23 May 2024

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Newsletter Issue #508: 05 Aug 2018

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GUEST EDITORIAL: Kris Raven from Coridian


2018. The NZ Rock scene feels like its busting at the seam and ready to explode. The quality and depth of music, bands and artists is huge, and we can enjoy and access music so much easier. While making money from album sales seems to be less and less of a thing, making money from gigs & touring, merch and other revenues is. Here on our tiny little island we have to take every opportunity to get ourselves heard locally, nationally and internationally.

There are many everyday folk out there ready to help, internet radio, podcasts, local promoters etc that are ready and willing to help promote and push new music into the ears of those willing to embrace. The hardest part it seems is getting past the gate keepers, the media giants who determine what gets played. There is much conversation about this and its constantly something brought up in social circles.

Playing in a band can be one of the most rewarding experiences, it’s an incredible, weird, high and low journey with a bunch of individuals who spend a shit load of time together trying to create their sound, their brand but the road literally and figuratively can be tough. Mental illness, alcohol, money, art and a shitload of rejection can and do play a big part in the music industry and trying to “make it”.

Luckily today we can control nearly all aspects of our music, not just the writing and playing, but the business, recording, distribution and production side. If the dream or desire is to make it big by going down the radio route then fight for it, do everything possible to get there but don’t give up and end it because of it either. This is one route and bands can forge their own paths.

Communities/scenes with other bands and musicians and artists, no matter what genres are amazing to be a part of. Creating life-long friendships through mutual love and appreciation of music and helping each other's journeys by sharing the stage together, support slots, advice and general hangs can go so far. The main thing is not giving up or call it quits. It happens so much, it’s such a big thing in our industry because it can be freaking tough. But we have to make our own rules and there can be much more success doing it on our own terms.

It’s a tough road but it’s an amazing road. The pursuit of following the ultimate music dream and goals. Have a plan, have goals, communicate, don’t be a dick and put everything you can into it. And remember it’s all about the ultimate goal- making beautiful music!

Thank you to Kris Raven from Coridian for writing this editorial.


With only a few days until Decades start their New Zealand 'The Truth Hurts' tour, Amanda had a quick chat with front woman Emma about what's true, what's been in the past, and what's happening now:

I guess first off, what is the truth? 
Aliens are real and the only correct way to have a toilet roll is with the fresh square coming from the top.

Last time we talked to you, you were just about to release your first album - how does it feel to have had that out there for nearly a year now? And what’s up next?
It feels like this year has gone WAY too fast. We are currently starting to record our next album - we have no idea what the fuck we are doing and it's SUPER fun.

Who creates the lyrics in your band?
Mostly Liam. Quite often Liam will write the bones of an idea of a track, like a verse and chorus, and if the rest of us like it, he will either complete the lyrics or if I REALLY like it, I will complete the lyrics. A lot of songs come together in the latter scenario for us, mostly because it has to be a story that I can connect with to want to sing it for him in the first place and add my own experiences and perspective to it.

What’s it like being a band down in Christchurch after the quake? I know you guys lost a lot of good venues (Zebs, etc!). How did this affect the band?
I don't know, the earthquake is such a past thing for us. It was shit at the time, but it's been 7 years and I don't see how Christchurch is suffering in the venue-count space any more than the other main centres. It didn't really affect us at all directly, what it did do was bring local musicians closer together cross-genres and so there is a lot more support down here than in other cities, for us anyway. Zebs wasn't lost in the earthquakes, it was lost from lack of financial support which is a damn shame because of how amazing it was for all ages gigs and underage bands to begin cutting their teeth on a live circuit of sorts.

If you guys could revive one (broken up/on hiatus) NZ band to open for you guys, who would it be?
{Crowded House}. I reckon we'd get a good crowd at that one, aye? Hahaha. Okay if I'm going to be serious though, {House of Mountain}!!

