19 Jun 2024

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Articles By Kerry MB

Crowded House - Album Review: Gravity Stairs
10 Jun 2024 // review by Kerry MB
In a moment we’ve all been waiting for, Crowded House, who need no introduction have released their new album, Gravity Stairs. It’s only been a little over two years since their last offering, Dreamers Are Waiting (2021) and it seems fans just can’t get enough.
Government Pest - EP Review: Vol. 3
05 Jun 2024 // review by Kerry MB
Formed from the ashes of local bands, Hellborne and Wall of Silents to name a few, Government Pest have been on the scene since 2014 and have never failed to amaze fans with their solid metal offerings and swag of albums over the years. 2024 is no different and they’re back again with a new EP, Vol.
PARK RD - Album Review The Novel
23 May 2024 // review by Kerry MB
It’s easy to see why Auckland five-piece, PARK RD is making some noise, figuratively and literally with their debut album, The Novel. Heavy on the indie, but far from light with solid guitar riffs and pop and funk sensibilities, PARK RD are a great example of solid musicianship.
Bad Schematics - Album Review: C O L L I D E
01 May 2024 // review by Kerry MB
Manawatu might seem one of the unlikeliest places to find some damn good alt-rock pop punk, even more so when you add elements of metal, but stranger things have happened and I’m here to tell you it’s true, and their name is Bad Schematics. Not a name that may be familiar (yet), but they are a pretty determined bunch, having released their debut EP, Keep Your Gods in a flurry of a few short weeks, in 2023.
Matt Hay - Album Review: Dog and Pony Show
02 Apr 2024 // review by Kerry MB
Matt Hay may not be a name you’re familiar with yet. Well, better late than never.
Stretch to Mould - Gig Review: Stretch To Mould @ The Welsh Dragon, Wellington - 30/03/2024
31 Mar 2024 // review by Kerry MB
The building once described as Wellington’s ‘fondest inconvenient convenience in the land’ by one commentator, The Welsh Dragon Bar (and Scorpio’s Restaurant) has been known as a few different things throughout it’s nearly 100-year history. From the original public convenience for Wellingtonians and its tramways employees and passengers when it was first built in 1928, to a theatre prop space, tea house and café, and for many years now, a unique but tiny Taj Mahal looking music venue, in the middle of the road on Cambridge Terrace.
Midwave Breaks - EP Review: Standing Inside Out
24 Mar 2024 // review by Kerry MB
Midwave Breaks. The Tauranga duo that has what feels like a boundless creative energy, while also fitting in an impressive touring schedule that is here, there and everywhere.
The Transits - Album Review: The Transits
13 Feb 2024 // review by Kerry MB
The Transits self-titled debut album is a result of 3 talented musicians who sucker punch with passion, creativity and consistency, and that’s just the opening track. With members across two countries (Dom Antelme (vocals, bass) and Tyrone Smith (drums) from Auckland, New Zealand and Ryan Lunn (vocals, guitars, synths) in Durban, South Africa, respectively.
Oliver Birch - Album Review: To Remember
08 Feb 2024 // review by Kerry MB
Auckland based musician, Oliver Birch is back with his second unveiling, the ten tracked album, To Remember. Another slab of self-written, produced, mixed and performed by Oliver Birch and confirmed as a concept album about the coming of age, and the trials and tribulations that come along with it.
Pale Flag - EP Review: Imperium
29 Jan 2024 // review by Kerry MB
With a lot of misconceptions about deathcore, it’d be easy to lump Pale Flag into “one of those bands” based on the sub-genre alone. Luckily, I love metal in the most extreme and Pale Flag just so happen to create deathcore of the finest, which makes it even better to enjoy.
Samuel Keen - Album Review: Metamorphosis
07 Jan 2024 // review by Kerry MB
Samuel Keen is a Christchurch based singer/songwriter that has been on the scene for a few years now, creating a musical path that is solely his own. With his fingers in all the pies, he is also part of Christchurch bands, The Snake Behaviour and Hecates Cult that lies somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal.
