21 Mar 2023

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Articles By JohnS

Hurricane Kids - Live It Up EP Review
11 May 2013 // review by JohnS
School holidays for my family almost always involve a decent amount of time traveling via the car and I always use this time to introduce my boys to new music to expand their every growing playlists on their MP3 players. The latest EP from the Hurricane Kids looks as if it may be another enjoyable addition.
Evermore - Follow the Sun Album Review
25 Oct 2012 // review by JohnS
It's a long journey to become a household name within Australasia, but Evermore have done exactly that and more. From topping the charts in 2004 with their debut album Dreams to their latest release Follow the Sun, Evermore have established themselves into the indie-rock record books.
fleaBITE - Circus of Fleas Album Review
08 Oct 2012 // review by JohnS
Perfect timing for school holidays arrived the new CD from FleaBITE entitled Circus of Fleas. Adult-friendly children’s music made right here in New Zealand that keeps my kids happy for hours.
Nervous Doll Dancing - Eidolon - Album Review
09 Sep 2012 // review by JohnS
Nervous Doll Dancing is a new name to me, which came as a surprise. I consider myself to have an above average knowledge of kiwi musicians and I’m always a little taken back when I haven’t heard of someone who is this talented before.
Julie Lamb - Trippin' The Light Album Review
09 Sep 2012 // review by JohnS
Blues, rock and accounting aren’t something that would normally be put together but Wellingtonian signer Julie Lamb somehow pulls this off. Her second album entitled 'Trippin’ In The Light' displays a range of talent, which is rarely found on the shelfs nowadays.
DJ Definite - From Hell to Breakfast EP Review
14 Oct 2011 // review by JohnS
Former dDub bass player Brent Stathdee has got back into making beats since the duo known as Definite & Bling took a hiatus in 2007. After 3 EP’s and an album with hard funk/Rock band Hangman, DJ Definite has turned back to making beats again.
The Nomad - Perilous Times album review
17 Jul 2011 // review by JohnS
Yes, after six years The Nomad (Daimon Schwalger) has been working hard and given us 'Perilous Times', a dupstep flavoured blend or reggae, drum and bass, electronica and Jungle to create a thing of absolute bliss. Through the creation and celebration of independent music, The Nomad, shares the story of his journeys.
Known Associates - Known Associates: Penny Love
05 Jul 2011 // review by JohnS
It’s hard not to pick an album and solo judge the music inside by its cover. It’s the whole basis of trying something new, Do you like the look of them, are they wearing the latest fashions or even the classic do I know that guy?
Kidz In Space - Ghost Album Release Gig - Palmerston North 17 June 2011
26 Jun 2011 // review by JohnS
The chilly, cold night is a constant companion as I head into Palmerston North to see Auckland based band Kidz in Space, on their third stop of their nation wide tour. Not only is this an all ages gig but it’s being held at the Palmerston North Convention Centre, a very unusual venue for a band to be playing.
Aly Cook - Brand New Day album review
06 Jun 2011 // review by JohnS
Being one of New Zealand’s biggest secrets hasn’t stopped Aly Cook from doing big things. Described as a woman with a petite frame and a big voice her Debut album shows this to be fact rather than fiction.
Miss Black & The Light - Black Light Album Review
13 May 2011 // review by JohnS
The cold breath of winter is whispering at the door, so for me this means spending more time at home, curled in front of the fire with some choice kiwi sounds heating my soul and currently filling the void is the debut album from Miss Black and the Light. Miss Black (aka Ngatapa Black) is a bilingual singer songwriter more commonly found working for Maori television, but thankfully found time to bring us this unique blend of kiwiana entitled Black Light.
George FM Year book 2010 Mixed by Dick 'Magik' Johnson
15 Mar 2011 // review by JohnS
Newly released George FM Year book 2010, proudly mixed by resident DJ Dick ‘Magik’ Johnson has hit the shelves, putting the biggest and hottest tunes from 2010 from the airwaves and cutting them into shape for your listening pleasure. Dick ‘Magik’ Johnson has been throwing down bass in NZ since he moved over from the UK in early 2000 and has been welcomed by bass heads nationwide.
Anna Coddington - Cat & Bird Album Review
19 Feb 2011 // review by JohnS
The second release from Anna Coddington entitled 'Cat & Bird' has just been released two years after her debut album entitled 'The Lake'. Musically grown with a higher focus on a more mainstream sound from the previous album but with the same lyrical talent being showcased.
Cybiont - Review - Music from a Living Universe & Dark Side of my Spoon
24 Nov 2010 // review by JohnS
Cybiont’s third release was a refreshing album to review. It’s a lot different to everything I have reviewed before but I was looking for a challenge and I found it.
Bulletproof - Soundtrack To Forever album review
28 Jun 2010 // review by JohnS
Every now and then I receive a album that brings out the underground junkie I used to be and with New Zealand having such a mainstream force it is hard not to get caught up in the latest charts. Luckily the third release form Bulletproof reminds me that underground dance music is heading into mainstream and having a stronger following every week.
Eqwanox - Live at the Royal - Palmerston North 12/06/10
28 Jun 2010 // review by JohnS
Another cold night out and about in the swamp and once again I’m heading out to the Royal. Many nights of my youth have been spent at this bar and the atmosphere has not changed a bit.
