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Articles By Dilemma

Janine and the Mixtape - EP Review: XX
22 Jun 2015 // review by Dilemma
2013 was a big year, Lorde released her first EP but she wasn’t our only Singer/Songwriter that got international acclaim that year, there was also Janine Foster otherwise known as Janine and The Mixtape. Described as an electrifying performer that has developed her own unique combination of pop, indie, R&B, and hip hop.
Tali - Album Review: Wolves
28 May 2015 // review by Dilemma
Tali AKA Natalia Sheppard is pretty impressive, she paired up with Roni Size to release Lyric on my Lip which smashed the charts in 2002, became the first female MC to release an album in 2004 over 10 years ago. She has won the Best Female DNB MC award a few times (3) and has just released her new album Wolves, which she describes as “electronic soul and gangsta jazz"!
Sons Of Zion - Interview: Summer Tour Q & A with Sam from Sons of Zion
19 Dec 2014 // interview by Dilemma
So you are back on the summer tour buzz this year, 8 stops and ending with the Tauranga One Love Festival, how excited are you for this tour? It's such a great pleasure to be playing alongside the bands we aspired to be like as youngins in the game.
Khemikal - Justice EP Review
06 Nov 2014 // review by Dilemma
Silos feat. Nel Amore have released their debut EP Justice, 5 tracks with thumping base lines, some repetitive hooks and a brit-chick that raps and sings.
Emily Edrosa - Emily Edrosa EP Review
05 Nov 2014 // review by Dilemma
Emily Edrosa is Emily Littler, member of Street Chant – an Auckland trio that has played since 2007 and won the inaugural Critics Choice at the 2010 NZ Music Awards. Emily however, has been putting out some new solo stuff as Emily Edrosa, which is the second effort after Body/Christ released in 2013.
PNC - The Codes Album Review
24 Jul 2014 // review by Dilemma
PNC AKA Sam Hansen released his fifth album less than a month ago and it’s already smashing sales and tearing up the NZ charts. The album titled The Codes is our newest urban success and it seems that PNC has found his stride with his latest offering.
Midnight Gallery - Midnight Gallery Interview
17 Jul 2014 // interview by Dilemma
Emma interviewed Edgar and Tyla from Midnight Gallery. Here are their responses: Midnight Gallery, where did the name come from?
Jayson Norris - Save My Soul EP Review
16 May 2014 // review by Dilemma
New from Jayson Norris is the Save My Soul EP as part of NZ Music Month. If you are a fan of Kora style rock or Tiki Taane melodies then you will love this five-song EP, cleverly incorporating roots and the groove of mainstream guitar rock’n’soul to blur genres.
Estère - Estere Album Review
10 May 2014 // review by Dilemma
Released as a free download via Bandcamp the debut EP from Wellington singer/songwriter/beatmaker/producer Estere is definitely unique in the NZ music scene. Self-described as “just a girl with an MPC” Estere works her equipment and the product is individualistic, raw and worthy of a listen this NZ Music Month.
Ill Semantics - You Got It Feat. Scribe and K.One Single Review
09 May 2014 // review by Dilemma
The Ill Semantic’s are back for 2014 and while it's been over 20 years since they formed they still have the ability to make really good, current hip hop music. Ill Semantics are getting ready to drop their third album and have delivered the first single titled You Got It feat.
J Williams - Broken Love Single Review
09 May 2014 // review by Dilemma
Part of New Zealand Music Month is showcasing NZ music and J. Williams is back with another R&B power ballad, Broken Love is the name of his latest release which was co-written with sister Lavina and then mixed and mastered by NOX and Patriarch for their Illegal Muzik label.
Soljah - Interview with Les from Soljah
06 Apr 2014 // interview by Dilemma
The Clash of the Titans Tour, (Soljah and King Kapisi) kicks off on Friday night, how did this tour and you guys teaming up come about? I did some work with Kaps prior to this tour so I guess we musically connected and between Kaps and our managment team they sussed out that him and his wife would do this Clash of the Titans tour with us.
