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Newsletter Issue #509: 02 Sep 2018

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GUEST EDITORIAL: JP Carroll from Arrays

Why Music?

In this day and age, when the number of likes, shares and comments seem to determine the success of a song or video as much as the merits of the content itself, how often do we step back and ask ‘Why?’. Why do we make music, and why do we listen to it?

The answer to that question would likely be as varied as the sample of individuals answering it. For a professional musician, music earns a living; for a music listener, music adds ambience to a social setting, provokes memories, or is something new to consume for three minutes and thirty seconds, give or take. For those of us somewhere in between, music might be an outlet or a means of expression, it might be a hobby, or it might be a true life’s passion that isn’t validated by a pay cheque, one which creates some awkward discussions with the parents at the dinner table.

In part, this article is an admission of guilt, because I think for a long time I've been doing it wrong. I’ve recently spent many months reflecting on the purpose and place of music in my life, an enforced sabbatical through lack of will to create. For 15 years, music was, without question, the number one driving force in my life. Music simply had to be fit in and around everyone and everything else that was going on. I had big dreams of 'making it' (without much of a sense of what that was, or what steps to take to achieve such a goal). Meanwhile, profits from music sales internationally slipped year on year in exchange for illegal downloads and the ponzi scheme that is streaming. At the same time, less and less people were able to escape the clutches of Netflix and a comfy couch on a Friday night in lieu of attending concerts. It all amounted to a career viability that had shrunk to a single confetti sized dot of hope.

I still paraded around life with that single dot of confetti hope on the end of my finger proclaiming to anyone who would care to listen that it was an important thing to me. Recently however, I reached a turning point that was inspired by events in the real world, and I was able to stop and observe music's place in my life for what it was. And what I found was that for me, music had been an escape. It was a place where I could go and pretend that there was a lottery to be won, and if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, eventually, I would arrive at a place of worth and meaning and all my hard work would have paid off - A truly grand delusion. Of course, there was no pay off, because what I was trying to escape was my life as it was. And when you’re striving to achieve the next great thing for your music career in spite of other important aspects of life, you miss out on the opportunity to appreciate what you have in that moment.

This is not an article about lost hope; this is not the part where I get a ‘real job’ in accounts, and the next time you see me I’m wearing a white shirt with a pocket protector for my pens, and I’m talking about the stock exchange with a defeated look in my eyes (I actually do talk about the stock exchange - and I know plenty of musicians who work in accounts, but that’s beside the point). In fact, I’ve managed to redefine what music means to me. Music isn’t about social media presence. It isn’t about radio playlists, the next big support slot, or getting more streams. If it comes my way I’ll take it, but I’ll be sure to recognise it for what it is; a peripheral and not the main attraction.

Today, music for me is about the joy of watching five hours disappear into a song idea in the blink of an eye; it’s about when a stranger tells you that your song helped them get through a personal issue they were facing; it’s about people singing your lyrics back to you at a show; and it’s about the opportunity to hone your craft, get better and try something new. In summary, it’s about connection and self-improvement. No longer will I give thought to whether a recording is ‘good enough’ for a radio programmer (thousands of dollars have been spent on recordings that weren’t). There is great value and worth in creating something because you feel compelled to do so, and if you do it well enough, someone else will connect with it. For me, that is ‘why music’. Because when you take out all the social media, the hoops that artists jump through, the industry gate-keeping, the popularity contests and the all mighty dollar (which the artists seem to see last, more often than not), then all you have left is the intention to create music, an audience to share it with, and the journey to connect the two.

You might not hear my song on the radio any time soon, and I haven’t actually got a band to put a show on with right now, but you can listen whenever you want - on Spotify and iTunes, on YouTube and on Google Play. And if I have my way, there’ll be a lot more of it, and it’ll keep getting better. That seems worthwhile to me.

Thank you to JP Carroll from Arrays for writing this editorial.


Boycrush is the project of Alistair Deverick, also drummer of The Ruby Suns, with a live band comprising multi-instrumentalist Hayden Eastmond-Mein (Lawrence Arabia, Panther & The Zoo) and The Ruby Suns frontman Ryan McPhun. Alistair answered Shelley's following questions for muzic.net.nz:

There seems to be a lot of writing to describe your music, but how would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard it?

Dance-oriented pop or romantic electronic music.

How do you come up with your lyrics and what inspires you the most when writing your lyrics? As you mentioned lyrics from your album came from Remuera-mum materialism to man-splaining to pining unrequitedness.

Just stuff that I think about, things people say that resonate with me, ideas I want to articulate.

Remuera-mum materialism is in Face Melt which used to be called Trinkets - I was thinking about the $70k Audi whose owner wants the lower classes to pull themselves up by their bootstraps but won’t wind their window down to give a window washer at the lights a $2 coin.

Congratulations on the release of your new album Desperate Late Night Energy. Where did the idea for the album cover come from? It seems like a cropped image of a random photo.