You guys recently auctioned off your skin to have ‘The Truth’ tattooed in the winners handwriting - what inspired this?
I got some spur-of-the-moment finger tattoos a few weeks back with a friend, and it's been a few years since I had been tattooed. It re-awakened the bug in me and we were on the cusp of announcing the tour and out for a few beers one night and I was like I WANT TO GET TATTOOED TO MARK THE END OF THIS ALBUM CYCLE. This album was a long time coming, we met our manager in 2014, recorded in 2015, signed our record deal in 2016 and finally released it in 2017. It was and is a huge deal to us. So, we brainstormed to auction off the chance for a fan to mark us with part of the album name in their personal handwriting and started with Curtis as he's never been tattooed before and was also super in to the idea because he's sentimental as fuck deep down under that grizzly beard. Dan and Liam were harder to convince and subsequently will not be having one of the coolest experiences of their lives like Curtis and I. We can't wait to tell our grand-cats one day.

Last of all - convince our readers to come to one of your shows using only three words?
Why wouldn't you?

Decades are Emma Cameron (vocals, guitar), Liam Muir (guitar), Daniel Perry (drums) and Curtis Booth (bass).


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2018 Tour Photo Galleries

Christchurch Photos

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Arrays is the solo heavy rock project of talented multi-instrumentalist JP Carroll. Weakness in Me is the thought-provoking first single from the debut full-length album Wreck, which is due for release in late-2018.

Wreck features a dynamic 9 tracks which were all written, performed, engineered, edited and mixed by Carroll, with Karl Apao at Soundkard Productions mastering the final record.

Weakness in Me will be unleashed on August 3, 2018 and accompanied by a video shot by Francis Wheeler.

JP answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Prior to Arrays, your primary musical endeavour was the band Armed in Advance. What made you want to start a solo project?

Armed in Advance reached a point where we were spending a great deal of money on not many tracks, which was very much in contrast to my writing habits, I've always wanted to work out projects rather than single songs. So Arrays popped up to meet a creative need. Now that AIA is off the boil it's my primary focus. 

What drives you to create music?

Writing songs is one of the most rewarding activities in life for me. As soon as Wreck was done I made a plan to write another record. No plans to stop any time soon. I have a secondary goal of improving the records in all aspects every time I sit down to write and record, so it feels pretty worthwhile and meaningful to invest my time into - Better than heaps of Netflix anyway. 

This project has a much heavier, darker tone than AIA. Anything in particular that has drawn you towards the heavier side of the spectrum?

I think the first EP did, I dunno why that is. I think the new record is actually a little poppier, and more melodically oriented. It's still intended as a heavy rock record, but the writing process prioritised vocal arrangements a bit more than in my writing previously. 

So that doesn't answer your question at all, my bad. 

This is a solo project that involves multiple instruments. Are you playing them all when you record, or are there session musicians/digital elements involved?

I play all the instruments, drums, bass, guitar and singing. There are some synth elements on occasion and those are arranged. 

Without other band members in the writing process, do you have any different checks and balances, or do you write completely independent of any controlling influences?

I have a bunch of different keys, tempos and structures that I use as inspiration for writing, so it doesn't all end up sounding the same. I literally have them written down in a google doc, it's super nerdy. 

The names Weakness in Me and Wreck are rather interesting titles, almost self-deprecating. Has the writing of this album been a cathartic experience?

It's been pretty love/hate. Particularly the mixing which is not my skill set at all. Lyrical content varies from global issues to personal issues, but after listening to the record back to back, the name Wreck was a little self depricating - I'm a weird person in a weird world. 

Weakness In Me is about how families can ignore issues affecting their members in the interests of keeping things comfortable. That's not an issue I've faced necessarily but it's interesting to write about. 

Is there a reason why Weakness in Me has been chosen as the first single from the upcoming album?

Not really. It's the first one I finished and I thought it was cool.

You released the Motives EP 11 months ago. Was it challenging to write, perform, engineer, edit, and mix a new album in under a year?

Massively, and it wasn't even my intention. I was trying to keep it chill and enjoy the process and it ended up being a distraction as I faced some pretty shitty things in the last year. 

Weakness in Me was released on August 3rd. Where can we find it to have a listen/purchase?

You can have a listen on Spotify and YouTube, and you can have a purchase on iTunes and Google Play. And pretty much everywhere else that good music is found. My music's there too.

