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Bulletproof - Soundtrack To Forever album review

28 Jun 2010 // A review by JohnS

Every now and then I receive a album that brings out the underground junkie I used to be and with New Zealand having such a mainstream force it is hard not to get caught up in the latest charts. Luckily the third release form Bulletproof reminds me that underground dance music is heading into mainstream and having a stronger following every week.

Jay Bulletproof’s latest album, 'Soundtrack To Forever' is a journey through 2009 told through Dubstep, Which is being seen more and more in the albums of today. Moulded into this unique album showcasing his own talent as well as tracks full of top Aotearoa talent, Tiki Taane, Boh Runga, Isaac Aesili, Deva Mahal, PNC, David Dallas, Milon Williams and Evan Kiljoy. 

Also featuring are New Zealand heavyweights Optimus Gryme and Truth, as well as UK dance group Spektrum, giving this album a diverse array of sounds in a complete array of flavours that even Mr Whippy couldn’t offer.

This is one album that will awaken you mind with free flowing tracks that will grow on you as you lose yourself into another world. I don’t have a favourite track to point out as they all reach out to me in different ways but I will say that it’ll do this to you as well, experience it for yourself, album is out now
Soundtrack To Forever
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About Bulletproof

The Host of George FM Nights, Bass Music Producer and DJ, 20 years into the electronica game, and still, the New Zealand based DJ/Producer known as Bulletproof remains as inspired and passionate about dance music as he was two decades ago.

Hailed the pioneer of New Zealand Electronic Music Production, It's fair to say Jay Bulletproof has been at the forefront of the movement in New Zealand since day dot.

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