19 May 2024

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Articles By Ria Loveder

L.A.B. - Gig Review: L.A.B. @ Black Barn, Hawke's Bay - 22/12/2019
11 Jan 2020 // review by Ria Loveder
The weather leading to Sunday 22nd of December was unreliably sprinkled with a little bit of unpredictability. Luckily for the people that flocked to the gorgeous Black Barn Amphitheatre in the Hawke’s Bay to the sold-out L.
Jessy & The Volunteers - Single Review: Phone Face
06 Aug 2019 // review by Ria Loveder
For lovers of blues, funk and everything else in between, you have found yourself in the right place. Created and grown into a sexy meld of soul and RnB in a basement in Auckland, Jessy & The Volunteers’ have debuted their song and video Phone Face.
Annie J - Single Review: Whenever You Leave Me
31 Mar 2019 // review by Ria Loveder
Annie J’s song Whenever You Leave Me is one that all teenagers can relate to; that relationship that you want to be in, but distance seems to come creeping in. The lyrics are mature beyond her years and at the young age of 15; she’s showing that she has the writing capabilities to produce mature, insightful music.
Two Cartoons - Single Review: Less People (Less Traffic)
29 Oct 2018 // review by Ria Loveder
Back in 2015 I reviewed Two Cartoons EP Lost Boys Club and raved about how they seem to so effortlessly create tunes that need to be sung loud and proud. Three years later, their latest single Less People (Less Traffic) is no exception.
Nicole Andrews - Album Review: A Stranger
04 May 2018 // review by Ria Loveder
In 2015 I reviewed Nicole Andrews’ album In The Shallows and raved about her rawness and connection with her music. Needless to say, her second album A Stranger has done it again.
nomad - Album Review: Can You Feel It?
13 Apr 2018 // review by Ria Loveder
nomad soared into popularity with their catchy infectious pop tune Oh My My in 2016. After their song reached gold sales and they were nominated for Best Newcomers at the NZ Music Awards they are back with their debut album Can You Feel It?
Ha the Unclear - Single Review: Wallace Line
08 Apr 2018 // review by Ria Loveder
My music taste over the past year has changed a wee bit, and I am loving music that harks back to the 80's, and Ha the Unclear do just that. Their eccentric sound is filled with unconventional retro alt-pop music making them the perfect backing track to the New Zealand summer, pity we have just come into Autumn!
Tom Lee-Richards - Single Review: Out Of The Oddness
20 Feb 2018 // review by Ria Loveder
An experimenter of music from a young age, Tom Lee-Richards' passion for songs and composition is evident in his array of work. His latest single Out Of The Oddness has dropped and it is one track I recommend you listen to.
Owlet Nightjar - Album Review: The Regenerative Principle
23 Nov 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
Named after an extinct flightless bird in New Zealand, Owlet-Nightjars' are an amalgamation of unusual and attention-grabbing concepts. Their debut album, The Regenerative Principle is a mixture of sounds, featuring elements of soul, dub, blues, reggae, rock, pop and psychedelic.
Killing Bear - Album Review: Mysterium Tremendum
16 Nov 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
Killing Bear - The mystical tribe from Mars who have used psychic powers to poses the minds of four musicians, with their combination of drums, guitars, synths and vocals, this is a psychedelic pop rock band to get your teeth stuck into. I had never listened to any of Killing Bear’s music until now, and what I have heard I love.
Ciaran McMeeken - Album Review: Ciaran McMeeken
04 Aug 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
What I love about Ciaran McMeeken’s self-titled album, is how diverse the music is. An album that has been created to encompass his experiences as an artist so far in his career, every track is unique, making this album versatile and attractive to a variety of music tastes.
Reb Fountain - EP Review: Hopeful & Hopeless
02 Aug 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
This beautiful little collection of songs was recorded in my favourite live music venue, The Wine Cellar. I remember many fond times, snuggled into one of their many couches, feet up, mulled wine in hand listening to talented people performing in the intimate space.
Oyawa - Album Review: I Don't Recall Ordering Ordinary
03 Jul 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
Indie/alternative band Oyawa have bought their loud and ambient tones to the New Zealand music scene with their album I Don’t Recall Ordering Ordinary. It is evident to hear that Oyawa are not afraid to experiment with sound.
Kittens of The Internet - Kittens of The Internet EP Review
06 May 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
Kittens of the Internet have shown the New Zealand music why they are Silver Scroll nominees with their self-titled EP. With its upbeat tracks and vibrant sounds they’re songs are a breath of fresh air for the electronic music scene.
Lincoln Greene - Sit Down With Lincoln Greene
24 Apr 2017 // interview by Ria Loveder
In the build up to Lincoln Greene’s Gig at the Wine Cellar in Auckland on the 27th of April, we thought we would sit him down for a chat about his style of music, River Phoenix and future projects. How would your best describe you style of music?
The Vibes - Gig Review: Brendon Thomas & The Vibes @ Cabana, Napier - 11/02/17
07 Mar 2017 // review by Ria Loveder
With their Rock n Roll sound and psychedelic feel, there is nothing I don’t like about Auckland based Trio Brendan Thomas and The Vibes. I have to admit, I didn’t watch X Factor, but one of my best mates is a huge fan.