Thanks! It’s actually a photo of my wife Emily dancing that we took at Taupo Bay in Northland. I wanted something dark but vital. I like that you see it as a random photo, I’m taking that to mean candid. It was the goal to feel natural rather than staged.

Why did you collaborate for most of this album rather than the mix of solo and features?

The collaboration was less of a writing thing than a voicing thing. I wrote the songs mostly by myself except for a few bits here and there - 100% was a true collaboration because Charlie from Yumi Zouma wrote lots including the chorus, Tom from Leisure wrote the chorus ofDesperate Late Night Energy with my words, and Benny’s Videos wrote the chorus of Song For Alex.

Otherwise it’s just me getting good singers to sing what I have written. So regarding that - I just don’t feel like singing at the moment. It comes closer to realising my vision when the songs are sung by someone with a really strong voice.

How does it feel to finally have some new music out?

Like my food has arrived at the restaurant after waiting far too long and I was starting to feel kind of sick but it’s here now and it’s really good.

The idea for your 100% video came from shutterstock dance clips of people dancing in front of green screens. You’ve mentioned how you got to the final video but what made you decide this is what I want to do for the video and this works for this single?

The idea came from listening to the song and watching the projector at my apartment. Hayden (the director) and I were putting on green screen clips to laugh at, it wasn’t even dancing initially, just people doing weird actions. It worked with the music and it made us laugh. We were listening to 100% on repeat - it worked with that song specifically, something to do with the initial melody.

You recently completed a tour in support of your new album. The Auckland show was great! How did the tour go for you?

Thank you very much. The tour was really fun. I love playing the new material and it’s really great to perform with Carla, she is incredible. And Tom is too, even though he wasn’t able to play all the shows I love performing with him.

There were red clear streamers on the sides of the stage and the lighting seemed to be kept pretty dark for most of it. Was that done purposefully or just how it worked for the venue?

My friend Suren Unka did the lighting and stage design. He is so talented in so many ways and he has started to focus on lighting - you can follow his account on Instagram.

What gave you the ideas for dancers to open and to have a DJ rather than other musicians?

I really am becoming more interested in theatre and dance and the possibilities there are to transport you to a different world. I wanted the show to have broader appeal outside of just music and to feel like an event rather than just another gig. The dancer who led the performance is called Tui Hofmann, she really nailed it with that performance and incidentally has a show coming up at the Basement Theatre called Meat - details here.

Would you like to tour anywhere else?

I would really love to if it was viable. Hopefully I will.

What music do you personally enjoy listening too?

Here is a playlist I made for Ruby with some songs I like.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about yourself?

I have been eating peanut butter toast on Vogel’s with no lubricant or bottom layer because I am trying to eat less dairy and it’s so dry, I don’t know what to do. I don’t like margarine and olive oil doesn’t really suit.

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Bingo Fighter is New Zealand multi-instrumentalist Hayden Linney.

With a background in jazz drumming, Linney discovered a knack for songwriting after learning how to play the guitar a few years ago. A relentless obsession with crafting original compositions spawned an extensive back catalog of demos. Bingo Fighter's music channels the primal vigour of punk rock, and an eccentric sincerity inspired by folk music.

Linney refined his songs as an acoustic performer at Wellington's open mic events. He has since assembled a live band to support the upcoming release of his debut full-length album in the Autumn of 2019 (date TBA). A number of promotional singles will be released leading to the album launch; the upcoming single I've Got A Hold will hit Spotify, YouTube and other digital outlets on 27 September, 2018.

Bingo Fighter is Hayden, Rory, Shaun and Nigel.

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
YouTube Page
iTunes Page

Single Review: I’ve Got Zero Attention


Lucifer Gunne may have started as a solo project, but now it's a fully-fledged band. They played their first show at Valhalla in their hometown of Wellington on 30 March 2017, and have been playing, gigging, practicing and recording ever since.

Rory (lead vocals, bass) spoke to Paul about all things Lucifer Gunne, and here's what he had to say.

Lucifer Gunne (great name) where did it come from?

I can't remember the exact origins in the name, I'll definitely boil it down to me being a 15-year-old who listened to way too much Marilyn Manson. I believe that if you translate it into Nordic it becomes "Devil's Army" or something along those lines. Five bucks to the guy who can find out for me.

The NZ music scene is relatively small. What challenges do you find in getting your music out there or in finding opportunities to perform live?

I find that getting your voice heard amongst so many other individuals can be a big challenge in the scene today. Even though the scene may be small a lot of people stick to their favourite band, and usually don't branch out much further than that. Supporting your local scene is so important for us all to evolve and I'd really love to see more of that happening within our community. There's some awesome bands out there people, go find em!

Is your goal to conquer NZ with your music or take this music overseas?

I think our overall goal at the moment is just to have fun, yknow? I think we definitely have something of a larger scale planned out for next year, but just building our fan base in any we can is very important to us right now.

