1 Jul 2022

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The Gemini Effect - Album Review: Atomic Blues

16 Oct 2017 // A review by LilMizCharlie
That moment when Tom Petty passes yet something else seems to emerge.

It’s was one those days. Tom Petty died this day, some of my favourite songs of his sit in a mixtape at home on my tape deck.

Yip, totally off the grid!

To add to a sad day, I have the most boring job of running errands around Wellington. Before I leave the house though, I check the mailbox of which I find an odd brown envelope package. I sit in the car and stare at this brown paper package with no obvious info insight other than my name and address.

Instantly I start dreaming up what it might be. I’m wondering if it’s a bomb or some wonderful person choosing to send me something like lollies. Or maybe some random secret squirrel notes that are about to send me on a wild goose chase. Or worse, a note about random gossip in the neighbourhood. Stranger things have happened!

So I open it and to my surprise, it’s a poster, an informative but thoughtful letter from a guy named Rob Sharp, and an album titled Atomic Blues in CD format from Auckland based band The Gemini Effect. Atomic Blues was released on the 8th of August 2017.

This package made me smile and think differently about how I want reviewers to experience me as an artist, so thanks for that Rob I loved this package so much. There is definitely something to be said about someone going to a lot of effort, regardless of the reviewers' point of view. I confess, my errand sending just got a whole lot more exciting.

Considering this is a cost to the artist, I appreciate the time and thought you have put into this because I for one, prefer to hear sound in as best option as I can receive it.

I’m not going to go into every single song. I can say that since I received this CD I have listened to it most days. I think if you want to build your own opinion, you should go to their Bandcamp page and have a listen HERE.

The current line-up is Rob Sharp (vocals/guitar) he is the mastermind behind this band supported by George Gorringe (bass) and Chris Barton (drums).

For the record, Nick Prussing (Hospital Sports, Troubled Frank) and AJ Davy (Motorboat) played the drums on the album.

Oh lord, I appear to have been carried away... Oh yeah, Tom Petty!

I was saddened to hear of his passing this day but somehow, as I pushed this CD into the player of my car, it was like I was hearing reminiscent reminders of an inspiring artist who doesn't influence this band from their own information.

I felt there were so many elements of Tom Petty’s work alongside The Doors, Stones, Hooker and even Hawkwind as they have suggested. For me, this is perfect for someone wanting some classic Alt Rock in their playlist to listen to on a sunny afternoon chilled back with a few mates and beers.  

Lyrically there are some really fun moments in this album. It's classic rock'n'roll, bluesy, grunge nature, makes for an easy listen.

"I don't forget the times I was pushed around
Didn't wanna cause a scene
The replay was something Tarantino
Last man standing in my minds movie scene"

~Dreams of the Karate Kid

I hear popular grunge, rocky, psychedelic moments filtering through from the 90's. I've even picked up some random out of the blue ska riffed moments, thrown in to change the feel up. There are some very cool effects being used. The Depot Studio in Devonport, did a fantastic job capturing the band and I'm glad I have this in my possession to share with you today.

Personal Hollywood, I'm thinking will be a popular one to listen too as it tends to play over and over in my head and has for the last week. I confess though Just Enough Self-Loathing To Get By is my current go to.

I have a total relationship thing going on with these angst lines right now...


~Just enough self-loathing to get by

Go and have a listen.

Review written by Charlie Phillips

About The Gemini Effect

The Gemini Effect are an alternative rock band from Auckland. Drawing from the past and shaping for the future. Sometimes raw fury, sometimes tripping through a psychedelic wormhole. Always honest, channeling lyrics with a conscience. Get on the starship Gemini and enjoy the ride….. !

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for The Gemini Effect


Bad Alien
Year: 2019
Type: Album
Atomic Blues
Year: 2017
Type: Album

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