington O2 Academy, the evening was a three band affair featuring Telford’s Grim Fiction, London’s New Volume, and NZ’s own I Am Giant.
Gig Review: Synthony @ Auckland Town Hall, Auckland - 30/09/2017
10 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
The Auckland Town Hall was bustling with patrons eager to enter the site for this sold out event. 2,500 people lined up down Queen Street, and it no doubt became a logistical nightmare for the staff attempting to get everybody’s tickets checked, bags checked, and armbands attached, with doors opening a mere 30 minutes before the show was set to begin.
Kimbra - Single Review: Everybody Knows
10 Oct 2017 // A review by Corinner
When I hear Kimbra, I still hear Somebody That I Used To Know, a song which Gotye made a killing on in 2012 and shot our lovely kiwi Kimbra from Hamilton into the musical stratosphere. I still hear it because I played it over and over again until I drove myself mad or my cats bonkers, one of the two.
Killing Bear - Single Review: Milk and Cookies
08 Oct 2017 // A review by Channel1
For me, Wellington will always have a higher ratio of interesting bands compared to Auckland, despite Auckland having one million more people wandering around (well sat in cars, looking at phones). Wellington band Killing Bear are proof of that.
Play Big - Single Review: Imbecile
08 Oct 2017 // A review by Channel1
Play Big are ANGRY. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact, we need more angry people in the world right now.
Gig Review: Merrin @ Valhalla, Wellington - 23/09/2017
07 Oct 2017 // A review by Reef
Merrin recently released their new album 1 and on Saturday 23rd September I headed along to the album release party at Valhalla in Wellington to review and photograph the show. The two support acts for the night were Darkness Within and Strikemaster.
Fallstate - Single Review: Epilogue
03 Oct 2017 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Let’s address the elephant in the room straight away. It’s proclaimed on a daily basis that New Zealand has no new “decent” rock music.
Happy Hearse - Album Review: Mastering the Shakes
03 Oct 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
It happens, but not as often as I’d like, that I’ll come across a hidden gem that manages to blow my mind, musically and lyrically and leaves me feeling completely satisfied with undulated happiness and excitement.   Mastering the Shakes is the 2009 debut from the self- proclaimed grunge phenomenon band, Happy Hearse.
Coridian - EP Review: Caldera
02 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
Caldera is a short and sweet six-track release adding up to a 21 minute total runtime. Nonetheless sets the pace, with a fast guitar riff and some booming drums.
Modern Maori Quartet - Album Review: That's Us
01 Oct 2017 // A review by butch181
The Modern Māori Quartet’s album That’s Us is an upbeat and wholesome compilation of fun tracks. They put it perfectly themselves, referring to themselves at the start of Who We Are as the Māori equivalent of Michael Bublé, a name synonymous with an incredibly smooth voice, and a charm and modesty that makes his music something that nobody can hate.
Gig Review: Metaract, Checaine & Coridian @ Ding Dong, Auckland - 22/09/2017
29 Sep 2017 // A review by butch181
Ding Dong Lounge always has a great atmosphere and a well-lit bar area where you can actually see people, which makes chatting and socialising that much easier. It’s one of the places that I always enjoy going to, as everyone is in a great mood and chatty.
His Masters Voice - EP Review: Woman
29 Sep 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
This EP is for all the beautiful souls that dance up the front of a His Masters Voice performance, it is for the people that close their eyes and feel the music, for those that loose themselves in the music, the souls that get Goosebumps and go on journeys in their minds when the music hits that perfect note.  This is a very clever recording with three songs the band already perform live but the crowning glory in this EP is their new song Woman, although that is a VERY hard call to make as the other three songs all invoke the memories in me of the different times I’ve seen His Masters Voice, in Wellington when I accompanied them down on the mammoth road trip down and back in two days, or Hamilton last year when Az blew my mind with some American Music opportunities, New Plymouth at Brutalitee’s Birthday Bash and of course all the times I’ve seen them in Auckland.
Dead Favours - Gig Review: RockEnrol @ Whammy Bar, Auckland 21/09/2017
29 Sep 2017 // A review by butch181
It was a reasonably calm evening as I wandered down Karangahape Road towards St Kevin’s Arcade and the Whammy Bar. The streets were not as busy as they usually would be, but it could mostly be chalked up to the ever-changing weather that kept threatening us with intense rainfall without a moment’s notice.
The Black Seeds - Album Review: Fabric
26 Sep 2017 // A review by LoraThompson
Fabric (Released September 2017) is the 6th Full-length studio offering from Wellington-based band The Black Seeds – and the 12 track album certainly does not disappoint. The band have been around since 1998, with their Global Breakthrough album generally considered to be their 2006 release Enter the Dojo.
EP Review: Tidal Rave
26 Sep 2017 // A review by Petros
There’s this book. A novel.
Dave Dobbyn - Single Review: Nau Mai Ra (Welcome Home)
26 Sep 2017 // A review by Channel1
When the opportunity to review this single came up I almost passed it by. This wasn't about discovering a new song (or so I thought).
Knightshade - Single Review: U Say
25 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
Knightshade the iconic rock / hard rock kiwi band that formed in Te Puke back in the early 1980’s, is making a comeback with their new single U Say which is due for release 29/09/17. This is the first of four delicious new songs.
The Steffan van Soest Smoke Machine - Album Review: Hot Boxin'
19 Sep 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
Kicking off with the mesmeric HOT!, a track that has hints of Bowie with a bit of Lou Reed, an expressive ditty that is decorated with great vocal harmonies and a very catchy melody.
Biobird - EP Review: Tribes
19 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
Tribes is the debut EP from Biobird, it is inspired by all things bass. If my investigative skills are on form, Biobird is Caleb Bird, based in the Waikato and handy on the mixing desk.
The Rock 1500 Countdown Party @ Powerstation, Auckland - 15/09/2017
18 Sep 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
One of the biggest nights for Rock fans recently came to an end, and while many celebrated with a well-deserved day off work to start their own festivities early, many more were fortunate to attend the place to be; The Rock’s first ever 1500 countdown party at Powerstation, Mount Eden. The beloved venue, no stranger to a Rock gig or two, was ready and waiting.
Knightshade - Single Review: 'U Say'
17 Sep 2017 // A review by Shade
When we think of Kiwi Hard Rock bands that have shaped our musical landscape over the past 3 decades, survived devastating real life storms, re-united us with graphic memories of the same shaky ground we’ve all stood on before, and been there since the dawn of 1980’s Kiwi Hard Rock… one name does not escape. Knightshade.
Gig Review: Static Era @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 9/09/2017
16 Sep 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
I had been looking forward to this show for a good month, if not longer. It was a FREEZING cold night outside with wind and rain and when I first got to the show I wondered if it was going to keep people away but by the time Animalhead took to the stage the venue was filling up nicely and temperatures were rising as everyone jammed in and started rocking out.
Manzo - Album Review: Outsider
12 Sep 2017 // A review by butch181
With minimal introduction, the new Manzo album begins with St Helens Overture; a lovely, calm, delicate piano piece. A rather impressive beginning, with a gentle crescendo, showing great use of refrain leading into the rest of the album.
The Dirty Sweets - Single/Video Review: Kick Down The Door
12 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
Bogan dream band, The Dirty Sweets have released a brand new single Kick Down The Door, which is accompanied by a video featuring 1970’s NZ skateboarding footage from the documentary No More Heroes “A tribute to nostalgia, the '70s & "the asphalt desperadoes of Aotearoa who took skateboarding from a fun pursuit into a full-blown national phenomenon. Uses rare photos, a punk rock/NZ soundtrack.
Gig Review: Pukekohe High School Compilation Release Gig @ Pukekohe High School - 06/09/2017
11 Sep 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Little Leviathan are three talented teenagers from Pukekohe High school who are on the road to great things with their brand of foot stomping Heavy Rock. The band is just one of the many talents to come out of Pukekohe High, and part of the school’s music project Mondays Rock, a programme aimed at encouraging and supporting budding musicians and artists in the school.
Killing Bear - Single Review: Lost In Otaki
08 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
My friends from Pukerua Bay have once again lured me with their psychedelic, futuristic music from the past... from another planet, and seduced me into reviewing the latest cool single with the promise of mind-bending, partytastic sounds.
Bespin - Single Review: East of Her
07 Sep 2017 // A review by Freecell
Auckland three-piece and Critics Choice prize winners Bespin return with a new track - East of Her.The song intro starts with a synthesised sound and a bass with an Interesting effect drawing you in.
Daniel McClelland - Album Review: Anxious Heart
07 Sep 2017 // A review by butch181
Straight off the bat, we have that gated reverb sound on the drum track; that punchy percussive character that has been synonymous with that of the pop and rock music of the 1980's, and has recently started reintegrating itself into pop music again. In this case, you get that nostalgia hit due to the reminiscence with Kenny Loggin's 1984 hit, Footloose.
Gig Review: Hawthorne Heights with Fire For Glory @ Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 05/09/2017
07 Sep 2017 // A review by butch181
"Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed."The quote from the hit American adult animated sci-fi sitcom drew attention, as an early start to the evening had opening act Fire For Glory up on stage well before 8pm.
New Age Leper - EP Review: The Day The Stranger Came
07 Sep 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
New Age Leper hail from Wellington and are something of a commodity with their eclectic sound of Rock with enough softness, that even small children would enjoy. Expecting the unexpected would sum it up the best.
Imagine This - Single/Video Review: Like A Game Feat. King Kapisi
06 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
Imagine This has once again demonstrated why he is blazing a highly productive music trail by teaming up with one of New Zealand’s top Hip-Hop recording artists King Kapisi, to;make his latest single Like A Game. The prolific collaborator hailing from Auckland with a busy International touring presence has proved again that his highly creative and productive work ethic is paying off.
Gig Review: The Others Way Festival 2017 @ K.Rd, Auckland - 01/09/2017
06 Sep 2017 // A review by Channel1
If you live in Auckland you can "pay 1.5 for a shitty house on a shitty street" and you can also go to one of the coolest festivals to appear in recent years.
Gig Review: Kimbra @ Town Hall, Auckland - 31/08/2017
05 Sep 2017 // A review by Channel1
I have been struggling to write this review. Much like I have been struggling to put my thoughts together around this gig by one of NZ's most successful and respected artists.
Reb Fountain - Album Review: Little Arrows
05 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
My hope is that I can do this album justice and give it the respect it deserves. This has been an emotional journey for Reb Fountain.
Dreams Are Like Water - EP Review: A Sea-Spell
04 Sep 2017 // A review by Channel1
Growing up in the UK in the eighties I was massively influenced by bands like The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. I loved the atmospherics, the darkness and also the energy of bands like The Mission.
Gig Review: Mishap @ Thistle Hall, Wellington - 2/09/2017
04 Sep 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
p.p1 {margin: 0.
Starving Millions - EP Review: V
02 Sep 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Good punk in this country has always been few and far between. Ducking in and out of the spotlight, the well-known acts of the New Zealand scene have been the ones that have powered on.
Album Review: Sea Mouse
01 Sep 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Sea Mouse is the solo project of Wellington Singer/Songwriter, Seamus Johnson. A musician who is no stranger to Wellington’s live music scene with an impressive ten-year track record performing as an artist and with other bands.
The Brian Hatcher Band - Album Review: Trouble & Worry
01 Sep 2017 // A review by Corinner
Brian Hatcher, Craig Hatcher and Jarrod Hooper make up The Brian Hatcher Band, a three piece from New Plymouth with a rock and blues soul. After an extensive time in the New Zealand music scene, guitarist Brian Hatcher has completed Trouble & Worry, his long awaited first album.
Gig Review: Northlane with Set On End @ Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 26/08/2017
01 Sep 2017 // A review by butch181
I arrived at the Kings Arms Tavern forty minutes before doors opened in order to avoid traffic, and was surprised to find the carpark already full of cars, and patrons waiting to gain entry to the venue. By the time the doors opened, the crowd that had amassed looked large enough to fill the venue to capacity.
Cairo Knife Fight - Single Review: A-Eight
29 Aug 2017 // A review by Channel1
Wow, seriously just wow! Cairo Knife Fight have done it again and released a piece of art that hits the soul, mind and makes your heart beat a little faster.
Ammp - EP Review: This Chaotic Symphony
29 Aug 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Hailing from Wellington, Ammp is a four-piece, pop-rock, indie outfit full of melody, warmth and eagerly awaiting your listening ears. If you’re familiar with the band’s debut album, From The Back Of The Sun, you’ll recognise the same clear, harmonious vocals from Andrew Masseurs and the effortless musicianship from the rest of the band, Matthew Powell (guitars) Jason Murphy (bass) and Andrew Richardson (drums).
Openside - Single Review: I Feel Nothing
28 Aug 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
Thumping bass and drums overlaid with great effects and keyboards make this 80’s retro PowerPop single really stand out. I Feel Nothing is a very catchy tune and it's certain to be a hit especially in the lead up to summer.
Arrays - EP Review: Motives
25 Aug 2017 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Well, the old adage goes “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. It’s a shame that no one expanded on this and added: “It’s at least ten times better when you do it with heavy riffs”.
Gig Review: Stone Sour with City of Souls @ Spark Arena, Auckland - 23/08/2017
24 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
Looking around the venue and it is apparent that the stage has been brought forward. So Spark Arena (formerly known as Vector Arena) has a much smaller capacity compared to when Corey Taylor last performed with his other project, Slipknot.
Yumi Zouma - Single Review: Depths (Pt. 1)
23 Aug 2017 // A review by Corinner
Yumi Zouma are a four piece synth-pop powerhouse from Christchurch. The music they produce is electronica mixed with pop.
Gig Review: Auckland City Rockfest @ The Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland 19/08/2017
22 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
10 bands, 1 night. As far as swansongs for the Kings Arms Tavern go, the Auckland City Rockfest is definitely doing it justice.
Bill Direen and The Bilders - Album Review: Chrysanthemum Storm
22 Aug 2017 // A review by Petros
I wasn’t old enough to lament the discontinuation of the vinyl, so I’m not invested enough in the medium to be a part of the resurgence. But I’m not so blind as to know it isn’t happening on the peripheries of my attention span.
Gig Review: Slaves with Animal Party @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 17/08/2017
18 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
The night opened with Auckland Alt-Rock act Animal Party. With a sound that could be described as a grungy take on punk rock, they powered through their vocal-centric set.
Dead Favours - Single Review: High Flying
18 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
They came out of nowhere with their breakthrough single, Dig. Accompanied by a great fun music video, it took the local music scene by storm, and has shown little sign of slowing down in popularity.
Fallstate - Single Review: Live Forever or Die Trying
16 Aug 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
A full-on rush of guitars and drums that kick you in the face will stir and arouse you to attention. This new track by Kiwi pop punk rockers Fallstate is a momentous cacophony of harmonics and noise that gloriously spills its guts out without pretentiousness, in fact you could say it’s a track that certainly lives by its name.
Hangar 18 @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 11/08/2017
14 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
With a list of 5+ bands playing on the bill, it was going to be a marathon session for a Kings Arms Tavern Friday night.First band up was Auckland Rock Funk band, Mudshark.
Sons Of Zion - EP Release: The Jukebox Suite
14 Aug 2017 // A review by Corinner
If you want to be transported away to hot summer days and music festivals, then go no further than Sons Of Zion brand new EP titled The Jukebox Suite, four songs including a new single featuring Aaradhna called Is That Enough. This band is the epitome of smooth balmy summertime sounds.
Gig Review: Primacy, Remote & Pull Down the Sun @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 12/08/2017
14 Aug 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
Last night's show was one of those really awesome ones where there are all those people you haven’t seen in what feels like a hundred years and it was definitely a night that could have gone on for a few more hours! The bands all added to that excitement though and I’m pretty sure when I see any of these bands again I will be reminded of this night and the people, music, laughter and memories.
Aaron Carpenter and The Revelators - Album Review: Pretty Lies
13 Aug 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Bluesy, gritty and honest with plenty of swag best describes Aaron Carpenter and The Revelators’ debut album, Pretty Lies. The quintet hail from Waiheke Island, also known as "wine island", only a ferry ride away from the bright lights of Auckland.
Mermaidens - Album Review: Perfect Body
10 Aug 2017 // A review by Corinner
It was never going to be possible for a band called Mermaidens to slip under my radar. I spotted these three with their fanciful, quirky but supper cool band name one day as I was scrolling through Facebook as you do.
Groove Lagoon - EP Review: Extended Play
09 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
First out of the gates is the opening track, Shiver, which has a similar drum and bass style to that of Villainy's 2012 track Money Mouth. With clean vocals from vocalist Joel Sunde, and an infectious funky beat, that has a mix of early Jamiroquai and Incubus vibes.
Radio Therapy - EP Review: Ruby
08 Aug 2017 // A review by Freecell
This EP starts off with a guitar intro and left speaker panning making for some very interesting sound engineering on Light in Darkness, the riff starts off and then the full band starts playing. My first impression is that it reminds me of Pennywise but different with a high energy rock punk feel.
SWIDT - Album Review: Stoneyhunga
06 Aug 2017 // A review by jck2
SWIDT, which stands for "See what I did there?", broke onto the music scene with their independently produced single & video No More Parties In Onehunga in early 2016.
Grayson Gilmour - Album Review: Otherness
06 Aug 2017 // A review by Corinner
I knew this album would be something memorable from the moment I saw that it was to be released on a very limited special edition LP on milky-clear vinyl, to me a vinyl collector from way back those words sounded alluring and intriguing. This was just the beginning of what was to become a musical experience which was captivating from start to finish.
Gig Review: Angelcorpse @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 26/07/2017
06 Aug 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Mid week gigs are always the hardest choice for most music fans, but it's not often at all that a band like this comes to town. Angelcorpse had been a big part of the Tampa death metal scene in the late 90's, so I decided to take my good friend and fellow musician, Nik Davies along, to try and catch a glimpse of the good old days of American death metal.
Broken Season - Single/Video Review: Amandla (Lyric Video)
06 Aug 2017 // A review by Channel1
Music can be anything you want it to be. It can be throw away, whimsical, abrasive, calming and you can choose music to suit your mood or change your mood because music connects on an emotional level.
The Latest Fallout - Single Review: Love On The Ceiling
04 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
The Latest Fallout are a Hamilton act that fall along the Alt-Rock/Alt-Pop veins, with a style of music that focuses on the happier, more positive-emotion topics when it comes to their lyrical content. You could quite easily compare their style to the likes of Paramore, AFI, or Fall Out Boy, though their style has moved slightly away from the guitar focus, towards atmospheric keys and synth more recently.
Mishap - Single Review: Hey, Allie!
04 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
Mishap's latest release Hey, Allie! is the best definition of pop punk; minimal lyrics, with a lot of repetition, with a simple chord progression and standard timing.
Mitch Alderlieste - Single Review: New Fire
04 Aug 2017 // A review by butch181
Mitch Alderlieste's latest release, New Fire, is a musical mix of rock genres. With an opening verse that is reminiscent of the soundtrack to the 90's and 00's teen coming-of-age movies, the chorus takes on more of a bluesy rock vibe, which goes well with Alderlieste's deep and husky vocals.
Album Review: Ciaran McMeeken
04 Aug 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
What I love about Ciaran McMeeken’s self-titled album, is how diverse the music is. An album that has been created to encompass his experiences as an artist so far in his career, every track is unique, making this album versatile and attractive to a variety of music tastes.
Grawlixes - Album Review: Set Free
03 Aug 2017 // A review by Petros
I put things in boxes. We all do, deny it though you will; it is an artifact of the human’s quest for knowledge.
Reb Fountain - EP Review: Hopeful & Hopeless
02 Aug 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
This beautiful little collection of songs was recorded in my favourite live music venue, The Wine Cellar. I remember many fond times, snuggled into one of their many couches, feet up, mulled wine in hand listening to talented people performing in the intimate space.
Valen - Single Review: C’mon Over
02 Aug 2017 // A review by Corinner
If RnB with a touch of Soul is your thing, then the smooth sound from Auckland musical artist Valen will be something to look forward in the future when she releases her first EP. But for now we get a taste of what is to come, with her first single C’mon Over.
Gig Review: Tribal State @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 28/07/2017
29 Jul 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
It was a cold, wet night, my nose was running and I couldn’t stop sneezing and coughing. I wasn’t feeling up to going out on such a miserable night but I’m more than happy that I did.
Bloodnut - Album Review: St. Ranga
27 Jul 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
I’ve heard a lot of albums in my time but there’s not many that draws you in from the first note and despite it’s unusual name Space Orangutan it is one of the best opening tracks for an album I’ve heard in a very long time. The levels in this mix capture the live, raw sound of Bloodnut perfectly which is also very rare in NZ Metal recordings (the amount of times I’ve had my music on shuffle and had to turn it up for NZ Metal bands then to have my speakers almost explode when an International band comes on drives me crazy every time!
Will Saunders - Album Review: Hopeful Objects
27 Jul 2017 // A review by Petros
Straight to VHS: a pejorative term to the normals, but a sign of a cult classic for circles too cool for you to be in. I see the negatives of the term.
Paul McLaney - Album Review: Play On
26 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
Where do I begin to review a musical imagining of Shakespeare’s most well-known soliloquies? Paul McLaney has taken 400 year old lyrics and created music around them, eleven undeniably theatrical tracks setting some of Shakespeare’s most famous words to music for the first time.
Decades - Album Review: The Truth And Other People
26 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
This is a story “about what happens when a girl rips her world apart then puts it all back together”.  Looking down at the notebook in front of me one word stands out in bright red pen, and that word is brave.
Gig Review: Wallace @ Meow, Wellington - 11/06/17
24 Jul 2017 // A review by Shade
With a much deprived passion for a live music experience and pushed on by a resemblance of the gigs poster to a singer of the same genre I was at Meow on Sunday night for Wallace. Unaware of the company I'd share the night with, equally anticipating hip hop heads or those on the jazz fest circuit  (it was mainly the latter), contemplating my week if I had not gone along is an existence I know I would have been poorer for.
Gig Review: Tony Daunt And The Dauntless @ The Incubator Jam Factory, Tauranga - 22/07/2017
23 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
It was a mid winters evening in Tauranga and the scene was set down at Incubator for what promised to be a wonderful evening of music. The rain had cleared and the place had a European cafe vibe about it, with a courtyard outside which had atmosphere for miles and highlighted this intimate venues creative heart.
Selon Recliner - EP Review: Stories of Later
20 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
Selon Recliner are a collective of seven musicians based in Auckland, which have been described as “artists and dreamers who have come together to create languid dark-pop”. The group’s latest collaborative wonderland of musical masterpieces are six tracks merging their different styles to create such a beautiful album, that the first track brought tears to my eyes.
Eli Moore - Album Review: Ship Life
18 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
Eli Moore's CD Ship Life was the perfect accompaniment to our mid winter travels down to the snowy mountains, although not quite the same, listening to his music was like taking a journey to exotic lands, I actually felt like I was sitting in a piano bar on a cruise ship. This journey also took me back in time sparking memories of some great musicians who were kicking around in the 1970's, Jackson Browne and Steely Dan immediately sprang to mind.
Gig Review: Decades with Bakers Eddy, Dead Favours & Skinny Hobos @ Galatos, Auckland - 15/07/2017
17 Jul 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
This was a well anticipated show for many of the punters there, talking to them between bands around the venue and outside. Despite being moved into the smaller basement room below Galatos instead of being in the ballroom it was the perfect size and created the right atmosphere for the bands and audience to be closer together and almost as one.
Gig Review: Queens Of The Stone Age @ Logan Campbell, Auckland - 13/07/17
15 Jul 2017 // A review by Channel1
It's somewhere back in the late Nineties and I am in Rock City, Nottingham UK. There is a band on in the small bar downstairs I hadn't heard of them but they had a cool name and the singer just had something going on.
Empire To Ashes - Single Review: My Own Phantom Limb
14 Jul 2017 // A review by Freecell
This song starts off with a scratchy eerie sound with a soothing modulated synthesized sound that gradually gets louder. The intro of the video reminds of Japanese horror movie 'The Ring' The visualisations change into random high quality images.
Rei - Album Review: A Place To Stand
11 Jul 2017 // A review by jck2
A Place To Stand is the sophomore album by New Zealand's very own urban artist Rei. A Place To Stand is an intricate album both in concept and production.
The AJ Crawshaw Band - EP Review: In Light And Shadow
11 Jul 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
There is no doubt that this EP is a result of pure commitment to the craft of creating true music, such is the impact of the music, with tunes that are alive and full of earthy tones that simply delight your senses. The bright and real sound of acoustic guitars gratify each track and provide a beautiful sustenance for singer songwriter AJ Crawshaw’s smooth and expressive singing voice, just think James Blunt meets Ed Sheeran, but with even more feeling!
Gig Review: Alien Weaponry @ Totara St, Mount Maunganui - 8/07/2017
09 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
I will begin by saying it was great to get the chance to work along side another member of the muzic.net.
Gig Review: State of Mind with MC Rolex @ Static, Hamilton - 30/06/17
09 Jul 2017 // A review by Freecell
The Drum & Bass Massive presents: State of Mind with MC Rolex with local support from: Freecell, Hijenkx, Harlan Jones, Califresh, Snead place project and Wilks. This Event was at Static, 5 Hood St, Hamilton.
Santa Barbara - Single/Video Review: Reptile Lover
08 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
Fizzing is an excellent word to describe the latest offering from Kiwi band Santa Barbara. Reptile Lover is collaboration between the LA based band and poet Jeffrey Holgate who provided the lyrics; it is like fizzy sherbet or delightful popping candy for your ears.
EP Review: Theia
07 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
I have had a casual eye on Theia for a wee while; she has been floating around in my music filled memory banks since I heard Roam, so I was rather excited to have an opportunity to review her debut self-titled album. Theia’s music, which is described as glitter-pop sent me straight to Google to find out what the fanciful term “glitter-pop” actually means, it had conjured up images of a sparkly, colourful singing princess, then throw ethereal into the mix and my mind went into overdrive with visions of glittering, floating faeries with angelic voices.
Valedictions - Album Review: Pieces
07 Jul 2017 // A review by Momoko.B
It has been two years since their Debut EP, and three-piece Auckland-based rock outfit Valedictions are back to stir up NZ's rock scene with their new album Pieces. Valedictions have been blessing us with their music since 2008; the talented three-piece including Jarrod Ross on vocals and guitar, Ivan De Los Santos on bass and backing vocals, and Cole Goodely on drums.
Gig Review: Dragonforce @ The Kings Arms, Auckland - 01/07/2017
04 Jul 2017 // A review by butch181
Sitting in the car in the car park, the clouds had let loose a torrent of rain, with 10 minutes until doors open, already there was a line of at least 60 people standing out in the rain waiting to get inside and stake their position up front of the stage.Not long after the crowd has started to filter in, the first opening band takes to the stage, Stormforge.
Emma G - Single/Video Review: King For A Day
04 Jul 2017 // A review by Corinner
Metaphorically speaking, I have been travelling beyond the fine shores of Aotearoa to check out what some of our expats have been doing musically overseas or more specifically the USA, and I can say without a doubt they are writing, arranging and performing some mighty fine music. Emma G is no exception.
Oyawa - Album Review: I Don't Recall Ordering Ordinary
03 Jul 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
Indie/alternative band Oyawa have bought their loud and ambient tones to the New Zealand music scene with their album I Don’t Recall Ordering Ordinary. It is evident to hear that Oyawa are not afraid to experiment with sound.
Ryan Kershaw - Single Review: Make it Go Away
03 Jul 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
I’ve known Ryan Kershaw for a long time and have always been a fan of all the music he writes with all the various bands and solo projects he has released music with. His new single Make It Go Away is no exception.
Anti Matter - Gig Review: Riot Grrrl 3 @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 30/06/17
01 Jul 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
Right from when event promoter Courtney took to the stage to introduce the first act and exclaimed excitedly that while it was the 3rd Riot Grrrl event it would be the first all female line up, I knew we would be in for a treat. All through the night and into this morning I’ve been trying to rack my brains trying to think of another music show I’ve been too that had only female musicians play and I honestly don’t think in the 9 or so years of me running, attending, reviewing and working on music events that I can recall ever being at a show with only female performers.
Animal Party - EP Review: Drifting
01 Jul 2017 // A review by Channel1
Good music takes you somewhere else. It makes your mind wander, changes your mood, makes you feel something.
Gig Review: Curlys Jewels @ Backbeat, Auckland - 24/06/17
29 Jun 2017 // A review by Channel1
First off I just want to say Backbeat is a great venue, just the right size and always a decent sound. I arrived to catch the last three songs from openers Average Mars Experience as I didn't know they were on the bill.
Gig Review: Hanson @ Town Hall, Auckland - 27/06/17
28 Jun 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Celebrating 25 years of Hanson togetherness, and 20 years since the release of their debut, Middle of Nowhere, the official Middle of Everywhere tour finally reached Auckland, and if you’ve ever been curious to hear what a few thousand (mostly female) screaming Hanson fans sounded like, then Auckland Town Hall was the place to be last night. The Town Hall is a majestic, beautiful heritage building with lavish Edwardian Baroque design and plush interior, there is a sense of something special when you see anything in such a spectacular setting and just added an extra touch of class to an outstanding night.
Ravenhall - Single Review: My Love
28 Jun 2017 // A review by butch181
The artwork for this single is actually a bit out of place. It gives a more intense rock appearance than what the track provides.
Dirty Pixels - EP Review: Spacesuit
26 Jun 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
Have you ever imagined MGMT mixed with some Beach boys, then meeting Weezer to beef things up a little?Well here you have it and it is frickin awesome.
Yasamin - Album Review: L.O.N.D.O.N
24 Jun 2017 // A review by rebelsoundradio
A full disclaimer before we get started on this review; I’m not a huge pop connoisseur... there have been a few Katy Perry-esk songs that have snuck their way onto some of my Spotify playlists but for the main part my musical pyramid is built on a rock base.
Skinny Hobos - Single/Video Review: Suburban Living
24 Jun 2017 // A review by Channel1
I have never had much time for religion. You know, if you believe in God then by the same logic you might believe in Santa Clause or Fairies.
Sean Bodley - Album Review: Genesis
23 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinner
I am not a Musician, I photograph them, I write about them and I have a heap of Friends who are them, however I know what I know and I know what I like and I have 40 plus years of music listening experience so I am aware when something good drops into my inbox (or in my case from time to time a magical letterbox which seems to conjure up lovely shiny new CD's containing even lovelier shiner brand new music). I really am pretty darn lucky to have this enchanted receptacle of musical goodies at our front gate.
Gig Review: Ultimate Eagles @ St James Theatre, Wellington - 16/06/2017
19 Jun 2017 // A review by Reef
'Ultimate Eagles' are an 'Eagles' tribute band currently on their History World Tour spanning seven countries. I had an opportunity to catch them half way through their current tour in Wellington at the St James Theatre to a well patronised venue.
Gold Medal Famous - Album Review: Activity
19 Jun 2017 // A review by Petros
There was this gig in Palmy once. Well there have been a few, but the one I mean was Gold Medal Famous and Mucus Kids.
Album Review: Infinity
15 Jun 2017 // A review by butch181
Infinity has an angelic calmness to their music. The debut album garners close to an hours worth of material, split into nine tracks, three of which (Infinity, Caris' Land, and Reconnaissance 404) are split further into distinct parts.
Sub Dude - Album Review: Sister Something
13 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinner
Any background detective work I did on Sub Dude came up with nothing, I know they are from Christchurch, but that is all I could find, even the band's Facebook page gives them an aura of aloofness and mystery. The music video I was given to watch did not help, it featured rather young men playing in a backyard band, OK was this them?
Album Review: While The Swamp Rocks Compilation
13 Jun 2017 // A review by terry666
$lave Collective has been bringing together local talent for a very long time and regularly put out compilations covering all genres. 19 tracks from pop rock to metal down to a country sounding ditty.
Sonic Delusion - Album Review: This Material World
12 Jun 2017 // A review by Petros
‘Tis the wrong season for Sonic Delusion’s new album, and it is definitely far too early for funk and calypso. Or it was as I trudged up and down those hills on the way to work on that, albeit mild, winter Wellington morning, This Material World in my ears.
Master Blaster - EP Review: Pass Out
11 Jun 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Released June 16th 2017 Yesterday I knew nothing of Auckland hardcore punks, Master Blaster except for the fact that they probably run Barter Town just like in Mad Max's Beyond Thunder Dome. Being a massive fan of the Mad Max films and heavy music, I was keen to take a look at their brand new E.
Ryan Kershaw - Single Review: Inspiration
10 Jun 2017 // A review by LoraThompson
As I downloaded this track to begin listening I really had no idea what to expect. Actually that's a lie,I had heard a few of Ryan's previous offerings – Little Green Dragon (2008), The Lunar Sea (2011) and The Buzz Tapes (2012) - So based on this I expected an awesome display of guitar, and that's exactly what I got – one of NZ's best and highly under-rated guitarists.
Gig Review: The Jordan Luck Band @ The Brownzy, Auckland 27/05/2017
09 Jun 2017 // A review by butch181
Heading into the Browns Bays Brownzy Sports Bar, the anticipation in the air was substantial. The venue was full, the bar was jammed; the only area that didn’t look over capacity was the outdoor smoking area.
Killing Bear - Single Review: Centipede
08 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinner
Killing Bear, the experimental rock / alternative rock / cool music 4 piece band from the small seaside community of Pukerua Bay is once again thrilling us with conscious – expanding, mind bending lyrics and sounds “psychedelic futuristic music from the past from another planet”. This trippy little number is titled Centipede, which could be a creature “from the future in a post-apocalyptic world”, or it could just be a song about a centipede.
No Sky - EP Review: i
05 Jun 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Indie is an interesting genre of music. I think of it like a seeing an experimental piece of art.
Barker - Album Review: Sleepwalking
04 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinner
I am going to get this out of the way from the start, if you type Johnny Barker's name into Google, it will almost likely be linked to “Joey Henderson the Ferndale strangler" or “formally the Ferndale strangler” (let me make this perfectly clear, this is Barker's character he played on Shortland Street from 2007-08, not actually him). Director of film and TV (including currently Jono and Ben), winner of 2 48 hour short film festivals and actor, did I mention the man of many creative talents from Auckland is also a musician?
Album Review: The Eternal Sea
02 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinner
I am like a magpie when it comes to bright colours and cool graphics, so in the first instance this is what lured me towards The Eternal Sea. Incredible album art that jumps out at you and draws you in.
Thee Rum Coves - EP Review: Out Tonight
02 Jun 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
Thee Rum Coves new 4 track EP carves into your ears with an uncompromising rock energy that grabs you wholeheartedly and never relents in its quest to raise your heart beat and fire your soul. From the first track Behind Your Smile you're hit with the energy of the music, it’s a real surprising mix of funky retro style punk, the tight guitar riffs and subtle melodic vocal arrangements gel together so well that your hooked in and never released from its unyielding hold.
Gig Review: No Sky @ The Wine Cellar, Auckland 24/05/2017
30 May 2017 // A review by butch181
On a Wednesday evening I was invited along to an EP release at St Kevin’s Arcade, in the Wine Cellar; one of Auckland’s Karangahape road music venues. The release was an intimate affair, with the audience composed of the musicians, family and friends, and myself.
Album Review: Ebola Babies
30 May 2017 // A review by Channel1
I was really looking forward to this album. I love punk and with a name like EbolaBabies, it was pretty clear that this set of songs should be right up my street.
Imagine This - Single Review: That Feeling
26 May 2017 // A review by Corinner
Auckland Rapper, Songwriter and Producer Imagine This has released his latest single That Feeling from his up coming album The Next Wave. Described as "A perfect blend of Middle Eastern traditional instruments and modern 808-influenced electronica", this is a creative track with an International flavour that flows beautifully (almost trance like), but with rich bass and beats which would be at home on BBC Radio 1 (he has been a regular on their playlist).
Violet Highway - EP Review: Breathe
25 May 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Auckland band Violet Highway have a new EP, and it’s a punch to the face, in a good way. The 5 track EP, Breathe, is an assault to the senses, making no apologies for its extreme catchiness and superb musicianship.
Hunt The Witch - Single Review: Afterburner
23 May 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
The scorching guitar intro commands your attention and declares you better be ready to rock. This superb new song by Hunt the Witch rocks along with a guitar sound that is white hot and feverish, coupled by a potent lead vocal by Sam Whitley that fits the symphonic guitar sound so well, Sam has a smooth and yet powerful and slightly demonic voice, a mix of Eddie Vedder and Marilyn Manson.
Churlington - EP Review: The Andy Anderson EP
22 May 2017 // A review by Petros
Andy/Neville Anderson/James is one of the least-famous famous people in New Zealand. The actor-slash-singer was in the middle distance of film and television from our youth, before, and after, and many of us didn’t even know it.
Skinny Hobos and Guests @ Ding Dong, Auckland - 20/05/17
21 May 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
This was my 2nd night at Ding Dong in a row reviewing bands. Ding Dong Lounge is such a cool little community of creative people!
Bulletbelt @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 19/05/17
20 May 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
Helgorithms were on stage first, which is always a difficult slot to fill but they get straight into it playing like the room is filled to bursting. They are a Heavy Metal band that every metal head in Auckland has likely seen and I have indeed seen them before, many years ago now.
Gig Review: Coridian and Guests @ Totara St, Mt Maunganui - 19/05/2017
20 May 2017 // A review by Corinner
To start of with I was running a tad late to the gig last night and feeling a tad discomboulated as I did not get there to check the lighting, take my photo of the drum kit etc. I ran through the front door quickly introducing myself practically skidding across the dance floor to the stage only to arrive at Legion of Dissent's feet for the very last note played.
Tablefox - EP Review: Glass Houses
19 May 2017 // A review by butch181
The Glass Houses EP starts out with an instrumental introduction. A three minute long track that begins with keys and a quiet, gentle and fragile guitar riff, but is then joined by a second louder, more abrupt guitar.
Gig Review: The Pink Floyd Experience @ St James Theatre, Wellington - 05/05/2017
17 May 2017 // A review by Reef
I had the pleasure and privilege of joining "The Pink Floyd Experience" (referred to going forward as PFE) over both nights on the Wellington leg of their New Zealand and Australia tour to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's Animals album (23rd Jan 1977).
GRVY - EP Review: Lick O The Spoon
16 May 2017 // A review by jck2
GRVY is Laz Karaka and Mr Pianoman. They’ve just released a 5 song teaser for their forthcoming album called Lick O The Spoon.
Coridian - Single Review: Reflections
15 May 2017 // A review by Corinner
So by now a whole bunch of you probably know who Coridan are, or at least heard a few of their songs but for those of you wondering who the heck I am going on about, they are a tight alternative - progressive rock band from Auckland. I was pretty excited to get the chance to review their latest single, Reflections.
Gig Review: Clap Clap Riot @ REC, Auckland, 05/05/2017
14 May 2017 // A review by butch181
It has been many years since I have heard from Clap Clap Riot. Probably a consequence of listening solely to The Rock FM when it comes to the radio, but with a new release, it seemed like I was overdue checking them out.
Gig Review: Head Like A Hole @ Galatos, Auckland 04/05/2017
14 May 2017 // A review by butch181
Heading in to the venue, it was to be my first gig at Auckland's Galatos venue. Situated not too far away from the now-sold Kings Arms Tavern, and the currently for sale Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar, Galatos is in a prime position.
Primacy - Single Review: Dissent
11 May 2017 // A review by Corinner
"Introducing Dissent, the stunning new single by New Zealand heavy rock act Primacy".These are the opening words of the press release to describe Primacy's, a popular band from West Auckland, up and coming new single release.
Album Review: Daniel Ashcroft
10 May 2017 // A review by terry666
6 EPs of varying style combined as a double album. Daniel Ashcroft is a very talented man and this is not his first release but it is as a solo artist where he truly shines.
Scared Of Girls - EP Review: Suck
10 May 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
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Gig Review: Family of Strangers Tour @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 6/05/17
08 May 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
The music world for me is one giant crazy dysfunctional family and that was my experience of the Family of Strangers Tour, a huge, giant family reunion. Aside from the bands, it was amazing to see so many of my music family from the last 9 (or so) years of my being involved in the NZ Music Community, the name of the tour encapsulated the spirit of the event 110%.
Curlys Jewels - EP Review: The Skin We Shed
08 May 2017 // A review by Channel1
I had heard good things about Curly Jewels from gigs they have played up and done the country and even though I knew nothing about them I had an impression in my mind of a hard hitting heavy rock outfit who put on a great show. So the opening track Internal Cinderella didn't disappoint, it kicks in with a driving riff and the production is great.
Gig Review: Thomas Oliver @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland 05/05/2017
07 May 2017 // A review by butch181
On a lovely brisk Friday evening I find myself sitting outside of the Tuning Fork, adjacent to the recently renamed Spark Arena in Auckland. The skies dark but clear, as I wait by the gas heaters for the opening artist to take to the stage.
Kittens of The Internet EP Review
06 May 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
Kittens of the Internet have shown the New Zealand music why they are Silver Scroll nominees with their self-titled EP. With its upbeat tracks and vibrant sounds they’re songs are a breath of fresh air for the electronic music scene.
Head Like A Hole - Gig Review. HLAH @ Totara St, Mount Maunganui 4/05/2017
05 May 2017 // A review by Corinner
Head Like A Hole was a new experience for me, I knew they had been around for a few years and had a solid fan base, I also knew that there was a high possibility of stage diving and being flicked in the face by flying hair, as I was also the photographer for the evening I was aware I didn't want to be shoved over holding my camera.   First thing I quickly realised talking to people was just how passionate HLAH fans really are, They have people going to every concert they are doing on this 25th anniversary release of the album 13.
Lucifer Gunne - EP Review: The Red King
04 May 2017 // A review by butch181
An interesting short EP. Of the five tracks included, only three are of real substance, enclosed by the suitably named Intro and Outro.
Gig Review: Jon Toogood @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh - 28/04/17
02 May 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this show, but as an old school Shihad fan from the Killjoy album, I was keen to attend and get a different perspective of Jon and his musical background. My normal gigs I go to have a lot of distortion, giant drum kits that take up half the stage and almost ear piercing levels (certainly enough to make your ear’s ring for two days after if you’re not wearing ear plugs!
Gig Review: Checaine @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton 29/04/2017
01 May 2017 // A review by butch181
Being an EP Release Party, I put in some extra effort and made my way down from Auckland to attend this Hamilton gig. Traffic was light, so the drive was pleasant - perhaps due to the lateness at which I was travelling.
Mishap - EP Reivew: Not Feeling This
01 May 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Mishap are back with their second EP, Not Feeling This, and straightaway, I have to say, I really dig this band. It’s my first introduction to these punk power pop trio from Wellington, and they have been kicking around since early last year (2016).
Checaine - EP Review: Symbols
01 May 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Hamilton rock quartet Checaine are back and they're making some noise about it. Their latest slab, Symbols is a follow up EP to their 2014 debut, Turn the Stone and my ears were not disappointed.
Gig Review: Jon Toogood @ The Kings Arms, Auckland - 29/04/17
01 May 2017 // A review by Channel1
Tonight was always going to be special. There are few NZ performers with a legacy like Jon Toogood.
Skedaeddle - Single Review: Episode 8 in the continuing saga of Donna and Mark
26 Apr 2017 // A review by Made2Fade
Short and sweet…Episode 8 in the continuing saga of Donna and Mark is the follow up from Skadaeddle's first studio single Final Friend. They don’t disappoint, this song is simply beautiful.
Gig Review: Alcest @ Whammy Bar, Auckland 24/04/2017
25 Apr 2017 // A review by butch181
Alcest is a very recent discovery for me. Hailing all the way from Bagnols-sur-Cèzein France, I discovered their Australia/New Zealand tour by chance.
Gig Review: Garden Party Riot @ The Dogs Bollix, Auckland 20/04/2017
24 Apr 2017 // A review by butch181
This trio took to the stage at Auckland’s Dogs Bollix, and they seemed a rather unassuming group. Apart from the vocalist, Paul Goddard, who dressed with a spiffy jacket and waistcoat in a look not dissimilar to Oasis and Beady Eye vocalist Liam Gallagher, the other members are dressed very casual in t-shirts and short sleeves.
Raw Collective - Single Review: Smash The Grips
22 Apr 2017 // A review by Corinner
I had no idea what to expect with this song, I knew it was Hip-Hop from a band in Wellington. Boy was I wrong, it was so much more than that, it had depth and layers galore.
Gig Review: The Doobie Brothers @ TSB Arena, Wellington - 20/04/2017
21 Apr 2017 // A review by Reef
The Doobie Brothers have toured New Zealand on several previous occasions. Their current tour started a fortnight ago in Adelaide, Australia and ends at the Norsk Hostfest festival five months later in North Dakota.
Push Push - EP Review - Talk2Me
19 Apr 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Released 13th April 2017 Growing up as a kid In the 90's you had to be living under a rock to have never heard of Auckland band Push Push. After their array of hits including, Trippin' which reached number one on the new Zealand charts in 1992 and front man Mikey Havoc's career transition onto late night television.
Tempist Fujit - Single Review: Midnight Train
13 Apr 2017 // A review by butch181
This latest single from Tempist Fujit is best classified as an upbeat country pop rock piece. With a vibe that emanates in a similar way to Thirsty Merc's In The Summertime, Midnight Train has a meandering funky beat to it.
Dave Dobbyn - Album Review: Slice Of Heaven - 40 Years Of Hits
13 Apr 2017 // A review by Corinner
How does one begin to review an album which has been the soundtrack of our youth? The backdrop to collective memories of a nation?
Moisty Atsushi - EP Review: International Sound
12 Apr 2017 // A review by Andrew Smit
The funky upbeat rhythms and the expressive plucking guitar riffs are abundant throughout this vivacious EP, 6 songs with no vocals but furnished with a real vintage guitar sound that is very soulful and melodic, and more than makes up for the lack of vocals. Overall the warm and genuine Jamaican ska sound is so enjoyable, as the recordings have a real warm live sound, sometimes studio recordings can be too clinical and sterile but 'Moisty and the Wheeler-Dealers' have somehow managed to capture a vibrant and raw feel, which is even more surprising given that the backing parts were recorded in Moscow and the lead guitar in Auckland!
Devilskin @ Underworld, London - 22/03/17
11 Apr 2017 // A review by jdiddynz
It was a typical chilly March evening and being a new dad I still struggle to make it everywhere on time so I unfortunately missed the two opening bands Eva Plays Dead and Canadians Sumo Cyco however the good news for me is that this is a website that writes exclusively about NZ bands so it really couldn't have worked out better.  Upon arriving at a busy venue, there was a vibrant atmosphere, and a large number of Kiwi accents to be heard.
Bryony Matthews - Album Review: Little Queen
10 Apr 2017 // A review by Corinner
Christchurch based singer songwriter Bryony Mathews is on the brink of releasing Little Queen, a folk-pop album comprising of nine tracks with a largely upbeat tempo, coinciding with thoughtful compassionate lyrics. The CD contains a booklet and the art is sweet and uncomplicated, capturing the title of her debut album perfectly.
Arc of Ascent - Album Review: Realms of the Metaphysical
07 Apr 2017 // A review by River
The third full-length album from Arc of Ascent, Realms of the Metaphysical, is an uplifting release full of dark beauty and stand out vocals.  Like their two previous releases, Circle Of The Sun and The Higher Key, these songs will translate well live.
Madam Tsunami - Album Review: Long Way From Home
06 Apr 2017 // A review by Corinner
I have a wee soft spot for Celtic music, so I was excited to get an opportunity to review Long Way From Home by Madam Tsunami. This album did not disappoint.
Logic Defies Logic - Album Review: Magic And Science
03 Apr 2017 // A review by jck2
Logic Defies Logic's Magic And Science is the 6 track album I’ve been listening to in my car for the last couple of weeks. From the cover to the inlay to the pull out insert to the music itself, the Album screams mastery, perfectionism and quality and has definitely made a fan out of me.
Gig Review: Logic Defies Logic @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 23/03/17
02 Apr 2017 // A review by jck2
Logic Defies Logic are a band of excellent kiwi musicians currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. They’ve been on a 6 date tour through New Zealand and Australia to promote their new album Magic and Science.
Like A Storm - Gig Review: Alter Bridge @ The Powerstation, Auckland 31/01/2017
01 Apr 2017 // A review by butch181
Waiting outside the venue, the crowd was in disarray. There was little communication from the venue staff, and general admission patrons were mingling with those that had purchased VIP tickets, and there was no clear system in place as to where people were to go.
The Nukes - Album Review: III
01 Apr 2017 // A review by LoraThompson
I have had the pleasure of reviewing the full-length album III by NZ's original Ukulele Trio – The Nukes. Dave Parker, David 'Snapper' Thiele, and Ben Collier are a power-trio of NZ music's finest – former credits include Goldenhorse, Rhythm Cage and The Parker Project – as well as Thiele's extensive contribution to the local music community through Kiwi FM.
The DeSotos - Album Review: Shadow of Love
01 Apr 2017 // A review by Corinner
NZ Country / Blues rocker heavyweights, Paul Gurney with The DeSotos have teamed up to produce their latest album, Shadow of Love. Reminiscent of The Warratahs, with a touch of America and a heavy sprinkling of Neil Young, the warm comforting Americana backdrop which I grew up with exuding from the vinyl in the living room.
Kenington - Album Review: Going Nowhere (Faster Than You)
27 Mar 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Going Nowhere (Faster Than You) is the debut album from UK born, Auckland based musician, Kenington. A slab of pure honesty and melody is laced throughout the eleven tracks coupled with refined lyrical ability gives this album a soft and quite beautiful feel.
Gig Review: Gorguts and Marduk @ Valhalla, Wellington - 12/03/17
20 Mar 2017 // A review by terry666
Ben from Valhalla has been busy in Wellington for the last few years fulfilling metal heads dreams with the high calibre of acts he has preforming at his venue. I have seen quite a few of my heroes perform there and tonight was another such night.
Lake South - Album Review: If You're Born On An Island The Ocean Heals You
19 Mar 2017 // A review by Corinner
Lake South, former of Urbantramper and VNZMA critics choice finalist of 2014 has launched a solo project classified as "sentimental synth - pop"  which is perhaps bordering on Indie-pop. As I have a habit of doing, I shall start by mentioning the the album cover, it jumped out at me from Lake Souths Bandcamp page, the vision was nothing short of hypnotic not pretentious, but emanating a raw emotive vibe.
Album Review: Naught For Nothing
16 Mar 2017 // A review by Channel1
Every now and then a band seems to come out of the blue and you just wonder where they have been hiding and what they have been doing to get so damn good.  Naught For Nothing formed in 2015 and are based in Northcote.
Ginzu and the Steak Knives - EP Review: Crow Hand
16 Mar 2017 // A review by butch181
One of the shortest extended play (EP) releases I have had to review so far. The five tracks add up to just under nine minutes of what is undoubtedly a punk length release.
Gig Review: Cheshire Grimm @ REC, Auckland - 10/03/17
13 Mar 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
It was a night everyone had to battle the leave the house with thunder, lighting, flash flooding and torrential rain but the crowds still came out in force to experience four of New Zealand’s best and upcoming Rock n Roll bands: Brendan Thomas and the Vibes, Skinny Hobos, Bakers Eddy and Cheshire Grimm.  I was also keen to check out the show to check out the newest venue in Auckland, Rec.
Hiboux - Album Review: Command the Earth to Swallow Me Up
12 Mar 2017 // A review by butch181
With a similar style to such acts as Explosions in the Sky, Mono, and Jakob, Hiboux (pronounced ee-boo) are an instrumental post-rock group hailing from Wellington. Command the Earth to Swallow Me Up is an alluring release, with layers of instruments that provide a greater flexibility to adapt a track without disruption of the flow.
Gig Review: I Am Giant @ King Arms Tavern, Auckland - 09/03/2017
10 Mar 2017 // A review by butch181
With the sale of the Kings Arms, many acts have started carrying out what could potentially be considered their contribution to the venue’s swansong. Having performed at the Jim Beam Homegrown last weekend, I Am Giant lined up a follow up show at Auckland’s King Arms Tavern, for what may be their last chance to grace the stage that has been a staple of the Kiwi music scene for over the years.
Cheshire Grimm - EP Review: Rain or Shine
10 Mar 2017 // A review by butch181
Cheshire Grimm provide quite an eclectic mix of sounds in their Rain or Shine EP release. Their opening track, Slave to the Grind starts with a grungy bassy riff, which swiftly switches to some jazzy saxophone with some clean distorted guitars.
