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Newsletter Issue #500: 05 Nov 2017

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Welcome to November!

Welcome to our 500th newsletter!

I hope everyone (who didn't have to work) enjoyed their recent Labour weekend. I know the weather wasn't great round the country, but for those who did have pockets of sunshine, I hope it was well spent, outside with a cold beer and some tunes cranked LOUD.

It's a busy time of the year for us all, as we run around like crazy trying to keep our heads above water, and with Xmas only eight or so weeks away, it’s that time we reluctantly start thinking about Xmas and New Year plans, time off, and hopefully some real R and R. 

Luckily, there is a flurry of activity on the music front, and if you are going away for the upcoming holidays, be sure to check out what is going on round the country between December and the rest of summer 2018. It's festival season and that means, Rhythm and Alps in Wanaka (December 29/31st) Homegrown (April 2018) Rhythm and Vines (December 29th/30th) Laneway (January 2018) Auckland City Limits (March 2018) and Splore (February 2018) just to name a solid few. There are plenty more in between and, if none of that tickles your fancy, there is just as many if not more touring bands and artists, both local and international, so keep in the know and get amongst!

Rocktober flew by quick, and with 2018 looming and the inevitable closure of our beloved King Arms in the next few months, it’s with great sadness we learnt of the passing of the iconic venue’s owner, Maureen Gordon. While Heavy Rock and Metal may not have been her cup of tea, without a doubt, she loved what she did, bringing real music to people, and was an unforgettable figure in Auckland’s music scene. Tributes flowed in from well-wishers, bands and musicians alike, thanking her for her services to music. Gone, but not forgotten, RIP Maureen.


Coming back to this month’s newsletter, we have a chat to JP and Hugh from Armed in Advance and catch up on their busy 2017.

We find out more about Killing Bear is ahead of their 5th release this month, and make some time for solo musicians, LA Thompson and Geoff Horne. Plus, we take a look at 2018's Tuki Festival in Wanaka and the upcoming NZ All Stars Bob Marley Tribute (including a double pass giveaway!). To top it all off,  we also 
have a look at our latest Inside the Music video interviews with This Flight Tonight and Coridian, and then we check out all the latest music news... talk about jam packed!

- Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team


Armed In Advance (AIA) are a heavy rock trio from Auckland, currently taking New Zealand by storm. With a penchant for ruthlessly efficient, hard hitting post-grunge songs laced with pop sensibilities and thought provoking undertones, their music has been described as "delivering on all fronts", and it's only going to get better from here.
AIA recently released the video for their single Pain, and they'll be heading back to where it all started - Backbeat in Auckland on 8 December with Fallstate and AnimalHead for 'The Little Big Show'.

AIA have also opened up for US Rock heavyweights Drowning Pool, as well as I Am GiantThese Four Walls and many more goliaths of the New Zealand rock scene, and with another album well and truly under way, AIA are wasting no time in proving that they are more than capable in holding their own against some of NZ's biggest names.

JP and Hugh answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

It has been a busy year for Armed in Advance, what has been the most exciting show you’ve played in 2017?

Hugh: Definitely the Auckland City RockFest, so many of our friends were on the bill as well so it was great.

JP, you were one of the people responsible for setting up the Auckland City RockFest. How difficult was it organise something of that magnitude?

JP: Organising it was easy - the difficult part was the nervous breakdowns, when I figured out what I'd got myself into. Fortunately, all the bands were GC's and the tickets flew out the door. Hopefully reason enough to put another one on next year.

How does the atmosphere of a full Kings Arms compare to the intimacy of Backbeat?

Hugh: The Kings Arms is a legendary venue and it will be sad when it’s gone because it has such an amazing vibe but Backbeat is like a second home, I feel very confident playing which allows me to put on the best show I can.

Do you have a preference for doing tours or one off shows?

Hugh: Tours, after every tour we go through PTD (post tour depression) where we just want to be out exploring new places and playing shows.

Your latest single Pain has been doing well with over 10,000 plays of Spotify in its first month (currently over 31,000 plays). Is it safe to say it has been well received by the fans?

JP: People seem to be into it, and we've also had some radio play from the Rock FM and BayRock which is great. Hopefully it keeps on kicking on and reaching new ears!

Rumours are you will be performing new material at your upcoming show. With the first anniversary of your debut album Change/Evolve recently, is there a follow-up album in the works?