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Dunedin musician Darryl Baser has played with some of New Zealand's favourite musicians and has even toured the South Island with a couple of Australians. With a new album in the pipeline, he spoke to Muzic.net.nz's Alex:

You released a cassette and 7” prior to 1997 and then went on a bit of a sabbatical for around 17 years. You’ve mentioned struggling with writer’s block being a reason, but was it still difficult to stop the creative process for so long?

Yeah, writer's block, but more so confidence and perfectionism. I didn't feel anything I did was good enough to record; neither the writing nor the playing. I played live around Dunedin a bunch but was for the most part working, trying to be a good husband, and a good father. Kind of failed at all of it for a while. Glad to say I'm now a pretty good solo father. Out of the handful of songs I wrote over that period, some still get played and one written in July 1997 is scheduled to appear on my sophomore LP #SecondSelfie.

During your time away from writing music, you’ve been writing reviews and music columns. Has this work been beneficial to get over that writer’s block?

I found the more I wrote for a living the fewer words I could put into songwriting. I also found everything I was playing- on the odd times I did play -sounded pretty samey. I was pretty uninspired, although I was pleased and proud that I got to record an Anti-US-Invading-Iraq song with the University of Otago Gamelan, for a masters' student's work as I recall. 

You began recording again when you had a smartphone capable of recording sound. How exactly did that come about? Does being able to record things yourself make it easier?

Yup, so an 18-year marriage ended in May 2012, and I found myself. Sometimes I liked what I saw. In 2012 or 2013 the word 'selfie' officially became a word, it became the basic concept for the RawSelfie LP. I was raw and kind of fascinated with how people could take photos of themselves, so I began taking pictures of myself to try and get past always seeing my faults and bagging my own appearance.  I began living life again, going out and meeting people. I became more inspired to write songs and record. I decided I could ditch perfectionism, following advice from a couple of good friends. 

One old friend, Arno Loeffler, was launching Zelle Records from his home in Austria, and he agreed to put out my debut LP if we could crowd-fund it. Thanks, PledgeMe, and those who pre-ordered etc. Over a period of about 9 months I recorded songs live in my little St Kilda flat; sometimes very quietly as my sons slept in the next room. When I had 8 songs I didn't gag when I heard, I took my phone to Stephen Stedman who converted the files from .3gp to .wav and worked his magic. 

Dunedin artist Sarah Flourish snapped a photo of me being a dick and made an awesome woodcut, which became the front cover image, while another Dunedin artist Ewan McDougal kindly let me use 'two pot screamer' on the back cover. Super talented designer Alex Gilks put the cover design together. Copies are now all over the globe, even distributed in NYC by Hamish Kilgour of the Clean, which totally floats my boat.

Your first album released since your hiatus was titled RawSelfie, reflecting on the image-conscious younger generation. Your upcoming LP has the working title Second Selfie. Is it following along the same theme?

Yes, #SecondSelfie further extrapolates the theme, especially the title track, which includes the words "it's astounding how many tries it takes, to get the perfect second selfie." I'm taking time with Second Selfie, bouncing ideas off people, looking to record some tracks with a band, and some solo. I've sent demos off to a couple of electronic music producers with the brief of “play, have fun”. 

I believe the songs are stronger and more melodic. I've had some voice coaching from an opera singer, who gave me warm-up routines, and a greater understanding of presence and breath control. I'm finally gaining the confidence to hear my recordings and not cringe, hearing only the faults. It's only taken nearly 30 years of playing.

How has the music industry changed over the last 20 years?

That's a question and a half.  Well, I remember making a MySpace page around 1998/99 at Arc Cafe on dial-up internet and putting mp3s online took 30 minutes. Record companies still ruled 20 years ago. Sure, it's always been about money making for the big players, even more so these days. In the mainstream music is a product, 90% about how much money the corporations can return to shareholders. However, with social media and streaming sites, there's a huge proliferation of music out there. It takes so much to get any traction. Any cut through. With a bit of social media knowledge, one can grow a fanbase quite well, but it takes work and networking. 

How has your music evolved over time?