Broke - EP Review: Douse Another Care
04 Dec 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Broke are a five-piece from Taranaki who love to jam and make great music together. What started out originally as a solo project by Hamish McDonald (lead guitar and vocals) and resulted in a self-written, recorded and produced debut album Momento Mori in 2021, eventually paved the way for the lads to make it official and start creating new music together.
The Honeybee Rocket Scientists - Album Review: VITA est CIRCO
02 Nov 2023 // review by Kerry MB
The Honeybee Rocket Scientists are a two-piece Auckland Rock n Roll band that are nothing like you’ve heard before. A seamless and unique twist on surf rock combined with a hint of electro, grunge, punk, grunge and a healthy dose of distortion and melody.
Newzerror - Album Review: Behind The Mask
30 Oct 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Newzerror is a powerhouse couple that combine atmospheric, melodic industrial metal. Formed in 2021 and originally part of Bay of Plenty metal band, Ten Tonne Terror.
Stray Dogs - Album Review: Stay Loyal
01 Oct 2023 // review by Kerry MB
I feel there’s something extra in the old school pop punk waters lately with Blink 182 hitting our shores early next year, and Sum 41 releasing new music too for the first time in four years. It’s an exciting time if you’re a millennial, and for those of us who were teenagers in the early 2000’s, pop punk (and nu metal) reigned.
Furious Cartel - EP Review: Medication
12 Sep 2023 // review by Kerry MB
If you haven’t yet heard of Furious Cartel, then you’ll want to after this review. Formed from the embers of 90’s metal pioneers, Subtract and Furious George, Joel Facon and Bryce Wood have teamed up with Andrew Langsford to bring us Furious Cartel.
The Larry Normans - Album Review: Dirty Living
30 Aug 2023 // review by Kerry MB
The Larry Normans are a hard rock/garage band that has been in and out of the music scene since 2000, when they formed at a party in Auckland City. 2005 was the release of their debut album and after a solid gigging history the band went into hiatus in 2010, reforming in 2019.
Six Two's - EP Review: Anchors
29 Aug 2023 // review by Kerry MB
The quintessential So Cal punk rock scene has always been a prominent and thriving scene, and it appears it’s alive and well even over our shores, and in particular, Mount Maunganui. Six Two’s has been a band since 2020 in the thick of multiple lockdowns and a shared love of punk rock in general and this is their second EP, Anchors.
System Corporation - Album Review: Foundation & Method
09 Aug 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Hailing from Hamilton, System Corporation is an eclectic indie rock outfit that definitely colour outside the lines and execute it well. Foundation & Method is their debut album and if you’re looking for a solid, out of the box sound with fantastic production and arrangement, you need to jump on this now.
Dead Shrine - Album Review: The Eightfold Path
08 Aug 2023 // review by Kerry MB
What I love the most about reviewing one-man bands and artists is the thrill of knowing you are about to hear something extra special and truly mind blowing. Dead Shrine is no exception, and as the one-man band brainchild of Craig Williamson (formally of Datura, Arc of Ascent, Azazel) you know it’s going to be a good ride.
NOVA - EP Review: Songs From Home
20 Jul 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Hailing from the Wellington region, NOVA is a unique retro, disco soul pop medley comprised of members, Bryn Van Vliet, Eliza Pickard and joined by other musicians, Phoebe Johnson, Conway Jeune and Luther Hunt. Songs From Home is their second EP off the back of 2021 self-titled EP, and if you’re into tunes with layers, plenty of harmony, melody and fine musicianship, look no further.
Bush Lawyer - Single Review: Daisy
03 Jul 2023 // review by Kerry MB
With a name like Bush Lawyer, the curiosity is definitely piqued to check out this band, a four piece who hail from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, and their second single, Daisy. With a self-confessed sound of 'surf rock, reggae and ska’ they have hit the nail on the head there.
