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Newsletter Issue #499: 01 Oct 2017

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October Newsletter

Welcome to October everyone!

My favourite month has finally rolled around! and not just for the cool events that take place (Halloween anyone?) but for the amount of upcoming gigs that are happening around the country. Maybe it's that October is the real start of Spring, so you know Summer is just dying to peek it's head around the corner, which means warm/hot nights, cold beers and lots of live music. It's the best! Nothing compares.

Anyway, I digress. This month we have another newsletter full to the brim of awesome. We kick things off with Coridian, who are about to unveil their second release, Caldera. We have a chinwag with Devilskin's own, Paul Martin on the eve of their much talked about 2017 NZ tour, and we find out who is Manzo, aka Alan Hodgetts. We also check in on Knightshade, who dropped their new single U Say on September 29!

We catch up with Kong Fooey who have been hard at work over winter recording new sounds for their upcoming EP. We also showcase our latest Inside The Music interviews, with Static Era, Gold Medal Famous and The Nudge.

As usual, we have all you need to know in music news and upcoming events so you don't miss out!

Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team.


From destruction and forces of nature a Caldera is formed. 
Overtime this crater is healed and life springs inside - becoming a new living form of nature.

Coridian are ready to unveil their second release Caldera. With the the help of Zorran Mendonsa, this "packet of sound" includes two released singles Blind Faith and Reflections as well as four new songs that have been road tested on stage.

Caldera showcases Coridian's development as a band. "We have found our sound with Zorran and have crafted it into what we believe is our best work to date."

The music carries highs and lows, with emotive lyrics, a massive rhythm section, epic guitars which are sewn together with soaring vocals.

With Caldera being released, Coridian will be playing a handful of tour shows mixed in with some festival dates, riding high from their support slot on the Devilskin 2017 tour in October. Ending 2017 out, Coridian will also be releasing their next music video.

2018 will see Coridian continuing to explore new cities on tour, to be announced in December.

"Our pursuit for radio domination is high on the list for 2018 as well more new music and our debut South Island trek."

Coridian are Dity Maharaj (vocals), Mike Raven (guitar), Kris Raven (drums) and Nick Raven (bass).

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 REVIEW: Coridian @ Totara St, Mt Maunganui - 19/05/2017
REVIEW: Reflections
REVIEW: Blind Faith

PHOTO GALLERY: Coridian @ Totara St, Mt Maunganui -  19/05/2017
PHOTO GALLERY: Coridian @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 20/05/17
PHOTO GALLERY: Coridian @ Lovelands, Wellington - 26/05/17
PHOTO GALLERY: Coridian @ Backbeat, Auckland - 24/06/17
PHOTO GALLERY: Coridian @ Auckland City Rock Fest - Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 19/08/17



Before heading out on the road for their 2017 NZ Tour, Paul Martin from {Devilskin} took the time to answer a quick Q&A for muzic.net.nz:

It’s been almost a year since we last had a proper Q&A with the band, and of course, since then you have released your second album Be Like The River. How has the album been received, compared to your debut album We Rise?

It's been received very well. I think the first album really opened a lot of doors and minds. Especially with media overseas. The reviews for Be Like The River have been glowing, we couldn't be happier with the way it's been received.

Arguably, our population size does make it difficult to pull off large extensive national tours. Having toured internationally now, how do New Zealand crowds compare to those overseas?

We haven't had any trouble pulling off large or extensive NZ tours. Our We Rise album tour sold out 21 of the 24 dates if I'm not mistaken. Our Wellington show for the coming tour (this October) sold out 6 weeks prior to the gig. Invercargill and Hamilton are close behind. The crowds we get here in NZ are pretty passionate, we are getting some great crowds in the UK and Germany now but nothing beats the buzz of a home crowd.

In June, you guys got to perform at the Download Festival. Were you the first NZ band actually based in NZ to get invited to perform? And what could you tell us about that experience?