Hugh: Yeah been working a few of the new ones into our set, might see some of these getting released together at some point but most likely in the further future.

Armed in Advance have performed a number of covers at previous shows. Is there a cover lined up for The Little Big Show?

Sure is, we will be doing a song by a band we used to get compared to when we first started out, you might just have to come along to find out what it is.

Your upcoming The Little Big Show is supported by Fallstate and AnimalHead, both having won Ding Dong Lounge band competitions, what can the crowd come to expect from these bands?

JP: Tight, savage Pop Punk/Metal from Fallstate, and slick grooves, delicious riffs and party vibes from AnimalHead.

Is this the last chance to see Armed in Advance for the year? Are there any big plans for 2018?

Hugh: Yea last show for this year but going to be very busy in 2018 so won’t be too long in between drinks so definitely keep an ear to the ground.

Armed in Advance are Hugh Hokopaura (bass), Ryan Thomas (drums) and JP Carroll (guitar, vocals).

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Killing Bear is a band which has been kicking around the Wellington Music scene since 2010 and over the years has had a steady flow of hit songs and historic shows. Those who are connoisseurs of the psychedelic pop rock realm will remember hits of the band such as Love is Like a Skateboard, Wild Robots Roaming Free and Ride the White Rhino. The current incarnation of Killing Bear was formed early in 2017 with longstanding members Liam Hanley (bass) and Cormac Ferris (guitar/vocals) and newcomers Levon Mason (drums) and Lachlan Ferris (keys/vocals). The band also acquired a shipping container which had been converted into a studio, since then the band has been hunkered down recording their new album Mysterium Tremendum due for release on the 18/11/2017.

Cormac answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

When I was a kid I used to listen to my parents records like The Beatles' The White Album and Leo Kottke's My Fathers Face, over and over again, I would obsess over them and try imagine how they were created from a song writing and also a technical recording perspective. I would imagine the conversations they might of had while placing microphones around the studio, I would also take note of where they would place the microphones as I listened to the voices singing through my speakers I would feel like I was there in the room with them.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

If we were to open for anyone in the world (live or dead) it would probably have to be Beethoven. If the rules were that we traveled back in time and played to his audience, man that would be something for the text books! 

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Reptilian Overlord, It is our most intense and complicated song.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Psychedelic pop rock

What can we expect to see from Killing Bear in the next year?

A new album, loads of gigs and a video or two perhaps!

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Gold Medal Famous, they are everything you want in a band.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Voom - Hello, Are You There?

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

The Kings Arms Tavern, the sound is always really good in there.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Be well rehearsed and be ready before you play.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc?

I set aside at least half an hour each night to chip away at any task to do with the band weather its mixing songs or organising gigs, slowly but surely and before I know it a year has passed and we now have an album coming out. Whooo!

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Things around me, things that happen to me, things that people say or I realise a new perspective on something that I wasn’t aware of before. So mainly things.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Good things take time, don’t rush to put your demos out, perfect your songs and make sure that the work you put out is your best.

Killing Bear are Levon Mason (drums, vocals), Liam Hanley (bass), Cormac Ferris (guitar, vocals)
and Lachlan Ferris (keyboards, vocals).

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Latest Singles

Upcoming Gigs
18 November @ Lovelands, Porirua (Album Release Day)
24 November @ Moon, Wellington
1 December @ Sanctuary Sounds, Takapau


LA Thompson (also known as Shirley to her friends) is a talented musician that performs original and covers mix material, and is the founder and manager of Local Musicians Music, forming The LMM Club late last year. The LMM Club came to life on 3 November 2016 as a result of three years promoting emerging and established indie artists and their music to radio, producing compilation CD's, and moving into artist management since 2014.

As a musician, she has had an extensive career in the music industry, performing and writing her own music from the age of 9, and she has enjoyed a colorful life performing and as a promoter of indie artists throughout New Zealand.

Learning to navigate the ever-changing internet and commercial radio stations criteria has been a huge undertaking that has been met with interest from a number of songwriters, producers and music directors throughout New Zealand.

LA has an extensive CV with a history of performances nationwide and enjoyed her days as a vocalist for originals/covers band, Road to Amber, The Collective, and girl band, Lace.