The Artist Red - Album Review: Gemini Woman
29 Jun 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Hopefully, I can be forgiven for not hearing the name Dionne Stanbridge, or her artist name, The Artist Red until now, but the good news is, I get to dive in head first with her debut album, Gemini Woman. And what a package to unravel.
No Man's Land - Single Review: Darling
23 Jun 2023 // review by Kerry MB
If you haven’t yet heard of four piece, all female band, No Man’s Land, then don’t panic. Having been on the scene for a while now, they have released a swag of singles since 2022, so there is plenty to catch you up on.
Where's Jai - Single Review: Something Wrong
12 Jun 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Where's Jai is a funky, fresh indie-reggae-rock band hailing from Auckland's North Shore. With addictive beats and grooves, they blend indie-rock with a chilled reggae twist and a pinch of soulful blues.
Jazz Night at the Aquarium - Album Review: Flush With Junk
06 Jun 2023 // review by Kerry MB
If you haven’t yet heard of the name Julian van der Krogt, or even the name, Jazz Night at the Aquarium, then don’t worry, because you’re about to take a deep dive with me into a musical abyss that is quite simply spectacular. With a handful of EP’s to his name, this is his debut album.
Corrella - Album Review: Road From 26
25 May 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Auckland 7-piece band, Corrella are back and this time they’ve bought with them their brand new album, Road From 26. The 9 track album is quite simply, a stunner.
Just Another June - EP Review: Growing Up
15 May 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Hailing from Otautahi, Just Another June are an indie four piece that have dazzled with their second EP, Growing Up with dual singles, Growing Up and I Need to Hear it Sometimes Uniquely balanced, first single, Growing Up has a bit of everything, blending soft rock and indie tones with harmony. It’s a catchy little number about “expressing how challenging stepping into adulthood can be”.
Napoleon Baby - Single Review: (Jessica) To Barcelona
07 May 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Napoleon Baby is a one man musician creating timeless but solid art in the form of their debut single, (Jessica) To Barcelona from their forthcoming debut album. Upon first listen, there are a few things this single remind me of personally; The Doors meet The Beatles with a generous helping of The Beach Boys.
Thousand Limbs - Single Review: A Boundless Heart
19 Apr 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Thousand Limbs are an Auckland instrumental metal powerhouse that take no prisoners with their blend of Doom, Hardcore and Post-Metal. A Boundless Heart is their third single off their upcoming debut album - The Aurochs.
Corrella - Single Review: Little Circles
04 Apr 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Corrella are a 7-piece roots reggae band, formed in 2017 and hailing from Auckland’s North Shore, and named after Corrella Road in Belmont. Having released their debut single, Summertime in Aotearoa back in 2020, their debut EP soon followed in 2021, with three of those tracks making in onto the NZ Music Charts - an impressive feat for any rising band.
Carb On Carb - Single Review: Grounded
30 Mar 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Carb on Carb is an Auckland duo who have been around for a few years now. They bring a fresh and easy approach to indie rock and have emerged with a new single, Grounded, from their forthcoming album, due out later this year, and soon to be followed by a nationwide tour.
The D4 - Gig Review: The D4 @ Totara St, Mount Maunganui - 24/03/2023
25 Mar 2023 // review by Kerry MB
What a night! If you also had the pleasure of seeing The D4 on any leg of their 21-year anniversary tour of their debut album, 6twenty, then you'll already know what a treat it has been.
Midwave Breaks - Single Review: Souvenirs
16 Mar 2023 // review by Kerry MB
It wasn’t long ago I had just finished reviewing Midwave Breaks latest EP- Mind Made Up, and now, we’re back again with their new single- Souvenirs. First off, let me tell you, these guys are already doing awesome things for New Zealand music, and this new single just further cements their superb range as musicians.
