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Articles By terry666

Gig Review: Judas Priest @ Spark Arena, Auckland - 16/03/2019
18 Mar 2019 // review by terry666
It was a very sad day when Ozzy Osbourne had to cancel his New Zealand tour, but it came with a silver lining. We had one Judas Priest show, turning them from being a support slot to full headliners.
Seas of Conflict - Interview: Seas of Conflict
05 Mar 2019 // interview by terry666
Seas of Conflict are a hard-hitting heavy metal band from Hamilton. Their 2017 EP Vestige along with their recently released single Monachopsis have proven that they are an incredible act worth paying attention to.
ATU - EP Review: Point of View
22 Jan 2019 // review by terry666
ATU's Point of View is an instrumental EP mainly focused on the guitar but written, performed, recorded and mastered in its entirety by ATU. It has an amazing cover, which in itself asks a question.
Ravenhall - Single/Video Review: Straight Up
12 Oct 2018 // review by terry666
Straight Up is the latest single and video from Ravenhall - Auckland based duo Chris Brebner and Joe Ravenhall. From my understanding these guys have been in multiple bands together over the years and they have performed as Ravenhall for around 5 years.
Eight Eyed Orchid - Single Review: Petrichor
12 Aug 2018 // review by terry666
Eight Eyed Orchid have released their first single of the forthcoming EP One By One And Two By Two, Petrichor. This is a solid track brimming with explosive energy.
Scorn Of Creation - Album Review: Scorn of Creation
23 Feb 2018 // review by terry666
To start with Scorn of Creation's line-up gets you excited. The group is made up of veterans of the NZ Metal scene.
Gig Review: Queen and Adam Lambert @ Spark Arena, Auckland - 17/02/2018
18 Feb 2018 // review by terry666
I was a very excited man as I headed towards Spark Arena in Auckland, for what is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest rock bands, Queen and Adam Lambert. Now purists would say it’s not Queen without Freddie, but it's worth going to see the show before making judgements.
Spook The Horses - Album Review: People Used To Live Here
07 Dec 2017 // review by terry666
Atmospheric bordering on doom is what encapsulates this somewhat gloomy affair. This has previously been described as post metal, and there is a lot of darkness but this is in by no means a metal release and it wanders down the path of alternative music in my mind.
Alice Cooper @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington - 28/10/2017
05 Nov 2017 // review by terry666
Alice Cooper, Ace Frehley and Strangers. Wellington, 28 October 2017 Aussie rockers Strangers opened the show to a crowd that had probably never even heard of them but the got the crowd going and I suspect won over a whole new set of fans.
Barney Greenway Napalm Death Interview
01 Oct 2017 // interview by terry666
We’re talking with Barney Greenway who with Napalm death and the assistance of Valhalla touring is bringing their Campaign for musical destruction tour down to Auckland October the 4th. How are you going?
Album Review: While The Swamp Rocks Compilation
13 Jun 2017 // review by terry666
$lave Collective has been bringing together local talent for a very long time and regularly put out compilations covering all genres. 19 tracks from pop rock to metal down to a country sounding ditty.
Daniel Ashcroft - Album Review: Daniel Ashcroft
10 May 2017 // review by terry666
6 EPs of varying style combined as a double album. Daniel Ashcroft is a very talented man and this is not his first release but it is as a solo artist where he truly shines.
Gig Review: Gorguts and Marduk @ Valhalla, Wellington - 12/03/17
20 Mar 2017 // review by terry666
Ben from Valhalla has been busy in Wellington for the last few years fulfilling metal heads dreams with the high calibre of acts he has preforming at his venue. I have seen quite a few of my heroes perform there and tonight was another such night.
Seas of Conflict - EP Review: Vestige
09 Mar 2017 // review by terry666
Vestige is the second EP from Hamilton based Metal band Seas of Conflict. These guys are not new to the scene, having been around since 2011, and have been consistently releasing material independently while still in high school through till now.