Tiki Taane - With Strings Attached Album Review
10 Mar 2014 // review by Dilemma
On November 3 2012, Tiki Taane, his whanau and friends came together in Old St Paul's Church in Wellington to record and film the live album With Strings Attached (Alive & Orchestrated) which was released just in time for the end of those long hot summer days and breezy nights. With the help of NZ On Air and TVNZ crew, they were able to capture the power of Tiki who arranged a musically stunning collaboration with backing from The Dub Soldiers, kapahaka group Te Pou O Mangatawhiri and a string orchestra to add depth to a soulful performance.
Third3ye - On3ness Album Review
24 Feb 2014 // review by Dilemma
Third3ye is a collective of like-minded hip hop artists coming together to produce a new-wave, spiritual sound. The music they make exudes a naturalist vibe over 15 tracks that takes the listener on a philosophic journey through mystical and musical vibrations.
Smashproof - Forever Album Review
13 Feb 2014 // review by Dilemma
It's been 6 long years since Smashproof burst on the scene with Gin Wigmore singing the quintessential south auckland hit Brother. In 2009 they released their first album The Weekend and finally Smashproof have put together a new album called Forever.
Jay Killah - Common Ground Single Review
13 Jan 2014 // review by Dilemma
New upcoming Hip Hop artist Joe Kilgour under the artist alias “Jay Killah” drawing inspiration from many of his favourite lyrical artists , he has created a fresh new sound for himself bringing something new to the New Zealand Hip Hop scene.Common Ground is the debut single from emerging artist Jay Killah.
Fly My Pretties - The Homeland Recordings Album Review
17 Dec 2013 // review by Dilemma
Going into Summer there is nothing better than finding some new summery tunes to help pass time and make memories, I’m not sure that the newest Fly My Pretties album titled The Homeland Recordings fits into that 'summery' category. It does however, have a country roads and wide open spaces contemplative quality that will get you through the longest road trips, relaxed, heartfelt, and intimate, it reflects the spirit of many of the small kiwi towns FMP visited on their recent Homelands Tour.
David Dallas - Falling Into Place Album Review
17 Nov 2013 // review by Dilemma
David Dallas' chilled flow, pop culture references, intellectual lyrics and smooth hooks kind of makes him the male version of Lorde. Or since this is his third album and she is only 17, Lorde could be the female version of David Dallas.
Lorde - Pure Heroine Album Review
13 Oct 2013 // review by Dilemma
Let’s get a few things out of the way, yes Lorde is young, she is from NZ, yes you can compare her to Lana Del Rey or Florence Welsh but you shouldn’t, and yes pretty much everyone has heard her song Royals. Regardless of preference of genre and despite various musical tastes everyone loves Royals, it cuts across boundaries and genres creating a new hybrid of hip-pop mania with dark and brooding alt.
The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves Album Review
27 Sep 2013 // review by Dilemma
"There’s nothing left in this place but a reason to leave", and "it’s a hell of a long way to fall just to learn to get up" are lyrics from one of the best song’s I’ve heard this year. The song is called The Mess and the band of course, The Naked and Famous.
Ladi6 - Automatic Album Review
25 Aug 2013 // review by Dilemma
Ladi6's new album from the outset is strikingly magnetic, titled Automatic, the moment the intro begins with deep, slowly shifting beats which are flawlessly continued through out the entire album. The sound possesses both a raw and yet smooth quality.
Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird Album Review
31 Jul 2013 // review by Dilemma
After 14 years and only 3 albums, it is safe to say that Fat Freddy’s Drop are very focused and direct with what they do. Blackbird is the newest release from the boys of FFD and, while it has taken so long to get here, it was worth the wait.
Sound the Ocean - Hold On Single Review
29 Jul 2013 // review by Dilemma
Seven band members usually that would equate to a big brass/heavy beats boys club, but not this time, not with newcomers Sound the Ocean, they have a girl in their band! I feel this is what balances out the big sound, lots of instruments and puts a different spin on it.
Ladi6 - Ladi6 Live at The Powerstation, Auckland, 13/07/13
27 Jul 2013 // review by Dilemma
There is one thing that I look forward to every summer and that is the NZ Music summer tours, and this year I had to wait until July for Ladi6 who is definitely a favourite of mine when she graces us with her definitive presence. She paired with @Peace at Auckland's Powerstation, in an interesting NZ collaboration of low freq beats and impressive rhyming skills.