Aum - Happiness EP review
23 Mar 2010 // review by JohnS
Hamilton electronic act AUM have just released a 6 track EP leading you into a journey of ambient conciseness, reminiscent of a relaxed Sunday morning sipping a coffee with six mates discussing what went wrong the previous night. Starting off with Sombre Dreams to introduce the Downbeat and Ambient sentiment, setting you up for the following four tracks.
Strike! - Strike - Sketches
23 Dec 2009 // review by JohnS
Something a bit unusual from my normal tastes but the second album entitled Sketches from Strike proved worthy of being added to my collection. Strike currently have 7 members but have also performed as a duo, trio and a quartet.
Cern - Cern - 'Manaia' EP Review
30 Nov 2009 // review by JohnS
Feeling the bass flow out of my mp3 player is something I love, It’s like my own brand of narcotic flowing though my soul, awaking me and CERN’s new EP 'Manaia' does just that. Drum and Bass fanatics will already know what to expect from a internationally talented DJ.
TREi - TREi - 'Innuendo' album Review
22 Oct 2009 // review by JohnS
Drum 'n' Bass, There is the good and then there is the bloody awful. Lucky for all your Peeps, The new album from TREi is banging!
The Zoup - The Zoup - 'The Zoup' EP review
24 Sep 2009 // review by JohnS
Auckland four piece The Zoup have been together for just over a year now and have released their debut self titled EP. Originally calling themselves Moloko Vellocet, they changed to The Zoup without even a year being passed.
Salmonella Dub - Salmonella Dub – Freak Local EP Review.
03 Aug 2009 // review by JohnS
When asked if I would review the new Salmonella Dub album I was a little uneasy as we are all asking, will they still be the same or have they moved on to bigger and better things, would the disappearance of Tiki be noticeable or have they filled the void that is expected to be left. Well my friends I can honestly say they have done a great job with this EP keeping to their roots.
Minuit - Minuit – Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com album review.
03 Aug 2009 // review by JohnS
I have been eagerly awaiting 'Find Me Before I Die A Lonely Death Dot Com' the new album from Minuit, by wearing thin my copy of their 2003 album 'The 88' it won’t be long until this album turns out to get the same overuse. Minuit have always caught my attention with the unique sound from vocalist Ruth Carr bleeding out from my speakers.
Antiform - Antiform – 'City in Exile' album review
03 Jun 2009 // review by JohnS
A long awaited and a very hotly anticipated debut album release from Antiform has just hit the stores. The Auckland three piece consisting of brothers Josh and Luke Purcell with Brandon Spain have created this bass-drive ride for the mind.
Pitch Black - Pitch Black - 'Rhythm, Sound And Movement' album review.
14 May 2009 // review by JohnS
I have been desperately short of some walking tunes for some time and the new Pitch black album has filled that void nicely. Having released 'Rhythm, Sound And Movement', which is a artful collection of remixes of tracks from their 'Rude Mechanicals' album.
Decortica - Decortica – A New Aesthetic
26 Jan 2009 // review by JohnS
The first time I listened to Decortica’s album, it was very different from what I have ever heard before, it reminded me of an alternative album from the early 90's, when artists were trying to recreate the 1970's classic rock sound. This album unfortunately failed to impress me.
Eqwanox - All Roads Lead From Here Album Review
09 Dec 2008 // review by JohnS
I must admit, I had heard of Eqwanox before having the opportunity to listen to there CD. Myspace is a wonderful tool for bands to promote their music to the world and Eqwanox have taken full advantage of this.
Elemeno P - Elemeno P – Elemeno P
16 Sep 2008 // review by JohnS
The long awaited self-titled third album from New Zealand’s own Elemeno P has not disappointed one bit. From the Debut release of Baby come on which has been used for a very clever Telecom add showing Friday night drinks, to the third single Better Days with the video set at the bowling club in Grey Lynn they have made me proud to be a supporter of Kiwi music.
The Symphony of Screams - The Symphony of Screams – 'Heed To The Voices'
16 Sep 2008 // review by JohnS
The Symphony of Screams, What a choice name for a band and with the eye catching graphic artwork to support the name. When I first laid my eyes on to it I immediately flashed back to my teen years listing to death/trash metal, but with a unique “Blues Metal/Rock” which at first listen did not really appeal to me but the album has grown on me.
Goodnight Nurse - Goodnight Nurse – I Want It Tour May 2008
05 Aug 2008 // review by JohnS
Line up The Rabble Streetwise Scarlet Goodnight Nurse What a way to spend Friday the 13, doors open at 9 but first band on at 10.20.
Anna Coddington - Anna Coddington – The Lake
19 Jun 2008 // review by JohnS
Anna Coddington's debut album, The Lake, was quite a surprise when I received it. With many people comparing her to Bic Runga and Anika Moa I was not disappointed that Anna added her own flavour and style for a uniquely outstanding album.
Redline - Redline – Trapped Inside
26 May 2008 // review by JohnS
When I received Redline's debut album I was expecting another NZ rock group, which could not make it past the pop genre, boy was I wrong.With tight guitar rhythms though the verses and base work and drum beats linking together like it was the band’s third or forth album.

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