Yes as far as I know we were. It was a brilliant weekend. Such a buzz seeing so many of our favourite artists all in one place, bumping into some of your heroes backstage is pretty awesome. I was struck by the sheer size of Download, it's really well run and a great vibe, everyone was super friendly. We all had a blast!

How does the touring life impact you all personally? From last October until March, you effectively had three tours back to back. How have the family and jobs adapted to sharing you with your Devilskin commitments?

We have very supportive partners and families who understand the rock'n'roll game that comes with the territory. It's certainly a lot of sacrifice from all sides but we make it work.

When you tour overseas do you get much of a chance to take in the sights and check out other shows? Are there any musical acts out there that you would recommend us to check out?

We rarely get time off when we are touring but we definitely make the most of it when we do. We all love being tourists and all the amazing history of the places we travel. We got invited to a Lita Ford show which was pretty cool. We don't often get to check out many other bands unless they are on our bill. A few bands we toured with that we really enjoyed are Tiberius, Eva Plays Dead, Scarlett Riot and of course Sumo Cyco!

You’re about to embark on another New Zealand tour, with 7 dates around the country. You’re also bringing over the Canadian punk/metal act Sumo Cyco, with whom you toured the UK with earlier in the year. How did this working relationship start? Did it have anything to do with them also being a female-fronted band from Hamilton?

We are both signed to the same booking agent in the UK so they basically threw us together. The fact they are from Hamilton and have a female vocalist is pure serendipity. We had a lot of fun on tour and we have a lot respect for them. Hands down the hardest working band I've ever met and super nice people. We are so stoked we could get them over here.

On the previous tour, you had the same supporting band throughout the tour. This tour you have five different local bands supporting you across the tour. What made you decide to do it that way instead?

We have Sumo Cyco at all the shows on this tour and different local acts opening. It's not feasible to take an opening band on the whole tour. We are rapt to be able to share the love and have five great bands join us.

Devilskin have taken the country by storm, and are arguably a household name now. Does this mean the band may take more risks in their musical style in the future? Or will the direction of the band continue to focus on radio-friendly tracks?

Are you serious? Haha. Our focus has never been on radio friendly tracks, ever. We write what we want and what we feel and we always have. We've had decent radio play with a few singles for sure but that has never been our focus, If you have listened to our albums you would hear songs like Until You BleedGraveFYIElvis Presley Circle Pit, radio friendly do you think? How about In BlackViolationWe RiseLimbsDirtHouse 13GraveCherophobiaSurrenderBurning Tree and The Whale Song? You won't hear them on commercial radio. So I take issue with your 'continue to focus on radio-friendly tracks' statement. Our brand new material runs the gamut from the heaviest we have written two bare ballads, but as yet I personally wouldn't call any of it radio friendly. We are four unique songwriters who are passionate about our craft, we don't actively try and write for a specific sound. Never.

Haha fair enough. You guys enjoy using props on stage, from chainsaws to gas cannons. Have there been any other prop ideas that didn’t pan out?

No, apart from getting my beard frozen when I get too close to the cannons. We like to create drama and a scene for the songs. We have always dressed the stage to make it look stunning and visually arresting. We want the crowd to feel part of a bigger picture and climb inside the songs with us.

Spending so much time together, you must all get along really well. Are there any good touring stories?

We do get along well, very well, except for this one time in Dusseldorf where we were loading into two vans to go to the railway station and travel to London and we left Nail behind. Or the same day in another part of Germany when we were going to kill our manager but we were too tired from lugging all of our suitcases, backline and merch up a dozen flights of stairs and 2.5kms to the wrong platform. Apart from that we mostly don't try to kill each other.

Which stop on the tour are you looking forward to the most? Will it be playing at Auckland’s Powerstation, in your own hometown, or something completely different?

Invercargill is the one I'm looking forward to the most. We had to miss them out on the last tour so we're really keen to put on a killer show for them and catch up with some good friends. Also it's the first show so we are pumped! It's hard to pick a favourite city as we get a great reception in all of them to be honest. Christchurch is pretty special and it's always fun playing to a packed out Powerstation. So yeah all of them!!