There is an energy and attitude in the music created by Lucifer Gunne is this something that is important to you. Does it translate into your live performances?

I'd like to say that translates to live performances, well, at least we try our best to do so. Most of the energy and attitude you mention used to come a lot from the lyrics, but we're starting to go through a writing process that will hopefully show that same power in the music just as much as the vocals.

Tell us a bit about your latest release. What was the inspiration and what can people expect from you in the future. Where do you see the direction of your music going?

Our latest release, HRM, is kinda my idea of an anti-Lucifer Gunne song. The lyrics are that of confusion, and hopelessness, a nonsensical journey, if you will. As for the direction we will be taking, I think you can expect something a lot heavier, with a lot more psych rock riffs thrown in. We're all super influenced by bands over the other side of the fence like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and I think that will be evident on our next project.

What is on the horizon for Lucifer Gunne any gigs coming up?

We're doing a show October 4th at Valhalla, got a great night lined up, starting with Bingo Fighter, Phat Krunk, and one of my personal favourite local bands, Pale Lady. Unfortunately, this will be our drummer, Henry's last gig. Though the line-up is getting us all super stoked and will hopefully give him the best send-off we can.

How do you find the music scene in Wellington?

I think there's a lot of work that could be done, and that's just by getting your ass down to shows, as I mentioned earlier, I see a lot of favouritism in the scene and that's just not gonna help anyone. Sure, it's good to have your home turf, but we'll all be stuck if we don't help each other out!

In what way do you think the music industry in NZ could be improved? There is a lot of support here for musicians, but it can also be hard to get noticed. What is your experience of this so far?

I think that the best way to get noticed in New Zealand is to get noticed outside of New Zealand. I've noticed that when I mention we've been played on UK or AUS radio to friends or family they're way more likely to check out our music, which is really sad in a way, this whole thing shouldn't be a popularity contest, and more just listening to something because it's good.

The world is a bit messed up at the moment, Trump, Brexit. What is the main inspiration in your lyrics would you say they come from a place of pleasure or pain?

Most of the lyrics aren't really written about things happening outside of New Zealand, and they mostly come from a place of pain, whether that be within me or within our country. I feel like there's a lot that needs to be said about where we live that I need to get off my chest, and music has been a really great way to do that.

Rory, what first inspired you to get into music and how did you find the transition from solo artist to band member?

Honestly, I have no idea what made me wanna start. I mean, both of my parents are musical (My dad's a drummer, Mum plays multiple woodwind instruments), but there's just something about being taken out of your own world without even leaving your seat that always keeps me hooked, creativity is a really important part of my life and music has just been my favourite way to express it.

When creating the music do you have a set process or is it just pretty much you all get together and see what happens?

At the moment, me and Don (Guitarist) usually just bounce ideas off of each other, I mainly write lyrics and he makes the riffs, we bring it to the band and see what they think. It's all just a process of throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks, basically.

Who are your favourite NZ artists at the moment that people should be checking out?

For sure this goes to Pale Lady, one of the best live sets I've seen and their EP Told to Fold is insanely good. EgoValve are also an awesome three piece I've been listening to a lot recently, whom of which you can check out on YouTube.

Where do you get the most pleasure from your music? Is it the writing, the performance or the recording process?

I think the most satisfying part is when we've just finished writing a new track and getting to see people's reactions to it for the first time when we're playing live, really gives us a good idea of what people wanna see from us and shows us how we can progress forward as a band.

What main piece of advice would you give to anyone trying to get their music career off the ground?

Honestly? It all just comes down to hard work and putting your all into it. Sure, you've always got to have a backup plan in case things don't pan out as expected, but there's absolutely no harm in trying if it's what you wanna spend the rest of your life doing.

Who makes the best music God or the Devil?

Well, I don't know where this quote is from, but there's the old saying which goes "If Satan wasn't around, the church would go out of business" (or something along those lines). To me there's a balancing act in art and music, whether that be god or the devil, good and bad, light and dark, there's always two sides to a story, and I find it pretty important to tell both, it's more fun that way.

Lucifer Gunne is Rory McDonald (lead vocals, bass), Don Mackenzie (lead guitar, backing vocals),
Steve Henwood (rhythm guitar) and Henry Thomas (drums).

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Ghost Who Walks is taking this summer by storm with the release of their self-titled debut EP, Ghost Who Walks. Toe tapping and groove saturated, the EP will take you on a journey through to another dimension. Filled with sonics consisting of funk, rock, reggae and blues. Driven by a psychedelic vehicle for the soulful vocals with lyrics the listener can relate to, this is music made to make you feel.

Produced by front man and creative driving force Sam Fowles and recorded and engineered at Surgery Studios by Lee Prebble, the band is super excited to share their creation with you. Kicking off with an EP Release Party on September 20 in their hometown Wellington, Ghost Who Walks have been painting the city green in the excitement of the lead up leaking event details through guerrilla advertising.