The Map Room - Album Review: Weatherless
10 Mar 2017 // A review by Corinner
As soon as I saw the CD  the album artwork jumped out at me, a brilliant vivid and vibrant display reflecting the bands unconventional, slightly bohemian yet spiritually uplifting sound. The artwork is the creation of UK artist Mathew Cooper (Caribou, Franz Ferdinand), it certainly is a visual treat.
Seas of Conflict - EP Review: Vestige
09 Mar 2017 // A review by terry666
Vestige is the second EP from Hamilton based Metal band Seas of Conflict. These guys are not new to the scene, having been around since 2011, and have been consistently releasing material independently while still in high school through till now.
Brendon Thomas and The Vibes - EP Review: Wrap You In The Sun
09 Mar 2017 // A review by butch181
It’s always fun to keep an ear out for contestants of broadcasted talent shows, such as The Voice, or New Zealand Idol, as it’s interesting to see whether the shows are able to properly provide the exposure needed to make a career of music, or whether the artists have their 15 minutes of fame and fade into obscurity Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, a three piece hailing from Auckland, made a name for themselves by securing the third position in X Factor New Zealand in 2015, and the only band in X Factor history to make to the grand finale. Fast-forward two years later and they are preparing for the release of their EP, Wrap You In The Sun.
Brendon Thomas and The Vibes - Gig Review: Brendon Thomas & The Vibes @ Cabana, Napier - 11/02/17
07 Mar 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder
With their Rock n Roll sound and psychedelic feel, there is nothing I don’t like about Auckland based Trio Brendan Thomas and The Vibes. I have to admit, I didn’t watch X Factor, but one of my best mates is a huge fan.
Gig Review: Jim Beam Homegrown @ TSB Arena, Wellington - 04/03/2017
07 Mar 2017 // A review by butch181
For the tenth year, Homegrown has graced the Wellington waterfront providing punters with a glut of musical acts from around the country. This year, 45 Kiwi groups graced the six various stages performing to another sold out crowd on what turned out to be a beautiful day, both musically and weather-wise.
Miss Peach and The Travellin Bones - Album Review: Sand
04 Mar 2017 // A review by Photographer
Miss Peach and the Travellin’ Bones have released an album called Sand.  This album is beyond stunning.
Social Shun - Album Review: Songs For Sea Lions
03 Mar 2017 // A review by Petros
“This album was not intended to be listened to by humans. To my Sea Lion friends, I know your struggles, I know your pain.
Skedaeddle - Single Review: Final Friend
02 Mar 2017 // A review by Made2Fade
Skedaeddle a Folk/Pop trio from Napier with band members Barry Holt, Glen Kilmister and Pete Bagley, and they have released their debut single Final Friend.This is a simply put together and beautifully arranged song, with hints of The Beatles and Cat Stevens.
Stefan Wolf - EP Review: Creep No. 1
01 Mar 2017 // A review by LilMizCharlie
When I first listened to this EP, I felt that Stefan Wolf was opening up a personal diary and sharing a piece of his mind with me.  Creep No.
Seafog - EP Review: Dig It On Up
28 Feb 2017 // A review by Petros
Just in time for this review, destiny gave me what slowly turned into two seven hour bus trips to and from Napier, the annual Art Deco weekend on the agenda, and fresh music from a band I've been keeping an eye on loaded on my iPod. But fate had other plans...
Li'l Chuck the One Man Skiffle Machine - Album Review: Utility Blues
27 Feb 2017 // A review by Corinner
As I opened the package containing this CD, I saw Li'l Chuck peering out at me from the back of a ute with his instruments surrounding him and the beautiful Port Hills of Christchurch in the background.  The compact disc case was a well put together package containing a wee booklet inside the front cover, with the lyrics to his music and accompanying photography.
Julie Lamb - Album Review: Ordinary Days
14 Feb 2017 // A review by Corinner
Ordinary Days - launch date 11 March 2017. Julie Lamb (Band) is a 11 piece funky - blues rock band "with a 70's vibe", from Wellington.
Decades - Single Review: I Was With Him
14 Feb 2017 // A review by butch181
I Was With Him is the definition of New Zealand music. It has the highly melodic (but more importantly) deep notes that perfectly illustrate the New Zealand accent we are famous for, and a simple musical structure that transcends genres from pop to rock, but focuses on vocals and lyrical content over musical technicality.
Curlys Jewels - Single Review: Bastard Fate
14 Feb 2017 // A review by tonymcdonald
I must say it as absolutely fantastic to hear a fabulous female rock artist. There aren't enough talented rock ladies in my opinion.
EP Review: Godzilla Takes New York
08 Feb 2017 // A review by butch181
Many a famous star has said that Rock and Metal are dead, but releases like this are capable of reigniting that flame of passion. Godzilla Takes New York is an Auckland metalcore quintet, which despite having the common band arrangement (rhythm, lead, bass, drums, and vocals), their sound has a refreshing zeal.
Into Orbit - Album Review: Unearthing
07 Feb 2017 // A review by butch181
The first thing that I noticed when I was made aware of this release was the artwork. A superb piece, that offers a sensation of isolation, desolation, and repossession, with a natural splendour.
MarineVille - Album Review: Penguins Ate My Chips
05 Feb 2017 // A review by Corinner
I simply could not go past the name of this album without wanting to give it a listen, something about penguins eating chips appealed to me.First off, as a band photographer my eyes immediately went to the album cover, it took me back to the days when the Young Ones ruled and I picked my music based on the album art and band name, the best way to discover new music!
Play Big - EP Review: Fuck Work
05 Feb 2017 // A review by Channel1
When I first heard the name Play Big it reminded me of those T-Shirts Wham used to wear in the eighties with CHOOSE LIFE emblazoned on them. That image was blown away by the opening riff on Fuck Work which hit harder than Joseph Parker when he hasn't been eating too many Burger Kings.
Gig Review: Opeth @ The Powerstation, Auckland 02/02/2017
03 Feb 2017 // A review by butch181
Credit where credit is due, the night was well executed. I arrived on site half an hour before doors opened, and the lines of fans waiting to get in stretched as far as the eye could see (and presumably around the corner too).
Disjecta Membra - Album Review: Songs To Scattered Symbols
03 Feb 2017 // A review by butch181
The concept of a split release is something I have only been recently made aware of, and yet it seems like a brilliant marketing tool. In this case, it is being used as limited edition merchandise for a tour, providing three new and exclusive tracks from each band participating on the tour.
Tony Daunt and The Dauntless - Album Review: The Gypsy
02 Feb 2017 // A review by Petros
They don't make music like they used to. Or at least they didn't before Tony Daunt and the Dauntless hit the scene.
Gig Review: Starving Millions @ Whammy Bar, Auckland 28/01/2017
29 Jan 2017 // A review by butch181
It has been several years since I last attended a punk concert, so I was pleased to have the opportunity come up to see what hardcore punk was being churned out these days. The show ended up being quite an intimate affair in a lower floor beneath St Kevin’s Arcade on Karangahape Road.
Silent Torture - EP Review: Torn to Pieces
25 Jan 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Released January 28th, 2017 Back in October, we saw the release of a brand new single entitled Torn to Pieces said to be the title track off of the upcoming EP from Auckland death thrashers Silent Torture. After unveiling the gruesome and equally as awesome cover a couple of weeks ago from artist Tata Kumislizer, the wait was finally over and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to check it out.
The Naked And Famous @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland - 10/01/17
23 Jan 2017 // A review by Channel1
These radio promo gigs are a strange thing. I have been to a few now and like a good portion of the people tonight, I am not here necessarily as a fan of the band.
Devilskin @ Stampede Bar and Grill, Papakura - 16/12/2016
23 Jan 2017 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
For the first time, Stampede Bar and Grill in Papakura hosted its first Rock gig. The unlikely establishment, known more for its BBQ style cuisine and Friday night DJ’s, stepped out of the box with a night of difference.
King Fin - Single Review: Finding Hate in Yogurt
16 Jan 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Released December 28, 2016 Back in 2014, we saw the emergence of conceptual prog-rock/metal instrumental EP Empty House by Auckland artist/producer Luke Finlay. Just when you thought he wasn't serious, King Fin is back at it again.
The Bing Turkby Ensemble - Album Review: Atlantean Night Tourists
15 Jan 2017 // A review by jdiddynz
After first hearing of Bing Turkby years ago back in good old NZ, I already knew him to be a talented multi-instrumentalist and with such an eccentric album title I was very interested to hear what this record had to offer.   Released on 1st December 2016, Atlantean Night Tourists features Bing Turkby (guitar, vocals, trombone, sax, tenor banjo, accordion), Tyrone T.
Gig Review: Drax Project @ Rec Bar, Auckland - 17/12/16
13 Jan 2017 // A review by jck2
Wellington's Drax Project came to the Rec Bar in the heart of Auckland City for a one off show. I was invited to review the gig.
Shapeshifter - Album Review: Stars
11 Jan 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
Stars is the latest offering from New Zealand Drum and Bass heavyweights Shapeshifter and it is their much anticipated release since their 2013 offering Delta. Shapeshifter is famous for their multi-layering of different sound effects and instruments and Stars is no different showing their love for pushing the boundaries and trying new sounds and effects.
Gig Review: Devilskin, Halestorm & City of Souls @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland - 7/01/2017
11 Jan 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal
What an EPIC gig to kick start my 2017 year of gig attendance! Being on the first weekend of January I didn’t expect a very big turn out as Auckland is a ghost town normally at this time of year, but I was proven wrong with over 1000 Rockers in attendance at the Devilskin, Halestorm and City of Souls Gig at the Logan Campbell Centre in Auckland on the 7th January.
Festival Review: Bay Dreams 2017
10 Jan 2017 // A review by Freecell
Bay Dreams from start to finish was one tight gig. From the security, to the food staff, AWOP, bars and musicians down to the audience.
Gig Review: Devilskin & Halestorm @ Great Lakes, Taupo - 8/01/17
10 Jan 2017 // A review by mciver29
Taupo is a funny wee place, being smack dab in the centre of the North Island you might think a few bands would come through but the reality is that it's the polar opposite. The only real exception is UB40, Icehouse, Bonnie Tyler and The Alan Parsons Project.....
Capsul - EP Review: Clarity
08 Jan 2017 // A review by Petros
An experiment in personal expression and music for coming on ten years, Capsul, is the semi-solo project of James, who forms half of indie darlings Carb on Carb. With his latest release, Clarity, James has taken some musical direction from his more famous band and released an album almost devoid of the sombre tone and existential despair of previous releases.
Medusa Glare - Single Review: Take the Fall
06 Jan 2017 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Take the Fall is the third single from Hamilton Rocker's Medusa Glare and it takes me straight to a riff soaked, crunchy, grooving happy place. It’s a slice of pure classic rock sprinkled with funk and lashings of (dare I say it) soul.
Album Review - Killing Bear
05 Jan 2017 // A review by Matt Mutinous
- Released - December 16, 2016 I hadn't planned on taking a trip into outer space before pressing play on this album from Pukerua Bay four piece, Killing Bear. Knowing absolutely nothing about them, I gladly jumped on board and strapped myself in like an unsuspecting hitchhiker.
A Girl Named Mo - Album Review: Platonic/Romantic (Live At Bats)
05 Jan 2017 // A review by trevf
This is the first full outing from the Wellington ‘electronic R’n’B’ combo of Moana Ete, Slade Butler and Marcus Gurtner. Those familiar with the latest Fly My Pretties excursion will recognise the distinctive voice that sings Mud & Stardust, a version of which is presented here in quite a different frame.
Gig Review: Head Like A Hole NYE @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 31/12/2016
05 Jan 2017 // A review by River
New Years Eve at the Mount reminded me a lot of the high-octane gigs from back in the day when Head Like A Hole (HLAH) first started touring the metal scene up in Auckland, which was a bit dead at the time. Of course there’s not as much nakedness going on these days, but HLAH still helps people to get over their inhibitions with rip-roaring performances that will blow your mind.
Will Saunders - EP Review: Nothing Wrong
01 Jan 2017 // A review by Channel1
I am on a train journey into Auckland today with Will Saunders' (from The Lowest Fidelity) latest collection of songs as co-passenger. Pulling out of Papakura and the first track, Nothing Wrong, has a drum beat to match the rhythm of the train on the track.
Chazz Valentine - Album Review: Generation Y
28 Dec 2016 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Remember when bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41, Frenzal Rhomb, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel Big Fish were the epitome of summer? Throwing the surfboards in the back of the wagon, cranking the tunes, and heading to the beach for an epic day in the sun with the boys and even the occasional girl?
Album Review: Government Pest
24 Dec 2016 // A review by Petros
For me there's something about Palmy music, both the live shows and the records they produce, and works from the $lave Collective especially. They remind me of home.
EP Review: Ignite the Helix
21 Dec 2016 // A review by terry666
This 4 track EP opens with the track Blur The Line which in my mind to an extent describes the song perfectly in that it cannot really be genre cast. Grunting growly grinding goodness.
David Sutton - Album Review: V
18 Dec 2016 // A review by Petros
V. The letter that plagued the unnamed anti-hero in Alan Moore's V for Vendetta, and whose shape was illustrated through narrative structure by author Thomas Pynchon (whom keen observers would know thrice appeared in The Simpsons wearing a paper bag with question mark mask).
Broods Acoustic Set @ Clarence St Theatre, Hamilton - 6/12/16
18 Dec 2016 // A review by Freecell
Upon arrival to see the Broods there was a huge presence of the Sponsors - iHeartRadio, ZM and 2Degrees. My Fiancé and I were offered a free photo from iHeartRadio and soon after went to the bar and was offered a free Maputo ice cream, which was a nice gift.
Fallstate - EP Review: Friends
14 Dec 2016 // A review by Channel1
I played this new EP from Fallstate once and the sticky bugger got stuck in my brain instantly. I tried to wash it out with copious amounts of alcohol.
Both Sides of the Line - Album Review: Party Line!
14 Dec 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
Five-piece alt pop country band Both Sides of the Line have produced an album which is easy to listen to and a pleasure to experience, with 12 songs that tantalise you with smooth and vibrant tones, guided by gentle but upbeat country rhythms and a sound that is earthy and real. Opening with Hanging Out For Love your presented with bright and clean guitar licks and a sparkling vocal that guides the bright and melodious tune, it's kinda country and kinda folk, but it’s all good.
Bolt42 - Album Review: Nights on Earth
12 Dec 2016 // A review by Freecell
Very cool and eccentric sounding album Nights on Earth by Bolt42 from Wellington. The release starts off with Voodoo Thursday with brass instruments and random atmospheric sounds, with cool sounding guitar riffs and vocals that remind me of Beck and Pluto.
Gig Review: Cheshire Grimm @ Backbeat, Auckland - 2/12/2016
11 Dec 2016 // A review by Channel1
There was always going to be a good crowd at this Cheshire Grimm single release party with support from Skinny Hobos, Armed in Advance and She Loves You. The room is already nearly full as She Loves You take the stage.
Yukon Era - EP Review: Consume & Scratch
10 Dec 2016 // A review by Petros
For a handful of barely post-pubescent middle class bogans who don't seem to give a f**k, Yukon Era display a musical maturity beyond their years. It's enough to piss you off.
The Recently Deceived @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 3/12/16
06 Dec 2016 // A review by rebelsoundradio
The Recently Deceived – EP Launch @ Nivara Lounge Hamilton. Reviewed by “is this year still going??
Albi and The Wolves - Album Review: One Eye Open
06 Dec 2016 // A review by Momoko.B
In bustling cities and the ever-changing world of westernization and gentrification, we often find ourselves too caught up in time, unable to appreciate the more peaceful moments in life. Well, it just so happened that it was luckily a sunny day on Auckland's west coast, when I decided to listen to an album that seemed to slow down time itself and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the nature around me.
Bic Runga - Album Review: Close Your Eyes
05 Dec 2016 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
There isn’t many people in New Zealand that have had have stood out as solo artists with such finesse or success as our very own Bic Runga. After many years of waiting and reminiscing about her earlier singles such as Sway and Good Morning Baby from her massively successful debut album Drive Bic has finally delivered an exceptional new album on the year of her 40th birthday titled Close Your Eyes.
Earth Tiger - Album Review: Holiday
04 Dec 2016 // A review by jck2
  Earth Tiger creates songs that swirl together the electrifying textures of hip-hop, big pop, rock and electro dance music into a brand-new sound. Masterminded by artists Cruz Mathews and Tom Taylor, the group spins out clever lyrics, infectious hooks and energetic, inventive grooves that intertwine with bold bass and playful synth layers.
Album Review: Thomas Brothers
30 Nov 2016 // A review by Momoko.B
New Zealand has been legendary for having sibling-based bands, with the likes of prolific musicians The Finn Brothers way back and more recently The Nielson Brothers. And as 2016 comes to a close, it seems like a new set of brothers is taking New Zealand’s Indie-Pop scene by storm: The Thomas Brothers.
Downfall of Humanity - Gig Review: The Silence of the Wolves Tour @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 17/11/2016
28 Nov 2016 // A review by Matt Mutinous
The weather was miserable across Auckland city, the wind was blowing and the sky was dark, a perfect night to get out of the rain, grab a beer and see some live music at the famous Kings Arms Tavern. A couple of touring Australian metalcore acts; Lycanthrope and The Weight of Silence supported by two local heavyweights including my own band, HeadRoller I couldn't help but be attentive.
Gig Review: Bleeders @ The Kings Arms, Auckland - 25/11/2016
28 Nov 2016 // A review by Channel1
There is a buzz around tonight's gig. An energy that I can feel when I walk into the Kings Arms.
Zed Brookes - Album Review: O Sweet Cacophony
27 Nov 2016 // A review by Petros
Zed Brookes is a mainstay of the often overlooked Waikato music scene, with a history in music longer than my seemingly endless life. This becomes less profound when you realise that the tween and teen music consumer demographic of today weren't yet born for first outing of System of a Down, never saw the Britney Spears versus Christina Aguilera versus underdog Billie Piper popularity contest, or even In Da Club by 50 cent.
Album Review: Stir It Up - Aotearoas Tribute to Bob Marley
24 Nov 2016 // A review by Freecell
Stir It Up - Aotearoa's Tribute to Bob Marley on Universal music New Zealand contains 15 songs by various NZ artists. I've got to say I was quite excited to listen / review this album because I knew it was going to be good.
Tablefox - Single Review: Under A Broken Smile
23 Nov 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
On the eve of their forthcoming EP, Tablefox are back with their new single, Under A Broken Smile. If you’re a fan Tablefox’s sound, you’ll hear another slab of perfectly crafted indie rock, tinged with melody and oozing sweetness.
Poison Skies - EP Review: Day to Defy
23 Nov 2016 // A review by LoraThompson
The debut EP Day to Defy from Poison Skies delivers a familiar pop-punk kick while nailing their powerful and catchy sound. The EP begins with their upbeat single Eighty Six, leading into the heavier half-time thrash of Stop and Breathe – The catchy, melodic chorus in this second track provides a stark contrast against a well-orchestrated wall of noise.
Gig Review: His Masters Voice @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 15/10/16
22 Nov 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
The underground tavern that is the Whammy Bar filled with an attractive blend of young and old to experience 3 bands peel off their rowdy musical sweats. First up was Dead Favours, a relatively new 4 piece from Auckland.
The Recently Deceived - EP Review: Use Your Head
21 Nov 2016 // A review by Channel1
I have fond memories of Hamilton, having lived there for a few years and hosting a show on the now defunct Backbeat FM. Some people might knock the Tron but throughout the world cities like this, places that people drive through to get somewhere else, constantly throw up great bands.
Dark Water - Album Review: You're Only As Addicted As You're Willing To Be
21 Nov 2016 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Only a few days ago, my band Poison Skies shared a stage in New Plymouth with a band that I have never heard of before called Dark Water. The next night, I heard that they have a brand new album out titled You’re Only As Addicted As You’re Willing To Be so I promptly stuck up my hand and asked if I could be the guy to write a review it.
Fly My Pretties - Album Review: String Theory
20 Nov 2016 // A review by trevf
Welcome to the 6th recorded excursion from Barnaby Weir's occasional collective who have certainly become something of a fixture for New Zealand music since 2004. Fly My Pretties is an idea that has proved to have real legs, and not one that is showing any signs of losing momentum.
Myele Manzanza - Album Review: OnePointOne (Live At The Blue Whale)
20 Nov 2016 // A review by camy3rs
There are very few percussionists I can think of that would be able to pull off a live recorded album that falls even into the same league as OnePointOne (Live At The Blue Whale). From the opening bars of A Love Eclectic and onward throughout, the whole collection draws on many contrasting genres, cultures and aural motifs that somehow harmoniously flow out of and into each other.
Paige Julia - EP Review: Mechanisms
17 Nov 2016 // A review by Freecell
Paige Julia's Debut EP Mechanisms, on Totally Roasted Digital - Mixed by Paige Julia and Mastered by DnB legend Fanu. Paige was born into a musical generation defined by the rise of digital technology.
EP Review: Claemus
16 Nov 2016 // A review by Matt Mutinous
-Released 11th November 2016-Mordecai Records Hailing from Wellington's Hutt Valley Claemus is a three-piece Progressive Rock/Metal fusion band that has been slowly but surely making themselves very apparent within the local New Zealand music scene. With their 2015 single Stuck in the Fade making waves with a borderline Nu-Metal sound mixed with a clear ballad style rock influence, it is easy to see why these guys are unique and very hard to squeeze into a specific genre.
Tali - EP Review: Keta
09 Nov 2016 // A review by Freecell
Tali is always busy, non stop producing new music and material of all genres. A singer/songwriter and MC extraordinaire!
Coridian - Single Review: Blind Faith
07 Nov 2016 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Coridian are a high energy, solid original act from Auckland that blend together a vast array of modern rock. Having played with them several times previously it was a pleasure to be able to sit down and work my way through this review of their latest offering – Blind Faith.
Apollo SteamTrain - Single Review: The Electric Sun/Streets of Gold
05 Nov 2016 // A review by Photographer
A release by New Zealand based Apollo SteamTrain, the 'Double A Side' single The Electric Sun/Streets Of Gold is a neat way to feature the strengths of the band. Well recorded, these two songs are pleasantly composed with much thought put in to the tones and soundscape used.
Mishap - EP Review: Toaster
05 Nov 2016 // A review by Photographer
Enthusiastically honest lyrics and a homely, familiar flavour are the initial hits when yourToaster EP pops. Mishap hauls in the spirits of Green Day (Dookie Days) and I’m going to say a smearing of Smash-era Offspring to bring you their musical offering.
EP Review: Bonfire Baby
05 Nov 2016 // A review by Photographer
Running out to the car, late as usual, I checked the letterbox on the way through, finding this wee gem in there. I was off on a road trip with no-one, giving me plenty of time to conceive the following words that will explain my experience with Bonfire Baby.
Sacha Vee - Album Review: Luminous
05 Nov 2016 // A review by Freecell
Returning home after touring and collaborating with some of the top players in the international scene from Europe, Sacha Vee returns with her new 13 track album Luminous, which is being released on the 25 November 2016. Sacha has recently teamed up with Dutch producer Killing Skills and Chef Red recording and releasing EP's and she has also supported G Eazy and Shapeshifter.
Makeshift Parachutes - EP Review: Mr Happy
03 Nov 2016 // A review by Momoko.B
It was a stressful week in the life of a student, studying for exams, earning enough to stay anchored in the big smoke. When Sunday rolled around and the time came to finally relax, some dream-like tones were needed to smile, sit back, and relax.
Devilskin - Album Review: Be Like The River
02 Nov 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Devilskin are back and sounding more ferocious than before. Be Like The River is their new album, due for nationwide release on 11th November.
Bakers Eddy - Single Review: Big Man
02 Nov 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Wellington Rockers Bakers Eddy are back with their latest single, Big Man. Their signature sound of rise and fall crescendo’s, crunchy riffs and sing-a-long vocals is what makes Bakers Eddy such a great band to listen to.
Cheshire Grimm - Single Review: Awaken
31 Oct 2016 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Released: November 5th, 2016 Two guitars, a drum kit, and a whole stage load of awesomeness, Waikato based alternative grunge pop outfit Cheshire Grimm have been rocking up and down the country, ever since they formed in 2012. Playing numerous shows and recently supporting acts such as Cherie Currie (The Runaways) and Ladi6.
The Solomon Cole Band - Album Review: Bruises
30 Oct 2016 // A review by jck2
The Solomon Cole Band is a four piece band hailing from Waiheke Island. Their album Bruises is 10 tracks of Classic Rock reminiscent of bands like Lynard Skynard, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, ZZ Top and The Eagles and other such classic rock from that era.
Lola Sola - Album Review: Walking Back From Hell
29 Oct 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
Acoustic folk songstress, Lola Sola has graced lovers of all things folkie with her gorgeous album Walking Back From Hell. This album is raw, jam packed full of soul and emotion.
Gig Review: Villainy @ The Kings Arms, Auckland - 14/10/16
28 Oct 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
Auckland's Iconic Kings Arms has witnessed many celebrated nights of rock revelry and this particular performance from Kiwi Rockers Villainy with Skinny Hobos will go down as one of the best. Kicking off with Skinny Hobos the impressive crowd was amped and attentive to the two men on stage, opening with their mesmerizing track Sevenatenine we all were awoken and hurled into the rock frenzy that they create so well.
Dilz - Album Review: Word Smith
27 Oct 2016 // A review by Freecell
Dilz is a Rapper from Foxton. He started in 2012 with a fresh voice in Hip-Hop and has been continuously working and writing new music.
Mitch Alderlieste - EP Review: City Calling
27 Oct 2016 // A review by Channel1
I am sitting in a motel in Los Angeles at the moment. It's hot outside and relaxing with a rather strong craft beer seems the perfect time to sit back and check out the latest release from Wellington based Mitch Alderlieste.
Rebel Sound Radio - EP Review: Regret Nothing
27 Oct 2016 // A review by Sass_Metal
Rebel Sound Radio are a Heavy Rock band who hail from Hamilton and is a 3 piece made up of Jessie James (guitar, vocals) Craig (bass) and Ashley (drums).  I was surprised to learn they were a 3 piece, as I had listened to the EP a few times before reading into what they had previously done – their music sounds so much louder and heavier than what you would expect a 3 piece to have.
Electric Wire Hustle - Album Review: The 11th Sky
22 Oct 2016 // A review by LoraThompson
Wellington Electro-Soul outfit Electric Wire Hustle released their 3rd album The 11th Sky on September 30th2016. EWH first appeared in the public eye with their self titled album in 2009 , and since then have also released Love Can Prevail in 2014 which was a world wide success that saw the band achieve some Cult Fame in the UK and Europe.
Grizzly Smith - EP Review: Home
21 Oct 2016 // A review by Petros
Purveyors of swampy blues, an amalgam of Led Zep and the Delta dwellers, The Blue Grizzly Band is a Palmy institution. You’ve either heard them, heard of them or seen one of their posters shlicked to the decaying walls between the buskers and the beggars of this dirty old town.
Openside - EP Review: Push Back
21 Oct 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Admittedly, home grown pop-rock has never been a particularly easy sell in New Zealand, but when Openside started turning heads with last year’s single Worth It the group began a rather rapid ascent, opening for various international acts including Twenty One Pilots and Melanie Martinez, selling out their own secret headline show and culminating in the recent release of their debut EP Push Back. The collection opens up with the hook-laden All I Really Want – catchy as all hell, the song initially comes off as the kind of upbeat, self-help anthem you might put on a mix-tape for your best friend who was recently dumped.
Inhale - Album Review: Ten Cones
19 Oct 2016 // A review by Matt Mutinous
Released - July 23, 2016 Masterton was a relatively quiet place, that is until local band Inhale arose from the smoke in 2015, with the release of their 2 track EP Chuck The Knives On featuring tendencies of slam and death amidst a raw display of core aggression. A little over a year later we see the release of their debut album Ten Cones.
Amos/Anon - Album Review: Toil On, Poor Heart
13 Oct 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
A single piano keynote rings like a toiling bell beckoning you to another realm, its haunting and spellbinding sound builds and before long you have entered a dimension where the music conjures imagery and feelings that you may not be prepared to experience. The opening track Toil On introduces you to the transcendent sound of Amos/Anon with its pensive slow rhythms and building ambience that takes you away from your comfort zone.
Black Fox Trio - EP Review: Rhythm Is Your King
11 Oct 2016 // A review by Jacob Sisson
Young Christchurch locals, Black Fox Trio, have recently released their debut EP titled Rhythm Is Your King, and let me tell you: it is well worth a listen. Jazzy and bluesy drums with plenty of energy, tight bass work, and a great guitarist that knows when to step back, and when to let loose round out a truly unique approach to rock.
Jake Stokes - EP Review: Before We're All Dead
11 Oct 2016 // A review by Channel1
The thing that strikes me when listening to the tracks on Before We're All Dead is that Jake Stokes is seriously talented. The opening track Classifieds starts as a kind of indie anthem and you can tell Jake has bought some of his influences over from the UK.
Gig Review: Collins Class @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 23/09/16
11 Oct 2016 // A review by Channel1
I arrived early at the Kings Arms to find a decent crowd building. I hadn't heard much about Aussie band Collins Class.
Silent Torture - Single Review:Torn to Pieces
10 Oct 2016 // A review by Matt Mutinous
- Released September 1, 2016 2016 has been a massive year for 5-piece Auckland death metal band Silent Torture. With the release of their debut E.
Anna Coddington - Album Review: Luck/Time
09 Oct 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Coddington this time last year. One of the questions I asked her was what was her next music adventure after her tour with Lips, to which she replied ‘ALBUM.
Armed In Advance - Album Review: Change/Evolve
07 Oct 2016 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Fresh off the Soundcloud link that has been emailed to me is the debut album Change/Evolve by Auckland three-piece Armed In Advance. I have been waiting for a hard rock album to sink my teeth into and AIA have provided 10 tracks of sonic goodness.
DateMonthYear - Single Review: Spit Out The Sun
04 Oct 2016 // A review by Petros
There isn't room in a pop industry for every music taste or genre, and an industry that views music as a product, as a commodity, as a dollar sign can at times stifle artistic integrity and individuality. What then happens is you hear more of the same, repeated and regurgitated over decades.
Destructatron - Single Review: Stoned to Death
03 Oct 2016 // A review by Matt Mutinous
- Released - September 16 2016- Mordecai Records From the depths of the Waikato this five-piece heavy metal machine, is already making a dent in the New Zealand Metal scene. With their 2015 debut single Castles gaining airtime on various platforms, this much anticipated follow up (Stoned to Death) is set to impress fans and critics alike.
Gig Review: The Church Tour @ Chapel of Christ The King, Hamilton - 22/09/16
03 Oct 2016 // A review by mciver29
As a 32 year old former Catholic the idea of going to a Church to see 4 artists that found recognition in the early 80's was a strange one, I had a few conflicting feelings but also knew that Churches quite often have fantastic acoustics and have often wondered about playing in grand cathedrals myself. I suppose my first feeling was a little disappointment when we arrived to the venue and it wasn't a cathedral, rather a large Church but still had the big pipe organs etc...
Jayson Norris - EP Review: Eroded
29 Sep 2016 // A review by LilMizCharlie
There is something delightfully soothing yet sea-stormy about Adventure It Seems Is Easy from Jayson Norris' new EP Eroded. I found myself listening to this as “cool down” music at the gym.
John White - Album Review: Henry Green & the Island of Tuliarts
28 Sep 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
I had read a few articles about John White’s new album Henry Green and the Island of Tuliarts describing it as a listening experience where you succumb to a dream world. This statement I can agree to be very accurate, this album is one filled with ethereal qualities and wondrous themes taking you on a magical journey.
Stonehurst - Gig Review: Free Yourself Tour @ Darkroom, Christchurch - 20/08/16
26 Sep 2016 // A review by Jacob Sisson
The night was opened by Christchurch newcomers Smokin' Voodoo with a hiss and roar, a great thundering brewing with their high energy, well honed brand of Rock and Roll. While having only stepped onto the scene recently, these boys took out this years local RDU Roundup, proving they aren't mucking around.
The Zoup - Album Review: Symbiotic
24 Sep 2016 // A review by GrayVickers
My first exposure to The Zoup was about 7 years ago, standing side of stage as they tore up Auckland's “Juice Bar”. Sweating pop sensibilities out of every pore, their infectious Rock and Roll captivated the growing crowd, despite being early on in the night.
Churlington - EP Review: Act Scared, Get Behind Him, Keep Him Busy, Screw You Bozo
22 Sep 2016 // A review by Petros
While I was still up there, Churlington got a lot of airplay on Palmy's Radio Control 99.4FM local show.
After 'Ours - Album Review: Odyssey
20 Sep 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
After 'Ours have been working on their album Odyssey for the past five years. It is clear to hear the time, dedication and love that went into creating it.
GT42 - Album Review: GT42
19 Sep 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
GT42 is a Wellington duo that deliver a hypnotic blend of edgy melodic rock that is flawless and brilliant. GT42 is their self titled debut album and is comprised of fourteen sublime tracks that defines their 80s and 90s crunchy riff laden melodies, with a tinge of pop.
Diaz Grimm - Album Review: 2077
16 Sep 2016 // A review by Sass_Metal
When you think of Hip-Hop music it’s easy to say that it’s filled with swearing, derogatory comments towards women and violence – so much violence.  If this is what you are looking for with the latest Diaz Grimm release, then you will be disappointed (but it is the only thing that will disappoint you).
Barracks - EP Review: Lovestay
15 Sep 2016 // A review by Channel1
What a week! I just found out Refused are playing at Laneway and then this lands on my lap, well laptop.
Bloodnut - Album Review: Blues From The Red Sons
15 Sep 2016 // A review by Jacob Sisson
The debut album by Auckland redheaded sludge rockers, Bloodnut, was released last weekend after much anticipation. A refreshing band, that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
Helgorithms - EP Review: To The Mountains
13 Sep 2016 // A review by Jacob Sisson
This small collection of songs were some that shaped the way for one of Auckland’s sweetheart bands, Helgorithms, some of the first they wrote when they formed the band over two years ago. With this being their second release, but comprised of songs from before the first, one would assume they wanted to go back and give life to some of the early material before working on new stuff.
Left Or Right - Album Review: Trippy
13 Sep 2016 // A review by Jacob Sisson
Right from the get go, this is an album that puts a smile on your face. Tight, thumping bass grooves mixed with sweet sultry guitar riffs bring you into the fold with no messing around.
Jesse Sheehan - Album Review: Drinking With The Birds
12 Sep 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
Growing up in Wellington, Jesse Sheehan was immersed in music from a young age. He played gigs with big local names and won Rockquest in 2009, the first solo artist ever to do so.
Pitch Black - Album Review: Filtered Senses
12 Sep 2016 // A review by tonymcdonald
Pitch Black, the duo from Christchurch are back after nine long years with a brand new dub album, Filtered Senses. It’s dark and mysterious with a laid back lounge club feel.
Marshmellow - Album Review: Love Is Love
09 Sep 2016 // A review by Petros
It's hard to compliment something that knows it's good. It's obvious that a lot has gone into fabricating an album that covers all the bases and ticks all the boxes for turning a collection of ideas into a great album.
Graeme James - Album Review: News From Nowhere
09 Sep 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
Oh folk music, I knew there was a reason I loved you. I haven’t found a folk group/musician for a while that I could really get my teeth sunk into (excuse the idiom).
Miller Yule - EP Review: Shoot Me In The Heart
09 Sep 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
Miller Yule’s Shoot Me In The Heart is an EP containing groovy tunes, good vibes and an abundance of energy and raw talent. This is Miller’s debut EP and with mesmeric songs, an attractive voice and wonderfully played tunes, it is clear to see he is a Kiwi musician on his way to great things.
Andy Richards - Album Review: Shine On
05 Sep 2016 // A review by mciver29
Shine On is the second album release for Warkworth based singer/song writer Andy Richards and is testament to the NZ DIY ethic. Shine On was recorded over a year at a friend's home studio, free of stress and the pressures of working to a budget and time frame.
The Hollow Men - Album Review: Shatter the Bones
05 Sep 2016 // A review by Channel1
Apparently, this album was tracked in 24 hours and the result is an energy soaked powerhouse of punk n roll which reflects the pedigree of this Waiheke based band who recently supported The Ruts DC. Guitarist Brendan Mooney has a long musical history in the UK playing with various artists including Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords  who were signed to Polydor.
BattleCat - EP Review: BS Live EP
29 Aug 2016 // A review by Petros
To the self-proclaimed "antiestablishment" rebel contingent whose minds jump straight to Green Day or Avril Lavigne when I say Punk; instead of berating you I'm going to suggest you watch the Decline of Western Civilization III. Like Hamilton's Battlecat, the film captures the 90's resurgence of the 70's punk aesthetic.
The Hopkinsville Goblins - Album Review: Posts From Planet Earth
26 Aug 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The Hopkinsville Goblins are a Wellington artist/band representing a mish mash of genres under the guise of Alternative Rock, but in many ways, vary far from that. It’s a little difficult to pinpoint whether the Hopkinsville Goblins are merely a gimmick, or actually serious with this album, Posts From Planet Earth.
Tricks & Sleeves - Album Review: Locked Out Of Space
26 Aug 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Locked Out Of Space is the debut album from indie rockers, Tricks & Sleeves, showcasing the bands ethereal Pop melodies and infectious hooks. Following on from their self-titled debut EP, Tricks & Sleeves seem to be going from strength to strength, and are a band that I hope are very aware of their talent and future potential.
Eva Prowse - Album Review: Humid Nights
26 Aug 2016 // A review by Channel1
I first came across Eva Prowse when watching Fly My Pretties, but I haven’t heard her first album I Can’t Keep Secrets, so didn’t know what to expect with this latest release. The first thing that really stands out about Humid Nightsare the song arrangements.
Illuminus - EP Review: Lost Souls
19 Aug 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
Illuminus have supplied a very distinctive EP to arouse your ear lobes, and while there is some surprising variety to the music it keeps to a homemade recipe of heavy grinding guitar licks and riffs contrasted with clear vocal tunes that are slightly muffled and not dominant like your usual made for radio mastering. This unique mix generally places the drums clean and upfront while the guitars are slightly muffled with the vocals set more in the background with its heavy reverb and other effects.
Ceolskog - Album Review: Made In My Bedroom 2
19 Aug 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The second coming of Made In My Bedroom 2 from Ceolskog, AKA Adam Helliwell is another superbly crafted slab of Folk Metal, tinged with uniqueness and filled with potential. Following on from its predecessor, Adam has stepped up to the plate and come forth with a more riff laden album.
Gig Review: Knightshade @ Altitude Bar, Hamilton 6/08/2016
13 Aug 2016 // A review by rebelsoundradio
As Knightshade has been damaging eardrums since the early 1980’s I cannot claim to have been there at the start, they had already cemented their place in New Zealand’s music history long before I was aware that we had one. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to witness a final show of such epic proportions, I was all over this like a rash.
Ceolskog - Album Review: Made In My Bedroom
02 Aug 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Ceolskog is the brain child of  solo artist Adam Helliwell and Made In My Bedroom, is, as the title suggests, a home made album.I'm always open to listening to genres that not often cross my path and I liked the cross pollination assault that Adam has created.
Gig Review: Broods @ Vector Arena 15/07/2016
02 Aug 2016 // A review by camy3rs
It’s a wee bit of a sad state how seldom a full line-up of Kiwi acts take the stage at Vector Arena, but hopefully after the success of Broods’ Conscious tour, we can see the wheels begin to turn a little more in favour of New Zealand bands. The night opened up with Blenheim-based newcomers, October.
Andrew Keoghan - Album Review: Every Orchid Offering
01 Aug 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
This album is quite a stylish collection of sophisticated pop music that exudes into your ears and surprises you with its dreamy soundscapes and eclectic rhythms. Each song is subtly different with each possessing a unique and interesting diversion from the overplayed mainstream pop music of today.
Violet Highway - Single/Video Review: Desire
20 Jul 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Violet Highway is an up and coming, infectious Auckland band with some seriously swag sounds and a cool look to boot. In their latest single, Desire, depicting a night in the lift of a lone Taxi driver (or Uber driver!
Set on End - Album Review: The Dark Beyond
16 Jul 2016 // A review by Matt Henry
There is nothing more pleasing than finding something new out of nowhere that is utterly enjoyable. I will be honest, personally, I have not find anything recent on the NZ metal scene that gives me butterflies in my stomach.
Broods - Album Review: Conscious
12 Jul 2016 // A review by camy3rs
With the follow up to their 2014 debut album Evergreen, Broods are back again with another collection of the moody, atmospheric, dance-pop that gained them their notoriety. Conscious is a straight up beast of an album.
Stomping Nick - Album Review: Shake For Your Cake
08 Jul 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
There is a one-man band with a difference, someone in 2016 who is not utilising technology or even a drum machine to back him, oh no Stomping Nick is all Nick, he sings, plays harmonica, the guitar and drums all at the same time, and his new album Shake Your Cake was even recorded that way! With all but one song on the album recorded "live" in one take, so what you hear is the real sound of Nick's songs as he performs them, the only thing missing is an audience's applause, but he sure does deserve some applause.
Helen Henderson - Album Review: London
05 Jul 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
London is an album, created by Helen Henderson and filled to the brim with 70s sounding folk and rock tunes. Arriving as a young kiwi girl to the big city of London with nothing but $50 in her pocket she started her music career when her friends put her in contact with Nigel Grainge from Ensign Records.
Prizegiving - Album Review: No Harm Done
05 Jul 2016 // A review by tonymcdonald
Don’t think about buying the cassette from Bandcamp because it's sold out. Is that a good thing?
PlasticGroove - EP Review: Feel
05 Jul 2016 // A review by Petros
One of three EPs to be released this year, PlasticGroove’s Feel EP is so far removed from previous PlasticGroove efforts, which in my previous experience have been colourful adventures into a post-futurist 80’s synth-rock soundscape. This is a different set of textures entirely.
Gig Review: Shihad with Grenadiers & The Iron Eye @ The Triffid, Brisbane - 1/07/16
02 Jul 2016 // A review by GrayVickers
Tonight is not my first time seeing Shihad. Not by a long stretch.
Pacific Heights - Album Review: The Stillness
01 Jul 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
The Stillness by Pacific Heights is a wonderfully transient modernistic album full of sophisticated electro beats and atmospheric synth laden soundscapes, an ephemeral album that takes you on a pleasurable trip into your own imagination. The term Electro might make you think of dance dub beats but this is definitely not a dance album for this collection of music provides a totally immersive experience that generates a multiple sensory encounter where you see and feel a variety of colours and light, and a vast range of temperature and emotion.
Dilz - Album Reviews: Three And A Half Seas and Reconstruction
29 Jun 2016 // A review by jck2
  Dilz is a rapper from New Zealand with a fresh voice on hip-hop. Working endlessly on collaborations and mixtapes from the start of his career as an amateur rapper, Dilz has grown into a professional ready to break his way into the forefront of underground hip-hop.
Evangel - EP Review: Sea Of The Dead
29 Jun 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
If you haven't yet heard of Metalcore four-piece, Evangel, keeping read, you're about to find out. The quartet originally hail from Hamilton and formed in 2007.
Lawrence Arabia - Album Review: Absolute Truth
28 Jun 2016 // A review by Petros
The name Lawrence Arabia is a New Zealand institution, at least for me. It’s one of the ten names that come to mind when someone says New Zealand music, though his music itself, unlike his name, has always sat at the fringes of my periphery.
Gig Review: 28th Annual Gemini Party @ Altitude, Hamilton - 5/06/16
28 Jun 2016 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Like many Aucklander's looking to get ahead in life, I made the move down to Hamilton approx. 1 year ago.
Kaushun - Album Review: Tonight
25 Jun 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Aside from having one of those names that makes fans wary of mispronounciation, Kaushun (pronounced as ‘Caution’), is a electronic music producer based in Auckland, but originally from Leeds in the United Kingdom. Tonight is the producers second album and a decent mix of run-of-the-mill dance/club beats, interesting electronica soundscapes and some high tempo pieces that wouldn’t go amiss on the soundtrack to a futuristic David Fincher film.
Jackal - EP Review: Jumping Out The Window
22 Jun 2016 // A review by Petros
“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Samuel Clemens.
Gig Review: Avalanche City @ The Powerstation 03/06/16
21 Jun 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Dave Baxter and ilk have become a rather large part of the quilt of Kiwi music – encompassing all of the personality traits that Kiwis seem to love in their icons, modest about his skill, understated in the news, seemingly soft spoken and dedicated to his practice. Avalanche City itself is a bit of a pop wonder - the roots in folk and country that set the band a part from other pop acts should (at least, to Kiwi audiences) be the proverbial bullet in the heart, and yet at every point they defy the odds.
Rebel Sound Radio - Single Review: Liberation
09 Jun 2016 // A review by mciver29
Reviewing singles is often trickier than reviewing an EP or album as a body of work can help an overall sense of a band as opposed to just one song, in this case, it's the single Liberation by Hamilton based three-piece Rebel Sound Radio. This is all I have heard of the band, and as a first single it's on the right track, it has a hint of The Offspring in the frontman, Jessie Hanright's voice and a strong melodic hooky chorus.....
Gareth Thomas - Album Review: Fizzy Milk
07 Jun 2016 // A review by GrayVickers
The New Zealand sound is not something expressed in words. It’s an ineffable coat of paint that glosses over much of the music that has shaped our lives.
Dilz - Album Review: Scrapbook
05 Jun 2016 // A review by jck2
Dillon Lamb aka Dilz is a young rapper from Foxton who has released a new mixtape called Scrapbook. This isn't Dilz first mixtape, his Bandcamp discography shows several mixtapes dating back to 2013.
Ladyhawke - Album Review: Wild Things
05 Jun 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Pip Brown is the kind of musical artist I forever wish that the world had more of, - intuitive, intentional and innovative. Everytime a new Ladyhawke album is released, the incremental advances towards an even more polished, cohesive and  genre defying sound are obvious.
Gig Review: Drax Project @ Neck Of The Woods, Auckland - 13/05/16
04 Jun 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Roughly three years ago, I remember walking down Courtenay Place in Wellington and stumbling across a three-piece jazz ensemble playing top 40 pop and RnB covers outside of the Reading Cinema. I’ll tell you now, you have not heard Katy Perry until you’ve heard these guys play Hot ‘n Cold with a saxophone covering the entire lyrical line.
Primacy - EP Review: Failure and Sacrifice
03 Jun 2016 // A review by Petros
This album rocks harder than anything I’ve enjoyed lately, local or international. From humble beginnings on these oceanic islands we are generally proud to call home, comes a rock album so much better than most of the smack you hear on those monthly Metal Hammer compilations, which I’m only sometimes proud to admit, is one of my sources for finding new bands these days.
Jay Clarkson - Album Review: Spur
03 Jun 2016 // A review by Petros
It’s been a month of Dunedin music for me, albeit accidentally, though certainly fitting with the month of May being the celebration of New Zealand music.  In this listening stint and a moment of clarity, I discovered the “Dunedin” sound, or so I had thought.
Tokyo Rock Machine - EP Review: New Ink
01 Jun 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
London-based kiwi hard rockers Tokyo Rock Machine's latest EP New Ink offers four tracks of uncompromising full blown guitar rock, with songs that are full of well-structured riffs leading to hard driven verses furnished with strong vocal lines that build towards glorious choruses full of power chords and explosive rhythms. Each song just bursts with pop in the mouth crunchy guitar grinds from Sam Halen all set to the sharpest of drum beats from Waka the Drummer, and strapping vocal work from the appropriately named lead singer Kevi Metal.
Lead Us Forth - Album Review: Interlocutor
01 Jun 2016 // A review by jdiddynz
interlocutor ˌɪntəˈlɒkjʊtə/ nounformal noun: interlocutor; plural noun: interlocutors; noun: interlocutrix; plural noun: interlocutrices    1    a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation. Creating a dialogue is certainly what it feels like Auckland metal outfit Lead Us Forth are trying to achieve right from the outset of their latest album Interlocutor.
Seafog - Album Review: Raise Your Skinny Fist
30 May 2016 // A review by Petros
I came from a world where the unclassifiable sounds were quietly filed away into the Indie genre. While Seafog’s Raise Your Skinny Fist would slide quite nicely into that peg hole, I think the more appropriate label here, and one specific to this country, is the word Dunedin.
Album Review: Zen Mantra
25 May 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Opening with the tumultuous, twangy guitar refrain on Will Disappear, Zen Mantra’s self-titled album is a brilliant, collective cross-section of reedy, jangling guitar dispersed with sporadic synth. As a mainstayer of the Christchurch music scene and a member of currently touring local group Yumi Zouma, Sam Perry curates a pretty formidable reputation, so expectations for this collection were set pretty high.
Tempist Fujit - EP Review: No More Time
24 May 2016 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Despite the problematic division of labour, word on the street is that two pieces are a thing again. If this trend continues I foresee the next big thing being a union to represent the great masses of displaced musicians roaming the wilderness like a pack of bloodthirsty hyenas.
Various Artists – Album Review: Ae Fond Kiss
24 May 2016 // A review by Petros
“The best laid schemes o'mice an'men gang aft a-gley” Robert Burns - To a Mouse (1786).  Perhaps the only line of Robert Burns I can faithfully recite, in small part thanks to the study of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men in college.
Gig Review: The Jordan Luck Band @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 14/5/16
23 May 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
The out of season warm night air was inviting and embracing the great crowd that came to Auckland’s best live pub to experience the enduring music of the legendary Jordan Luck and his Band. The eager crowd was warmed up very nicely with a rocking set from brand new rockers Dead Favours who impressed with their broad rock sound and robust look.
Yumi Zouma - Album Review: Yoncalla
14 May 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
What can I say… What a beautiful album! Vocals that roll over you like waves, infectious tunes and hypnotic melodies.
Album Review: Red Sky Blues
13 May 2016 // A review by Petros
We’re all quietly insane, some are just louder than the rest. An apt description of the songs on Red Sky Blues’s eponymous album.
Gig Review: Shihad @ Meow, Wellington - 1/05/16
12 May 2016 // A review by LilMizCharlie
Shihad, a force to be reckoned with. There is not a person I have talked with who doesn’t know this familiar name on the streets.
EP Review: Nation
08 May 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Invercargill gets a bad rap - it’s cold, it’s far away, the people have stronger accents – but SIT is a becoming a major drawcard for savvy musicians and audio engineers who don’t want to end up in major debt whilst studying. The school is turning out some seriously decent bands with a pretty distinct sound.
Bailey Wiley - EP Review: S.O.M.M.
07 May 2016 // A review by camy3rs
I get the impression that Bailey Wiley is the kind artist who quietly, meticulously hones their craft and affects the kind of upswell, grassroots change that eventually overhauls the industry. A ‘nose to the grindstone’ kind – the type of which you don’t seem to come across so often in this ‘recorded-in-a-bedroom-and-straight-to-soundcloud’ era.
Gig Review: Shihad @ The Powerstation, Auckland - 1/5/2016
06 May 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
Unlike the anxiety felt by a congregation waiting for the obligatory late bride, the crowd waiting for Shihad to arrive after a cancelled flight were merely suppressing the energy required to jump through a banging set of "real fucking drum and bass" (quote Jon Toogood). In what was supposed to be a 50 minute set on a Sunday night after two previous gigs earlier in Christchurch and Wellington, our four home-grown heroes ripped the snot out of the Mt Eden night to prove that the NZ music industry is still in good hands.
Damien Binder - Album Review: A New World
06 May 2016 // A review by Petros
NZ Music Month is dead, read a misquoted article. The proliferation of local music has taken it from a niche market of second rate international knock-offs to an over-abundance, removing the novelty and therefore the need to celebrate something so common place.
The Jordan Luck Band - Album Review: Not Only... But Also
04 May 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
Jordan Luck and his band have produced an album that is full of energetic and uncompromising rock, fortified with a majestic retro pop rock sound. The feel good up-tempo vibe stands alongside anything you would expect from The Exponents in their heyday.
Gig Review: The Jason McIver Collective and The James @ The Kings Arms, Auckland - 22/04/2016
03 May 2016 // A review by camy3rs
The Jason McIver Collective are slowly becoming an Auckland mainstay, their latest release I May No Perf finding credence with a growing local fan base. The Collective’s live show adds another layer to the multi-faceted sound– the heady, driving bass and tight drums develop an almost ‘darker’ feel live, one that is less apparent on the album.
Pales - Album Review: Don't Be So Nice
01 May 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
Rose Blake, Mike Isaacs and Scott Maynard are the creators of Pales. The trio have brought their array of skills and broad musical backgrounds to create arrangements heavily sounding of emotive folk.
