27 Jun 2019

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Arrays - Album Review: Wreck

13 Sep 2018 // A review by Shade
Wreck is the debut album from talented multi-instrumentalist JP Carroll and follows on from his 2017 EP Motives. Being released under JP's solo heavy rock project Arrays, the title Wreck says so much, yet it says so little. It gives you a glimpse into what lies beneath without revealing anything at all. Some will understand the meaning behind the title, while others will be left in the dark. The lyrics from each song reveal more, and each song collectively makes Wreck what it is. It's actually a very clever name.

However, this album is not a wreck. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Each track compels you to listen to the next, coercing you to discover more. To only listen to a few tracks, or even half the album, would feel incomplete as each track appears to be a continuation of the last. This is the ideal scenario, especially if you are a fan of Rock music - each track is as powerful as the last, and as dominant as the next. This is one album that never gives up, and it's obvious that JP was dedicated to creating this incredible album from beginning to end.

I'm not going to lie to you - Wreck is not filled with fluffy clouds, floral bouquets and dancing unicorns. It's gritty, raw, tenacious and somewhat courageous. It's heartfelt, emotional and rough-around-the-edges, and that is what makes it so appealing.

The first track Weakness In Me sets the tone for the album; fierce, hard-hitting and intense. It has the desired effect, making you move from the first note. It's intriguing, and reminiscent of JP's previous musical venture, Armed in Advance.

The start of Figure You Out offers a temporary and short-lived reprieve, before dishing out another solid round of music. This is one of those tracks that you'll want to listen to over and over again. By the time the third track War comes around, I'm dancing more than concentrating on this review, and that's definitely a good thing. War is one track that deserves to be played with the volume set on high.

Except Me comes across as being radio-friendly - it feels toned down a notch from the previous tracks while still keeping it alive and real. Art Form is integral to the rest of the album, fitting in nicely with the other tracks. There's a rich ambience to this song, giving it a substantial sound.

Off to a slower start is track 6, Can't. There's a tidy quality to this track, and it appears as though a lot of thought and consideration has gone into it.

Picking up the pace again is Corners. This track has a unique edge to it, giving it a distinctive feel and leaving a lasting impression, whilst the composition in Them Or Us is captivating and persuading. It's the sort of track that you feel somewhat obliged to listen to until the very end.

The final track Damascus ends the album on a high. It's the perfect ending to an outstanding release and makes you want to start it all over again.

I have to hand it to JP - Wreck showcases his musicianship to maximum effect; it's thought-provoking, captivating, fierce and intense, while putting his passion, emotions and determination on display. This is not your average album created with an entire band backing up a vocalist - JP wrote, performed, engineered, edited and mixed every piece of work on this album - that in itself is an extraordinary accomplishment. It's apparent that JP is one to watch for, he has the dexterity and aptitude to achieve all that he sets his sights on.

Review written by Lisa Jones
Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Arrays

[music] [create] [develop] [progress] [challenge] [construct] [share] [repeat]

Arrays is the solo heavy rock project of talented multi-instrumentalist JP Carroll. Weakness in Me is the thought-provoking first single from the debut full-length album Wreck, which is due for release in late-2018.

Wreck features a dynamic 9 tracks which were all written, performed, engineered, edited and mixed by Carroll, with Karl Apao at Soundkard Productions mastering the final record.

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Year: 2017
Type: EP

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