Thanks for taking to time to answer these questions. Good luck with the tour, and I’ll see you all at the Powerstation on the 21st of October.

Devilskin are Jennie Skulander (vocals), Nail (guitar), Paul Martin (bass) and Nic Martin (drums).


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Manzo is the musical alias of outsider visual artist and frustrated public servant, Alan Hodgetts.
Described as "creating a unique aggregate that is invigorating to listen to", Manzo's new album Outsider was released on 2 September. Entering the NZ Album Charts at #8, and the IMNZ and Heatseeker Charts at #2, Outsider is an album that talks about the frustrations and flaws of our modern world to anybody that understands how it feels to be perceived as different. Alan answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

I was brought up in Porirua, in a household full of music. My mum was a concert violinist, and at the age of 10 I taught myself how to play drums along to Beatles songs. I’ve always needed creative outlets, from filming and editing in my 20’s through to being an exhibiting visual artist in my later life. However, my actual involvement in writing and recording music has only been in the last few years.

It’s come about really as a creative spin-off from my visual art. I find music gives me a more popular platform to share my ideas and observations, whilst also providing greater opportunity for creative collaboration. I don’t sing so well, so I need to bring in vocal talent, and this has brought about fabulous new friendships with all the artists that feature on Outsider.

For me, with age has come the realisation that life is way too short, along with the attitude to just ‘give it a go’!

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Like many people, music has been important to me throughout my life. I lived in Birmingham in the UK in the 80's. Working in the inner city through industrial decline, and the bands and music I listened to at that time, definitely influenced tracks on both of my albums. 

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job, etc?

Actually the frustrations of my job in the public service inspire me creatively, so when something drives me crazy I tend to retire to my studio and get it all off my chest!

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

He is not with us anymore, but it would have to be John Lennon. I wonder about what he would be saying about our world  if he was here today. Such fierce intelligence, sometimes caustic, but what a tragic loss to music and the world.


Outsider was released on 2 September 2017. It is Manzo's second studio album and features a range of guest vocalists and musicians from the Wellington region. Bandcamp Link

The Angel on your Shoulder single was released on 4 August 2017. It introduces Anny da Silva Freitas, whose soulful vocal performance embodies the essence of love, loss, emptiness and hope. Bandcamp Link

The A Box of Time single was released on 15 September 2017. It introduces the vocals of Allan Taotua and Frobman in a lively rap bemoaning the frantic nature of our modern world, the things that frustrate and get in the way of us doing what we really want. Bandcamp Link


Manzo is Alan Hodgetts


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Knightshade is a New Zealand rock/hardrock group. After the big gig last year in Hamilton, (to a sold of crowd at Altitude), the band returned to the studio to finish off 4 of their new recordings, the latest of which, a single called U Say, is due out on 29 October, 2017. A live concert DVD will follow later in the year, with samples from the show being uploaded soon to the Knightshade YouTube channel. Another single has already begun production, which will be announced later in the year or early next year.

Recording sessions started for the new material towards the end of 2015 and into 2016, but were stalled after a member's health deteriorated. After 3 or 4 months, their health temporarily returned and the band decided to announce one final gig, scheduled for 6 August, 2016. The band rehearsed for nearly 3 months, with Gael Ludlow joining them to add her legendary vocals for the song Out for the Count. By the time of the gig, the Altitude venue in Hamilton had sold out, with people coming from all over New Zealand for their last chance to experience the band live. Some fans even flew across the Tasman Sea to see the gig. It was a very special night with the band performing for over 2 hours. A camera crew filmed the concert and have been slowly editing the footage for a full length Live DVD. (hopefully due out at the end of 2017). 