Hummucide - Single Review: The Sound the Sea Makes
09 Mar 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Hummucide are an instrumental jazz-rock quartet hailing from Wellington. Formed in Jazz school they did the house party circuit, playing their refined Jazz to indie audiences, a bold choice that paid off well and set them apart.
Slow Rage - Single Review: Bones
06 Feb 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Slow Rage is an Auckland duo who have that special something. They are a melting pot blend of alternative rock and punk, and sound like everything you want but nothing you’ve heard.
Midwave Breaks - EP Review: Mind Made Up
02 Feb 2023 // review by Kerry MB
Since 2021, Midwave Breaks have been the talk of Kiwi music, going from strength to strength releasing two EP’s and a string of radio singles. Now, to kick things off right in 2023, the duo have released their new 3 track EP- Mind Made Up.
All I Seek - EP Review: All I Seek
15 Dec 2022 // review by Kerry MB
All I Seek is about to become your new favourite band and here’s why. The 5-piece from Wellington seamlessly blend modern metal, pop and rock into package and execute it flawlessly.
Spirit Boy - Single Review: Adolescence
12 Dec 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Having established themselves in the Christchurch music scene, Spirit Boy is an indie rock ensemble that is hitting the ground running. This is their debut single, Adolescence.
Investigator - Album Review: Shade
10 Nov 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Investigator is a band that makes you think you know what they’re about after one song, when really there is so much more and you have it so wrong. Formed from the creative mind of singer songwriter, Adrian Drew, Investigator are in fact a five piece from Auckland doing everything right with their new album release, Shade If you’re familiar with their sound you’ll know their penchant for melody and darkness, an almost evolving sound each new verse or chorus.
Deprivacy - Single Review: Beneath
02 Nov 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Beneath is the latest single from former one man metal act, Deprivacy, AKA Robbie Scott. If you’re familiar with his offerings, you’ll know what a powerhouse of talent he is and I’m so stoked to dive into his latest single for our listening pleasure.
TeamSquad - EP Review: All Dream
13 Oct 2022 // review by Kerry MB
TeamSquad is a Whaingaroa/Raglan powerhouse (no pun intended) duo Ruth and Kane Power who have a unique synth rock blend, marching to the beat of their own drum. All Dream is their second EP compromising of four stunning tracks that are truly their own.
Paddy and the Cryptids - EP Review: Demo EP
12 Oct 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Paddy and the Cryptids are a three piece up and coming Punk/New Wave medley hailing from the sunny Hawkes Bay. This is their self- titled debut EP and straight off the bat there is everything to enjoy about this short, sweet and to the point 4 track ensemble.
Dark Divinity - Album Review: Unholy Rapture
21 Sep 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Formed in 2017 and based in Wellington, Dark Divinity might be a name you’re familiar with if you’re a Death Metal genre fan, or maybe even if you’re familiar with the local Wellington Metal scene in general. If not, then sit tight, you’re about to experience one hell of a journey.
Medusa Glare - Single Review: Something's Got to Give
06 Sep 2022 // review by Kerry MB
With two EP’s and a single already under their belt since forming in 2017, Waikato three piece, Medusa Glare know a thing or two about catchy hooks, great rhythms and crunchy hard rock riffs. Something’s Got to Give is their latest single, and they’ve hit the nail on the head again with their signature sound that fans have come to know and love.
The Infinity Chamber - Single/Video Review: Nothing
18 Aug 2022 // review by Kerry MB
The Infinity Chamber is the brain child of musician, Dylan Paul Ware, a Kiwi currently based in Turkey. His blend of alt-rock, dark indie-folk jams is uniquely his own with some solid influential sounds thrown in for good measure.
Achilles Complex - Single Review: Jack In
20 Jun 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Achilles Complex hail from Hamilton and have been making a name for themselves since 2019, when they came on the scene with their explosive prog rock medley. The four piece, compromising of frontman, Harley Flynn (vocals and guitar), Zak Cole (drums), Reece Gielen (vocals and lead guitar) and Jordan Carpenter (bass) create a stunning blend of intricate sounds, both heavy and melodic.
