31 Mar 2023

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Newsletter Issue #510: 07 Oct 2018

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This month's incredible editorial comes from Janelle, the leading lady from Wellington Rock act Curlys Jewels:

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to become either a roller disco DJ or a cartoon character voiceover. I was always playing music and enjoyed nothing more than watching RTR Countdown and wailing into my sweet red aux attached microphone for hours on end. It never occurred to me that a musician was something you could chose to be. They were gods. Untouchable, unattainable magical creatures of the night. A concoction of glorious noises, mystique and sheer awesomeness adorning TV and magazines and cranking out banger after epic banger of a hit song with ease.

As it transpires, the blanket of life has unfolded and flomped me into 2018 as a working rock musician and I am one grateful wench to be in this position. I have learnt a fair few things over this past 7ish years of rock-bandery, one of which is that the process of writing a song is not always so delightfully easy...  Sometimes, it’s actually just a bit shit. I wish I could say that my passionate fluidity of writing music flows forth from me like a magnificent lyrical lava of tuneful loveliness, but to be straight up, often its more like and uncomfortable motivation constipation. Not always, but often.

Suffice to say, it is the performance side of band life that I adore. Performing is usually the best fun when you have more than 5 people in the audience… this is where the difficulty lives for many local bands. We are immersed in an age where people would rather get sore necks from looking down at their screens on a Saturday night than from throwing too many goats and whippin their hair back and forth at the rock show. I know where I would rather be.

Another thing I’ve learnt, is that is that you must WORK, ENGAGE and CREATE like you mean it, to achieve your own successes and be exceptionally grateful for those who back you along the way. We must be willing to roll with the changing face of music and to carve our own pathways and goals because the reality is, nobody is going to just walk up and do it for you. I am accepting and digging the use of social media as a promotional and engagement forum far more than I ever have lately. I must admit the screens we stare at do have their place and are directly responsible for us seeing so many of the beautiful people who engage with Curlys through our socials, showing their actual faces at our shows. A super humbling thing indeed to meet these music loving legends.

Now that I am a terrifyingly old grown up, the world has changed horrendously much, afro mullets are no longer rad or bodacious and music in general is a whole different beast. But some things remain a constant… Music is a legacy. It IS worthwhile. Flinging one’s limbs about wildly, screaming incorrect lyrics and being amongst the live thumpings and squeelings of real live rock will always be fantastic for the soul. Being part of this time in the world and in NZ music is a gift and is why we must work so damn hard to keep on flanging along heartily for this rock n roll revolution.

Thank you, Jel for writing this editorial!


Bakers Eddy recently released a brand-new single Leave It To Me. Produced by the Home Surgery team; Jon Grace and Tom Larkin, the single marks a slight change of direction for the group, getting a bit more serious after their distinctly light-hearted EP I'm Not Making Good Decisions. Frontman Ciarann caught up with Brendan from Muzic.net.nz to talk about everything happening in the world of Bakers Eddy:

Bakers Eddy have now been around for a while - for anyone who has been living under a rock and might not be aware of you guys, can you give us your 'brief history of time'?

We met each other at high school through the skateboarding circles and we connected over the love of punk rock and skipping class. We started calling ourselves a band in 2009, our first year of school, for an end of year concert. Someone’s Mum dyed our hair red for us and We thought we were the best thing that had happened to music since Rockstar Supernova. Alex joined a year later after lingering in the band room (Jimbo's Mother's lounge) and yeah, it’s been the 4 of us ever since. 9 years on and we are still rolling the dice. We’ve moved to Melbourne now though, so the scenery is a bit different and we got a bit better, but we are still getting along, mostly, and everything is going swell.

Do all of you guys come from musical backgrounds?

Yeah, we all had a pretty eclectic upbringing as far as music influence goes.

Our parents all have good taste, as uncool as it sounds. Ian and Alex were brought up on anything and everything obscure. Jimbo and I grew up on a lot of reggae and world stuff.

We all had a pretty heavy obsession with Green Day, and it was easy to pick up on that when we started writing songs, I think you can still hear the influence for sure.

You have been in Australia for a year or so. Has this effected/strained the personal relationships within the band? With family? Girlfriends etc?

It was never going to be a cake walk moving over here together and we kind of talked about that before we made the call. We’ve all struggled with balancing relationships and band commitments, and it is really tough sometimes. And there's been plenty of conflict between the 4 of us, things get heated all the time, and our close friends will be the first to vouch for that. But we are family you know. We’ve always had this weird thing of being able to resolve our arguments within minutes. There’s nothing but love between the four of us.

What’s your songwriting process? Has this changed/matured over the time the band has been together?