Lola Sola - Album Review: Walking Back From Hell
29 Oct 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
Acoustic folk songstress, Lola Sola has graced lovers of all things folkie with her gorgeous album Walking Back From Hell. This album is raw, jam packed full of soul and emotion.
Anna Coddington - Album Review: Luck/Time
09 Oct 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Coddington this time last year. One of the questions I asked her was what was her next music adventure after her tour with Lips, to which she replied ‘ALBUM.
John White - Album Review: Henry Green & the Island of Tuliarts
28 Sep 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
I had read a few articles about John White’s new album Henry Green and the Island of Tuliarts describing it as a listening experience where you succumb to a dream world. This statement I can agree to be very accurate, this album is one filled with ethereal qualities and wondrous themes taking you on a magical journey.
After 'Ours - Album Review: Odyssey
20 Sep 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
After 'Ours have been working on their album Odyssey for the past five years. It is clear to hear the time, dedication and love that went into creating it.
Jesse Sheehan - Album Review: Drinking With The Birds
12 Sep 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
Growing up in Wellington, Jesse Sheehan was immersed in music from a young age. He played gigs with big local names and won Rockquest in 2009, the first solo artist ever to do so.
Miller Yule - EP Review: Shoot Me In The Heart
09 Sep 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
Miller Yule’s Shoot Me In The Heart is an EP containing groovy tunes, good vibes and an abundance of energy and raw talent. This is Miller’s debut EP and with mesmeric songs, an attractive voice and wonderfully played tunes, it is clear to see he is a Kiwi musician on his way to great things.
Helen Henderson - Album Review: London
05 Jul 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
London is an album, created by Helen Henderson and filled to the brim with 70s sounding folk and rock tunes. Arriving as a young kiwi girl to the big city of London with nothing but $50 in her pocket she started her music career when her friends put her in contact with Nigel Grainge from Ensign Records.
Yumi Zouma - Album Review: Yoncalla
14 May 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
What can I say… What a beautiful album! Vocals that roll over you like waves, infectious tunes and hypnotic melodies.
Pales - Album Review: Don't Be So Nice
01 May 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
Rose Blake, Mike Isaacs and Scott Maynard are the creators of Pales. The trio have brought their array of skills and broad musical backgrounds to create arrangements heavily sounding of emotive folk.
Jackie Bristow - Album Review: Shot Of Gold
17 Feb 2016 // review by Ria Loveder
After touring as the opening act for Tommy Emmanuel, Jackie Bristow has returned to New Zealand, releasing her fourth studio album Shot of Gold, and hitting the road for a fourteen date tour. For the dates go and check out Jackie's Facebook page.
Tomorrow People - Album Review: Bass & Bassinets
25 Nov 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Need tunes to accompany your chilled out summer, look no further my friends, because it is right here! Bass & Bassinets is the second album released by the self-described ‘sunshine reggae’ band, Tomorrow People.
Eden Mulholland - Interview with Eden Mulholland
07 Nov 2015 // interview by Ria Loveder
Artist, Eden Mulholland is one busy bee. With his new album Hunted Haunted having been released, a second national tour under way and a bunch of other projects on the list, he is an artist that is using his creativity to its full potential.
The Phoenix Foundation - The Phoenix Foundation Interview - GUYD Tour
05 Oct 2015 // interview by Ria Loveder
Ria sat down with Luke Buda from The Phoenix Foundation to talk about what it’s like working with his fellow musician pals, what inspires them in making music, their Give Up Your Dreams Tour, what’s next in line for them and also beer. How did you guys come up with the name ‘The Phoenix Foundation’?
The Phoenix Foundation - Gig Review: The Phoenix Foundation @ Cabana, Napier 19/09/15
05 Oct 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
I can’t believe since I turned eighteen, which was almost four years ago, I have not taken the opportunity to go to The Cabana in Napier. Walking in, I saw posters on nearly every visible surface showcasing past events.
Anna Coddington - Anna Coddington Interview
24 Sep 2015 // interview by Ria Loveder
Ria recently interviewed Anna Coddington for muzic.net.
MAALA - EP Review: Maala
13 Sep 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
I first heard Maala’s music almost two months ago when I was driving on my way to good ol’ Auckland, ZM was on the radio and I heard a song that immediately caught my attention. I turned up the volume and immediately got my phone out so I could Shazam (what a genius app!
Eden Mulholland - Album Review: Hunted Haunted
29 Aug 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Hunted Haunted has to be my favourite album that I have been asked to review for Muzic.net!
Holly Arrowsmith - Album Review: For The Weary Traveller
11 Aug 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Nestled in the Queenstown mountains, Holly Arrowsmith’s debut album For The Weary Traveller was created. This charmingly crafted album is full to the brim with acoustically emotive pieces, beautifully written and thought provoking lyrics and an earthy sounding voice.