The Doqument - Album Review: 509
01 May 2016 // A review by jck2
509 is the new album from Auckland Hip-Hop crew The Doqument. Consisting of $ikeOne (MC), IMAG€ (MC), and Shaqles (Producer/MC), the three-part team have been turning heads for both their solo and group outputs, and between them have performed alongside Bone Thugs n Harmony, KRS One and Mobb Deep, jointly collaborated with bona fide rappers such as David Dallas and PNC and already released two albums: The Rookie Album and Blank Canvas: Wall & Piece.
Jesse Wilde & The Drive - EP Review: Ghost Town Road
29 Apr 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
The song, and indeed the whole EP Ghost Town Road, instantly transports you to an American heartland that is full of genuine rock and blues music full of emotive soul and meaning. Each song on this EP is full of catchy melodies and wonderful lyrics, while most are upbeat rhythmic pop songs they are all full of meaning and purpose, like the beautiful story of Juliet's Fallen, set to wonderful piano by multi-instrumentalist Stephen Small, the song sounds so smooth and powerful, and yet it also reminds you of a song you've heard before, maybe something that Bob Seger or John Mellencamp would have produced in their heyday.
Gig Review: Villainy @ Galatos, Auckland - 16/04/2016
29 Apr 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Galatos is an almost hidden secret venue when you consider its location, but I was pleasantly surprised with its vast interior once inside. With great acoustics, it was a great spot to be catching Villainy as part of their Dead Sight tour around the country, along with City of Souls and Decades.
Merrin - Single Review: Mr. Dominant
24 Apr 2016 // A review by GrayVickers
Combining slick bluesy riffs with a solid rock foundation, Wellington's Merrin have hit out with their latest single Mr. Dominant.
Gig Review: Armed In Advance & Bakers Eddy @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 8/4/2016
24 Apr 2016 // A review by Nicko_Poison
What a better way to showcase some local talent than to have an evening at Whammy Bar with friends and some epic bands right in the heart of Auckland city. Armed In Advance and Bakers Eddy’s singled out tour also saw bands Coridian and Dead Beat Boys joining the Auckland leg.
Gig Review: Hollie Smith @ San Francisco Bathouse, Wellington - 8/04/16
20 Apr 2016 // A review by LilMizCharlie
I have often been in awe over Hollie Smith’s tracks. Her voice comes across as humble yet commanding and at those precious moments, heart-wrenching.
Street Chant - Album Review: Hauora
20 Apr 2016 // A review by Petros
Street Chant are another one of those bands that I’ve heard of, heard the praise, seen the name everywhere yet never quite got around to experiencing for myself. I know.
Gig Review: Street Chant @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 31/03/2016
19 Apr 2016 // A review by HUPH
A warm Thursday night at Hamilton's Nivara Lounge run by Hamilton Underground Press saw Street Chant play the first show on their album release tour. Seeing vinyl copies of said LP, Hauora, had quite a few punters in a spin as they paid and put them aside.
Gig Review: Mermaidens with Kane Strang @ Whammy, Auckland - 08/04/2016
19 Apr 2016 // A review by HUPH
In a hot concrete box deep beneath St. Kevin’s Arcade, two of New Zealand’s hottest young bands were holding an album release party.
Mice on Stilts - Album Review: Hope For A Mourning
18 Apr 2016 // A review by mciver29
At first glance the name Mice On Stilts doesn't really give any indication of what the band might sound like - I hadn't heard the music before, but had seen the name a lot. To be completely honest, it wasn't until perhaps the third listen to their new album Hope For A Mourning that I started to connect with it, and started hearing the influences more clearly and somewhat understanding the intention.
Album Review: Pills For Breakfast
17 Apr 2016 // A review by terry666
Pills For Breakfast have been around since 2012 and this is their first full album. The band consists of two core members Neil Johns and Chris Thorpe but also enlist other musicians to appear throughout as guest musicians.
Hollie Smith - Album Review: Water Or Gold
15 Apr 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
The first song begins all mellow and mystic accompanied by the cool strains of Hollie's yearning voice which provokes your ears and then like being catapulted onto a ride you're delivered to the soulful and very funky sound that is Water Or Gold. The title track personifies the whole albums sound, it is real and vibrant and bursting with character and overall is a joyous experience.
Gig Review: The Datsuns @ Kings Arms, Auckand - 1/04/2016
15 Apr 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
It’s not easy getting them all in the same country at the same time, but back for the first time since 2014, Kiwi rock n roll pioneers, The Datsuns still know how to put on a damn good show and fill a crowd. Kicking off the night with support from Bloodbags.
The Boombox Eulogy - EP Review: Crates and Collabs
13 Apr 2016 // A review by jck2
The Boombox Eulogy is a hip hop production collective made up of Simon Townsend, Kriston Batistic and Josh Harvey. Crates and Collabs is a 6 track E.
Gig Review: Kora @ The Zoo, Brisbane Australia - 8/04/2016
11 Apr 2016 // A review by GrayVickers
There's a special aura around The Zoo. This iconic stronghold, right in the heart of Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, has always been viewed a pinnacle of the local scene.
Gig Review: Andrew Keoghan @ Q Theatre Loft, Auckland - 24/03/2016
07 Apr 2016 // A review by camy3rs
After a nasty bout of laryngitis lead to the cancelling of his initially scheduled show, Andrew Keoghan put on an amazing performance in Q Theatre Loft on the 24th, the  pool of talent that graced the stage over the course of night was formidable and possibly only rivalled by the mass of kiwi songwriters and artists that made up the audience.  Andrew Keoghan has got to be the textbook definition of a musician’s musician.
Festival Review: Homegrown @ Wellington Waterfront - 2/04/2016
06 Apr 2016 // A review by LilMizCharlie
Karl, my partner in crime, and I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about with Homegrown. Over the years, I had musical projects on myself so this was something I often couldn’t afford to throw in the mix.
Gig Review: The Jordan Luck Band @ The Thirsty Dog Auckland 11/3/16
01 Apr 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
A cosy crowd congregated at K Rd’s The Thirsty Dog, with the promise of rock music from a man we all know, performing songs we all love, with a group simply called the Jordan Luck Band. The air was thick with unspoken anticipation, would Jordan be the man we know from 20 or 30 years ago, and would he sound any different?
JCK - Album Review: Land of the Wrong White Crowd
31 Mar 2016 // A review by Petros
In the words of the song You’re not Tupac “Don’t you ever feel like you wanna do something new?” Well, if you do, this is what happens.
EP Review: Steezin' Hawkings
26 Mar 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
After a mellow 1 minute intro, the grooves kick off in the opening track We Been Steezin’ and we are introduced to the young funk sounds of the Wellington based Steezin' Hawkins with a tune layered with smooth vocal harmonies and a most soulful melodious tune, and although it's driven by a steady tempo the feel of the song ebbs and flows from groovy to dreamy, with a crafted sound that is very real and expressive. You may not hear the 2nd track Funk up the Radio on the radio, due to the obvious use of funk as a profanity replacement, forget about it, you will dig the funky feel and jive guitar grinds that move to a most gratuitous rock/blues riff, and the lead vocal from Moira Jean is a dramatic performance full character and power not to be missed.
Gig Review: Marlon Williams & The Yarra Benders @ The Powerstation, Auckland 09/03/2016
24 Mar 2016 // A review by camy3rs
I’ll preface this review with the fact that I’ve been seriously out of the loop on Marlon Williams - all I seem to have read about lately is how the future of American Roots music is currently sitting on the shoulders of a Kiwi lad, but I never clicked to the fact that this mantle (whilst obviously exciting) is such a disservice to his talent. As Australian songstress Julia Jacklin opened William’s Sold Out Powerstation headliner, the tone for the night was well set.
Karl Jensen - Album Review: Flee the Ground
21 Mar 2016 // A review by Petros
Flee the Ground is a bag of bitter-sweet bon-bons, each with their own flavour, but all with the same taste.    Karl Jensen’s style is a semi-psychedelic, Bowie meets Nick Cave affair.
Louie Knuxx - Album Review: Tiny Warm Hearts
20 Mar 2016 // A review by jck2
With a husky rapping voice reminiscent of 'The God Father' Louie Knuxx' latest offering Tiny Warm Hearts is a collection of introspective and mellow songs mainly about relationships. I could describe them as love songs but I think that would be a stretch.
Urban - Album Review: Everything Except Time
19 Mar 2016 // A review by GrayVickers
Taking the DIY approach is something deeply engrained with the New Zealand musical attitude. From creating bedroom pillow forts to baffle guitar cabinets, to creating makeshift studios, It's a point of pride for many musicians to take creative control and allow themselves the freedom to experiment with their art in new and exciting ways.
Super Narco Man - EP Review: Dank Mammoth
18 Mar 2016 // A review by LilMizCharlie
Will in all instances cause stereos to malfunction... Maybe I was just in the mood for some rough as guts, raw, sweat drenched madness.
Swamp Dixie - Album Review: Beautiful Forever
17 Mar 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
The music on this album sounds very “real” with its unrefined home-style recording, which although is a little raw, it does sound very genuine. Swamp Dixie are a duo based on the Kapiti Coast with Tracy Bateman and Steven Hall on vocals and guitars, and you can tell that the music is a craft of their making.
His Masters Voice - Gig Review: The Forge Of His Masters Downfall @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 5/03/2016
17 Mar 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The warm air and the promise of a great line up set the night for The Forge Of His Masters Downfall at the Kings Arms March 5th. A clever play on words featuring all three bands in the title (can you guess them all?
Jason McIver - Album Review: I May No Perf
15 Mar 2016 // A review by Petros
I May No Perf may seem like a strange name for The Jason McIver Collective’s debut album, if you haven’t seen the cover or have never heard a drunken uncle at a Christmas BBQ scoff “I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent.”   I remember that saying from a bumper sticker in ’92, but it’s been around longer than that and will continue for years to come, in the form of t-shirts and humorous $2 Shop birthday cards.
Cub Sport - Album Review: This Is Our Vice
10 Mar 2016 // A review by camy3rs
You may or may not be aware of it - but ever since the phenomenon that is Lorde took over the world, overseas eyes have been on New Zealand and Australia waiting for the next of her ilk to arise.  Now, I’m not one to attempt to name ‘the next big thing’, but if the Pop revolution is finally on the way and Brisbane-based Cub Sport is not leading the charge, someone has messed up.
EP Review: Yukon Era
05 Mar 2016 // A review by HUPH
Auckland’s Yukon Era have released their eponymous debut EP. It contains five tracks and is pretty good.
Gig Review: These Four Walls @ Kings Arms 20/02/2016
04 Mar 2016 // A review by Nicko_Poison
It was when Thin White Lines got on stage and cracked into their first track Body & Soul that I knew the evening was going to be an awesome night. Followed up by catchy songs Violence, Chemicals, a nice cover and a torrent of high velocity tracks to finish up the set I struggled to write down anything as I was too busy up the front with ears and eyes fixed on the stage.
Jason Kerrison - EP Review: JKEP2
02 Mar 2016 // A review by mciver29
The second part to Jason's E.P set is definitely a stronger musical offering than JKEP1 which I found to be a over produced somewhat shallow offering from an otherwise gifted singer/songwriter.
Broken Season - EP Review: Wake Up The Fallen
28 Feb 2016 // A review by tonymcdonald
The intro features a speech from the film 'The Great Dictator' starring Charlie Chaplin. An interesting speech about war which is a classic, very clever and leads on nicely to Bullets (Fuck The System), the second song which is more like what I was expecting from Broken Season.
Seth Haapu - EP Review: Volume I
24 Feb 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Off the bat, I’ve got to admit - Seth Haapu is one of my favourite Kiwi musicians, he’s the kind of young artist that makes me excited for the future of New Zealand music, and his ear for melody is amazing. Volume I his latest EP is a slick, wee taste whetter that kicks off with B.
Beastwars - Album Review: The Death Of All Things
22 Feb 2016 // A review by River
There’s a real primal feel to the new Beastwars album, The Death Of All Things. Beastwars cut their own sonic path again and this release follows in the footsteps of their previous albums, both of which rated well in the New Zealand album charts.
Doprah - Album Review: Wasting
22 Feb 2016 // A review by HUPH
Christchurch based trip-hoppers Doprah continue their stellar trajectory with the release of their debut full-length LP Wasting. The six piece band has been hard at it in the studio for over three years and the result is a fine record.
Jackie Bristow - Album Review: Shot Of Gold
17 Feb 2016 // A review by Ria Loveder
After touring as the opening act for Tommy Emmanuel, Jackie Bristow has returned to New Zealand, releasing her fourth studio album Shot of Gold, and hitting the road for a fourteen date tour. For the dates go and check out Jackie's Facebook page.
Manzo - Album Review: Ultramarine
07 Feb 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Manzo is the musical brainchild of Wellington based visual artist Alan Hodgetts and Ultramarine is the project’s first album, a conceptual exploration of a futuristic dystopia. The overall sound reads like a mash up of War of The Worlds and Daft Punks soundtrack for Tron; Legacy.
Armed In Advance, Quinn The Human, Coridian & Poison Skies @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 22/01/2016
05 Feb 2016 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Editor's Note - Armed In Advance performed at The Kings Arms in Auckland on 22 January 2016 with Quinn The Human, Coridian and Poison Skies. Our reviewer, Carl, is also the drummer for Poison Skies.
Turbostill - EP Review: Red River
04 Feb 2016 // A review by Petros
Turbostill. It’s a name I’ve known since about as long as I’ve known that Pop music doesn’t touch me in the cockles of my heart.
Born Silenced - EP Review: The Hate Is With You
21 Jan 2016 // A review by Petros
Born Silence suffered for their pursuit of art, like many do, losing members to the fight against the weekly 9 to 5. What started as a band, soon devolved into a solo project and sprouted a “d”.
Lowagrove - EP Review: Aristocrat Barista Cat
20 Jan 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Aristocrat Barista Cat, aside from being super hard to say really fast, is the first release from Kiwi artist, Lowagrove. Information on the artist is hard to come by but the EP speaks well in their stead.
Churlington - EP Review: Now I Have A Machine Gun....Ho Ho Ho
20 Jan 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Churlington are a Christchurch based band, comprised of two dudes who give the impression of being very angry but make no discernable attempt to explain through their music why this is the case.  Now I Have A Machine Gun… Ho Ho Ho consists of five pieces and comes in under seven minutes in length, so in terms of ‘bang for your buck’, probably not an especially good investment.
Sol3 Mio - Gig Review: Christmas in The Vines @ Villa Maria Winery, Auckland - 20/12/15
18 Jan 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
A near capacity crowd of 8500 gathered at the picturesque Villa Maria Estate for another dose of the much loved musical encounter that is Sol3 Mio. This time the boys were backed by the wonderful Auckland Symphony Orchestra and who warmed their instruments with the perfect intro of Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flower Fairies.
Dead Celeb - EP Review: Urge Empire
13 Jan 2016 // A review by Andrew Smit
Wellington based 3 piece alt rockers Urge Empire have produced a 5 song self-titled EP with a great mix of upbeat high energy rock, where each track has its own character and feel due to clever subtle changes to the arrangements. Every song is full of clear and expressive guitar and vocals from Julian van der Krogt, backed by the solid live sound of Bass and Drums by James Cartwright and Hans Weston.
Bruno Merz - Album Review: Highways
06 Jan 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Bruno Merz is a soothing, folk singer/songwriter from the Waikato, where his debut album Highways was recorded. Opening with the title-named Highways a brilliant ukulele-based piece that evokes comparisons to both Josh Pyke and Sufjan Stevens – most specifically in the layered vocal build ups and the chorus, the album overall, has very apparent folk-pop sensibilities -similar to Avalanche City, as well as moments of warm, almost complacent vocalisation – in the vein of Justin Vernon.
Tokyo Rock Machine - EP Review: Batteries Not Included
06 Jan 2016 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Tokyo Rock Machine are a three-piece London-based, Kiwi band with straight up and down good old Rock n Roll. This is their first EP, Batteries Not Included.
Ginny Blackmore - Album Review: Over The Moon
03 Jan 2016 // A review by camy3rs
Ginny Blackmore’s initial single Bones broke onto international radio over two years ago, went platinum and introduced New Zealand audiences to one of our finest unacknowledged songwriting talents. Off the back of that single, we have finally been graced with her debut album.
Gig Review: Big Ass Tour @ The Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland 10/12/15
31 Dec 2015 // A review by Matt Henry
Antagonist A.D.
Gig Review: Helgorithms @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 14/11/15
23 Dec 2015 // A review by terry666
The only support band I got to see was Porcelain and to be honest I was not that impressed with them. Although technically they were good, they lacked the energy and x factor so to speak in my opinion.
Outside In - EP Review: The Nature of Dreams
22 Dec 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A 5-song EP that is wonderfully alive with a cool mystical sound that is a stimulating mix of modern and traditional music styles. Kicking off with the dreamy electric pop song Sophie’s Ghost with its shimmering guitar and synth, providing an atmospheric sound set to a pulsating beat, and the melodic vocals have just a hint of effect that sounds just right and caps off an impressive trip.
Kong Fooey - Album Review: Final Destination
21 Dec 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Kong Fooey’s Final Destination is a solid collection of uptempo summer jams, perfect for the oncoming sunshine season. Opening with Kong Fooey 1, a wee instrumental of slick, kung-fu-fight scene reminiscent drums and synths, the album smoothly transitions to the first song Right As Rain; a catchy, infectious funk’n’B/Pop piece.
The Lowest Fidelity - Album Review: This Is The Life
16 Dec 2015 // A review by Petros
Sometimes writing reviews is like Secret Santa, or a box of chocolates, or a Kinder Surprise. In the words of Tom Hanks, you never quite know you’re going to get.
Jason McIver - Single Review: Stoney Joe
14 Dec 2015 // A review by Petros
Jason McIver is one of those prolific, yet relatively unknown homegrown artists that deserve a lot more attention.  Rocking the whole Chino Moreno (Deftones) look, it’s one of those cases of animal resembling owner, or in this case, voice resembling famous lookalike.
Fire At Will - EP Review: Olympus 2.0
11 Dec 2015 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Heavy heavy heavy! Olympus 2.
No Broadcast - Album Review: The Blueprint
09 Dec 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Opening with a theatrical instrumental with piano and scorching choral like keys, you are stirred and aroused, the tension builds and you’re curious, where you are headed? but there is no doubt your listening to something different, something that is very powerful and good.
EP Review: Simon Hirst - Shining in Silver
08 Dec 2015 // A review by mciver29
New from Hamilton-based singer/songwriter Simon Hirst is the 4 track EP titled Shining In Silver. At first glance you could be forgiven for expecting a very Ed Sheeran type release by the look of his Facebook page, showing that he uses loopers when performing solo and shows a similar look to Sheeran.
71 Sunset - Album Review: Bitter Earth
07 Dec 2015 // A review by Petros
As promised by the previous outing, the Mule EP, 71 Sunset’s debut LP, Bitter Earth, is a deluge of tight riffage in their signature throw back to old school 70’s Hard Rock and 90’s alternative style. Where Mule was a short, heavy hitting mix of four tracks showcasing the band’s best pieces and techniques, just long enough for a single attention span, Bitter Earth spreads the awesome over an entire album.
Aron Ottignon - EP Review: Waves
06 Dec 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Aron Ottignon is a Paris-based Kiwi Electronica/Jazz musician, and his new release Waves is a 3 song instrumental EP featuring the production know-how of Berlin-based Kiwi musician, Rodi Kirk (Scratch 22), along with the steel pan drumming expertise of Samuel Dubois. The comparison is probably inescapable, but Ottignon’s new release has aspects that sound like a heavier, more musically dense and less melancholic Yann Tiersen piece.
Ctrl Freak - Album Review: In Retrospect
06 Dec 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Originating from Auckland, Ctrl Freak is a self-produced project by musician Richie Bennett. In Retrospect is his first solo album and straight off the bat, it is nothing short of spectacular.
Chambres - EP Review: Rings
06 Dec 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Kevin Spacey is the first song off of Chambres debut EP; Rings. The piece is very reminiscent of work from Chvrches first album, at least up until the vocals come in.
Album review. Ill Semantics- Trillogy
06 Dec 2015 // A review by jck2
Formed in 1993, and hailing from Orakei, East Auckland, Patriarch, Nemesis and DJ CXL are the legendary trio Ill Semantics. After a 9 year hiatus Ill Semantics have released their third full length album Trillogy.
Gig Review: Bakers Eddy @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland 20/11/2015
02 Dec 2015 // A review by camy3rs
It’s beyond disheartening to go and see a live band and recognise that there is obvious talent there that is being completely misrepresented by a bad sound engineer, sadly this was the case for Bakers Eddy at Ding Dong Lounge. The band were hyped, cohesive and interacted well with the crowd.
Gig Review: Lisa Crawley @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland - 13/11/2015
27 Nov 2015 // A review by camy3rs
As soon as she casually walked out of the audience and on to the stage at the beginning of her set, I had the distinct feeling that this is gig was going to set a high bar. It was obvious from the first song that the effortless integrity that Lisa Crawley exudes live, is a phenomena unto itself.
Tablefox - Album Review: Objects
26 Nov 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
A superbly crafted album that is emotional and powerful. Tablefox are a five-piece rock band skilfully blending elements of indie, folk and pop to create in what I can only describe as a brilliant debut album.
EP Review: BigBomBo
26 Nov 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Auckland newcomers, BigBomBo are Rock n Roll titans with a Spanish flair. Their debut five track EP recorded earlier this year is an eclectic medley of great riffs and melody that is infectious, leaving your head bobbing and toes tapping.
Tomorrow People - Album Review: Bass & Bassinets
25 Nov 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Need tunes to accompany your chilled out summer, look no further my friends, because it is right here! Bass & Bassinets is the second album released by the self-described ‘sunshine reggae’ band, Tomorrow People.
Tunes of I - Album Review: Restless
25 Nov 2015 // A review by Petros
For the supporters, for anyone who has seen Tunes of I perform live or were impressed by their EP, T.O.
Poison Skies - Single Review: City Streets
20 Nov 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
City Streets is a full on heart-rate lifting track, starting with a chorus of harmonic guitars that deliver us to a pumping rockabilly beat that’s full of energy and just sounds awesome. Sounding very much like The Living End but with a harder rock edge due to the 3 gritty guitars.
Gig Review: Mel Parsons @ Crystal Palace, Auckland - 31/10/15
16 Nov 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A hearty and enthusiastic crowd packed into the grand old Crystal Palace to experience the beautiful Mel Parsons and band, and the audience was won over by the music coming from the stage, a vibrant folk music played to a rhythmic country beat full of warmth and stirring emotive tunes. Many in the crowd eagerly yelled their approval which on most occasions was humorously responded to by Mel, and with each song the positive vibe was lifted as Mel and her band entertained us with beautiful songs with wonderful down to earth themes that were full of delightful melodies and harmonies.
Gig Review: Devilskin @ The Powerstation, Auckland - 19/09/15
06 Nov 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Another eager crowd packed into Auckland's Powerstation ready to be rocked with the promise of live and loud kiwi talent. Starting with City of Souls who filled the stage and the room with their tight metal core sound, it took a song or two to hear the lead vocalist but thankfully the sound and the band improved with every song.
Churlington - Album Review: Wally Wick... Some Kind Of Rodent
05 Nov 2015 // A review by Photographer
Churlington’s Wally Wick​.​.
EP Review: Aaron Carpenter and The Revelators
04 Nov 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Blues music can be a hard sell in todays market; rendering itself as more of a lifestyle than a genre, the blues requires a bit more from its listeners. You need to subscribe to the legends of artists selling their souls to the devil in exchange for guitar mastery.
Greg Johnson - Album Review: Swing The Lantern
03 Nov 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Greg Johnson is not an artist to be trifled with, the prolific songwriter has a back catalogue of over 300 songs and with the release of Swing the Lantern – his 11th studio album, he proves once again why he is regarded as one of New Zealand’s most transcending, consistent and beloved musicians. Swing the Lantern is Johnson’s own exercise in returning to more traditional recording methods, bringing in a few friends and some long-time cohorts to form a collaborative studio band, rather than hiring various available musicians to record in different studios .
Helgorithms - EP Review: Realisation // Revelation
03 Nov 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Helgorithms is a three piece metal assault on New Zealand’s music scene bringing a unique blend of experimental post metal to life. Their debut EP, Realisation // Revelation was released a few months ago but after discovering there had been no review done for this EP, I jumped at the chance.
K.One - EP Review: Out Of Thin Air
03 Nov 2015 // A review by camy3rs
It has been a wee while since we’ve heard from Masterton native, K.One (Kaleb Vitale) but on the basis of his latest EP release, hopefully it’s not as long again until we hear more.
Single Review: Spin It Wide by Andy Snadden
02 Nov 2015 // A review by Petros
By the time you read this the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be over, though the hype and gripes may continue until the next. Though I neither enjoy partaking nor watching sport, I’ve played along when quizzed about it, having picked up enough information from everyone else to hold half a conversation.
Gig Review: Laura Marling & Tiny Ruins @ The Powerstation, Auckland - 23/10/15
01 Nov 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Fans frequently talk about favourite musicians who have an ‘Old Soul’, but it’s not often that someone fits the bill so quintessentially as Laura Marling. In her first New Zealand headlining performance, she proved the validity of her fans claims of ‘voice of a generation’ and her range as a songwriter.
Lisa Crawley - EP Review: Up In The Air
30 Oct 2015 // A review by camy3rs
As a country, we tend to lose a lot of our best talent to Australia and the US, and Lisa Crawley is no exception. Currently Melbourne-based, the songstress has recently released Up In The Air, a collection of retro-pop songs citing the production and mixing skills of Ryan Ritchie (Kimbra).
Ekko Park - Album Review: Know Hope
29 Oct 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Nominated for best Rock Album at the 2013 New Zealand Music Awards is an achievement many New Zealand bands hope to have at least once in their career. For Auckland band, Ekko Park, it came a lot sooner than anticipated.
Sol3 Mio - Album Review: On Another Note
29 Oct 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Sol3 Mio is possibly one of New Zealand’s finest classical music trio at the top of their game. While classical music isn’t my preferred genre I certainly can appreciate the musicianship in it, which is why I decided to take this review on.
Sound the Ocean - Album Review: Wait For The Morning
29 Oct 2015 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Time for a little bit of a review folks .. this time it's on Sound The Ocean's brand new album Wait For The Morning.
Gig Review: Metalliance - The Paradox Tour 2015 @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 25/10/15
27 Oct 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The future of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Touring and Promotion has launched! Before I had even set eyes upon this much needed event/music promotion, I too had often pondered the hope that something new and exciting in Music Promotion would come in the near future.
Gig Review: Groeni @ Wine Cellar, Auckland 16/10/15
26 Oct 2015 // A review by camy3rs
The night’s line-up opened with DJ Martyn Pepperell, followed by 2-piece band Monticola and then Auckland-based Keepsakes. All three were of quite varied genres and there was no apparent cohesion between the opening acts which made the initial tone-set of the EP release a bit disjointed.
Curlys Jewels - Single Review: Terror in Disguise
20 Oct 2015 // A review by Petros
Curlys Jewels, the band behind No Apostrophe and the Fling Flang Flonge EP, are proud to announce (and rightly so) their newest single Terror in Disguise, a song that stands head and shoulders above their back catalogue, in terms of quality and also stylistically.   It sounds like Curlys Jewels took a right turn at the 90’s Grunge crossroads and produced, in the words of their PledgeMe page, “a Mint Track.
Dick Tracy - EP Review: The Red Hand
19 Oct 2015 // A review by Asmith
Right from the intro track Mahjong, I was instantly transported into party mode. Rockin’, groovin’ hard hitting beats that get your heart pumping and ready to go.
Groeni - EP Review: Hinde
17 Oct 2015 // A review by camy3rs
There’s a lot of buzz going around about Groeni at the moment - Wellington based Alexander Green’s solo studio project turned three piece band has recently been announced as a feature of the 2016 Laneway line-up, were named one of NZ On Air’s Top 15 acts to watch for in 2015, and have just released their third EP. Hinde is a phenomenally well-produced collection of pieces, and the balance of parts within each song is nigh on immaculate.
B2KDA - Album Review: Rising
17 Oct 2015 // A review by jck2
  Rising is the latest full length album from B2KDA (Formerly known as Batucada Sound Machine). In a career spanning 12 years this interesting group of dedicated musicians from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities have travelled the world playing their brand of high energy fusion music.
Gig Review: Holly Arrowsmith @ The Tuning Fork 5/09/15
16 Oct 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
The evening kicked off with Tom Cunliffe, shining bright and all alone with his guitar and flowing beard where he bravely produced a set of stirring and emotive songs filled with themes of torment, greed and loss. Tom sings with a smooth grit that is tender and expressive and it works well to expose the deep content of his songs subject matter.
Primacy - Single Review: Shade Black
15 Oct 2015 // A review by Alistar3000
Auckland 5-piece Primacy are one of those bands that don’t try and hide their influences; their new single Shade Black is a healthy blend of all that was good about ‘90s rock, and that’s not a bad thing. Starting out with a Tool-like intro that soon gives way to a heavier, chugging riff, the song maintains a freshness and urgency throughout.
Amiria Grenell - Album Review: Autumn
14 Oct 2015 // A review by camy3rs
Autumn is the third album from Lyttelton-based musician, Amiria Grenell and it’s a solid addition to a steadily growing and poignant body of work. The first release through Grenell’s own Quiet Bird Records, the album opens with the jazzy, driving Rain, and from there flows seamlessly through its 13 numbers.
Social Shun - Album Review: Big Gorilla
14 Oct 2015 // A review by Petros
There have obviously been a few late nights to account for musical developments in the world of Social Shun since the release of Garden of Sweden, specifically in the technical proficiency and attention to detail departments of their chosen art form. Close to safely being classified as Industrial, Big Gorilla is less of a stew of different kinds of chaos, and more consistently chaotic.
Gig Review: Hunt The Witch @ Backbeat Bar, Auckland 10/10/15
12 Oct 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
For anyone who hasn’t yet ventured into the small but perfectly formed Backbeat Bar on K Road, be sure to go check it out. For a venue that’s very much blink and you’ll miss it, it’s quickly been added to my list of great music venues around Auckland.
In Dread Response - Album Review: Heavenshore
12 Oct 2015 // A review by terry666
Heavenshore is In Dread Response's third full length release in their 10 year history and the first for their new singer Ben Read. In the ten years since this band formed a lot of the members have been involved in other projects.
What Noisy Cats - Album Review: A Different Ocean
12 Oct 2015 // A review by Petros
What Noisy Cats; a great band with an incongruous name. I had imagined, upon first hearing the name, a hippy two-piece ukulele orchestra, but was pleasantly surprised to find behind the strange name an amazing debut from this Wellington quartet of the Folk persuasion with occasional deviations into Noise Rock territory.
Hunt The Witch - EP Review: Into The Black
08 Oct 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Hunt The Witch are an Auckland quartet who unabashedly make great Rock music. For this I thank them.
Gig Review: The Phoenix Foundation @ Cabana, Napier 19/09/15
05 Oct 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
I can’t believe since I turned eighteen, which was almost four years ago, I have not taken the opportunity to go to The Cabana in Napier. Walking in, I saw posters on nearly every visible surface showcasing past events.
Armed In Advance - Single Review: Stay
04 Oct 2015 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
In the last few years I've been seeing a remarkable decrease in the number of new Rock releases from New Zealand on mainstream TV and Radio. It's certainly not because of a decrease in the number of good bands, in fact if I'm honest, there is probably more rock bands floating around in NZ right now than there ever has been, they just don't seem to be as easy to find due to a big push from the electronic and roots scenes.
Moumou Timers - Album Review: Sugar Hit
28 Sep 2015 // A review by Petros
Paekakariki; an elbow on an otherwise straight drag from here to a capital. To the outsider looking in through the rusted implements surrounding the train station, it’s a town outside of time.
Rhian Sheehan - Album Review: Live at the Wellington Opera House
23 Sep 2015 // A review by Petros
Rhian Sheehan is another one of those big names that’s been floating on the periphery of my music sphere for some time. Someone that I’ve been meaning to check out but yet to have the chance.
Silicon - Album Review: Personal Computer
22 Sep 2015 // A review by Petros
Raygun Gothic is an artistic style, extending mainly to architecture, which is best described as how the past saw the future. It’s the future that never was.
Lucid Effect - EP Review: I Came From A Dark Place
21 Sep 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
From the opening sounds of this EP you are treated to folk art beauty that is honest and pure, music that clearly has been crafted from a deep desire to deliver emotive music that is acoustically beautiful yet powerful and meaningful. This EP comprises of 4 stunning songs all of which are written and produced by Declan Ramsey, in fact other than some backing vocals from Rose Ramsey it’s all his work, and the result is majestic music with great fidelity and sentiment.
Villainy - Album Review: Dead Sight
16 Sep 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Auckland rock monsters Villainy are back with a follow up to 2012’s debut, Mode. Set.
DVD/CD Review: The Grand Unification by Melodico and Lankino
14 Sep 2015 // A review by jck2
The Grand Unification, Vol.1 by Melodico and Lankino is an album of upbeat Reggaeton fused with elements of New Zealand Hip-Hop and Reggae.
EP Review: Maala
13 Sep 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
I first heard Maala’s music almost two months ago when I was driving on my way to good ol’ Auckland, ZM was on the radio and I heard a song that immediately caught my attention. I turned up the volume and immediately got my phone out so I could Shazam (what a genius app!
Stretch to Mould - EP Review: Painting Faces
11 Sep 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Stretch To Mould are no strangers to releasing good rock music. Their debut album Shadows was released in 2012 and packed a solid punch of hard hitting riffs and was laced with melody, but now they’re back again with a bigger sound and if you haven’t heard their music yet, now would be a good time to pay attention.
Miho Wada - Album Review: Bumpy Road
10 Sep 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
The Miho Jazz Orchestra (MJO) has produced another album bursting with character and full of vibrant music that is real and alive. With 9 instrumental tracks that take you on a musical journey, where the experience and its meaning is yours to interpret and enjoy, however the linear notes tells you how the inspiration and perspiration behind the songs are from Miho Wada’s “Bumpy” experiences with her pregnancy.
Brave New Void - Album Review: BNV
08 Sep 2015 // A review by tonymcdonald
I had the pleasure of watching Brave New Void (BNV) live at bar Bodega in Wellington last year supporting Pop Will Eat Itself (P.W.
Eden Mulholland - Album Review: Hunted Haunted
29 Aug 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Hunted Haunted has to be my favourite album that I have been asked to review for Muzic.net!
Coridian - EP Review: Oceanic
28 Aug 2015 // A review by Petros
You know when a band only exists as a vehicle for the lead singer. This is not one of those bands.
Shady Brain Farm - EP Review: Robot Radio
26 Aug 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
This new EP from Shady Brain Farm sounds so youthful and alive, with 5 real songs that have a great psychedelic rock sound driven by a feel good up-tempo rock beat. The first two songs lean toward the psychedelic rock form, with tuneful crooning from Ben Furniss, who also supplies superb flangy melodic guitar riffs.
Gig Review: Deadboy Records 10 Year Anniversary Party @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 08/08/15
22 Aug 2015 // A review by Matt Henry
Celebrating 10 years of hard work and the successful release of 30+ albums, Deadboy Records was able to showcase some of the great talent they have on one stage, defusing the same energy they use in their production, to the Kings Arms attendance. {Out Cold A.
You Barbarians - EP Review: Helioshiva
21 Aug 2015 // A review by mciver29
I'm guessing Wellington alt rock band You Barbarians are a newish band on the Wellington scene though there is quite a mature sense to the song writing featured on their 5 track EP, Helioshiva.   The packaging of the EP is very cool and unique with almost a type of greeting card style to it, it looks good and made me want to check out the music and seeing where it was mixed (at STL studios, Wellington) definitely made for some strong appeal.
AHoriBuzz - Double EP Review: Into The Sunshine
20 Aug 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Modern Funk with ballsy riffs and beats are abundant in this double EP, with 5 original songs and 5 remixes. The 1st full length release for the talented singer songwriter Aaron Tokona, and his band AHoriBuzz, Into The Sunshine simply resonates with songs that are a wonderful mix of traditional funk fused with new sounds and percussive beats, like the opening track Turnaround with its thick bass riff, mixed with keys and brass elements that groove to a steady beat and bubbles along for over 8 minutes.
Gig Review: Head Like A Hole @ Galatos, Auckland - 6/08/2015
19 Aug 2015 // A review by Photographer
The last time I saw Head Like A Hole I was a teenager and I was in no state to form any kind of opinion on what I had just seen, other than knowing that once again I had loved it. Fast forward 20 or so years and I was completely amped to be making my way to Galatos in Auckland to see and photograph Head Like a Hole playing with 8 Foot Sativa.
Medusa Glare - Single Review: Rock Your World
19 Aug 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Hamilton Rock outfit Medusa Glare may still be relatively new on the music scene, but they’re quickly gaining a following. Their second single, Rock Your World is good, insanely good.
Gig Review: I Am Giant @ The Powerstation, Auckland 1/08/15
18 Aug 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
The anticipation and expectations were high and thus like me a good crowd rocked up early to experience a night of live rock music that was kicking off with the only X factor “band” finalists in the world Brendon Thomas and the Vibes. Many may have seen and heard of BT and the V from their amazing run on the popular talent exploitation show, and they now could see if they can live up to the hype, I had little doubt they would as I have seen them live twice before and as said many times on the show these guys are real, and they know how to deliver pure blues that rocks, and so it was.
Like A Storm - Album Review: Awaken The Fire
18 Aug 2015 // A review by Petros
This cover was inevitable, and I’m surprised it hadn’t happened before now, twenty years after we first heard it. I know Nu Metal is a dirty word in some circles, but there is no other way to describe Like A Storm’s version of Coolio's Gangster’s Paradise.
Gin Wigmore - Album Review: Blood To Bone
13 Aug 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
There is a lot of character in the 10 tracks in this new album, and while it’s unmistakably "Gin Wigmore", it has a fresh modern electronic sound that is delivered with a raw and earthy feel, achieved by its mix of techno sound, powered by a driving tribal rhythm. Like in the opening track New Rush with its deliberate distortion on the drum beats giving it a uniquely gritty and vibrant feel.
The AJ Crawshaw Band - EP Review: Phoenix Burning
12 Aug 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
I have just had the pleasure of listening to a 5 Track EP with real music packed with positive themes that just flow with acoustic beauty. Mr Crawshaw's has crafted a modern folk sound with real feeling and his singing is just beautiful, the vocals are crisp and expressive, and the feelings he exposes comes through as very tender and emotive.
Holly Arrowsmith - Album Review: For The Weary Traveller
11 Aug 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Nestled in the Queenstown mountains, Holly Arrowsmith’s debut album For The Weary Traveller was created. This charmingly crafted album is full to the brim with acoustically emotive pieces, beautifully written and thought provoking lyrics and an earthy sounding voice.
LP Review: Arcee - The Arcee LP
08 Aug 2015 // A review by jck2
  The Arcee LP is the full length debut release from female rapper Rona Wignall A.K.
The Phoenix Foundation - Album Review: Give Up Your Dreams
03 Aug 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
From the rather theatrical opening burst of sound you know you’re about to experience something quite dramatic in The Phoenix Foundation’s sixth studio album Give Up Your Dreams. With 10 tracks that offer something to really sink your ears into, with soft techno rhythms and soaring melodies that really take flight.
Shepherds Of Cassini - Album Review: Helios Forsaken
02 Aug 2015 // A review by tonymcdonald
Helios Forsaken is a 5-and-a-quarter-song album from Auckland's Shepherds of Cassini, and it's going to hit you hard. Mirrors Have No Memory is a 45 second song, hence the quarter.
Bakers Eddy - EP Review: Plastic Wasteland
01 Aug 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Bakers Eddy hail from Windy Wellington, and their debut EP has just landed to my awaiting ears. Plastic Wasteland shows the capabilities of a young band who have worked solidly to become a tightly oiled machine with infectious riffs, melodies and flair.
Broke - Single Review: Up
27 Jul 2015 // A review by Petros
Broke: the feeling that most of us in the post-student world will feel for almost the rest of our lives. Also a double bass wielding band from Wellington with a “whatever, we do what we want” attitude.
Sonic Delusion - Album Review: Without Warning
25 Jul 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
New Plymouth based band Sonic Delusion sound a little unexpected as their band name suggests, but upon listening I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to enjoy this album. Without Warning is the band’s not-yet-released third album, and it’s a sensual delight to the ears for anyone who enjoys folk with something a bit different.
Matt Bodman and the Valentine Grind - Album Review: Hallelujah Circus
21 Jul 2015 // A review by Petros
While Mount Maunganui’s main export may be alcohol hazed memories of a mid-summer New Year’s festival well spent, my favourite export is probably Matt Bodman & the Valentine Grind. Released in 2013, Hallelujah Circus might be old news to some.
Finn Johansson - Album Review: Two Thousand and Fourteen
17 Jul 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Wellingtonian musician, Finn Johansson proves with his album Two Thousand and Fourteen, that he is one talented musician. Created in 2014 (funnily enough), Johansson spent last year travelling Europe, living on boats, farms and couches and playing to living rooms, bars and theatres.
Avalanche City - Album Review: We Are For The Wild Places
16 Jul 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A crystal clean acoustic sound that should lift anyone’s spirits is what your ears will be exposed to in this sophomore album by Avalanche City. The creation of Mr Dave Baxter, he has perfected a very radio friendly mainstream sound, the songs have slow and steady beats that flow nicely and provide a very pleasant foundation for his fine tuneful singing.
Jupiter Project - EP Review: #Get It Boyz
15 Jul 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
#Get It Boyz is a sparkling EP, with a contemporary and engaging Hip-Hop sound, it’s very tuneful and full of smooth grooves that get your head nodding and body swerving. With the tightest of wraps that are fast and succinct, and although they are generally tough sounding they are littered with lighter moments and insightful commentaries on the world we live in.
Illuminus - Album Review: Until The End (Remastered)
14 Jul 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Explosive, heavy and fast sums up Auckland trio’s Illuminus and their assault of noise that descends as opening track, The Machine erupts into life. Illuminus have decided to go back and re-master their 2012 debut album, Until The End.
Illuminus - Album Review: Fading By Degrees
13 Jul 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
When Auckland band Illuminus released their debut, Until The End in 2012, it was their unique sound that received rave reviews by many. This latest offering, Fading By Degrees has the same progressiveness that will keep the fans happy.
Dudley Benson - EP Review: Muscles
13 Jul 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Music in its many forms can conjure many feelings and atmospheres, it can induce a subconscious desire or dream, and be a welcome escape from reality, well I can tell you I found listening to Dudley Benson's Muscles EP a dreamy trip indeed, he has created a tantalising and atmospheric sound that draws you in and opens your ears and your mind. It’s quite tantric and surreal, a journey that is pleasant and enquiring.
Wellington Sea Shanty Society - Album review: Now That Is What I Call Sea Shanties Vol. 02
09 Jul 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A refreshingly traditional collection of sea faring tunes have set sail and once on board you will be smiling and swaying with its fine sound and rollicking rhythms. This is music that will warm the soul and lift your spirits with its fun and frivolity, but it’s no novelty music, oh no it's real music with strong worldly arrangements and a rich form of melodic storytelling, which the Wellington Sea Shanty Society have achieved so very well with this album.
New Gum Sarn - Album Review: New Gold Mountain
09 Jul 2015 // A review by Petros
A mix of acoustic calm, eclectic psychedelic and nostalgic Kiwiana is what you can expect of New Gold Mountain, the semi-eponymous debut from New Gum Sarn. While rooted in an old world sound, unfamiliar to many pop adherents today, New Gum Sarn’s sound is shaded with moments of playfulness and the experimental.
Album Review: Off The Radar Compilation Vol. 1
04 Jul 2015 // A review by Petros
DIY. It’s in our DNA, as the advertisements say, and it’s in the brains of the crew that organized the Off The Radar festival, which has just completed its sophomore year somewhere north of Auckland.
Album Review: T.13 - Good Things Take Time
04 Jul 2015 // A review by jck2
    T.13 aka Ryan Lovins is best known as one half of the hip-hop Group PHD, formerly known as Pot Heads.
Elliot Brown - Album Review: Jingles 4
02 Jul 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Smooth and stylish music abounds in this cutely titled Jingles 4 album, 10 songs with high quality modern folk arrangements that are accompanied by slick vocal harmonies and melodies that have a very charming quality. Elliot Brown tells stories of life and wonder in a comical but cool way, narrating real world hopes and experiences with an audible and tuneful voice that is engaging and wholesome.
Psyrok - Single Review: Only Yesterday
29 Jun 2015 // A review by jck2
Psyrok & Li'l Sister Jen aka (LSJ) have put out a new single titled Only Yesterday. Psyrok is a Trip Hop producer from Wellington and Little Sister Jen aka (LSJ) is a vocalist from Sweden.
Gig Review: Brooke Fraser @ Wellington Opera House - 26/06/2015
27 Jun 2015 // A review by tonymcdonald
There was certainly something in the water at the Wellington opera house on a cold winters tonight. Could Brooke Fraser warm up the packed crowd?
Tapri - Album Review: Good Mama
25 Jun 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Good Mama is loaded with classic rock blues numbers that showcases wonderfully the very expressive vocals of singer songwriter Tapri, she has a very distinctive raspy voice that’s full of earthy character, and she has perfected a great high pitch squeal which she dutifully uses to help accentuate the end of most phrases. She has a Kim Carnes sound that’s delivered with a Bjork dynamism.
Janine and the Mixtape - EP Review: XX
22 Jun 2015 // A review by Dilemma
2013 was a big year, Lorde released her first EP but she wasn’t our only Singer/Songwriter that got international acclaim that year, there was also Janine Foster otherwise known as Janine and The Mixtape. Described as an electrifying performer that has developed her own unique combination of pop, indie, R&B, and hip hop.
The Pacific Music Awards 2015
21 Jun 2015 // A review by jck2
The 2015 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards was held at the Vodafone Events Centre on Saturday the 13th of June. The event was a well produced and slick celebration of Pacific Music.
Mucus Kids - EP Review: Mosh 4 Jesus
18 Jun 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Unabashedly crude yet oddly fantastic. Auckland trio Mucus Kids have released their newest EP, Mosh 4 Jesus and it’s a brilliant assault on the eardrums.
Gatherer - Album Review: Heavy Hail
18 Jun 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Heavy Hail is a delicious album. A sensory overload of everything you want, and the yet undiscovered.
Dead Teach the Living - EP Review: The Crowning
15 Jun 2015 // A review by Asmith
From the very first track there was one very distinct trait that seemed to stick out for me about Dead Teach The Living's new EP - the ability to seemingly move with ease not only through multiple sub genres of metal (and sometimes influences from other genres entirely), but also to mesh them together in perfect blended harmony. From every single instrument, and as a band, diversity would be the best word to describe this album and there is nothing I like more than artists who can not only diversify but pull it off as well as Dead Teach The Living.
Cairo Knife Fight - Album review: The Colossus
11 Jun 2015 // A review by Alistar3000
Having seen Cairo Knife Fight perform live many times over the past few years I’d always been under the assumption they were performing songs from a number of prior recordings. So I was a little surprised to discover that The Colossus was actually their first album (they do have a few EPs recorded), and more surprised to find that long time guitarist Aaron Tokona (AHoriBuzz) was no longer a key part of the band, and makes only a small appearance on the album – with that revelation I didn’t know what to expect when I pressed play.
Ahjay Stelino - Album Review: Music Therapy Songs for Special Kids
09 Jun 2015 // A review by Photographer
It’s not often my two jobs overlap, by night I am a music photographer and reviewer and by day I am an early intervention teacher, supporting preschool children with disabilities in their early education.  So I was quite excited to be asked to review Ahjay Stelino’s Music Therapy Songs for Special Kids.
Tihei - EP Review: For The Fans
09 Jun 2015 // A review by jck2
I caught up with Tihei Harawira on the PTG Code radio show on Rep FM where we both were guests. He had a CD he was selling for $10, so I asked him If I could have one to review.
EP Review: Cheshire Grimm
06 Jun 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Hamilton/Melbourne trio Cheshire Grimm are ones to watch with the flurry of attention surrounding their debut self titled EP that was released a few months ago. A wicked blend of genres can be heard from rock, pop and metal.
Gig Review: Jamie McDell @ The Crystal Palace, Auckland 16/5/15
29 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
The resplendent Crystal Palace in down town Mt Eden was the venue for the wonderfully talented Jaime McDell, performing the penultimate gig of the nationwide Ask Me Anything tour. The classic old theatre was full of happy young fans and their mums with a few dads too, would this be a night where the parents would have to grin and bear it for their children?
Tali - Album Review: Wolves
28 May 2015 // A review by Dilemma
Tali AKA Natalia Sheppard is pretty impressive, she paired up with Roni Size to release Lyric on my Lip which smashed the charts in 2002, became the first female MC to release an album in 2004 over 10 years ago. She has won the Best Female DNB MC award a few times (3) and has just released her new album Wolves, which she describes as “electronic soul and gangsta jazz"!
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Album Review: Multi-Love
28 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
If you’re ready for something a little different then Multi Love is ready for you, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s latest collection of dazzling tunes just oozes style, with nine tracks filled with smooth sophisticated grooves and funky rhythms. The synth laden orchestral arrangements are quirky and curious, with synthetic sound effects mixed with traditional brass elements that keep you very interested.
Album Review: Radioglo - In Between Time
27 May 2015 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Back when I was a young muso play drums in the Jazz combo and Big Band at Glenfield College, there was always a few of the older lads that I always looked up to. I followed them a bit when we left school, a few of them went onto form a band called Rubicon, who’s name got around very quickly due to the simple fact that the lead singer had a starring role on NZ’s own Shortland Street.
Gig Review: Six60 @ Vector Arena, Auckland 23/5/15
25 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A sold out Vector Arena was brimming with the fit and feisty young people of Auckland and although very few were sober or in the case of the young ladies adequately dressed they were happy and very amped to see, hear, dance and sing along to their adopted brothers from Dunedin. From the first to the last song the crowd were singing and swaying in joyous union, the audience were so appreciative of every song and they showed it with healthy applause and loud hoots and howls.
Album Review: Carb on Carb
22 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
If you deserve a good pop punk thrashing then Carb on Carb will be the best to administer it with their debut self-titled collection of upbeat emo punk rock. The two piece boy/girl team of James Stuteley and Nicole Gaffney deliver quite a positive style of emo punk where the energy and character of their vocals over the fast and practically funky rhythms really keep your blood flowing.
TrinityRoots - Album Review: Citizen
20 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Citizen is a formidable collection of Waiata/Songs that encompasses an amazingly broad range of styles and influences from old and new, it somehow manages to cross cultures and genres without sounding contorted, and thus delivers a compelling presentation of sound that marks new territory for the three piece band from Wellington.Wow where do I start, it’s so broad and colourful, there is surprising classical guitar and jazz piano, also there is piano accordion, saxophones, flutes, funky keyboard sounds and effects, all providing a wide pallet of experiences.
Armed In Advance - Single Review: Shallow
20 May 2015 // A review by tonymcdonald
The cover for Armed In Advance's (previously known as Stitches) single Shallow is so professionally crafted and polished, I was quite honestly dreading listening to the single in fear that it wouldn't live up to the gloss.  I'm extremely happy to report that it is pretty god damn brilliant, and I am now a fan of this Auckland trio.
Album Review: First Light by Ten Thousand (AUS)
19 May 2015 // A review by Petros
You may have seen in our music news last month the announcement that Aussie band Ten Thousand are releasing their new album First Light. While the press release, which described the album as “infusing elements of pychedelia, industrial electronica and undeniable arena rock” advertised the album enough to grab anyone’s attention, I decided to take a closer look and put my own two cents in.
Nicole Andrews - Album Review: In the Shallows
15 May 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Nicole Andrews' debut album In The Shallows, has shown the New Zealand music scene that she is one talented women. Nicole is a self-taught pianist and has created a collection of songs that are reflective, thoughtful and raw.
Cian Lynch - EP Review: Away From Here
15 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A sweet little EP containing 4 uplifting folk songs, with lovely guitar picking, and interesting vocal arrangements, highlighted with subtle harmonies and steady walking rhythm. Irish singer songwriter Cian Lynch has a warm almost spoken vocal sound reminiscent to Nick Cave and/or Peter Garrett, delivering his songs with a mix of subdued authority and dry wit, he sounds a bit raw yet polished at the same.
Amos/Anon - Album Review: Anomy
15 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A quite untraditional creation is this Anomy album, best described as an expressive and dark “sound art”, the fluid melodious music has a slow and steady rhythm, with coarse demon vocals. The images and feelings it invokes leave you in no doubt you’re in for a trip, and whether you like it or not you’re going to escape to a place that is dark and gothic.