At the same time, the band have been polishing their new single, U Say (due out on 29 October 2017). This is the first of 4 new songs to be released by Knightshade over the next few months. The live concert DVD is another big anticipated release, hopefully to be ready by Christmas this year. Due to the health of two Knightshade members, this project has been delayed and taken much longer than we thought, so please understand if this takes a little longer than advertised. In any case, nothing ever happens overnight with Knightshade, as the band are true perfectionists. The DVD will feature most of last year's concert from the two hour set, shot by at least five different video cameras, and being edited slowly but surely. The opening sequence is stunning, as the band make their entrance onto stage and launch into their song Living A Life. There are plenty of crowd shots so, if you were in the audience near the front, expect to see yourself in the footage. Rik is working hard in the studio, along with Scott McDonald, with finishing off the audio mixing of the live audio recordings. So far it’s sounding "very fat and stadium like”,  "Truly an epic production quality, and we know that the fans will enjoy watching and re-living the night “ - (quote from Kingsley Smith)

Final statement to fans: there was some confusion that the band were breaking up after the big gig last year, but it was in fact only mean’t to be the last ‘live’ performance from the band. And because live performance is a huge part of what Knightshade are about, it kind of felt like they were saying goodbye, to some extent. The band always intended to continue in the studio, health permitting. And who knows what the future may bring. There’s always a chance the band will return for another live show down the track, so watch this space!

Knightshade are Wayne Elliott (vocals), Rik Bernards (guitar), Scott Williams (drums), Craig Pollock (guitar),
Neil McDonald (bass) and Kingsley Smith (keyboards).


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Photo courtesy of No Limitz Photography


Kong Fooey hasn’t been idle over the winter months, but in full production mode writing for our new EP. Our first single Feel Your Soul featuring David Haslett is dropping October 6 and is best described as modern disco nu funk. This is the first of 3 singles to be released from the brand new EP called Feel The Love

We plan to release this EP in early 2018 and will again feature Maitreya, Topaz and David Haslett. We are looking forward to playing some shows over Summer to promo the new songs. The new material is a little different to our 2015 album Final Destination, the funk and the groove are still there, but the production is bigger and and with a unique fusion of styles, fusing house, nu funk, trap, soul, disco and hip-hop together, it's definitely going to be a unique and fun release. We plan to release a couple videos over the next 6 months too. It’s so good to be writing and releasing music again after a year off writing. Good times ahead indeed!

Kong Fooey are 
Jason Peters, Jamie 'Maitreya' Greenslade and Alice 'Topaz' Egan

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INSIDE THE MUSIC: Latest Video Interviews

October has been an incredible month for our Inside the Music video interview series. Check out the latest interviews at the below links -

Earlier in the month, they interviewed Chris Yong and Emma Ghaemmaghamy of Static Era. Featuring an exclusive acoustic performance of their Dear Me and Nobody's Toy:

Further down the track, it was Chris Wilson of Wellington's Gold Medal Famous turn:

And more recently, we had the pleasure of talking to The Nudge:

Thanks Chris Morgan, Alex Moulton, Black Jones and Steve Bone for making these interviews a reality.

Inside the Music on YouTube


Winners Announced For the 2017 APRA Silver Scroll Awards

Lorde has won the 2017 APRA Silver Scroll Award for her international hit song Green Light.

Ella Yelich O’Connor, along with her co-writers Jack Antonoff and Joel Little were unable to be at the ceremony held at the Dunedin Town Hall last night, but were thrilled to win the award, and Ella sent this message from America.

“I can’t believe it. I really wanted to win the Silver Scroll Award, I just feel like it’s so prestigious and important. I always love and respect the songs that end up in the Silver Scrolls. Thank you for honouring Green Light, which is a song I love so much, and am so proud of. The second it came out, I knew it felt like a bit of my heart, right in the song. Thank you so much, I wish I was there!”

It’s the third time Lorde has been a finalist in her short career, and her second win with co-writer Joel Little, after being awarded the trophy for Royals in 2013. The award acknowledges excellence in songwriting and has been given to some of the most recognisable names and songs in New Zealand music during its 52 year history, from The Swingers’ Counting The Beat and Bic Runga’s Drive to Scribe and P-Money’s Not Many.