Ignite The Helix - EP Review: Ignite the Helix
21 Dec 2016 // review by terry666
This 4 track EP opens with the track Blur The Line which in my mind to an extent describes the song perfectly in that it cannot really be genre cast. Grunting growly grinding goodness.
Poison Skies - Poison Skies Newsletter Interview
02 Nov 2016 // interview by terry666
Auckland-based high-energy rock band Poison Skies have just released their long-awaited debut EP Day to Defy, and are embarking on the Road Rage tour, a 5-city trip through the North Island, with co-headliners Rebel Sound Radio. Terry had a chat to Jamie (bass), and here's what went down: What would you describe as Poison Skies' style?
Rebel Sound Radio - Rebel Sound Radio Newsletter Interview
31 Oct 2016 // interview by terry666
Rebel Sound Radio are best described as a hard hitting three piece collective, unified by volume, distortion, high energy and with a drive to break away from the everyday grind. Formed to start something new and forge a totally different sound that will sent them apart.
Devilskin - Devilskin Newsletter Interview
31 Oct 2016 // interview by terry666
Terry had the pleasure of interview Paul Martin from Devilskin. Here's what he had to say: Hey there Paul.
Pills For Breakfast - Album Review: Pills For Breakfast
17 Apr 2016 // review by terry666
Pills For Breakfast have been around since 2012 and this is their first full album. The band consists of two core members Neil Johns and Chris Thorpe but also enlist other musicians to appear throughout as guest musicians.
Helgorithms - Gig Review: Helgorithms @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 14/11/15
23 Dec 2015 // review by terry666
The only support band I got to see was Porcelain and to be honest I was not that impressed with them. Although technically they were good, they lacked the energy and x factor so to speak in my opinion.
In Dread Response - Album Review: Heavenshore
12 Oct 2015 // review by terry666
Heavenshore is In Dread Response's third full length release in their 10 year history and the first for their new singer Ben Read. In the ten years since this band formed a lot of the members have been involved in other projects.
Antagonist A.D. - Album Review: Haunt Me As I Roam
15 Apr 2015 // review by terry666
I don’t know why I haven’t listened to this band before, but from the opening track I was hooked. I had seen them in magazines and on websites for years but unfortunately not taken enough notice.
Festival Review: Homegrown @ Wellington Waterfront - 7 & 8 March 2015
23 Mar 2015 // review by terry666
Around the start of November I look forward to the announcement of my favourite summer festival of all that is great about New Zealand music. I start off by looking to see what Rock acts are playing and then look to see if my favourite non rock band Kora is playing.
Thy Assassin - Thy Assasin - A World Left Behind Album Interview
23 Mar 2015 // interview by terry666
Interview with Josiah Forlong from Thy AssassinQuestions by Terry You have just released your first album A World Left Behind, how excited are you about that? It’s been a long time over a year for this dreaming of actually getting it out there we are pretty happy to be finally doing it.
Thy Assassin - Album Review: A World Left Behind
25 Feb 2015 // review by terry666
Melodic death core is how this band describes their music and they do a damn fine job at it. Coming from Hamilton these guys are fairly new on the scene but with production and content that is at the level of bands many years ahead of them.
The Symphony of Screams - Album Review: Live & Unplugged
22 Jan 2015 // review by terry666
The Symphony of Screams has been around for a fair while now and the first time I personally came across them was at Rock to Wellington back in 2008. That was a huge show with a line-up that put them in front of a plethora of metal and hard rock stars that would have been any 80’s teenager’s wet dream.
Villainy - Villainy Ammunition Tour Newsletter Interview
06 Sep 2014 // interview by terry666
Villainy interview with Neill Fraser4-09-2014Questions by Terry Villainy is about to head out on the Ammunition tour is that right? Yeah we're about to head out to 6 cities I think around the country just a little blast to get back out there we haven’t really toured since the end of last year.
The Datsuns - The Datsuns' Deep Sleep Newsletter Interview
05 Sep 2014 // interview by terry666
The Datsuns Interview with Phil Somervell03-09-2014Questions by Terry Album number 6 Deep Sleep is about to be released in October. What are you most excited about?