LA will be on tour throughout November and December:

10 November @ Brew Craft Beer Pub, Tauranga
12 November @ Mussel Kitchen, Coromandel
18 November @ Blondies (All Day)
19 November @ Manukau Cruising Club, Onehunga
24 November @ Sanson RSA, Sanson
25 November @ Southern Cross Garden Bar, Wellington
26 November @ Te Horo Village, Te Horo
27 November @ Studio 11, Porirua, Wellington

7 December @ Charlie Farley's, Waiheke Island
9 December @ Manukau Cruising Club, Onehunga
15 December @ Brew Craft Beer Pub, Tauranga
17 December @ Junction, Thames
23 December @ Tairua Golf Club, Tairua
29 December @ Mussel Kitchen, Coromandel

LA Thompson is Shirley Howe

Website Links

Facebook Page
Bandcamp Page
YouTube Page
Spotify Page
LA Thompson Business Website: Creativ Dimensions
Local Musicians Music


Auckland based musician Geoff Horne has been playing and singing since he was seven. He was born in Britain but refers to himself as ‘NZ bred’. His parents started him off with piano lessons when he was younger, then he found his way to the guitar a little later, after being impressed by the ‘twang’ of the electric guitar sound which captured his imagination whilst watching a high school band play George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord when he was eleven.

Geoff has recently finished his first album of original songs, after many years of experience playing in bands and performing as a solo artist. Having worked in Australia, the UK and USA he is certainly well traveled.

A highlight in Geoff’s musical journey would have to be when he performed with the Doobie Brothers in 2011 at their concert at the Civic Theatre in Auckland.

When playing covers, Geoff likes to cover a wide range of genres and styles although he does admit he has a weakness for Rockabilly, and describes is sound as “a blend of 30's blues, 40's swing, 50's rock n’ roll and a smattering of 60’s pop thrown in”.

Website Links

INSIDE THE MUSIC: Latest Interviews: This Flight Tonight and Coridian

With the upcoming 5th anniversary of their EP Friendly FireRalphe from This Flight Tonight  took the time to chat with Alex and Chris, muzic.net.nz's Inside the Music Crew:

You can watch the video below: 

Full Interview


Ahead of their Caldera Tour for their upcoming release, Mike (guitar), Kris (drums), Nick (bass) Raven, and Dity Maharaj (vocals) from Coridian, also had a quick chat with Alex and Chris:

Check out the video below:


Thanks Chris Morgan, Alex Moulton, Black Jones and Steve Bone for making these interviews a reality.


To most people, Wanaka is best-known for its killer mountain and lake views and its pricey lattes. But to others, it’s the home of New Zealand’s longest-running music festival, the place to go every summer to hear Aotearoa’s best perform smack in the middle of one of Aotearoa’s most beautiful places.

Run by the non-profit Lake Wanaka SouNZ Incorporated (LWSI), Rippon was launched in 1998 by a group of music-loving locals, which included then-music teacher Lynne Christie and three of her ex-students, essentially to solve the fact that Wanaka was light on live music. They wanted to be able to go to more gigs, so they made their own festival—and what a gig is was.

The first Rippon featured (among others) HDUJan HellriegelPitch BlackSalmonella Dub and Chris Knox, plus the top place-getters from the 1997 Smokefreerockquest: Deep Kick and Atlas Woods.

The inaugural festie lost money (Rippon didn’t break even until 2000), but it announced itself as a kind of national music discovery service, the place to go to see up-and-coming Aotearoa acts before they broke big time.

Fat Freddy’s Drop hit Rippon before everyone knew their name (they first performed at the festival in 2004, and their last Rippon appearance was at the final event under the old name, in 2014), as did Kora (2004), Fur Patrol (1999), Tiki Taane (2008), Ladi6 (2004) and Shapeshifter (2004). Shapeshifter frontman P Digsss will be back this year for TUKI as co-MC (his seventh Lake Wanaka SouNZ event), along with Anika Moa.

The rest of Rippon’s lineups read like the table of contents in a history book about the past two decades of NZ music: performers have included Little BushmanChe FuShihadTrinityRootsThe Mint ChicksThe CleanFly My PrettiesNathan HainesThe Black SeedsEstereHollie SmithScribeJulia DeansStreet ChantMinuitDie! Die! Die!Eru DangerspielElectric Wire HustleConnan and the MockasinsLord Echo and The Datsuns. Any questions?