Music has always come first, and that mostly comes from the four of us making noise in a room until, for a brief moment, it doesn’t sound like shit. Then we go with that. We recently did a '50 songs in 50 days' challenge type thing and through that we discovered all these new methods of song writing which kind of changed the game for us. Anything goes now, we always finish a song, regardless if it’s god awful. It gets recorded and either we have a laugh or it’s the next single.

Can you give an example of the best and worst moments you have had on stage?

I think playing on a stage built out of empty beer slabs in front of 3000 lederhosen clad festival goers in Munich takes the cake. A few things happened that night that better stay on that stage. But we had a bearded Tinkerbell for a soundie for fuck sakes.

Worst, Alex had a beer spilt on his gear which was shit, but thanks to a very sorry yet generous German Alex ended up having a fantastic night. So, all was well, except Alex the next day.

You have been working with producer Tom Larkin for a while now. Can you explain how this relationship came about?

He came to showcase in Auckland that we were playing and must have thought we were half decent, so he invited us to join him in Melbourne to put us through the grind. Him and Shihad were a huge influence for us so we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a bit star struck at first.

Your last release I’m Not Making Good Decisions was very light-hearted in contrast to your new single Leave It To Me, any reason for this directional movement?

Yeah a break up and all the shit that goes with it. It’s definitely a heavier song in terms of what it’s saying, but I think it would have been dishonest If we had of come out with a song about being happy go lucky twenty-two-year-olds. Not saying that we aren’t, it just wasn’t how I was feeling when I wrote the lyrics for the song. It wasn’t an intentional directional change, and it still sounds pretty upbeat, there’s just a bit more personal baggage attached to it then there has been in the past.

Where do you see Bakers Eddy in 5 years’ time, and what are your goals toward this?

We are backing ourselves to go all the way. We always have, even with the red hair and the 2-chord songs. That’s why we decided to give music a good go, and we definitely wouldn’t be in Melbourne doing this if we didn’t think we had a shot. I guess all you can do is hope people enjoy your songs enough to go to the gigs and follow you on Instagram.

Here is a statement for you “If we knew then what we know now”. Do you have an example of this relating to Bakers Eddy?

Not really, the journeys been sweet. Its lows can be insanely frustrating, but the highs make it all worth it. We work hard, and this band has put us in some far out situations in far-out places.

Upcoming shows? Where and when can we see you guys play?

We are heading back out on an east coast tour of Australia next month stopping at Halloween Hysteria Festival in Brisbane on the 27th of October.

We’ve got Melbourne at the Gasometer on the 6th of October for Birdfest, Marly Bar in Sydney on the 25th, and we get to play our first show in Adelaide on the 10th of November at the Crown and Anchor which we are super stoked about!

Bakers Eddy is Ciarann Babbington (guitar, vocals), Alex Spagnolo (guitar, backing vocals),Ian Spagnolo (bass, backing vocals) and Jamie Gordon (drums, backing vocals).

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Listen to Leave It To Me on Soundcloud
Leave It To Me Press Release

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Bakers Eddy @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 22/06/2018
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Bakers Eddy @ Galatos, Auckland - 15/07/2017
Bakers Eddy @ REC, Auckland 10/03/17


Brendan from muzic.net.nz spoke to Moone about her music, writing process and what the future holds. Here's what she had to say:

Tell us about Moone and your musical journey so far. When and why did you start playing? Is your family musical?

I studied at the school of creative arts in Sydney majoring in contemporary vocals and owned and operated a recording studio for several years in Australia. My Grandfather played the piano for the silent movies, he was also a concert pianist, my Aunt was an Opera Singer and my Rice family had a travelling Production / Performance Company.

How did the name come together?

My name in English is Moon I added the “e” at the end because most internet platforms would not allow me to use Moon which kinda blows but now I dig the “e” it makes Moone feel more feminine to me.

What is your format for performing live?

It usually depends on the gig and the audience. I usually find out ahead of time approximate numbers, type of venue. I really like connecting with my audience and getting to know who’s there is really important to me. I’m usually checking everyone out before the gig.

When/Why did you start singing / performing?

My first performance was when I was about 5 years old. My sister and I were travelling by bus from Wellington to Te Puke. I sung to the travellers while my sister held her hat out for lollies.

Which musicians do you admire? Why?

Johnny Cash, Prince, Bob Marley, Janice Joplin, James Brown, Nina Simone….. I could go on and on… I love them all it’s so hard to stick to just a few… I’m very eclectic but they all have the same traits – great performers, unique singers, charismatic, interesting, dramatic, amazing songwriters, stylish, cool and hard working.

Which musicians have you learned from?

Right now, Joel Shadbolt from L.A.B is teaching me guitar. I told him I’m not a guitarist's arsehole which made him laugh. I’m totally dysfunctional in my playing I use the guitar to write songs and I like to think my vocal over shadows my guitar playing. Thank God Joel's patient.