Awa - Heartbeat Album Review
31 May 2013 // review by Dilemma
Awa has just released his second EP Heartbeat which is perfectly titled encompassing all that Awa found himself feeling as he was working on it. In his own words it was "the happiest and most inspired I'd been in a long time," and as  such he chose to pay tribute to this with seven naturalistic new songs written around the themes of, as he puts it, "Love, Aotearoa and enjoying life.
A few minutes with Awa
27 May 2013 // interview by Dilemma
So you have a new album out, tell me about it? It's awesome haha!
Soljah - Aotearoa Album Review
25 May 2013 // review by Dilemma
Kaipara and Auckland based five-piece band Soljah have just released their debut album Aotearoa. Soljah is Ben Ratima, Les Watane, Tawhiri Littlejohn, Raniera Littlejohn and Jacob Nansen.
Soljah - Time out with the Ben and Les from Soljah
03 May 2013 // interview by Dilemma
Hey guys, so you have a new release coming up... Tell me about it?
TREi - Satellites LP Review
30 Apr 2013 // review by Dilemma
I’ll be honest I didn’t even know NZ had Drum n Bass DJ’s let alone a whole industry and a producer who was on to his second album, but that’s why I love NZ, because of our diversity of amazing music. I’m going to put it out there pretty quick that I’m not usually a fan of the dirty drum n bass thing, but I was given the Album Satellites to take a listen to and I was highly impressed.
Maree Sheehan - Chasing The Light Album Review
04 Mar 2013 // review by Dilemma
In the 1990's Maree Sheehan helped pave the way for women in the New Zealand music industry by bringing homegrown dance-pop to the foreground. Sheehan had a unique style, which blended dance-pop with traditional Maori instrumentals, hip-hop and RnB which broke new musical ground.
Maree Sheehan - A few mins with Maree Sheehan
23 Feb 2013 // interview by Dilemma
What can we expect to see from you over the next year?I am looking forward to a lot more performances throughout New Zealand, promoting my new album 'Chasing the light.
Ty - Motivation Album Review
23 Feb 2013 // review by Dilemma
It's been six long years since Tyree's debut album Now Or Never (2007) and his much anticipated sophomore opus Motivation calls on all of that experience and maturity into a project that encapsulates Tyree and his current struggles to maintain a positive outlook on life and career. "It's got a lot of songs that will motivate you.
Tranzmute - Awakening To The Truth Album Review
21 Dec 2012 // review by Dilemma
Review of Transmute CD -  3.5/5 Tranzmute is a hip hop artist exploring the social, political and spiritual aspects of the human experience.
The Black Seeds - Interview with Daniel Weetman from The Black Seeds
06 Dec 2012 // interview by Dilemma
You have just released the new deluxe version of Dust and Dirt, how is it being received? DW; The Vadim remix of 'Wide Open' is getting good responses, Vadim really made the track his own.
Junica - The Celebration Album Review
30 Nov 2012 // review by Dilemma
I first remember hearing Junica AKA Nik Brinkman back in 2011 when Living In My House featuring Pip Brown Aka Ladyhawke was released and I thought it was good a bit 80's disco and shiny mirrorballs. Unfortunately that first single was released at the same time as The Naked and Famous were big and I really didn't take a lot of notice because the N&F are so good at what they do.
RIANZ 47th Annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards
15 Nov 2012 // review by Dilemma
When you kick off any kind of ceremony with 3 drummers  smashing double kick pedals completely in unison backing NZ’s own rock superstar Gin Wigmore, you would think that there is no actual way that a night could start or end any better! But we wouldn’t expect anything less being that this was the beginning of the 47th Annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards held at the Vector Arena earlier this month.
Aaradhna - Aaradhna Showcase @ Nectar Bar 11/10/12
13 Nov 2012 // review by Dilemma
About a month ago, I was invited to watch Aaradhna showcase some new songs from her new amazing album Treble and Reverb. It’s been out for about 5 days now, have you heard it?
Aaradhna - Treble and Reverb Album Review
31 Oct 2012 // review by Dilemma
Have you heard about it yet? Undoubtedly the best NZ music album to be released this year?