Well, I began playing the drums as a kid, eventually playing drums in a couple of bands in England in the late '80s, then finally picked up a guitar in 1990 at age 20 and continued writing words and tunes. I had notebooks full of primitive songs with tunes written on Casiotone keyboards. I fronted a band in Gisborne in 1990, moved to Hamilton in 1991, took up playing solo and busking, moved to Dunedin in March 1993 and haven't looked back. 

Being dyslexic I was never scholastic, but enjoy learning through conversation and immersion, asking dumb questions etc. It's kind of similar to music. I found some courage from somewhere and began asking people if I could organise a night at a venue and get them to play too. I've returned to some experimental roots and have been recording industrial machinery, birdsong, and those bloody awful auto checkouts, with the idea of playing around with a sound canvas. In recent years what I listen to has grown and hopefully, it'll be reflected in #SecondSelfie.

What does the future hold for Darryl Baser?

Well if I can get Second Selfie out by the time I'm 50 I'll be very happy. I'm looking forward to collaborating with others, like I haven't really done before, and hope some collaboration and maybe even a noisescape will appear on Second Selfie, along with solo guitar, voice numbers, and a handful with a band.

Where can we find your music or upcoming events?

I'm really looking forward to playing with Peter Jefferies at Moon on August 18th. He's playing a totally solo piano set. One of my favourite memories of the Empire in Dunedin was seeing Peter on the Electricity LP tour when he was belting the electric piano so hard it was bouncing. He's a formidable and passionate musician, and I'm under no illusion that I'll need to play out of my skin to be an adequate addition to the bill. The evening is being opened up by {Marineville} frontman Mark Williams.

Then on August 25th, I'm playing at the Grainstore in Oamaru with Paul S Allen and Bronwyn. It'll be a first for the three of us. Paul and I have backed Bronwyn on a few tunes (him on bass and me on snare and percussion). Paul and I have played in Dunedin a bit, playing song tag, he plays a song then I do, then him then me, and so on...I've got a gig at Dog With Two Tails on September first with Shakes and Mandy, and Henry Phillip Wilson, and am putting a show together at Lyttelton Records on October 6th.

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Captain Festus McBoyle and his motley crew have been successfully infecting NZ for over 7 years. Armed with cheeky humour and side-splitting songs, this Madcap Troupe is more fun than a squirrel up ya’ jumper!

Regularly compared to Monty Python, Spike Milligan and Benny Hill, this clever Vaudeville ensemble comes complete with lovely wife Miss Lucy Drawers, Ships rat Mr Cheese, Strongman extraordinaire The Great Ebeneza and full-time cleaning lady ‘Ethel’.

Captain Festus (Rich Manic) told muzic.net.nz all about it:

Being a children’s entertainer requires a unique skillset. Tell us about you background and how you came to be where you are today.

I don’t think of myself as a Children’s entertainer… I prefer to identify with being a family entertainer. There’s a big difference. What we offer appeals equally to kids and adults.

I’ve been a musician/entertainer for over 30 years now. Been in loads of bands over the years, mainly of a rock genre….. Manic Pop Junkies, Teen Shag Superstar, Five Go Mad, {Runninghouse}.

All these bands were gigging on a regular basis and enjoying moderate success I guess.

Got a really good break with Runninghouse but then it all fell over………… That was a 9-year project.

At that point I thought ‘bugger it…time for a change’.

I was always interested in theatre but never brave enough to explore it. I started playing guitar a bit and then started collaborating with a chap called Peter Toomey. Songs took shape really quick, words came fast and performances swiftly followed.

It’s been a fantastic journey to be honest. The live show has grown hugely over the years. We now offer shows with up to five performers plus two firing cannons as well. We regularly fly all over NZ and parts of Australia. We perform at Big Festivals and Theatres all over the place. We even headline festivals these days. Played the Auckland Town Hall a while back with the full Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, that was great fun. Since then we’ve managed to play to crowds of over 16,000 people. It’s so very diverse the events we play.

Covered a lot of ground in 7 years. It’s been a full-time job and a bloody hard slog to be honest, but I wouldn’t change it. I’ve had seven contract guitarists and three pirate wives over that time.

Epic amounts of rehearsing and retraining, but I feel very fortunate to have had such a great bunch of people involved in this project over the years.