Malevolence - Relentless Entropy Album Review
30 Aug 2014 // review by terry666
New Zealand metal is continually getting more and more recognition and more and more respect nationally and internationally because of the quality of the product we are producing. We have a long history with a growing number of bands bringing out material on regular basis.
Jim Beam Homegrown 2014 Highlights
03 Mar 2014 // review by terry666
Jim Beam Homegrown February 15th, Wellington Waterfront I love Homegrown. Where else can you get to see such a brilliant array of New Zealand’s finest musical talent?
Fallen Order - The Age of Kings EP Review
27 Feb 2014 // review by terry666
From the opening stanza this EP takes off like a bullet. Classic British metal in sound the first bands that come to mind are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.
Big Day Out 2014 Review
31 Jan 2014 // review by terry666
Big Day Out 2014 @ Western Springs, Auckland - 17/01/2014 It was with some trepidation I headed to Western Springs to check out the new venue for the Big Day Out 2014. I have been to about 6 previous Big Day Out's and Western Springs is a quite a different venue than Mt Smart.
Blacklistt - Blacklistt @ James Cabaret, Wellington - 10/10/13
27 Oct 2013 // review by terry666
Blacklistt, as most will know were known previously as Blindspott. I have seen Blindspott heaps of times around the country and always loved their show.
8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa @ Stellar, Wanganui - 4/10/13
25 Oct 2013 // review by terry666
I have been extremely lucky and seen 8 Foot Sativa lots of time in the last year in the build up to the release of the new album The Shadow Masters. I was very excited about heading over to Wanganui to see the guys play.
Blacklistt - Blacklistt Album Review
14 Oct 2013 // review by terry666
There are two Kiwi albums that I have been waiting for this year with baited breath. The first one was The Shadow Masters from 8 Foot Sativa and this one from Blacklistt.
Prowler - Enter The Night Album Review
19 Sep 2013 // review by terry666
I don’t know a hell of a lot about punk rock music as I’m more of a metal head than anything else but one of the things that I do like about a good punk rock band is the energy that they have. Prowler are full of energy and the album kicks off with the title track Enter The Night that sets the pace up perfectly.
8 Foot Sativa - The Shadow Masters Album Review
04 Sep 2013 // review by terry666
8 Foot Sativa came onto the NZ metal scene just over 10 years ago and gave it an injection which spread like wildfire and inspired thousands of young metal heads to pick up instruments and bang their heads. Kiwi metal heads had their Kings and knew that 8 Foot were the ones to make Kiwi metal an international brand.
Decortica - Decortica And New Way Home @ The Royal - 25/05/13
10 Jul 2013 // review by terry666
This show had two local acts and two headliners locals Beneath the Heavens and Cephalopod supporting Decortica and New Way Home. For once I turned up fairly close to doors opening because I wanted to catch Beneath the Heavens and I was glad I did as they delivered a great set to watch.
Bulletbelt - Down In The Cold Of The Grave Album Review
19 May 2013 // review by terry666
Bulletbelt hails from Wellington and these guys have been touring and establishing themselves in the scene for a few years now having released two EPs and a live album already. They play in a lot of the local shows and have a national tour already under their belt and are about to head out on another excursion in support of their debut album release.
The Hamma - Panzer Tank Album Review
11 May 2013 // review by terry666
The Hamma play an old school energy driven raw rock n roll with a heavy metal edge. They formed around 1984 and their sound is very reminiscent of that era.
8 Foot Sativa - 10 Years of Sativa Album Review
23 Apr 2013 // review by terry666
8 Foot Sativa. What can I say, has it only been 10 years?
Rules Of Addiction - World Made Of Lies Album Review
10 Apr 2013 // review by terry666
Rules of Addiction come from Wellington and Queenstown. They have been recording and touring since 2011.