Cavell - Last Summer EP Review
21 Oct 2012 // review by Dilemma
Cavell is a surprising new talent to emerge in the NZ music scene. He has gradually developed his own musical sense of style through collaborations and guidance from local super-talented artists such as DLove and Deach, Jae'O and from record-breaking Hip Hop group Smashproof whom he was a support act.
Donell Lewis - Missing My Love EP Review
17 Oct 2012 // review by Dilemma
Donell Lewis has recently released a 6 track EP called 'Missing My Love' with the title song being the hottest new tune on YouTube and urban radio. Missing My Love is the third track and it features Fortafy aka Sam Ratumaituvuki.
Sweet & Irie - Irie Inspiration Album Review
10 Oct 2012 // review by Dilemma
Local Rasta man Ed Ru is back to deliver Sweet & Irie’s sophomore album Irie Inspiration released on October 12th. Shaping out his organically grown style, Ed show’s the influence of Uncle Bob on the beautiful song ‘Psalms Of Bob Marley,‘ which is an excellent choice for an opening track.
L.A. Mitchell - Apple Heart Video Review
06 Sep 2012 // review by Dilemma
It is only fitting that LA Mitchell's beautiful song 'Apple Heart' have an equally beautiful and contempo cool music video.  The song ‘Apple Heart’ is already an aching love ballad and it's not easy to get the right balance of complimentary and interesting in a music video that doesn't take away from the song or completely over power it.
L.A. Mitchell - Apple Heart Single Review
31 Jul 2012 // review by Dilemma
LA Mitchell has got it made in terms of being a NZ musician. She is working with some of NZ's most amazing bands and our very own favourite superband, Fly My Pretties.
Tomorrow People - Tomorrow People Interview
02 Jul 2012 // interview by Dilemma
What can we expect to see from Tomorrow People over the next year? Now that our debut album is released, we are locking in dates to tour nationwide and promote the album.
Savage - Mayhem and Miracles Album Review
29 Jun 2012 // review by Dilemma
NZ Hip Hop icon and RIAA Certified Platinum selling artist SAVAGE is back with his third solo album Mayhem & Miracles on 29June.  Recorded and Mixed in Hollywood, California, at platinum Hip Hop producer and MC DJ Quik's  studio "The Vault", Savage spent time enlisting a group of the greatest Polynesian artists from around the world to help compliment the stories and themes of his captivating new album.
The Academy Album Review by DNK World Music
22 May 2012 // review by Dilemma
In April 2012, DNK World Music showcase four main artists on their first compilation album DNK World Music Presents: The Academy, featuring label mates, R&B Singer Donell Lewis, rapper Rickey Okay, producer DLove and label founder Karnel. DNK World Music is an independent record label founded by up-and-comers Nick "Karnel" Williams and producer Daniel "DLove" Love in 2010.
Sir T - Walk With Me Album Review
25 Apr 2012 // review by Dilemma
Sir T is a newcomer to New Zealand Hip Hop, signed to Move The Crowd Records, and mentored by NZ Hip Hop’s favourite son Young Sid who also acted as the executive producer on Sir T's debut album Walk With Me.
 Being mentored by Young Sid has afforded Sir T the benefit of collaborating with himself and other rising stars Tyree, Vince Harder and Pieter T just to name a few.
PNC - Under The Influence Album Review
08 Apr 2012 // review by Dilemma
Under The Influence is not your classic Hip-Hop release, spawned from an old school mix-tape concept, PNC and producer Matt Miller have included sample mash-ups on the album including Stranger Part 1 & 2 - featuring a twisted mash-up sample from Gotye’s #1 single Somebody That I Used To Know and Take It All, sampling Adele as the underlying track but featuring local Hip Hop MCs Jordache, David Dallas, Louie Knuxx and Percieve. Other collaborations are provided by the sweet Pieter T on All Day which is a somewhat aggressive track.
Sir T - Interview with Sir T
03 Apr 2012 // interview by Dilemma
Hey Sir T, so you are a new comer to the NZ music scene, how has the whole experience been so far?The experience has been wicked, I am greatful for every oppurtunity that has risen for me so far and am looking forward to what the game has to offer me in the near future.