With their second single Walking Talking Blues dropping this week and self-funded music video Vertigo impatiently waiting in the wings the boys are preparing to hit the road and take their journey on tour. With regional tour dates locked down in Wanganui, Taranaki, Napier and a slot at Sanctuary Sounds, Ghost Who Walks will be ending the year with a bang. Follow their journey, six more tour dates are yet to be announced!

EP available now for pre-order via Bandcamp or streaming everywhere September 21st.


Wellington based musician Emily Fairlight has just released her latest work Mother of Gloom - and muzic.net.nz's Amanda was lucky enough to head along to her Auckland album release show on 18 August. Amanda had a quick chat with Emily a few days afterwards and asked her a few questions.

You’ve just released your stunning album Mother of Gloom – a lot of the songs in the album carry a melancholic tone – you described your songs the other night as being full of misery, how does it feel to put your personal self out there in the public?

It feels important to be honest as an artist, and I think it's relatable for a listener. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the subject matter as I'm performing the songs, but it's more brief than when I'm writing them... and that feels powerful rather than crippling.

How long have you known you wanted to be a musician? What was that first moment that just made you realise?

I always sang from when I was really young. But I think the moment I knew it was something I couldn't not do was after the first Texas tour. I was always writing, and don't think I'll ever stop that.. but playing and travelling everyday was a whole new experience, and I loved the comradery I found along the way.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

Neutral Milk Hotel for sure, bit of Leonard Cohen, just anything and everything really. I never write a song feeling a bit Lucinda or anything, but they are writers who made me feel like I could have my own odd voice.

What comes first – the lyrics, or the music?

Always different! I have no real formulaic creative process.. I guess you could say coffee always comes first though.

What’s a memory from your favourite show you’ve played so far?

Probably from my Wellington album release show at San Fran. I organised a 10-piece band for that and felt like we could have just kept playing forever! Looking around the stage, being surrounded by a bunch of incredibly talented guys and gals who I love, that was cool.

And an embarrassing/strange tour memory you’d rather forget?

Life is too short to feel embarrassment! That, or I just don't remember haha.. strange I guess, was playing in a homeware store just out of Austin TX, saying into the mic, mid song "what the fuck am I doing here" and no one even noticing... guess that had its own level of embarrassment too.

If you could take any two other NZ musicians/bands on tour (dead or alive) who would they be?

I guess this answer is always changing... and I'd go with people I know because I'm lucky enough to know some really good musicians! At this stage, on this day, I'd go with Finn Johannson (WGTN) and The Shifting Sands (DUD).

And do you have any favourite NZ venues that would be at the top of the list to play on that tour?

San Fran (WGTN), Lyttelton Records or Blue Smoke (CHCH), The Captain Cook (DUD).. and we had fun at Auckland's newest venue Anthology Lounge last weekend.

What rumour do you wish you could start about your music?

There are probably enough rumours already about the subjects in the album without me needing to start any up!

You mentioned that you hold a day time job, how do you balance music, working, and having a life?

Easy, I have no life. Well, that's not entirely true.. but my version of having a life is very tied in with playing shows, practices, building bands in different cities. Yeah so I guess that's my life, and I'm into it. Wouldn't mind kicking the full-time job though... might get a bit more sleep.

If you weren’t making music – what career path do you think you would have taken?

I dunno ha.. I like making videos, but probably wouldn't have gotten into that if I wasn't playing music.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

I'm doing a wee tour with an exciting artist Sept/Oct.. but that cat is still in the bag so watch this space. Then Americana Fest AK October 13th. Then I'm going to move to Dunedin end of October to make and record some music, make another couple of videos, set my sights for US/EU/UK 2019.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years' time?

Writing the songs I wanna be writing, recording them and touring.

If you could collaborate with one musician (dead or alive) on a song – who would it be?

I'd probably say Jeff Mangum from NMH.. reckon we'd do something worth listening to.

Would you rather only be able to sing one sentence repeated for the rest of your life? Or only be able to sing backwards? (if one sentence – do you know what you’d want that sentence to be?)

This is a strange question. noitseuq egnarts a si sihT.

And lastly, convince us all to listen to your album using only three words?

Melancholic, hopeful, cathartic.

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Photo supplied by Mandie Hailwood


According to his brief bio on Facebook Sam Bartells is an "Auckland NZ Based Singer/Songwriter releasing new music throughout the world". His slickly produced music video for the song Our Love May Go Away has been viewed 16,000 times in its first month online.

His bio is not extensive or overly verbose, so music journalist Darryl Baser went looking for answers, and the pair sat at their computers at opposite ends of Aotearoa.

What inspires your music?

Generally, whatever I’m going though at the time. Lately and this latest project is about change and almost losing everything and addiction and finding a new way to be happy in life.

Which instrument do you like writing on?

Acoustic guitar for me but would love to get better on the piano 😊

Are you a words first or music first person, and why?

Usually I find a chord progression or single note and on any given day it can sound different to me. Then most of the time a word or phrase will come into my mind and that will be what the songs about.

