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Derty Sesh - Interview with Derty Sesh

19 Feb 2012 // An interview by Dilemma
So.... your Sophmore album, after so much controversy surrounding 'Forever' on your first album, how are you hoping this one will be received?

I don't know if Im hoping for it to be received better, that wasn't really my goal. I just hope that people that may have put the 'Sic Love' album down for some reason, actually listen to what I'm saying and the subjects I'm talking about on this record, and not just base their opinion around who I sound like, or try to compare every single song to another song they may have heard.

Is there an aspiration behind the making of Apology Accepted and does the title have anything to do with your first album?

Yes it does in ways. One of the meanings behind the albums title is my way of saying to the critics "No need to excuse yourself for how bad you criticized me on the first album (often without even listening to the album, or though judgment by media), so before you say it...Apology Accepted".
From a Non-purists perspective, I feel like your sound is familiar, similar to Eminem, is he a role model of yours?

Not really. He was a big influence with the first album considering that was written and recorded back in 2008,
and was a build up of songs collected over the period time of 2005-2008. But with this album, maybe a couple words here and there, but I tried to stay far away from anyone's sound. In the end its just natural. Can't help it.

Who are you role models in the industry

Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Slipknot just to name a few. There's a whole bunch.

Which song on the album are you most proud of how it turned out and why?

Let Me Be ft. Jae O. 

I got the beat from Twice as Nice in the beginning of 2009.
As soon as I heard it I knew i had to write something real, a story I really wanted to tell.
The song is about my relationship with my Dad. Not all of it, but just enough to answer everyone's questions
that surrounded me when I first came out, and got labeled "Mike Kings son”.
People around NZ who have no idea about me and my past, just straight away assumed I came from Fame and Riches, which was complete bullshit. So with this song I really got to express how I felt and where I came from, so when you hear the chorus its not really towards my Dad, but to everyone who doesn't know me.
What was your process in putting together this album?

Well I got a bunch of beats from a various range of producers and beat makers, choose which ones I liked, filled the rest of the album up with production from myself, recorded most of it out West Auckland in a shed I was living in, re-recorded some at the MTC studio (Woodcut), mixed the tracks with Juse, got Angus(McNaughton) to master them, and there you go.

Who have you enjoyed working with on this album?

Myself, because when I write no one is around to judge me except myself, that's until I send it off to Kirk.. haha.
All the features were cool to work with on this album considering they're all friends and people I actually 
hang out with, so it was just a matter of a text...Thanks again guys.

Any plans for future collaborations with other musicisians? Who would they be?

J Wills (Williams) and Pieter T would be cool, both good mates so hopefully we could do something later.
But as for future Collabs, always working on new music with Sidney Diamond (Crowd Gang Bitch) but other than that, Nah not really, nothing planned anyways. I've done songs with most people I've wanted to in NZ. 
Now its time to venture elsewhere..

The album is released on the 20th of Feb, do you have plans for a tour or promotion?

Im planning to go on the road with a few others from the label (MTC) in a few months time. We’re looking at going out together, a few of us. There is always lots of samples, features, videos and promotion going on at our label blog so check that out. Or Facebook.

What is your musical background, did you take music at high school or just started with family/friends?

I took Music when I was at M.A.G.S but didn't learn much... my only memory is when the teacher got pissed off at us, gave up, and just put "Welcome 2 Deathrow" or the "Up and smoke" videos on.

Everything else is self-taught. No course's or anything. So all the mixing, beats, writing style, video directing, everything. self taught.

What would you describe the sound and feel of the album as?

My life really, I don't know how else to explain it, just a real and truthful sound.

Where is your fav place in NZ to relax?

In the studio.

What would be one thing you want NZ to know about Derty Sesh and this album, after many misconceptions after your first album?

That I wasn't born rich, and my life may be similar to yours. I do music before anything. With this album everything I speak on is nothing but the complete truth. And lastly, that I love my Daughter.

About Derty Sesh

Derty Sesh - He’s Back!

The follow up to the debut album of one of New Zealand Hip Hop’s most controversial and talented MC’s is about to drop.

Derty Sesh – Apology Accepted - (Release date February 20th, 2012)

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Apology Accepted
Year: 2012
Type: Album

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