Derty Sesh - Apology Accepted Album Review
26 Feb 2012 // review by Dilemma
The sophmore release from Derty Sesh titled 'Apology Accepted' was released on Monday and with no where near the same backlash from his first release 'Sic Love.' In receiving this album I was excited to see the features and listened to I am Here first because Erakah was featured.
Derty Sesh - Interview with Derty Sesh
19 Feb 2012 // interview by Dilemma
So.... your Sophmore album, after so much controversy surrounding 'Forever' on your first album, how are you hoping this one will be received?
Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards - November 3rd, 2011. Vector Arena.
11 Nov 2011 // review by Dilemma
Man, the Vector is massive. Anything staged there needs to be a spectacular just to do the sheer size of the Arena justice.
Kapabal - No Rest Album Review
09 Nov 2011 // review by Dilemma
There is so much good NZ music out there lately that it is easy to be subjective when listening to it, because it is all different and yet so good. I am always so excited to listen to something new and fresh, and am open minded to diversity.
Kenbe La Foundation - Never Give Up Single Review
06 Nov 2011 // review by Dilemma
Kenbe La [ken-bay lah] – the Haitian phrase for “never give up”, it is a brand new track produced by Paul Dodge from Minuit for The Kenbe La foundation, a charity set up to support childrens education in the earthquake stricken counrty of Haiti. Kenbe La is the title and theme of the track written in response to work being done to rebuild earthquake ravaged Haiti – namely the work of the very inspirational Kiwi Emily Sanson-Rejouis, who lost family in the quake and established the foundation to help support schools in the area.
Ria Hall - Ria Hall EP Review
06 Nov 2011 // review by Dilemma
Ria Hall has had an interesting journey leading up to the release of her debut EP. She has wowed crowds touring with some of NZ's musical elite, backing up Hollie Smith, holding her own beside Anna Coddington in Eru Dangerspiel and singing with TrinityRoots.
1814 - Covers Album Review
29 Oct 2011 // review by Dilemma
New Zealand’s far North premier reggae group 1814 bring the party with their sun-drenched blend of sweet soulful vocals, upbeat grooves and smooth sax lines with strong messages of peace, love and harmony. The Covers Album features 11 solid tracks from artists such as the “father of soul” Sam Cooke, the great Bill Withers, legendary country singer Johnny Cash and so many more, it is sure to impress.
K.One - K.One Interview
14 Oct 2011 // interview by Dilemma
So your debut album was released on Monday, how is it being received? K.
K.One - Far From Home Album Review
14 Oct 2011 // review by Dilemma
K.One is the future, firmly on the upward climb to his peak as a solo artist.
Mmdelai - Mmdelai Self Titled EP Review
11 Oct 2011 // review by Dilemma
Mmdelai has newly released a self titled EP, the first song White World sounds more like a dance club anthem with synth and heavy drums filling out the track. Described by the Groove Guild as a mix of "Aphex Twin and P.
Scribe - Not Many Cities Single Review
05 Oct 2011 // review by Dilemma
There really could have been no better ambassador to raise awareness for Christchurch than Scribe. The Southern born rapper who is known for his own quiet strength, persistence and resilience, has always been proud of his roots.
Adeaze - Rise & Shine Album Review
25 Aug 2011 // review by Dilemma
Duo Adeaze have released their second album called Rise & Shine, a follow up to the brothers’ double-platinum debut album Always and for Real, which was released in 2004.  After taking time to focus on family and song writing, the Adeaze brothers have constructed a beautifully harmonious 12 track album.
Hanna Grace - Concrete & Roses Album Review
22 Aug 2011 // review by Dilemma
Singer songwriter Hanna Grace has just released her debut album Concrete & Roses, with a little harmless self-promotion it is based on an Adele-meets-Amy Winehouse sound and just the right balance of rhythm and seduction. Hanna is a true artist in every sense of the word and draws her inspiration from real life experiences.
David Dallas - Take A Picture Single Review
02 Aug 2011 // review by Dilemma
'Take a Picture' is the most recent release from David Dallas off his new album The Rose Tint. It combines honest lyrics, his rapping talent and soulful singing in the chorus, with a solid hip hop beat in the background.