All of them were very talented in their own right and are now focussed on their own paths and I wish them well. I’m very grateful to be honest.

As far as my skill set goes… hmmmm… I just do what I do really. The Captain's character gives me the opportunity to play, to be cheeky, to be fearless and also the chance to have unlimited fun doing something I bloody love. This project transcends age and culture with ease.

I didn’t start playing music till I was 20. My first instrument of choice is my voice. I play average drums, lousy guitar and of late, not bad ukulele. Pretty mean on the tambourine I might add…. ha ha.

I’ve never been one to learn tunes or covers, I prefer to noodle around a bit and write me own stuff. I really love writing poems and limericks and I’m a huge fan of British comedy. All these things help shape this project. I have no real idea where the songs come from, nor do I question it, I just have faith that they will keep coming.

Do you come From a musical family?

My mum played piano as a kid and she loved to sing. She stopped fairly early though. That’s one of her biggest regrets I think. My Granddad was a drummer in his prime. Had a band called ‘Reverend Bung and the Bung Holes’.

My Great Great Aunt was a trapeze artist in the Circus. She was known as The Human Fly and was said to have travelled all over the world.

Me, I come from a long line of Romanian Gypsies, so my blood is pretty mixed and I’m a right determined mongrel to be honest…ha ha.

The Name Festus McBoyle came from a brainstorming session over two days. Lots of fun it was, not all suggestions would be printable. All the characters names are slightly cheeky, silly or just a tad innuendo based. I just can’t help it…ha ha

Yes, we ruffle the odd feather, Yes, we have the odd child slightly worried, but we make an awful lot of people very happy along the way, including ourselves…. we like to challenge people and nudge the boundaries just a tad…. It’s the ‘Rock n’ Roll’ in me.

Our shows are a blend of Vaudeville comedy, clever interactive songs and lots of cheeky stories, banter and theatrical mayhem that's guaranteed to float ya boat. Our costumes are impeccable, thanks to the wonderful skills of Larissa Lofley. She has brought so much to this troupe in so many ways and I’m very lucky to work alongside her. She also plays The Captains wife ‘Miss Lucy Drawers’. A right proper Lady she is.

Guitars are handled masterfully by none other than Gareth Price (ex-{Mamaku Project} and {Semi Lemon Cola}) a very clever man who is also an amazing painter. Very lucky to have him on board

Rehearsals are always a case of going through 40 songs firstly. Keeping them up to speed is critical. Then there’s the comedic interplay…. A huge process in itself. Fully rehearsed over and over again to appear absolutely effortless and off the cuff. A lot of work goes into this.

The goal is to head overseas with this project. It really has so much to offer and just so much scope. We’ve played most of what’s on offer here. I would really like to see a lot more of the world and just see where we can end up really. We are exploring overseas ventures now.

I signed up for this project for life and I have no plan B at all.…ha ha

The pinnacle of a career in this genre……… hmmmmm….. is there one?

I’m always striving for bigger and better I guess.

I am able to make a living from my art in this genre. It’s very satisfying in so many ways. It’s often more Rock n’ Roll than any of my band days. It’s definitely more glamorous. It’s a very freeing experience for me and has so many wonderful connections and interactions with people of all ages and cultures.

Living the dream, I am!

Highlights so far

So many special moments.

Auckland Town Hall was pretty special with The APO. A huge rush indeed. I scripted, presented and performed that show. Was a lot of work but an honour to play with the full orchestra. A real pleasure it was.

All gigs are pretty special really.

Had some great trips away over the years, Melbourne was a blast, 21 shows in a week…. phew!

Being selected as one of three Finalists for best NZ Kids Album (Tui Award) was massive.

Being selected as one of three Finalists for best NZ Kids Video was very cool too.

Most recently receiving a NZ on Air grant to produce three music videos and finish our third album was a major breakthrough as well.

Working with children can be challenging for sure. You never quite know what they will do. Some really push the boundaries…ha ha

Going through your pockets, grabbing your hat and wig, kicking, spitting, punching… you name it, it’s happened. Riffling through my suitcase of tricks, nicking me merch….. actually, it’s all very entertaining in hindsight.