Full Article

2017 Artisan Awards Finalist Announcement

After Joel Little claimed two Music Awards at the inaugural event in 2016, the Artisan Awards return on 25 October to celebrate New Zealand’s best behind-the-scenes music talent.

There is an impressive set of finalists set to be honoured at this year’s event with Tuis presented for Massey University Best Producer, Best Engineer, Best Album Cover and NZ On Air Best Music Video. 

The Massey University Best Producer finalists are Ben Edwards for his work on Nadia Reid’s album Preservation, SmokeyGotBeatz for producing Stoneyhunga for his band SWIDT, and Leisure who produced their own self-titled album.

Ben Edwards gets another nod for Best Engineer also for his work on Nadia Reid’s album Preservation, joining Clint Murphy for Devilskin’s Be Like The River, and Chris Chetland for A Place to Stand by Rei.

Recognising  the top music video creators of the past year, they are Sam Kristofski for his Fazerdaze creation Lucky Girl, Dan Watkins (Reel Factory) for Shapeshifter’s Her, and rounding out the NZ on Air Best Music Video finalists is Joel Kefali for Got It Bad by Leisure.

Henrietta Harris was previously a finalist for Best Album Cover in 2014 and she returns this year for her work on Grayson Gilmour’s Otherness. Joining Henrietta is Dean Poole and Tyrone Ohia (Alt Group)  for Shapeshifter’s Stars and Jamie Robertson for String Theory by Fly My Pretties.

Full Article

NZ Music Video Directors Directory Now Online

NZMusician.co.nz is pleased to announce the addition of another super helpful tool for New Zealand musicians, a new online Music Video Directors directory.

Five times a year NZ On Air announces New Music Single recording and Video funding for as many as 25 new tracks – many for relatively new acts who haven’t yet had the chance to work with a professional video director or make a quality music video.

Now there’s a comprehensive free database of experienced and active local music video makers, that includes full contact details plus links to some of their most recent work. The directory listings also provide directors with the chance to identify any particular areas of specialisation.

Launching with almost 50 experienced local (plus one London-based) music video directors, this handy guide can be found under ‘Directories’ – ‘Music Video Directors’ at www.NZMusician.co.nz.

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The Clean to be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame

APRA will honour the contribution The Clean have made to music in Aotearoa when Hamish Kilgour, David Kilgour, Robert Scott, and Peter Gutteridge are inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at the 2017 APRA Silver Scroll Awards.

The New Zealand Music Hall of Fame pays tribute to songwriters, musicians and acts that have made a significant impact on life and culture through their music.

The much-loved Dunedin indie trio was formed by David and Hamish Kilgour and the late Peter Gutteridge as part of the nation's late 1970's punk experiment, and they found their feet with new bass player Robert Scott in the even busier 1980's post-punk scene.

While they may have broken up for a time in the early 80's, their music proved irrepressible, with multiple hit songs and EPs like Tally Ho!Boodle Boodle Boodle, and Live Dead Clean entering and re-entering the charts, and making them famous in Australia, Europe, UK, and North America, even when the band were on hiatus.