Static Era - Album Review: Fit To Fight
15 May 2015 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
When I saw a message pop up on Facebook asking if anybody from muzic.net.
Seasons - Album Review: Patriarch
13 May 2015 // A review by mciver29
The first thing I noticed when I graced my eyes upon Patriarch, by Auckland progressive metal band Seasons, is the cover... and as much as they say “don't judge a book by its cover” I judged it right, I love the artwork and the music meets the mark.
Princess Chelsea - Album Review: The Great Cybernetic Depression
11 May 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Before I was asked to review Princess Chelsea’s album, I had heard of her and a few of her songs, but had no idea the fan base the Auckland born singer had behind her. You only need to take a look on her Facebook page or YouTube channel to realise that people love her.
JCK - Single Review: Cogs 'n' Wheels
11 May 2015 // A review by Petros
It’s the return of the Jumpygeusse and once again JCK has shown his artistic ability and individuality, not just as a rapper, but as a music and music video producer. Cogs ‘n’ Wheels is the second track from, Muzic.
Gig Review: God Bows to Math @ Lucha Lounge Auckland 18/4/15
07 May 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Newmarket’s Lucha Lounge may have a small stage but it made some big noise when God Bows to Math ripped into recreating their new albumBrighter Futures, with a live and loud performance that left the crowd with just enough breath to yell for more! Martin Phillips looked slightly uncomfortable, stooping over slightly to reach his mic, but it didn’t seem to hinder his ability to play his guitar or provide enthusiastic vocals through the set.
Mel Parsons - Album Review: Drylands
05 May 2015 // A review by Alistar3000
Back in 2011 I reviewed Mel Parsons' second album Red Grey Blue and enjoyed it – it had some well written songs, was well produced, and was easy to listen to. When I first popped in her latest album Drylands, I thought she’d taken a bit of a different path to the alt-country that dominated her first album.
Head Like A Hole - Album Review: Narcocorrido
05 May 2015 // A review by Petros
Narcocorrido, from the Spanish “Drug Ballad” is a style of music associated with confessions in the life of bat-shit crazy Mexican cartels. Narcocorrido, from New Zealand heavyweights Head Like A Hole, is some of the hardest, sweatiest and grimey music to come out of this overgrown volcano cluster we call a country.
Tainted - Album Review: Into Temptation
03 May 2015 // A review by River
Once again Tainted have delivered an outstanding album full of powerful riffs and massive soundscapes with enough subtle nuance to satisfy even the most refined metal connoisseur. Combining solid song construction and excellent engineering, Into Temptation merges all the elements required for a successful release.
Hannah in the Wars - Gig Review: Hannah and The Wars @ The Wine Cellar, Auckland 18/4/15
30 Apr 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A well attired and intelligent looking group settled into the cosy chairs and couches at Auckland’s intimate Wine Cellar to hear the 1st NZ performance of Kiwi girl Hannah Curwood's latest release Hannah and the Wars. Recently I had listened and positively reviewed the album and was now eager to hear her performing live, and here she was armed only with a guitar and a microphone, and so unaided by an band she was laid bare to the audience and we to the influence of her music.
HEAVY - Album Review: Lock In
28 Apr 2015 // A review by jck2
Reem Nabhani & Liam Dargaville are rap duo HEAVY. Having only been together for a short time Heavy are blazing an impressive trail, playing 2015’s Chronophonium, Laneway & Splore Festivals.
Album Review: Hannah in the Wars
24 Apr 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A guitar strums its sparkly harmonic tones to an earnest marching rhythm, and then she sings, and what a voice, very pure and expressive, were talking about Singer Songwriter Hannah Curwood from Central Otago and the opening track, Burning Through the Night from her latest project Hannah and The Wars. The repeated refrains of the chorus grow on you as you can hear and feel her breathing and strength intensify with each heartfelt recurrence, and thus from this introduction you know you’re in for a treat.
God Bows To Math - Album Review: Brighter Futures
22 Apr 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
God Bows to Math have produced an album that’s delivers hard rock that doesn’t follow any standard rock pop song formula, oh no we are talking a very hard edge 3 piece rock, full of relentless energy and raw power. Think of Queens of the Stone Age meets Pantera!
Two Cartoons - EP Review: Lost Boys Club
17 Apr 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
Two Cartoons was formed in 2011 by Isaac McFarlane and Bradley Craig while on holiday in good ol’ Auckland. They had an idea to create music that would channel New Zealand’s beautiful warm weather and create the ultimate feeling of summer.
Jamie McDell - Album Review: Ask Me Anything
15 Apr 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Jamie McDell's sophomore release Ask Me Anything is a wonderfully rhythmic and melodious album, each tuneful track has a very warm melody with strong uplifting choruses and beautiful harmonies. The hit pop tune Dumb makes me want to be a teenager again, a well-crafted pop song with a very engaging tune, filled with the attractive and fun tones of Jamie's sweet singing.
Antagonist A.D. - Album Review: Haunt Me As I Roam
15 Apr 2015 // A review by terry666
I don’t know why I haven’t listened to this band before, but from the opening track I was hooked. I had seen them in magazines and on websites for years but unfortunately not taken enough notice.
Anika Moa - Album Review: Queen At The Table
14 Apr 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
A fresh new collection of smooth and stylish tunes awaits you in the form of Anika Moa’s new album, Queen At The Table. The PR people say she has returned her attention back to her never departing fan base, and I can faithfully say yes she has done that and more, she could have followed a tried and tested pop song formula, but thankfully you can hear a mature artistic creativity at work here.
SJD - Album Review: Saint John Divine
14 Apr 2015 // A review by Petros
Beautiful and at times haunting in the same way Elliott Smith’s voice is haunting, there’s a cinematic quality to SJD’s newest album. Saint John Divine’s palette is subtle shades of sadness on canvas woven from the full spectrum of human emotion.
Paper Cranes - Album Review: The Road Home
13 Apr 2015 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
The warm, familiar feeling of serenity surrounded me as I was listening to the newly released album by the incredible Paper Cranes titled The Road Home. I had previously reviewed this band and have been a devoted fan since so when the opportunity to review this album was presented to me I had to take it!
Album Review: Tahuna Breaks Live 10
02 Apr 2015 // A review by Alistar3000
It’s hard to believe that Tahuna Breaks is celebrating 10 years making music together, although they do seem to have always been around, and I guess if anyone’s going to be keeping a record of how long they’ve been making their brand of funkified reggae, it’d be them. To celebrate the occasion they’ve release Tahuna Breaks Live 10 – 10 tracks spanning their career, recorded live last year at a one-off concert to celebrate the milestone (so I guess the album should actually be called 10 + 6 months).
Jason Kerrison - EP Review: #JKEP1
27 Mar 2015 // A review by mciver29
For those new to Jason Kerrison's music, he was also the frontman for platinum selling Kiwi pop/rock band OpShop. To be honest I didn't even know OpShop had disbanded, I wasn't a follower but they had some good catchy songs such as No Ordinary Thing and One Day, so naturally I had some preconceived ideas of what to expect when I came to do this review.
Ophelia - EP Review: Invisible
27 Mar 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
It only takes one listen to hear that Ophelia’s second EP invisible has a very artistic influence, the stylistic collection of dub/electro pop tunes have a lush orchestral flair, and are well furnished with mellow and moody atmospheres. The song writing team of Patrick Shanahan and Alex Louise have created a persuasive set of tunes, where the instrumentation is a mix of organic and synthetic precision that delivers a perfect platform for a wonderful Lorde meets Adele sounding lead vocal from Alex Louise.
The Jury & The Saints - Album Review: The Jury and The Saints
26 Mar 2015 // A review by River
There is no doubt that The Jury & The Saints have once again delivered an outstanding album containing a powerful uplifting message for the youth of today. Striking exactly the right balance, this self-titled release retains a nice raw edge while skillfully delivering a polished performance.
Festival Review: Homegrown @ Wellington Waterfront - 7 & 8 March 2015
23 Mar 2015 // A review by terry666
Around the start of November I look forward to the announcement of my favourite summer festival of all that is great about New Zealand music. I start off by looking to see what Rock acts are playing and then look to see if my favourite non rock band Kora is playing.
Jackal - Album Review: Sparkle
17 Mar 2015 // A review by Petros
Five albums in, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for people to love this band and their unique sound. This review could be reduced to three words; “Awesome, Five Stars.
Flirting With Disaster - Album Review: Live It Up
06 Mar 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
I put the new Flirting with Disaster album on in the car and turned it up, and BOOM from the opening track, Live It Up, I was struck but the super pumped pop punk rock groove. Sounding very much like Blink 182, but better, as it's more raw and real.
JCK - Single Review: Tipee Tipee Taa Taa
02 Mar 2015 // A review by Petros
I first saw the video for JCK's Tipee Tipee Taa Taa when it was posted on a certain Facebook page for adherents and admirers of a certain subgenre a certain reviewer is part of. "I'm a rapper inspired by Gothic Imagery.
Rei - Single Review: Peace Pipes
01 Mar 2015 // A review by jck2
Rei is a 21 year old Hip-Hop artist hailing from Wellington. I was first introduced to Rei through Kid n Rei and their music video for their song Bloody Sick Kids.
Gig Review: Music Is Dead @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 13/02/2015
26 Feb 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
On a warm summer evening the Kings Arms was the place to be for a prodigious night of metal mayhem, organised by the super dedicated Seb Mackay and his company Music is Dead. With six bands on the bill I knew I was in for big night, and what I night it was.
Thy Assassin - Album Review: A World Left Behind
25 Feb 2015 // A review by terry666
Melodic death core is how this band describes their music and they do a damn fine job at it. Coming from Hamilton these guys are fairly new on the scene but with production and content that is at the level of bands many years ahead of them.
Album Review: Church House Campfire By Dlar Madwar & Borough Kings
23 Feb 2015 // A review by jck2
Church House Campfire is a 15 track Hip-Hop album by West Auckland's very own Dlar Madwar and his crew Borough Kings. I bought this album last year at the release gig.
Jimmy Bonar - Album Review: Working Class
20 Feb 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Working Class is a very polished and clean soft rock album, clearly a work crafted over time and perfected with much care in a recording studio, as the lush sound and clarity of the recordings are of high quality and consistent throughout. Jimmy is clearly influenced by The Beatles and has recreated their sound with a little help of a slight English accent on the vocals, to the point where Jimmy's voice sounds like of a mix of John Lennon and Noel Gallagher.
Gig Review: Primacy @ Bar Eden, Auckland 7/02/2015
20 Feb 2015 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
The air was thick with excitement outside Bar Eden as everyone knew that tonight three brilliantly picked bands were due to output their musical artform under the category of heavy metal, and heavy it was indeed. Tonight we are graced with instrumental specialists Love Of Chaos who are new to the spotlight, but rest assured are made up of a great selection of experienced, talented musicians from the lands of Auckland..
Running Stitch - EP Review: It's On
13 Feb 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
This little EP offers 4 tracks of original material which is the creation of the creative exploits of singer songwriter Aletta Ashdown. The first 3 tracks are delivered in alternative rock folk style with a grinding rhythmic distorted guitar, providing a grungy edge to Aletta’s clean vocals.
Cairo Knife Fight - EP Review: The Isolator EP
13 Feb 2015 // A review by Petros
Debuting at #3 on the New Zealand Chart, Cairo Knife Fight’s The Isolator EP is finally out and Gaffaney (Nick, the man with the band) has done it again. Done what exactly?
State Of Mind - EP Review: Until The World Ends
12 Feb 2015 // A review by Alistar3000
Auckland drum and bass duo State of Mind are no strangers to collaboration, having worked with the likes of Tiki Taane and PNC to craft some big hitting tracks that achieved a lot of airplay. This time round they’re working with the trio from Black Sun Empire, hailing out of the Netherlands, produce the heavy hitting Until The World Ends EP together.
Late 80s Mercedes - Album Review: Diamonds
10 Feb 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
From the opening track Dangerous which sounds very much like a theme from a 70’s TV cop show, you know you’re in for a ride, a ride that will make you smile and dance like you just don’t care. Diamonds is a wonderfully upbeat album full of the most joyful swinging funk songs you could ever hope for.
Tori Reed - Album Review: Long Nights, Flightless Birds & Coming Home
24 Jan 2015 // A review by Ria Loveder
I was asked to review Tori Reed's album Long Nights, Flightless Birds & Coming Home with knowing nothing about the artist or her music. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to sit down and listen to what I consider to be a very talented and experimental artist with a great work of music.
Gig Review: Music is Dead @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 15/01/2015
23 Jan 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
The resplendent Kings Arms hosted the Music is Dead rock festival, a two night event with $4 of every ticket going to charity. A good crowd for a Thursday night filed in to take in the first show with four hot rock bands on the bill.
The Symphony of Screams - Album Review: Live & Unplugged
22 Jan 2015 // A review by terry666
The Symphony of Screams has been around for a fair while now and the first time I personally came across them was at Rock to Wellington back in 2008. That was a huge show with a line-up that put them in front of a plethora of metal and hard rock stars that would have been any 80’s teenager’s wet dream.
fleaBITE - Album Review: The Jungle is Jumping
21 Jan 2015 // A review by CEOMong
This is one kid’s CD that is unlike any other I’ve heard – The Wiggles they aren’t, unique they are, that’s for sure! My subject matter experts for this album are my wee girls Liz, 7, and Jen, 4½ - after repeated listens I asked them for their opinions on each track … with mixed results … and accompanying their comments are my thoughts.
Gig Review: Kitsch @ Kings Arms 28/11/2014
21 Jan 2015 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
A few of you may have read my review a couple of months back for the release of Kitsch's brand new album Plastic Lives. Now it's my chance to give you look through my eyes as to Kitsch's Live show.
Diamond Doll - Single Review: Dumb
19 Jan 2015 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
2015 is the start of great music already, and what better way to kick start summer than with a new single from Hawkes Bay’s finest rock-metallers, Diamond Doll. In 2013, this female fronted band released their debut EP, Plus None, a hard hitting assault of heavy noise and the perfect blend of melodic heaviness.
Gig Review: Shihad, The Datsuns, I Am Giant & Cairo Knife Fight @ Matakana Country Park 3/1/2015
16 Jan 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
On a sparkling day a faithful rock crowd flowed into the picturesque Matakana Country Park and they were ready to rock, the sun was shining and the air was clear, perfect for an outdoor rock event and so at 5.45pm it was a delight to hear the silence broken by a guitar throbbing its distorted beauty - I think it was a just a little sound check but it got our attention, and thus began our very cool warm up as manifested by Cairo Knife Fight.
Nathan Haines - Album Review: 5 A Day
14 Jan 2015 // A review by Andrew Smit
Nathan Haines' name is on the album but if you have enjoyed previous Nathan Haines recordings you may feel you’ve been given the wrong album! 5 A Day has a striking new contemporary R&B style, where the B stands for beats, not blues, although behind the modern groove lies a smooth blues and funk feel.
Jackal - Single Review: Funny Side
14 Jan 2015 // A review by tonymcdonald
The Funny Side single by the Auckland band Jackal is very short and sweet at two minutes and thirty seconds. But its upbeat tempo and strangeness reminds of a cross between the Pixies and the Talking Heads.
Single(s) Review: the Before Ete Tape
08 Jan 2015 // A review by Petros
Moana Ete, also known Ete and A Girl Named Mo, is the embodiment of the word Artist. The industrious Wellington writer, actor, director, playwright, Toi Whaakari alumni and veritable Jane-of-all-trades can now add professional musician to her résumé.
Miho Wada - Album Review: Miho's Jazz Orchestra - Live at The Lab
23 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
This CD and DVD set is packed with the coolest jazz and funk instrumental tracks one could hope for, 13 upbeat songs to enjoy and appreciate, as they were all performed live in one take! Miho Wada is a Japanese born New Zealander who has formed a great little Jazz Orchestra and together they produce the most delightful music, Miho’s flute sounds so sweet and full, it creates a warm kind of 60’s hippy vibe, she also showcases her exceptional saxophone playing and throughout we are taken on a wonderful musical journey.
Sol3 Mio - Gig Review: Christmas in the Vines @ Villa Maria Winery 21/12/14
23 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
It’s safe to say a good percentage of the 7000 odd crowd that had gathered to see Sol3 Mio were not opera buffs but were more mainstream “converts” who had seen and heard a lot of the positive publicity on NZ television and were curious and excited at the prospect of checking them out live. Would the experience meet the heightened expectations?
EP Review: Drax Project self-titled EP
22 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Drax Project, a 4 piece Hip-Hop/Alternative band from Wellington have produced a superb debut EP with 4 tracks full of groovy beats, loaded with superb vocals from Shaan Singh, whose voice is amazingly smooth yet soulful and full of melodic strength, to the point where its sounds like another instrument, thanks to the occasional addition of some good symphonic sound effects! The not so obvious jazz influences are evident in sections, they appear and reappear around other funk and disco beat elements.
Alexander Wildwood - EP Review: South of No North
19 Dec 2014 // A review by Petros
South of No North; the name of hands-down, Bukowski's best collection of acerbic, misogynist short-stories, and also the debut EP from Alexander Wildwood. Any Bukowski worship beyond the title are thankfully absent or obscure enough not to bring the music down to the level of that drunken, albeit brilliant, curmudgeon.
Eyreton Hall - Album Review: Featherstitch
19 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Featherstitch is a meticulously crafted debut album with a broad range of musical styles, there is some Country, a little Dixieland, and Gospel too, but the album as a whole is best encapsulated in a single word: “Beautiful”, the whole album is full of beautiful music that is so pleasing to the ears. From the opening track Bellbird with its cool country rhythm and its upbeat message of redemption, you are struck by the serene sound of Toni Randle’s exquisite vocals.
Jason McIver - EP Review: The Big Blue
18 Dec 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
It's been ages since I last reviewed an acoustic EP - and to be fair, usually I cringe when someone asks me to have a listen, as the recording quality is sub-standard, and the production value is less than average. The Big Blue from The Jason McIver Collective is far from this to tell you the truth.
Gig Review: Luger Boa @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 12/12/14
17 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
An evening of rock entertainment was supplied in spades by three bands on a cool Auckland night at the ole faithful Kings Arms! I was keen to experience Luger Boa live, I had heard some of their material played on the radio over the last year or two and made a note to one day check them out, the fact that they are now breaking up made it more intriguing.
Voe & Pam - Album Review: Paradise
15 Dec 2014 // A review by Petros
Psychedelicatessen: a word used by the Squares to describe a head shop. Also, a word that aptly describes Voe’s latest release, Paradise.
Gig Review: Poison Skies @ Paddington, Auckland 5/11/14
12 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
On a clear Friday night an impressive and good looking crowd gathered for the Video Release Party for Poison Skies' hot new single Victim of Reality. The venue was Parnell's the Paddington and what a cool venue it is with a large temporary stage set up in the main room and great vantage points throughout the bar.
Album Review: Latinaotearoa in Latinoamerica
09 Dec 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
When I started reading about the concept behind the second Latinaotearoa album it sounded like a good idea and I was quite excited to have a listen to it. If you’re not familiar with the story, Auckland musician Isaac Aesili (Solaa, Opensouls, Eru Dangerspiel, Funkommunity) teamed up once again with Venezualan singer Jennifer Zea, and Brazilian-born DJ Bobby Brazuka, to research and write a bunch of songs in Brazil, then record the album of Latin-influenced tunes in Brazil and Auckland with guest appearances by some great musicians (such as Raiza Biza, Julien Dyne, Riki Gooch and Miguel Fuentes) – what should, on paper, lead to some great experimentation and crossovers of styles.
Temples on Mars - Gig Review: Agent @ Kings Arms, Auckland 27/11/14
09 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
A respectable group of faithful rock devotees assembled at the Kings Arms in Auckland to experience the London based but NZ born Agent perform in NZ for the first time in 6 years. We were treated to an awesome show, Agent were sounding great, full of power and drive, with lead vocalist James Donaldson in fine form, looking and sounding fit and strong - the whole ensemble rocked and drove in determined style.
Lucid Hiest - Album Review: Absence In Motion
07 Dec 2014 // A review by jck2
Lucid Hiest aka Isiah Ngawaka is a singer/rapper and producer from Hawkes Bay New Zealand who has released his debut album Absence In Motion. I would describe Lucid Hiest’s sound as drum n bass/hip-hop fusion similar in style to Salmonella Dub and Tiki Taane with a dash of Timbaland for good measure.
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - Gig Review: WIUO @ James Cabaret, Wellington 05/12/14
06 Dec 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
After touring New Zealand, the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra finished off their trip in the best possible place - Wellington. The venue was James Cabaret, which if you haven’t already been, must be described as; unglamorous, dark, terrible bar selection of food and drinks, and out of town.
Poison Skies - Single Review: Victim of Reality
05 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Kicking off with a searing hot lead guitar riff which instantly grabs your attention, more guitars then rip in with the drums and bass, leaving you in no doubt that you're about to be delivered to heavy guitar rock heaven, courtesy of Poison Skies! Nick Wilkinson’s vocals are clean and powerful, you can hear the air going in his lungs and returning with cool reverberations attached, the whole song is loaded with great tuneful backing vocals and harmonies that add colour and character.
Kitsch - Album Review: Plastic Lives
05 Dec 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
About 4 months ago, I was listening through my playlist on my phone and I threw on what has previously been my favourite release ever from a Kiwi band The Burning Ground from veteran Kiwi punk rockers Kitsch. This got me thinking about whatever happened to Kitsch?
EP Review: Holy Serpent self-titled EP
05 Dec 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Holy Serpent dub themselves a Heavy Psych Rock Band based out of Melbourne, Australia and features members from New Zealand. I recently jumped over to their bandcamp page https://holyserpentband.
Gig Review: Up Your Alley Festival @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland 20/11/2014
04 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
There may have been thousands of cheering so called music lovers at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards, but I was with 20 odd faithful rock lovers at the Ding Dong Lounge, where we experienced an expose of good hard progressive rock from four young bands at the Up Your Alley Festival. The line-up of acts delivered well the promise of hard-core rock, it was like a relentless battle of distorted guitars and frenetic drumming with respite provided only by band changeovers and fire alarms evacuations.
Gig Review: The Jason McIver Collective @ The Wine Cellar, Auckland 26/11/2014
04 Dec 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
After numerous listens to the debut EP The Big Blue I eagerly anticipated the first live performance of The Jason McIver Collective at Auckland's Wine Cellar. I was confident I was in for a treat as the effort and passion that had gone into making the EP and then performing it live was evident through Jason's many Facebook posts.
The Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards 2014 Review
02 Dec 2014 // A review by jck2
Walking in to the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards I was excited to see a long row of limousines, young woman dressed to the 9’s tottering around on heels like baby Giraffes, photographers cameras flashing away, reporters and TV presenters with microphones interviewing the NZ music stars. I managed to score my wife and my sister tickets, they watched from the GA seats and I watched it on the telly in the media room where we were well fed and watered.
Macombee and the Absolute Truth - No Man's Land Album Review
29 Nov 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
When I received this record I had no idea what to expect. The press information describes the sound as a cathartic experience founded on cinematic arrangements wrapped around the lead singer, Sarah Macombee's, exquisite voice, so it all sounded fairly self indulgent.
Album Review: When We're Free
28 Nov 2014 // A review by Petros
Now, this is an inspiring collaboration.   What we know as When We're Free was originally a collection of duets by Qedric James (The New Brides) and Kayleigh Cook recorded somewhere near New Plymouth.
The Glocks - Naughty Boys & Dirty Girls EP Review
28 Nov 2014 // A review by Petros
It’s been two years since the pub rocking debut from (The Glocks), Magpie Genocide, but it still sits on my desk at work, in between a collection of CDs I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing over the years and a pile of dodgy Metal Hammer compilations. It’s been two years, but The Glocks haven’t been sitting pretty.
CuzzyLogic - Ninja Manuvas Album Review
25 Nov 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Well the name is different and the music is different too, a good different, Ninja Manuvas is an interesting eclectic acoustic folk ensemble of tunes. If this kind of music doesn’t tweak your interest nothing will, it’s a unique kind of folk “world music” with peculiar rhythms and melodies.
Fire At Will & Ekko Park with Flirting With Disaster & Enercia @ Kings Arms, Auckland 26/10/14
18 Nov 2014 // A review by Nicko_Poison
A great night out thanks to BV Entertainment and crew who put on the event (completing a two show series in Mt Maunganui & Auckland). What a good line-up of bands.
The Datsuns - Deep Sleep Album Review
13 Nov 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
So today I'm doing a review on the album Deep Sleep by the legendary 4 piece psychedelic rock outfit The Datsuns, hailing from the depths of Cambridge, New Zealand.This is the sixth full length album they have under their belt, and being a big fan of their previous stuff and having seen them live a number of times I couldn't pass up doing a review for their new album.
Madam Tsunami - Man In The Middle Album Review
11 Nov 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
A unique unplugged collection of tunes, which are refreshingly up-tempo, full of character and feeling, presented not in your normal laid back light acoustic mode, but played with a harder edge. It’s not dominated by placid acoustic guitar and vocals, there are drums that are clearly heard, full of rocking fills and driving beats delivered very adeptly by drummer Jonathan Wilson.
Julie Lamb - When We Hang Out Album Review
10 Nov 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
I have got to be honest (as always), I didn't want to review this album. Not that I had any predetermined ideas how it would sound, but the fact is I'm good friends with Julie.
Introducing Darren Watson Album Review
10 Nov 2014 // A review by blues.bass
These are the facts of the case:Darren Watson should need no introduction. Yet, he and his music were introduced to a whole new audience with the ongoing kerfuffle over his song Planet Key.
At Peace - The @Peace And The Plutonian Noise Symphony Tour Review 25/10/14
08 Nov 2014 // A review by jck2
Four lunatic space dorks and their anti authority band of banshees, one beat making rapscalion, and a tattooed terrorist aka hip hop group @peace and supporting act Louie Knuxx recently finished a nationwide tour to celebrate the deluxe double vinyl release of their highly-acclaimed debut album @Peace And The Plutonian Noise Symphony released March this year. The nine-date escapade spanned the North and South Island and saw the group joined on the road by special guest Louie Knuxx, who recently released his own sophomore album PGT/GRR after an eight-year wait.
Jakob w/ Heterodox & Moa Belt @ Cabana, Napier 23/10/14
07 Nov 2014 // A review by Petros
A thick black jacket isn’t appropriate attire in Napier’s October sun, nor is it ideal in the Cabana at full capacity, but sometimes when you need somewhere to stash a notepad and a collection of pens it’s a necessity. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake as last time.
Silos feat. Nel A - Justice EP Review
06 Nov 2014 // A review by Dilemma
Silos feat. Nel Amore have released their debut EP Justice, 5 tracks with thumping base lines, some repetitive hooks and a brit-chick that raps and sings.
Emily Edrosa EP Review
05 Nov 2014 // A review by Dilemma
Emily Edrosa is Emily Littler, member of Street Chant – an Auckland trio that has played since 2007 and won the inaugural Critics Choice at the 2010 NZ Music Awards. Emily however, has been putting out some new solo stuff as Emily Edrosa, which is the second effort after Body/Christ released in 2013.
Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes - Live at No.10 South Street EP Review
04 Nov 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
"You better sink that drink then baby come and fill your cup"...and get tipsy drunk on Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes!
Man of The World - On Edge Album Review
02 Nov 2014 // A review by Petros
  Formed as a three piece of music school acquaintances, you can trust Man Of The World to know how to make music right. Wearing their influences on their sleeve, their album On Edge shows that they know just the right progressions to make your ears feel good and are as accomplished at Reggae as they are old school Dire Straits.
Black River Drive - Quicksand Album Review
31 Oct 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Quicksand is Kiwi rockers Black River Drive’s most recent release. It’s a decent hit of hard driven riffs, melody and everything that made you like them in the first place.
Ezra Vine - Celeste EP Review
28 Oct 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
I first saw Ezra Vine open up for Stormporter earlier this year, and I have to say, I was mesmerised. If you read that review, I gushed about his performance and how captivating he was.
Blatant Honesty by L.A.Z
27 Oct 2014 // A review by jck2
  Larry Fyntz aka LAZ, real name Laz Karaka is a NZ Hip Hop artist that stands out from the crowd for his share talent and originality. Every time I’ve seen L.
Broken Down Doors By Dyslo & Kelly Rose (Beats By Soulchef)
26 Oct 2014 // A review by jck2
Dylan Smiler aka Dyslo came from rough beginnings, including the thug and drug life. His early years were spent watching his parents fight and finally overcome their addictions, later becoming his biggest inspiration.
Scott J Mason - Animal Guilt EP Review
24 Oct 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Without delving into the meaning and inspiration behind the songs one would potentially say how pleasant and serene this EP sounds. Each song is well structured with beautiful folk arrangements that are full of feeling and prose.
Clap Clap Riot with Buzz Moller and Fazerdaze @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 18/10/2014
22 Oct 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
The good boys of Clap Clap Riot delivered a show with a startling prodigious beat full of power and drive, I cannot overstate how stimulating the effect the incredible beat that these guys created had on the audience. Clap Clap Riot are a very dynamic ensemble that knows how to play together, sometimes there was three guitars and bass going at it and it never sounded overdone or out of sync.
Beastwars Live at San Fran, Wellington 10/10/2014
21 Oct 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
I was finding it hard to believe that it’d been over 18 months since I last saw Beastwars play in Wellington as I stumbled on down to the newly refurbished San Fran in Wellington last week. I’m not sure why it’d taken me so long to go back to Wellington’s number one metal (or at least heavy rock) band, especially since they’d never disappointed me before.
Dragonstone EP Review
21 Oct 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Dragonstone is a two piece Wellington duo, exploding with potential in the most primitive way. The three tracked self titled EP doesn’t give enough away.
Bunnies on Ponies - Heat Death of the Universe Album Review
20 Oct 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
Bunnies on Ponies is such a cool name I had to review this album. Then when I found out that it’s Samuel Flynn Scott of The Phoenix Foundation, I HAD to review this.
Vodafone NZ Music Award Nominees Revealed
19 Oct 2014 // A review by jck2
A crowd of music industry representatives, journalists and musicians were the first to hear the line up of nominees for the 49th annual Vodafone NZ Music Awards at a star-studded event at the Pullman Auckland Hotel last Thursday night (October 16)  Not surprising were 5 nominations for New Zealand’s very own international pop star Lorde who’s album Pure Heroine picked up nominations for Mentos Album of the Year, Vodafone Single of the Year, Best Female Solo Artist, The Edge Best Pop Album and Vodafone People’s Choice. Her album Pure Heroine also grabs technical awards for Joel Little in the Best Producer and Best Engineer categories.
Benny Tipene - Bricks Album Review
17 Oct 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Bricks has a wonderfully modern folk acoustic sound with meaningful songs bursting with Benny’s soulful expressive vocals and loaded with unique funky rhythms, and crafty guitar accompaniment. There are passionate highs and soulful lows with sweet harmonies and expressive pieces.
Meridian Vibe @ Whammy Bar, Auckland 11/10/14
17 Oct 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
October 11, Saturday night, 9pm, my mission to review a young band called Meridian Vibe, I listened to their newly recorded single which sounded cool and rocked hard, and so armed only with that knowledge, a date, a time and a venue to find I ventured out to Karangahape Road in uptown Auckland. If you don’t know of it, you wouldn’t find it, but off K’Road in St Kevin’s Arcade through a understated door and down a forgotten scrappy stairwell, then through a dark tunnel devised to let your retina’s adjust to the dark there is the cavernous venue known as The Whammy Bar.
An Electric Heart Album Review
16 Oct 2014 // A review by Petros
Once an aspiring Punk band, Napier’s An Electric Heart was born from the scarcity of drummers, though I see little evidence of any Punk origins, save for the power chords of a digitized guitar and the Punk vocal aesthetic that sporadically make an appearance throughout their eponymous debut full length. The music is generally electronic and especially poppy, kind of Pet Shop Boys and The Cure, that eighties vibe.
Sola Rosa - Magnetics Album Review
14 Oct 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Andrew Spraggon and the Sola Rosa team have compiled a fabulous soulful collection of tracks full of groove and sensuous singing from a superb array of “featured” vocalists. There are no less than 9 listed singers, with only Kevin Mark Trail listed as the album/bands vocalist.
Kitsch @ Lucha Lounge, Auckland - 11/10/2014
13 Oct 2014 // A review by Nicko_Poison
After waiting many years to see this live act again, the show definitely lived up to their stellar reputation as one of New Zealand’s great punk rock bands. I went to this show with a group of friends and straight after walking through the door and securing a refreshing Tiger beer (or two) it was like old times at one of my favourite rock shows.
Villainy @ the Kings Arms, Auckland - 3/10/14
07 Oct 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
The 'Full House' sign was up and an appreciative crowd filled the Kings Arms to see the hometown return of Villainy. First up was the unanimous winner of Villainy's 'search for a support band' Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, this eager young trio have been captivating the smaller stages of Auckland and gaining attention for their expressive blues, funk and rock.
SSXUB EP Review - Shapeshifter vs The Upbeats
03 Oct 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
This 5 track EP has been probably my most highly anticipated NZ release this year and it doesn't disappoint. This is everything that you would expect from this collaboration, the soulful wailing of P-Digsss and melodic lusciousness of Shapeshifter mashed together with the unforgiving, beat driven groove of The Upbeats.
Tali - Faster Than Sound Single Review
03 Oct 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
The second tune from Tali's forthcoming record Wolves is a huge departure from the UK drum n bass that made her a worldwide name. Faster Than Sound is a self declared love song and is closer to trip hop than Tali's traditional "Boobs to the Wall" DnB; which is a great departure in my eyes.
Moana And The Tribe - Rima Album Review
02 Oct 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
According to the albums publicists, this is Moana and the Tribe's 5th Studio album, and it wasn't what I was expecting. This was primarily a good thing as I like surprises but it did catch me a little off guard.
Mulholland - Stop & Start Again Album Review
01 Oct 2014 // A review by Petros
The Mulhollands make music a family affair. Jol, the one man band behind Mulholland, is the brother of fellow The Mots band members and Motocade alumni Will and Eden, the solo album of the latter, Feed the Beast, I had the pleasure of reviewing last year.
Mahoney Harris - We Didn't Feel Alone Album Review
28 Sep 2014 // A review by mciver29
I have to admit that it took far too long for me to get around to reviewing Mahoney Harris's newly released album, We Didn't Feel Alone. It kind of stared at me every day with a looming deadline staring me in the face, funnily enough it suited now more than it would have suited then.
Rachel Dawick - The Boundary Riders Album Review
25 Sep 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Wow! What an inspirational woman!
The Datsuns - Bad Taste Single Review
25 Sep 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The first single to be lifted from Kiwi favourites, The Datsuns' sixth album, Deep Sleep, is sure to please. With a hilarious and really well done Claymation video (with the band all looking like they have dreadlocks) the single, Bad Taste is a foot stomper of a tune with classic Dolf De Borst trademark throaty vocals and booming riffs.
Oakley Grenell - The Deep Album Review
19 Sep 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
Listening to this record for the first time was a breath of fresh air. With so many Kiwi hip hop artists and beat makers writing the same old wannabe American Gangster drivel, it was inspiring to hear a guy construct something uplifting, tasteful and sonically dynamic.
Electric Wire Hustle - Love Can Prevail Album Review
19 Sep 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
Electric Wire Hustle do it again with another outstanding record. The dynamic duo strikes back with a fusion of classic soul mixed with slick glitching, well textured futuristic beats.
Rob Thorne - Toi Puoro - Whāia te Māramatanga Album Review
19 Sep 2014 // A review by Petros
While attending Sounds Aotearoa 2012 (http://soundsaotearoa.com/) as a member of the press I had an epiphany.
Full Code - Telescapes Album Review
15 Sep 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
This album will blow your mind, a rock symphony that conjures up emotions and atmospheres that were once only in the jurisdictions of Pink Floyd. A bold introduction to some astounding Kiwi talent!
Paper Cranes @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 13/08/14
12 Sep 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
Paper Cranes with White Rabbit Black Monkey & Evan Sinton @ Wine Cellar, Auckland on 13 August 2014 The much anticipated August night had arrived, Paper Cranes, White Rabbit Black Monkey & Evan Sinton were playing at the Wine Cellar on K road. I was freaking out a bit because I was running a bit late… when I arrived everyone was outside socializing as if if nothing else was going on so I asked a few people when it starts… Turns out that the event was running a bit late too so essentially I arrived just in time.
Broods - Evergreen Album Review
11 Sep 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
I was so excited to be able to review Broods’ debut album Evergreen, which was released on the 22nd of August. Broods are a brother sister duo from Nelson.
Whistlejacket - The Year of the Horse EP Review
11 Sep 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
I was impressed with the work that Whistlejacket management have gone to in producing a very stylistic press package. It's not often I get any info on the reviewed band but these guys had a full press kit which used strong alternate imaginary to represent the band.
Devilskin - We Rise Album Review
06 Sep 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The long awaited debut from Kiwi rock metallers, Devilskin in all its glory. Finally!
Stefan Wolf - Album Review: Brand New Life
06 Sep 2014 // A review by Petros
Brand New Life is a collection of Stefan Wolf's ballads written between 2008 and 2014.  As well as new tracks, the album, Stefan Wolf's first Long Play since 1999's Sailor, includes selected tracks from the trilogy of EPs, 2009's How Much Do I Get For A Fiver?
Phil Rudd - Head Job Album Review
05 Sep 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
There are two ways to write this review. One way is looking at the record from Phil's vast and impressive career as the worlds most acclaimed 4/4 drummer, while being wowed by his self indulgent lifestyle.
Kerretta - Pirohia Album Review
04 Sep 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
I am going to do away with the Isis and Mogwai comparisons. Let's focus on how fucking good this record is.
Tunes of I - T.O.I EP Review
03 Sep 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
First up, I have to make this clear, Tunes of I are one of my favorite Kiwi bands cracking it at the moment. This review is going to slightly bias.
Little Bark - USB Album Review
02 Sep 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
Sophie Burbery, also known as Little Bark first stepped into the spotlight with her debut Hope is Rubbery in 2011. She performs with a 4 piece band, featuring 2 synthesists, a drummer (using an electronic kit), a bassist and vocals.
Phil Judd - Play It Strange Album Review
02 Sep 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Play It Strange is a mind meld of funky pop folk tunes, its what a love child conceived by the pairing of The Beatles and Split Enz would sound like! It’s The Sgt Pepper’s album with amplified eccentric Phil Judd's “Enz” style bohemian theatrics.
These Automatic Changers - Have Mercy Album Review
02 Sep 2014 // A review by Petros
Have Mercy is the kind of music that played in the dark and grimy automotive shops of my childhood.  Think of any Hard Rock band you can imagine the stereotypical bogan listening to as they strip back an engine on their front lawn; I’m talking Acca Dacca, Sabbath, Led Zepp, G N’ R, “Smoke on the Water”.
Voe & Pam - The Khate EP Review
02 Sep 2014 // A review by Petros
Voe is a musical project after my own heart; Self-produced and recorded, driven by their own aesthetic, a bit too clever for their own good.  After my introduction I set out to find everything I could about Voe.
Malevolence - Relentless Entropy Album Review
30 Aug 2014 // A review by terry666
New Zealand metal is continually getting more and more recognition and more and more respect nationally and internationally because of the quality of the product we are producing. We have a long history with a growing number of bands bringing out material on regular basis.
Mi-Sex & Eddie Rayner Project @ The Studio, Auckland 28/8/14
29 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
A grand crowd turned out to see some prestige Kiwi Rock talent in the form of the Eddie Rayner Project and Mi-Sex, in the perfectly sized chamber of The Studio on K’ Rd. Mr Eddie Rayner kicked off with a wonderful prelude piano concerto which lead brazenly into Give It A Whirl which brought everyone to attention and in no doubt that they were in for a major treat.
This Flight Tonight - Never After Video/Single Review
29 Aug 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
A beautifully simplistic song and video clip sums up this delicate gem by artist, Ralph Warren Engle. The video depicts the acoustic guitar playing Engle inside a home, intercut with segments of a happy, smiling woman, who often looks contemplative.
The Roulettes Self Titled Album Review
27 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Here is real independent music worth shouting about, yes Ladies and Gentlemen self-funded and produced The Roulettes have crafted a standout debut album. The Roulettes are a 3 piece indie rock set up, with vivid guitar work and cool singing from front man Justin McLean backed by a sublime rhythm section from Drummer Mark Queenin and Bassist Ben Grant.
Kimbra - The Golden Echo Album Review
25 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
I have been listening, not watching video’s or reading interviews, just listening, and enjoying very much Kimbra's new album The Golden Echo, it's a broad aural explosion, so bear with me as I rundown my impressions of each track. Track 1.
Parents - Low Life Album Review
25 Aug 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Gritty, dark and raw best sums up Auckland quartet Parents. Ravaging your ears with full force noise obliteration with opening track Change, Parents are no strangers to a Black Flag/Burzum medley of assault.
Into Orbit - Caverns Album Review
24 Aug 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington two piece noisemakers Into Orbit have an appropriate name for the kind of music they’ve created on their new album Caverns; it’s spacey feeling, often out there and is sure to take off. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the album before listening to it (or even if I’d like it at all), but came away a devoted fan after having it on constant repeat for a couple of days while I explored everything it had to offer (I’m still not there yet, not even close).
Jason McIver - Look To The Stars Single Review
21 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Opening with a pleasant strumming of guitar and percussion we are introduced to Jason McIver’s new single Look To The Stars, a sincere track with a great folk rhythm. Jason has created a tuneful track with an elegant vocal performance that sounds so right.
Shihad - FVEY Album Review
20 Aug 2014 // A review by CEOMong
I don’t know if it’s all in my head or not, but Jaz Coleman’s influence lends a certain classic element and a brooding depth to this album that breaks away from what has become, in recent times, some would say too radio-friendly jams. There’s a satisfying depth to the album the louder it gets – when isn’t that true for Shihad though, I suppose?
Devilskin @ The Powerstation, Auckland - 16/08/14
20 Aug 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
My partner and I arrived at The Powerstation, looked at each other, looked at the crowd, and the first thing I said was 'Everyone's wearing black, did we not get the memo?'.
Tahuna Breaks - Hold You Single Review
19 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
When you feel the groove of the new Tahuna Breaks song Hold You you better be ready to groove to its upbeat boogie jive! With its catchy chorus and funky disco beat you’re sure to bop to its rhythm and crave a clap n’ slide on the dance floor with your besties.
Die! Die! Die! @ Willy's Place, Tauranga - 17/08/14
18 Aug 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
Article Joel Thompson Originally this gig was booked at Major Toms at the Mount and then a couple of days prior to the show the gig was rebooked for a venue in Pyes Pa. At first glance I didn't think much of this but it was a defining factor in what was to become a very unusual gig.
National Country Music Awards Review
17 Aug 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
Written by Joel BloodEdited by James FaulknerPhotos by Joel Blood and James Faulkner The evening kicked off with the extremely talented by Kylie Austin doing a fantastic cover of All Jacked Up by Gretchen Wilson. Kylie then went on to host the evening, a role that she grew into as she got progressively more confident.
Shayna King - Calling You Single Review
15 Aug 2014 // A review by mciver29
It wasn't long ago that I reviewed Shayna King's debut album, The Day Is Young, which showed a young singer/songwriter starting to find her footing as a recording and touring artist.   After one listen to her new single, Calling You, I could really see and hear a huge leap forward.
Amos/Anon - Gothique Doesn't Exist EP Review
12 Aug 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
Gothique Doesn't ExistReleased 15 July 2014 Written and Produced by Amos/Anon. This is the tenth release that Amos/Anon has recorded in as many years, a massive accomplishment in itself.
Amos/Anon - Beneath the Pound of Flesh EP Review
12 Aug 2014 // A review by Joel C Blood
Beneath the Pound of Fleshreleased 09 February 2014  written and recorded: Amos/Anon backing vocals: Paraffin cover photography: Jessicka @ Visceral Photography BTPoF is a neurotic journey into one of NZ's great underground doom artist's state of mind at it's darkest. This record is a stripped back 6 song thematic acoustic album that picks up where Amos/Anon's last acoustic work, Songs of a Tortured Soul, left off.
Cairo Knife Fight - Rezlord Single Review
11 Aug 2014 // A review by Petros
The true mystery of Cairo Knife Fight is how one band can manage to make so much noise with only four hands between them.   This is no doubt something I'm sure Nick (Gaffaney, band backbone) must be getting sick of hearing, and the answer involves feet, but it's still worth keeping at the back of your mind when you listen to this band, and something you won't forget when you see them live.
Jeremy Redmore - Clouds Are Alive Album Review
11 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Clouds Are Alive is the excellent debut solo album by Jeremy Redmore, the acclaimed frontman of Midnight Youth. Jeremy has produced a wonderful collection of songs that sound so sweet and soulful, the whole album is easy on the ears and charming in a youthful way, any song would seamlessly slot onto any popular radio playlist around the world.
Team Dynamite - Coconut Lime Single and Video Review
09 Aug 2014 // A review by jck2
Coconut Lime is the new New Zealand On Air funded music video from Team Dynamite featuring Che Fu. Team Dynamite are Tony Shihamau aka Tony TZ and Lance Fepuleai aka Lucky Lance with production from Haz Huavi aka Haz Beats.
Golden Curtain - Dream City Album Review
08 Aug 2014 // A review by Andrew Smit
Golden Curtain’s latest album release Dream City is a honest independent rock album with 10 songs that engage with real world themes and unpretentious song structures. The sound throughout stays true to its 3 piece Drums/Bass/Guitar structure, it’s atmospheric and moody, no doubt due to Andrew McKenzie’s 12 string guitar which creates an aural space and a floating psychedelic feel.
I Am Giant - Science & Survival Album Review
31 Jul 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
Having just seen I Am Giant live at Bar Bodega and been blown away yet again, I wanted to wait a few days before posting the album review. Could they possibly follow on from the amazing The Horrifying Truth album?
The Response - North of Nowhere Album Review
30 Jul 2014 // A review by Petros
Hailing from Christchurch, The Response, also known as Andrew and Victoria Knopp, have just released their third full length album, North of Nowhere.  This is one of those indie acts that do everything themselves, from recording to artwork, and that's a quality I admire in any artist.
Midnight Gallery - Self-Titled Album Review
30 Jul 2014 // A review by Petros
Midnight Gallery, the Kiwi Hip Hop trio from up Auckland ways, have just released their self-titled debut. As well as touring the country with P-Money, their music has been doing the rounds on the local student radio station here in Palmerston North, Radio Control 99.
I Am Giant @ Bar Bodega - 25/07/2014
27 Jul 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
After watching I Am Giant in Wellington at Bar Bodega in January, I simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. In January the gig was amazing as you can tell from my review.
Ian Jorgensen's 'The Problem with Music in New Zealand...' Book Review
25 Jul 2014 // A review by Petros
The problem with music in New Zealand and How to Fix it& Why I started and ran puppies An essay collection by Ian Jorgensen (Blink) Some of the readers from the Wellington scene may remember Puppies, the little indie venue that took the place of Happy. Others of you who follow the music festival circuit will have heard of Camp A Low Hum and the Square Wave festival.
PNC - The Codes Album Review
24 Jul 2014 // A review by Dilemma
PNC AKA Sam Hansen released his fifth album less than a month ago and it’s already smashing sales and tearing up the NZ charts. The album titled The Codes is our newest urban success and it seems that PNC has found his stride with his latest offering.
Luckless - Vindication Blues Album Review
21 Jul 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
My Dad has always told me ‘Ria, less is more’, and these are the words that came to mind when I opened the parcel containing Luckless’ sophomore album Vindication Blues. The artwork is beautiful with a lone tree seeming to grow over the cover with the title placed in the centre.
Curlys Jewels - No Apostrophe Album Review
20 Jul 2014 // A review by Petros
No, there is no grammatical error. As the title of Curlys Jewels first full length album explains, there is no apostrophe, something I must admit, which makes my English degree writhe in its dusty picture frame.
Nick Ferretti - Never Leave Your Lover Alone Album Review
20 Jul 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The name may not be familiar to some, but his voice will be. Listening to Nick Ferretti, you stop, whatever it is you’re doing and just listen.
Checaine - Turn the Stone Album Review
11 Jul 2014 // A review by River
There's a real solid feel to this Checaine album, Turn the Stone. With a plethora of stonking riffs interspersed by lighter moments, these four guys from Hamilton have pulled a real gem out of the rock n roll bag.
Glass Owls - Out From The Darkness Album Review
08 Jul 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
“Let’s take the Road - down memory lane”, is a key line from the second song on the Glass Owls – Out From The Darkness album and it sums the album up perfectly. The Glass Owls are brilliant, and remind me of a combination of Echo and the Bunnymen from the 80’s and the House of Love from the 90’s.
Like A Storm - Nothing Remains Single Review
07 Jul 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Dirty heavy guitar riffs, angry dirty driving drums, gravelly scathing vocals, haunting samples, this all adds to the amazing new single from Kiwi rockers Like A Storm who are now based between Vancouver and Los Angeles, California. I remember way back in the day when two schoolboy bands Fluid and Inertia joined forces and announced that they were calling themselves Like A Storm because that's how they sounded.
Decades - Music Is Boring EP Review
07 Jul 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Ever since my initial review of their debut single Bright Eyes I have developed an ear for Ashei, and have been actively following their movements on radio and TV having caught their awesome NZ On Air funded video on YouTube and on C4. I have been waiting eagerly to catch their well marketed EP titled Music Is Boring which I feel is such a cool title for an EP as it is the exact opposite of what Ashei's music really is.
Truth - Hollow World Album Review
07 Jul 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
Truth, an Electronic production-duo from the lands of Christchurch. With their new album, Hollow World.
Huia Veale - Waiting for You Single Review
06 Jul 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
Greytown born, Huia Veale's single Waiting For You is a wonderful song to add to her musical career. She was born into a musical family and with it being also being her number one passion, she is now ready to share her sound with the rest of the world.
The World According To The Difference Engine Album Review
02 Jul 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
The World According To The Difference Engine is an album mainly written and performed by electronic genius Michael Travis who roams the streets of Auckland. The Difference Engine is a mainly instrumental project started by Michael (2005) and is now collaborating with a number of different artists.
Junelle - Just This Sky EP Review
27 Jun 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Junelle recently celebrated her new EP titled Just This Sky. Off to a bit of a rough start the first CD I put in didn't have anything recorded.
Doprah self-titled EP Review
26 Jun 2014 // A review by Petros
Like lip balm, Doprah seems to be on everyone’s lips. The name has been popping up everywhere, coupled with Laneway and Lorde, Becks, Kawaii, and Lance Armstrong (unrelated).
Blacklistt @ Bodega 24/05/2014
17 Jun 2014 // A review by Asmith
I was quite excited when I got offered this review, it was the first time I had seen Blindspott as their new reincarnation, Blacklistt, and was eager to see if anything had changed since the last time I had seen them, I wasn’t dissapointed. Hell, I think they may have even been BETTER.
Ghetto Sunrise Album Review
15 Jun 2014 // A review by elchicko
I was embellished into their music after their first release One Drop Love EP. The mix of reggae, dub, and ska was a delight to the ear.
Social Shun - The Garden of Sweden Album Review
13 Jun 2014 // A review by Petros
With all the advances of modern computer technology, and the growing sophistication of home DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) anybody with time and a computer can make music. While this and Radiohead’s wry observation Anyone Can Play Guitar may be romantic notions, don’t forget these philosophies saw the birth of Bieber as “musician” (in very heavy parenthesis).
Popstrangers - Fortuna Album Review
10 Jun 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
Firstly, this is one hell of a dreamy powerful indie band. It approaches on rock from time to time, and I love this album.
Songs From The Inside Vol II Album Review
10 Jun 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
There’s more out there in the New Zealand media landscape than what’s on your news feed or your particular pay TV channels… Maori Television is an important part of our media landscape and their creation of musical collaboration documentary, Songs from the Inside is a beautiful time capsule of some our most talented and kind musical artists (Anika Moa, Don McGlashan & Laughton Kora to name three), giving life and freedom through musical expression to some of our nation’s incarcerated. A delicate content matter at the best of times; the equivalent of the ‘difficult second album’ is released in Songs from the Inside Vol II which the show’s director and producer Julian Arahanga was concerned would be an undertaking to “recapture the same heart, feeling as the first series”; yet he needn’t worry as it certainly has recapturing that same ol magic and built on it.
Bailey Wiley - IXL EP Review
10 Jun 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
I've written it once and I'll write it again... the absolute best part of reviewing music is that every so often you're introduced to an artist that you truly love and value, not just as a creative musical entity but also as a contributor to the fabric of what our ‘little’ nation can achieve in an audial realm.
