24 Feb 2018

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Killing Bear - Album Review: Mysterium Tremendum

16 Nov 2017 // A review by Ria Loveder

Killing Bear - The mystical tribe from Mars who have used psychic powers to poses the minds of four musicians, with their combination of drums, guitars, synths and vocals, this is a psychedelic pop rock band to get your teeth stuck into.

I had never listened to any of Killing Bearís music until now, and what I have heard I love. Over the past year I have found myself getting more and more into psychedelic sounding music, and this was just what I needed to recharge the love I have found for it.

Mysterium Tremendum is an eclectic album of ambient sounds, taking us on a ride, going beyond the realm of planet earth to a place of Transcendental Ice Cream and Anti-Moonís.

My favourite tracks on this record were Centipede, an upbeat tune with catchy synth melody and rocking drum and guitar; Fly Spray, a dramatic, free flowing vigorous tune that beautifully encompasses the genre of psychedelic pop rock - a song that you can be flailing your limbs at while yelling the lyrics at the top of your lungs; and my favourite on the album, Milk & Cookies, a playful, animated tune of picked guitars, with atmospheric vocals, a song I would quite happily let loose to at a festival.

This album, and Killing Bear in general, are a band I would love the opportunity to experience live. Going to see them at a summer festival, with the sun shining and the good vibes flowing, this would be one band that I would be in my element with. It is no secret I love to dance, and this is certainly a collection of songs I could get my groove on to.

A brilliant collection of well-constructed music! If you are a fan of psychedelic pop rock, this would be the perfect album to check out, even if it isnít something you would typically listen to, I suggest you do to get those summer vibes happening!

Review written by Ria Loveder

About Killing Bear

In the far distant future a mystical tribe on Mars use their psychic powers to travel back in time. They possessed the minds of a band of musicians with the aim to utilise their partytastic powers to correct the undoings of the past.

Armed with nothing but drums, synths and amplified guitars the band was then able to transcend the barriers of space-time. With the power of music they travelled back a millennia and stopped a devastating event in our history. This event now never occurred because we are living in a parallel future to the one in which it happened. Now in 2016 the next catastrophic event is just around the corner and we need you to party hard to help stop it from ever happening.

Killing Bear! Psychedelic futuristic music from the past from another planet.

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