Caitlin - Single Review: Hardly
19 May 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Caitlin Joy might not sound familiar but you’re a fan of some great acoustic pop/folk tunes, then you’ll want to read on. Having been raised by musicians, it’s no wonder that her musical beginnings started young.
Video Nasty - EP Review: Menthol b/w Filthy
15 Mar 2022 // review by Kerry MB
Video Nasty are a three piece hailing from Auckland. Having formed in 2020, their cacophony sound is a blend of noise rock that gives you reason to listen.
One Dead Man - Album Review: The Deal
27 Feb 2022 // review by Kerry MB
If his name sounds familiar, Michael Baxter also fronts the Tauranga punk/noise-pop band, The Dead Man 6 and The Knids. The Deal is a 13 track slab of rock opera genius created from the confines of 2021’s lockdown and revels in honesty about anxiety and the extreme of relationships with the idea of making deals with the devil and the power of attraction and revenge.
Radius Kink - Album Review: Orange Room
24 Nov 2021 // review by Kerry MB
Radius Kink have been around for a while now with a few releases up their sleeve, so it’s hard to believe this ‘new’ release of theirs is actually ten years old. The five piece hailing from Christchurch is made up of father and daughter, Dawn Hendriske (vocals, guitar) Gary Hendriske (vocals, bass), a next door neighbour and couple of mates (in no particular order) Gordon Goodinson (vocals, guitar) and Simon Gemmill (drums, keyboard, guitar).
Solo Ono - Single Review: Domesticated
13 Oct 2021 // review by Kerry MB
Solo Ono are one of those bands that has been kicking about since 2011, yet still feel like a hidden secret. Over the years they have released singles, a full-length self-titled album and a handful of EP’s.
TOOMS - Single Review: Dead Birds
04 Aug 2021 // review by Kerry MB
TOOMS is possible the most unique two piece I have recently had the pleasure of reviewing. With a nebulous genre that seems to fit where things aren’t supposed to fit, I like it a lot and so should you.
Lakius - Single/Video Review: Here We Are Still
05 Jul 2021 // review by Kerry MB
Post-Industrial Metal duo Lakius have another explosive single, this time directly in reference to our country’s marijuana legislation falling short by a 2% margin last year.Here We Are Still is another assault to the senses.
Swerve City - Single Review: Moving Pictures
23 May 2021 // review by Kerry MB
If the name of Swerve City sounds familiar to you, you’re probably right in thinking that yes, it is in fact borrowed from a Deftones song. You might also recognize some of the line-up of Swerve City that were formally of/currently in bands like Fire at Will, Saints of Taboo and Armed in Advance (or for those that can remember way back, AKA, Stitches) Having just had the pleasure of reviewing Swerve City’s recent third single, Moving Pictures, I can tell listeners are in for a treat, especially if you’re a fan of alternative rock, metal undertones and pop sensibilities.
East York - Single Review: Damned Anthem
29 Mar 2021 // review by Kerry MB
East York are back with their third single, Damned Anthem. With two singles firmly under belt, East York continue to go from strength to strength with their creativity and musicality.
Scorn Of Creation - Album Review: Annihilation Cult
11 Mar 2021 // review by Kerry MB
Following the success of their debut album released in 2018, Scorn of Creation are back with another explosive piece of their unforgettable doom death metal with an edge, Annihilation Cult. With ten tracks full of creativity, guttural screams and intensity there is no mistaking the high energy chaos that descends upon your ears and sends you into oblivion.
Etheran - EP Review: Doppelganger
26 Jan 2021 // review by Kerry MB
Etheran is a funky metal rock hybrid hailing from Christchurch. Formed in 2016, they officially started touring in 2018 and this is their first EP, released at the beginning of the month.