Beck's New Zealand Music Month 2014 Compilation
07 Jun 2014 // A review by Petros
Beck's NZ, the official beer of New Zealand Music Month, offers you a 12 pack for $18.99 at your local supermarket, or ten exclusive tracks from ten up-and-coming New Zealand artists for free.
Scalper - My Blood Your Blood and Puppets Singles Reviews
02 Jun 2014 // A review by Petros
Nadeem Shafi, British ex-pat and former member of Fun-Da-Mental, is Scalper. His solo and pseudonymous act is a known purveyor of underground Alternative Hip-Hop now here in New Zealand, and his previous two releases Flesh & Bones and Butchers Bakers garnered very favourable reviews here and abroad.
The Naked and Famous @ The Powerstation, Auckland 16/05/14
01 Jun 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
If you are looking for a critical review, then I am sorry to tell you that you have come to the wrong place. With that said I would like to politely direct you to look at other reviews that may be found on this fantastic website we call muzic.
Dying Of The Light - Factory (Shihad Cover) Video and Single Review
29 May 2014 // A review by Petros
“If you want a vision of the future Imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.” George Orwell.
Jan Hellriegel - Because You Single Review
28 May 2014 // A review by mciver29
I've been guilty of instantly cringing when hearing of artists that usually have guitars in front of them decide to delve into electronic music but as we all know many of these artists have come out the other side with an expansive body of work that transcends them into a new plain of song writing. My first memory of Jan Hellriegel was from Rip It Up magazine in the mid 90's while I was at High School, I always thought she had a underlying darkness to her and her music but some where along the line she stopped releasing music to have a family and settle down for a while.
Great North @ Victoria Theatre, Auckland 9/05/2014
25 May 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
If you have read my previous review for Great North you would know that I absolutely adored their album Up In Smoke. So as you can imagine I was thoroughly looking forward to Friday the 9th of May when I would be able to hear all the wonderful songs played live.
The Phoenix Foundation - Tom's Lunch EP Review
25 May 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
Following on from the fantastic album Fandango I had the pleasure of reviewing The Phoenix Foundation's amazing gig in Wellington last year. I then met the gracious bearded wonders at the Vodafone music awards towards the end of 2013.
Truly Made - For The Summer EP Review
22 May 2014 // A review by Asmith
Surely an odd title for an Autumn release, but 10 seconds in and I can only assume it was a metophor for the general feel of the album as this release is going to be in my playlist all year round for quite a while. I can’t help but feel this album was more than aptly titled, from track to track you get an air of summer throughout, every bbq, every beach getaway, it’s all in there.
Crash-Scan - Repeat Until False Album Review
21 May 2014 // A review by CEOMong
Mint physical release, a damned fine example of the post-CD era! I’ll admit up-front that even after several listens I couldn’t quite gel with this album ...
Tiny Ruins - Brightly Painted One Album Review
20 May 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
Tiny Ruins is the creation of New Zealand musician and songwriter Hollie Fullbrook. It all began when she started writing music for theatre productions through-out Wellington and playing live music at poetry nights.
Fiona Pears - Swing Driven Thing Album Review
20 May 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
I don't even know where to begin. I just have to say that simply, I love it!
Sherpa - Blues & Oranges Album Review
19 May 2014 // A review by Petros
Please excuse the drug references in the following review of Sherpa’s Blues & Oranges. Even without drugs this album is a real trip.
Jayson Norris - Save My Soul EP Review
16 May 2014 // A review by Dilemma
New from Jayson Norris is the Save My Soul EP as part of NZ Music Month. If you are a fan of Kora style rock or Tiki Taane melodies then you will love this five-song EP, cleverly incorporating roots and the groove of mainstream guitar rock’n’soul to blur genres.
71 Sunset - Mule EP Review
13 May 2014 // A review by Petros
The music of Seventy One Sunset has been described by the Rock FM as “great hooks and solid riffs”. An apt description of what can also be described as a throwback to seventies Hard Rock with a modern twist.
Liam Finn - The Nihilist Album Review
12 May 2014 // A review by mciver29
I've had long standing respect for Liam Finn ever since seeing Betchadupa play at Trafalgar Park on New Years in Nelson when I was 16, and although I'm aware of Liam's growing back catologue, I haven't followed his recent music very much.You will see, no doubt, that I have been quickly taken with this album, as an album in the true sense.
Estère - Estere Album Review
10 May 2014 // A review by Dilemma
Released as a free download via Bandcamp the debut EP from Wellington singer/songwriter/beatmaker/producer Estere is definitely unique in the NZ music scene. Self-described as “just a girl with an MPC” Estere works her equipment and the product is individualistic, raw and worthy of a listen this NZ Music Month.
Ill Semantics - You Got It Feat. Scribe and K.One Single Review
09 May 2014 // A review by Dilemma
The Ill Semantic’s are back for 2014 and while it's been over 20 years since they formed they still have the ability to make really good, current hip hop music. Ill Semantics are getting ready to drop their third album and have delivered the first single titled You Got It feat.
J Williams - Broken Love Single Review
09 May 2014 // A review by Dilemma
Part of New Zealand Music Month is showcasing NZ music and J. Williams is back with another R&B power ballad, Broken Love is the name of his latest release which was co-written with sister Lavina and then mixed and mastered by NOX and Patriarch for their Illegal Muzik label.
Medusa Glare - No Tomorrow Single Review
08 May 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
As luck would have it, I've stumbled on the backyard of stunning model and recent nzblokes 'Babe of the Week' - Sophie Burnside. Sophie is absolutely stunning and a quick Google search reveals that Sophie is also a bright, intelligent and health conscious individual...
Smashproof - Survivors Feat. Pieter T Single Review
06 May 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
An uplifting tune that I'm sure is going to bring relief to not just a lot of kids; but also adults through the sentiments of Smashproof's new single Survivors which tackles issues of bullying, youth suicide and abuse, head on. It's a beautifully crafted piece of kiwi Hip Hop with a delicious hook sung sweetly by RnB artist Pieter T, sandwiched between thoughtful and thought-provoking MC turns on the mic from each of the Smashproof boys.
Kimbra - Rock Steady/Wanna Be Startin' Something Single Review
05 May 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Oooh girl! This is the epitome of every getting dressed up, dolled up, laced up, heeled up 'get ready' session with your gal pals before a huge night out of being fierce and fabulous.
David Sutton - Cheese Album Review
03 May 2014 // A review by Petros
David Sutton is the kind of artist I've been striving to be with my own project. He's a proven jack of all artistic trades.
David Sutton - 40 Album Review
03 May 2014 // A review by Petros
Hot off the heels of his album, Cheese, David Sutton has released 40, ten tracks of upbeat, catchy and very easy listening songs that sound like a relic from my father's generation. In a world where over produced is a prerequisite of commercial radio play, comes an album with instruments that actually sound real, all performed by David Sutton himself.
Riqi Harawira - Please Find Me Girl Single Review
02 May 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
Listening to Riqi Harawira's new song Please Find Me Girl the first thing I noticed is the really well produced clean acoustic guitar playing in harmony to Riqi's voice which is a brilliant way to start a reggae song with a tasty blend of Blues, Jamaican Reggae and solid syncopated rhythms.  Riqi seems to be singing to a beautiful woman that he is absolutely infatuated with.
Great North - Up In Smoke Album Review
30 Apr 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
I know you shouldn’t judge a band by its name or its album cover, but as soon as I saw the cover art and was graced with the name Great North, you could say something magical happened. I find Great North to be a beautiful title for a group.
Sora Shima - You Are Surrounded Album Review
27 Apr 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Sora Shima have recently dropped their brand new album You Are Surrounded and I stuck my hand up to review this album as it's not very often you get the opportunity to listen to a purely instrumental album. Still a touch jaded, and quite hungover after a big night out, I decided that with a very clear mind it was probably a good opportunity to listen to some of Sora Shima's music having not ever heard them before.
Ginny Blackmore - Holding You Single Review
18 Apr 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
This is certainly not the genre that I relish, which is exactly why I wanted to review this EP. I have had the pleasure of meeting Stan Walker on two occasions and he is a charming man.
Heathen Eyes - You're Gonna Need A God Single Review
18 Apr 2014 // A review by Petros
Heathen Eyes are a band I've been keeping an eye on of late, and I suggest you do to. This band is making the music every 90's rocker has been waiting for since Darude's Sandstorm started the drawn-out decline of popular music as we knew it.
Meridian Vibe - Crash And Burn Single Review
18 Apr 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
I had not heard of Meridian Vibe until this single landed in my inbox. I would describe their style as alternative pop rock, which I hope doesn’t offend the band too much, but I can see this being in the charts.
Depths @ The Powerstation, Auckland 06/03/14
11 Apr 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
I'm a long-time listener, yet first time viewer of the New Zealand heavy (very heavy) metal, death metal and hard-core band Depths and for me; what a worthy wait it was! I was fortunate to see one of NZ Metal's best and brightest in support to Suicide Silence and the absolutely stunning Down, as fronted by Phil Anselmo; formerly of some really rad metal band from the 90s and earlier, you might of heard of `em...
Louis Baker EP Release Gig @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland 28/03/14
11 Apr 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
On a balmy Autumn night; a collected throng of interested yet relaxed patrons and I gathered at The Tuning Fork (a rad little venue that is nestled into the side of the behemoth that is Vector Arena); and were treated to the EP Release gig for Wellington's lovely bluesy crooner - Louis Baker. This wonderfully talented young fella took minimal time to enchant the crowd and have them eating out of the palm ofhis slide-guitaring hand.
Jason McIver - The Crystal Pool Single Review
11 Apr 2014 // A review by Petros
I always wondered if I would have still liked John Frusciante’s solo work if I didn’t know he was from Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Short of a brain injury or amnesia, I’ll never truly know.
Lightning Bells - Chime EP Review
11 Apr 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
With this being my first EP reviewed I was a bit worried on how to go about it. Whether to sit down and study the songs while taking notes, or just playing it and seeing what I thought.
Decades - Bright Eyes Single Review
08 Apr 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
What's the first thing you think of when I mention a kiwi rock band with a female singer? Probably the most memorable would be Tadpole, followed by the likes of maybe Ivy Lies or Foamy Ed.
Stormporter EP Release Gig @ Nectar Bar, Auckland 22/03/14
05 Apr 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
Before I start talking about Stormporter’s wonderful gig, I think I should give a round of applause to the venue in which it was held in. The Nectar Bar was a wonderful place to sit down and relax, with the building inside looking like a renovated barn.
Lightning Bells EP Release Gig @ Juice Bar, Auckland - 21/03/14
02 Apr 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
I think I can speak for all when I say that the Lightning Bells EP release gig at Juice Bar on the 21th March was nothing but a hoot and a half! Much enjoyment was had by all, artists and audience alike.
Eli Driftwood - Lies Your Momma Told Me Album Review
02 Apr 2014 // A review by Petros
Call you need is an email and vote for “Eli Driftwood” please please! Help me Help him!!
Eden Roberts - Crying Birds EP Review
28 Mar 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
Already hearing of Eden Roberts through X-Factor last year, I was pretty interested to hear what her EP would sound like and in which direction Eden has decided to take her music. Eden Is an 18 year old X-Factor Contestant hailing from Auckland, New Zealand.
Louis Baker EP Review
24 Mar 2014 // A review by Asmith
Having never heard of Louis Baker before I was given this review I was unsure what to expect.This wasn't a bad thing though- have you ever heard an artist for the first time and just sat there going, wow, this is cool.
Flip Grater - Pigalle Album Review
21 Mar 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Gifted Christchurch singer-songwriter Flip Grater brings her yearning, beautiful indie folk to our ears via the sultry Parisian musical base she currently calls home. Pigalle, Flip Grater’s fourth album, is aptly named after the Studio Pigalle Paris, in which these delicious 11 tracks has been recorded; in an area renowned for its artistic soul, creative residents such as Dali or Picasso and its Moulin Rouge adjacency.
Clap Clap Riot - Nobody/Everybody Album Review
21 Mar 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
It’s been a pretty rad year for Clap Clap Riot so far; with appearances at the revamped 2014 Big Day Out and just finishing up on a nationwide tour in early March, the release of their second album Nobody/Everybody brings a super polished and completely contagious lo-hi experience. Scrappy punk vibes transmit via a 60s swag that makes you wanna jerk your head around like a Thunderbirds puppet.
Benny Tipene - Toulouse EP Review
18 Mar 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Ahh BENNAAY TIPEENNAAYYY! There’s something about his name that someone I know was never able to pronounce in any fashion other than in the ostentatious X Factor NZ announcer style.
Like A Storm - Chaos Theory Part 1 Album Review
18 Mar 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
It’s like a movie isn’t it? A literal band of brothers tinker away at their hard rocking ambitions somewhere in little ol’ New Zealand and then BAM!
City Oh Sigh - Fragments Fine Album Review
18 Mar 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Wellington’s extremely accomplished chamber folk quartet; City Oh Sigh release their first full length album, Fragments Fine - and it’s a breath-taking beauty. Lead songwriter, singer and cellist Kate has a magical way with her beautiful notes; expertly catching and playing with the pitches and tones creating something special and reminding you of what a joy it is to listen to a truly talented vocalist at work.
The Flaming Mudcats - Mistress Album Review
18 Mar 2014 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The Flaming Mudcats return with another brilliant slab of their eclectic roots infused tunes, full of toe tapping, good soul feeling stuff. Craig Bracken’s jazzy vocals ring true and clear on their second offering, that makes you turn the volume up that little bit louder.
Shayna King - The Day Is Young Album Review
13 Mar 2014 // A review by mciver29
Shayna King is a Christchurch based singer/song writer though perhaps not in the most traditional sense, I was refreshed to find that she has a full backing band that helps add a little grit to the performances on the album.The opening tracks on her debut album, The Day Is Young, are your typical acoustic, melodic, pop songs, they are well written but didnt jump out at me, that being said the production is clear and well balanced, well achieved for a self funded album.
I Am Giant @ Kings Arms, Auckland 31/01/14
12 Mar 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
Two long serving Kiwi rock icons, one of NZ’s best session guitarists, and one of the most unmistakable voices in the English rock scene that you could compile together onto one stage at any one time – this is I Am Giant. With a string of amazing rock numbers such as Purple Heart, Neon Sunrise and their latest single Razor Wire Reality how could I deny the opportunity to see I Am Giant play live at the Kings Arms with support from two of my other favourite bands, Flirting With Disaster and Fire At Will.
The Mad Crept - Darkling EP Review
12 Mar 2014 // A review by Petros
I really hope The Mad Crept’s debut EP Darkling is a taste of things to come. There needs to be more music like this.
Tiki Taane - With Strings Attached Album Review
10 Mar 2014 // A review by Dilemma
On November 3 2012, Tiki Taane, his whanau and friends came together in Old St Paul's Church in Wellington to record and film the live album With Strings Attached (Alive & Orchestrated) which was released just in time for the end of those long hot summer days and breezy nights. With the help of NZ On Air and TVNZ crew, they were able to capture the power of Tiki who arranged a musically stunning collaboration with backing from The Dub Soldiers, kapahaka group Te Pou O Mangatawhiri and a string orchestra to add depth to a soulful performance.
The Lowest Fidelity - Love Is For Others Album Review
07 Mar 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
There are three assumptions you'll need to dispel before listening to Will Saunders and the Lowest Fidelity's latest release Love Is For Others. The first is that the Low Fidelity is a band (or at least that they're a band on the recording - there is a live band); Will performs as a solo artist.
The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves Album Review
04 Mar 2014 // A review by Ria Loveder
The television was tuned in to Juice TV as I stood by the sink doing the dishes. The tunes of songs came travelling through when my ears picked up something that both fascinated and puzzled me.
Saving Grace - The Urgency Album Review
03 Mar 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
New Zealand's worse kept heavy secret; Saving Grace return with their fourth full length album of solid home-grown metal and hard-core. Squealing 'Wolfenstein' guitar licks, huge rumbling breakdowns, it's all here; and just when it's easy to pile accolade upon accolade down on this album and therefore SG's head; it's a relief that listen after listen it's refreshing to find that it's praise that's all heartily deserved.
Jim Beam Homegrown 2014 Highlights
03 Mar 2014 // A review by terry666
Jim Beam Homegrown February 15th, Wellington Waterfront I love Homegrown. Where else can you get to see such a brilliant array of New Zealand’s finest musical talent?
Dead Teach The Living with Blackleaf Gardens & Shardsof Sky @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 15/02/14
03 Mar 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
The Ding Dong Lounge was packed to the grills on Saturday night for Dead Teach The Living's The Feeding Begins release party. Who could resist going since the incredible Blackleaf Gardens and the Legendary Shardsof Sky were opening guaranteeing the night one to remember.
Fallen Order - The Age of Kings EP Review
27 Feb 2014 // A review by terry666
From the opening stanza this EP takes off like a bullet. Classic British metal in sound the first bands that come to mind are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.
Jake Stokes - Midnight Album Review
26 Feb 2014 // A review by Asmith
When I first pressed play on this release I was pleasantly surprised to hear some very bluesy sounding riffs blasting at me from my speakers. Now I guess I'm a little bias here but I believe the blues and blues influenced genres are underrated, underplayed, and undersold, especially in New Zealand so when I here something like this it always gets me a little excited.
Devils Elbow - Absolute Domain Album Review
26 Feb 2014 // A review by Petros
Managing to give us an EP/Single/Album each year since 2010, February sees the release of Absolute Domain, the sophomore album from Hawkes Bay Alt. Country Punk and aspiring bums, Devils Elbow.
Koda - Showtime Single Review
25 Feb 2014 // A review by Petros
You may know him as Daniel.  You may recognise him as half of Auckland's pop-punk crowd pleasing Fire and Glory line-up.
Third3ye - On3ness Album Review
24 Feb 2014 // A review by Dilemma
Third3ye is a collective of like-minded hip hop artists coming together to produce a new-wave, spiritual sound. The music they make exudes a naturalist vibe over 15 tracks that takes the listener on a philosophic journey through mystical and musical vibrations.
The Mamaku Project - Twigs of Gold Album Review
18 Feb 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
Twigs of Gold is a very quirky album with an array of brass, bass (deep man), reggae, jazz and space invader type sounds thrown in. The album kicks off with a song called Berlin, which sounds very much like a Kiwi styled James Bond movie theme song.
Eclipse - Pink Floyd Tribute Band @ Stonehenge 01/02/2014
16 Feb 2014 // A review by Asmith
Let me just start of by stating there are simply not enough words in the english language to adequately describe how amazing this show was, but I will do my best. We pulled into the parking area to be guided with precision into our space, then jumped in in the que with the other 2500 people who had come to this event and made our way in surprisingly fast.
Smashproof - Forever Album Review
13 Feb 2014 // A review by Dilemma
It's been 6 long years since Smashproof burst on the scene with Gin Wigmore singing the quintessential south auckland hit Brother. In 2009 they released their first album The Weekend and finally Smashproof have put together a new album called Forever.
Supermodel - Rimu and Roses Album Review
11 Feb 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Splashing into your eardrums comes the delightful and welcomed Rimu and Roses by Supermodel; bringing a swag bag of 70s rock and starry eyed guitar and piano noodling to the party. I'm loathe to float comparisons to a band so magically ambitious in their own right, however it would be only fair to mention that sparkly big stadium feel that Muse and Queen have in spades.
Broods EP Review
11 Feb 2014 // A review by Kate Taylor
Get ready to meet the new Kiwi music duo that you'll not only fall in love with; but surely will be scrambling to tell all your friends about as well. Broods aka Georgia and Caleb Nott, are a Nelson born and Auckland musically cultivated brother and sister who will no doubt be in the ears of many international taste-makers before the New Zealand Summer is through.
Dead Teach the Living - The Feeding Begins Album Review
11 Feb 2014 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
Dead Teach The Living are a 5 piece Auckland based band that's been injecting fans with their fix of pure heavy metal for the last 3 and a half years and are quickly rising in the New Zealand metal scene with their reputation of hectic, insane music both live and in studio. The Official music video for their first single, Cystic Eyebrosis was released late last year and left me eager to listen to the rest of their self-produced debut album The Feeding Begins which definitely delivers 13 tracks of metal with high energy, solid production and a tasteful blend of progressive metal, thrash metal, extreme metal, hardcore punk with a sense of groove.
The Shakedown - Next Movement EP review
10 Feb 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington’s The Shakedown seem to have only been around a short while (or at least since March last year) but have already made a bit of a name for themselves through their live shows and a couple of singles. Next Movement is their first release and is 5 tracks of pretty sweet sounding reggae-laden funk.
Armed In Advance - Harder Times EP Review
06 Feb 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
It's already February 2014 and I'm on the hunt for some new music. Sick of listening to the same old bands I've been listening to for the last 10 years give or take a few exceptions, a close friend suggested to me the fresh sound from Auckland band Stitches.
Coach - Songs For Michelle EP Review
01 Feb 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
The first track When from Coach's new EP Songs For Michelle opens with such a full warm sound it makes an instant unforgettable impact. It’s a slow tempo track with rich vibrant guitars and deep warm vocals, backed by some haunting ooohs, which makes me, feel like I’m floating on clouds.
Big Day Out 2014 Review
31 Jan 2014 // A review by terry666
Big Day Out 2014 @ Western Springs, Auckland - 17/01/2014 It was with some trepidation I headed to Western Springs to check out the new venue for the Big Day Out 2014. I have been to about 6 previous Big Day Out's and Western Springs is a quite a different venue than Mt Smart.
Brockaflower - Build It Album Review
30 Jan 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington’s Brockaflower (or Brockaflowersaurus-Rex and the Blueberry Biscuits to use their full name) have been getting a bit of hype around town lately, as they develop a reputation for a fun-filled live show (although I’m yet to see them live myself). So I was interested to hear what their debut album, Build It, would sound like.
Parachute 2014 Highlights
29 Jan 2014 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe - AKA amandashootsbands Straight from the mouth of Mr. Mark de Jong himself, I learned that this was the 24th Parachute Music Festival, and it is growing larger every year it’s held at the Mystery Creek venue in Hamilton.
I Am Giant - @ Bar Bodega, Wellington 25/01/14
27 Jan 2014 // A review by tonymcdonald
Razor Wire, City Limits, Purple Heart, Let it Go, And We’ll Defy; were taking control of my inner brain and senses within the first 30 minutes at Bar Bodega. Most of these tracks are from the 2011 album The Horrifying Truth and to be honest even if they don’t release another studio album anytime soon I am more than happy to keep listening to these songs on repeat.
Jay Killah - Common Ground Single Review
13 Jan 2014 // A review by Dilemma
New upcoming Hip Hop artist Joe Kilgour under the artist alias “Jay Killah” drawing inspiration from many of his favourite lyrical artists , he has created a fresh new sound for himself bringing something new to the New Zealand Hip Hop scene.Common Ground is the debut single from emerging artist Jay Killah.
Eva Prowse - H & Eva Crazy Eyes EP Review
10 Jan 2014 // A review by Petros
Ever wondered what happens when you slap together two Kiwi’s sojourning the British motherland? Henry Marks and Eva Prowse, the dynamic duo behind H & Eva, can show you.
Sky Village - Landfall EP Review
09 Jan 2014 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington alt-country group Sky Village’s debut EP at first seems quite straightforward but on repeated listens the many subtle nuances and depth contained within its six songs start to become more apparent, and to be honest if you don’t listen to this repeatedly you’re doing yourself, and the recording, a disservice. When you delve into this album with the attention it deserves you’ll uncover a musical richness, which stems from the combined experience of the four talented musicians involved in producing it; although guitarist and vocalist Michael Taylor can take credit for writing the songs on the EP he’s gathered a fine group of musicians to support the songs, with Deane Hunter on guitar, and Craig McDougall and Michael Allen on the rhythm section (drums and bass, respectively).
Mice on Stilts - An Ocean Held Me EP Review
09 Jan 2014 // A review by Petros
If you’re looking for something on the sandy shores of the mainstream, or a soundtrack to your Neo Silent French Film, then look no further than the debut album from Auckland’s Doom-Folk pioneering septet, Mice on Stilts. To some it may seem amazing that Mice on Stilt’s managed to keep An Ocean Held Me afloat.
Blackleaf Gardens - @ Backbeat Bar, Auckland 13/12/13
07 Jan 2014 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer
As someone who had never really heard of Blackleaf Gardens before, I was really not sure what to expect when I got invited to their latest album release party. I decided not to do any research on them as an artist before heading along to the gig and to let their album release party give me the very first impression of the band.
Blackleaf Gardens - Key To Infinity Album Review
27 Dec 2013 // A review by Asmith
This is the debut album from West Auckland four piece Blackleaf Gardens, and what a debut it is. All too often I find myself being asked to listen to music and I can't help but hear that one specific musical influence cutting through like a cold shower, this is not one of those albums.
The Intenders - Wasted on the Masses Album Review
23 Dec 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
The Wasted on the Masses album kicks off with a self titled song, which being under 3 minutes makes you instantly want to play it again. The happiness of the artists character (assumption by me), and charisma shines through with banjos and spanish sounding guitars over an upbeat Beatles sounding percussion section.
Fly My Pretties - The Homeland Recordings Album Review
17 Dec 2013 // A review by Dilemma
Going into Summer there is nothing better than finding some new summery tunes to help pass time and make memories, I’m not sure that the newest Fly My Pretties album titled The Homeland Recordings fits into that 'summery' category. It does however, have a country roads and wide open spaces contemplative quality that will get you through the longest road trips, relaxed, heartfelt, and intimate, it reflects the spirit of many of the small kiwi towns FMP visited on their recent Homelands Tour.
Jackal - Castle in the Air Album Review
17 Dec 2013 // A review by Petros
Last September there was a promise that Jackal’s fourth album would be finished before the end of this year.  True to their word, Jackal have just released Castle in the Air for free digital download or, as a bit of a novelty and a sign of the times, on Vinyl.
Breaks Co-op - Sounds Familiar Album Review
15 Dec 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
I’ve had mixed feelings about Breaks Co-op since their second album The Sound Inside was released in 2006. I’d been a big fan of their 1997 debut Roofers and had expected them to continue with that downbeat trip hop sound that worked so well for them.
Lorde - Pure Heroine Album Review
14 Dec 2013 // A review by RodrigoHidalgo
I was surprised to hear that the artist that has completely dominated the US Charts for the last 9 weeks is a 16 year old girl hailing from Auckland, with the stage name Lorde. Lorde is A singer/songwriter that seems to have become famous overnight with her debut single Royals that was originally released on her first EP The Love Club that was released late last year.
Megan Sidwell - Forever On A Sunday EP Review
06 Dec 2013 // A review by mciver29
Megan Sidwell is yet another emerging artist that cut their teeth competing in the SmokeFree RockQuest and it seems to be doing NZ well, introducing us to a lot of the kiwi musicians we all enjoy today. Megan won the Female Musicianship award two running in the Tauranga 2007 and 2008 regional RockQuest heats and is now based in Auckland while she studies music at Auckland Uni.
Tomorrow People - One.5 EP Review
06 Dec 2013 // A review by Asmith
Tomorrow People is one of my favourite kiwi reggae acts. There's something about them that's very genuine, something that (for me at least) really stands out from the sea of other reggae bands (and they're even better live!
House Of Shem - Harmony Album Review
06 Dec 2013 // A review by Asmith
Upon acquiring the third release from kiwi reggae artists House Of Shem I was filled with anticipation, eager to see what they had in store for me this time, and I wasn't left disappointed! With three part harmonies remaining a heavy base within the music, the switch between vocalists/songwriters is felt throughout the album all while remaining distinctly House Of Shem.
JCK - The Vampire Trilogy Singles Review
05 Dec 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
JCK (aka Auckland’s James Castady-Kristament) performs alternative hip hop, similar in vein to Wellington’s Tommy Ill, but with more of an electronic/dance feel to it.  His latest work, following up from 2011’s The Bees, is The Vampire Trilogy, a set of three songs fittingly released simultaneously on Halloween.
Fictional Response - Scarred Single Review
02 Dec 2013 // A review by elchicko
Wham bam thank you man, this song is a rasper. What do I mean by that?
Five Mile Town - Other Ghosts EP Review
29 Nov 2013 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Bittersweet expectations - two words that spring to mind on the first listen of Auckland quartet, Five Mile Town. A strong vibe of Mumford and Sons blends effortlessly with some heavy rock overtones on stand out on fourth track- Cigar and a 78, a stellar song that shows the bands true mark, and by far my favourite.
The Favoured Few EP Review
28 Nov 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
I have listened to a lot of Kiwi music over the years, however being from the North of England (Sheffield, home of the Arctic Monkeys), I have a great appreciation of different styles. The Favoured Few are a cross between Arctic Monkeys and The Killers and this becomes very apparent on the opening track of this EP, See the Sun.
The Black Seeds - Black Seeds @ James Cabaret, Wellington 15/11/13
27 Nov 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
No fuss, no dramas, The Black Seeds walked on stage as though they owned it. There wasn’t the usual glamour or glitz that some of the big bands have, or feel that they need to have.
April Fish - Blurred Album Review
26 Nov 2013 // A review by Petros
The question on the lips of the sheep is not so much a who; we know the dynamic duo behind the masks of April Fish are Wellingtonians Katie Morton and John Costa.  After listening to their debut Blurred what the sheep are trying to define is what.
Beastwars @ Kings Arms, Auckland 22/11/13
24 Nov 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
For me personally, the name Beastwars was not one that held a lot of influence in my life. Over the years my friends, band mates and colleagues had told tales to me of the epicness that Beastwars put into their shows and the power one of their live performances holds.
David Dallas - Falling Into Place Album Review
17 Nov 2013 // A review by Dilemma
David Dallas' chilled flow, pop culture references, intellectual lyrics and smooth hooks kind of makes him the male version of Lorde. Or since this is his third album and she is only 17, Lorde could be the female version of David Dallas.
Lucas O'Connell - Songs to Sleep On Album Review
10 Nov 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Music voyager Lucas O’Connell has released a beautiful debut album, Songs to Sleep On that encapsulates his skills to meaningfully personify all that is around him. The album was recorded primarily in Wellington’s Surgery Studios under the guidance of his main studio engineer Dr.
Ekko Park - Tomorrow Tomorrow Today album review
08 Nov 2013 // A review by Petros
Tomorrow… Tomorrow… Today. The title of Ekko Park’s newest release epitomises the procrastination process behind any project I have ever undertaken, be it a music review or walking to town to get a haircut.
Heathen Eyes - Blood of Cain Single Release Gig Review @ Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland 01/11/13
02 Nov 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
Rocking up to The Kings Arms Tavern is always a good feeling for me. A lot of the best times of my music career have been in that joint and it holds a lot of special memories.
Static Era - Dare to Fail EP Review
01 Nov 2013 // A review by Petros
I missed out on Static Era’s gig here in Palmerston North, and now that I’ve come across a copy of their sophomore EP, Dare to Fail, I feel like I missed more than just a night out on the town. Although town lacks the facilities to produce a flashy light show as impressive as the one in the band's Fire Away video, Static Era have a massive stage presence and danceable sound to get the crowd going.
Dead Dreamers - No Closure for Open Ends Album Review
01 Nov 2013 // A review by River
If you like your metalcore intricately crafted with a hint of punk and a dash of death for good measure, Dead Dreamers latest release No Closure for Open Ends is a must-have for your music collection. Originally hailing from Hamilton and after touring extensively throughout New Zealand, the five piece have recently relocated to the UK to break into the international market, so you will have to wait for their return tour to catch them live.
8 Foot Sativa @ The Royal, Palmerston North 11/10/13
30 Oct 2013 // A review by Petros
“I’m going to see 8 Foot Sativa, but my girlfriend won’t let me smoke drugs anymore so the name of the band is unfortunate…” The night was dark and stormy, but that wasn’t going to stop me getting to the most anticipated event this October.  8 Foot Sativa was back in Palmy.
Roy, Static Era, All Dead Superstars, Kavort @ The Royal 19/10/2013
28 Oct 2013 // A review by Asmith
The night was kicked off with a guy named Roy playing an acoustic set of covers from a wide range of styles, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime and my favourite (and the crowds too, as I looked around I could see most of them singing along) - Tool. Next up we had Static Era - this was probably my highlight of the night.
Sons Of Zion - Universal Love album review
28 Oct 2013 // A review by Asmith
Sons Of Zion have blown onto the scene rather quickly, the self confessed “young guys” of the reggae scene, their music a mixture of all their various influences including rock, blues, R&B, electronic, pop all heavily lathered with a strong base of reggae. Their latest album Universal Love is the kind of album you play to your girl, or the girl you want.
Blacklistt @ James Cabaret, Wellington - 10/10/13
27 Oct 2013 // A review by terry666
Blacklistt, as most will know were known previously as Blindspott. I have seen Blindspott heaps of times around the country and always loved their show.
Koda - Feel Brand New Single Review
26 Oct 2013 // A review by Petros
His name is Danny Fitter, but you can call him Koda. Though he may be relatively unknown right now, don’t let that put you off listening to his music.
8 Foot Sativa @ Stellar, Wanganui - 4/10/13
25 Oct 2013 // A review by terry666
I have been extremely lucky and seen 8 Foot Sativa lots of time in the last year in the build up to the release of the new album The Shadow Masters. I was very excited about heading over to Wanganui to see the guys play.
Heathen Eyes - The Blood of Cain Single Review
23 Oct 2013 // A review by Petros
In August ended the Heathen Eyes plea for funding to make a new album on Indiegogo. With incentives ranging from a “hug and a high five” to the “Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house” experience, 23 people reached into their wallets and the $2000 goal was reached, with $205 in spare change.
Mountaineater - Live @ The San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 11/10/13
17 Oct 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Mountaineater always put on a good show, and when it’s their album release tour, you know it’s going to be bigger than ever; but not content with just a massive show, this time round they partnered with Wellington heavyweights The Nudge. Kicking off sometime after 10pm, the Nudge were a much different beast from last time I saw them, at their own album release show last year.
Heavy Metal Ninjas - Interstellar Abduction Album Review
15 Oct 2013 // A review by Asmith
I don't even know where to begin with this. 2013 album of the year for me hands down.
Stray Theories - Those Who Remain Album Review
15 Oct 2013 // A review by Petros
If ever you needed a soundtrack to the world crumbling down around you, then look no further than Those Who Remain. No other album will make you feel more at peace as the world begins to burn than the latest from Stray Theories.
Blacklistt Album Review
14 Oct 2013 // A review by terry666
There are two Kiwi albums that I have been waiting for this year with baited breath. The first one was The Shadow Masters from 8 Foot Sativa and this one from Blacklistt.
Lorde - Pure Heroine Album Review
13 Oct 2013 // A review by Dilemma
Let’s get a few things out of the way, yes Lorde is young, she is from NZ, yes you can compare her to Lana Del Rey or Florence Welsh but you shouldn’t, and yes pretty much everyone has heard her song Royals. Regardless of preference of genre and despite various musical tastes everyone loves Royals, it cuts across boundaries and genres creating a new hybrid of hip-pop mania with dark and brooding alt.
Mountaineater Album Review
10 Oct 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Mountaineater are one of the few bands around that manage to somehow sound like their name. Slowly building up layers of sound, with rumbling bass and relentless rhythms, you can almost imagine a mountain crumbling away at the sheer intensity of this sonic assault.
Hollywoodfun Downstairs - The Mancunian Swing Album Review
10 Oct 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
I’ve been following Hollywoodfun Downstairs since their first gig a little over 18 months ago in Wellington. Since then they’ve released a demo and an EP, both of which were fine examples of fast-paced psychedelic, spazz out, post-punk.
Lisa Crawley Live @ Paddington, Auckland 5/10/13
10 Oct 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
Having just finished listening to Lisa Crawley’s brand new album All In My Head only several days before, my expectations for this show were at an all-time high. I was jittery, had butterflies and a sense of pride as I strolled to the venue with my plus one, spoke my name and was granted entry.
Rose and The Wooden Hearts - Digging Holes Album Review
09 Oct 2013 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Simple and charming; just a few choice words to sum up the overall vibe, of indie folk rockers, Rose and the Wooden Hearts. A refreshing change from the more male dominated role in Indie; female vocalist, Rose Fischer, bringing a sweet melody that gives the rest of the Wooden Hearts a light, feminine feel.
Royal Falcon - Heavy Night Album Review
08 Oct 2013 // A review by Petros
Back in the early 70s, one band with a defining sound and a lot of patience, buried an album with explicit instructions that the sealed package was not to be opened before the later half of 2013.  This is not the official story.
Monte - Stay Single Review
02 Oct 2013 // A review by Petros
Kiwis at heart, Aussies by nation, Sydney based Monte have just released a taster of their eagerly awaited forthcoming debut album in the form of single and video for Stay.  Influenced by Thrice, instrumentally Stay has a similar post-hardcore sound and structure, though the vocals bring a more radio friendly alternative rock vibe, setting up Monte to appeal to both traditionalists and neophyte camps alike.
Lisa Crawley - All In My Head Album Review
30 Sep 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
It’s been a while since my last review and I have been looking forward to this album for quite some time, when suddenly I returned home from work one evening to see a package addressed to me that contained my Lisa Crawley CD. I am writing this review from first impressions so here we go!
Tankapalooza Festival, Palmerston North - 28/09/13
29 Sep 2013 // A review by CEOMong
12 hours, 27 bands, 3 stages, Willow Park tavern. From the start I was intrigued – “how they gonna make that work?
Forsaken Age, Fallen Order, Red Dawn, Dick Tracy @ The Royal 06/09/2013
27 Sep 2013 // A review by Asmith
Dick Tracy blows onto the stage with their party rock anthems and I get my first look at the insane lighting rig being used for the night, which was quite a show (and a step up for the usual lighting rig thanks to their manager Tank) but may have been a tad bright for the room at times, making me wish I'd brought my shades along to the gig (although I did wonder if this was just my age and hundreds of gigs catching up with me haha). As the first band on there weren't that many people there but they had people up the front dancing as soon as they started playing, and they still played like the place was packed out.
The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves Album Review
27 Sep 2013 // A review by Dilemma
"There’s nothing left in this place but a reason to leave", and "it’s a hell of a long way to fall just to learn to get up" are lyrics from one of the best song’s I’ve heard this year. The song is called The Mess and the band of course, The Naked and Famous.
Fat Freddy's Drop Live Gig @ Wellington Opera House 20/09/13
21 Sep 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
The bass is humming, the seats are vibrating, the crowds are anticipating something huge. Yes Fat Freddy's Drop are on the stage.
Prowler - Enter The Night Album Review
19 Sep 2013 // A review by terry666
I don’t know a hell of a lot about punk rock music as I’m more of a metal head than anything else but one of the things that I do like about a good punk rock band is the energy that they have. Prowler are full of energy and the album kicks off with the title track Enter The Night that sets the pace up perfectly.
Dead Beat Boys - Robotronic Single Review
16 Sep 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Pure rock n roll goodness, very reminiscent of The Kooks, The Strokes, The Vines etc...Robotronic is one catchy single by the Dead Beat Boys, filled with edgy guitar riffs and screams of ecstasy/pain from James Fitz.
Kieran Cooper - Did You Miss Me? EP Review
15 Sep 2013 // A review by Petros
Did You Miss Me? asks the title of Kieran Cooper’s newest solo EP, and the answer is a resounding yes.
SansArcade - Re Entry EP Review
15 Sep 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
About a year ago I interviewed Auckland rockers SansArcade about their campaign to raise funds to record their debut EP. At the time they assured me that it would be out within months.
The All Seeing Hand - Mechatronics Album Review
15 Sep 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
On paper, The All Seeing Hand seems like an unlikely mix; the combination of hip hop turntable wizard Alphabethead, punk drummer B Michael Knight, and trained Mongolian-throat singer Jonny Marks just seems like it would end in a sonic mess, but their second album Mechatronics shows that, in the hands of skilled musicians, the combination of sounds and influences works. Like New Zealand’s version of avant garde rockers Mr Bungle, The All Seeing Hand’s songs are often experiments in combining various elements in new ways, to create interesting, and often intense, bursts of song, frequently with undecipherable lyrical content.
Ravenhall - Playing the Victim Single Review
12 Sep 2013 // A review by Petros
For those lamenting Rock’s retreat from the mainstream, or the break-up of Miscreant, I suggest Playing the Victim, the newest single from former Miscreant vocalist Chris Brebner’s brainchild Shelter (not to be confused with Ray Cappo’s Hare Krishna Melodic hardcore/Pop punk band). Stylistically different from Miscreant, which was more live crowd-pleasing rock oriented, Playing the Victim is for the crowd that preferred Disturbed to Device and eagerly await the Blacklistt album release.
Supervillains (RMC) - SVRMC EP Review
09 Sep 2013 // A review by elchicko
I love taking on new challenges, I put my head down and meet the oncoming collision without any thought for my well being.  When I was given this assignment, I made a few trips to the world of the internet, to research this chaps, to assume the attack position.
Thomas Oliver - Beneath The Weissenborn Album Review
09 Sep 2013 // A review by blues.bass
Thomas Oliver is one extremely seriously talented bloke.Thomas is perhaps slightly better known for the band that bears his name (The Thomas Oliver Band - who incidentally won the "iTunes Best Blues & Roots Album of 2011" award for their debut album Baby, I'll Play), but he is also an incredible player of the Weissenborn lap-slide guitar.
8 Foot Sativa - The Shadow Masters Album Review
04 Sep 2013 // A review by terry666
8 Foot Sativa came onto the NZ metal scene just over 10 years ago and gave it an injection which spread like wildfire and inspired thousands of young metal heads to pick up instruments and bang their heads. Kiwi metal heads had their Kings and knew that 8 Foot were the ones to make Kiwi metal an international brand.
The Glocks - 2013 Singles Reviews
30 Aug 2013 // A review by Petros
In October last year, though it doesn’t feel that long ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Magpie Genocide, the debut from Auckland rock outfit The Glocks. Almost a year and a line-up change later, the Glocks are back with more rock, more swagger and a more refined sound.
Daniel Bedingfield - Stop the Traffik - Secret Fear (special edition) EP Review
26 Aug 2013 // A review by mciver29
Here we have the third release by UK bred, Kiwi born singer/song writer Daniel Bedingfield titled Stop the Traffik - Secret Fear. We've seen him as a judge on NZ X-Factor and we've heard him crying in the rain on his #1 2001 single If You're Not The One.
Ladi6 - Automatic Album Review
25 Aug 2013 // A review by Dilemma
Ladi6's new album from the outset is strikingly magnetic, titled Automatic, the moment the intro begins with deep, slowly shifting beats which are flawlessly continued through out the entire album. The sound possesses both a raw and yet smooth quality.
Shepherds of Cassini Album Review
21 Aug 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
I first came across the Shepherds of Cassini earlier this year when I heard a demo of their track Eyelid on Soundcloud. It was an interesting track, epic in length and full of prog-rock goodness.
Kingston - Black & Bloom Album Review
21 Aug 2013 // A review by Petros
A line from Kingston’s Wikipedia entry reads “Kingston's debut album (title unknown) is set to be released in New Zealand in 2011.” After pulling a Chinese Democracy their album Black & Bloom has finally been released into the world.
The Sparrow Thieves EP Review
21 Aug 2013 // A review by Petros
Mate! What was that!?
Swamp Thing Live @ Churchill Tavern, Christchurch 18/08/13
19 Aug 2013 // A review by elchicko
50 people certainly became fans of Swamp Thing, if they had not already been fans. The biggest travesty of this memorable evening is the fact that these two master musicians are not playing to larger crowds, and in my mind taking somewhere like the USA by storm with their blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, and rock vibe.
Head Like A Hole Monsta-X Tour @ The Royal, Palmerston North 17/08/13
18 Aug 2013 // A review by CEOMong
As first experiences go, this was pretty epic. I’d never seen HLAH before live, and honestly had no idea what to expect.
Bulletproof - #Listen Album Review
15 Aug 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
After only one week of listening to this album, I will DEFINITELY be keeping it on my iPod. A perfect blend of light drum and bass and pop is a hit with me.
Datewiththeknife - I Read A Book About A Mountain Album Review
14 Aug 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
Full, original, heartfelt and emotional are all words that could be used to describe the debut album from Palmerston North based band Datewiththeknife. Having not listened to much Indie Rock myself, I've come into this with an open mind and unbiased opinion.
2 a.m. Orchestra - Working to Divide Album Review
13 Aug 2013 // A review by Petros
It was only November last year that I had the chance to review the band’s trippy hand drawn music video Heads & Tails, but the anticipation building around their forthcoming release Working to Divide has extended that nine months by half. Back in April I looked over Live at Lopdell House Theatre, {2 a.
The Phoenix Foundation live at James Caberet, Wellington, 27/07/13
10 Aug 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
I first watched The Phoenix Foundation live back in 2009 supporting Jarvis Cocker at the Town Hall, they were GREAT! Now they’re back again, ending the tour in their home town of Wellington.
Swamp Thing - Primordium Album Review
07 Aug 2013 // A review by elchicko
If you have never heard of this band, its hard to imagine that it’s a twosome with the full sound they seem to generate. The first thing that struck me was the presence of the singer’s voice.
Janine and the Mixtape - Dark Mind EP Review
06 Aug 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
The Dark Mind EP by Janine and the Mixtape offers much in the way of contemporary RnB. In an industry such as the RnB scene where it can be quite difficult to produce something fresh, new and exciting, Janine and the Mixtape have succeeded at this very feat.
Oslo Brown - Through The Storm Single Review
05 Aug 2013 // A review by JesseBlackleaf
Through the Storm is the upcoming single by folk/pop group Oslo Brown from their debut EP 120. On the whole I was impressed by this track that they seemingly produced out of nowhere.
8 Foot Sativa - The Shadow Masters Single Review
05 Aug 2013 // A review by mciver29
I admit I had been slack picking up the new 8 Foot Sativa tracks, I had seen all the online posts but was skeptical that maybe they had seen their best days after all the line up changes over the years, The Shadow Masters put those worries to rest quickly. With original frontman Jackhammer and Brent Fox (bass and formerly of Sinate) back in the band and with the addition of a new lead guitarist (Nik Davies) 8 Foot is back at what they do best ~ in your face, aggressive metal with plenty to prove.
Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird Album Review
31 Jul 2013 // A review by Dilemma
After 14 years and only 3 albums, it is safe to say that Fat Freddy’s Drop are very focused and direct with what they do. Blackbird is the newest release from the boys of FFD and, while it has taken so long to get here, it was worth the wait.
The Symphony of Screams - Radio Candy Album Review
31 Jul 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Ok, I'm officially scared in this turmoil of hatred. Only joking, or am I?
Sound the Ocean - Hold On Single Review
29 Jul 2013 // A review by Dilemma
Seven band members usually that would equate to a big brass/heavy beats boys club, but not this time, not with newcomers Sound the Ocean, they have a girl in their band! I feel this is what balances out the big sound, lots of instruments and puts a different spin on it.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Live at Bar Bodega, 20/07/13
29 Jul 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
It’s been pretty hard to ignore all the hype about Unknown Mortal Orchestra (or UMO as all the cool kids are calling them). If you’d managed to ignore music media, failed to read any music blogs, took no interest in SXSW this year, then you might have just pulled it off.
Ladi6 Live at The Powerstation, Auckland, 13/07/13
27 Jul 2013 // A review by Dilemma
There is one thing that I look forward to every summer and that is the NZ Music summer tours, and this year I had to wait until July for Ladi6 who is definitely a favourite of mine when she graces us with her definitive presence. She paired with @Peace at Auckland's Powerstation, in an interesting NZ collaboration of low freq beats and impressive rhyming skills.
Nachur - Cicada Sessions EP Review
26 Jul 2013 // A review by Petros
Nachur is not the reversal of the oxymoronic kiwi response to another round “Yeah Nah”.  Nachur (pronounced “Nature” not “Nah, Chur”) is the chosen collective name of Isaac Chambers and Prosad.
Shitripper - Brain Defect Album Review
26 Jul 2013 // A review by River
There's something very traditionally punk about Shitripper’s latest release Brain Defect. The Auckland based six-piece band isn’t your average three-chord punk outfit though, with a hardcore edge and snappy raucous songs sure to keep you on your toes.
Splashh - Comfort Album Review
23 Jul 2013 // A review by Petros
It’s cold.  It’s wet.
Needless Cane - The Sun Did Not Shine EP Review
23 Jul 2013 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Alternative metal in Wellington is not a dying scene; in fact, it’s very much alive when you have local act, Needless Cane and the release of their latest offering, The Sun Did Not Rise. This seven track EP brings that heavy, yet melodic sound that conjures up instant dark imagery and blackness, before swiftly bringing a strong industrial sound that finishes off the last three tracks.
Ghetto Sunrise - One Drop Love EP Review
22 Jul 2013 // A review by elchicko
Yes, yes and yes is my new formula for a thing of beauty. This short 6 song EP is a thing of beauty that brought my senses to an almost orgasmic state.
El Schlong - Live at San Francisco Bathhouse, 13/07/13
22 Jul 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington seems to be having a good run of metal gigs at the moment; it seems like there are a couple of decent gigs to get to every week, usually with a few bands (at least) on the bill, making them real value for music fans. Mid-July saw one such gig at the San Francisco Bathhouse, when art metallers El Schlong returned from Berlin for a quick tour of New Zealand.
Shapeshifter - Delta Album Review
22 Jul 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Shapeshifter have gained a reputation for energetic, upbeat and unique drum and bass since their first release in 1999. Each album saw them achieve greater acclaim and win a wider audience, culminating in 2009’s awesome The System Is A Vampire.
Sun Bear - High Seas EP Review
17 Jul 2013 // A review by Petros
Auckland Post-Rock purveyors Sun Bear (not to be confused with Helarctos malayanus) describe their music as “post-gender anti-modernist anarchic values combined with conservative scriptwriters”. The more green explorer of the Post-Rock genre would perhaps describe Sun Bear’s first offering High Seas a little differently.
Concord Dawn - Numbers Will Kill Us All EP Review
16 Jul 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Concord Dawn seem to have been churning out albums on a pretty regular basis over the past few years, each seemingly heading more towards the mainstream than the last. That wasn’t really anything to complain about, as the quality of the music was still at a high level and it seemed like a natural progression.
Hera - Live at York St Album Review
13 Jul 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Let me start by saying this is not my type of music, however I do appreciate all types of music, and everyone has different tastes.The CD packaging was well detailed and came with a lovely story of Jed & Hera and how they got together.
Decortica And New Way Home @ The Royal - 25/05/13
10 Jul 2013 // A review by terry666
This show had two local acts and two headliners locals Beneath the Heavens and Cephalopod supporting Decortica and New Way Home. For once I turned up fairly close to doors opening because I wanted to catch Beneath the Heavens and I was glad I did as they delivered a great set to watch.
Little Lapin EP Review
09 Jul 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
One look into her bright eyes, Little Lapin will have you mesmerised. Auckland-based Lucy Cioffi in her musical alter-ego Little Lapin has finally released her self-titled debut EP.
Secret Of Origin - Beyond the Grave Single Review
03 Jul 2013 // A review by Petros
In case you hadn’t noticed, the 80’s are back... with a vengeance.
Suppression - Chained And Dragged EP Review
01 Jul 2013 // A review by Asmith
So much groove in one place, how can you not at the very least get your head nodding to this? My personal thoughts on the groove>metal formula are very similar to my bacon>belly formula- I always want more even if there's no room left to put it, and Suppression have filled me up quite nicely.
The Adventures Of Mikejoffa - Miss Fortunes Album Review
01 Jul 2013 // A review by Asmith
I'm a 90's kid and I gotta say I'm really feeling it, a strong 90's alt vibe, Seattle and beyond with some kiwi flavor, It's taking me on a magic carpet ride reminiscing back to a place where Dubstep does not exist and Nicky Minaj is not somehow making money in the music industry. I know at some point I will have to come back to reality where these things exist but for now I'm enjoying it while I got it.
Jesse Sheehan - How The Light Gets In EP
29 Jun 2013 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Still relativity new in Wellington’s music scene, Jesse Sheehan is fast shedding some light as to why he’s about to become the next big thing in the Capital’s indie scene. This young talent is creating a stir in the indie folk world, just having released his second EP; How The Light Gets In.
The Drab Doo Riffs - Aquatic Ape Theory EP Review
28 Jun 2013 // A review by elchicko
Overall this concept EP left me feeling very flat and not at all inspired, but there were some highlights that perked up that interest. If you’re a fan of the movie Pulp Fiction there is a similar sound radiating from The Drab Doo Riffs.