Where are you in the cycle of writing, recording etc?

I have just released my first of three singles to come this year followed by an EP/album next year. I have been recording this project for over a year on a weekly basis and am still writing and planning the next one now.

What's your five-year plan - going overseas?

I would like to be on tour next year and year after with my band and also plan to go to Nashville and a few other places in the near future. I’m not 100% sure at this stage but hope to build my audience over here and overseas.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Be humble but go hard! haha

Believe in yourself as everyone single person has something unique about themselves to offer. Find your groove of what works for you and have fun. Experiment with your voice.

When did you first begin making music?

I started teaching myself guitar and singing at about age 14.

If you weren't a musician, what would you be doing?

Haha I’ve done lots of things, but I would love to rebuild and race cars or it would be great to build guitars or something.

My default last question for all interviewees, is always Is there anything I haven't asked, that you'd like to say?

To which the humble Sam Bartells replied: Thanks.

Bartells is Sam Bartells.

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Established in 2009 Libel Music is a collective of contributors with a passion for audio culture, arts & all things entertainment. Libel Music’s aim is to share NZ & Australian music with the world, support local bands, venues, & industry professionals. We expand opportunities to talented individuals in the greater industry & have a small fun team of like-minded forward thinkers. We invest in our people by providing our contributors with a platform to also promote themselves with their best foot forward in a supportive learning environment. Our focus to date has been on producing high quality coverage of the live music scene, promotion of all genres of music, with up to date news, interviews, reviews and more. To date Libel Music reaches 70K of unique readers per month from all over the world with the top countries visitors being New Zealand, Australia and USA. Libel is run & managed by Ben Doy (Editor & Chief NZ) & Megan Moss (Photography Editor & AUS Manager) who would from the outset like to take the opportunity to thank Muzic.net.nz for this little spotlight feature and especially thank all the contributors at Libel Music for all their hard work, sharing their amazing talents & services with us in this high-pressure industry.  We feel truly blessed to be in the company of such talented crazy as people!

So, what does the future hold for Libel Music? Currently, the website and company branding are being freshened up, and we’re looking at ways to be able to give back to our hard-working contributors like photographers and writers and other important peeps. We’re looking forward to summer and covering all the fantastic music in the land. As far as new features, there will be some focus on various sub-cultures and we want to celebrate the different music communities more with something for everyone in every part of the industry. Keep a look out as exciting changes are afoot over the next few months!

FREE BAND SERVICE OFFER!!!!!!! NZ & AUS musical talent is absolutely astounding and with our main aim being to support our local musicians and industry creatives (we already publish artist music releases and gig new freely for NZ & AUS local bands) as well as the big tours, we’re currently in the process of setting up some new sections on the website to focus more on our local talent.  So, with this newsletter feature; are very pleased to be offering New Zealand & Australian bands who have recorded and released their own music in the last 2 years, some free feature listing space on our new upcoming band listing pages. For a limited time only, we are offering full feature spots absolutely free*. To take advantage of this offer please click on the link below to submit your (COMPLETE) info before the cut-off date of September 30th, 2018 to Libel Music.

With Editorial teams & Photography teams in both New Zealand & Australia Libel music like many other online publications is currently a non-profit website reliant on the hard-work and efforts by a music writers and photographers spanning all New Zealand and more recently major centres in Australia. We are heading into summer with all guns blazing and are also offering some exciting opportunities for internships in editorial positions. For photographers, we have a small core team, but we always want to know who’s out there and what you’re doing so feel free to get in touch with us.

If you would like to know more about any of the following, please get in touch with Ben and Megs via the following links

Free Band listings CLICK HERE (by Sept 30th, 2018 *conditions apply)

AUS & NZ Editorial positions  CLICK HERE
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Have a rad Summer music people…. Keep on rocking

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Shihad has been blasting our airwaves with incredible songs since 1998, and ever since those early days in Wellington they have proven time and time again that they are one of the best and most loved Rock bands to ever come out of New Zealand.

Their boundary-pushing debut album Churn was released in 1993, produced by the outstanding Jaz Coleman and recorded in the legendary York Street Studios in Parnell. Churn was the first album to be recorded at the iconic studios, and so it was fitting that Shihad's 2014 album FVEY was also recorded there, again with Jaz at the helm.

Fast forward to 2018 and Shihad have released nine studio albums (five of which went to #1 in NZ), 3 EPs and countless memorable singles, survived a name change, personal triumphs and tragedies, travelled allover the world with endless tours, sold out headline shows and shared stages at major local and international festivals and toured with musical heroes such as Motorhead, Metallica, Faith No More and AC/DC.

In 2010 Shihad was inducted into the New Zealand Music’s Hall Of Fame. And just like Neil Finn, Russell Crowe and every other successful person or idea to come out of NZ - Australia quickly adopted them as their own, showering them with ARIA nominations, adoration and ownership of their global success.