Hateseeker - Album Review: Let's Talk About Death
13 Dec 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Formed in 2013 in New Plymouth, Hateseeker is a hybrid punk rock metal outfit with a twist. While they have been described as sounding a bit like Motorhead and The Ramones they are uniquely their own and bring their versions of hard and heavy riffs with a relentless energy.
East York - Single Review: Outsiders
08 Nov 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Comprised of three Kiwis, Zane Rosanoski (drums) Tarquin Keys (vocals) Daz Coppins (guitar), and a Canadian, Eric Boucher (bass). Formed in Melbourne during pandemic times comes the Rock quartet, East York.
Tablefox - Single Review: Battles
29 Oct 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Since releasing their debut EP in 2013, Auckland alternative band, Tablefox have gone from strength to strength over the years and continued to broaden their horizons musically. 2020 has been no exception and on the eve of releasing their third album, Desire or Love, they’ve just dropped their fourth single, titled, Battles.
Lakius - Single Review: This Tension
18 Sep 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Deemed as New Zealand’s 4th best industrial/groove-metal duo, Auckland’s Lakius kept busy during our lockdown periods creating and had recently released another single titled, This Tension. With a stunning video to accompany it, This Tension is an assault of noise that leaves all your senses on alert.
End of an Empire - Album Review: Within Without
31 Aug 2020 // review by Kerry MB
End of an Empire is a Wellington four-piece who know a thing or two about creating good music, especially for a band that has just released their debut album. With an experimental thrash, hardcore metal sound, Within Without contains ten tracks that has thought, balance and integrity all rolled into its twenty-five minutes.
Voodoo Bloo - Single Review: Her Name Was Human
13 Aug 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Voodoo Bloo is the new music project of Rory McDonald. If his name sounds familiar it’ll be because he was the founder (vocals and bass) of now defunct alternative rock/punk Wellington band, Lucifer Gunne.
Oscar LaDell - Album Review: Gone Away
29 Jul 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Gone Away is the debut album of electric blues up and coming Dunedinite, Oscar LaDell. Despite his twenty one years of age, he’s a second generation bluesman and knows his way around a fretboard or two.
Bulletbelt - Album Review: Warlords
07 Jul 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Since 2009 Bulletbelt have been annihilating the eardrums of metal heads across New Zealand. In the eleven years since their emergence, they’ve seen and done a lot including international touring, band line-up changes and three solid albums including three EP’s and three singles.
Dream State Empire - EP Review: Why Fight It
22 Jun 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Hailing from our cool little capital, Dream State Empire is a five-piece high energy kind of noise you wish you heard about yesterday. The five Wellingtonians have been kicking about since 2018 and have just released their stunning debut EP, Why Fight It.
Thousand Limbs - EP Review: Mara
19 Apr 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Thousand Limbs is an Auckland instrumental Metal/Doom quartet that formed in 2016. Very quickly, you’ll find they take you on a journey without ever leaving the house, which is about as good as it gets in these trying times.
Afterlight - Album Review: Sovereignty
01 Apr 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Antebellum are a three piece, metal infused rock band from Tauranga. This is their debut album, Sovereignty, and it’s clear they have a lot to say for a band with no vocalist (that we know of), but with no shortage of really cool riffs and insane talent.
Deprivacy - EP Review: N/A (Never Accepted)
10 Mar 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Deprivacy is the one man metal act of musician, Robbie Scott, hailing from Christchurch. If that name doesn’t sound familiar; don’t worry, it soon will be if this EP if anything to go by.
Gravel Pit - EP Review: Black Arts
25 Feb 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Gravel Pit are a four piece assault of adrenaline, intensity and speed, but if you thought they were just another hardcore punk band, you need to take another listen. They formed in 2018, having released their debut EP the same year and they hail from Wellington which is definitely a great thing.