Other teachers?

Janice Light was one of my vocal teachers she gets a mention because she is hard to forget. She toughened me up and really taught me what it meant to be a singer. She started the Sydney Operatic Society, tough as old boots and totally worth the pain and suffering that helped me grow into a singer’s singer. Let’s just say I made sure I practiced!

What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighbourhood or town?

Singing show tunes to my Grandmother when she was in hospital – I just remember the smile and the twinkle in her eye. It was the best feeling ever to sing to her and give her a bit of happiness. My kids have their very own special songs that I’ve always sung to them they know what they are. When they were babies their song was called ‘go to sleep’ to the point and very repetitive. Haha that was when they were torturing me with sleep deprivation.

Do you get nervous before a performance? How to you prepare to be on stage?

I’m a cheap date so anything past a glass of red wine would be beyond preparation. I get really excited and feel more comfortable on stage then in a crowd. Elbows freak me out they’re so pointy.

What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

I usually know what to say to someone at the time, but it depends on the person and what I think they need to enable them to perform their best. I have worked with artists before and it is a delicate process.

How often and for how long do you practice?

I sing every day (even in my head) and try not to avoid my lonely guitar….

Can you describe your song writing process?

Unconventional, sometimes I write a song in five minutes, sometimes I come back to it, sometimes I’m in the car and have to pull over so I don’t crash trying to get it out (so inconvenient). I write interesting charts so sometimes my song can be cryptic and there are times I’ll sing a lead break to a muso. Lucky for me I work with cool, magical musicians who know how to play what I sing. 

How do you balance your music with other obligations - partner, children, job?

I have a fabulous partner who supports everything I do unconditionally. I couldn’t do this without his love and support. He is my rock! I try to separate my music time and my family time sometimes it’s tricky. My partner and kids keep me well and truly grounded.

Tell me about your next / upcoming shows?

I’m singing at Karyl Gunn-Thomas’ book launch in Te Puke at The Vector Group Charitable Trust. Her book is called “My Story” which is about being abused. An incredible story of suffering and finding a way to survive. One of my songs is about a woman who is telling her story retrospectively to her abuser. Powerful stuff!

I am playing my debut show which amazingly sold out a month prior. Local singer/songwriter Jack Kearney is opening with all original songs, he's a fantastic performer and true professional. I am releasing my debut single DLB Drunken Little Bitch on the night and it is also being distributed worldwide at the same time. I have a fantastic band (Phill Reha - guitar, Josh Reha - bass, Silas Tawhara - drums) we will be playing 12 original songs. At the end of October I am excited to be supporting the Focus on Woman’s Expo where I have a spot singing in the arena.

What are your achievements so far?

I stopped singing for ten years so getting back into the music industry has been a huge achievement. With the support of Phill Reha he enabled me to make the move, he understood my music and the vision. I wouldn’t have done this without his loyalty and undying passion for music, he’s been a huge part of the process. In his very generous, easy-going way he coaxed me back onto the stage. 

What are the challenges for you in being an Independent NZ artist?

I see every small step I make a move towards my goals. I know I need to be patient and sometimes that can be challenging. Doing everything has been an incredible learning curve it has made me more appreciative of what it takes to do the sometimes-thankless jobs behind the scenes.

What are you own goals / dreams for your musical career?

My goal is to create music I'm really proud of and love. My dream is for everyone to hear my music, feel it, relate and to take them to that place that only music can take you...

What has been the highlight of your musical journey so far?

The process of making music! I’ve really enjoyed the journey and the people I have had the privilege to work with along the way. 

Moonoe is Marama Rice.

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Photo Galleries
Moone Music @ Imbibe, Mount Maunganui - 10/03/2018

Bay of Plenty’s newest songstress releasing her debut single DLB (press release)


Brendan recently crossed genres to explore the world of Pop and RnB, and he spoke to Darryl from muzic.net.nz about his music, performing solo and what his plans are.

Kia-ora Brendan, who are you, what's your whakapapa and what bands have you played in before your solo career?

Hi, my name is Brendan Pyper, I am a Pop/RnB solo artist. I used to be in the Hamilton Pop Rock band The Latest Fallout. I founded the band in May of 2012 but decided it was a better career move to disband and go on my own in March of this year.

You had a change of genre recently, what prompted that?

I was stuck in a band and genre that couldn’t really change without me actually taking a step back, stopping and starting again from scratch. I desperately needed a change cuz I felt so locked into only one genre and I couldn’t escape and get away from it. It’s not a good feeling, it leaves you void of inspiration and I was seriously lacking passion. Don’t get me wrong my band was and always be my baby I LOVED it - it was my 17-year-old me’s dream accomplished! I just wanted to create a sound that is more me and getting back to the core and center of who I am as a musician with complete transparency and honesty and that’s the kind of music I truly love to create and give to my fans!

