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Jayson Norris - EP Review: Eroded

29 Sep 2016 // A review by LilMizCharlie

There is something delightfully soothing yet sea-stormy about Adventure It Seems Is Easy from Jayson Norris' new EP Eroded. I found myself listening to this as “cool down” music at the gym. Pushing that pain barrier while stretching, a little harder and then finding bliss in the release of tension.

My introduction to Jayson Norris, has been pleasant indeed. He has a vibe about him that allows me to float away from myself for a moment, to be somewhere peaceful. Someone Else follows on with a reminiscent sense of clarity. It’s almost like he may always be fighting a storm hoping to find the calm. I don’t know what the essence of the songs are but for me, there is a sense of dark that reminds me of Chris Isaak. This perception may be different for others based on where you are in your life.

“You could keep it all, keep it all to yourself or you could give it all to someone else... someone else”. I have no idea why, but this line is burned in my mind every time I listen to Eroded. The chord progressions draw me in. Someone Else is my favourite song, to be honest.

Third song in, and you’re swept into this memorable Summer festival country feel, with a song called Sunshine. What I love the most is Jayson's open, unapologetic musical space, as a songwriter. The atmospheric tones of Eroded and where each individual song takes you, is unique and not always expected. He IS a songwriter with an amazing voice to carry his story. I feel like Jayson writes a variety of genres based on a moment in time with no enforced genre walls.

Yearn has a piano piece at the start, and there is something so beautifully simple about that piece. From there, it drives into a solid band feel that leaves me oddly wishing for them to unexpectedly break into a Rumba. They don’t, but the feel recorded is great. This song drives beautifully, I like the harmonies and the guitar presence.

With the final song, Jayson takes us back to the reminder that he comes from Aotearoa, with roots reggae song, Much Love.

I feel he’s like me in a sense. His musical love is diverse and he doesn’t feel like he must tie himself down to just one flavour. All the lollipops are awesome people, not just the Coca-Cola ones!

Acoustic rock with a Floyd switch up, is what my mind draws on. Yet there are a few delicious changes to get that unexpected “vibey” factor. I love the flow of Eroded, Jayson, so good luck with this release.

Jayson’s website states that Eroded was due out in April 2016, however it looks like the release date has been changed to the 17th of October. This is by no means a negative thing, because the EP sounds stunning and it's a clear indication that good things take time. The official release date is only a few weeks away, so if you like easy listening sounds I'd recommend that you go and buy it. Co-produced by Jayson and Paul Matthews from I Am Giant, I'm sure this EP will take pride of place on many playlists.


About Jayson Norris

Jayson Norris is a Singer/Songwriter originally from Kaitaia, a small town situated in the far north of New Zealand’s North Island. Jayson relocated to London in 2004 where he has remained. Since his move to the UK, Jayson Norris has released two albums, A Basket Full in 2006 and the 2009 release Freedom To Live.

A Basket Full was released in 2006 on Jayson’s own Indie label, Rangiputa Records and achieved over 2,000 sales independently in London alone. Singles like Window and The Beginning winning favour with an ever increasing fan base.

The independent success of A Basket Full provided opportunities for support slots throughout the UK with well known artists such as Blue King Brown, Pete Murray, Dave Dobbyn, Breaks Co-Op and The Black Seeds, along with invitations to perform at some of London’s biggest music festivals including Love Box, Secret Garden and Toast to name just a few.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Jayson Norris


Year: 2016
Type: EP
Save My Soul
Year: 2014
Type: EP
Freedom Twenty Eight
Year: 2011
Type: Album
A Basket Full
Year: 2006
Type: Album

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