The Tacks - Single Review: One Last Goodbye
05 Feb 2020 // review by Kerry MB
Hailing from Christchurch and featuring members of local Punk bands Nervous Jerk, Zhukov, Mental Fatal and Blame Thrower is the New Wave/Goth/Post Punk outfit, The Tacks. Having formed in 2019, their sound is a combination of 80's synth with a definitive punk rhythm and a whole lot of goth.
Radio Coma - Single Review: River Flows
28 Jan 2020 // review by Kerry MB
If you’re a fan of the blues and rock n roll grooves, then you’ve come to the right place. Formed in 2016, Radio Coma is a syndicate of musicians, audio engineers, bands and artists, led by a few core members based in Auckland.
Domes - Single Review: The Futurist
09 Jan 2020 // review by Kerry MB
The new single from Domes is here. Another slab of brilliance that reaches new heights for the start of 2020.
Fallstate - EP Review: Disorder and Symmetry
02 Dec 2019 // review by Kerry MB
Well, that didn’t take long. If you haven’t heard a single note of Hardcore, Pop-Punk infused band, Fallstate before, be prepared.
Domes - Single Review: Malady
19 Nov 2019 // review by Kerry MB
Established as a bold, creative adventure with the goal of creating a record from scratch, from the opposite end of the world and all within one year, is a brave statement, let alone something to follow through with. Radically, it seems to be working if Domes' debut single, Malady is anything to go by.
The Jordan Luck Band - Gig Review: Jordan Luck Band & Ekko Park @ Cosmopolitan Club, Pukekohe - 4/08/2018
11 Aug 2018 // review by Kerry MB
The last date in The Jordan Luck Band and Ekko Park tour came to a blinding end at Pukekohe’s Cosmopolitan Club. With the average demographic well into the forties and fifties (with a smattering of us in the younger generations) it was a night that rocked, whatever your age was.
Deathnir - Album Review: Second Sin
09 Jul 2018 // review by Kerry MB
Deathnir (pronounced Death Near) are a four-piece thrash outfit from Hamilton and have recently released their long awaited second release, Second Sin. For anyone familiar with Deathnir's sound, you’d know that their musical influences are everything that is good in the world of metal; Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest etc, and while you might be thinking that anyone who tries their hand at thrash metal might just be ripping off said artists, a carbon copy of noise, well your kind of wrong.
Skinny Hobos - Album Review: Skinny Hobos
30 May 2018 // review by Kerry MB
After what seems like a decade of waiting in anticipation for the debut album from New Zealand’s favourite Rock duo, the wait is no more! Skinny Hobos have been a common house hold name in the world of Rock in the last few years, and unless you live under a rock, they have quite a solid reputation for working themselves ragged gigging around our fine shores to quench the thirst of bogans, rockers, metal heads, and well, pretty much everyone and everything in between, because if you haven’t yet heard the news, Skinny Hobos really are that good.
Mild Orange - Album Review: Foreplay
01 May 2018 // review by Kerry MB
If there was one sentence that summed up Mild Orange’s sound and choice of name, it would be this, in their own words: ‘The colour orange can cause one to experience a heightened sense of optimism, a boost in aspiration, and a stimulation of warmth and happiness’  Mild Orange are a self-confessed melting pot of eclectic melodies, energy and vibrancy with smooth sounds. Hailing from Dunedin and formed by early childhood friends, Josh Mehrtens and Josh Reid, they were quickly catapulted into the music scene after only one gig together, which soon lead to a NYE set at Rhythm and Vines during the recording of their debut album, Foreplay, which leads us here.
Solo Ono - EP Review: Rogue Planet
28 Mar 2018 // review by Kerry MB
Solo Ono are a Wellington two piece (and the occasional three-piece) indulging in some no-frills garage post pop with synth overtones, creating their own sound. Having been six years since their self-titled 2012 debut, Solo Ono have finally broken the drought with a new EP release- Rogue Planet.