Full Article

Maisey Rika and Troy Kingi Dominate at the 10th Annual Waiata Maori Music Awards

Singer/songwriter Maisey Rika dominated the night with four wins at the 10th Annual Waiata Māori Music Awards which were held in Hastings on Friday. Her wins included Best Traditional Māori Album (Te Reo Māori), Best Māori Female Solo Artist, Best Song by a Māori Artist and the Best Māori Songwriter Award. Musician Troy Kingi took out the awards for Best Māori Pop Artist and the Best Māori Male Solo Artist Award.
Other winners on the night included Wellington hip hop artist Rei (aka Callum Rei McDougall) who was named Best Māori Urban Artist, Israel Starr who won the Best Roots/Reggae Award and Stan Walker whose video for New Takeover, which was directed and produced by Shae Sterling, won Best Video by a Māori Artist.
Amba Holly, a singer/songwriter and the Waiata Māori Music Award Winner for Best Female Solo Artist 2016, took out the Radio Airplay Song of the Year by a Māori Artist in Te Reo Māori Award with her track Mau Tonu while Six60’s Mother’s Eyes was named Radio Airplay Song of the Year by a Māori Artist.
Two Emerging Artists were also named by the awards this year: up-and-coming singer and member of the Maimoa Music collective Kaaterama Pou was named Emerging Artist in the Under 25 category while Ohakune-based roots/reggae band Common Unity were awarded in the Over 25 category.
Three iconic Māori artists were previously named recipients of posthumous awards. They include: 1970s popstar Bunny Walters who received the Music Industry Award, Whakaaria Mai and Tutira Mai Nga Iwi composer Canon Wi Te Tau Huatawho was awarded the Music Composers Award (Historical) and Tainui waka performing arts stalwart, the late Kiritokia Ete Tomairangi Paki, was named the 2017 Kaitiaki Tikanga Pūoru (Keeper of Traditions).

The ceremony included performances from Maimoa, Teeks, Seth HaapuGrove RootsVallkyrieAlien Weaponry, Kahurangi Dance Company, Rugged & Wylde and Bella Kalolo who sang a rendition of Bunny Walters' 1970's hit Brandy.

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First Artist for WOMAD 2018 Revealed

WOMAD 2018 Announces Two New Artists To The Bill

Bay Dreams Announces Massive Lineup For Pre-Party

Bay Dreams 2018 Second Announcement

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2018 Line-up


- New Releases -


- October 2017 Gigs & Tours -

(in no particular order)


6-7 October @ San Fran, Wellington
5 October @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 6 October @ Uxbridge Arts Centre, Howick
7 October @ 4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth - 14 October @ The Third Eye, Wellington
5 October @ Tillermans, Invercargill with Empire - 6 October @ Union Hall, Dunedin
7 October @ The Bedford, Christchurch with Setting Fire To Stacey
13 October @ San Fran, Wellington with Curlys Jewels - 14 October @ Altitude, Hamilton with His Masters Voice
20 October @ Bay Park Stadium, Mt Maunganui with Coridian
21 October @ Powerstation, Auckland with His Masters Voice
5 October @ Civic Theatre, Rotorua - 6 October @ Theatre Royal, New Plymouth
7 October @ Riley Centre, Wellington High School, Wellington - 8 October @ Great Lakes Centre, Taupo
12 October @ War Memorial Hall, Kaikohe - 13 October @ Capitaine Bougainville Theatre, Forum North, Whangarei
14 October @ Crystal Palace, Auckland - 15 October @ Little Theatre, Whakatane
6 October @ Town Hall, Pukekohe - 7 October @ War Memorial Civic Centre, Thames
12 October @ Deluxe Theatre, Opotiki, 13 October @ War Memorial, Gisborne - 14 October @ Municipal Theatre, Napier 20-21 October @ Great Lakes Centre, Taupo - 22 October @ Clarence Street Theatre, Hamilton
5 October @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 6 October @ Crystal Palace, Auckland
6 October @ Lucky Bar, Whanganui - 7 October @ Meow, Wellington
7-15 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
20 October @ San Fran, Wellington - 22 October @ Tuning Fork, Auckland - 28 October @ Baycourt Theatre, Tauranga
7 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch - 20 October @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 28 October @ San Fran, Wellington
4 October @ The Bay Hall, Timaru - 6 October @ New Brighton Club, Christchurch
RockFest 2017
Featuring RemoteCoridian, Play Big, Battlecat, Deathnir, The Carradines, The Eternal Sea
and Apollo SteamTrain
28 October @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
3 October @ CHB Municipal Theatre, Waipawa - 4 October @ Gateway Theatre, Whakatane
5 October @ Deluxe Theatre, Opotiki - 6 October @ Town Hall, Whitianga - 7 October @ The Club, Coromandel
8 October @ Kauaeranga Hall - Kauaeranga - 10 October @ Little Theatre, Tokoroa
11 October @ Royal Whanganui Opera House, Whanganui - 13 October @ Little Theatre, Picton
14 October @ The Playhouse Theatre, Mapua - 15 October @ The Mussel Inn, Onekaka
17 October @ Reefton Club, Reefton - 18 October @ Barrytown Hall, Barrytown
19 October @ Old Lodge Theatre, Hokitika - 21 October @ Balcairn Public Hall, Balcairn
22 October @ Ashburton Trust Event Centre, Ashburton - 23 October @ The Laboratory, Lincoln
25 October @ Old Lodge Theatre, Geraldine - 26 October @ Inkbox Theatre, Opera House, Oamaru
27 October @ Lake Hawea Community Centre, Hawea - 28 October @ Presbyterian Church, Cromwell
29 October @ Eastern Southland Gallery, Gore - 31 October @ Community Centre, Stewart Island
6 October @ The Refinery, Paeroa - 7 October @ The Incubator, Tauranga - 12 October @ The Common Room, Hastings
13 October @ Raglan Old School Arts Centre, Raglan - 21 October @ Freida Margolis, Auckland
26 October @ Purple Rain, Dunedin - 27 October @ Sherwood, Queenstown
28 October @ Space Academy, Christchurch
27 October @ San Fran, Wellington - 28 October @ Black Estate, Waipara - 29 October @ Plato, Dunedin
14 October @ Theatre Royal, Nelson
Bic Runga
20 October @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
Reb Fountain
6 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch - 7 October @ Plato, Dunedin
Graeme James
27 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch - 28 October @ Benessere Studios, Dunedin


Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox
3 October @ Opera House, Wellington
9 October @ Powerstation, Auckland - 10 October @ Opera House, Wellington
5 October @ Studio, Auckland
13 October @ Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington - 14 October @ ASB Theatre, Auckland
16 October @ Isaac Theatre, Christchurch
3 October @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland
27 October @ Trusts Stadium, Auckland - 28 October @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington
14 October @ San Fran, Wellington - 15 October @ Powerstation, Auckland
24 October @ San Fran, Wellington - 25 October @ Kings Arms, Auckland
10 October @ Spark Arena, Auckland
18 October @ Powerstation, Auckland
24 October @ Spark Arena, Auckland
4 October @ Kings Arms, Auckland
22 October @ Spark Arena, Aucland
18 October @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland
27 October @ Studio, Auckland
Band Night 2017
Featuring The Scones, Galveston, Superturtle and Glamours
4 October @ The Clare Inn, Auckland
28 October @ Kings Arms, Auckland
10 October @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch


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Happy Hearse Emma G
Crooked Royals Parabola West
Knightshade Fraser Ross
Kara Gordon and The Wreckage The Gemini Effect
Katharticus Laura Lee Lovely
Israel Starr The Paepae Soundsystem
The Reggae Romantics The Folk Today Project

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Napalm Death Interview

Terry took the time to speak to Barney Greenway, who with Napalm Death and the assistance of Valhalla Touring, is bringing their Campaign for Musical Destruction Tour down to Auckland on 4 October, 2017. You can read the full interview here.

New Reviews

Our reviewers have written some incredible reviews in the past month - you can read all our latest reviews at the below links:

Written by Paul

Written by Alex
Written by Kerry K

Biobird - EP Review: Tribes
Written by Corinne

Gig Review: Metaract, Checaine & Coridian @ Ding Dong, Auckland - 22/09/2017
Written by Alex


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    Benson Boone
    Teddy Swims
    Future And Metro Boomin feat. Kendrick Lamar
    Ariana Grande
    Noah Kahan
    Fred Again.. And Baby Keem
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