And so to 2017. This year, the festival is heading west, eight minutes up the road from its previous site at Ripppon Vineyard to a spectacular lakefront pozzi at Glendhu Bay, complete with its own enchanted forest, local wines and craft beers, and a smorgasbord of regional eats.

There’s also a new name to go with the move: TUKI, which means ‘mouthpiece’ in Maori, and also references the nearby Matukituki River.

What hasn’t changed is the organisers’ commitment to showcasing the beautiful thing that is New Zealand’s homegrown music scene. Onstage this year will be US-based Unknown Mortal Orchestra (fronted by Kiwi Ruban Nielson of The Mint Chicks), AaradhnaMarlon WilliamsThe Phoenix FoundationMaala, The Shamblés, Mel Parsons, Lips, Arma Del Amor as well this year’s up-and-comer, TAPZ.

Even better, TUKI is run by Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc, a not-for-profit society that has donated $118,000 to causes from the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal to the Te Kakano Trust’s work in native habitat restoration, from TEDx Wanaka to Wanaka Wastebusters to several local schools. It also runs the YAMI SouNZ Summit, held biennially in Wanaka, where youth and adults get a chance to work with and learn from some of the country’s top musicians, promoters, producers, engineers and managers. The idea? Help young people find career pathways in the music industry on and beyond the stage.

The team at TUKI are also all about having a minimal impact on both the local and wider environment. With this in mind, TUKI is aiming for more than 92% waste diversion in 2018 through using a three-bin system, using recycled products wherever possible, as well as compostable plates and cups, and working with New Zealand-based innovators For the Better Good, who will be launching a plant-based (versus petroleum-based) plastic water bottle at TUKI.

The one-day, two-stage TUKI festival takes place on February 10, 2018 at Glendhu Bay on Lake Wanaka.

Tickets are on sale now through Ticketek and Cosmic. Camping is available at the Glendhu Bay Motor Camp—get in quick to grab a tent or caravan site, all cabins and lodge spaces have already sold out.

Website Links

Official Website
Facebook Page
Instagram Page


1) Aaradhna. Photo – Supplied.
2) Fat Freddy’s Drop, joined by Ladi6 and P Digsss, Rippon 2014. Photo - Pat Shepherd.
3) Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Photo – Supplied.
4) Marlon Williams. Photo – Supplied.


NZ ALL STARS: Bob Marley Tribute

The biggest super-group of NZ musicians to ever hit the stage will be playing at The Trusts Arena in Auckland this November. The show, MARLEY: CELEBRATE THE LEGEND, is endorsed directly by the Marley family and now features 21 of your favourite kiwi stars playing the hits of Bob Marley. It will be staged for one night only in Auckland on Thursday 30 November.

We are excited to announce the All-Star juggernaut will then head to Australia for two shows, playing Nightquarter on the Gold Coast, Friday 1 December and Metropolis, Perth on Saturday 2 December. Tickets are now on sale via Oztix.

Support at all shows will be from powerhouse NZ band, L.A.B. The Bay of Plenty four-piece, which includes past members of Kora and Katchafire, have been taking the NZ music scene by storm with their infectious funk reggae vibe and gaining legions of fans at festivals nationwide. This band are incredible live, and their new album is set for release on 24 November with the first single Jimmy Boy out now.

If anyone could bring the Kora brothers together again on stage, it had to be Bob Marley. We are stoked to have all 4 brothers, Laughton, Fran, Brad and Stu Kora reunite for the coming shows in Auckland and Australia. This is the first time the brothers have performed together in over 5 years and will make for a memorable night.

The Marley NZ All-Stars are also thrilled to be confirmed as the headline act for the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival, Saturday 10 February 2018 at Brancott Vineyard, Blenheim. Lock in your tickets in early, this annual feast for your taste buds and ears sells out!

Earlybird tickets for the Auckland show have sold out, General Admission are on sale now for $65+BF and VIP / Christmas Packages, including a meet and greet, dinner, drinks and merchandise, are available for $189pp. Book at Ticketek.


Some of New Zealand’s biggest artists are part of this homage to one of the greatest influences on NZ music. Tiki TaaneChe FuAnnie Crummer, Laughton Kora, Fran Kora, Logan Bell, Boh RungaRia HallAnna Coddington and Joel Shadbolt each take the lead vocals in one or more songs including Get Up Stand Up3 Little BirdsStir It UpRedemption SongTurn Your Lights Down LowBuffalo SoldierPunky Reggae PartyExodusNo Woman No CryOne Love and many many more.