The funniest thing was when Twin boys (2-year olds) each grabbed one of my legs. They refused to let go, so I carried on performing with them on my feet for about two songs before their slightly embarrassed Mum rescued me… ha ha

I’ve also been stalked by Mums…that was the scary bit!

Low points

Losing a troupe member. Always a hard thing to cope with. Always a massive task to replace and retrain. Finding a great musician who can act and do comedy as well is not an easy find. I employ contractors, so at the end of the day, this is my passion project. People of that calibre have their own paths and goals to fulfil. As much as it’s hard to say goodbye, I fully respect their decisions. All have brought something very special to this project.


Do it and have no fear.

Ya don’t try, ya never know…. Life’s short.

The Worlds your oyster!

Up and coming Shows

Saturday, August 11th, Free Family Fun Day Mash Up
Blockhouse Bay Community Centre
12pm - 4:30pm

This event blends, Vaudeville Comedy, Circus Entertainment, Rock Bands, Face painting, a Celebrity Kids Disco plus onsite Food and Drinks. This one is proudly supported by The Whau Local Board.

Facebook Event Page

The next big one after that is headlining the Oamaru Victorian Festival in Oamaru alongside The Nukes, November 18th.

I’m always on the lookout for more work, being ‘guns for hire’ so to speak and always plotting and scheming for the next big Mash Up Event so watch this space.

We have just finished shooting our second NZ on Air funded video. We are editing that very shortly. Due out end of August as part of the new single release The Little Things.

Directed by Larissa Lofley and Amos Clarke.
Written by Larissa Lofley.
Shot by Ian Powell.
Edited by Eddie Larsen (‘swagger of thieves- Head like a Hole’ fame).

Currently finishing the third album Bubbles n’ Squeek.
Recording with Amos Clarke at sHOWpONY Studios

For all info, Show Reel and Social Media links please go to our website www.captainfestus.com

Our music is available for download on all major platforms and hard copies of our albums are available via the website contact form.

The Captain Festus Mcboyle's Travellin' Variety Show is Captain Festus McBoyle (loud mouth), Miss Lucy Drawers (the captain's wife), Ebenezer Strong (strongest man in the World), Mr Cheese (ships rat) and Ethel (the cleaning lady).


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Having become the first melodic rap act to join Deadboy Records, Rich James popped in to have a chat with the Inside the Muzic Team about a wide variety of topics. From his history playing in hardcore bands, his musical process and collaborations, the effects of depression and NZ’s position as the suicide capital of the world, his upcoming album Signs, which is due to be released around the time of the Spring equinox. There is currently a wave of NZ hardcore and rap scene crossovers and Rich James took the time to tell us all about it.

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If He Dies He Dies are a Taupo-based Heavy Rock/Alt-Metal four-piece. Consisting of former members of Slipping Tongue5 Star Fallout and Primacy, the band are intent on combining crushing down tuned riffs with strong melody and hooks. The stunning Lou McIver sat down with them to ask some questions for muzic.net.nz - watch what went down here.

If He Dies He Dies are Jason McIver (vocals, guitar), Michael Mackie (bass, backing vocals) and Pete Williams (drums).

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Global Music Industry Influencers Join to Inspire And Scout New Zealand Musicians

Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ) is excited to announce the highly anticipated return of the annual Going Global Music Summit, a two day boutique conference, once again taking place at the renowned Roundhead Studios in Auckland.

Friday 31st August / Saturday 1st September 
- Roundhead Studios, Auckland, New Zealand -

Saturday 1st September 
- Whammy, Wine Cellar, Whammy Backroom -
Auckland K'Road

Zeal opens $1M youth development centre in Kapiti

Nationwide charity Zeal has opened the doors of a $1M youth development centre in Kāpiti.

Zeal Kāpiti was developed in partnership with Kāpiti Coast District Council and is set in the heart of Kāpiti at 132 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu.

The purpose-built youth development centre features a performance space, rehearsal rooms, creative space and design suite. The centre was gifted the name Te Roopu Ngākaunui Ki Kāpiti, meaning “The group with the big heart”, by Council kaumātua koro Don Te Maipi.