Finn Johansson - Album Review: Two Thousand and Fourteen
17 Jul 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Wellingtonian musician, Finn Johansson proves with his album Two Thousand and Fourteen, that he is one talented musician. Created in 2014 (funnily enough), Johansson spent last year travelling Europe, living on boats, farms and couches and playing to living rooms, bars and theatres.
Nicole Andrews - Album Review: In the Shallows
15 May 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Nicole Andrews' debut album In The Shallows, has shown the New Zealand music scene that she is one talented women. Nicole is a self-taught pianist and has created a collection of songs that are reflective, thoughtful and raw.
Princess Chelsea - Album Review: The Great Cybernetic Depression
11 May 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Before I was asked to review Princess Chelsea’s album, I had heard of her and a few of her songs, but had no idea the fan base the Auckland born singer had behind her. You only need to take a look on her Facebook page or YouTube channel to realise that people love her.
Two Cartoons - EP Review: Lost Boys Club
17 Apr 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
Two Cartoons was formed in 2011 by Isaac McFarlane and Bradley Craig while on holiday in good ol’ Auckland. They had an idea to create music that would channel New Zealand’s beautiful warm weather and create the ultimate feeling of summer.
Jupiter Project - Ria Interviews Jupiter Project
26 Mar 2015 // interview by Ria Loveder
Every year in March, Horse of the Year comes to Hastings in good ol’ sunny Hawke’s Bay. If anyone knows me well they will know I adore horses, and that I will take any chance I can get to go for a boogie.
Tori Reed - Album Review: Long Nights, Flightless Birds & Coming Home
24 Jan 2015 // review by Ria Loveder
I was asked to review Tori Reed's album Long Nights, Flightless Birds & Coming Home with knowing nothing about the artist or her music. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to sit down and listen to what I consider to be a very talented and experimental artist with a great work of music.
Ezra Vine - Celeste EP Review
28 Oct 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
I first saw Ezra Vine open up for Stormporter earlier this year, and I have to say, I was mesmerised. If you read that review, I gushed about his performance and how captivating he was.
Broods - Evergreen Album Review
11 Sep 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
I was so excited to be able to review Broods’ debut album Evergreen, which was released on the 22nd of August. Broods are a brother sister duo from Nelson.
Little Bark - USB Album Review
02 Sep 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
Sophie Burbery, also known as Little Bark first stepped into the spotlight with her debut Hope is Rubbery in 2011. She performs with a 4 piece band, featuring 2 synthesists, a drummer (using an electronic kit), a bassist and vocals.
Luckless - Vindication Blues Album Review
21 Jul 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
My Dad has always told me ‘Ria, less is more’, and these are the words that came to mind when I opened the parcel containing Luckless’ sophomore album Vindication Blues. The artwork is beautiful with a lone tree seeming to grow over the cover with the title placed in the centre.
Huia Veale - Waiting for You Single Review
06 Jul 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
Greytown born, Huia Veale's single Waiting For You is a wonderful song to add to her musical career. She was born into a musical family and with it being also being her number one passion, she is now ready to share her sound with the rest of the world.
The Naked And Famous - The Naked and Famous @ The Powerstation, Auckland 16/05/14
01 Jun 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
If you are looking for a critical review, then I am sorry to tell you that you have come to the wrong place. With that said I would like to politely direct you to look at other reviews that may be found on this fantastic website we call muzic.
Great North - Great North @ Victoria Theatre, Auckland 9/05/2014
25 May 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
If you have read my previous review for Great North you would know that I absolutely adored their album Up In Smoke. So as you can imagine I was thoroughly looking forward to Friday the 9th of May when I would be able to hear all the wonderful songs played live.
Tiny Ruins - Brightly Painted One Album Review
20 May 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
Tiny Ruins is the creation of New Zealand musician and songwriter Hollie Fullbrook. It all began when she started writing music for theatre productions through-out Wellington and playing live music at poetry nights.
Great North - Up In Smoke Album Review
30 Apr 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
I know you shouldn’t judge a band by its name or its album cover, but as soon as I saw the cover art and was graced with the name Great North, you could say something magical happened. I find Great North to be a beautiful title for a group.
Lightning Bells - Chime EP Review
11 Apr 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
With this being my first EP reviewed I was a bit worried on how to go about it. Whether to sit down and study the songs while taking notes, or just playing it and seeing what I thought.
Stormporter - Stormporter EP Release Gig @ Nectar Bar, Auckland 22/03/14
05 Apr 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
Before I start talking about Stormporter’s wonderful gig, I think I should give a round of applause to the venue in which it was held in. The Nectar Bar was a wonderful place to sit down and relax, with the building inside looking like a renovated barn.
Lightning Bells - Lightning Bells EP Release Gig @ Juice Bar, Auckland - 21/03/14
02 Apr 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
I think I can speak for all when I say that the Lightning Bells EP release gig at Juice Bar on the 21th March was nothing but a hoot and a half! Much enjoyment was had by all, artists and audience alike.
The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves Album Review
04 Mar 2014 // review by Ria Loveder
The television was tuned in to Juice TV as I stood by the sink doing the dishes. The tunes of songs came travelling through when my ears picked up something that both fascinated and puzzled me.

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