Did it change your songwriting process?

Nah I wouldn’t say it did at all really aye, I still write the same way, I draw from different inspiration sources now that’s for sure haha. But the writing process is much the same now. Maybe with a little more thought and time spent on these new songs I’m releasing.

What are your current projects?

I am 2 singles in from my Debut Solo EP Up The Anti, it is a 6-track EP that shows my transition from front man of a 4-piece Pop Rock band to a Pop/RnB Solo artist. My first single was a very chill coming home from town song called No Strings Attached. The song is very what you think it is, the push and pull of expectations and desires of a one-night stand with very honest tongue and cheek lyrics that stab at each other.

Are you more solo focused, and what about collaborating with others?

I am very focused on my solo project at the moment and am putting everything I have into it, but I am very very open to collaborating with anyone! You never know if somethings going to work until you try so I’d rather put it out there that I’m willing and wanting to collaborate with anyone who is keen and matches my style or even if they don’t. Your best song is still un-written so who knows what or who might come along and change your life! I’d love to work with a rapper and or amazing mega producer!

Where are you in the writing, recording, touring cycle?

I have definitely finished the writing process for the EP and am even working on a full-length album already haha! I have almost finished writing the big first single off that. But with the EP I have finished writing and recording long ago and am now just adding different sounds into the songs and playing with different sounds to make sure they are perfect! Will look at doing a mini tour near the end of the year or early next year in summer!

Where have you been playing Aotearoa, and what are your plans?

I have played so many shows across Hamilton, Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, even Dunedin and Matamata over the years! My plans are to get back on the road with my new backing band to give people the full live intimate and real show just like on the EP! Do more music videos for the singles and promo, performing live on radio stations etc and get back to playing live shows and being busy with my original solo music are the main priorities for me. I miss singling live and performing your own songs live is such a wicked feeling for me! I feel that I am now more ready than I ever have been in my life to give this my all!

Which bands did you listen to growing up, and conversely, who do you listen to now?

I grew up listening to Linkin Park, Thousand Foot Krutch, Hawk Nelson and Falling Up, they are still my favourite bands!

Now I’m more focused on solo artists funnily enough haha! I love Highly Suspect at the moment!!! Christina Aguilera cuz damn she can sing! Khalid, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Julia Michaels, Chris Brown and Jess Glynne. I draw a lot of influence from them all in different ways.

Where do see yourself in five years’ time?

I see myself having a comfortable life touring all around NZ and the world, writing recording/making music full time and songwriting for other artists as that is a lil dream of mine also haha! I wanna be an established name in the NZ music scene and taken seriously as a truly talented solo artist. I want to have also charted an EP, Album and Single.

If there's anything I haven't asked that you'd like to say, go for it here....

I am also a vocal coach and teach pop, rock, jazz and pop opera vocals at a music academy in the north shore. I have a Bachelor of Music that I studied for 5 years to get and also graduated in March last year.

Here are links to my 2 singles that have been released off my solo EP:

No Strings Attached

Falling For You

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Muzic.net.nz Page
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INSIDE THE MUZIC: Latest Interviews


Jumping back across the ditch and midway through their nationwide tour, Hulkstah and Entyce from Morse Gang stopped by for a chat with the Inside the Muzic crew in one of their first ever video interviews. We discuss the sold out shows on their NZ tour, the music scene and living in Australia, and what inspires them to write their songs. They chatted about the challenges of being independent artists, as well as the difficulties of looking after your voice long term. Watch the full interview here.


Winning the Ding Dong Lounge’s Battle of the Bands, Dead Beat Boys have been consistently working on sorting out their sound and improving their performance. Averaging three gigs a month, the boys have found a way to fund their weekend habits, and after years of a rotating line-up they have finally managed to get the time record their 4th single, released October 5th. The boys stopped by to have a chat with the Inside the Muzic crew and have more than a few laughs, as they discussed their history, life goals, and how unreliable their vocalist is. Watch the full interview here.


Wanting to record an album somewhere “cool” overseas, Auckland punk-rock band Lookin Up went about organising the logistics of an epic 44-date European tour. Jamie and Luke came to have a chat with the Inside the Muzic crew, talking about the joys of the hardcore scene overseas, the challenges of spending 22+ hours a day for two weeks recording an album in Norway, and the importance of always making sure you have your ID on you. With the departure of their previous vocalist, they discuss their evolution into a three-piece, and change in musical direction. Watch the full interview here.