Hollywoodfun Downstairs - So Post Modern EP Review
26 Jun 2013 // A review by SamuelJames
Wellington dance-punk trio Hollywoodfun Downstairs have been relentless in their rise to the top of the capital’s rock scene. The boisterous concoction of trampling beats, spooky guitar licks and thunderous bass has been a huge hit across the North Island, attracting both a growing number of fans and noise control complaints.
Jan Hellriegel - Lost Songs Album Review
16 Jun 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Well Jan has definitely uncovered some gems in this Lost Songs album. It is certainly a female classic rock collection and as Jan explains in the CD sleeve the songs were left behind because she didn't want to be pigeon holed into this female rock genre.
Eden Mulholland - Feed the Beast Album Review
13 Jun 2013 // A review by Petros
As soon as I heard about Feed the Beast, debut solo foray of Motocade’s mouth, Eden Mulholland, I was eager to get my hands on it. There comes a time in every young slave to the wage’s life where you’re forced to listen to music you really wouldn’t if you had a choice.
Three Houses Down - Moon And Back EP review
13 Jun 2013 // A review by Asmith
If you were to listen to Three Houses Down for the very first time it would be easy to hear influences varying from Peter Tosh, UB40, Herbs as well as contemporary modern reggae and an island twist thrown in for good measure. If this doesn’t sound like you then move on, if it does sound like something you would be into then you are definitely in for a treat!
Sleeping Dogs - Death of a Muse Album Review
12 Jun 2013 // A review by Petros
By Jove, they’ve done it again. Three years ago it was my pleasure to cast my discerning ear upon Myth Reducer, the debut from Christchurch based Sleeping Dogs, and it blew my mind.
Solstate Album Review
09 Jun 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
It’s always interesting listening to an album where one person has written and recorded the entire thing. There’s that element of risk involved, with no band mates to bounce ideas off, while at the same time allowing the performer to single-mindedly follow their vision for the album.
P-Money - Gratitude Album Review
04 Jun 2013 // A review by Petros
He’s arguably this country’s biggest DJ and producer. Metallers, Rappers, Popsters and pretty much anyone that’s listened to mainstream music in the past ten years know his stage name.
Diamond Doll - Plus None EP Review
03 Jun 2013 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
EP’s are perfect for the reason that they leave you wanting more as soon as the last track finishes, but you’re left with the feeling that it wasn’t long enough to placate your ears. If you have never experienced that feeling, you will with Hawkes Bay foursome, Diamond Doll band.
Awa - Heartbeat Album Review
31 May 2013 // A review by Dilemma
Awa has just released his second EP Heartbeat which is perfectly titled encompassing all that Awa found himself feeling as he was working on it. In his own words it was "the happiest and most inspired I'd been in a long time," and as  such he chose to pay tribute to this with seven naturalistic new songs written around the themes of, as he puts it, "Love, Aotearoa and enjoying life.
Superturtle - Beat Manifesto LP Review
27 May 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
All I can say is "Wow!".
Matt Langley - Virginia Avenue Album Review
26 May 2013 // A review by Petros
Revisiting Virginia Avenue, the new album from Kiwi Singer-Songwriter Matt Langley, is the perfect activity on a cold autumn afternoon in this nowhere town I call home. This Kiwi Country Rock suits my mood as I try to surgically disassemble my amp with a rusty screwdriver, as it would suit the ambience of a backwater pub in the South Island, or a road trip across the central plateau.
Soljah - Aotearoa Album Review
25 May 2013 // A review by Dilemma
Kaipara and Auckland based five-piece band Soljah have just released their debut album Aotearoa. Soljah is Ben Ratima, Les Watane, Tawhiri Littlejohn, Raniera Littlejohn and Jacob Nansen.
Sarah Conlan Singles Review
25 May 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Sarah Conlan, a young country singer/songwriter is part of a country music resurgence happening before our eyes. I always thought of country music as a self-contained genre.
Beastwars @ The Royal 18/05/2013
25 May 2013 // A review by Asmith
Turbostill were the first to grace the stage with their dirty grungy swamp rock n roll, with gravelly vocals laid over top. Simple catchy hooks and a steady rhythm section got the crowd off to a good start, and there was a surprising amount of people already there.
PCP Eagles - I Hate The Mall EP Review
24 May 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Calling all PURE punk rockers, the REAL DEAL has arrived. Finally a genuine punk band stomps onto the scene ready to rumble against, well, probably anything that gets in their way.
Amos/Anon - Thanatos Album Review
24 May 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
The initial guitar strings are like wind chimes hanging on the front porch. When the bass guitar steps in the big brass door opens and you enter into the world of Thanatos, the latest album from the shadow king, Amos/Anon.
The Bats - By Night EP Review
23 May 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Already owning two of The Bats albums Fear of God and At The National Grid I was excited to be able to review their latest EP By Night. The Bats fans will remember this as being their first EP released on vinyl in 1984, so it's not exactly a "new" release.
Newtown Rocksteady - Goin' Steady Album Review
21 May 2013 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Rewind a month or two back and you’ll feel like its summer all over again, with the new offering from Wellington favourite, Newtown Rocksteady and their second EP release Goin’ Steady. Putting forth some sweet soulful mixes, you can hear the smooth blend that makes these Newtown locals a big name for some of NZ’s finest reggae roots and grooves.
Bulletbelt - Down In The Cold Of The Grave Album Review
19 May 2013 // A review by terry666
Bulletbelt hails from Wellington and these guys have been touring and establishing themselves in the scene for a few years now having released two EPs and a live album already. They play in a lot of the local shows and have a national tour already under their belt and are about to head out on another excursion in support of their debut album release.
Temples on Mars - Kingdom of Fear Album Review
17 May 2013 // A review by Petros
Hiatus was my introduction to Agent. I first heard it in the background of one of those skate, surf and snow extreme sports shows that were on television before the advent of Emo and fast internet.
Tiny Ruins - Haunts EP Review
16 May 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Holes In My Pockets is the first song from the Tiny Ruins EP and sets the tone extremely well. I must stress that you really need to be in the correct mood for this song and thankfully, I was.
Penknife Glides - Pleasure Thru Tears Album Review
14 May 2013 // A review by Petros
Straight out of 80’s and onto your stereo, Penknife Glides are back and bring you their newest release. Pleasure Thru Tears is a collection of songs written by the band between ’81 and ’85 as punk pulled itself to pieces and began its twenty year hibernation.
The Phoenix Foundation - Fandango Album Review
12 May 2013 // A review by elchicko
No relation to the pro wrestler, The Phoenix Foundation bring us their newest collaboration of music Fandango. The first track Black Mould sets up the whole album, a hypnotic, lazy boy afternoon in the sun experience, preferably with a view of glistening snowy mountain tops, which fortunately is never to far away when you are in the South Island.
Fire At Will - The Way Out Album Review
12 May 2013 // A review by Petros
Rising from the ashes of Auckland’s My Asylum and South Africa’s The Narrow, multinational Hard Rock act Fire at Will are taking New Zealand and South Africa by storm.   Citing Lost Prophets and Breaking Benjamin as influences, their sound is a tight, hard hitting mix of the best parts of these two iconic bands.
Hurricane Kids - Live It Up EP Review
11 May 2013 // A review by JohnS
School holidays for my family almost always involve a decent amount of time traveling via the car and I always use this time to introduce my boys to new music to expand their every growing playlists on their MP3 players. The latest EP from the Hurricane Kids looks as if it may be another enjoyable addition.
The Hamma - Panzer Tank Album Review
11 May 2013 // A review by terry666
The Hamma play an old school energy driven raw rock n roll with a heavy metal edge. They formed around 1984 and their sound is very reminiscent of that era.
TREi - Satellites LP Review
30 Apr 2013 // A review by Dilemma
I’ll be honest I didn’t even know NZ had Drum n Bass DJ’s let alone a whole industry and a producer who was on to his second album, but that’s why I love NZ, because of our diversity of amazing music. I’m going to put it out there pretty quick that I’m not usually a fan of the dirty drum n bass thing, but I was given the Album Satellites to take a listen to and I was highly impressed.
Alizarin Lizard - Do You Just Want Me To Watch You? Album Review
29 Apr 2013 // A review by elchicko
The beautiful aspect of music is its charming way of bringing out nostalgic value to the listener. From the first chord, to the Damon Albarn strain radiating across the sound waves, the Lizards hit the right chord.
Cosmic Road Trip Vol.3 Album Review
29 Apr 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
The mission statement was simple; a collection of the best local tracks to celebrate a beautiful summer of 2013. Cosmic have searched far and wide to collate the best songs to set the mood for Volume 3 of their Road Trip series.
8 Foot Sativa - 10 Years of Sativa Album Review
23 Apr 2013 // A review by terry666
8 Foot Sativa. What can I say, has it only been 10 years?
The Upbeats - Primitive Technique Album Review
21 Apr 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington drum and bass duo The Upbeats have forged a reputation over the past 9 years for their hard hitting, dance inducing tracks and they’ve kept to that winning formula on their latest release, Primitive Technique. It’s packed full of 14 huge tracks, ranging from the jaunty One Step, to the almost menacing opening track Beyond Reality, with a few mellower tracks thrown in for good measure.
Tahuna Breaks - Live @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 13/04/2013
14 Apr 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
I’ve been listening to the new Tahuna Breaks album, Shadow Light, a bit lately and got to go see the release show for it at Wellington’s San Francisco Bathhouse on Saturday. I’d enjoyed the album, which is quite energetic, upbeat and fun, so I was expecting a pretty good show from the Auckland 7-piece.
Tattletale Saints - How Red is the Blood Album Review
11 Apr 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
The first thing that struck me about the album How Red Is The Blood was the attention to detail on the CD packaging and artwork, very professional and a pleasure to receive. Tattletale Saints have an array of traditional instruments such as Double Bass, Mandolin and Harmonica to name a few and are very old school in performance style.
Spikenard - MTX MT TUM FULHART EP Review
11 Apr 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Spikenard is an Indie band which really lifts my spirits. i.
PlasticGroove - Pointless Single Review
10 Apr 2013 // A review by Petros
The semi-anonymous masked men in black are back with a new track, though in many ways PlasticGroove never left the scene. Junky Monkey is still doing the rounds, currently sitting at number 40 on the Audience.
Rules Of Addiction - World Made Of Lies Album Review
10 Apr 2013 // A review by terry666
Rules of Addiction come from Wellington and Queenstown. They have been recording and touring since 2011.
8 Foot Sativa @ The Royal 23/03/2013
08 Apr 2013 // A review by Asmith
Opening up the night was the palmy lads Deaths Door - hard and fast with lots of breakdowns for the moshers, simple catchy vocal rhythms and the song writing riffery contained a lot of tempo changes which helped to build up to all the breakdowns and signature riffs. As more and more people packed in to see 8 Foot Sativa the mosh pit got bigger and bigger with everyone amping to see the headliners all you could hear between songs and bands was people chanting and screaming for 8 Foot Sativa!
Tahuna Breaks - Shadow Light Album Review
07 Apr 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Tahuna Breaks were one of those bands that I’d heard mentioned a lot but never got around to listening to, until I got sent a copy of their third album Shadow Light. After listening to it I don’t know why these guys aren’t better known here, or why I hadn’t listened to them earlier.
Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire Album Review
07 Apr 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Beastwars’ debut album in 2011 was an impressive display of sludge that garnered them a lot of attention, so I was a little apprehensive when I found out that I would be reviewing the follow up, Blood Becomes Fire. Would it be as good?
2 a.m. Orchestra - Live at Lopdell House Theatre Album Review
07 Apr 2013 // A review by Petros
It was a while ago that I got the opportunity to look at {2 a.m.
The Bads - Travel Light Album Review
02 Apr 2013 // A review by Petros
Once the Julie Dolphin, then Boom Boom Mancini, dynamic duo Brett Adams and Dianne Swann are back as The Bads and with a brand new album Travel Light. If neither of the previous band names sound very familiar, perhaps I should throw in that Adams and his guitarist skills have been heard alongside Gin Wigmore and Neil Finn, and Swann has recorded duets with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and OpShop, and was formally a member of kiwi supergroup When the Cat’s Away.
Urbantramper - Tomorrow We Leave Here EP Review
24 Mar 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington’s Urbantramper really impressed me with last year’s album Internet Freedom Is Love. I really liked their blend of indie folk and downbeat electronica – it had a dark streak through it that I found interesting, yet they maintained a pop feel to their songs.
Nathan Haines - Vermillion Skies Album Review
24 Mar 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
On a road of passionate red, the gorgeous and the ever-elegant saxophone dazzles and electrifies the room with a musical charge. This is the weapon of love for Nathan Haines.
Badd Energy - Underwater Pyramids Album Review
17 Mar 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
When I tried listening to the new Badd Energy album the first time I had to stop it and walk away. There was something about it that just put me off and I couldn’t listen to it.
Homegrown 2013 Review
11 Mar 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
The 2nd of March brought the annual Homegrown festival to Wellington once more and I headed along to get some photos, check out some bands I hadn’t seen live before and soak up the atmosphere of 17,000 happy music fans enjoying the best of our local talent. Last year I seemed to spend most of my time at the Rock Stage, so this year I thought I’d try and check out the stages where I wouldn’t normally hang out.
Maree Sheehan - Chasing The Light Album Review
04 Mar 2013 // A review by Dilemma
In the 1990's Maree Sheehan helped pave the way for women in the New Zealand music industry by bringing homegrown dance-pop to the foreground. Sheehan had a unique style, which blended dance-pop with traditional Maori instrumentals, hip-hop and RnB which broke new musical ground.
Theseonyas – Extended Pleasures EP Review
03 Mar 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
Theseonyas are a guitar focused indie rock band which appealed me to straight away and are certainly NOT your run of the mill band. The CD I reviewed was a 7 song EP called Extended Pleasures, which was a nice play on acronyms.
At Peace - Girl Songs EP Review
02 Mar 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Love in all its varieties; we all have had our unique experiences of love. From the Young Gifted & Broke movement the hip-hop group @Peace, consisting of Home Brew’s Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau, have released an EP all about the ‘L’ word.
Phil Stoodley - No Surprise Album Review
25 Feb 2013 // A review by elchicko
Phil Stoodley brings his debut album No Surprise via a humble free download from his website http://www.philstoodley.
Six60 - Six 60 @ The Station Village Complex, Lower Hutt 29/12/12
24 Feb 2013 // A review by tonymcdonald
I turned up to this gig not knowing what to expect. Sure I’d heard the radio hits and a couple of tracks from the album, but what would they be like live?
Tyree - Motivation Album Review
23 Feb 2013 // A review by Dilemma
It's been six long years since Tyree's debut album Now Or Never (2007) and his much anticipated sophomore opus Motivation calls on all of that experience and maturity into a project that encapsulates Tyree and his current struggles to maintain a positive outlook on life and career. "It's got a lot of songs that will motivate you.
Osmium @ The Royal, Palmerston North 07/02/13
22 Feb 2013 // A review by terry666
Robin a two piece self described post rock band opened up the evening with an inspiring set. An instrumental band predominantly it was swirling guitar sounds with almost tribal rhythms.
Max Merritt & The Meteors - Been Away Too Long Album Review
21 Feb 2013 // A review by Petros
"Get a haircut...” A line oft repeated by my father in my earlier days, and even more so now.
Death In Texas - Fear of the Hundred Single Review
21 Feb 2013 // A review by Petros
Death in Texas are another great band that has escaped the chain-like clutches of the New Zealand native music scenes, and for good reason. Their sound is at the dark end of pop, a vine the local bigwigs fear to pluck fruit from, and in whose shade the sheeple fear to tread.
Killing Bear and About The Deadlines @ Mighty Mighty, Wellington, 15/02/13
20 Feb 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington was treated to not one, but two, album releases last Friday at Mighty Mighty. Kapiti duo Killing Bear and Wellington four-piece About The Deadlines both had new recordings to celebrate and where better to do it than at Mighty Mighty.
Hollywoodfun Downstairs - So Post Modern EP review
17 Feb 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Hollywoodfun Downstairs are one of Wellington’s hardest working bands. They seem to play live more than most bands in town, and if they’re not gigging then they’re rehearsing four or five times a week to tighten their songs up.
Killing Bear - The Vine of Souls Album Review
16 Feb 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Having seen Wellington two-piece Killing Bear perform a few months ago I was looking forward to checking out their newly released second album. Live they came across as dark bluesy rock, at times almost touching on folk, but with this driving drumming that propelled the music along.
Transistors - Dirty Diver Single Review
14 Feb 2013 // A review by elchicko
This song brought about an array of mixed feelings with regards to its total output. The best way to describe this journey is in the shape of a roller coaster that begins with a lengthy climb only for the initial drop and adrenaline rush to be cut short so prematurely.
Benny Tones - Chrysalis: The Remixes Album Review
13 Feb 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
Benny Tones, star producer and member of Wellington's Electric Wire Hustle, released a pretty solid album of electronica with 2011’s Chrysalis. This year he's looked to follow that success up by releasing an album of remixes.
Nina McSweeney - The Bitter Sea Album Review
07 Feb 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
The first thing that strikes you when you hear opening track Lost In Translation on Nina McSweeney’s debut solo album is the remarkable similarity to Portishead. It’s not just the downbeat backing track, it’s that Nina’s voice sounds eerily like Portishead’s Beth Gibbons.
Ekko Park - Becoming The Enemy Single Review
03 Feb 2013 // A review by elchicko
If I was able to achieve metamorphosis I would love to transform into a rock chick, stand in the front row of the next Ekko Park show, and portray my love to them in the only way possible, the way Tom Jones was so used to for all those years at the top. Unfortunately for those guys and you male readers I am not a rock chick (I do wish I could wear some of their fashion garments) but a chap who loves his music and is constantly impressed by the level of brilliant music that the New Zealand industry is bringing out.
Amos/Anon - Songs of a Tortured Soul EP Review
02 Feb 2013 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Songs of a Tortured Soul is a demonstration of courage in progress. The latest EP from gothic artists [Amos/Anon] is to date their most heartfelt release.
Pariah - Mass Album Review
31 Jan 2013 // A review by Asmith
It’s been a long time coming for the 2nd full length Pariah album but I’ll be honest, it was fully worth the wait! Starting off with a melodic instrumental piece that warms you up, gets you comfortable, makes you feel safe… Then the brutal onslaught begins with the second track Unholy Disorder filled with mosh heavy riffs, it kinda takes you over and no matter where you are you feel overwhelmed by the pit inside your head (try listening to this album on headphones in public without looking like you’re having a seizure, I dare you).
Parachute 2013 Review!!!
30 Jan 2013 // A review by amandashootsbands
Today’s review is brought to you by the letter F, and the number 7.  The F word...
Some Groovy PlasticGroove Singles
29 Jan 2013 // A review by Petros
PlasticGroove is that band with the black and white cartoon cut out masks and the suits.  When asked about the masks, one of the semi-anonymous members explained the masks were to bring the focus back to the music, not the celebrity behind the performers.
Osmium - The Misery Harvest Album Review
29 Jan 2013 // A review by River
There’s no escaping Osmium’s awesome metal prowess throughout their second full-length album The Misery Harvest. Stylistically similar to Alice and Chains, what sets the Invercargill based three-piece apart is a harder edge of heavy riffs with a bit more grunge for good measure.
J Plates - Look Within Single Review
27 Jan 2013 // A review by Alistar3000
J Plates (aka Jeremy Graham) is a Hamilton-based electronic music maker who isn’t that well known here, or known at all outside the club scene, but he seems to be getting plenty of notice abroad. He’s just released a track on a compilation by Russian label Liquid Brilliants.
George FM Yearbook 2012
19 Jan 2013 // A review by Mmdelai
Dang, this is a bangin' compilation!  The George FM Yearbook 2012 is full of super catchy indie electronic tracks.
Titanium - All For You Album Review
12 Jan 2013 // A review by Jay Kim
Not long ago, The Edge FM said they would set out to manufacture the perfect boy band. Now, they present to us a carefully selected group known as Titanium.
David Rasmussen - Blue Sky Shining Album Review
10 Jan 2013 // A review by Petros
Serve Blue Sky Shining with a sweet cocktail. Best enjoyed in a hammock.
Beyond The Black NYE Festival 31/12/12
08 Jan 2013 // A review by Asmith
Rising Force The first act on the indoor stage to kick things off. The band that has been together for about a year and their sound is quite similar to European power metal, with the vocalists beautiful clean voice surprising everyone when she threw in some screams too!
Paper City - Time Will Find You Single Review
07 Jan 2013 // A review by elchicko
What struck me straight away with this song was its remarkable capabilities to transcend me back into my late teens with only 10 seconds of the song, hours wasted playing Tony Hawks pro skater knowing all the words to such bands as Bad Religion, Papa Roach and more unknown British bands as Kneehigh, Waiting for Taylor, Gash and more recently amongst the American scene, Yellow Card springs to mind. The opening is in your face, very gritty, and makes you stand up and take notice.
Rhythm and Vines Review
07 Jan 2013 // A review by River
There’s something very special about the Rhythm and Vines music festival held during New Year at the lovely Waiohika Estate Vineyard, just out of Gisborne. Rhythm and Vines celebrated their ten-year anniversary with an unprecedented level of professionalism and 31,000 music lovers partied with them on New Years Eve.
Jamie McDell - Six Strings and a Sailboat Album Review
03 Jan 2013 // A review by Petros
I had never heard the name Jamie McDell, though judging by the volume of buzz and praise Google throws out, I feel like I should have. Her debut album Six Strings and a Sailboat debuted at number eight on the NZ Top 40 and her singles have been dancing around the charts for weeks.
Villainy - Mode. Set. Clear. Album Review
29 Dec 2012 // A review by River
The first thing to strike you about Villainy’s debut album Mode Set Clear is the excellent surrealistic graphics designed by legendary designer Storm Thorgerson. Echoing some other great works by the renowned artist such as Muse’s Absolution, Megadeth’s Rude Awakening and Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, the digipac is so good it’s worth framing and mounting to the wall.
Hurricane Kids @ Kings Arms Tavern 19/12/12
26 Dec 2012 // A review by Jay Kim
CONCERT REVIEWHurricane KidsKings Arms Tavern19/12/12Written by Jay Kim For a band that had a 50 person crowd and a keyboardist with a broken left hand, the Hurricane Kids were surprisingly relaxed for their first ever show. Friends in the crowd were given waves and smiles were exchanged between the band.
Alizarin Lizard, Brown & Guests @ The Badcave, Palmerston North, 06/12/12
21 Dec 2012 // A review by Petros
Last week I read the following headline in the local Manawatu Standard: “City folk ‘intolerant of noise’ – Musician ‘banned’ from playing music” The picture of Harry Lilley, a well-known busker in Palmerston North, and his white blonde hair, sunglasses and guitar made this annual report for the Environmental Protection Services Noise Control seem like someone else actually cared about Harry’s plight, the plight of many a practicing musician. This article came a week after: “Explicit PN hip-hop video an online hit” The thing I like about this article is it summed up the closed mindedness of this rural town that masquerades as a city.
Tranzmute - Awakening To The Truth Album Review
21 Dec 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Review of Transmute CD -  3.5/5 Tranzmute is a hip hop artist exploring the social, political and spiritual aspects of the human experience.
The Ruby Suns - Sea Lion Album Review
18 Dec 2012 // A review by elchicko
I entered this assignment blind and was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered. This the second album by The Ruby Suns.
Silence The City - Holdfast EP review
12 Dec 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Silence the City claim to be high-energy rock and their debut EP, Holdfast, certainly sets out to live up to their lofty claims, and for the most part does a good job of it. The seven track EP starts out with an intro that in no way represents their music, and misled me at first into thinking that I was about to listen to some sort of poppy retro electronic dance outfit; there was a hint of Kids of 88, mixed with something I can only describe as Baywatch-esque.
Roadside Theory, The Rising Tide and Dobrosis @ The Royal 23/11/12
12 Dec 2012 // A review by Asmith
First onto the stage was a group of boys from Dannevirke who have made themselves known in the local scene in a very short space of time. The very first thing I noticed about Dobrosis was probably the very unique vocal style, cupping the mic with both hands while holding one elbow above his head he pushed out the death growls throughout the set while their drummer provided back up screams… while drumming… and windmilling!
Minuit - Last Night You Saw This Band Album Review
02 Dec 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Last night I heard the fourth studio album from electronic darlings Minuit. And I will be listening to it again tonight, and the following night, and the consecutive Summer nights coming in to 2013.
Junica - The Celebration Album Review
30 Nov 2012 // A review by Dilemma
I first remember hearing Junica AKA Nik Brinkman back in 2011 when Living In My House featuring Pip Brown Aka Ladyhawke was released and I thought it was good a bit 80's disco and shiny mirrorballs. Unfortunately that first single was released at the same time as The Naked and Famous were big and I really didn't take a lot of notice because the N&F are so good at what they do.
The Wendy Morris Band - Entangled Album Review
28 Nov 2012 // A review by Petros
Finally, New Zealand has produced the perfect accompaniment for a summer drive around the Whangaparaoa pennisula in a blue Capri. Introducing the Wendy Morris Band and the new album Entangled.
Ninja Monkey - Anger Management EP Review
27 Nov 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Pop-rock trio Ninja Monkey have released their debut EP Anger Management, a little taste of their full-throttle rock’n’roll drive. The EP consists of the very classic groove of ‘These Eyes’ with prodding guitar riffs and pounds of the drums, encrusted with dense rock harmonies.
Evil Mule - Remnants of a Lost Science Album Review
27 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
A while ago I got to review Evil Mule’s 2008 debut album P-Hood Prophecies. At the time I recall having pretty low expectations for the album yet being completely blown away by how fresh it sounded.
Cairo Knife Fight Live @ Mighty Mighty, 23/11/12
27 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Last Friday seemed to be the busiest night of the year for rock fans in Wellington, with Beastwars, the Bleeders and Cobra Khan, Cairo Knife Fight and Decortica all playing at various venues in the city. I was lucky enough to get along to Mighty Mighty to check out Cairo Knife Fight and Decortica.
Needless Cane - Hemlock Lemonade Single Video Review
25 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith
Ok I’ll be honest here, this band is not really the kinda thing I’m into but this video is actually pretty cool! It’s a take on the mad hatters tea party, but there’s definitely a twist.
Bloodspray for Politics - Blood And Night EP Review
22 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith
Heavy riffs and screams come straight out to play from the very first song on Bloodspray for Politics debut EP Blood And Night, with wah heavy leads tearing through the first track Blood And Night. I had to assume that with the very first track having the same title as the EP that whatever I got in the first track would continue throughout, and I was right.
Cephalopod - Materialization Album Review
22 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith
Cephalopod are for me a band that manages to meld two worlds together, infectious and catchy, groove and technical, brutal and insightful… and all at the same time while still remaining raw and honest, what more can a guy ask for? I can’t find a song on this album I don’t like, but if you were to ask me which are my favourites I would have to say Mechanics Of Deceit and The Grey.
Cobra Khan EP Review
22 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith
My first thoughts when hearing Cobra Khan’s self-titled EP (and my first time listening to Cobra Khan I might add) had me hearing a big Fear Factory influence, I’m unsure whether it was the vocal style or the dark, deep, heavy riffs that were protruding from every orifice of this EP, lathered in synth back dropping the whole thing to give it a haunting tone overall. The first two tracks Cages and Walking Wires keep to that heavy rock styling as above, then moving into the very electronic rock sounding Ashvin (which reminded me of Fear Factory's album Demanufacture) and then changing pace again to the last track on the EP In Frays (which I’ll be honest actually kinda reminded me a little of Phil Collins, I think that may have been the verb on the vocals) which is a softer, more classic rock styled piece.
Decortica - 11811 Album Review
21 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Decortica's last album, the stunning Love Hotel, showcased their unique sound, drawing on elements of rock and metal to create something that sat somewhere in between, yet almost transcended both genres. It garnered them some attention, through a couple of well-produced videos, but they never really seemed to take off in a big way.
Young Lyre - Night Swimming EP Review
20 Nov 2012 // A review by Petros
Young in name, but not young in years in the band game, Young Lyre (formally Sons of Darragh, Oresund and the Frisk) have stormed into the New Zealand mainstream this month with their distinctively Indie sound and refreshingly bright new EP, Night Swimming. Debuting at number fifteen on the Official New Zealand Music Chart, Night Swimming has been described by those in the know as sounding like Two Door Cinema Club's Tourist History.
The Adults - Live with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Album Review
18 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It seems to becoming trendy for NZ bands to perform with an orchestra these days, with some doing it better than others. Shapeshifter’s recording with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra is one of my favourite live albums, but other bands either haven’t had songs that translate well into an orchestral sound, or have trouble arranging their music to take advantage of the orchestra.
RIANZ 47th Annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards
15 Nov 2012 // A review by Dilemma
When you kick off any kind of ceremony with 3 drummers  smashing double kick pedals completely in unison backing NZ’s own rock superstar Gin Wigmore, you would think that there is no actual way that a night could start or end any better! But we wouldn’t expect anything less being that this was the beginning of the 47th Annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards held at the Vector Arena earlier this month.
2 a.m. Orchestra - Heads & Tails Single Video Review
15 Nov 2012 // A review by Petros
A devil and an angel, one wonders as the black, devil tailed chap approaches the white, anthropomorphic bird dude.  A tussle ensues and these enemies become a rotating yin-yang.
Aaradhna Showcase @ Nectar Bar 11/10/12
13 Nov 2012 // A review by Dilemma
About a month ago, I was invited to watch Aaradhna showcase some new songs from her new amazing album Treble and Reverb. It’s been out for about 5 days now, have you heard it?
8 Foot Sativa @ The Royal, Palmerston North 25/10/12
11 Nov 2012 // A review by terry666
I had been lucky enough to witness 8 Foot Sativa in Auckland opening for Fear Factory just a few weeks before they started their nationwide comeback tour. It was an impressive show which left no doubt in people's minds that 8 Foot was back stronger than ever and ready to shred it across the country once again.
The Datsuns - Death Rattle Boogie Album Review
08 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
The Datsuns are one of those New Zealand bands who seem to have been around forever, churning out dirty garage rock, releasing well-received albums, but never seeming to do as well at home as they do abroad. Their new album Death Rattle Boogie, the fifth the band has released, may go some way to address that problem.
Elephant Of The Ocean - Torso Looking For Legs Single Review
06 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith
Brutal from the very first note, these guys are bringing the standard of kiwi metal to a new level with their first single Torso Looking For Legs. Everything from Production to the music itself is annihilating my ears as I listen to it, over and over again.
Killing Yourself For Profit - Betrayal Begets Blood Single Review
06 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith
Killing Yourself For Profit are an up and coming metal band from Auckland merging some of Auckland’s already established metal bands such as Fuelset, Upraw and Burn The Scripture. No matter your preferred style of metal, there is bound to be something you like with their first single Betrayal Begets Blood - Throwing in a bit of everything from grooving, chugging riffs to melodic tech, and of course the breakdown style riffs to get the pit going, there are even vocal harmonies blending growling screams on the track.
These Four Walls - Living to Write the End Album Review
06 Nov 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
The walls will be reverberating once Living to Write the End hits your stereo. The second album from alternative rockers These Four Walls will be exploding your aural senses and detonating every fibre of your being.
Kora - Light Years Album Review
05 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Kora made a pretty big splash back in 2007 with their self-titled debut, combining funk, metal, electronica and more to create something unique. Following up on that could have been a big ask, but with Light Years Kora have shown that they can evolve their sound and continue to innovate, without compromising what they do best.
Diving - Synesthesia EP Review
04 Nov 2012 // A review by Petros
Some advice for listening to Synesthesia; close your eyes. Especially if you’re one with a fractured mind and vivid dreams like me.
Maitreya - Āio Album Review
03 Nov 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Āio is long overdue and an album that had to be made. Maitreya, the moniker of hip-hop MC Jamie Greenslade, has released his second album, a work that incorporates both the English language, and Te Reo Maori.
Kieran Cooper - Live @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington 30/10/12
01 Nov 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It takes a brave person to quit their day job and spend months touring New Zealand; an even braver one to play acoustic folk at the San Francisco Bathhouse, traditionally the home of rock music in Wellington, on a Tuesday night. But Kieran Cooper has made the decision to work hard at being a solo artist and that's all part of the journey for him.
Aaradhna - Treble and Reverb Album Review
31 Oct 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Have you heard about it yet? Undoubtedly the best NZ music album to be released this year?
Hell-oween in The Swamp @ The Royal, 27/10/12
30 Oct 2012 // A review by Asmith
The very first Hell-oween in the swamp to be run by Cephalopod's Kyle Kenrick (and his first event overall I believe) went down amazingly, everything was organized well and even the stage was in costume! There was plenty of merch on offer and there was a decent turnout too considering all the other events on the same night!
Rival State - Apollo Me Album Review
29 Oct 2012 // A review by River
Rival State's album Apollo Me is a solid effort throughout. At times their powerful sound is without compromise.
Hello Sailor - Surrey Crescent Moon Album Review
28 Oct 2012 // A review by Petros
Hello Sailor are one of those bands that need no introduction. They’re a kiwi institution, like L&P and Pav.
Evermore - Follow the Sun Album Review
25 Oct 2012 // A review by JohnS
It's a long journey to become a household name within Australasia, but Evermore have done exactly that and more. From topping the charts in 2004 with their debut album Dreams to their latest release Follow the Sun, Evermore have established themselves into the indie-rock record books.
Depths - Revelation Album Review
25 Oct 2012 // A review by terry666
This is an amazing heavy death metal album coming from a band hailing from the swamp; Palmerston North. Depths have been touring hard nationally to brand their name into the metal scene and have just ventured overseas to test the waters.
Rackets - Could Do Better EP Review
25 Oct 2012 // A review by Petros
I only went into Happy the one time during that one year Wellington was my home.  There was about a week and a half left of July, I had a crush on Cat Venom and all I wanted was to hold their new record in my hands and breathe in that sweet cardboard and plastic scent.
Temples on Mars - Made Of Gold Single Review
24 Oct 2012 // A review by terry666
This is Agent's latest single for an album which has been a long time coming. The album Kingdom of Fear is slated for a 2013 release date.
Cavell - Last Summer EP Review
21 Oct 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Cavell is a surprising new talent to emerge in the NZ music scene. He has gradually developed his own musical sense of style through collaborations and guidance from local super-talented artists such as DLove and Deach, Jae'O and from record-breaking Hip Hop group Smashproof whom he was a support act.
Danny McCrum - Letters to the Future Album Review
18 Oct 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Danny McCrum is an Auckland musician with a big reputation and a wide range of influences. He's supported a lot of big names (Eric Clapton  and Jeff Beck to name just a couple), plays in the LA-based Magnolia Memoir, and has released 8 albums and EPs over the past decade.
Donell Lewis - Missing My Love EP Review
17 Oct 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Donell Lewis has recently released a 6 track EP called 'Missing My Love' with the title song being the hottest new tune on YouTube and urban radio. Missing My Love is the third track and it features Fortafy aka Sam Ratumaituvuki.
The New Brides EP Review
17 Oct 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Lock up your daughters! A new bunch of heartbreakers are entering the scene.
The Glocks - Magpie Genocide Album Review
17 Oct 2012 // A review by Petros
“To all those that have run the gauntlet to avoid the dive bomber – this is for you.” With apologies to the SPCA, I admit my first time firing a weapon at something other than a stationary target followed an experience running from a pair of those thieving black and white crows.
Harbour City Electric - Without a Sound Album Review
15 Oct 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
With the Christmas break just around the corner it is time to organise not only your holiday, but more importantly your summer soundtrack! Wellington is renowned for breeding great musical acts born to entertain us for the summer season.
Home Brew album review
13 Oct 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Releasing a debut album is a daunting feat for any musician; choosing to make your first release a double album may be bordering on crazy. But Home Brew have proven time and again that they are no ordinary musicians and don't do play by conventional rules.
Sweet & Irie - Irie Inspiration Album Review
10 Oct 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Local Rasta man Ed Ru is back to deliver Sweet & Irie’s sophomore album Irie Inspiration released on October 12th. Shaping out his organically grown style, Ed show’s the influence of Uncle Bob on the beautiful song ‘Psalms Of Bob Marley,‘ which is an excellent choice for an opening track.
Moisty Atsushi - Speedo EP Review
09 Oct 2012 // A review by Petros
With the passionately played old-school, First Wave Ska and the creatively designed cover of red, green and gold, you’d be forgiven for thinking Moisty Atsushi was leading a reggae band.  I mean, most people aren’t aware that Ska preceded Reggae and not the other way around.
Three Houses Down @ The Colosseum, Palmerston North 21/09/2012
08 Oct 2012 // A review by Asmith
Coming onstage proclaiming themselves as “Roots Rock Reggae” and then bringing it full force with a modern twist. With an almost hyperactive stage performance this was a very, very tight 9 piece who showed their professionalism throughout their set, with sound problems plaguing them for the better part of the show they didn’t let it phase them at all and kept on going, and having experienced bad sound myself I know exactly how hard it can be to push through when you’re constantly getting feedback, so big ups on that one boys!
Tomorrow People @ The Colosseum, Palmerston North 21/09/2012
08 Oct 2012 // A review by Asmith
The time had come to see the band I had been waiting to see since the release of their debut album 'One'. The set up took a little longer than expected but that only built up the suspense, as long as you could handle the DJ playing what I believe was reggae but with the bass so loud it actually distorted through the speakers so you really couldn’t hear anything but mud and thump.
fleaBITE - Circus of Fleas Album Review
08 Oct 2012 // A review by JohnS
Perfect timing for school holidays arrived the new CD from FleaBITE entitled Circus of Fleas. Adult-friendly children’s music made right here in New Zealand that keeps my kids happy for hours.
Dear Time's Waste - Some Kind of Eden Album Review
07 Oct 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
The mystifying Auckland-based Claire Duncan returns with her musical alter-ego Dear Time’s Waste. Some Kind of Eden is the new album by this introspective artist.
8 Foot Sativa @ Powerstation, Auckland 22/09/12
05 Oct 2012 // A review by terry666
I can’t tell you how excited I was when just after New Year’s this year 8 Foot Sativa announced that they would be back with a greatest hits album, a DVD and a new album. To add to all that was the fact that Jackhammer and Gary Smith were back in the fray and ready to step up once again.
Nervous Doll Dancing - Eidolon Album Review
05 Oct 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
A web of entrancing strings will ensnare you in the latest album by Nervous Doll Dancing, the solo project cast by enchantress Francesca Mountfort. The cellist is spellbinding in her third album Eidolon.
Matthew Pickering - Up at the Bunkers EP Review
01 Oct 2012 // A review by blues.bass
While sitting down and looking out of the window on a bleak Auckland day (more suited to autumn than spring), Matthew Pickering’s EP ‘Up at the Bunkers’ brought a welcome ray of sunlight across the table. Matthew’s day gig by all accounts is in Parliament as a Hansard Editor, checking over the report of the proceedings of the House.
The Neo-Kalashnikovs - She's On Heat Review
19 Sep 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It's a difficult task trying to describe the Neo-Kalashnikovs, both in terms of a band and their musical output. You could try pinning them to a location, but with the band split between Auckland and California, they're not tied to the musical culture of either place.
Jackal - Only Everything Album Review
14 Sep 2012 // A review by Petros
I confess. I join random things on Facebook whenever people suggest them, and often for no reason other than it was suggested.
Bailterspace - Strobosphere Album Review
13 Sep 2012 // A review by Petros
With embarrassment I admit that until today I had referred to the band in prolonged hipster conversations about music as “Baiterspace.” The word was an earworm at one point, the kind of word that circles around in your brain for no apparent reason, like acetabulum, but that’s another story.
Nervous Doll Dancing - Eidolon - Album Review
09 Sep 2012 // A review by JohnS
Nervous Doll Dancing is a new name to me, which came as a surprise. I consider myself to have an above average knowledge of kiwi musicians and I’m always a little taken back when I haven’t heard of someone who is this talented before.
Julie Lamb - Trippin' The Light Album Review
09 Sep 2012 // A review by JohnS
Blues, rock and accounting aren’t something that would normally be put together but Wellingtonian signer Julie Lamb somehow pulls this off. Her second album entitled 'Trippin’ In The Light' displays a range of talent, which is rarely found on the shelfs nowadays.
Going Global Showcase, 6 September 2012 @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington
08 Sep 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Unless people are involved in the music industry, or play seriously in a band, they probably wouldn’t know much about the Going Global summit that took place in the first week of September in Wellington and Auckland (and the second week in September in Christchurch). What people might have seen is the music showcases put on as part of the summit.
Artisan Guns - Coral Album Review
08 Sep 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Artisan Guns don’t just write songs, they make musical poems where lyrics and instrumentation work in perfect harmony with each other.  Each song paints a musical picture telling of heartbreak, longing, loss and frustration.
L.A. Mitchell - Apple Heart Video Review
06 Sep 2012 // A review by Dilemma
It is only fitting that LA Mitchell's beautiful song 'Apple Heart' have an equally beautiful and contempo cool music video.  The song ‘Apple Heart’ is already an aching love ballad and it's not easy to get the right balance of complimentary and interesting in a music video that doesn't take away from the song or completely over power it.
Darren Watson - Saint Hilda’s Faithless Boy Album Review
04 Sep 2012 // A review by blues.bass
They say good things come to those that wait, and it has been a long wait between albums from one of this country's premier blues men, Darren Watson.There has been more than half a decade between the release of Watson's previous album 'South Pacific Soul' and his latest 'Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy'.
New Way Home - Mirrors Album Review
03 Sep 2012 // A review by River
From the outset New Way Home's latest release Mirrors is a rip-roaring beast sure to get the mosh pit pumping. Building on some of the best metal sub genres while forging a truly original sound all of their own, the five piece hailing from Auckland have incorporated the perfect blend of delicate harmonics and unrelenting heaviness.
Diamond Sutra - Positioning Self EP review
03 Sep 2012 // A review by Asmith
Eerie, haunting, beautiful… Three words that perfectly describe my first impression of this album. Diamond Sutra is a female fronted electronic rock band to rival Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, the riffs are heavier and groovier, the beats are catchier and the vocals give me chills.
Horror Story @ The Royal 18/08/12
02 Sep 2012 // A review by terry666
What can I say about horror punk maestros Horror Story? Well for starters I love this band.
Both Sides of the Line - 5 EP Review
28 Aug 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
It is pop. It is folk.
Trip To The Moon - The Invisible Line Album Review
28 Aug 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
It is a very cool hand played by electronic old hands Trip to the Moon on their fifth album The Invisible Line. The duo has produced an instrumental galaxy across the twelve tracks featured.
Sola Rosa - Low and Behold, High and Beyond Album Review
25 Aug 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Sola Rosa seem to be one of those bands that's always been making great music, and forging a sound that has often been imitated but seldom matched. Starting out as the solo project of Andrew Spraggon, Sola Rosa now combines the talents of some of the best local and international musicians to produce their distinctive tunes.
Nightchoir - See The First Star Album Review
25 Aug 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It'd be easy to try and compare the new Nightchoir album to Pluto's music. After all, Nightchoir consists of three members of Pluto, so you’d expect there to be some musical similarities and spillover.
Stray Theories - Even Though We Sleep Album Review
24 Aug 2012 // A review by Petros
There is nothing romantic about insomnia.  Chuck Palahniuk misled me.
Amachine - Abrasive Absurd EP Review
20 Aug 2012 // A review by Asmith
Brutal from the start, a rare mix of old school groove and modern prog/tech that leaves you wanting more and more. When the EP finished I was distraught that it was not a full length album, and then I played it again and felt a little better.
Heathen Eyes - Ocea single review
19 Aug 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Auckland’s Heathen Eyes have just released their second “official” single - having previously recorded a number of demos with their original line up they now seem to be slowly releasing singles. Ocea is a plea to save our oceans, although it doesn’t sound like your typical environmental ballad.
Swiss - Mr Slow Wind EP Review
18 Aug 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
There's always been two camps in reggae music - the musicians who just want to make party music and get people dancing, and those who view reggae as a political outlet. Auckland's SWISS is firmly in the former camp, his music imparting no great wisdom, or long lasting message to the listener, but bound to get the dance floor seething.
Bloodsport – Blackest Darkness Album Review
14 Aug 2012 // A review by CEOMong
Short (sub 2 minute for the most part) grunty songs, strong consistent themes and imagery, all in all a very solid offering. At times predictable but also, therefore, reliable.
Collapsing Cities - Strangers Again Album Review
02 Aug 2012 // A review by Petros
This is the future sound of New Zealand music. Strangers Again is destined to be the definitive electro indie pop release of 2012.
L.A. Mitchell - Apple Heart Single Review
31 Jul 2012 // A review by Dilemma
LA Mitchell has got it made in terms of being a NZ musician. She is working with some of NZ's most amazing bands and our very own favourite superband, Fly My Pretties.
Amos/Anon - AmosAnon DVD Review
29 Jul 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
There aren’t a whole lot of musicians in New Zealand releasing DVD’s of their work, for whatever reason – cost of production, the hassles of making enough videos to fill a whole DVD, or people aren’t generally into buying DVD’s of local artists. Or probably a combination of all three I suspect.
Geoff Ong - Implications Single Review
29 Jul 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Talented is an understatement when it comes to describing the bright, young musician Geoff Ong. Ong is a student from Auckland, who has an evident passion and skill when it comes to songwriting and performing.
Fuelset - Sounds Of A Dying Seagull Album Review
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
This is one of those albums that I enjoy more and more every time I listen. Theres just so much going on here but in this case it is very much a good thing, this is one of those few bands that can actually make it work.
Dr. Monster - Death Devine Album Review
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
Now I should probably point out first off that I am not a big punk fan, and punk is one genre that I know very little about, but even a bad punk CD is still going to sound a hell of a lot better than my flatmates dubstep collection, fortunatly for me this CD isn't bad at all. I would describe this sound as "horror punk", if you could imagine what that might be.
The Heathen Collective - JuneFest @ Breakers Bar, Wanganui 30/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
The very first thing I noticed about The Heathen Collective when they stared playing was how low they had downtuned, I was actually waiting for them to hit a "brown note" (drop A in case you were wondering). The vocal technique was impressive, making me wonder if he had training or if like many of us he was a "Zen Of Screaming" convert but I never got the chance to ask him myself.
Gift of Ruin - JuneFest @ Breakers Bar, Wanganui 30/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
Now I don't normally like to review a band more than once, but this was a performance that needed to be talked about. During the very first song the vocalist somehow manged to be so clumsy that he stompoed on his own drinks, spilling them everywhere, and as you can imagine the rage that this caused sent the rest of their set into brutal overdrive.
Reapers Luck - JuneFest @ Breakers Bar, Wanganui 30/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
Reapers Luck's style is what I tend to class as "theatrical metal", falling somewhere in that undefined area somewhere between power metal and Iron Maiden, and from the very first song the Iron Maiden influence was very clear. The songwriting itself was a nice mixture from crescending ballads to the very maiden styled "horse metal" which gave their set some variety and made for a good show.
Fuelset @ The Royal 29/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
OK, well what can I say, I DID NOT expect that! When these boys walked out in their stage personas (I had been standing next to the lead singer all night without recognizing him) and started to play a nice slow relaxed bassline, I figured the night was about to mellow out a bit.
Suppression @ The Royal 29/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
It's always going to be hard follwing a band like Cage Demise, but I gotta say these guys didn't do too bad! It did take them a little while to get into the groove of their set but once they hit their sweet spot it was all go, pretty good considering they hadn't played a gig in months.
Bloodspray For Politics @ The Royal 29/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
First band of the night usually plays to a fairly empty crowd and Bloodspray For Politics were no different, although they did manage to pull in a little more than the norm once they started playing. This four peice from palmy yield a lot of low end groove filled riffs that I will attempt to describe as "what sludge would sound like if it had great big metal balls, infused with a bit of groove to top it all off".
Cage Demise @ The Royal 29/06/12
27 Jul 2012 // A review by Asmith
If you happen to be from Palmerston North and you love metal then you will, no doubt, have heard or heard of Cage Demise (if you havn't then may I suggest you knock down whatever is holding up the rock you are currently hiding under). Straight off the bat these boys come outas high energy as ever, so hard in fact that their drummer broke his kick pedal on the very first song!!!
Zowie - Love Demolition - Album Review
25 Jul 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Pack your bags and come aboard Love Demolition, the debut album by our electric darling, Zowie. The album is loaded with smouldering synthpop that will have you enslaved.
The Blue Grizzly Band - Broke Ass EP Review
21 Jul 2012 // A review by terry666
This is the first EP from Palmerston North blues rock group The Blue Grizzly Band. They have been gigging pretty full on for the last year forming in a local music performance class.
Paul Winders and The Goodness - Boy Dust Album Review
18 Jul 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Had enough of this Winter? Why not go on a little escapade down memory lane, destination; the Dunedin sound.
Loop Winter Compilation
17 Jul 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Over the past decade Loop has forged a strong reputation for releasing the best in New Zealand electronica and roots music, with many of their artists becoming household names, or as close to it as you can get here. Their latest release, Winter, provides a good introduction to some of the more recent releases and signings for those unfamiliar with the label, as well as showcasing some unreleased works if you're already a follower.
Stefan Wolf - EP Review: Quiet! Can't You See I'm Dying Here?
17 Jul 2012 // A review by Petros
“Perennially unfashionable… “ “Virtually unsaleable…” “Bound to be another shelf sitter…” Reading reviews like the above makes you question the adage “any press is good press.” If you took the reviews seriously that is… A grain of salt is the recommended accompaniment with Stefan Wolf’s latest release, self-described as “the paradox of a happy life tangling with the possibility of death.
Concord Dawn - Air Chrysalis Album Review
10 Jul 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Concord Dawn have always seemed to be ahead of the drum and bass game, innovating and pushing the genre with each release, and in the process becoming well known here and around the world. That innovative streak seemed to diminish a little with the departure of Evan Short (who has now returned to his metal roots with Cobra Khan and Subtract) and the last album, The Enemy Within, had more of a commercial/mainstream feel than their earlier work.
Ladyhawke - Anxiety Album Review
06 Jul 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
All hail our very own electric queen! Ladyhawke has returned and delivered Anxiety, her sophomore album.
Gatherer - So Be It Album Review
03 Jul 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Not enough albums come along and, by showing what can happen when a band forges their own unique sound, make you question why so many other bands stick with trying to emulate everyone else. Gatherer manage to force that question home, and make it seem effortless at the same time, with the release of their debut album So Be It.
Savage - Mayhem and Miracles Album Review
29 Jun 2012 // A review by Dilemma
NZ Hip Hop icon and RIAA Certified Platinum selling artist SAVAGE is back with his third solo album Mayhem & Miracles on 29June.  Recorded and Mixed in Hollywood, California, at platinum Hip Hop producer and MC DJ Quik's  studio "The Vault", Savage spent time enlisting a group of the greatest Polynesian artists from around the world to help compliment the stories and themes of his captivating new album.
Gatherer - Live @ Medusa, Wellington 22 June 2012
28 Jun 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Medusa in Wellington has a bit of a reputation for putting on interesting nights and Friday was no exception. Kicking off the night was local band Spook The Horses, whose album Brighter was one of my favourite New Zealand releases of the past year.
Urbantramper - Internet Freedom Is Love Album Review
24 Jun 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Sometime you get an idea about a band without even taking the time to find out what they’re really about. That happened to me with Wellington’s Urbantramper – a band that’s been around town for a while, yet a band that I hadn’t checked out because I had some weird preconceived idea about what I expected them to sound like.
Crimson Rain - Catastrophe Single Review
21 Jun 2012 // A review by CEOMong
Delicate intro, rolls into a picky soft hook. Nice vox harmonies throughout.
Deaths Door @ The Royal, Palmerston North 09/06/2012
13 Jun 2012 // A review by Asmith
As the headlining act for the night came onstage I was unsure what to expect having not seen these boys perform in well over a year, and it didn’t take long for the pub to be filled with the sound of Deaths Door. Breakdowns and death growls filled out the majority of their set, and while there really wasn’t much of a crowd left by the time they went on the whole band moshing in unison helped get a dying crowd going, resulting in a dedicated line of moshers right up the front for the whole performance.
Cephalopod @ The Royal, Palmerston North 09/06/2012
13 Jun 2012 // A review by Asmith
After some minor technical difficulties Cephalopod came out with force (I would liken it to being smashed in the face with Thor’s brutal metal hammer). And right off the bat Elise dominated with her energetic performance while still managing to retain some of the best vocal control and vocal projection I’ve seen from somebody in an unsigned band.
