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The Earlybirds - The Earlybirds Interview 26/11/2010

05 Dec 2010 // An interview by terry666

The Earlybirds Interview

The Earlybirds started in the Devonport music scene in 2005. They have spent the past five years sharing the stage with bands such as, OpShop, Midnight Youth, The Feelers and Stereophonics. They have just released this year their Debut album 'Favourite Fears'.

Just before they are about to hit the stage on the Rock n roll riot tour we catch up with Filip Kostovich (lead vocals and  keyboards).

Terry: How would you best describe your music?

Filip: It’s a tough one man at the moment  I guess I would probably say pop with some indie with some rock but I mean every song were ever writing is ever changing which is weird so were kind of don’t tend to put a hold on what we are. In a way but we get asked the question all the time so we have to say something you know.

Terry: Who are your favourite Kiwi bands and Musicians that have influenced you?

Filip: Probably the highest the one that’s most influenced me would be Jordan Luck just from being a kid and hearing his songs on the radio and this and that growing up with his music and then being able to tour with him like last year was really really cool eh good times. Hanging out with a hero and sinking some piss with him as well.

Terry: What is the best gig you have ever been to?

Filip: Probably would be The Killers at Vector Arena and yeah the whole vibe they put on and the show and just everything about the performance was really really really good came out of that show just buzzing wanting to do some stuff it was cool.

Terry: What is the best live gigs you have played and with who?

Filip: We supported Stereophonics at The Powerstation in Auckland. Two packed out nights good vibe the crowd really got into it we played a couple of songs and when we started off everyone was just outside the gig and then we played a couple of tracks and people moved in and they got really into it which was really cool eh.

Terry: Who would you like most to support live?

Filip: I’ve always wanted to support maybe like Kings of Leon or U2.

Terry: Where is your favourite NZ place and venue?

Filip: Down south is some really really good places when we played in Oamaru at The Penguin Club and it was really really cool after we finished the  gig we were packing up and all these Penguins were just scattering everywhere and I love the south island as well it’s a good place to be. Auckland crowds can tend to be a bit stiff and as you go south people tend to have a few drinks and loosen up and just get really really into it.

Terry: Where will you be for New Years?

Filip: Were going to Lake Hawea south island by Wanaka about ten, fifteen minutes from Wanaka and were playing New years with Elemeno P and the night before with Steriogram.

Terry: I killed the Dj, Low and Runaway are doing well in the charts and your new album Favourite fears has just been released what’s next for The Earlybirds?

Gigging lots and then maybe after summer maybe look at Australia, but lots of gigging.


About The Earlybirds

Fear isn’t something people usually embrace. But for the five young Aucklanders that make up the soaring pop-rock outfit The Earlybirds, this troubling emotion was not something to run away from. Instead it was something they felt needed to be confronted head on, dealt with and then ultimately overcome.

“The album title Favourite Fears came from a song that we have called Metaphobia which means fear of being watched,” explains bassist Jared Aisher. “And that’s the story of our youth. We started when we were quite young and at first it was very intimidating going on stage and always having older people watching and criticising us. But the thing that you’re most scared of can sometimes be the most important because then you can work towards getting over it and that’s what we had to do to become the band we wanted to become. This is our way of saying now we’re over it and we can move forward.”

Moving forward is one of the main driving forces of this exceptional young band, whose members range in age from 19 to 21.

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Favourite Fears
Year: 2010
Type: Album

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