There has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of M?ori culture world-wide, so the Inside the Muzic crew took a trip down to Kog Studios in West Auckland to chat to two champions of Te Reo M?ori music. We sat down with Huia and Rei and discussed the power and nuances of writing their music in M?ori, the relevance of the language in fully appreciating New Zealand, and how they have been adapting Te Reo M?ori from the traditional styles and lyrical content towards something more modern. We also chatted about their latest releases and how the goals in their musical careers differ. Watch the full interview here.

MNZ: Inside the Muzic on Facebook

D.I.Y - The Growing Trend in New Zealand Hip-Hop

With the increasing affordability and accessibility of powerful technology and a growing wealth of free information. Do it your-selfers are changing the face of New Zealand Hip-Hop.

Long gone are the days when a musician had to solely rely on funding grants to make a 10k music video. These days you can look 10k for $200 and doing it yourself requires a YouTube instructional video a camera and some software programmes.

Spearheading this movement is up and coming independent Hip-Hop artist JCK who has grown alongside the last 10 years of technological transformation in music and editing software. His mancave studio Mac these days has enough power to create an empire of art and that's exactly what it's done.

With over 30 self-made music videos to his name JCK has dropped his 5th completely self-produced full-length album called Input/Output. The latest single Superstars sports a very slick animated music video, made for free, by the artist.


"There's been a chain reaction in the New Zealand Hip-Hop community and it's "Dope."

To help give a platform to this abundance of amazing musical talent JCK set up an animated music show called The Underground Sound Show, again spearheading a new chain reaction within the community with new podcasts popping up almost weekly.

Music for the people directly from the artists themselves is becoming viewable at your leisure in steadily increasing amounts and punters are spoiled for choice.

Of course, for every positive theirs a negative. Facebook sees thousands of Hip-Hop hopefuls every day in New Zealand alone dropping a constant stream of fresh material. There is so much music out there it's easy to not see the forest through the trees.

Podcasts help focus the scope of an infinite sea of material and when it comes to music. No one knows more about it then the musicians who are taking the initiative to make a platform themselves.

The Underground Sound Show most recently hosted the JCK release party for the new album Input/Output. Completely animated with cartoon DJ and dancing girls for effect. Opening up the magnitude of possibilities from this blossoming age of D.I.Y creativity.

The future certainly looks amazing here in New Zealand for Hip-Hop and music in general. The dizzying heights of possibility an oyster for the taking among a new age of ingenuity. And I for one am looking forward to seeing where it takes us.


Announcing the finalists for the 2018 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

Four groups share the prestige of having the most Tui nods at the 2018 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

Beloved Kiwi group Six60 will be looking to add to their trophy cabinet which already hosts nine Tui. After releasing their third self-titled album earlier this year, and recently announced as the first kiwi act to sell out Western Springs stadium in Auckland they’re up for four awards in 2018; Album of the Year, Best Group, The Edge Best Pop Artist and Vodafone Single of the Year for Don’t Give It Up.

Northland-based metal group Alien Weaponry are up for four Tuis for Album of the Year, Best Group, Te M?ngai P?ho Best M?ori Artist and Best Rock Artist. Their hard-hitting combination of classic thrash and te reo M?ori offers a uniquely New Zealand metal experience.

After opening for Ed Sheeran earlier this year, Drax Project have continued to make waves in the New Zealand music scene. The pop group are up for Vodafone Single of the Year for the smash hit Woke Up Late, along with Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Best Group and The Edge Best Pop Artist.

Psychedelic rock group Unknown Mortal Orchestra are returning to the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards as finalists in the Album of the Year category for their 2018 album Sex & Food, which was recorded across the globe. In addition, the band is up for Vodafone Single of the Year for the hazy tune Hunnybee, Best Group, and Best Alternative Artist.

Full Article
Vodafone NZ Music Awards 2018 launch includes new Dick Frizzell Tui design
Aotearoa’s most inspiring music teachers recognised with Tui nod

Winners Announced for the 2018 Waiata Maori Music Awards:
Rob Ruha Dominates The Night With Four Awards

Internationally acclaimed haka soul musician Rob Ruha walked away with four trophies from his seven nominations at the 11th annual Waiata Maori Music Awards which were held in Hastings on Friday. Ruha’s wins for his latest album Survivance included Best Maori Male Solo Artist | Manu Tioriori Tane Autaia, Best Maori Traditional Album | Kopae Moteatea Hira, Best Maori Urban Artist | Kaipuoro Maori-Noho-Taone Autaia and Best Song by a Maori Artist | Waiata Maori for Kalega.