To celebrate 30 years, Shihad will be undertaking a national tour, and releasing their classic LP The General Electric, also celebrating twenty years since its release, on vinyl for the first time.

Mediaworks Radio Presents All Major New Zealand Summer Festivals For 2018/19


The forecast for this summer has just gotten hotter with MediaWorks’ Radio brands presenting all of the major summer festivals in New Zealand for the 2018/19 season. With a clean sweep of the country’s biggest music festivals - including Rhythm and VinesBay Dreams, Northern Bass, Homegrown and Electric Avenue - MediaWorks Radio brands will be at every major festival across the country with  listeners and fans as they welcome in the New Year and celebrate well into the summer.

MediaWorks has partnered with legendary New Year’s festival Rhythm and Vines for the past six years and, once again, George FM will be the presenting media partner, with support from Mai FM. Rhythm and Vines has had a legacy of international acts perform for thousands of its Kiwi fans in recent years including Schoolboy Q, Chance the Rapper, Calvin Harris, Rudimental and Wiz Khalifa. The 2018/19 line-up will be released in coming weeks. 

This summer marks the first time The Edge has been associated with Bay Dreams, which takes place in Mount Maunganui and also launches for the first time in Nelson. The festival has released a huge first line-up, featuring international chart-topper Cardi B headlining at both events, along with American hip hop trio Migos in The Mount. With more than 20 acts playing both festivals, the line-up also includes legendary Kiwi act Shapeshifter and Australian artists Tash Sultana, Sticky Fingers and Peking Duk playing in both locations.

Jim Beam Homegrown is MediaWorks’ longest standing festival partnership extending for over 10 years. The Rock, The Edge, More FM, Mai FM and George FM all own a stage at Homegrown with each stage appealing to the music taste of each of the brands. Homegrown has been a staple event in the capital for the past decade and is the number one place to see the very best of our country’s local acts.

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NZ MMF Announce New Seminars in Waikato and Bay Of Plenty

Following the outstanding success of the ‘Make Money From Your Music’ seminars, the NZ Music Managers Forum, with thanks to NZ On Air and the Creative Communities Scheme in Hamilton and Tauranga, are returning to Waikato and Bay of Plenty with the essential Stage Two seminar ‘Marketing and Promoting Your Music’. 

How musicians release and promote contemporary music has changed considerably in the last couple of years with an increased focus on digital. Over 70% of the New Zealand Music Industry income is from streaming, but this means that an artist is competing to have their music consumed in one big worldwide digital store. In order to cut through they need to be active across many promotional channels. With record labels signing fewer artists direct, it is important that managers and musicians learn these skills for their independent releases. 

This not to be missed seminar will cover all avenues of releasing, marketing and promoting music including the various ways to release a song, EP or album, distribution – digital and physical, P.R., bio’s, press releases, tips for pitching to media, marketing, digital marketing, social media, playlists and radio airplay.

Tuesday September 11th   Tauranga – Totara Street
Wednesday September 12th Hamilton – Meteor Theatre
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(in alphabetical order)

