19 May 2024

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Lincoln Greene - Sit Down With Lincoln Greene

24 Apr 2017 // An interview by Ria Loveder

In the build up to Lincoln Greene’s Gig at the Wine Cellar in Auckland on the 27th of April, we thought we would sit him down for a chat about his style of music, River Phoenix and future projects.

How would your best describe you style of music?

I’m still working on figuring that out, but with each track I try to create a visual landscape and story. I lean toward atmospheric and darker sounds. It’s been fun experimenting. I guess I would say it’s alternative pop.

Your Dad is a guitarist, and was in the 80s Rock band The Mockers, is that what encouraged your passion for music? Do you find that it has influenced you in your music journey?

Yes, his influence has definitely nurtured my musical side. I grew up with music constantly around me, but it wasn’t until I was 20 that I learned guitar in order to write songs.

Your actual name is Jimmy Hazelwood, why the change in name for performing music?

I’m an actor and I wanted to create a divide between my works. Musically I wanted to create an experimental project and delve into a different world; I’m just seeing where it takes me.

Before you changed your performance name to Lincoln Greene you were performing folk music and releasing mainly acoustic music, why the change into pop music?

I was feeling stagnant with the work I was making and needed to spike it with a style and sound I had been craving to play with and that had a bit more production. The name gave me a licence to start on a new slate and have some freedom and anonymity, even if it is just mentally.

Your voice sounds like it could be very suited for Country styled songs, is there any other style of music you would like to branch out and do?

Yeah, I did really start from more country origins. I do see myself going back there one day, and the narrative nature of country music has definitely influenced my style, but at this stage I would like to head in to more atmospheric and ambient pop. 

Your favourite chord progression is Em-C-D-G, as you said on your blog, you feel it has a sadness to it. Do you find you are drawn to the more sombre sounding chords when creating music? If so why is that?

Yes, I love sombre sounds and music! I’m drawn to it for some reason. It’s deeper and darker and more honest and vulnerable. That chord progression always reminds me of a breakup song, and so many have been written with those chords.

One of your singles Hollywood Shame was inspired by River Phoenix and his life, what drew you to create a song about him? 

I always admired him for the work he did, so authentic and I find his story fascinating. I read the biography about him ‘Last Night at the Viper Room’ and felt like writing a song about him. Moving away from writing about my own experiences has helped create more vivid and imaginative worlds.

When do you think you will be releasing new music? And is there an EP to come?

Yes! I’m thinking later this year I will release a Lincoln Greene Mixtape to show people what I’ve been working on and what it’s all about. I’ve just finished a track called Arizona Dream, which I will be releasing in June.

For all the info about Lincoln Greene's upcoming gig, click HERE


About Lincoln Greene

Lincoln Greene is a Pseudo music project created by Jimmy Hazelwood.

Up until 2015, Hazelwood was a folk artist creating and releasing mainly acoustic music.

In late 2015, working with Producer/Audio Engineer- Morgan Allen at the Depot Recording Studio, Hazelwood developed Lincoln Greene with the intention and license to create explore a new style and sound.

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The Lincoln Greene Project
Year: 2017
Type: Album

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