Trailblazing songstress Ria Hall, who released her pop album Rules of Engagement last year, was named Best Maori Female Solo Artist | Manu Tioriori Wahine Autaia and singer/songwriter Seth Haapu won the Best Maori Songwriter | Kaitito Waiata Maori Autaia for his track New Wave. Elsewhere, Aotearoa’s heaviest metallers, Alien Weaponry, were awarded Best Music Video by a Maori Artist | Ataata Maori Hira o te Tau for their powerful single Kai Tangata.

Full Article

NZ Music Managers Forum Present Music Management Roundtable Seminar in Napier

The New Zealand Music Managers Forum are holding a Music Management Roundtable Seminar in Napier on Monday October 15th and all Hawkes Bay and Napier based musicians, self managed artists and managers are invited to attend.

Topics to be discussed on the night include making money from your music, developing an artist, touring, release plans, marketing vs promo and more.

Moderating the evening will be Cushla Aston – Aston Road Management (Louis Baker, Julia Deans)

Entry is free for MMF Members, $10 for non MMF members and $5 for students, and RSVP is essential. Email [email protected] to reserve a place.

Music Management Roundtable Seminar

Date: Monday 15th October
Venue: Shed 2, 1 Lever St, Ahuriri, Napier

Time: 6pm to 8pm

RSVP: [email protected]

Full Article

International music producers to front world class seminars in New Zealand

The third New Zealand Music Producer Series will be held in Auckland from 30 October to 10 November.

Presented by Recorded Music New Zealand and curated by producer Greg Haver with support from NZ On Air, APRA AMCOS NZ, SAE Auckland and Auckland Council, the series brings internationally renowned producers and engineers to New Zealand to host public seminars at Auckland’s Roundhead Studio.

This year’s renowned visiting producers are Sylvia Massy (Tool, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System Of A Down) and Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Throwing Muses, Belly, Jimmy Eat World), who will also be joined by New Zealand sound engineer and Tui winner Clint Murphy (Devilskin, Manic Street Preachers, Thunder, Melanie C).

Full Article

You're the future of music:
Applications now open for music industry seminars and workshops

Introducing You're the future of music, an intensive three day programme designed to equip artists and managers with tools to navigate the global marketplace and create a path for their music. The line up of local and international guest speakers and mentors includes Luke McGrellis from Universal Music Publishing (Los Angeles), Shelita Burke, an Independent Artist and Data Analyst (LA) and Charles Kirby-Welsh from Kartel Music Group UK who will focus on distribution, as well as leaders and artists from the New Zealand industry.

You're the future of music
will run in Auckland in November, featuring two days of workshops, a keynote seminar and a showcase. During the three day programme, each artist or group will develop a business plan with the input of mentors and industry leaders. There are two intakes, each with 10 places:
1-3 November - International fitness
3-5 November - Maori creativity

Registrations of interest are open now at:

Full Article

Furch Guitars Set to Enter the New Zealand Market in 2019

Furch Guitars (Furch ), a technology innovator and the world's leading manufacturer of premium-quality acoustic guitars, ispreparing its official foray into the New Zealand market.

Guitar players in New Zealand will be able to try out top-quality acoustic guitars and bases bearing the Furch logo as early as next year. Authorized distributors selected between now and December will begin to deliver Furch guitars to specialized music stores and online vendors in New Zealand starting in 2019.

"During the past three years, we've focused on incorporating state-of-the-art technologies into production and on introducing innovations to all parts of the manufacturing process. Thanks to our intensive efforts, we've fine-tuned the quality management process and increased production at the same time, which, in turn, has allowed us to expand our distribution network to parts of the world to which we were previously unable to supply our products due to a limited production capacity," explained Furch Guitars CEO Petr Furch.

Full Article


New Releases

Mel Parsons - I Got The Lonely
Racing - Party Slow
Katchafire - 100
Emma G - Superhero
Poetik - Hamofied
Paua - For The People
Yukon Era - Knife Skies
Anthonie Tonnon - Old Images
The Upbeats - No Sleep 'Till... Japan & Iceland
Mixed Vege - Take Take Take
Daffodils - A Leo Underwater
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - IC-01 Hanoi
Sky Canvas - Fossil
Rhian Sheehan - A Quiet Divide
Ghost Who Walks - Ghost Who Walks
Helen Corry - Later For The Real Show
Pitch Black - Futureproof Live
Shepherds Reign - Concrete Walls
Peyton Morete - Little Guys
Villette - Not In Love
Albi and The Wolves - It Ain't Easy
Annie J - By My Side
High Hoops - Dangerous/Seasons On Planet Earth
Estere and Raiza Biza - Tokoloshe
Lawrence Arabia - People Are Alright
Bakers Eddy - Leave It To Me
Moone - DLB
Shepherds Reign - Shepherds Reign
Harry Lyon - To The Sea
The Chills - Snow Bound
Dog Power - Not Human
Jaggers x Lines - Burn Cycle
Yoko-Zuna - Voyager
Anika Moa - Anika Moa
High Hoops - Madly
Hallelujah Picassos - Voices Of One
Vallkyrie - My Way
Indi - Demeter
Craig Payne - Good News
Reb Fountain - The Arrangement
Otium - You
Tommie - Better
Nation - Shallows
Princess Chelsea - The Loneliest Girl
High Hoops - Blue Skies
Alae - All Gived Up
Devilskin - Endo
Broods - Peach
Ghost Who Walks - Walking Talking Blues
Louis Baker - Black Crow
Blair Jollands - 7 Blood
The Warratahs - Drivin' Wheel
Gearloose - Tomorrow At My Fingertips