They are backed by the amazing NZ All-Stars band, featuring Grenville Bell, guitar, Hani Totorewa, keys and Leon Davy, percussion (past and present members of Katchafire); Fran Kora, bass and vocals (Kora), Brad Kora, drums and percussion (Kora), Stu Kora, guitar and keys (Kora); Ara Adams-Tamatea, bass (L.A.B), Lucien Johnson, sax and Barrett Hocking, trumpet (both from The Black Seeds); Paul Russell, drums (Stomp and Supergroove); Joel Shadbolt, guitar (L.A.B); Shelton Woolright, guest drums (I Am GiantBlindspott) and Godfrey de Grut, keys (Elemeno PChe Fu & The Krates), with our very own I-Threes on backing vocals, Boh, Ria and Anna.


This was an amazing show. You people and your talent blew me away. What incredible music, what beautiful people, what fun we had. Thank you so much. Issac Watts, Northland

What a fantastic line up, was an awesome concert - so much talent Sian Williams, Napier

That was such an epic night!! Highlights were Redemption Song and Tiki Taane's "Get Up, Stand Up" for Standing Rock!!Sarah Doyle, Hastings

WOW! That was an awesome evening and a beautiful start to summer. Massive respect to all of the talent entertaining us Nicky Newman, Rotorua


Book at www.ticketek.co.nz  


Book at www.onelovefestival.co.nz  

Book at www.ticketek.co.nz  

*Please note, festival shows are a shortened version of our full show due to time restrictions and that not all members will performing
** Logan Bell and Leon Davy are not performing at the shows in Gold Coast and Perth


Muzic.net.nz will be giving away a double pass on our Facebook Page tomorrow (Monday 6 November)!


Hip-Hop Crew SWIDT Lead 2017 VNZMA Finalists

Auckland rap crew SWIDT lead the pack with six finalist nods for the 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards which will be held at the Spark Arena on 16 November.

The Onehunga group is up for Godfrey Hirst Album of the Year, Vodafone Single of the Year, Best Group, Best Hip Hop Artist, and Vodafone People’s Choice – as well as Massey University Best Producer at the Artisan Awards for band member SmokeyGotBeatz.

Two Kiwi songstresses who are making headlines across the world are finalists in multiple categories. Lorde is in the running for Godfrey Hirst Album of the Year, Vodafone Single of the Year, Three Best Solo Artist, The Edge Best Pop Artist, and Vodafone People’s Choice while Aldous Harding has received nominations for Godfrey Hirst Album of the Year, Three Best Solo Artist, Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best Alternative Artist.

Kiwi dream-pop artist Fazerdaze is up for Best Alternative Artist and Breakthrough Artist of the Year, while indie-rock band Leisure will look to claim Best Group after their Breakthrough Artist of the Year finalist nod in 2016. On top of this, both are nominated for Godfrey Hirst Album of the Year.

Local hip hop MC David Dallas is a finalist for Godfrey Hirst Album of the Year for his fourth album Hood Country Club. He’s also in the running for Best Hip Hop Artist and Vodafone Single of the Year for his 2017 track Fit In.

Dunedin-born singer songwriter Nadia Reid has seen her musical career grow significantly over the last few years. A finalist for 2016’s Best Folk Album, the release of her second album Preservation earlier this year has catapulted her into the VNZMA finalist list for Three Best Solo Artist, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and Best Alternative Artist.

Another newcomer to the Music Awards is Teeks who debuted at number ten on the NZ Official Top 40 Chart for ‘The Grapefruit Skies EP’. He’s up for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Best Soul/RnB Artist, and Te Māngai Pāho Best Māori Artist at this year’s show.

Kiwi music stalwart Ladi6 is a finalist for Best Soul/RnB Artistand Christchurch’s Theia has been nominated for The Edge Best Pop Artist and Vodafone People’s Choice. Both musicians are up for Vodafone Single of the Year for Royal Blue and Roam, respectively.

There are some strong finalists for Best Roots Artist with Israel StarrSons of Zion, and Tomorrow People all being recognised for their contributions to the genre in 2017.

The last 12 months have seen the release of excellent electronic music as well. Chaos In The CBD, K+Lab, and Truth are the three finalists for Best Electronic Artist.