Hand Me Downs - Void Single Review
27 Jul 2011 // review by Dilemma
Raglan’s up and coming band, Hand Me Downs have released their debut single ‘Void.’ As the track starts you get the feeling that Raglan influences the sound with the track being very hipster, laid back and folk inspired.
Sweet Az Soundsystem - Costal Connection album review
12 Jun 2011 // review by Dilemma
‘Coastal Connection’ has a totally unique and somewhat eccentric style combining the best of dub/dubstep/reggae and fusing a hint of drum n bass into an album created by producer DJ Kina (Simon Boyd) from The Versionaries and MC Extraordinaire RayJah45 (Raymond Te Oranga-Nolan), known as the Sweet Az Sound System. This collaboration can be best described as music with one foot firmly on the dance floor, with the conscious soulful vibes of RayJah and production of DJ Kina coming together to form a sound that appeals to a wide audience.
Pacific Music Awards 2011
12 Jun 2011 // review by Dilemma
This is the seventh year in a row that the highly anticipated Pacific Music Awards have descended on South Auckland for a spectacular night of live performance and Pacific pride. The PMA’s are so unique, there is still the flash of photographers, but surrounded by laughter and excitement, not duty.
Simon Spire - Four Letter Words Album Review
19 May 2011 // review by Dilemma
Simon Spire releases his second album, 'Four Letter Words'. The Lead single ‘Liberate Your Love’ hints at the slightly edgier direction Spire has taken on his second album, but without losing the alluring melody hooks and ambitious lyrics he is known for.
PNC - Man on Wire Album Review
17 Apr 2011 // review by Dilemma
PNC has really out done himself with his third release ‘Man on Wire,’ collaborating with some of New Zealand’s most innovative musicians and underlying the early tracks with movie sound bites makes for a brilliant sounding unique album. The first track Murder classically showcases PNC’s natural talent for making music and the balance that he is trying to portray hence the album title.
The Thomas Oliver Band - Baby I'll Play Album Review
26 Mar 2011 // review by Dilemma
When you listen to a lot of music it becomes hard to find songs, bands or even musicians that actually capture your attention and where it does not feel like its just a passive listening experience. Listening to the harmonica in the first track Goin Home on ‘Baby, I’ll Play,’ the new release from the Thomas Oliver Band instantly drew me in.
Ivy Lies - Little Mind Games Album Review
20 Mar 2011 // review by Dilemma
Ivy Lies recently completed the recording of their debut album Little Mind Games and it seems that listening to this album it will definitely remain on your mind. The girls of Ivy Lies have perfected pop-rock with high energy, aggressive drums and assertive rock guitar, making music that makes you pound your invisible drum sticks.
Julia Deans - Looking forward to 'Grassroots' Interview
08 Mar 2011 // interview by Dilemma
This is the first grassroots festival how excited are you to be part of the line up? Julia Deans - "pleased as punch" I believe is the expression.
House Of Shem - Island Vibrations Album Review
24 Feb 2011 // review by Dilemma
House of Shem could well be the first family of Reggae in New Zealand. Not only are they Whanau, but between all the band members they have played in pioneering New Zealand Reggae bands and built the sound of reggae in our country through their impeccable credentials.
Splore-City Festival, Auckland Town Hall. February 11th and 12th.
18 Feb 2011 // review by Dilemma
SPLOREific, SPLOREtastic, if you ever get the chance to exSplore SPLORE do it!!! Splore is not your average music festival.
The Midnights - 'Outside' Album Review
14 Jan 2011 // review by Dilemma
The Midnights are an all-original New Zealand soul roots reggae band that are very well known for their lives shows. They have a very classic approach with slower Roots Reggae reminiscent of old school Marley.
Brooke Fraser - Flags Album Review
11 Nov 2010 // review by Dilemma
Putting on the new album Flags by Brooke Fraser surprised me. What I heard was completely unexpected, raw, country maybe even a little bit of bluegrass?
Ladi6 - Liberation of.... Album Release, Powerstation Nov 5th
09 Nov 2010 // review by Dilemma
Ladi6 (Karoline Tamati) is no doubt our most talented female MC, with the pedigree she has it's only natural that she would dominate the funk/soul genre in NZ music. On the release of her second album she radiated style and beauty with an overwhelming sense of joy to be back home in NZ.