Zeal welcomes all young people in Kāpiti to enjoy the centre, which will provide all ages events, afternoon hangouts (including free WIFI) and creative programmes. Public are welcome to attend an Open Day from 12-4pm this Saturday, followed by a Youth Launch Party at 7-10pm, featuring local bands.

Zeal Kāpiti is the culmination of an eight-year dream that began in 2010, when Kāpiti Coast Youth Council began advocating for a youth development centre. In 2012, the Kāpiti Coast District Council agreed to place the centre in the long-term plan. In 2015, Zeal – a youth not-for-profit working in five other NZ regions – was brought on board to deliver the centre.

Full Article

Announcing the new Hot40 Charts

The Official Top40 Singles Chart has provided the best overview of music popularity across New Zealand each week for more than 40 years now. However, as the musical landscape continues to evolve, so do the opportunities for a new interpretation of Kiwi music consumption habits.

As a result, Recorded Music NZ has launched the Official Hot40 Singles Chart. The current Top40 is not going away and will continue to provide the traditional measure of the total sales and stream volume each week.

Full Article

Flying Nun masters safe and sound in Alexander Turnbull Library

Flying Nun Records and the Alexander Turnbull Library are delighted to announce that they have partnered with the Alexander Turnbull Library to preserve a huge collection of Flying Nun master tapes, and keep them safe and accessible for future generations.

The record label and many of the recorded artists had become concerned that some of the tapes were at risk of deteriorating, and that the recordings place in history might – figuratively – have ended up with some serious scratches and skipped tracks.

Roger Shepherd and Ben Howe, the label’s co-directors, say that they are relieved and pleased that the Alexander Turnbull Library will safely house all of the master tapes that have been donated, and that the Library will work with them and the artists to digitise the music, with a view to future reissues and other opportunities.

Roger Shepherd, founder of the label, says that many of the artists he’s been speaking with were concerned that the master tapes of the music that has meant to so much to them and their fans over the years could have deteriorated or – even worse – been lost forever, unless steps were taken now to bring them together in the Library’s climate-controlled and earthquake-proofed environment.

Full Article


- New Releases -

Holly Arrowsmith - A Dawn I Remember
Tunes of I - Redbone Redubbed 
Bartells - Our Love May Go Away 
Cymbol - Best Friends 
Bulletbelt - Faster Than Death 
Theia - Bad Idea 
The Miltones - Disappear 
Valle - Love Me 
SWIDT - The Most Electrifying 
Dead Favours - On Your Own 
LatinAotearoa ft. Melodowns - Under The Sun 
The Adults - Haja and Take It On The Chin 
Fat Freddy's Drop - Trickle Down 
Fables - We Could Be All 
Saski - Work It Out 
Bill Direen and The Bilders - Cut 
PT - Nobody Else 
Alien Weaponry - Whispers 
Lawrence Arabia - Cecily 
IllBaz, Melodowns and Raiza Biza ft. Teeks - Live Stream 
Mecuzine - Cutting Strings 
Jed Parsons - Midnight Feast 
Dead Little Penny - U 4 Me 
Sal Valentine - Maxine 
Waiheke International Soul Orchestra - Thethrill 
Jamie McDell - Running Now 
Chores - Vampire Teeth 
Unchained XL - What You Said 
Blair Jollands - I'll Remember You 
Geoff Ong - Fingerprints 
Pacific Heights - The Greystone 
Lontalius - I Wanted Him and That Includes You 
Ha The Unclear - Stuck In My Head 
LatinAotearoa - Influencis et Collabis 
Helen Corry - The Power 
Marlon Williams ft. The Pou Tiriao Singers - Make Way For Love 
Fanfickk - Cotton Candy 
Outland Sessions - Alice Behind The Eight Ball 
Tami Neilson - Devil In A Dress 
The Chills - Snow Bound 


- August Gigs & Tours -

(in alphabetical order)

