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Sir T - Interview with Sir T

03 Apr 2012 // An interview by Dilemma

Hey Sir T, so you are a new comer to the NZ music scene, how has the whole experience been so far?

The experience has been wicked, I am greatful for every oppurtunity that has risen for me so far and am looking forward to what the game has to offer me in the near future.

What would you classify your sound as?

I would classify it as "Sir T music" haha but I suppose the average person would label it "NZ Hip Hop"

How did you get started in the industry?

I released a solo EP/mini album back in 2008 and I think Sid got a hold of it and passed it on to Kirk, from there they got in touch with me and I have been grinding with MTC ever since. or at least thats how I think it happened, they never really told me how it happened.

What is the best part of being with your label?

The best part of being with my label is the fact I can learn from all the talent that have been there and done that. 

It has taught me not to get too excited over some of the work I produce because no doubt I will be going back to the drawing board after they have heard it.

The label has sculpted me into the rapper I am today plus it keeps me grounded.

You have some big names on your Debut Album, who was most fun to work with?

It was cool to work with Young Sid on 'Ready For Whatever'. 

We wrote it on the spot, and thought we would make a "fight music" type track to see how many haters I would get but it kind of went the other way. 

The Video shoot was cool as well, I was able to shoot it in my neighbourhood and show them where I was at. 

Everyone buzzed out on seeing Young Sid in Beach Haven.

What is the song you are most proud of or most surprised by how it turned out?

The song I am most proud of at this point and time would be 'Invincible' featuring Pieter T.

It's just and all round favourite for me and a massive achievment.

You have a music video for 'Invincible' was it shot around where you grew up?

Yeah, Invincible was shot down Lysander Crescent, the street I grew up in, I have always dreamed of doing a video down there ever since I first started rapping and like ten years later It finally happened.

Do you enjoy making music videos?

Yeah, the whole video making process is cool, it's interesting to see your vision for a track come to life, also the video shooting process is fun and I can't forget the free feeds on set either. Haha.

What things inspire you most to start writing songs?

Most of the time it has to be a mean beat. If the beat is nice then Ideas will just come naturally straight away, other than that real life situations inspire me, everything I go through or anything I see happening around me.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing?

If I wasn't doing music I would probably be working a normal job depressed because I left it too late to make it in sports. Haha.

What is your musical background, did you take music at school?

Yeah, I took music at school but we would only play around on a guitar and write raps so didn't really learn much, after that I went to MAINZ for a couple of years and ended up getting a Certificate in Live Sound and Event Production but didn't really follow through. From there I would just make music with bro's from my neighbourhood.

If you could collaborate with musicians both here and overseas, who would you most want to work with?

I haven't worked with Chong Nee yet that would be mean, but overseas I would want to work with Rihanna.

What CD or album is most played on your iTunes?

Probably Tupac - 'All Eyez On Me'.

What is the plan for the next few months, will you be touring the album?

In the next few months I hope we are touring with this album, I no doubt will be gigging with the Hustle Management Team and I hear talks of some Australia shows as well. So will see how it goes and hopfully you can catch us in your town.

What is  your fav gig you have played so far?

My favourite gig would probably be the Hustle Show at  Metro City in Perth, we had a massive line up - PNC, Deach, Pieter T, Sidney Diamond (Young Sid), Derty Sesh, DJ CXL, Dei Hamo, Mr Sicc and Myself... who would of thought I would get a chance to tour with these dudes.

Because this is kind of a new experience, do you get nervous before you play live?

I always get nervous before I play live, I'm naturally a shy person so yeah I do get nervous but once I hit the stage it's on.

Who are the artists that you admire?

I don't really admire one particular artist but I do respect successful artist's that are humble and still down to earth if you know what I mean.

What advice do you have for up and comers who want to break into the industry?

Make sure you're doing this because you love to do it, don't expect to get signed. Do what comes natural to you and don't stop for anyone, and keep posting your music on the internet, if you are good then no doubt people will want to work with you.

What is the most important thing you would like the people of NZ to know about you and about this album?

This album is me introducing myself to whoever listens, I have chosen to let you into my life through my music, this is the beginning so from here there should be no questions on what I stand for.

Hopefully this album establishes me as a NZ artist and I look forward to making more music and a bigger name for myself in this industry.


About Sir T

Sir T is one of the most exciting newcomers to New Zealand Hip-Hop, signed to Move The Crowd Records, and mentored by NZ Hip-Hop's brightest star, Sid Diamond (Young Sid).

A Beachaven/North Shore resident, Sir T ignites audiences with his range of skills, possesses a relentless work ethic and a blazing creative drive. Like his MTC label mates, Sir T brings real life stories to his music that gives it credibility and resonance with his audience.

Making his presence felt in the local Hip-Hop scene, Sir T learnt his trade with a neighbourhood crew called the Assassinz. "I got hooked on what I was hearing around me. The boys used to just chill, drink and rap away to someone playing the guitar, but then I heard a track they recorded on to a CD and straight away thought to myself…that's me!"

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Sir T


Walk With Me
Year: 2012
Type: Album

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