Osmium - Osmium @ The Royal, Palmerston North 07/02/13
22 Feb 2013 // review by terry666
Robin a two piece self described post rock band opened up the evening with an inspiring set. An instrumental band predominantly it was swirling guitar sounds with almost tribal rhythms.
8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa @ The Royal, Palmerston North 25/10/12
11 Nov 2012 // review by terry666
I had been lucky enough to witness 8 Foot Sativa in Auckland opening for Fear Factory just a few weeks before they started their nationwide comeback tour. It was an impressive show which left no doubt in people's minds that 8 Foot was back stronger than ever and ready to shred it across the country once again.
Depths - Revelation Album Review
25 Oct 2012 // review by terry666
This is an amazing heavy death metal album coming from a band hailing from the swamp; Palmerston North. Depths have been touring hard nationally to brand their name into the metal scene and have just ventured overseas to test the waters.
Temples on Mars - Made Of Gold Single Review
24 Oct 2012 // review by terry666
This is Agent's latest single for an album which has been a long time coming. The album Kingdom of Fear is slated for a 2013 release date.
8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa Interview 22/09/2012
14 Oct 2012 // interview by terry666
I caught up with Jack Hammer from 8 Foot Sativa just hours before their opening slot for Fear Factory. How does it feel to be back in 8 Foot Sativa and what brought you guys back together as a band?
8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa @ Powerstation, Auckland 22/09/12
05 Oct 2012 // review by terry666
I can’t tell you how excited I was when just after New Year’s this year 8 Foot Sativa announced that they would be back with a greatest hits album, a DVD and a new album. To add to all that was the fact that Jackhammer and Gary Smith were back in the fray and ready to step up once again.
Blackleaf Gardens - Blackleaf Gardens Interview with Jess Blackleaf
26 Sep 2012 // interview by terry666
Recently I had an opportunity to sit down and have a quick chat with Jess Blackleaf from the Auckland metal band Blackleaf Gardens. I definitely look forward to hearing more from these guys in the future.
Horror Story - Horror Story @ The Royal 18/08/12
02 Sep 2012 // review by terry666
What can I say about horror punk maestros Horror Story? Well for starters I love this band.
The Blue Grizzly Band - Broke Ass EP Review
21 Jul 2012 // review by terry666
This is the first EP from Palmerston North blues rock group The Blue Grizzly Band. They have been gigging pretty full on for the last year forming in a local music performance class.
Dimmer - Dimmer Final Show @ Bodega, Wellington
10 Jun 2012 // review by terry666
Shayne Carter is one of my favourite New Zealand musicians. It’s not just his music but also his performance.
Homegrown 2012
26 Feb 2012 // review by terry666
Homegrown, Wellington Waterfront, 18 February 2012 Homegrown, New Zealand’s celebration of our culture of music is awesome. This is the day when all our finest talents are on display in a sublime setting of the Wellington waterfront.
Beyond The Black Festival, New Years Eve 2011, Wellington
22 Jan 2012 // review by terry666
Beyond the Black festival, New Years Eve 2011, Trentham Wellington It was a crap rainy day as I hit Upper Hutt early on New Years Eve ready to get my metal on for New Zealand’s first heavy metal and rock New Year’s festival. The beauty of this event unlike many others around the country was that most of this festival was inside.
Photonic - Rif Mountains Album Review
08 Dec 2011 // review by terry666
Camera Stellata is a very soft opener. This is the third album from the one man army Craig Scott who has also had a track included in the Stoner Doom Vol 1 album with a song from his first release Recorded content.
Midnight Youth - World Comes Calling Album Review
26 Oct 2011 // review by terry666
Midnight Youth have only been around for a few years and but have already made huge inroads into the Kiwi rock scene. Their debut album 'The Brave Don’t Run' was released two years ago and featured 5 hit singles, making them a must see live act.