Other finalists include Devilskin (Best Group, Best Rock Artist), Kings (Three Best Solo Artist, Best Hip Hop Artist, Vodafone People’s Choice), Shapeshifter (Best Group), Maala (Vodafone Single of the Year, Vodafone People’s Choice), Mitch James (The Edge Best Pop Artist), Clap Clap Riot (Best Rock Artist), Graham Brazier (Best Rock Artist), Tommy Nee (Best Soul/RnB Artist) and Alien Weaponry (Te Māngai Pāho Best Māori Artist).

Curate Music, Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg, and Juliagrace are finalists for Best Worship Artist, while Jenny McLeod, NZ Trio, and Te Kōkī Trio have all been recognised as finalists for Best Classical Artist.

Full Article

NZ Music Hall of Fame to induct pop/rock icon Sharon O’Neill

Teased hair and rockstar flair defined a generation. But no-one pulled off the quintessentially 80’s look like Sharon O'Neill, who carved out a colourful and very successful musical career.

And now she can add the Legacy Award to her many accolades, with Sharon being inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame and presented with the Legacy Award at the 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

The Nelson-born songstress is no stranger to music awards and recognition. Throughout her career, she’s won Top Female Vocalist at the New Zealand Music Awards three times (1978, 1979, 1980) and is the only artist in awards history to have won a Tui in 3 consecutive years.

Her debut album also picked up awards for Best Producer and Best Engineer, and the album’s lead track won the 1979 APRA Silver Scroll. Her ground-breaking self-titled second album won Album of the Year in 1980, and in 1983, Sharon also won Best Soundtrack for Smash Palace

Her 1983 song Maxine won the hearts and minds of music lovers here and in Australia alike. It was the second single from her fourth album Foreign Affairs and chronicles the life of a Kings Cross prostitute. Such is the iconic nature of this song and video, the costume worn by the actress in the video was featured in the landmark music exhibition Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa (2016) at Auckland Museum.

Full Article

Four Tui winners celebrated at the Artisan Awards

The artists and technicians of the music industry were celebrated at the second annual Artisan Awards at the Tuning Fork in Auckland on 25 October.

This year Ben Edwards took the Tui for Massey University Best Producer, Clint Murphy was named theBest Engineer, Henrietta Harris claimed the Best Album Cover and the NZ On Air Best Music Video was presented to Joel Kefali.

Recorded Music New Zealand CEO Damian Vaughan said it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the creative technicians and visual artists who ensure the quality of New Zealand music. 

Full Article

Fundraiser for Matt Hyde from Beastwars

On 19 October Beastwars made a post on their Facebook telling friends and fans that their singer Matt Hyde has been diagnosed with Cancer. Matt, one of our country’s most powerful performers, visually and sonically, has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. While doctors are positive he’ll make a full recovery, the prognosis right now is Matt is unable to work for at least 6 months, so Beastwars have been selling off rare pressings and T shirts to raise money for Matt for his road to recovery.

Whammy! Bar, Hallertau Brewery and fans and friends of Beastwars
are proud to present a benefit gig for Matt, on 11 November 2017

If you are a fan of Beastwars, or a friend of the band, please come along and show some support for Matthew. The proceeds of the night will go directly to Matt for help while he is undergoing treatment as he is unable to work. 

Full Article



New Releases

Rob Ruha and The Witch Dr - Kalega 
So Below - Close 

- November 2017 Gigs & Tours -

(in no particular order)