Forsaken @ The Royal, Palmerston North 09/06/2012
13 Jun 2012 // A review by Asmith
When the opening act Forsaken came out I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to early Metallica/Megadeth (the early stuff when they actually made decent music), so safe to say if you are not a fan of Metallica you will not like this band. Their onstage presence consisted of duelling solos and long haired moshing to the old school styled thrash sound they produced, with the odd “metal ballad” thrown in for good measure.
Great North - Halves Album Review
11 Jun 2012 // A review by Petros
Meaningful. Heartfelt.
Dimmer Final Show @ Bodega, Wellington
10 Jun 2012 // A review by terry666
Shayne Carter is one of my favourite New Zealand musicians. It’s not just his music but also his performance.
Clap Clap Riot - Counting Spins Album Review
01 Jun 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
You might listen to Clap Clap Riot’s debut album Counting Spins and think that you’ve heard some of the songs before. And you’d probably be right; the band has released four singles from the album over the past year, with the tunes getting airplay all over the place.
Knives At Noon - Second Skin EP Review
27 May 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It's always good to see bands trying new ways to get their music out to the masses and Knives at Noon seem to be doing better than most at it. Managing to get their music on Telecom's smartphone ads was a good start and now they're offering an exclusive downloadable EP to everyone who buys a t-shirt from them.
Autozamm, Invader Cain and November Zulu @ The Royal 19/05/2012
24 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
“The Night That Fender Ruled The World” Invader Cain was first up with the smoke machine pumping out to their “new wave of dirty grungy Rock n Roll”, their set filled with catchy riffs and gang vocal style harmonies. The piss poor turnout didn’t affect their performance at all, if you were judging purely on stage presence you wouldn’t of known there was only a handful of people in the bar and I have to commend them for their professionalism with this.
Invader Cain - Feeling The Trend But Thinking Again EP Review
24 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
I find myself wondering just how to describe the sound of Invader Cain... Dirty ‘ol Kiwi Rock n Roll is possibly the best I can come up with.
Depths - Resurgence EP Review
23 May 2012 // A review by River
Released on Deadboy Records and best described as a cross between Meshuggah and As I Lay Dying with hints of Machine Head thrown into the bubbling cauldron for good measure, Depths' EP Resurgence is sure to quench your desire for head banging mayhem. The CD starts off with a nice atmospheric and spooky intro that soon gives way to Age Of Compromise.
The Academy Album Review by DNK World Music
22 May 2012 // A review by Dilemma
In April 2012, DNK World Music showcase four main artists on their first compilation album DNK World Music Presents: The Academy, featuring label mates, R&B Singer Donell Lewis, rapper Rickey Okay, producer DLove and label founder Karnel. DNK World Music is an independent record label founded by up-and-comers Nick "Karnel" Williams and producer Daniel "DLove" Love in 2010.
Melic - Nowhere I'd Rather Be EP Review
19 May 2012 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
It’s easy to see why London based Kiwi rockers, Melic have opted 'Nowhere I’d Rather Be' for their first single off their upcoming third EP, also named 'Nowhere I’d Rather Be'. The first thing that catches your attention is the simple but infectious soft hook, laden with melody, that gives way to some catchy strong vocals, from vocalist and guitarist, Mark Hitchcock.
Tomorrow People - One Album Review
16 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
From the very first song I was taken back down memory lane to my childhood growing up listening to The Wailers, UB40, Herbs, and Bob Marley. But there’s something else going on here, something very different and very fresh that you don’t get with that old school reggae sound.
November Zulu - No More Fun And Games EP Review
16 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
Upon receiving this CD for review I was expecting to hear yet another cliché kiwi “rock” band... You guys know what I mean, that unfortunate kiwi sound that could be described as the deformed love child of pop rock and indie.
Gunt - From Darkness to Deletion EP Review
16 May 2012 // A review by Petros
Gunt is another of those bands I’d heard on the radio before hearing of them and subsequently been asked to review. Little did I know they were a kiwi band.
Capital Punishment @ Bar Medusa, Wellington 12/05/2012
15 May 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Medusa in Wellington has been a proud supporter of local metal since day one, continuing a long tradition of bars in that site. 2012 saw the third year of their Capital Punishment festivals, featuring 12 hours of the best of New Zealand (and Australian) metal.
Gunt @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 11/05/2012
15 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
So we get to the last band of the night and it looks like everyone has left, I look around and there’s maybe a handful of people in the bar and it’s not looking good... As GUNT make their way onstage and begin to play I look down to check my phone and by the time I had read my text and looked up again the bar was full...
Pariah @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 11/05/2012
15 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
As the crowd disappeared during intermission I could hear everybody talking about Pariah's new line-up, wondering if they will be as good as they were before... and true to form the boys pulled out all the stops, leaving the doubters in their wake.
Dirt Box Charlie - Extended Play Album Review
15 May 2012 // A review by Asmith
From the very first moment you pick up the CD you can feel an air of class exuding from this release, and upon playing the first track nothing changes. As I began listening I felt the strong blend of blues, funk and jazz instantly hit me in the face like a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and I could easily imagine myself sitting in a local cafe listening to this.
Kasium, Jonlo Rain, The Filthy Varmits, Neckstrechers, Cephalopod @ The Royal, PN, 20/04/2012
14 May 2012 // A review by Petros
Anticipation was high this cold night in Palmy, as I made my way through the bare streets of our forsaken city.  The crap music was already pumping out of the meat markets, but the sluts were yet to put on their alcohol blankets and remove most of their clothes, intelligence and sense of dignity.
Sound of Amsa Album Review
06 May 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Sound of Amsa is a difficult album to categorise – it starts out with a dancier track, moves through retro, before settling on being a downbeat hip hop album. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely an interesting album and that’s probably all that matters.
Arc of Ascent - The Higher Key Album Review
02 May 2012 // A review by River
Arc Of Ascent’s latest release The Higher Key is an excellent follow-up to their debut album Circle of the Sun (Astral Projection) that received favourable reviews. Hailing from Hamilton, the trio punches well above their weight and epitomizes the wall of sound technique with one of the most commanding and transcending metal albums so far this year.
This Flight Tonight - Friendly Fire Album Review
01 May 2012 // A review by Mmdelai
This Flight Tonight have coined their own genre as "dynamic rock".  As the album progressed I was more and more convinced, started hearing subtle elements of their self proclaimed influences in the vocals and drums (Radiohead, Jeff Buckley).
Skank Attack - Here on Out Album Review
01 May 2012 // A review by Petros
Why the hell have I never heard of Skank Attack? Perhaps, because I spent the first half of the eighties in a womb, well nine months of it at least, and the last half destroying my parents’ cassette tapes with my teeth.
Sherpa - Lesser Flamingo Album Review
27 Apr 2012 // A review by Petros
It’s hard to gauge the success of local Indie bands, but you know Sherpa are making waves in the Indie world when you hear their songs played on one of the obscure niche shows Massey University’s Radio Control has on offer. That’s where I first came across this quirky band and their unique sound.
The Black Seeds - Dust and Dirt Album Review
26 Apr 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
The Black Seeds are a staple of the New Zealand music scene and could be considered one of the founders of the current Wellington music renaissance. That reputation is a double-edged sword; they garner a lot of respect for what they've achieved but at the same time there's a tendency for some people to take them for granted.
Sir T - Walk With Me Album Review
25 Apr 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Sir T is a newcomer to New Zealand Hip Hop, signed to Move The Crowd Records, and mentored by NZ Hip Hop’s favourite son Young Sid who also acted as the executive producer on Sir T's debut album Walk With Me.
 Being mentored by Young Sid has afforded Sir T the benefit of collaborating with himself and other rising stars Tyree, Vince Harder and Pieter T just to name a few.
Tono & The Finance Company - Up Here For Dancing Album Review
18 Apr 2012 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Being young is a challenge in itself. It is a purgatory between the sobering moment of adulthood and youthful rebellion.
Primmers - Durham Lane Album Review
13 Apr 2012 // A review by Petros
One can find many pleasures in music.  Durham Lane from Primmers satisfies three of my main sources of pleasure; old, obscure, semi-forgotten music, previously unreleased music and true punk rock from the 70s, not that cringe-worthy neo-punk that emerged after the slow death of the boy band era.
Spook The Horses - Brighter Album Review
09 Apr 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Spook the Horses may be New Zealand’s answer to seminal post-metal band Isis. They share many similarities – the layers of sound, sparse vocals, driving heaviness.
PNC - Under The Influence Album Review
08 Apr 2012 // A review by Dilemma
Under The Influence is not your classic Hip-Hop release, spawned from an old school mix-tape concept, PNC and producer Matt Miller have included sample mash-ups on the album including Stranger Part 1 & 2 - featuring a twisted mash-up sample from Gotye’s #1 single Somebody That I Used To Know and Take It All, sampling Adele as the underlying track but featuring local Hip Hop MCs Jordache, David Dallas, Louie Knuxx and Percieve. Other collaborations are provided by the sweet Pieter T on All Day which is a somewhat aggressive track.
DJ CXL - Represent Album Review
06 Apr 2012 // A review by Dilemma
2012 brings the release of one of the biggest albums of the year, from one of our biggest named DJ’s ironically called DJ CXL. The album features local artists including Scribe, J Williams, {K.
Sounds Aotearoa 2012: Part One - The Seminars
05 Apr 2012 // A review by Petros
Part One: The Seminars Wonderful weather in New Plymouth for this, perhaps the last Sounds Aotearoa to be held in the scenic Taranaki.  There were mixed responses to whether Sounds would be missed in Taranaki.
Fly My Pretties IV Album Review
01 Apr 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Fly My Pretties has become something of a New Zealand institution, a local super group. You know they can always be depended on for high quality entertainment, and their ability to rope in many of our top musicians, as well as the best up and coming artists, means that their sound retains a freshness and that Pretties sound at the same time.
Kieran Cooper - Yes, No, Sincerely Album Review
25 Mar 2012 // A review by Petros
In a rather novel move, over the past month or so Kieran Cooper has been releasing a track a week of Yes, No, Sincerely onto his bandcamp, a move previously employed by Smashing Pumpkins. This serialisation harkens back to the old days before we had unlimited high-speed internet and any album we could ever desire in a couple of clicks and a few minutes.
Kieran Cooper - Yes, No, Acoustic
25 Mar 2012 // A review by Petros
Yes, No, Acoustic is a mix of old and new Kieran Cooper, from his previous release In Search of Reason, including my old favourites Awake and Over Me, as well as from his new release Yes, No, Sincerely, and also tracks from Kieran’s band, Kasium. If you’re the kind of person that would rather rock out to the Foo Fighters’ acoustic performance of Everlongwhen you’re in your growlery than listen to the original studio recording, then keep this album on your MP3 player.
Module - Imagineering Album Review
22 Mar 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Imagineering is the first proper album from Module (aka Wellington – via Canada – musician Jeremiah Ross) since 2005's Remarkable Engines; that’s not to say Module has been idle in the past 6 years – there’s been the 70+ minute, single track Dreams For The Sleepless, and a live album released to keep us, and Module, occupied. Those releases haven’t seemed to garner the attention that Remarkable Engines did though, which is a shame as it’s seen Module sort of disappear from our musical landscape (or perhaps just mine).
Julien Dyne - Live @ the San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 9 March 2012
18 Mar 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Julien Dyne has already had a varied career as a musician. From playing in punk/hardcore bands at a young age, to playing jazz (notably with his father, Paul), then to the funky grooves of Opensouls and onto the hip hop/R&B of Ladi6.
Sinate - To The Death Album Review
14 Mar 2012 // A review by CEOMong
Damn I’m impressed, this is one cool album – especially as loud as I have it right now. I consider myself lucky to have the privilege to hear something like this, and it’s from Kiwis!
The Johnny Possum Band - Short Summer Album Review 2
05 Mar 2012 // A review by Mmdelai
The Johnny Possum Band (formerly known as "Johnny Possum's Good Time Hootin' Band"):This is their 5th CD 'Short Summer', made up of eight original songs and three covers. The music is based around rock, blue-grass, Americana and folk.
An Emerald City - Live @ St. Peter's Hall, Paekakariki
05 Mar 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It starts with a single violin playing an eerie lament, on a stage lit only by antique table lamps on a dark and stormy night in Paekakariki, half an hour out of Wellington.  One by one the rest of An Emerald City stroll onto the small stage to take up the tune, in a way reflecting the band's approach to song writing.
The Johnny Possum Band - Short Summer Album Review
05 Mar 2012 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
A beautiful arrangement featuring mandolins and violins makes The Johnny Possum band stand out in their eclectic mix genre of folk pop rock, with a lots of melody and feel good vibes. Short Summer is the band’s fifth album to date, comprising of vocalist, Bryan Peters, Margaret Pickering, Sean Whitaker, Keith Taylor and Jonathan Rosanowski.
Burning Embers - Open Road Demo EP Review
05 Mar 2012 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
If the sound of heavy drums, crunchy riffs and melody catches your ear, then look no further than Wainuiomata rockers, Burning Embers. Despite being unsigned, the seasoned musicians have been around for a good three to four years, gigging almost anywhere they can and rocking out audiences with their mix of heavy rock, tinged with toe tapping melody and lots of impressive solo’s that would give Slash a run for his money.
The Heavy Metal Ninjas EP Review
04 Mar 2012 // A review by River
The Heavy Metal Ninjas, who formed in 2010 (the year of the ninja), have certainly transcended the mortal realm with their debut EP of the same name. From devastating riffs, synchronised perfectly with meticulous timing, the five Ninjas including Stu and Fran Kora from multi-platinum selling band Kora, look set to completely annihilate the competition.
Outsiders - Shallow Graves EP Review
01 Mar 2012 // A review by River
The Outsiders latest release Shallow Graves is a short but sweet EP that builds nicely on their impressive 2010 debut album The Words Will Write Themselves. With obvious similarities, Shallow Graves has a bit more Kiwi flavour and an underground number eight-wire approach.
Alizarin Lizard - The Weekend Went Without You Album Review
29 Feb 2012 // A review by Petros
The Weekend Went Without You is a collection of catchy songs in the key of awesome.  The music is an amalgamation of juxtaposed styles and influences; an orgy of pop, punk, jazz, blues and garage rock.
Derty Sesh - Apology Accepted Album Review
26 Feb 2012 // A review by Dilemma
The sophmore release from Derty Sesh titled 'Apology Accepted' was released on Monday and with no where near the same backlash from his first release 'Sic Love.' In receiving this album I was excited to see the features and listened to I am Here first because Erakah was featured.
Homegrown 2012
26 Feb 2012 // A review by terry666
Homegrown, Wellington Waterfront, 18 February 2012 Homegrown, New Zealand’s celebration of our culture of music is awesome. This is the day when all our finest talents are on display in a sublime setting of the Wellington waterfront.
The Lowest Fidelity - Curious Maladies Album Review
26 Feb 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Will Saunders has been in the New Zealand music scene for a while, playing in Auckland psychedelic rock outift The Quick and The Dead (as well as London trio Siren), and has been releasing material as a solo artist for the past 2 years. His latest effort, Curious Maladies, is released under Will Saunders and the Lowest Fidelity, but don’t let the name fool you; there’s no band here, it’s just Will, a couple of guitars and a microphone.
JCK - The Bees Album Review
12 Feb 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
JCK (aka James Castady-Kristament) has been producing his brand of hip hop since 2002 with songs being picked up by radio stations and music TV.  It’s easy to see why he gets so much interest after listening to his latest album, The Bees.
Psyrok - Calculus EP Review
12 Feb 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
It’s hard enough getting a bunch of musicians together to write and record songs when they all live in the same city, so it must be an absolute nightmare when they live on opposite sides of the globe.  It would become damn near impossible when those musicians haven’t even met and have only spoken once (for a radio interview at that).
Illuminus - Until The End Album Review
06 Feb 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
Every now and then an album comes along that surprises with its’ fresh sound and bold song writing.  Illuminus’ debut album, Until The End, has been the first such surprise of 2012.
The top ten cool things about Saturday at Parachute 2012
02 Feb 2012 // A review by amandashootsbands
1. I’ve been to a number of Midnight Youth shows over the past few years, so it was rather lovely to sit and enjoy a few snippets from the front-man himself, Jeremy Redmore at Noise.
Beyond The Black Festival, New Years Eve 2011, Wellington
22 Jan 2012 // A review by terry666
Beyond the Black festival, New Years Eve 2011, Trentham Wellington It was a crap rainy day as I hit Upper Hutt early on New Years Eve ready to get my metal on for New Zealand’s first heavy metal and rock New Year’s festival. The beauty of this event unlike many others around the country was that most of this festival was inside.
Throw It To The Fire, Captain Sergeant Major, Force Fields, Hollywoodfun Downstairs @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington, 6 January 2012
10 Jan 2012 // A review by Alistar3000
For some reason live music seems to disappear from our cities every summer and the only way to see a band is to trek to one of the holiday hotspots (or rain spots) for a festival. So it was with great anticipation that I headed to Wellington’s San Francisco Bathhouse for my first gig of the year, featuring up and coming locals Hollywoodfun Downstairs.
Pajama Club Self-titled Album Review
30 Dec 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Once you have got it, you never lose it. The self-titled debut of Neil Finn’s new outfit, Pajama Club, is testament to this.
Spartacus R - The View Album Review
20 Dec 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
With their second album, The View, Wellington 6-piece Spartacus R prove that it’s quality, not quantity that matters.  In 6 years together they’ve released a couple of EP’s, their debut album (When The Fever Takes Hold) in 2009 and toured a handful of times.
Geoff Ong - Pictures EP Review
14 Dec 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
If you haven’t yet heard of up and coming talent, Geoff Ong, you will soon, with the release of his first EP, Pictures, making quite a name for himself in pop. Pictures, is a great mix of pop soft rock melody, just in time for summer and those long hot days, giving listeners just a glimpse of what Geoff Ong is capable of musicially as an artist.
Kasium - Exhale Album Review
12 Dec 2011 // A review by Petros
Kasium’s Exhale is the 90s rock album of the year. There are grungy guitars with blazing solos, heavy bass, hard-hitting drums and there is stoic defiance against the norms and the authorities in Kieran’s vocals.
Cobra Khan - Adversities Album Review
09 Dec 2011 // A review by River
From the opening riff that will make the hairs on the back of your neck shiver in anticipation, Cobra Khan’s latest release Adversities, never lets up. The quintet had already set the bar high with their previous releases, especially the 2008 album Helgorithms, ensuring many dedicated fans here and abroad.
Knights of the Dub Table - Way of the Dub Album Review
09 Dec 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
The Knights of the Dub Table attempt to live up to their name with their debut full length and for the most part they succeed.  They’re not quite at the head of that table yet, but they come close.
Mz J - Love Changes Everything Album Review
08 Dec 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
New Zealand music has been going from strength to strength in 2011 with local artists setting sights on the international circuit and being successful in doing so. Here is another album that can comfortably sit alongside some of the chart-topping RnB and Pop albums emerging from the U.
Photonic - Rif Mountains Album Review
08 Dec 2011 // A review by terry666
Camera Stellata is a very soft opener. This is the third album from the one man army Craig Scott who has also had a track included in the Stoner Doom Vol 1 album with a song from his first release Recorded content.
Amos/Anon - Darkness From Light Album Review
08 Dec 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
AmosAnon have stomped back onto the scene with a new digital release Darkness from Light. This is a dusky album full of hard-hitting rock songs.
Sticky Filth - Fourth Domain Album Review
03 Dec 2011 // A review by River
For starters, Sticky Filth’s latest album demands to be played loud. Fourth Domain is a nicely packaged release that builds on a solid foundation of the tried and true, while not being afraid to explore something new and the darker side of life.
The Flaming Mudcats - Gave You What You Wanted Album Review
03 Dec 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Otis Redding, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, just some of the late greats of 1950’s American Blues. Fast forward to New Zealand 2011, and The Flaming Mudcats could soon be amongst them.
The House Of Capricorn - In The Devil's Days Album Review
28 Nov 2011 // A review by CEOMong
At first I didn’t know what to say about the newest offering from the cloven hoofed ones, but the more I listen the more I have to say. I really like it, I’m not 100% sure why, there’s lots to like but nothing I can nail down ...
High Dependency Unit - Live @ the San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 11 November 2011
20 Nov 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
High Dependency Unit (HDU) are one of those bands that just seem to have always been a part of the New Zealand music scene.  They were part of the Flying Nun stable in the 90’s until they went their separate ways in 2008 and gained a cult following for their post-rock sound and for their live shows; the latter being remembered for the huge wall of layered sound that the trio would create.
Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards - November 3rd, 2011. Vector Arena.
11 Nov 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Man, the Vector is massive. Anything staged there needs to be a spectacular just to do the sheer size of the Arena justice.
Kapabal - No Rest Album Review
09 Nov 2011 // A review by Dilemma
There is so much good NZ music out there lately that it is easy to be subjective when listening to it, because it is all different and yet so good. I am always so excited to listen to something new and fresh, and am open minded to diversity.
Machete Justice - Reversion Album Review
08 Nov 2011 // A review by River
Picking up where many metal bands left off, Machete Justice sets the bar high with their most excellent début album Reversion. Hailing from Tauranga in New Zealand, the quintessential four-piece band aims for the sky with an album not for the faint hearted.
The Bats - Free All The Monsters Album Review
08 Nov 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
The first thing I notice when popping in The Bats new release, Free All The Monsters, is the distinct ‘Dunedin sound’ to which The Bats have been a part of, in their impressive thirty year career to date. Less is more with jingly guitars and loose drumming, summing up the Dunedin Sound perfectly.
Kenbe La Foundation - Never Give Up Single Review
06 Nov 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Kenbe La [ken-bay lah] – the Haitian phrase for “never give up”, it is a brand new track produced by Paul Dodge from Minuit for The Kenbe La foundation, a charity set up to support childrens education in the earthquake stricken counrty of Haiti. Kenbe La is the title and theme of the track written in response to work being done to rebuild earthquake ravaged Haiti – namely the work of the very inspirational Kiwi Emily Sanson-Rejouis, who lost family in the quake and established the foundation to help support schools in the area.
Ria Hall EP Review
06 Nov 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Ria Hall has had an interesting journey leading up to the release of her debut EP. She has wowed crowds touring with some of NZ's musical elite, backing up Hollie Smith, holding her own beside Anna Coddington in Eru Dangerspiel and singing with TrinityRoots.
Shotgun Alley Album Review
06 Nov 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I wanted to like Shotgun Alley, I truly did.  Like any other band I felt they deserved a fair go.
Bannerman - Dearly Departed Album Review
06 Nov 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I've got a hunch that the new Bannerman album, Dearly Departed, is going to be played a lot in my house.  From the first track I was hooked on the richness of the album, the layers of sound, the songwriting, the melancholy yet whimsical tone of the songs.
Akaname Album Review
01 Nov 2011 // A review by CEOMong
I must say it's rather refreshing to hear an album like this, some real inventive action, and not a single word spoken by a vocalist. Amazing.
Shapeshifter - Live at the Forum, Melbourne - 29/10/2011
01 Nov 2011 // A review by sidvicious
Shapeshifter represents New Zealand to me – festivals, trips to the Coromandel with friends, New Years, Big Day Out, beaches and beer. Hearing Bring Change can, in an instant, remind me of everything I love and miss about New Zealand; they’ve been the soundtrack to years and years worth of summers.
1814 - Covers Album Review
29 Oct 2011 // A review by Dilemma
New Zealand’s far North premier reggae group 1814 bring the party with their sun-drenched blend of sweet soulful vocals, upbeat grooves and smooth sax lines with strong messages of peace, love and harmony. The Covers Album features 11 solid tracks from artists such as the “father of soul” Sam Cooke, the great Bill Withers, legendary country singer Johnny Cash and so many more, it is sure to impress.
Midnight Youth - World Comes Calling Album Review
26 Oct 2011 // A review by terry666
Midnight Youth have only been around for a few years and but have already made huge inroads into the Kiwi rock scene. Their debut album 'The Brave Don’t Run' was released two years ago and featured 5 hit singles, making them a must see live act.
Jeremy Mason - You Will Never Know Everything EP
25 Oct 2011 // A review by Mmdelai
Jeremy Mason's four track EP "You Will Never Know Everything" was self released in September, this his second release after "Distorted Vision".  His solo music is subtle acoustic singer song writer stuff, a far cry from his period playing bass in kiwi punk band "Kill the Fake Patient".
Jackal - Furnace Creek review
25 Oct 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Auckland's Jackal remind me of a lot of several bands that I've liked since my wayward teenage years.  That's not too much of a problem for me - a lot of bands imitate the sound of other bands - but it does make it difficult to describe their sound, or sometimes even determine what that sound is across their songs.
Kive - Gravitate EP Review
20 Oct 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Kive are one of those bands that you hear and wonder why you haven't heard them before. Originally a three piece post-rock outfit, the addition of former Brutally Frank vocalist Jeremy Frank has added another dimension to their sound.
Funkommunity - Chequered Thoughts Album Review
20 Oct 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Funkommunity slightly misled me, or at least the funk part of their name did.  I was expecting something dripping with funk-ness, but instead found an album that was less funk and more soul.
SINSIN - Layers EP Review
17 Oct 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon looking for something to listen to that would fit in with a stinking hangover.  It takes a special kind of music to slot into a hangover and I wasn’t having much luck; everything was either too loud, or too mellow, or too fast, or too slow.
Minuit - Live @ the San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 15 October 2011
17 Oct 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Minuit are one of those bands that people seem to either love or hate, and it was all about the love at a full San Francisco Bathhouse on Saturday. The night began with Wellington beat maker D:UNK, playing some funk heavy tunes that quickly turned an empty dance floor into a writhing mass of people and was the perfect warm-up for the main event.
Bond Street Bridge - Spring Summer Awesome Winter Album Review
16 Oct 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
As a self confessed novice to some styles of the Indie genre, I wasn’t sure what to expect when popping in Bond Street Bridge’s second effort; Spring Summer Awesome Winter, but I was pleasantly surprised at the unique melody and softness of opening track ‘Aimless’ with its Mark Lanegan-esque style vocals that is suited to the blues/indie folk genre; one man band wonder, Sam Prebble is the man with the voice, string arrangements, mandolin and guitars behind Spring Summer... his follow up album to 2008’s The Mapmakers’ Art.
Eminence/Darklight Corporation Guns of Dawn Tour @ The Royal, Sept 9 2011
16 Oct 2011 // A review by terry666
Eminence/Darklight Corporation Guns of Dawn Tour, The Royal, Palmerston North, Fri Sep 09 2011 Another night at The Royal in Palmy with metal from local executioners Bloodworx, two Wellington bands Evil In Eden and Darklight Corporation, and an international act to boot in Brazilian, Eminence. What a way to spend the night.
K.One - Far From Home Album Review
14 Oct 2011 // A review by Dilemma
K.One is the future, firmly on the upward climb to his peak as a solo artist.
DJ Definite - From Hell to Breakfast EP Review
14 Oct 2011 // A review by JohnS
Former dDub bass player Brent Stathdee has got back into making beats since the duo known as Definite & Bling took a hiatus in 2007. After 3 EP’s and an album with hard funk/Rock band Hangman, DJ Definite has turned back to making beats again.
Mmdelai Self Titled EP Review
11 Oct 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Mmdelai has newly released a self titled EP, the first song White World sounds more like a dance club anthem with synth and heavy drums filling out the track. Described by the Groove Guild as a mix of "Aphex Twin and P.
Cybiont - So Much Work For Love To Do Album Review
10 Oct 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
There’s such a proliferation of music being made on the Mac that it almost deserves its own genre. Unfortunately that wouldn’t help anyone trying to describe Cybiont’s fourth album, So Much Work For Love.
Beltane - Auld Toby Album Review
06 Oct 2011 // A review by Petros
My interest in Beltane began as a sideline to my interest in the music of Palmerston North’s $lave Recordings. When people say the name Beltane their tone suggests there is some kind of dark back story, some hidden history I needed to know about.
Scribe - Not Many Cities Single Review
05 Oct 2011 // A review by Dilemma
There really could have been no better ambassador to raise awareness for Christchurch than Scribe. The Southern born rapper who is known for his own quiet strength, persistence and resilience, has always been proud of his roots.
Kerretta - Saansilo Album Review
01 Oct 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Experimental rock from Auckland, Kerretta, has been making quite a scene overseas lately with their powerful live shows and heavy instrumental sound. Anyone familiar with their debut album, 'Vilayer', released in 2009 will be reminded of the potential that inevitably has followed in the shape of their second album, 'Saansilo', released September 18.
Kasium - So Electric Single Review
30 Sep 2011 // A review by Petros
Kasium’s latest single So Electric is crisp production, catchy riffs, catchier lyrics and a healthy dose of wholesome rock and roll. The single couldn’t have come at a better time.
The Rabble - Life's A Journey Album Review
25 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
As soon as you start listening to the Rabble it’s hard to not draw comparisons between a bunch of 90’s punk and ska bands; bands like Rancid, Good Riddance, Green Day and so on.  Their latest release Life's A Journey would easily sit amongst anything released by any of those bands; while there’s nothing distinctive about the music on the album, the songs are all well written and the recording is first class.
Mel Parsons - Album Review: Red Grey Blue
25 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Mel Parsons may seem young but her latest album Red Grey Blue shows a weariness and a maturity belying her age. Many of the songs on the album have a dark streak running through them that speaks of harsh life experiences, although they’re balanced out by tracks like Things Will Get Good and We Will Find Love Again, both full of optimism for the future.
Little Bushman and Electric Wire Hustle @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 24 September 2011
25 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Little Bushman and Electric Wire Hustle always manage to draw big crowds and when they decided to play together over two nights at Wellington’s San Francisco Bathhouse it was always going to be huge. From what I’ve heard the Friday night was a pretty amazing affair, so I headed along to the Saturday show with some pretty big expectations.
Mountaineater, Left or Right, Full Fucking Moon and Ryan Prebble @ Bar Bodega, Wellington - 16 September 2011
17 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Music fans turning up to Wellington’s Bar Bodega on Friday night were lucky to be treated to a wide range of musical styles. The Nudge’s Ryan Prebble kicked things off, playing solo for the night.
Freaky Meat - Delicatessen Album Review
13 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
What do you get when you combine the drummer and guitarist of the Tutts  with a jazz poet (not to mention a funky as bass player)?  It’s not a joke but the punch line is Freaky Meat.
Head Like a Hole & Cairo Knife Fight @ The Royal, Palmerston North
09 Sep 2011 // A review by Petros
A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Rock and Roll Dream. From a block away there is no sign of a crowd, the kind of thing you’d expect to see for a show like this.
Crimson Rain - Are You Happy Now Single Review
07 Sep 2011 // A review by CEOMong
Nice soft finger pluckin intro, cool reverb. Nice bass thrum.
Acoustic Gig @ Bar Medusa, 18 August 2011
04 Sep 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
A freezing cold and windy Thursday night did little to deter the crowd from a hearty acoustic set courtesy of NZ Live Entertainment at Medusa. A last minute change of plan saw Darrel Vickers, vocalist for bands; Funkacybin and Smashed Potatoes (the latter originally scheduled to play) bash out a beautiful acoustic set of originals with awe and depth.
Alphabethead's Wonderful World of the Weird @ Medusa, Wellington - 3 September 2011
04 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
When I walked into Medusa last night for Alphabethead’s Wonderful World of the Weird tour to find Hamilton’s DJ Indecline mixing and scratching hip hop and punk records, I knew the night was going to be an interesting one. The colourful circus-like backdrop behind him, and flags hanging around the walls, only added to the atmosphere.
Sonic Altar @ Bar Medusa, Wellington on 1 September 2011
03 Sep 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
A handful of hardy Wellington metal fans turned out on Thursday night at Medusa to witness Auckland retro-metallers Sonic Altar as part of their album release tour.  Bringing with them fellow Aucklander's A Beautiful Chaos, and joined for the night by Kapiti Coast band Roadside Theory, we were set for a night of classic metal riffs, headbanging and finely honed stage acts.
Luger Boa and Black River Drive @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 19 August 2011
02 Sep 2011 // A review by terry666
Double strength tour with The Rascal kings, Black river drive and Luger Boa 19/08/11 The Royal Palmerston north I was very excited about heading down to The Royal for great night of Rock n Roll lined up for the evening. The line up had locals The Rascal Kings, Black River Drive and Luger Boa a very electric brew to swill down on a winter’s night in Palmy.
Secondi - Pre-album Release Review
31 Aug 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
The meaning of cool has changed over time. Actually, it is not the meaning of the word that has changed, but rather what defines it.
Jess Chambers - Hopeful Dreamer Single Review
29 Aug 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Just as the first buds reveal themselves in our gardens at this time of year, and as the frosty mornings cede to a gentle sun, Jess Chambers has released her single ‘Hopeful Dreamer’ to mark the beginning of what is sure to be a beautiful Spring season. ‘Hopeful Dreamer’ is immaculate in its execution.
Elliot Brown - Road To Destruction album review
28 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
At first I didn’t know what to make of Northland’s Elliot Brown.  His claims of alt-country put me off, not being a genre I usually get into too much.
Who is Chess Countess? Album Review
28 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
It's always a challenge for a musician to compose outside their genre of choice, something that Auckland's Chess Countess (aka Tamsyn Miller) seems to have struggled with. With a background in musicals and as a backing singer for several big names, as well as being classically trained in violin and voice, this should have been a strong EP.
Backyard Burial Final Show @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington, 26/08/2011
28 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
The first review I ever had published was of a Backyard Burial gig, so it was a great privilege to be able to photograph and review their farewell show. There were always going to be mixed emotions to this show.
Head Like a Hole @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington, 25/08/2011
28 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
The opportunity to review and photograph Head Like A Hole was the culmination of a long history/obsession with the band. I first saw a photo of HLAH when I was 11 and became a fan without even hearing their music; it was back when they were becoming known for their onstage antics - dressing up in plastic yellow tubing, playing naked, the sort of crazy behaviour that is appeals to a pre-teen music fan.
Adeaze - Rise & Shine Album Review
25 Aug 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Duo Adeaze have released their second album called Rise & Shine, a follow up to the brothers’ double-platinum debut album Always and for Real, which was released in 2004.  After taking time to focus on family and song writing, the Adeaze brothers have constructed a beautifully harmonious 12 track album.
Hanna Grace - Concrete & Roses Album Review
22 Aug 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Singer songwriter Hanna Grace has just released her debut album Concrete & Roses, with a little harmless self-promotion it is based on an Adele-meets-Amy Winehouse sound and just the right balance of rhythm and seduction. Hanna is a true artist in every sense of the word and draws her inspiration from real life experiences.
In Dread Response - Embers in the Spiritless Void Album Review
16 Aug 2011 // A review by River
From the outset In Dread Response’s second album, Embers in the Spiritless Void, lays down the gauntlet as an unrelenting and epic release. Musically comparable to international bands like Machine Head and Lamb of God, while defining their sound with a new level of creativity, In Dread Response builds on the theme of vengeful anger that is the basis of all great thrash, doom and melodic death metal.
The Red Eyes - Red Army Album Review
14 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Traditionally reggae has had either religion or politics as its driving force, which is understandable when it’s viewed as an outlet for the oppressed people of Jamaica. Lately though, reggae has tended to be subverted by the middle class and has been churned out in an easy listening format, almost a reggae-lite, more commonly associated with BBQs, beaches and beers.
The Nudge - Big Nudge Pie Album Review
14 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I had the pleasure of seeing The Nudge live a week ago (check out that review here), before hearing their debut album Big Nudge Pie this week, which may have slightly ruined the album for me. Playing live, the band are able to spend time exploring their musical ideas, expanding on them and adapting them.
Beastwars @ Mighty Mighty, Wellington, 13 August 2011
14 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Wellington’s Mighty Mighty last night became a seething mass of metallers, with local sludge fanatics Beastwars providing an apocalyptic soundtrack that nearly left the crowd in a state of physical and mental destruction. Usually catering to the more sedate sounds of indie hipsters, the bar may have been unprepared for the onslaught of bogans, stoners and general weirdoes, my own bad self included, that seem to accompany Beastwars wherever they go.
Brooklyn State Hospital - The Doctor will Record you Now Album Review
09 Aug 2011 // A review by Petros
If you’re a regular listener of Massey University’s Radio Control 99.4fm, or have tuned in at all over the past month you’ve probably heard Pottsy shamelessly plug his band, Brooklyn State Hospital, and their Album Release Gig at the Celtic.
The Nudge @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington, 5/08/2011
06 Aug 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
It’s watching a man in a bunny suit bash out a mean five minute drum solo that makes you remember why live music can be so much fun – it's the unpredictable nature of it; no two gigs are ever the same. But that’s the end of the night; let’s start at the beginning.
Head Like A Hole - Blood Will Out Album Review 2
03 Aug 2011 // A review by Petros
If you’ve never heard of Head Like a Hole give yourself a slap. Do it.
Kieran Cooper - In Search of Reason Album Review
03 Aug 2011 // A review by Petros
The solo effort of Kasium vocalist and front man, Kieran Cooper is a relatively dark affair. It’s cut from the same cloth as Marilyn Manson’s acoustic material, for those dedicated fans who have heard that (For those who haven’t, listen to Kieran Cooper instead.
David Dallas - Take A Picture Single Review
02 Aug 2011 // A review by Dilemma
'Take a Picture' is the most recent release from David Dallas off his new album The Rose Tint. It combines honest lyrics, his rapping talent and soulful singing in the chorus, with a solid hip hop beat in the background.
Head Like A Hole - Blood Will Out Album Review
02 Aug 2011 // A review by terry666
Head Like A Hole aka HLAH are Kiwi Rock Legends. I have always loved these guys and their live shows were a sight to behold.
The Slur-Tones, Pirate Sons and the Orphins @ Bar Bodega, Wellington 30/07/2011
31 Jul 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I don’t know where Wellington’s music lovers were last night, but they sure weren’t at Bar Bodega. And that’s a shame because they missed a good night of rock’n’roll.
Outrun the Buffalo - And Now They Live In A Zoo EP Review
31 Jul 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Wow! Outrun the Buffalo should be the next BIG THING in New Zealand music.
Temples on Mars - Vondelpark Single Review
28 Jul 2011 // A review by terry666
Agent's newest single Vondelpark Agent was formed in 2003 in Taranaki and were a huge part of local live scene. They were regulars in Palmerston North, with myself witnessing several of their shows.
Concord Dawn - The Race to Zero EP Review
28 Jul 2011 // A review by sidvicious
The Race to Zero EP is only the second release since Concord Dawn’s two became one in 2008. But within the first few seconds of the opening track 1925, it’s pretty apparent that The Enemy Within was no fluke.
Kasium - Premonition EP
28 Jul 2011 // A review by Petros
I realise that Kasium’s self-produced Premonition EP was released a good three years ago, but it’s a release I thought I needed to draw attention to. I’m not sure why these guys haven't taken off more than they have, they have a lot riding for them; the dark look, the rock angst, the cultural commentary video.
Hand Me Downs - Void Single Review
27 Jul 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Raglan’s up and coming band, Hand Me Downs have released their debut single ‘Void.’ As the track starts you get the feeling that Raglan influences the sound with the track being very hipster, laid back and folk inspired.
El Schlong - Time/Place Album Review
27 Jul 2011 // A review by River
It seems like ages since El Schlong released their groundbreaking album The Baddies Are Coming in 2008. The band described that release as “like Satan in the bath puzzled by the ginger pube on the soap.
The Adventures Of Mikejoffa - Eventures EP review
26 Jul 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Upon seeing Adventures of Mikejoffa at their Eventures EP launch gig at Medusa back in May, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before they took to the stage, as I only had heard snippets of a song or two. An hour and a half later I was grinning from ear to ear at what I had just heard, so I was excited to finally get my hands on their EP.
Darklight Corporation - Pitchblack Album Review
25 Jul 2011 // A review by CEOMong
Darklight Corporation have packed a fuckload of wicked awesome rocking riffs and varied, yet simple and appropriately-audible lyrics, cool chewy samples and electronic bits strewn in just the right places to keep you guessing – there’s a little bit of everything in here. Not too much of one thing, nor too pushy and repetitive like sooooo many bands these days – varied enough you could listen to this album dozens of times and still not hear everything.
Knives at Noon and The Frisk (Young Lyre) @ Bodega, 22/07/2011
23 Jul 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
You go to a gig by the band that provided the tune for the Telecom Android phone ad, yeah that song, and of course you'll go along with certain preconceived ideas about what you’re going to get for your hard earned dollars.  But then when you arrive at Bar Bodega a four piece Irish blues folk rock band, complete with lap guitar, banjo and violin are playing and you don’t even know who they are because they weren’t on the bill originally.
The Nomad - Perilous Times album review
17 Jul 2011 // A review by JohnS
Yes, after six years The Nomad (Daimon Schwalger) has been working hard and given us 'Perilous Times', a dupstep flavoured blend or reggae, drum and bass, electronica and Jungle to create a thing of absolute bliss. Through the creation and celebration of independent music, The Nomad, shares the story of his journeys.
The 3Ds - We Bury The Living album review
17 Jul 2011 // A review by Petros
“This nation’s Sonic Youth” is the best way to describe the aural orgasm that is the music of The 3Ds. You don’t get music like this anymore.
The Adults Album Review
13 Jul 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
Jon Toogood has long been one of my favourite musicians; from the early days of Shihad he has consistently created strong rock songs, and the energy he has for music is always apparent, whether on record or performing live, so I was interested to see what he’d come up with as the Adults. The Adults is an opportunity for him to show another side of himself, a softer, more melodic side - although there would be some who would argue that Shihad have been heading in that direction themselves over their last two albums.
Paperscissors @ Bar Bodega, Wellington, 8/07/2011
10 Jul 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I missed seeing Paperscissors perform recently with The Checks, a slip up on my part that, having now seen them play, I regret. For Paperscissors rock (I couldn’t resist…), and they do it well.
Known Associates: Penny Love
05 Jul 2011 // A review by JohnS
It’s hard not to pick an album and solo judge the music inside by its cover. It’s the whole basis of trying something new, Do you like the look of them, are they wearing the latest fashions or even the classic do I know that guy?
Welcome to the FreeDay Album Review
01 Jul 2011 // A review by Petros
This week I have had the pleasure of reviewing FreeDay’s debut, ‘Welcome to the FreeDay.’ FreeDay is the brainchild of the talented husband and wife team Glen and Alex Donaghy and their backing band.
F In Math - Couch EP Review
30 Jun 2011 // A review by sidvicious
Funk isn’t a term one would typically associated with music born of drum machines and synthesizers. But that’s the first word that came to mind after the opening minute of the opening track of F in Math’s first recorded album, Couch EP.
Kidz In Space - Ghost Album Release Gig - Palmerston North 17 June 2011
26 Jun 2011 // A review by JohnS
The chilly, cold night is a constant companion as I head into Palmerston North to see Auckland based band Kidz in Space, on their third stop of their nation wide tour. Not only is this an all ages gig but it’s being held at the Palmerston North Convention Centre, a very unusual venue for a band to be playing.
Ammp - From The Back of the Sun Album Review
20 Jun 2011 // A review by River
The first thing to strike me about Ammp’s debut album From The Back of the Sun, is the excellent packaging with nice photographs, song lyrics and production notes all stylishly presented in a 12 page foldout booklet. It’s good to see the bands professionalism doesn’t end with their musicianship.
Jakob @ San Francisco Bathhouse - 11/06/2011
19 Jun 2011 // A review by Alistar3000
I have to admit up front that I've never heard much of Jakob before apart from the odd track on the internet, or played at friends’ houses. But I've yet to hear a bad thing from anyone who's ever seen them play and that, along with the fact that Tool chose them to open for them earlier in the year in Australia, is what got me down to the sold out San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington last Saturday to check them out.
Sweet Az Soundsystem - Costal Connection album review
12 Jun 2011 // A review by Dilemma
‘Coastal Connection’ has a totally unique and somewhat eccentric style combining the best of dub/dubstep/reggae and fusing a hint of drum n bass into an album created by producer DJ Kina (Simon Boyd) from The Versionaries and MC Extraordinaire RayJah45 (Raymond Te Oranga-Nolan), known as the Sweet Az Sound System. This collaboration can be best described as music with one foot firmly on the dance floor, with the conscious soulful vibes of RayJah and production of DJ Kina coming together to form a sound that appeals to a wide audience.
Pacific Music Awards 2011
12 Jun 2011 // A review by Dilemma
This is the seventh year in a row that the highly anticipated Pacific Music Awards have descended on South Auckland for a spectacular night of live performance and Pacific pride. The PMA’s are so unique, there is still the flash of photographers, but surrounded by laughter and excitement, not duty.
Crimson Rain - Why Single Review
06 Jun 2011 // A review by CEOMong
Presumably the remixed/revised/newest version of 'Why', as featured on the EP 'One By One'. It’s similar in just about every way; however the original for me is superior.
Antagonist A.D. - Old Bones Make New Blooms EP Review
06 Jun 2011 // A review by CEOMong
The latest offering from Antagonist A.D at first listen felt like it was missing something vital.
Aly Cook - Brand New Day album review
06 Jun 2011 // A review by JohnS
Being one of New Zealand’s biggest secrets hasn’t stopped Aly Cook from doing big things. Described as a woman with a petite frame and a big voice her Debut album shows this to be fact rather than fiction.
Capital Punishment - 28 May 2011 @ Bar Medusa, Wellington
04 Jun 2011 // A review by terry666
Capital Punishment 2, Bar Medusa, Wellington, 28 may 2011   Twelve hours, twelve bands, Heavy Metal heaven if you can handle it. Bar Medusa's Capital Punishment 2 featuring twelve Kiwi Metal bands is in its second year and what a line up.
Mali Mali - Brotherly EP Review
31 May 2011 // A review by sidvicious
Mali Mali is a relatively new Auckland-based three-piece headed by self-described singer/songwriter Ben Tolich. After parting with his band early last year, Tolich decided to focus on music with a rawer, more authentic sound.
Daniel Ashcroft - Desperation Album Review
29 May 2011 // A review by Petros
This is a message for those people who read my Crackpot Theory Black Metal Much? review: I told you so.
Kyuss Lives! @ Hunter Lounge, Wellington - Sunday May 15 2011
25 May 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Stoner rock, desert rock, acid rock; doesn't matter what you call it, there's no mistaking the sound of Kyuss when they hit the Hunter Lounge in Wellington, Sunday Night. The Hunter Lounge is a venue I'm not familiar with, located within Victoria University grounds, it boasts its own cafe and bar; a pretty classy place during the day, come nightfall and it transforms into the perfect venue for gigs, comedy nights and other events.
Last Train To Brockville - Shayne P Carter Tracks Back @ Bar Bodega, Welling - 6 May 2011
25 May 2011 // A review by terry666
LAST TRAIN TO BROCKVILLE…SHAYNE P CARTER TRACKS BACK Friday 6 May - Bodega, Wellington  I’m a huge fan of Shayne Carter's from way back. I would have to say I discovered him rather late in the piece being lucky enough to see the last Straitjacket Fits show at the Big Day Out many many moons ago but it was at that time I was converted and that’s where I feel Shayne always shines.
The Adventures Of Mikejoffa - Eventures EP Release Gig @ Bar Medusa, Wellington on 6 May 2011
25 May 2011 // A review by Kerry Monaghan
Making my way to Medusa bar on a freezing Friday night, I arrived with the happy notion of discounted drinks and my long awaited copy of Adventures Of Mikejoffa’s EP, Eventures, thanks to Doug ten Broeke. Familiar to Medusa’s small but perfectly formed size, I was a little taken back at the vacant space I could see all around me, wondering when or if it was going to start filling out by the time metal titans Red Dawn took to the stage.
Simon Spire - Four Letter Words Album Review
19 May 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Simon Spire releases his second album, 'Four Letter Words'. The Lead single ‘Liberate Your Love’ hints at the slightly edgier direction Spire has taken on his second album, but without losing the alluring melody hooks and ambitious lyrics he is known for.
Michelle Nadia - 'Firefly' Album Review
17 May 2011 // A review by sidvicious
Michelle Nadia is a singer/songwriter who has been writing and performing music both in New Zealand and overseas for many years. Accompanying her extensive nationwide tour is her long-awaited debut album Firefly.
The DeSotos - Your Highway for Tonight Album Review
16 May 2011 // A review by Petros
For us too young to have been there on that fateful April night in 1968 all that we know of the Wahine Disaster are the grainy black and white photographs of the giant ship on its side and the distraught faces of those rescued from the lifeboats. There is some small feeling of nostalgia, but the whole event is too distant from us to inspire any feeling of what it was like and how it affected our nation.
Sleepin Brains - All I Want, Lights Out, Rock & Road Single(s) Reviews
15 May 2011 // A review by CEOMong
Very 80s/90s somehow tastes of DragonForce, Lordi and even Motley Crue in some riffs – they’re somehow hair metallie, yet on the radio side of alternative rock, somewhere. All I Want Slow, tweaky intro.
Miss Black & The Light - Black Light Album Review
13 May 2011 // A review by JohnS
The cold breath of winter is whispering at the door, so for me this means spending more time at home, curled in front of the fire with some choice kiwi sounds heating my soul and currently filling the void is the debut album from Miss Black and the Light. Miss Black (aka Ngatapa Black) is a bilingual singer songwriter more commonly found working for Maori television, but thankfully found time to bring us this unique blend of kiwiana entitled Black Light.
Beastwars Album Review
12 May 2011 // A review by terry666
Beastwars Self-titled album ‘Beastwars’ have been around for some time and seem to be one of the bands I always miss seeing for some odd reason which guts me. They have been playing the Wellington scene with local Heavy metal bands like Razorwyre and Elephant of the Ocean and also played with some bigger names like High on Fire , The Melvin’s and the upcoming Kyuss shows.
Black Boy Peaches - Company Feel Good Album Review
11 May 2011 // A review by River
Black Boy Peaches state that their modus operandi is to “write great music, make great records and play amazing gigs.” Clearly they’re well on their way to achieving these goals with the bands debut album ‘Company Feel Good.
Disturbed @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington - 4 May 2011
08 May 2011 // A review by CEOMong
Wifey & I made our way south 200Km from wicked sunshiney weather, to Taxman’s in WellieTron, where it was fully hosing down. Lucky the gig was inside!
Avalanche City - Our New Life Above Ground Album Review
07 May 2011 // A review by trevf
Avalanche City - Our New Life Above The Ground It’s a great story this… musician Dave Baxter, just like another famous Dave (Grohl), records an entire album by himself, said album goes viral, gets picked up by a Big Record Company, gets top ten hit. That Hit, 'Love Love Love' kicks off the album, and is a clear statement of intent, really, a mid tempo sort-of-acoustic number with a big, catchy, feel-good chorus.
Mr S - Album Review: Get Rough With It
03 May 2011 // A review by Petros
In twenty words Get Rough with It is an acoustic blues rock tribute to an eclectic mix of contemporary jazz and blues standards in the key of rockabilly. These giddy high-energy cover tunes are the kind of thing you whip out on a camping trip, but only if the camp fire is a raging bonfire and you remembered to pack your drum kit and bass.
Luger Boa - New Hot Nights Album Review
28 Apr 2011 // A review by terry666
Luger Boa – New Hot Nights It was with eager anticipation that I picked up my copy of Luger Boa's 'New Hot Nights'. Coming up to be released just a few weeks after another big rock album from Foo Fighters this album has a lot to live up to and a big ask to distract Rock fans from the Foo's latest effort and we didn't even have to worry cause this album kicks rock n roll arse.
Amos/Anon - For those who are sleeping awake... AmosAnon Album Review
24 Apr 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
When the gloom of the night creeps in, and the people enter into the realm of dreams, an artist sits awake, in Wellington. In his lack of sleep, without falling into his dreams, he churns out a series of songs that embody his frustration and fatigue.
Leeches - Self Titled Debut EP
17 Apr 2011 // A review by River
I had a feeling I would like this CD, even before I put it in the machine and I was not disappointed. There’s something very impressive about the self-titled release by the Leeches with its hardcore, raw quality that will knock your socks off.
PNC - Man on Wire Album Review
17 Apr 2011 // A review by Dilemma
PNC has really out done himself with his third release ‘Man on Wire,’ collaborating with some of New Zealand’s most innovative musicians and underlying the early tracks with movie sound bites makes for a brilliant sounding unique album. The first track Murder classically showcases PNC’s natural talent for making music and the balance that he is trying to portray hence the album title.
Crimson Rain - The Mask Within - Single Review
14 Apr 2011 // A review by CEOMong
Single Review – Crimson Rain – The Mask Within (4:58) A gax-heavy gravid hook intro melts on in to somewhat bluesy melodic vox, before a steady, yet short, climb into the first chorus – man I’m getting chills! Coasting on down to the next verse, wicked awesome transitions, no harshness drops, just silk city the whole way through.