Local Gigs

31 August @ Union Hall, Dunedin
Emily Fairlight
18 August @ Anthology Lounge, Auckland
Graham Brazier's All Stars
24 August @ The Studio, Auckland
Ha The Unclear
11 August @ Meow, Wellington
24 August @ Whammy, Auckland
25 August @ Brew Co, Mt Maunganui
Holly Arrowsmith
16 August @ Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru
17 August @ 50 Dundas, Dunedin
22 August @ Fairfield House, Nelson
23 August @ Mussel Inn, Takaka
25 August @ Sumner Historic Chapel, Christchurch
29 August @ Te Pahu Sound Lounge, Hamilton
30 August @ Jam Factory, Tauranga
31 August @ Kumeu Arts Centre, Kumeu
Jamie McDell
17 August @ Sherwood, Queenstown
18 August @ Kings and Queens Performing Arts Centre, Dunedin
Julia Deans
10 August @ Dome Bar, Gisborne
11 August @ San Fran, Wellington
22 August @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
23 August @ 50 Gorillas, Dunedin
24 August @ Sherwood, Queenstown
31 August @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
10 August @ The Factory, Hamilton
24 August @ Frank Bar, Whanganui
25 August @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth
31 August @ San Fran, Wellington
10 August @ Whammy, Auckland
Sons of Zion
24 August @ The Factory, Hamilton
25 August @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
30 August @ Hunter Lounge, Wellington
31 August @ Powerstation, Auckland
Summer Thieves
31 August @ La Zeppa, Auckland
The Others Way
31 August @ Karangahape Road, Auckland
The Phoenix Foundation with NZSO
30 August @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
31 August @ Regent Theatre, Dunedin
10 August @ Butter Factory, Whangarei
11 August @ Cassette, Auckland
12 August @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
The Tenth Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk
25 August @ The Meteor, Hamilton

International Gigs

21 August @ Whammy, Auckland
22 August @ Valhalla, Wellington
Bob Dylan
26 August @ Spark Arena, Auckland
28 August @ Horncastle Arena, Christchurch
Celine Dion
11, 12 & 14 August @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Courtney Barnett
28-29 August @ Powerstation, Auckland
30 August @ Opera House, Wellington
East Brunswick All Girls Choir
29 August @ Powerstation, Auckland
30 August @ Opera House, Wellington
Katy Perry with Zedd
20-21 August @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Kings and Associates
10-12 August @ Bay of Island Jazz and Blues Festival, Paihia
14 August @ Butter Factory, Whangarei
16 August @ Hotel Bristol, Wellington
17 August @ Cabana, Napier
18 August @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
Peace Train - A Tribute To Cat Stevens
29 August @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
31 August @ Opera House, Wellington
Peter Jefferies with Darryl Baser
18 August @ Moon, Wellington
Queens of the Stone Age
23 August @ Spark Arena, Auckland
25 August @ Horncastle Arena, Christchurch
Suzanne Vega with Lisa Crawley and Mel Parsons
7 August @ Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland
8 August @ Opera House, Wellington
The Adele and Amy Songbook
31 August @ Altitude, Hamilton
The Charlatans
22 August @ Powerstation, Auckland

- Festival News - 



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Openside with N Eo
Photos by Steve

Julie Lamb
Tami Neilson
The Miltones
Photos by Reef

Louder Than Love
Silva MC
Bailey Wiley
Photos by Shelley

Killfest 2018
Pale Lady
Alpha Coda
The Recently Deceived
Photos by Alex J

Jed Parsons
Hans Pucket
Lucifer Gunne
How To Human
Dr Thompson
Pale Lady
Photos by Nichole

Barnaby Weir
Photos by Gareth

She Loves You
The Jordan Luck Band
Ekko Park
The Phoenix Foundation with the NZSO
The Jordan Luck Band
Ekko Park
Photos by Chris M

She Loves You
Jed Parsons
Photos by Bevan

Crooked Royals
Downfall of Humanity
Soaked Oats
Seas of Conflict
Silent Torture
Photos by Amanda H

Levi Sesega
Mema Wilda
Photos by Ngamihi

Tami Neilson
Milly Tabak from The Miltones
Photos by Adam

Great North
Reb Fountain
Tom Cunliffe
Tami Neilson
The Miltones
Photos by Chris Z

Albi And The Wolves
The Frank Burkitt Band
Ben Dixon
Dick Tracy
Photos by Ginelle

Tash Sultana
Photos by Taylor

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