- October Gigs & Tours - 

(in alphabetical order)

Local Gigs

Adam McGrath and The Roaring Days
10 October @ Baycourt X Space, Tauranga
11 October @ Gisborne
12 October @ CHB Municipal Theatre, Waipawa
17 October @ Mussel Inn, Golden Bay
18 October @ Reefton Club, Reefton
19 October @ Old Lodge Theatre, Hokitika
20 October @ Snake Bite Brewery, Franz Josef
24 October @ Athenaeum Hall, Arrowtown
25 October @ The Cellar Door, Alexandra
26 October @ Faigan's Cafe and Store, Miller's Flat
27 October @ Tuatara Cafe, Invercargill
28 October @ Inkbox Theatre, Oamaru
Albi and The Wolves
10 October @ Scott's Brewery, Oamaru
11 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
12 October @ House Concert, Nelson
13 October @ Mussel Inn, Golden Bay
26 October @ Common Rooom, Hastings
27 October @ Acacia Bay Hall, Taupo
29 October @ Whangateau Folk Club, Whangateau
Anika Moa
19 October @ San Fran, Wellington
26 October @ Galatos, Auckland
27 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Avantdale Bowling Club
25 October @ Meow, Wellington
26 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
27 October @ 50 Gorillas, Dunedin
Don McGlashan

10 October @ Old St Pauls, Wellington
11 October @ St Peters, Paekakariki
12 October @ Globe Theatre, Palmerston North
13 October @ Old St Pauls, Wellington
14 October @ Mussel Inn, Golden Bay
16 October @ The Plant, Blenheim
17 October @ Memorial Hall, Kaikoura
18 October @ Town Hall, Rangiora
19 October @ Gaiety Hall, Akaroa
20 October @ Barrytown Hall, Barrytown
21 October @ Sherwood, Queenstown
Elemeno P
19 October @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth
20 October @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
21 October @ Cabana, Napier
25 October @ The Brownzy, Auckland
26 October @ Old Stone Butter Factory, Whangarei
13 October @ Community Theatre, Raglan
15 October @ The Bunker, Auckland
12 October @ Neck of the Woods, Auckland
12 October @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland
20 October @ Lyttelton Records, Lyttelton
Greg Johnson
22 October @ The Pumphouse, Takapuna
24 October @ Nivara, Hamilton
25 October @ Hawkes Bay Arts Festival, Havelock North
26 October @ Meow, Wellington
27 October @ Galatos, Auckland
Jaggers x Lines
12 October @ Captain Cook, Dunedin
Julia Deans
19 October @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
Harry Lyon
11 October @ Cabana, Napier
12 October @ Galatos Auckland with The Bads
13 October @ Meow, Wellington with Darren Watson
14 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch with Stomping Nick Jackman
Local Musicians Music Mental Health Month Fundraiser
26 October @ The Rocker Box, Thames
12 October @ Anthology Lounge, Auckland
12 October @ Yot Club, Raglan
13 October @ Gravity, Hamilton
19 October @ Okere Falls Store, Rotorua
20 October @ Opononi Hotel, Opononi
26 October @ Cassette Nine, Auckland
12 October @ DBar, Taupo
13 October @ Smash Palace, Gisborne
14 October @ Turangi Tavern, Turangi
18 October @ Cabana, Napier
19 October @ The Royal, Palmerston North
20 October @ Oxford Hotel, Levin
21 October @ San Fran, Wellington
Princess Chelsea
26 October @ Hollywood Avondale, Auckland
27 October @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
Rhian Sheehan
12 October @ Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington
20-21 October @ Theatre Royal, Nelson
26-27 October @ Q Theatre, Auckland
Rob Ruha and Ria Hall
18 October @ Theatre Royal, New Plymouth
19 October @ Te Papa, Wellington
21 October @ Gaiety Theatre, Wairoa
22 October @ Spiegeltent, Napier
Satanfest 2018
with Contaminated (AUS), Reaper (AUS), Malevolence, Bulletbelt, Corpsefeast, Nystagmus, Undiscovered Moons of Saturn, Vulthoom, Spiteful Urinator, Vargafrost, DeathCall and Methchrist