Dam Native - Aotearoa... Nobody Does It Better Album Review
25 Oct 2010 // review by Dilemma
Dam Native return 15 years after the release of the classic 'Kaupapa Driven Rhymes Uplifted' to blow us away with their second album 'Aotearoa... 'Nobody Does It Better'.
Emma Paki - Trinity Album Review
25 Oct 2010 // review by Dilemma
In 1993 Emma Paki was the new fresh face of New Zealand music. 'Trinity' comes to us with the same raw, troubled soul that so beautifully put together 'Oxygen of Love'.
Eru Dangerspiel - Great News for the Modern Man Tour, Auckland Town Hall, October 9th 2010
15 Oct 2010 // review by Dilemma
Well what can you say about Riki Gooch... the Maharaj of experimental music in New Zealand.
Mmdelai - Music for Sleep and Creativity album review (Annemarie Duff)
29 Sep 2010 // review by Dilemma
Listening to Christchurch downbeat artist Mmdelai (aka Annemarie Duff) is definitely a new experience. The CD called ‘Music for Sleep and Creativity’ was born out of a personal need for the artist, who "was having trouble sleeping so [this sort of music] was what I was listening to at the time.
Tommy Ill - Tommy Ill self-titled album review
19 Sep 2010 // review by Dilemma
Apparently, it’s all about Pokemon and if Pokemon talked I’m sure they would say that this LP is the soundtrack to their lives! The first thing that really hit me when listening to Tommy Ill’s lasted release is that I feel like this is something I have not listed to before and was not sure what time I would put it on, just that I knew I needed to listen to it more.
Sola Rosa - Sola Rosa - Get It Together; The Remixes
20 Aug 2010 // review by Dilemma
The first thing I want to say about this CD is GO BUY IT; it is easily the best CD out so far this year. If you liked 'Get It Together', the Remixes album is not just a documentation of life, or a soundtrack to summer that you reminisce with, the more you listen to it, it becomes a way of life.
Eru Dangerspiel - Eru Dangerspiel - Great News for the Modern Man - Live at the Auckland Town Hall.
20 Aug 2010 // review by Dilemma
Recorded Live at the Auckland Town Hall. As far as music goes, Eru Dangerspiel is in a fresh new league of its own.
Mama Tilly - Silhouettes and Footsteps EP Review
22 Jul 2010 // review by Dilemma
Track 1 – Screaming Smiley This track begins with a reminiscent 70’s surfer style guitar lick that carries through the song giving it a cool vibe. It fills out with powerful lyrics and raw vocals making the track very musician driven.
Coast - Coast EP Review
16 May 2010 // review by Dilemma
Whenever a great new band comes onto the scene there is usually someone with great taste in music has helped them get there. Mikee Tucker has had his hand in some of New Zealand’s best Reggae/Roots bands for example Fly My Pretties, The Black Seeds and TrinityRoots, so it comes as no surprise that New Zealand’s newest roots/reggae band Coast are signed with Loop.
Late 80s Mercedes - Juice Bar, Parnell - Tuesday 23 March.
08 Apr 2010 // review by Dilemma
It’s not very often when a swing band comes your way, where all the songs have their own sound and uniqueness... not to mention having some big name musicians as part of their extensive fan base, including Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Nathan King ex.
Juse - Global Casino Album Review
29 May 2006 // review by Dilemma
Global Casino is a Rap/Hip-Hop infused representation of Roots Kiwi music because it is very proud of its beginning and a place called South Auckland. It opens with Ride 'Till I Die which is a catchy first tune to set the tone for the rest of the tracks.
Misfits Of Science - Misfits of Science Interview
26 Nov 2004 // interview by Dilemma
Finding the connection between kiddie fiddlin’, drinking loads of red bull and scribe selling out could concoct a lot of misguided thoughts, or be a recipe for mischief making, number 1 single and a platinum selling album. Muzic.
Eight - Eight & Opshop 08/04
31 Aug 2004 // review by Dilemma
Going into Altitude in Hamilton is always an exciting prospect especially when you’re seeing NZ music, but good NZ music. Eight are one of my fav NZ bands, and OpShop are growing on me more and more.

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