20 Apr 2018

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JCK - Album Review: Glass

12 Feb 2018 // A review by jck2
 photo Glass_zpsqybkis5m.pngBeautiful rendition of Bowie's classic Ashes to Ashes exactly note for note to my ear. Can't believe he played every instrument himself! White Zombie's Thunder Kiss 65 is very well done.

JCK has a very low baritone which is impossible for many singers all the way to the high screaming - it's a f**king grunty voice. He has either been practicing his lungs out or smoking his lungs out. Come to think of it, knowing him - both. 

Lana Del Reyís Summertime Sadness is choice too, extremely different from the original. You can hear that low, low voice there again. Sounds like the Korn singer Jonathan Davis mixed with Marilyn Manson. 

The original tracks give a slice of well spanned personal history by the sounds. Fairy In A Flower Pot is a good one, a downer but a good downer. Love Leave Me Alone - who hasnít been there? Babylon is a great track. Stone In My Shoe is my favourite track off this album - itís different, and I relate. Unveiled lyrics assert his own tunes for the most part, you can see him, who he was, is and where he wants to be - sounds like heís having fun despite the near suicidal references.

JCK has learned to do himself what most professional musicians donít have to think about. Mixing, mastering, marketing, promotion, packaging, videos, etc.. because no one else is gonna do it for him. why? - because no one cares - and if they do he can't pay them. 

When you listen to this just remember, this guy has a day job isnít loaded enough to pay for expensive studio mastering on top of rent. Heís making it all in small room in a house not far from the southern motorway when he gets home from work! Imagine what this man could do with the music industry actually helping him. I'm not the f**king music oracle I know. I bang beams with a rubber mallet for a crust. Still though, chuck it on. Let him in. Check out his rap stuff too because that's what he usually doesÖ Rap.

Review by Duncan Harwood

About JCK

New Zealand Hip-Hop artist JCK is all about creativity and originality. Gothic imagery, catchy well crafted songs and captivating music videos set JCK apart from the legions of look alike, sound alike Hip-Hop artists currently flooding the market.

"Most Hip-Hop artists seem to want to take you on the same journey with their music. That's usually a trip through the hood they grew up in. It's like the hoods getting over crowded with rapper tour guides. I might take you to the hood for a quick look around, but only on route to the carnival"

JCK is a multi instrumentalist as well as a rapper and singer. He produces his own music and even films, directs and edits his own music videos.

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Year: 2018
Type: Album
Land of the Wrong White Crowd
Year: 2015
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The Bees
Year: 2011
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5 Year Anniversary
Year: 2007
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