23 May 2019

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Daniel Ashcroft - Album Review: Daniel Ashcroft

10 May 2017 // A review by Terry McIntosh

6 EPs of varying style combined as a double album. Daniel Ashcroft is a very talented man and this is not his first release but it is as a solo artist where he truly shines. Without the restriction of his former entity Crackpot Theory which was seen as a heavy metal project, this showcases all of his skills.

Transcending The Never World, the first EP is nothing short of epic. Soaring highs and depths of despair with plenty of theatre. This is the musical opera section of the EP and certainly captures the essence of it. Mike Jacques supplies the vocals and wrote most the lyrics for this EP and he nails it. Musically it has sweeping melodies with some crazy carnival elements in this horror themed story.

Next up is the Medlab Level 15 EP which is a style change. This EP is gearing more towards an industrial dark metal sound with a few funky elements just to mess it up a little. This where we get to see Daniel's drumming come into play. He is a furious beast and in this particular EP the beats and music are swirling streams of chaos. Burn Me Out is a stand out track here, especially if you like things on a more metal wavelength - covering a lot of ground on this song.

Living Nightmare of Meth opens with First Trip and it's quite surreal and quiet as it takes you on a journey. As you would expect in a tale about meth it soon slips into some psychosis. The music is more of an alternative style (back before alternative turned into grunge) in my interpretation with some cool noodles. The Come Down brings it right down in a literal sense with the pace slowing rapidly.

After the previous EP this one shocks you back to reality with some thrash metal to get the blood racing. This is my favourite style of the album and it meets its mark with some classic thrash delivered relentlessly. Although Daniel has done this as a solo artist, this set of EPs is not short on guests with Aaron James Comyn providing the vocals for the thrash metal section. Enemy was my pick from this part, however Break Me Down Again is another very cool track.

Hank Hill provides the intro into the Funk EP, which is nice and refreshing after the thrash EP - funny enough Hank Kingsley ends the EP. Plenty of tingly bass slaps and groove layers into some cool music with Daniel's little twist, so that it’s not just routine and sterile. I found this EP to be the most interesting because it was unique and was not something I would usually listen too but I still found it pleasantly attractive.

The last EP is entitled Lovers Lane and it's softer and more chilled with Melissa Thake providing stunning vocals to accompany some chiming acoustic guitar. It’s a perfect way to end this collection.

To sit down and listen to this in one sitting is a mammoth task but it's well worth it and I’m sure everyone will find something in here that they will enjoy.


About Daniel Ashcroft

Daniel Ashcroft is a multi instrumentalist/producer/composer based in Feilding/Palmerston North.

The concept of my project is to basically explore and write music of any genre, play any instruments I possibly can - and collaborate with as many singers as I can.

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