Darklight Corporation - Eminence/Darklight Corporation Guns of Dawn Tour @ The Royal, Sept 9 2011
16 Oct 2011 // review by terry666
Eminence/Darklight Corporation Guns of Dawn Tour, The Royal, Palmerston North, Fri Sep 09 2011 Another night at The Royal in Palmy with metal from local executioners Bloodworx, two Wellington bands Evil In Eden and Darklight Corporation, and an international act to boot in Brazilian, Eminence. What a way to spend the night.
Luger Boa - Luger Boa and Black River Drive @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 19 August 2011
02 Sep 2011 // review by terry666
Double strength tour with The Rascal kings, Black river drive and Luger Boa 19/08/11 The Royal Palmerston north I was very excited about heading down to The Royal for great night of Rock n Roll lined up for the evening. The line up had locals The Rascal Kings, Black River Drive and Luger Boa a very electric brew to swill down on a winter’s night in Palmy.
Luger Boa - Luger Boa - New Hot Nights Interview
30 Aug 2011 // interview by terry666
Luger Boa Interview 18/08/11 Before Luger Boa took to the stage at The Royal on 19 August 2011, Terry sat down and had a chat with Jimmy. Hi ya Jimmy.
Head Like A Hole - Blood Will Out Album Review
02 Aug 2011 // review by terry666
Head Like A Hole aka HLAH are Kiwi Rock Legends. I have always loved these guys and their live shows were a sight to behold.
Temples on Mars - Vondelpark Single Review
28 Jul 2011 // review by terry666
Agent's newest single Vondelpark Agent was formed in 2003 in Taranaki and were a huge part of local live scene. They were regulars in Palmerston North, with myself witnessing several of their shows.
Capital Punishment - 28 May 2011 @ Bar Medusa, Wellington
04 Jun 2011 // review by terry666
Capital Punishment 2, Bar Medusa, Wellington, 28 may 2011   Twelve hours, twelve bands, Heavy Metal heaven if you can handle it. Bar Medusa's Capital Punishment 2 featuring twelve Kiwi Metal bands is in its second year and what a line up.
Last Train To Brockville - Shayne P Carter Tracks Back @ Bar Bodega, Welling - 6 May 2011
25 May 2011 // review by terry666
LAST TRAIN TO BROCKVILLE…SHAYNE P CARTER TRACKS BACK Friday 6 May - Bodega, Wellington  I’m a huge fan of Shayne Carter's from way back. I would have to say I discovered him rather late in the piece being lucky enough to see the last Straitjacket Fits show at the Big Day Out many many moons ago but it was at that time I was converted and that’s where I feel Shayne always shines.
Beastwars - Beastwars Album Review
12 May 2011 // review by terry666
Beastwars Self-titled album ‘Beastwars’ have been around for some time and seem to be one of the bands I always miss seeing for some odd reason which guts me. They have been playing the Wellington scene with local Heavy metal bands like Razorwyre and Elephant of the Ocean and also played with some bigger names like High on Fire , The Melvin’s and the upcoming Kyuss shows.
Luger Boa - New Hot Nights Album Review
28 Apr 2011 // review by terry666
Luger Boa – New Hot Nights It was with eager anticipation that I picked up my copy of Luger Boa's 'New Hot Nights'. Coming up to be released just a few weeks after another big rock album from Foo Fighters this album has a lot to live up to and a big ask to distract Rock fans from the Foo's latest effort and we didn't even have to worry cause this album kicks rock n roll arse.
Wall Of Silents - Wall of Silents and Barbecued Babies, 12 March 2011 @ The Factory, Palmerston North
13 Mar 2011 // review by terry666
Wall of Silent’s and Barbecued babies, 12/03/2011 the Factory, Palmerston north The Factory really is a cool venue small, but can still get a few people in. Bizarre Punishment was playing their first show and they didn’t do too bad a job.
Homegrown 2011
13 Mar 2011 // review by terry666
Homegrown Rock Stage 5 March 2011 @ Wellington Waterfront I have wanted to go to Homegrown for a long time and this year I was not going to miss it. The line up for the Rock Stage was massive with Midnight Youth opening, some of my favourite’s in-between and Blindspott headlining.