Local Gigs

13 September @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
14 September @ San Fran, Wellington
15 September @ The Cook, Dunedin
17 September @ Whammy, Auckland
Dead Favours with The Iron Eye
14 September @ Galatos, Auckland
15 September @ Churchills, Christchurch
6 September @ Walter Nash Stadium, Wellington
7 September @ The Royal, Palmerston North
8 September @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth
13 September @ Altitude, Hamilton
14 September @ Powerstation, Auckland
15 September @ Baypark Stadium, Mt Maunganui
Don McGlashan
13 September @ Butter Factory, Whangarei
14 September @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
15 September @ Sir Don Rowlands Centre, Cambridge
20 September @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
21 September @ Dome Cinema, Gisborne
22-23 September @ Paisley Stage, Napier
27 September @ Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru
28 September @ Arts Festival, Dunedin
29 September @ Southland Musician's Club, Invercargill
7 September @ Folk Club, Katikati
8 September @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
14 September @ Le Cafe, Picton
15 September @ House Concert, Nelson
16 September @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
19 September @ Donovan's Store, Okarito
20 September @ The Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru
21 September @ Sherwood, Queenstown
23 September @ New Edinburgh Folk Club, Dunedin
28 September @ Globe Theatre, Palmerston North
29 September @ St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki
Ghost Who Walks with Dr. Reknaw and G Major
20 September @ Valhalla, Wellington
Holly Arrowsmith
6 September @ Common Room, Hastings
7 September @ Meow, Wellington
Julie Lamb Outfit
13 September @ Lyttelton Records, Lyttelton
14 September @ Dawsons Hotel, Reefton
15 September @ The Mussel Inn, Golden Bay
14-15 September @ Loco, Queenstown
21 September @ Memorial Hall, Kaikoura
22 September @ The Bedford Bigtop, Christchurch
28 September @ Kamo Hotel, Whangarei
29 September @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
LMM Network Gig
29 September @ Lovelands, Wellington
Mitch James
19 September @ San Fran, Wellington
21 September @ The Foundry, Christchurch
22 September @ Town Hall, Dunedin
28 September @ Powerstation, Auckland
NZTrio Presents Braid
23 & 25 September @ Q Theatre, Auckland
26 September @ City Gallery, Wellington
Rhian Sheehan
29 September @ Town Hall, Dunedin
Sons of Zion
7 September @ Ubar, Dunedin
8 September @ The Foundry, Christchurch
Summer Thieves
5 September @ Fat Eddie's Christchurch
6 September @ Vault 21, Dunedin
7 September @ Yonder, Queenstown
8 September @ Post Office Lane, Wanaka
22 September @ Jack Hackett's, Wellington
12 September @ The Clare Inn, Auckland
14-15 September @ Town Hall, Auckland
The Chills
14 September @ Altitude, Hamilton
15 September @ Dome Cinema, Gisborne
16 September @ Cabana, Napier
20 September @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
21 September @ 50 Gorillas, Dunedin
22 September @ Water Bar, Wanaka
27 September @ San Fran, Wellington
28 September @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth
29 September @ The Globe, Palmerston North
30 September @ St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki
The Rock 1500 with Blindspott
21 September @ Powerstation, Auckland
12 September @ Ante Social, Auckland
13 September @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
14 September @ The Stomach, Palmerston North
The Output Project: I
22 September @ The Exchange, Christchurch
The Warratahs
21 September @ Cosmopolitan Club, Upper Hutt
23 September @ St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki
28 September @ Lucky Bar, Whanganui
29 September @ Town Hall, Eltham
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
5 September @ The Foundry, Christchurch
6 September @ Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin
7 September @ Hunter Lounge, Wellington
8 September @ Town Hall, Auckland
Yukon Era with Soda Boyz
27 September @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
28 September @ Whammy, Auckland
29 September @ Caroline, Wellington
30 September @ The Stomach, Palmerston North
4 October @ Dark Room, Christchurch
5 October @ The Crown, Dunedin
6 October @ Yonder, Queenstown

International Gigs

17 September @ Whammy, Auckland
18 September @ Club Tavern, Christchurch
19 September @ Valhalla, Wellington
21-22 September @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Gaz Coombes (Supergrass)
17 September @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Jhene Aiko with Ladi6
20 September @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
26 September @ Whammy, Auckland
27 September @ Valhalla, Wellington
Morse Gang
6 September @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
7 September @ Ruakaka Tavern, Ruakaka
8 September @ Galatos, Auckland
13 September @ Mitchell Downs Tavern, Rotorua
14 September @ The Local, Hamilton
15 September @ Shipwreck Bar, Gisborne
20 September @ Suburbia, Dunedin
21 September @ Barluca, Invercargill
22 September @ The Club Tavern, Christchurch
27 September @ Cabana, Napier
28 September @ The Ledge Bar, Porirua
29 September @ The Frank Bar and Eatery, Whanganui
4-5 September, 7-8 September, 10-11 September @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Rick Ross
25 September @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
Tech N9ne with Krizz Kaliko
7 September @ Powerstation, Auckland
8 September @ San Fran, Wellington
The Black Dahlia Murder
29 September @ Valhalla, Wellington
30 September @ Whammy, Auckland
The Dire Straits Experience
27 September @ ASB Theatre, Auckland
The Johnnys
26 September @ The Cook, Dunedin
27 September @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
28 September @ San Fran, Wellington
29 September @ Galatos, Auckland
30 September @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
Vance Joy
29 September @ Town Hall, Auckland
Wolf Alice
30 September @ Powerstation, Auckland


Dead Favours Prize Pack Giveaway

Having just released their new single On Your Own and after a huge first half of 2018 sharing the stage with the likes of Royal Blood and Rise Against as well as appearing at both Jim Beam Homegrown and Demon Energy Rock the Park, Dead Favours are proud to announce their very first headline shows, and they’re not half-assing it!

On Friday 14th September at Galatos Basement in Auckland and Saturday 15th September at Churchills in Christchurch, Dead Favours will be joined by their Australian comrades The Iron Eye, a rock trio hailing from Brisbane who will be making their first appearance in New Zealand

Muzic.net.nz is thrilled to give away 2 Dead Favours prize packs!
Each prize pack contains a double pass to a show of your choice, and a super limited edition Dead Favours EP.

Enter today for your chance to win, on the Muzic.net.nz Facebook page.

Dead Favours Tour Feature

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ASHY Interview

ASHY is a young solo artist from Christchurch who gained the attention of both the local and international pop markets with her second single Jersey and has just dropped her latest single Over You. We caught up while she was in Auckland on business for a quick chat about song writing, music videos and her plans for the future.