26-27 October @ The Embankment Tavern, Christchurch
Shihad with Beastwars and Villainy
19 October @ The Bedford Bigtop, Christchurch
20 October @ Shed 6, Wellington
21 October @ The  Mayfair, New Plymouth
Shihad with Kora and Villiany
25 October @ Claudelands Arena, Hamilton
26 October @ Town Hall, Auckland
27 October @ Brewers Indoor Arena, Mt Maunganui
Southern Fork Americana Festival
with Reb Fountain and Tom Cunliffe

12 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Southern Fork Americana Festival
with The Eastern and Emily Fairlight

13 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Stan Walker
25 October @ Queenstown
26 October @ Invercargill
27 October @ Dunedin
28 October @ Christchurch
31 October @ Nelson
Sticky Filth
13 October @ Galatos, Auckland
27 October @ Yot Club, Raglan
Strangely Arousing
19 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
12 October @ The Studio, Auckland
13 October @ The Empire, Christchurch
The Warratahs
12 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
13 October @ Captain Cook, Dunedin
20 October @ Paisley Stage, Napier
26 October @ Sherwood, Queenstown
27 October @ Ascot Park Ballroom, Invercargill
Tiny Ruins
18 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch

International Gigs

18 October @ Powerstation, Auckland
Alice Ivy
10 October @ Neck of the Woods, Auckland
Bruce Dickinson
16 October @ The Cordis, Auckland
Calum Scott

23 October @ Powerstation, Auckland
Church of Misery
8 October @ Valhalla, Wellington
9 October @ Whammy, Auckland
Dimmu Borgir
14 October @ Studio, Auckland
Elaine Paige
10 October @ Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington
12 October @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
13 October @ Town Hall, Auckland
Panic! At The Disco with Openside
16 October @  Spark Arena, Auckland
Postmodern Jukebox
8 October @ Isaac Theatre, Christchurch
13 October @ Meow, Wellington
14 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Sex On Toast
19 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
20 October @ Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson
23 October @ Whammy Bar, Auckland
24 October @ Cabana, Napier
25 October @ Caroline, Wellington
26 October @ Nivara, Hamilton
27 October @ Kokomai Creative Festival, Wairarapa
28 October @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
Skid Row with Metaract
24 October @ Studio, Auckland
Southern Fork Americana Festival
with Margo Price and Courtney Marie Andrews

17 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
The Jungle Giants with The Leers and Being

19 October @ Studio, Auckland
20 October @ Tea Party, Ilam Fields, Christchurch

Festival News

Nowhere Festival 2019 (Auckland)

The Portobello Blues Festival 2019 (Dunedin)

WOMAD 2019 (New Plymouth)

NZ Irish Fest 2018 (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch)

Laneway Festival 2019 (Auckland)

Northern Bass Second Announcement (Mangawhai)

One Love 2019 Final Announcement (Tauranga)

Sonorous 2019 (Matakana)

Splore's 20th Anniversary (Tapapakanga Regional Park)


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Written by Sarah

Sons of Zion @ Powerstation, Auckland
Written by Paul T Gheist

Julia Deans @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Written by Amanda H

The Chills @ 50 Gorillas, Dunedin
Written by Darryl

Don McGlashan @ Totara St, Mount Maunganui
Written by Corinne

Mitch James @ The Powerstation, Auckland
Written by Alex M

Daffodils @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Written by Rupa

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Pieces of Molly
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Pieces of Molly
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Holly Arrowsmith
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Divide and Dissolve
The Chills
Reb Fountain
The Adults
Raiza Biza
Yukon Era
Soda Boyz
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The Others Way 2018
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Written by Wolves
Photos by Reef

Lucifer Gunne
Bingo Fighter
Phat Krunk
Pale Lady
Photos by Bruce

Chess Countess
Photos by Steve

Photos by Taylor

Devilskin Hamilton
Written by Wolves Hamilton
Coridian Hamilton
Devilskin Auckland
Written by Wolves Auckland
Coridian Auckland
Devilskin Mt Maunganui
Written by Wolves Mt Maunganui
Coridian Mt Maunganui
2018 Smokefree Rockquest National Finals
Minimal Silence
The Rock 1500 Countdown
Photos by Chris M

Dead Favours
Minimal Silence
The Iron EyeMitch James
APRA Silver Scroll Awards 2018
Photos by Nikita

The Chills
Finn Andrews
Photos by Adam

Morse Gang
Photos by Ngamihi

Ghost Who Walks
Dr. Reknaw
Summer Thieves
Yukon Era
Soda Boyz
Photos by Nichole

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