High on Fire and The Melvins Gig Review
10 Mar 2011 // review by terry666
High on Fire and The Melvins - 23/02/2011 - Bodega, Wellington The Melvins and High on Fire were checking in at Christchurch Airport when the Earthquake hit. You have to secretly wonder whether it was the show these guys did the night before that triggered it because they were definitely off the Richter scale for their delayed Wellington show.
Horror Story - Horror story 19/02/2011 the Royal, Palmerston North
07 Mar 2011 // review by terry666
Horror Story 19/02/2011 the Royal, Palmerston North It feels like forever since Horror Story have been to Palmy so I was very excited at the prospect of seeing them again. With three local bands playing support this was looking like another great night of local music and it was a great night we got.
Osmium - Made in China and Osmium Southern Deliverence Tour 11/02/2011
01 Mar 2011 // review by terry666
Osmium and Made in China Southern Deliverance Tour 11/02/2011 The Factory, Palmerston North The Factory is a very cool little venue. Enough people know about it to get in a crowd but not too many to ruin the intimacy.
Unknown - Ulcerate @ Bodega, Wellington - 12/02/2011
01 Mar 2011 // review by terry666
Ulcerate 12/02/2011 Bodega, Wellington Bodega is an awesome venue with great sound and lighting and I was very excited at the thought of seeing Ulcerate playing tonight. I caught the end of the set from support band Bulletbelt a Black metal act from Wellington.
Detonate Festival 31/12/2010 New years Taranaki
07 Jan 2011 // review by terry666
Detonate Festival 2010 New Years Taranaki Detonate 2010. Wow.
Let The People Speak Compilation album 2010
12 Dec 2010 // review by terry666
Let the people speak Compilation album 2010 Let the people speak is a compilation of Kiwi artists from all different genres. The album opens with a track from indie rockers Artisan Guns with the rockier of their two featured songs there slower side being shown later with the track 'Autumn'.
Luger Boa - Luger Boa Interview 26/11/2010
05 Dec 2010 // interview by terry666
Luger Boa Interview 26/11/2010 Luger Boa rose from the ashes of The D4 with singer Jimmy Christmas taking Rock n Roll to a new level. I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to Jimmy Christmas just before a show recently.
Luger Boa - Rock n Roll Riot @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 26/11/2010
05 Dec 2010 // review by terry666
The Earlybirds, The Checks and Luger Boa. Rock n Roll Riot.
The Checks - The Checks Interview 26/10/2010
05 Dec 2010 // interview by terry666
The Checks Interview The Checks started in 2003 in the Devonport, Auckland quickly attracting attention. The Checks play the Big Day Out and are later invited to support REM on the NZ leg of their world tour.
The Earlybirds - The Earlybirds Interview 26/11/2010
05 Dec 2010 // interview by terry666
The Earlybirds Interview The Earlybirds started in the Devonport music scene in 2005. They have spent the past five years sharing the stage with bands such as, OpShop, Midnight Youth, The Feelers and Stereophonics.
Tainted - Tainted 20/11/2010 Scorpio Party, The Basement, New Plymouth
01 Dec 2010 // review by terry666
Tainted - 20/11/2010 @ Scorpio Party, The Basement, New Plymouth It's a little drive up from Palmy to the Naki but it was well worth the ride. It was my first venture to the infamous Scorpio Party and I must say I was very excited.
Cage Demise - Cage Demise - 13/11/2010 @ The Factory, Palmerston North
23 Nov 2010 // review by terry666
Cage Demise - 13/11/2010 @ The Factory, Palmerston North The Factory was only half full on this night but the crowd that was there were not about to let that stop them having a great time. They still had a pit and there was plenty of moshing.
Wall Of Silents - Wall of Silents - self titled album review
09 Nov 2010 // review by terry666
Wall of silent’s self-titled album Hailing from Palmerston North, Wall of Silents is a four piece Doom/Stoner Metal outfit. They were quick to establish themselves on the local pub scene and always put on an energetic performance.

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