Read what Ashy had to say here

Ashy Muzic.net.nz Artist Page

Inside The Muzic Interviews


Putting out a new release every six months, SWIDT are certainly prolific writers at the moment. Having just released their latest offering, The Most Electrifying EP, the Inside the Muzic crew were visited by SPYCC and INF to have a chat about how they got their start in the music industry, the amazing chemistry that they have as friends and musicians to create without conflict, as well as looking over their achievements so far. Particular attention was given to the story behind No Emotions In The Wild, a track that was written to bring to light toxic masculinity and the effect that the Harden Up mentality has had on the current generations.


Fighting sickness ahead of their upcoming New Zealand tour, Jennie and Nail from Devilskin road-tripped from Hamilton to Auckland (in peak traffic!) to come chat with the Inside the Muzic crew. Looking at the bands that they started with, Devilskin’s formation, and the rapid evolution from a fun part-time schtick into a full music career, involving tours with international bands such as Halestorm. We tried our best to get to the heart of what has led to Devilskin’s intense popularity; is it remaining independent, the hard work of their manager, their connections with their fans, street team & music community, or simply the quality of their back catalogue?

New Reviews


Check out our latest reviews at the below links:

Bulletbelt - Single Review: Faster Than Death
Written by Alex M

Gig Review: World Domination @ The Crown Hotel, Dunedin - 4 August 2018
Written by Darryl

Ghost Who Walks - Single Review: Walking Talking Blues
Written by Paul G

Album Review: Hive Mind
Written by Carl

Darryl Baser - LP Review: Raw Selfie
Written by Corinne

Blair Jollands - Album Review: 7 Blood
Written by Kris

Gig Review: Left or Right @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 13/07/2018
Written by Sarah

Bingo Fighter - Single Review: I’ve Got Zero Attention
Written by Alex M

Gig Review: The Jordan Luck Band & Ekko Park @ Cosmopolitan Club, Pukekohe - 4/08/2018
Written by Kerry M

Gig Review: Celine Dion @ Spark Arena, Auckland - 11/08/2018
Written by Reef

Eight Eyed Orchid - Single Review: Petrichor
Written by Terry

Vince Harder - EP Review: Colours
Written by Alex M

SWIDT - EP Review: The Most Electrifying
Written by James CK

Lookin Up - Single Review: Enough
Written by Amanda H

PlasticGroove - Single Review: Me and You
Written by Alex M

Corduroy - Single Review: The Usual
Written by Alex M

Vallé - Single Review: Love Me
Written by Andrew

Aaron Carpenter and The Revelators - EP Review: Roll with the Punches
Written by Peter-James

Michael Signal - EP Review: Direct Injection
Written by Carl

Ghost Who Walks - EP Review: Ghost Who Walks
Written by Paul G

Gig Review: Katy Perry @ Spark Arena, Auckland - 20/08/2018
Written by Sarah

Bill Direen and The Bilders - LP Review: Cut
Written by Darryl

Gig Review: Holly Arrowsmith @ Fairfield House, Nelson - 22/08/2018
Written by Jacquie

Gig Review: Queens of the Stone Age @ Spark Arena, Auckland 23/08/2018
Written by Alex M

Sins of Eve - Demo Review: Sins of Eve
Written by Rupa

JCK - Album Review: Input/Output
Written by Corinne

Captain Festus McBoyle and His Motley Crew - Single Review: The Little Things
Written by Terry

Jessy & The Volunteers - Single Review: Night Watch
Written by Paul T Gheist

LA Thompson - Single Review: It's Raining
Written by Carl

Gig Review: Julia Deans @ 50 Gorillas, Dunedin - 23/08/2018
Written by Darryl

Gig Review: Die! Die! Die! @ The Captain Cook Tavern, Dunedin - 24/08/2018
Written by Darryl

Gig review: Bob Dylan @ Horncastle Arena, Christchurch - 28/08/2018
Written by Jacquie

Gig Review: Jessy & the Volunteers @ Anthology Lounge, Auckland - 24/08/2018
Written by Alex

Gig Review: Pink @ Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin - 01/09/2018
Written by Jacquie


New Photos

Our photographers have uploaded some outstanding photos during the past month - check them out at the below links:

Pieces of Molly
Casper Thomson
Photos by Bevan

Minimal Silence
Photos by Nikita

Drax Project
Julia Deans
Emily Fairlight
Photos by Nichole

Celine Dion
Ha The Unclear
Photos by Chris Z

Katchafire with JFM, The Generation and Tiger Hour
Hamilton's 10th Annual Circle Jerk
Photos by Alex J

Emily Fairlight
Tom Cunliffe
Photos by Amanda H

Queens of the Stone Age
C.W. Stoneking
Julia Deans
Photos by Chris M

Die! Die! Die!
Wet Specimen
Death And The Maiden
Photos by Roger

Graham Brazier's One Night Only
Sons of Zion
Photos by Ginelle

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and The Phoenix Foundation
Julia Deans
Photos by Adam

Sons of Zion
Photos by Reef

Summer Thieves
Photos by Steve

[email protected] if you would like us to photograph you. 

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