7 November @ Town Hall, Dunedin - 8-9 November @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
11 November @ Michael Fowler Centre, Auckland - 12, 14 & 15 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
NZ All Stars - Bob Marley Tribute
30 November @ Trusts Arena, Auckland
9-10 November @ Point Chevalier RSA, Auckland - 11 November @ San Fran, Wellington
12-13 November @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Blackbird Ensemble
8-11 November @ Q Theatre, Rangatira
9 November @ The Vic, Devonport - 10 November @ Tuning Fork, Auckland - 11 November @ The Vic, Devonport -
12 November @ St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki - 12 November @ Meow, Wellington
15 November @ Sherwood, Queenstown - 16 November @ The Cook, Dunedin
17 November @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch - 18 November @ Naval Pt Yacht Club, Lyttelton
23 November @ Howick Club, Howick - 24 November @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
25 November @ Haumoana Hall, Hawkes Bay - 26 November @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
10 November @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 18 November @ Butter Factory, Whangarei -
24 November @ Valhalla, Wellington - 26 November @ Tattoo and Art Festival, New Plymouth
Lord Echo
10 November @ Hollywood Cinema, Auckland
Graeme James
9 November @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 10 November @ Vinyl Destination, Tauranga - 16 November @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 18 November @ 4th Wall, New Plymouth - 23 November @ Sherwood, Queenstown
24 November @ Gin & Raspberry, Wanaka - 30 November @ East Street Vegetarian Cafe, Nelson
Skinny Hobos, Dead Favours, Hunt The Witch and Bloodnut
11 November @ Kings Arms, Auckland
16 November @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
Delaney Davidson
6 November @ Sherwood Hotel, Queenstown - 8 November @ Old Lodge Theatre, Hokitika - 9 November @ Barrytown Hall, Barrytown - 10 November @ Reefton Club, Reefton - 11 November @ Mussel Inn, Onekaka - 12 November @ Playhouse Theatre, Mapua - 13 November @ The Laboratory, Lincoln - 17 November @ St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki
18 November @ Meow, Wellington - 19 November @ Kiwi Hall, Featherston - 21 November @ Deluxe Theatre, Opotiki
22 November @ The Meteor Theatre, Hamilton - 23 November @ Town Hall, Whitianga
24 November @ The Club, Coromandel - 25 November @ Kauaeranga Hall, Kauaeranga
26 November @ St Stephen's Church, Onewhero - 27 November @ Freida Margolis, Auckland
28 November @ The Plaza, Putaruru - 29 November @ The Dome Room, Gisborne
8 November @ Cabana, Napier - 9 November @ Dome Cinema, Gisborne - 10 November @ Detour Lounge, Whakatane
11 November @ Rising Tide, Mt Maunganui - 18 November @ Dark Room, Christchurch
23 November @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 24 November @ Cassette Nine, Auckland
25 November @ Mystery Gig, Papatoetoe
LA Thompson
10 November @ Brew Craft Beer Pub, Tauranga - 12 November @ Mussel Kitchen, Coromandel
18 November @ Blondies - 19 November @ Manukau Cruising Club, Onehunga - 24 November @ RSA, Sanson
25 November @ Southern Cross Garden Bar, Wellington - 26 November @ Te Horo Village, Te Horo
27 November @ Studio 11, Porirua
Killing Bear
18 November @ Lovelands, Porirua - 24 November @ Moon, Wellington
Beastwars Fundraiser
with Bloodnut, Slumbug, Bloodbags, Somme, Blazing Shade and Wolf Wizard
11 November @ Whammy, Auckland
Red Lounge Sessions
18 November @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui


UB40 with House of Shem
17 November @ Horncastle Arena, Christchurch - 18 November @ Trusts Arena, Auckland
Ocean Colour Scene
19 November @ Opera House, Wellington - 20 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
Shawn Mendes with Julia Michaels
25 November @ Vector Arena, Auckland
Take That
21 November @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington - 22 November @ Trusts Arena, Auckland
16 November @ Studio, Auckland
Peter Andre with CDB and Kulcha
17 November @ Civic Theatre, Auckland
22 November @ Studio, Auckland
24 November @ Tuning Fork, Auckland - 25 November @ Valhalla, Wellington
12 November @ Spark Arena, Auckland
11 November @ Studio, Auckland - 12 November @ San Fran, Wellington
Marky Ramone
30 November @ San Fran, Wellington
Paul Kelly with The Eastern and Busby Marou
29 November @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch - 30 November @ Opera House, Wellington
The Shins
30 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
25 November @ The Powerstation, Auckland
Eric Benet
24 November @ Studio, Auckland
Sam Outlaw and Courtney Marie Andrews
30 November @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Whitney Flynn and Shibby Pictures
18 November @ Valhalla, Wellington - 19 November @ Looking Glass Lounge, Palmerston North
21 November @ UFO, Auckland - 22 November @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 23 November @ Creative Waikato, Hamilton
24 November @ Dome Cinema, Gisborne - 25 November @ Harbour Bridge, Tauranga
7 November @ Studio, Auckland
Frazey Ford with The Quiet Revolution and Garrett Kato
21 November @ Tuning Fork, Auckland



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