28 May 2024

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Slipping Tongue


When Slipping Tongue had their first practise and wrote their first song, in their school music room in early 2002, they knew they had stumbled across a very unique and original sound.

Influenced heavily by System Of A Down, Snot, Pantera and Tool, this four-piece hard rock group, lead by an immensely talented female vocalist, began stunning audiences.

Since then Slipping Tongue has released four EP’s: Running For Words, Hypocrite, Grip The Fist and most Rusted Tears And Time Shed Nails.

“With a sound described by one reviewer as "metallic bump & grind worked into a glorious frenzy," and highlighted by Jennie's singing (which "has rich strong tonality, sometimes pure as a bell, yet other times roaring with gravel in the chest"), Slipping Tongue are increasingly being mentioned in local music circles as one of the rising stars of the New Zealand rock scene.” Mike Mather – Rotorua Daily Post

“Slipping Tongue have a tight and punchy sound and it’s refreshing to see an energetic live performance.” Savant

“Slipping Tongue are part of the future sound of Aotearoa …there is a future for these young people and I [encourage] airtime to help spread the love for the Tongue! Slipping Tongue are energy, vibrancy and brightness in a music spectrum, which is increasingly becoming black and white.” Jan Maree Franicevic – Marketing Mastermind /Personality - The Generator 89ZERO Hamilton

“This is one band that does not disappoint and by all rights should be snaffled up by a major label then turned into a worldwide rock phenomenon!” Paul Martin aka The Axeman - The Rock radio

This is how they have begun making an impact on the world around them…

• Have opened for Goodshirt, Dogs On Prozac, Blatherskite (From Melbourne), Chuganaut, Agent, Remote, Savant and more.

• Played at 6Ft Under (NZ’s only metal bar) for both Halloween (headlining) and New Years Eve (Supporting 8 Foot Sativa) in 2005.

• Secured the support slot for Blindspott at Auckland University’s O-Week ’06.

• Have had their EP picked as Demo of the Week on The Rock FM’s Axe Attack and is being played frequently on the show. The Axeman selected both Won’t You Say and Grip The Fist in consecutive Rip It Up’s as songs he’s digging at the moment.

• Supported Stardrunk on their Stand Tall nationwide tour in 2004 by playing five shows with them.

• Also supported Stardrunk on their Complete Control nationwide tour in 2005.

• Won the Bay Of Plenty regionals at the 2004 World Battle of the Bands.

• Won the Bay Of Plenty regionals at the 2005 World Battle of the Bands

• Won the Waikato/ Bay Of Plenty regionals at the 2005 Battle of the Bands

• Won Best Vocalist at the 2005 National Final World Battle of the Bands and came overall forth.

• Won Rotorua Lakes High School’s 2002 Talent Quest

• Won Best Female Vocalist and Best Songwriter at 2002 Bay of Plenty Rockquest Regional Final

• Came Overall 2nd at the 2002 Bay of Plenty Rockquest Regional Final

• Achieved airplay on, The Revv and Vision 100 (Palmerston North), Most FM (New Plymouth), The Rock’s Axe Attack, and Kiwi FM.

• Received interest and playlisting from international radio stations like www.livehardrock.com and NZ Music Show in Brisbane on 4zzz.

• They achieved significant airplay on Hamilton’s Generator before they closed down.

Won’t You Say and Grip the Fist have been featured on XSTV as background music to extreme sports footage.

• Have been interviewed on Hamilton’s Generator and on Whakatane’s Bayrock.

• Were the feature on an XSTV episode which screened on Sky Sports and TV2. This included an in-depth interview at a custom motorbike shop and footage from the National Final of the World Battle of the Bands.

• Are being featured in more and more papers around the North Island and impressing entertainment editors as they go (Daily Post, Nexus, Star Times, Taranaki Daily, Waikato Times, etc.).

• Played at Metalfest 666 and played at the Parachute Festival 2004.

After Slipping Tongue disbanded, Jennie Skulander went on to front Devilskin.

Band Members:
Jennie Skulander
Michael Mackie
Simon Power
Mark Feaver
Jarrod Dobbs





  • Hamilton

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Posted: Thu May 1, 2008 10:52 pm
Album Review in RIP IT UP April/May 2008

Slipping Tongue

My Kingdom Falls (Finest Hour Records/ Global Routes Distrib)

***** (5 Stars!)

" A slab of sheer brilliance, My Kindom Falls is pure listening pleasure. A concept Album of sorts with some beautifully powerful songs well weaved together. Moody and huge with sweeping themes, this album is well recorded and certainly highlights the incredible talents of the vocalist Jennie Skulander. ’Fixx’ pushes all the right buttons right from the start with the line " You talk of me as if I’m gifted" which you’ll be singing all day. ’Swallow the Sword’ is a catchy driven rock track, again with a hell of a hooky melody. ’Bitter’ is a great single already getting lots of airply on C4 and Alt. Slipping Tongue take themsleves very seriously and have done a seriously good job with this album. Divided into four chapters My Kingdom Falls is a journey through four emotion and angst charged seasons. From sweetness to gravel, anger to reason, the band have a firm grip on the importance of dynamics and playing with feel. Insistant drumming motivates and grooves the songs to life and some killer guitar tones colour them. but its the purity and beauty of the vocals that will stop you in your tracks. Alluring and compelling, the songs have real heart and soul. Slipping Tongue Tour alot, work hard, have a missive fan base as well as an unshakable belief in their own talent. They have also done everything themsleves with no help from the ’industry’ - including funding their own recordings and videos. The band have exactly what it takes to be huge, its just a matter of time until an offshore record company signs them up. This album is epic, a masterpiece that deserves its rightful place as one of NZs best rock releases."

- The Axeman

I particularly love the last line :-) yay! I got to help with that :-)

Another cool piece of news is that Slipping Tongue opened for Coheed and Cambria last week and they apparently sold more Albums at that show than Coheed did!!! Even the Coheed and Cambria Sound Engineer brought the Album! ROCK. lol.

You can listen to Slipping Tongue on Their Facebook or myspace pages. There is also a montage of snippets from the Album on The Rock Factory Myspace page.

This message was edited by dragonorchid on Thu May 1, 2008 11:17 pm.


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Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:07 am
id love to slip my tongue into the chick from slipping tongue

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