Box Juice - Sunrise Ave Album Review
12 Apr 2011 // A review by Petros
Box Juice's Sunrise Ave is a tropical cocktail of the same ilk as Kiwi greats Katchafire; reggae that remains true to its Jamaican roots with a subtle hint of South Pacific flavour. It's peaceful music for peace.
Computers Want Me Dead EP Review
08 Apr 2011 // A review by sidvicious
Electro-synth pop is one of my favourite genres of music and it’s refreshing to see kiwi kids experimenting with it. Computers Want Me Dead, like Kids of 88 and The Naked and Famous, are part of that group of young New Zealanders who are proving that we can make synthpop just as catchy and fun as our British and Germanic counterparts.
Shapeshifter - System Remix Album Review
08 Apr 2011 // A review by sidvicious
There’s no debating that Shapeshifter are one of New Zealand’s most successful musical exports, and it’s not hard to see why. Shapeshifter are quite simply phenomenal and because they’ve proven it to me so many times before, I’m always expecting amazing things with the release of any new singles, albums or live tours.
State Of Mind - Nil By Ear Album Review
07 Apr 2011 // A review by sidvicious
I’m not nearly any sort of ‘bass-head’ by any stretch of the imagination, but State of Mind have proven to me once again why I rate them as one of my favourite New Zealand groups. Their new album Nil By Ear is up there with one of the best drum and bass albums to come out of New Zealand, and when you’re among such talent as Shapeshifter and Six60, that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment.
Minuit - 'I Felt Like a Fight, Alright?' Ruth Carr Book Review
02 Apr 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
This book comes presented to you straight from the mind of Ruth Carr. “I Felt Like a Fight, Alright?
Blue Blood - Top Shelf Woman Album Review
30 Mar 2011 // A review by River
Blue Blood’s debut album Top Shelf Woman exudes good times from start to finish. Best described as a rock solid funkadelic escapade into jazzaliscious dynamics, with some stonking blues soul to get your heart pumping, it’s really something you should pick up today.
The Thomas Oliver Band - Baby I'll Play Album Review
26 Mar 2011 // A review by Dilemma
When you listen to a lot of music it becomes hard to find songs, bands or even musicians that actually capture your attention and where it does not feel like its just a passive listening experience. Listening to the harmonica in the first track Goin Home on ‘Baby, I’ll Play,’ the new release from the Thomas Oliver Band instantly drew me in.
Crash-Test For Favourite Things - The Powers That Be EP Release Party - March 19 @ Juice Bar, Parnell
24 Mar 2011 // A review by sidvicious
So after having the pleasure of reviewing Crash Test for Favourite Things’ brand spanking EP The Powers That Be, they invited me along to their EP release party on Saturday night at Juice Bar in Parnell. Like I said, before I reviewed the EP, I’d never even heard of Auckland four-piece Crash Test for Favourite Things.
Ivy Lies - Little Mind Games Album Review
20 Mar 2011 // A review by Dilemma
Ivy Lies recently completed the recording of their debut album Little Mind Games and it seems that listening to this album it will definitely remain on your mind. The girls of Ivy Lies have perfected pop-rock with high energy, aggressive drums and assertive rock guitar, making music that makes you pound your invisible drum sticks.
George FM Year book 2010 Mixed by Dick 'Magik' Johnson
15 Mar 2011 // A review by JohnS
Newly released George FM Year book 2010, proudly mixed by resident DJ Dick ‘Magik’ Johnson has hit the shelves, putting the biggest and hottest tunes from 2010 from the airwaves and cutting them into shape for your listening pleasure. Dick ‘Magik’ Johnson has been throwing down bass in NZ since he moved over from the UK in early 2000 and has been welcomed by bass heads nationwide.
SeaBed Review
15 Mar 2011 // A review by Petros
A lot of people, from the average to the more unusual New Zealander, would never have heard of, imagined or ever encountered the obscure ‘music’ that finds it’s home under the umbrellas of the Ambient, Post-Rock genres. To save you the Wikipedia search “Ambient music is a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbral characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric", "visual" or "unobtrusive" quality.
Cern - Terminus Album Review
15 Mar 2011 // A review by sidvicious
Admittedly, drum and bass isn’t something I listen to on a regular basis, but that’s part of the reason I was looking forward to this hearing this album. Personal listening habits aside, New Zealand is a country that continues to produce world class electronica, with giants like Shapeshifter dominating overseas’ drum and bass scenes.
Nort - Lifestyles of Bleeding Album Review
15 Mar 2011 // A review by River
Nort’s new nine-track album is obviously a parent free zone but once the lyrics kick in you might need to hold your mammas hand. Best described as an unrelenting audio assault and not for the faint hearted, Lifestyle of Bleeding has crushing guitars, ballistic bass lines and ruthless drums that will render you incapacitated and requiring a medical certificate.
Phil Edwards Band - Slow Borders Album Review
14 Mar 2011 // A review by Petros
What we have here is the peanut slab of New Zealand music; no pretence, just good honest Kiwi music. Unfortunately that leaves out that portion of the audience that are allergic to nuts, but that takes nothing away from Slow Borders.
Her Make Believe Band - 6 Feb - Harbourlight, Lyttelton
14 Mar 2011 // A review by Mmdelai
Her Make Believe Band is a talented acoustic duo made up of Cy Winstanley and Vanessa McGowan. Formed in the UK, the band have been touring the country recently - I was lucky enough to catch their Lyttelton performance.
Wall of Silents and Barbecued Babies, 12 March 2011 @ The Factory, Palmerston North
13 Mar 2011 // A review by terry666
Wall of Silent’s and Barbecued babies, 12/03/2011 the Factory, Palmerston north The Factory really is a cool venue small, but can still get a few people in. Bizarre Punishment was playing their first show and they didn’t do too bad a job.
Homegrown 2011
13 Mar 2011 // A review by terry666
Homegrown Rock Stage 5 March 2011 @ Wellington Waterfront I have wanted to go to Homegrown for a long time and this year I was not going to miss it. The line up for the Rock Stage was massive with Midnight Youth opening, some of my favourite’s in-between and Blindspott headlining.
High on Fire and The Melvins Gig Review
10 Mar 2011 // A review by terry666
High on Fire and The Melvins - 23/02/2011 - Bodega, Wellington The Melvins and High on Fire were checking in at Christchurch Airport when the Earthquake hit. You have to secretly wonder whether it was the show these guys did the night before that triggered it because they were definitely off the Richter scale for their delayed Wellington show.
Ruby Frost - Moonlight EP Review
09 Mar 2011 // A review by Bela
So this is not normally the type of music I would be drawn to. After listening to this 4 track EP numerous times over, I think that it's time to broaden my horizons.
Horror story 19/02/2011 the Royal, Palmerston North
07 Mar 2011 // A review by terry666
Horror Story 19/02/2011 the Royal, Palmerston North It feels like forever since Horror Story have been to Palmy so I was very excited at the prospect of seeing them again. With three local bands playing support this was looking like another great night of local music and it was a great night we got.
An Emerald City - The Fourth Album Review
03 Mar 2011 // A review by River
Haven’t heard of An Emerald City before? That’s OK, I’m here to get you acquainted.
Made in China and Osmium Southern Deliverence Tour 11/02/2011
01 Mar 2011 // A review by terry666
Osmium and Made in China Southern Deliverance Tour 11/02/2011 The Factory, Palmerston North The Factory is a very cool little venue. Enough people know about it to get in a crowd but not too many to ruin the intimacy.
Ulcerate @ Bodega, Wellington - 12/02/2011
01 Mar 2011 // A review by terry666
Ulcerate 12/02/2011 Bodega, Wellington Bodega is an awesome venue with great sound and lighting and I was very excited at the thought of seeing Ulcerate playing tonight. I caught the end of the set from support band Bulletbelt a Black metal act from Wellington.
NRG Rising - From Darkness to Light
27 Feb 2011 // A review by BrendaF
This is the debut album for a hard working mother and daughter trio from Hamilton with their roots solidly grounded in reggae. Despite only being around for 18 months, they have crammed a lot in including gigs throughout the Auckland/Bay of Plenty/Gisborne/Hawkes Bay areas and headlining a number of festivals and now, an album.
House Of Shem - Island Vibrations Album Review
24 Feb 2011 // A review by Dilemma
House of Shem could well be the first family of Reggae in New Zealand. Not only are they Whanau, but between all the band members they have played in pioneering New Zealand Reggae bands and built the sound of reggae in our country through their impeccable credentials.
Crash-Test For Favourite Things - The Powers That Be EP Review
24 Feb 2011 // A review by sidvicious
In the spirit of honesty I want to first admit that upon undertaking this review I had never even heard of Crash Test for Favourite Things. I’m somewhat ashamed of that, as these Auckland boys (with a few changes in the lineup) have been making sounds around my hometown since 2004.
The Jury & The Saints - Daydreams Album Review
24 Feb 2011 // A review by River
To look at this CD you might think WTF and not give it a second chance. But if you get past the initial shock at the quirkiness of the eco friendly packaging, you'd be well pleased you did, and a lot more besides.
Anna Coddington - Cat & Bird Album Review
19 Feb 2011 // A review by JohnS
The second release from Anna Coddington entitled 'Cat & Bird' has just been released two years after her debut album entitled 'The Lake'. Musically grown with a higher focus on a more mainstream sound from the previous album but with the same lyrical talent being showcased.
Splore-City Festival, Auckland Town Hall. February 11th and 12th.
18 Feb 2011 // A review by Dilemma
SPLOREific, SPLOREtastic, if you ever get the chance to exSplore SPLORE do it!!! Splore is not your average music festival.
Nevernudes - Creepy Crawlies EP Review
16 Feb 2011 // A review by Mmdelai
Nevernudes (ONEWORDPLEASE) are a four piece punk band from Auckland on Mole Music http://www.molemusicltd.
Jayson Norris - Freedom Twenty Eight Album Review
14 Feb 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Beyond the golden cast Iron Gate, is situated an expressive and deep lake full of musical magic and melodic histories. When you slip open the card case of Freedom Twenty Eight you will discover a gem of an album by internationally renowned musician Jayson Norris.
Ruby Fusion - Disciplinary Hearings Album Review
13 Feb 2011 // A review by trevf
Ruby FusionDisciplinary Hearings Debut full length CD from a Christchurch 4 piece who claim they are “old enough to know better”. It's hard to find much background on this group – A bit of internet digging does reveal links with the Equus record label which appears to be a collective enterprise that has some interesting ideas and which provides a neat phrase describing the sound of the band -“folky-punky blues”.
2011's Big Day Out
01 Feb 2011 // A review by sidvicious
The line-up for Big Day Out 2011 was completely polarising for most fans of New Zealand’s most beloved festival. While it was obvious the festival was trying to reconnect with its original roots by bringing back acts like Tool, Iggy and the Stooges and Rammstein, a lot of the newer generation fans I spoke to were disgusted by the heavy-rock centric line-up.
A Day At Parachute 2011
30 Jan 2011 // A review by amandashootsbands
Last week I covered Big Day Out starting off mentioning that I’d been to seven of the Auckland events in seven years, which seemed to go down quite well with readers.  So for Parachute this year, I’m going to do the same, but different because Parachute will always be a little different to the rest of the festivals here in New Zealand.
The Karrados - A Means to an End EP Review
28 Jan 2011 // A review by River
There's a lot of really good music around these days and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need something new. That's exactly what The Karrados are, right down to their original name.
Big Day Out 2011
25 Jan 2011 // A review by amandashootsbands
Big Day Out 2011 was my seventh in seven years, and if you know a thing or two about numbers and their spiritual meaning, this one is particularly magical.  I can’t confirm such beliefs, as my seventh experience definitely had its share of crappy moments, but don’t cry pussycat – there were good times too.
Amos/Anon - TheLachrymist Album Review
24 Jan 2011 // A review by CEOMong
CD review – AmosAnon – The Lachrymist An intensely packaged CD, from very cleverly handwritten CD label to subtle supernatural themed liners beckoning further investigation, this is one entrancing album – even before its inserted in the tray. When you do insert the thing, rip it, seed it, and finally play it, you find it’s diverse yet cohesive, every track is subtly different yet linked so smoothly, it’s really well done.
Big Day Out 2011
23 Jan 2011 // A review by CEOMong
We rose to a beautifully overcast and slightly breezy morning, a veteran BDO campaigners’ wish come true – no sunburn today, and the mosh might almost be cool for once! A short public transport ride later, and the semi-traditional pre-event carbo loading, we clambered off the train along with veterans and newbies alike, and trekked off to the BDO.
Timothy Armstrong - 'Portraits' Album Review
22 Jan 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Timothy Armstrong’s second solo album Portraits is more vivid than just brush strokes. It is more fluid than snapshots.
The Midnights - 'Outside' Album Review
14 Jan 2011 // A review by Dilemma
The Midnights are an all-original New Zealand soul roots reggae band that are very well known for their lives shows. They have a very classic approach with slower Roots Reggae reminiscent of old school Marley.
Recloose 'Early Works' Album Review
10 Jan 2011 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Recloose has revisited some of the works from earlier on his career, and put together his 'Early Works' album. It is a chance for the artist to look back along the musical path he has travelled.
Detonate Festival 31/12/2010 New years Taranaki
07 Jan 2011 // A review by terry666
Detonate Festival 2010 New Years Taranaki Detonate 2010. Wow.
The Dylan Storey Band - The Power of Suggestion album review
02 Jan 2011 // A review by Petros
For those of you that frequent the muzic.net.
Sleeping Dogs - 'Myth Reducer' Album Review
29 Dec 2010 // A review by Petros
Do you feel that ‘Epic’ is a word thrown around with such enthusiasm these days that it has become blocked by the filters of selective hearing and any associated meaning is sucked out of it? Then listen to this album.
Let The People Speak Compilation album 2010
12 Dec 2010 // A review by terry666
Let the people speak Compilation album 2010 Let the people speak is a compilation of Kiwi artists from all different genres. The album opens with a track from indie rockers Artisan Guns with the rockier of their two featured songs there slower side being shown later with the track 'Autumn'.
Hellborne - Self Titled Album Review
10 Dec 2010 // A review by Petros
If you’re from Palmerston North and haven’t been to a Hellborne gig, you’re too late and I pity you. You have missed out on one hell of an experience and you've missed out on witnessing Palmerston North’s fundamental swamp-metal bands and one of the most legendary in action.
Luger Boa - Rock n Roll Riot @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 26/11/2010
05 Dec 2010 // A review by terry666
The Earlybirds, The Checks and Luger Boa. Rock n Roll Riot.
Minuit - Dance Music Will Tear Us Apart EP Review
04 Dec 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
‘Creative differences’ are the dreaded words every fan hopes never to hear about their beloved bands. They are the terms for the official split of a band.
Tainted 20/11/2010 Scorpio Party, The Basement, New Plymouth
01 Dec 2010 // A review by terry666
Tainted - 20/11/2010 @ Scorpio Party, The Basement, New Plymouth It's a little drive up from Palmy to the Naki but it was well worth the ride. It was my first venture to the infamous Scorpio Party and I must say I was very excited.
Turbostill - Liquid Rock n' Roll
30 Nov 2010 // A review by Petros
I recently rediscovered Turbostill’s third outing, Liquid Rock n’ Roll, in my music collection and can only conclude that I must have bought the CD at a local show I have no recollection of. This album represents everything your mother discouraged when you were growing up, but secretly did behind your back.
Steriogram - Taping The Radio | Album Review
25 Nov 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Oh dear...it seems I’m showing my age when I say this, but I remember when Steriogram first hit the scene eleven years ago now.
Cybiont - Review - Music from a Living Universe & Dark Side of my Spoon
24 Nov 2010 // A review by JohnS
Cybiont’s third release was a refreshing album to review. It’s a lot different to everything I have reviewed before but I was looking for a challenge and I found it.
Cage Demise - 13/11/2010 @ The Factory, Palmerston North
23 Nov 2010 // A review by terry666
Cage Demise - 13/11/2010 @ The Factory, Palmerston North The Factory was only half full on this night but the crowd that was there were not about to let that stop them having a great time. They still had a pit and there was plenty of moshing.
The Veils - Sun Gangs Album Review
19 Nov 2010 // A review by Mmdelai
It was a trip to Real Groovy on the first day this album came out for me, I raced back to the car, eager to find inspiration in The Veil's new album "Sun Gangs".  I have always been so moved by the sparse, reverb drenched music of The Veils - Finn Andrew's compositions have a mystery about them that leaves me pouring over the tracks repeatedly.
Svelte - Cat's Paw Album Review
16 Nov 2010 // A review by Petros
If you're a contemporary Kiwi you've heard of Supergroove, in which case you've also inadvertently heard of two thirds of Svelte and the other third is usually mentioned in the shadow of his father - any one who's watched Outrageous Fortune has heard the band Hello Sailor before, but they probably did not know it was his father that played bass on track 8 of their 2006 acoustic album. He's also known as the cousin of Nicky Watson's Ex, who is also famous for being the drummer in an underground New Zealand band, Blindspott.
Barracks - We Are The Lions EP Review
14 Nov 2010 // A review by CEOMong
Well balanced and full of hooks, this is a non-stop piece of work, it could easily be something you’d hear out of the states, somehow a real mature but fresh sound too. I really really like it, and I genuinely like it more the more I hear.
Eva Prowse - I Can't Keep Secrets Album Review
12 Nov 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
It is difficult to believe that I Can't Keep Secrets is the debut album by Eva Prowse. This album sounds so refined and polished it is hard to believe this is a first effort.
Brooke Fraser - Flags Album Review
11 Nov 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Putting on the new album Flags by Brooke Fraser surprised me. What I heard was completely unexpected, raw, country maybe even a little bit of bluegrass?
Ladi6 - Liberation of.... Album Release, Powerstation Nov 5th
09 Nov 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati) is no doubt our most talented female MC, with the pedigree she has it's only natural that she would dominate the funk/soul genre in NZ music. On the release of her second album she radiated style and beauty with an overwhelming sense of joy to be back home in NZ.
Wall of Silents - self titled album review
09 Nov 2010 // A review by terry666
Wall of silent’s self-titled album Hailing from Palmerston North, Wall of Silents is a four piece Doom/Stoner Metal outfit. They were quick to establish themselves on the local pub scene and always put on an energetic performance.
Daniel Ashcroft - Black Metal Much? CD Review
05 Nov 2010 // A review by Petros
It’s hard to believe this is the product of a brooding teenage boy locked in his bedroom. Like all their other releases Crackpot Theory’s Dan Ashcroft records and plays everything on this record by himself, but unlike previous releases it doesn’t show.
Specials: Remixes and Versions from Solid Ground by The Black Seeds
27 Oct 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
From an ice cold refresher on a 31 degrees Celsius afternoon, The Black Seeds Specials: Remixes and Versions from Solid Ground is like swirling around a cube of ice in your glass and watching it melt into the ripples of the drink. Specials features new remixes from The Black Seeds 2008 album Solid Ground.
Dear Time's Waste - Spells Album Review
25 Oct 2010 // A review by trevf
Dear Time's Waste operates as a flexible lineup with its focus through singer and main writer Claire Duncan. The sound has been evolving over the last two or so years, and this is and this is their first full length album after the 5 song EP 'Room for Rent'.
Dam Native - Aotearoa... Nobody Does It Better Album Review
25 Oct 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Dam Native return 15 years after the release of the classic 'Kaupapa Driven Rhymes Uplifted' to blow us away with their second album 'Aotearoa... 'Nobody Does It Better'.
Emma Paki - Trinity Album Review
25 Oct 2010 // A review by Dilemma
In 1993 Emma Paki was the new fresh face of New Zealand music. 'Trinity' comes to us with the same raw, troubled soul that so beautifully put together 'Oxygen of Love'.
CHARTDISC Volume 4 New School vs Old School Review
20 Oct 2010 // A review by River
With a hot pink eco-friendly package, Christchurch's ChartDisc certainly stands out from the crowd. Now onto the music...
Eru Dangerspiel - Great News for the Modern Man Tour, Auckland Town Hall, October 9th 2010
15 Oct 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Well what can you say about Riki Gooch... the Maharaj of experimental music in New Zealand.
Vodafone NZ Music Awards 2010
14 Oct 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Very much the fan of a pretty frock, I was in heaven at the 45th New Zealand Music Awards last Thursday evening at the Vector Arena.  The red carpet was filled with so many beautiful people that it was hard to know where to look, let alone who to shoot.
Surf Friends - Confusion Album Review
13 Oct 2010 // A review by Bela
So with the bright, cartoon album cover of 'Confusion' I wasn't sure what to expect, or even what genre of music this would be. Definitely did not expect not what was delivered.
Crimson Rain - One By One EP Review
12 Oct 2010 // A review by CEOMong
A tantalisingly short, albeit wickedly sweet, album; laden with choppy bassy rhythmic bits and precise gax, all nicely mixed with some diverse vox. I can’t wait to hear a whole album, or even better, see them live.
Eva Prowse Youngest Child single review
12 Oct 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
With a heaven-sent beginning of an angelic choir, you slowly unravel the golden foil and unveil the goodness waiting inside... ‘Youngest Child’ a single from Eva Prowse’s debut album I Can’t Keep Secrets is a sweet piece of confectionary.
Stellar* - Best Of album review
12 Oct 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Looking at this CD, I wish this album never had to come out. The superbly successful group Stellar* have come out with a Best Of album.
Black River Drive - Perfect Flaws Album Review
08 Oct 2010 // A review by River
Black River Drive has clearly put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their debut album 'Perfect Flaws'. The ten tracks are so cohesive that, as a reviewer, it was difficult pulling them to pieces.
Bannerman - The Dusty Dream Hole Album Review
01 Oct 2010 // A review by River
If we could combine the voices of Greg Johnson with a dash of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jeff Buckley we would be close to the sultry and charismatic voice of Richard Setford. This clever fellow also composed, produced and engineered the fourteen-tracks in conjunction with Olly Harmer, who recorded the drums and did the mastering and mixing at The Lab in Mt Eden.
Mmdelai - Music for Sleep and Creativity album review (Annemarie Duff)
29 Sep 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Listening to Christchurch downbeat artist Mmdelai (aka Annemarie Duff) is definitely a new experience. The CD called ‘Music for Sleep and Creativity’ was born out of a personal need for the artist, who "was having trouble sleeping so [this sort of music] was what I was listening to at the time.
Concord Dawn - The Enemy Within album review
29 Sep 2010 // A review by trevf
Concord Dawn - The Enemy Within For those unfamiliar, lets talk a bit about drum n bass: heavy on repetition, groove, and timbre, melodic lines tend to be short and rhythmically derived, and harmonic progression tends to be limited. Dynamics are achieved through the process of breaking down a piece by removing of instrument lines, and then adding them back in again, either gradually or at once.
Kids Of 88 - Sugarpills | Album Review
26 Sep 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
When a band describes their music as 'a cross between a late 80s police drama intro theme and a sophisticated super hussy', it's pretty much impossible to hold onto that curiosity for long, before delving in to find out who and what these people are all about. So did curiosity kill this kitty after getting her paws on Kids of 88's debut album, Sugarpills?
2 a.m. Orchestra - Fire Escape | EP Review
20 Sep 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
After listening to and adoring the wondrous tunes of David Kelley’s ‘project’, 2 a.m.
2 a.m. Orchestra - Gig Review | Go Vino | Hamilton
20 Sep 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
The 18th September will definitely go down as one of the stormiest days in Hamilton, but I’ll always remember it as the day I finally got to see the lads of 2 a.m.
Tommy Ill self-titled album review
19 Sep 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Apparently, it’s all about Pokemon and if Pokemon talked I’m sure they would say that this LP is the soundtrack to their lives! The first thing that really hit me when listening to Tommy Ill’s lasted release is that I feel like this is something I have not listed to before and was not sure what time I would put it on, just that I knew I needed to listen to it more.
Devils Elbow - Sand On Chrome Album Review
12 Sep 2010 // A review by Bela
With a name like Devils Elbow, I wasn't too sure what to expect from this album. It left me pleasantly surprised.
Hellborne Final Gig Review 1 - 3 Sept 10 - The Royal, Palmerston North
07 Sep 2010 // A review by CEOMong
I strolled on in to the Royal on a crisp, expectant, and and oddly sober night, one Friday in dirty ole Swamp Central, to find a dedicated, expectant, and impressive crowd. After making the customary exchange at the door, I was the proud owner of a red stamp, and more importantly, Hellborne's final self-titled CD – one with some stunning artwork and even more stunning content.
Decortica - Love Hotel Album Review
07 Sep 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe Three-piece alternative-rock act, Decortica have been going strong for the past five years now, and have just ‘given birth’ to their second album titled Love Hotel.  I don’t use the term ‘given birth’ lightly by the way, as this release is clearly the result of much love - not only by the band, but the people they have come to know while creating their tunes for the album.
Cybiont Reviews
29 Aug 2010 // A review by Shade
Angels & Demons2010Musical Bricolage as Metaphor“You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?
November Zulu - Black Yellow White Album Review
22 Aug 2010 // A review by River
Something special happens when likeminded musicians get together to make the music they love and this is abundantly clear with November Zulu's debut album entitled 'Black Yellow White'. With a deeply rich sound driving the songs along in a powerful and stirring way and Geordie Meade's charismatic vocals tightly tied together with exquisite compositions, November Zulu display a thorough understanding of what rock n roll is all about.
Frozen Alice - The Torino Scale Album Review
21 Aug 2010 // A review by River
From the opening track Everyday with its quieter moments that slowly build into commanding riffs, I knew I was in for something special. This song knocked my socks off!
Sola Rosa - Get It Together; The Remixes
20 Aug 2010 // A review by Dilemma
The first thing I want to say about this CD is GO BUY IT; it is easily the best CD out so far this year. If you liked 'Get It Together', the Remixes album is not just a documentation of life, or a soundtrack to summer that you reminisce with, the more you listen to it, it becomes a way of life.
Eru Dangerspiel - Great News for the Modern Man - Live at the Auckland Town Hall.
20 Aug 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Recorded Live at the Auckland Town Hall. As far as music goes, Eru Dangerspiel is in a fresh new league of its own.
Album Review: Roofdog
13 Aug 2010 // A review by River
Roofdog is a five-piece ska band from West Auckland and this self-titled album is the bands first release since forming in 1998. We really have been waiting a while for this one, however there's a marked difference between a band that is naturally tight because of countless practices and gigs and one that rushes to get something released without finding that X factor in the mix.
Hangman - Version One Album Review
08 Aug 2010 // A review by River
The album entitled 'Version One' starts off with the slow driven funk song You Got to Move. A good beginning indicating the bands secure grounding, in established musical structures.
Cairo Knife Fight EP Review
07 Aug 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe What do Anika Moa, Weta and Fat Freddy’s Drop all have in common? Would you be surprised if I said rock?
Die! Die! Die! - Form Album Review
07 Aug 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe The name {Die! Die!
Riverblind - Hour of the Wolf Album Review
06 Aug 2010 // A review by River
Founded in jazz standards the first song Mute Signals works its way into slow blues melodies with sweet soaring vocals and guitars that pluck at your heartstrings to evaporate any bad mood that the winter weather might have you under. With the dynamic range of Jeff Buckley but retaining the kiwi accent there's a real bard like feel to Dave Kempton's vocal delivery.
Mama Tilly - Silhouettes and Footsteps EP Review
22 Jul 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Track 1 – Screaming Smiley This track begins with a reminiscent 70’s surfer style guitar lick that carries through the song giving it a cool vibe. It fills out with powerful lyrics and raw vocals making the track very musician driven.
Julia Deans - Modern Fables - Album Review
20 Jul 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
It is all about Julia. Modern Fables is the solo album by noted singer/songwriter Julia Deans.
Glass Owls - Dead Love EP review
16 Jul 2010 // A review by trevf
This six song debut CD represents an important stage in the three-year existence of the Glass Owls, as a first chance to commit to record some songs that have been well tried and tested in this Howick-based groups extensive gigging history. The opening song 'Griffin Boy' wears is influences too clearly on its sleeve with heavy nods towards Julian Casablanca’s vocal style and the instrumentation and feel of Franz Ferdinand.
Oxboy - Ecstasy's Not Life EP Review
09 Jul 2010 // A review by River
There's certainly plenty of good sounds coming out of New Zealand at the moment and the 'Ecstasy's Not Life' seven track EP by Oxboy is no exception to the rule. Released by Hit Your Head Music and recorded over three days by Alec Withers (Devil's Elbow, Tempo 38, Angel Hammer, Servo) and mastered by Ian G.
I Am Giant - City Limits/Neon Sunrise EP Review
05 Jul 2010 // A review by Bela
I already had a taste for the music of I Am Giant after seeing the promos on C4. This EP definitely lives up to all expectations I had.
Fornax Chemica - Chemical Furnace Album Review
01 Jul 2010 // A review by River
Out of the atmospheric darkness erupts Fornax Chemica like a lava flow of burning brilliance. Deep aggressive rhythms and monumental musical structures carry you along on a tidal wave of diverse dynamics reminiscent of Alchemist, Isis or our very own Sora Shima.
Bulletproof - Soundtrack To Forever album review
28 Jun 2010 // A review by JohnS
Every now and then I receive a album that brings out the underground junkie I used to be and with New Zealand having such a mainstream force it is hard not to get caught up in the latest charts. Luckily the third release form Bulletproof reminds me that underground dance music is heading into mainstream and having a stronger following every week.
Eqwanox - Live at the Royal - Palmerston North 12/06/10
28 Jun 2010 // A review by JohnS
Another cold night out and about in the swamp and once again I’m heading out to the Royal. Many nights of my youth have been spent at this bar and the atmosphere has not changed a bit.
Eqwanox @ The Royal, PN - 12 June 2010
28 Jun 2010 // A review by Shade
I had the absolute pleasure of being invited along to see Eqwanox perform live at The Royal in Palmerston North on 12 June 2010, and I was more than impressed with the Waikato boys tight and epic performance. Not only were their songs inspirational, with lyrics that many of us could relate to, but what I saw that night was so compelling and memorable, I find myself wanting to tell the world about them.
Pistol Youth - My Own Private Amsterdam Album Review
14 Jun 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe Starting a new rock group while on tour with your current band isn’t something that you’d expect from a New Zealand outfit.  But that’s exactly what Steriogram’s singer and guitarist, Bradley Hanan Carter decided to do back in 2007.
Superturtle - About the Sun Album Review
13 Jun 2010 // A review by River
There's something very young about Superturtle's sound on the album About the Sun, although the band is comprised of seasoned professionals. Superturtle takes you on a cheerful journey of jangly guitars, lovely duets and clever soundscapes all conducive to having a good time.
Mile High - #957 EP Review
08 Jun 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe These fun-loving rockers have only been around since 2008, but they have already made quite the name for themselves here in New Zealand.  Although they’re quick to inform readers that they ‘have no affiliation to the infamous club nor do they frequent aeroplane bathrooms’, I doubt that it will be long before this band is first to ‘pop up’ under the google search, Mile High.
The Usmani Collective - Searching EP Review
04 Jun 2010 // A review by River
The Usmani Collective - Searching The debut EP from the Usmani Collective starts with the self-titled track Searching with an intro of soft bluesy piano and bass guitar, melding into nice funky jazz styles; making me think I'm in for a treat. There's even some gospel influence in there.
The Grove St Tapes EP Review
23 May 2010 // A review by Bela
I had never heard of The Managers before being given this album to review, and now that I've heard it all I can think is "why on earth not??!" These guys by rights should be all over the radio and C4.
Outsiders - The Words Will Write Themselves Album Review
20 May 2010 // A review by River
'The Words Will Write Themselves' certainly starts with a bang! The first track 'The Other Half' has hit written all over it.
Coast EP Review
16 May 2010 // A review by Dilemma
Whenever a great new band comes onto the scene there is usually someone with great taste in music has helped them get there. Mikee Tucker has had his hand in some of New Zealand’s best Reggae/Roots bands for example Fly My Pretties, The Black Seeds and TrinityRoots, so it comes as no surprise that New Zealand’s newest roots/reggae band Coast are signed with Loop.
Joanne Chester - 'Where's The Time' EP Review
03 May 2010 // A review by BrendaF
This is a 5 track EP from Joanne Chester is solely grounded in the Blues/Jazz genre. While Joanne’s vocals lack the sultry power usually associated this genre and at times were just plain flat, the intention and emotion behind the lyrics is quite spectacular.
OdESSA - 'Bring Me The Head Of Pepe Lopez' album review
25 Apr 2010 // A review by Daniel Boom
OdESSA have put out a record this year called Bring Me The Head Of Pepe Lopez. Not a bad effort at all.
Knights of the Dub Table - Tronic EP Review
24 Apr 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe Local lads from one of Hamilton’s favorite bands, Knights of the DUB Table first started their journey at Wintec in 2007 whilst completing their Bachelor of Media Arts, Music Stream. Come 2008, the six-piece was complete and work had begun on bringing their unique sound to the people - all while sharing the common goal - “To honor and protect the late King Tubby’s way of life, and the way of the DUB (Dedication, Unity, Brotherhood)”.
Puppeteer - Tucked In By Brutality album review
23 Apr 2010 // A review by River
Puppeteer 'Tucked in by Brutality' album review Preparing for a metal review: Black T-Shirt, check, sound system, check, beer, check. Puppeteer is a four piece metal band hailing from Auckland and Tauranga.
Cybiont - Angels and Demons Album Review
18 Apr 2010 // A review by River
Cybiont 'Angels and Demons' CD Review The first thing to strike me about the 'Angels and Demons' CD by Cybiont is the fantastic colourful artwork and environmentally conscious packaging. Track One 'Take Me To The Moon' starts with a slow harmonic exploration into minimalism.
Jdubs - 'The Keynotes' Album Review
14 Apr 2010 // A review by River
Jdubs - The Keynotes CD Review Jdubs is Ben James along with Charles Kickens, Pacific Heights and P-Money with Shapeshifter's Devin Abrams mixing and producing much of the content for the release on his Truetone record label brings you 'The Keynotes', a CD of quality Hip Hop featuring the vocal talents of MC Aeries, Sacha Vee and Lisa Tomlins. I like the packaging for this CD.
Various Artists - Junktion 3 Compilation Album Review
09 Apr 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
It is time to go underground. Get ready to slide down and enjoy some outstanding hip-hop and electronic sounds courtesy Palmerston North and who present Junction 3, the third free release ‘by the community for the community.
Late 80s Mercedes - Juice Bar, Parnell - Tuesday 23 March.
08 Apr 2010 // A review by Dilemma
It’s not very often when a swing band comes your way, where all the songs have their own sound and uniqueness... not to mention having some big name musicians as part of their extensive fan base, including Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Nathan King ex.
Farmer Pimp - 'Sweet Hot Pepper Pop' album Review
04 Apr 2010 // A review by BrendaF
When I saw the name Farmer Pimp, I had images of a prostitute sitting on a hay bale in red band gumboots and I expected the music to be the same – a bit of a mish mash of genres. I wasn’t far wrong but what I found is that it worked really well.
Her Make Believe Band - 'A.M. Radio' album review
03 Apr 2010 // A review by trevf
Her Make Believe band can quote some pretty heavy press about their debut release, especially from their sort-of home base of England. Much is made of singer Cy Winstanley’s similarity to Paul Simon, and there are times when this is true-either in a beguiling and unaffected fashion (“Stay”), or in a perhaps more stylised, knowing way (Drummer Tom Greenhalgh’s Steve Gadd-esque intro to “Welcome Home”- 50 ways to drop a in a musical reference, perhaps?
George and Queen - 'Teenagers and Grownups' album review
30 Mar 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
  It is a good day in music when a band decides to break the archaic stereotype that independent music can only be second-rate. George and Queen, with their self-made label ‘Gone Quiet Records,’ have broken the typecast that independent music is somehow inferior to mainstream music.
The House Of Capricorn - 'Sign of the Cloven Hoof' album review
29 Mar 2010 // A review by CEOMong
As a Capricorn myself, I was intrigued by what the album had to offer. What I discovered was enchanting intros and beasty hooks; heavy, gothically bluesy, bootstomping, headbanging, good old-fashioned stoner metal.
One Love Concert 06/02/10
25 Mar 2010 // A review by River
Review for muzic.net.
Dawn Of Azazel - A Massive Explosion of Sound
25 Mar 2010 // A review by River
Dawn of Azazel/Megadeth/Slayer 26/01/10 Miserable weather greeted fans as they lined up to enter Auckland's Logan Cambell Centre on Monday 5thOctober 2009. But the rain could not dampen the crowds highly charged enthusiasm for the event.
Splore 2010
25 Mar 2010 // A review by River
Splore 2010 19th - 21st Feb. With just the right balance of good vibes, friendly faces and fantastic entertainment, Splore is a must attend festival suitable for the entire family.
Aum - Happiness EP review
23 Mar 2010 // A review by JohnS
Hamilton electronic act AUM have just released a 6 track EP leading you into a journey of ambient conciseness, reminiscent of a relaxed Sunday morning sipping a coffee with six mates discussing what went wrong the previous night. Starting off with Sombre Dreams to introduce the Downbeat and Ambient sentiment, setting you up for the following four tracks.
Knives At Noon - A Mothaflippin Party
22 Mar 2010 // A review by River
Bar Bodega 20/03/2010 The night was young, I had my glad rags on and Wellington looked ready to party. What better place to be than the stalwart of the music venue business; Bar Bodega now located on Ghuznee Street in central Wellington.
Salon Kingsadore - 'Mountain Rescue' album review
16 Mar 2010 // A review by Bela
This latest album from Salon Kingsadore is without a doubt, a must have for music lovers. The quirky song titles intrigued me before I even began to listen.
The Twitch - 'Time For Change' album review
16 Mar 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
There is a new bunch of outlaws in town and they call themselves The Twitch. The gang of three present their latest album Time For Change and they are here to cement their name in the music industry.
Just One Fix - 'Blood Horizon' album review
11 Mar 2010 // A review by CEOMong
It’s been what feels like a decade (in reality only a little more than 2 years) since their last offering (The Price Of $ellvation), and let me tell you it’s well worth the wait. JOF sound more mature, polished and evolved, making this a beautifully put together album.
Devils Elbow - 'KO' EP review
10 Mar 2010 // A review by trevf
KO (EP)The name Devil’s Elbow might not ring many recognition bells-yet- but this two-piece have some solid pro history and have brought some big guns to assist on this their first release, a three track EP.Looking for descriptions of their sound on the web is fun, the best being Facebooks ‘Shitkicker/ Country / Punk / Rock’ line.
Jackie Bristow - 'Freedom' album review
09 Mar 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
As the rope swing dances carelessly with the wind above the lake, Jackie Bristow whispers sweet nothings in your ears. This is freedom.
River - 'Shadows' album review
26 Feb 2010 // A review by CEOMong
I feel bad writing so little about such an awesome album, it’s really well put together, generously heavy, liberal and enthusiastic drumming, and chock full of wicked deep growlie vox. This is a sweet and beasty metal album.
Green Like Go - self titled EP review
23 Feb 2010 // A review by Bela
Before you even hear the music, the EP for Green Like Go visually stands out. The recycled cardboard sleeve is distinctive, and the cover art is quirky.
'Dutchies'- Shapeshifter Single Review
21 Feb 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Being most incredible song that you will have heard in a long time, ‘Dutchies’ is the answer to all of your musical prayers. Shapeshifter have brought out a new single from their latest album The System is a Vampire which contains all of their finesse and artistry.
The Phoenix Foundation - Merry Kriskmass EP Review
15 Feb 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Christmas, thank goodness it is over. This is not to say that the sentiment is unappreciated.
Pig Out - Rave X album review
07 Feb 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Since forming in 2006, Christchurch’s very own, Pig Out have performed a number of shows all around the world. Sydney, LA, New York…they’ve done it all.
Departure Lounge - 'In Session' - Album Review
28 Jan 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Seldom does a musician truly let their audience come across them up close and personal. Even rarer is a band that can capture the intimacy of their raw sound onto an album.
Sons of Apollo - Album Review - The Landing
24 Jan 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
2008 saw the final bits of the puzzle come together to create Hamilton based rock group, Sons of Apollo. The search to form such a band began earlier in the decade when Belgian born, Bart Brichau moved to New Zealand to pursue a life long dream - which was to write and record his debut album.
CD Review – The Body Lyre – December Marches
21 Jan 2010 // A review by CEOMong
The CD comes beautifully packaged in what, at first glance, looks like a book of poetry, an illusion shattered (or perhaps enhanced) by the randomness of a burnt CD in a Croxley envelope. Out of it.
Album Review: Nadine Loren – Living in Wonderland
12 Jan 2010 // A review by BrendaF
Nadine Loren is an up and coming singer/songwriter with an unusual yet effective style. Living in Wonderland has been nominated for “Best Pop Album of the Year” by the LA Music Awards in 2009 and I can see why.
Album Review - Aum - Aletheia
09 Jan 2010 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe Popular up and coming producers, Jeremy Graham and Daryl Turner have been involved with the local music scene for the past few years now, gaining quite the following along the way. Originally starting out playing the guitar and bass in a band together, after a year, the pair went on to create Hamilton’s most intriguing electronic act, Aum.
Strike - Sketches
23 Dec 2009 // A review by JohnS
Something a bit unusual from my normal tastes but the second album entitled Sketches from Strike proved worthy of being added to my collection. Strike currently have 7 members but have also performed as a duo, trio and a quartet.
Fly My Pretties 'A Story' Encore, Michael Fowler Centre Wellington 5/12/09
15 Dec 2009 // A review by Bela
If there was ever a show to go to, Fly My Pretties “A Story” is the one for me. It started off a bit slowly, the show was running late so despite being promoted as doors opening at 7.
ROY G and the BIVinators - The Rainbow Throw (2009)
13 Dec 2009 // A review by Daniel Boom
ROY G & the BIVinators(2009) The Rainbow Throw If I stopped by at your place for a coffee and some of your weekly home baking, which I must do soon, and this CD was playing in the background, I wouldn’t say “Hey, you can turn that off while I’m here” or anything, I’d be fine with it. But I’ve found that sitting down to this album and trying to remain attentive, well it’s like a form of labour (the reason for that being that overall the songs are just too lightweight and too fruity).
EP Review – Ethanol 58 (Self-Titled)
06 Dec 2009 // A review by CEOMong
EP Review – Ethanol 58 (Self-Titled) A mellow debut 4-track EP, well played and cleanly mastered for the most part. Hints of greatness throughout, engaging vox, groovy steady riffs, chewy heavy rhythms & nice little hooks.
Urbantramper - Urban Tramper - 'Rise & Ride Toward' album review
05 Dec 2009 // A review by lukefitzmaurice
Ok, I’ll admit, before I listened to this album, I had never really heard of Urban Tramper. Their name rang vague bells in the back of my mind, perhaps I’d heard snippets on the radio or seen a poster in the street somewhere, but if you’d played me one of their older songs I probably wouldn’t have recognised it.
Diesel Phoenix - 'Here's Something We Prepared Earlier' album review
05 Dec 2009 // A review by lukefitzmaurice
'Here’s Something We Prepared Earlier' is the new album from Auckland five-piece Diesel Phoenix, a hard hitting record which throws together rock, punk, pop, and even a little bit of metal. The album opens with the eerie instrumental track 'Willard’s Run', a song which provides a haunting introduction to the rest of the album.
Cern - 'Manaia' EP Review
30 Nov 2009 // A review by JohnS
Feeling the bass flow out of my mp3 player is something I love, It’s like my own brand of narcotic flowing though my soul, awaking me and CERN’s new EP 'Manaia' does just that. Drum and Bass fanatics will already know what to expect from a internationally talented DJ.
Royala: Debut Solo Album Review
15 Nov 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
‘Don’t Mind Me’ by Royala is a debut solo album that needed to be made. Through this album it is evident that this stunning songstress has been aching to create this ten-track portfolio of the works she, Daniel Harawira and Carl Newman have created together.
Kabanaz - 'Something New, Something Old, Something Better' album review
22 Oct 2009 // A review by CEOMong
A bluesy, Electric 6, Head Automatica, Kings of Leon feel overall, in a truly Kiwi (and therefore better) way. Mostly gravelly, always widely ranging and engaging vox, married up with delicate, dependable and deliberate gax and beasty bluesy bass.
TREi - 'Innuendo' album Review
22 Oct 2009 // A review by JohnS
Drum 'n' Bass, There is the good and then there is the bloody awful. Lucky for all your Peeps, The new album from TREi is banging!
Sons of Zion album review
18 Oct 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
According to a calendar it is not Summer. If you follow the weather then it absolutely does not feel like Summer.
The Dylan Storey Band - Out Of The Soup album review
17 Oct 2009 // A review by trevf
Dylan Storey Out Of The Soup This is the third CD Mr Storey has released since 2005, and reveals a man on a fascinating journey-in that he is a capable instrumentalist (with a players’ need to play) and someone who invests time and thought into his lyrical content. Add to that a somewhat idiosyncratic vocal style, and you have a very interesting “sum of the parts” indeed.
The Upbeats- 'Big Skeleton' album review
03 Oct 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
It’s a little sinister, a little mischievous, but a lot of bass. That is what The Upbeats’ present to listeners in their third studio album, Big Skeleton.
Album Review: Down Falls An Empire - These Four Walls
29 Sep 2009 // A review by BrendaF
I can’t believe that this time last year, I was doing a review on These Fall Walls two single EP and now, finally, their debut album has been released. It has been a long time coming since their first single 'Walk Away' debuted in May 2007.
Album Review: Electric Wire Hustle
29 Sep 2009 // A review by BrendaF
I wasn’t too sure what to make of this self-titled album when I was asked to review it, I mean, how can you infuse hip hop with psychedelic and jazz but that is exactly what Electric Wire Hustle have managed to do – successfully. This is their debut album and the Wellington trio certainly challenges your musical boundaries.
The Zoup - 'The Zoup' EP review
24 Sep 2009 // A review by JohnS
Auckland four piece The Zoup have been together for just over a year now and have released their debut self titled EP. Originally calling themselves Moloko Vellocet, they changed to The Zoup without even a year being passed.
Gig Review – 20th Sep 09 (Cobra Khan, Black Chrome, Lord of Tigers, Ricky Bobby)
21 Sep 2009 // A review by CEOMong
Kicking off at 2pm, on a beautifully sunshiny Sunday afternoon, was the almighty Ricky Bobby. A tight 5-some, obviously having a good time and bashing out some damned good metal to the eager masses, a great way to get things going.
EP Review – Interconnector (Self-Titled)
19 Sep 2009 // A review by CEOMong
Interconnectors’ self-titled, 6-track, self-titled EP, is chock-full of wicked air guitar moments, groovy tweaky choruses, and mellow chewy rhythmic bits all melted together with genuine beasty and grungy rock ‘n f’n roll. A staunch album; it will be staying in my playlist rotation for a long long time to come.
Gig Review - The Naked And Famous and F In Math at Flow
15 Sep 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe They’ve got a couple of new members, and a bunch of new tunes – who are they? The Naked And Famous of course!
Isaac Aesili - Eye See album review
13 Sep 2009 // A review by trevf
Isaac Aesili Eye See This is the debut album from an experienced and educated musician with an impressive CV already, having appeared as a trumpet player and co-writer on a number of significant local releases over the last few years. His stated intent with this CD is “to offer today’s youth a counter voice to the glorification and idealisation of gangster culture, so often promoted by commercial R’n’B” It’s a CD big on intent, then, and (at sixteen tracks long), big on scope too.
Minuit - Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death.Com album review
12 Sep 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
Words by Amanda Ratcliffe If you haven’t heard of them by now, I’d like to ask you politely where the hell you’ve been for the past ten years? Kiwi electronic pop band, Minuit have released an outstanding five EP’s along with three albums in this time, and have been touring the world with their energetic dance tunes.
'Something Awesome'- David Dallas album Review
12 Sep 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
This is a debut that was worth the wait. David Dallas must be familiar to any New Zealand music listener.
Tahuna Breaks - Album Review - Black Brown & White
05 Sep 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
It’s a freezing spring morning in the city of the future, but as I sit here listening to Black Brown & White, I can feel the first hints of summer shining through. Wrapping its arms around me lovingly with fresh funky beats from one of New Zealand’s most loved and talked about acts, Tahuna Breaks.
Eru Dangerspiel - Great News For The Modern Man album review
21 Aug 2009 // A review by lukefitzmaurice
With any experiment, there are always going to be some things that work out great, and others that don’t really go down so well. Therefore, with any experimental album, the same is bound to happen.
Album Review: Gimar – 'On My Own Buzz'
11 Aug 2009 // A review by BrendaF
What a fantastic example of one of New Zealand’s up and coming hip-hop artists. While my strengths lie in other genres, I do quite like rap/hip hop if it is well presented with lyrics that are true to one’s self.
Dimmer - 'Degrees Of Existence' album review
08 Aug 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
Originally created by Straightjacket Fits’ songwriter Shayne Carter, the Dimmer crew have made quite the name for themselves since forming in 1994. In their fifteen years of being they’ve released an outstanding collection of successful albums which has undoubtedly put the band up there with the likes of well respected kiwi icons, Shihad.
Rebel Peasant - 'The Walls Of The Well' (2009)
08 Aug 2009 // A review by Daniel Boom
Hi! I'm listening to "The Walls Of The Well" by Rebel Peasant.
"A little piece of memory..." - Opensouls album review, 'Standing in the Rain'
08 Aug 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
They just do not write songs like they used to. Today live performances are judged on the laser-light extravaganza put on display rather than the raw sound and artistry of the musicians.
Salmonella Dub – Freak Local EP Review.
03 Aug 2009 // A review by JohnS
When asked if I would review the new Salmonella Dub album I was a little uneasy as we are all asking, will they still be the same or have they moved on to bigger and better things, would the disappearance of Tiki be noticeable or have they filled the void that is expected to be left. Well my friends I can honestly say they have done a great job with this EP keeping to their roots.
Minuit – Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com album review.
03 Aug 2009 // A review by JohnS
I have been eagerly awaiting 'Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com' the new album from Minuit, by wearing thin my copy of their 2003 album 'The 88' it won’t be long until this album turns out to get the same overuse. Minuit have always caught my attention with the unique sound from vocalist Ruth Carr bleeding out from my speakers.
Cairo Knife Fight - Iron album review
01 Aug 2009 // A review by lukefitzmaurice
When I first listened to this album I immediately got the impression of movement. The first track definitely felt like it was driving towards… well… something, I wasn’t quite sure what at that stage.
Good Laika - Followed by a Trail of Sparks review
30 Jul 2009 // A review by lukefitzmaurice
The press release that came with this album read, “When listening to Good Laika’s sophomore album Followed by a Trail of Sparks, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled across some lost soul’s travel diary.” It was an interesting introduction to an album, so I sat with eager anticipation as I played it through for the first time.
Jamie Strange - 'Thanks For Faking It Sometimes' album review
29 Jul 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
Fake; it is the four-letter word begging with ‘F” that no one dares to say. But today is the era of imitation.
Tiki Taane - The Future Is 'Flux'- Tiki album Review
20 Jul 2009 // A review by Miss_Jukebox
The future is Flux. Tiki Taane released his solo effort Past Present Future in 2007 and received critical praise and popular acclaim for this album.
Gig Review - Autozamm - The Meteor Theatre
06 Jul 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
The Fuel Festival in Hamilton seems to get bigger and brighter every year, and this time round its played host to some of New Zealand’s most popular acts such as Minuit and Little Bushman, along with Saturday night favourites - Midnight Youth and Autozamm. Being an all ages gig, there were kids a plenty, all out to see their beloved hotties on stage with the obvious hope to impress the musicians so much that they might choose to ‘hang’ with them after the show.
Gig Review - Midnight Youth - The Meteor Theatre
06 Jul 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
The Fuel Festival in Hamilton seems to get bigger and brighter every year, and this time round its played host to some of New Zealand’s most popular acts such as Minuit and Little Bushman, along with Saturday night favourites - Midnight Youth and Autozamm. Being an all ages gig, there were kids a plenty, all out to see their beloved hotties on stage with the obvious hope to impress the musicians so much that they might choose to ‘hang’ with them after the show.
Mercury Crowe - Set Your Mind To Fly album review
22 Jun 2009 // A review by BrendaF
When I was given this album, I was informed that it was a rock album so that’s what I expected. But Mercury Crowe is so much more than just rock.
Hangman - EP Review - Black Rock White Funk!
14 Jun 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
While we’ve all been listening to their 2008 release - Trade Goods, the Hangman lads have been hard at work creating their latest EP, Black Rock White Funk! This time round, they’ve recorded and mixed it themselves to provide listeners with a feel for what the band sounds like live.