Thomas Oliver - Album Review: Live at the Crystal Palace
21 Mar 2018 // review by Kerry MB
Thomas Oliver has been around for some time, and if you haven’t ever heard of him, where have you been all these years? It’s time you take note and listen.
How To Human - Single Review: Devil in Your Pocket
06 Mar 2018 // review by Kerry MB
How to Human are a four-piece rock assault hailing from Wellington, ready to unleash their edgy rock on unsuspecting audiences. Pushing the limits musically and lyrically, Devil in Your Pocket is their debut single, and from the first listen, it’s crisp and exciting.
Ghost Who Walks - Single Review: Vertigo
28 Feb 2018 // review by Kerry MB
Ghost Who Walks is the brilliance of Wellington born Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter Sam Fowles, backed by his band who play under the moniker, ‘The Ghost’ Ghost Who Walks are straight up funky blues with a host of influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime. Combined with a heavy, tight rhythm section and reggae and rock overtones and you have the perfect blend that moves the mind, soul, and more importantly, the body.
Happy Hearse - Album Review: Love and Work
22 Feb 2018 // review by Kerry MB
Happy Hearse are back with their new album, Love and Work. If anyone is familiar with their debut album released last year, Mastering the Shakes, you’ll know how unique Happy Hearse’s sound is and the journey that awaits your ears.
JCK - Album Review: Glass
01 Feb 2018 // review by Kerry MB
JCK or James Castady-Kristament, a name familiar to most, especially here at Muzic.net.
Intergracia - EP Review: Rise of The Incubus
31 Dec 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Intergracia are a Kapiti/Wellington band, and as some may remember, formally known as Magnum Opus. They deliver powerful melodic metal that you’ll love from the start.
The Knee High Socks - EP Review: The Knee High Socks
21 Dec 2017 // review by Kerry MB
The Knee High Socks are an Auckland high school quartet that formed in 2015. Their sound is self-confessed indie, ‘math rock’, but not exactly pop, and they have just released their first self-titled EP.
Gig Review: Paul McCartney @ Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland - 16/12/2017
17 Dec 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Opening with A Hard Day’s Night to thunderous applause and rapture, Paul McCartney didn’t waste any time in appeasing the thirty something thousand crowd that descended upon Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland last night. It was a perfect warm summer’s night with no wind that made for crystal clear acoustics, and a stage that was set up perfectly with two huge live feed screens so everyone, front, side and back got the chance to see Sir McCartney in all his glory.
Bulletbelt - Album Review: Nine Centuries
05 Dec 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Wellington Metallers Bulletbelt are back and bring with them, their third full length release, Nine Centuries. Bulletbelt are no strangers to the Wellington Metal scene and have been kicking around for years, with a lot of respect within their genre.
Undercut - EP Review: Take the Wheel
04 Dec 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Undercut are a recently formed Auckland Rock outfit and have just released their debut four-track EP, Take the Wheel - an EP all about taking back control. Straight off the bat, it’s clear Undercut are seasoned musicians with their concise but sharp four tracks that are punchy and riff laden, with pinches of three genres, Rock, Indie and Metal.
The Hopkinsville Goblins - Album Review: The Hopkinsville Goblins
01 Nov 2017 // review by Kerry MB
The Hopkinsville Goblins are Back! The Wellingtonian's self-titled album is their second intergalactic collaboration of quirky sound effects, samples and lyrical connotations with continued exploration of everything out of the ordinary with that familiar shambolic confusion that is entirely their own.
Beachware - EP Review: Twin Coast Disc Drive
11 Oct 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Beachware are from Auckland and full of fun with their electric surf pop. Their bubble gum sound is typically Kiwi and has that real beach vibe blended with 80’s synth overtones.
Happy Hearse - Album Review: Mastering the Shakes
03 Oct 2017 // review by Kerry MB
It happens, but not as often as I’d like, that I’ll come across a hidden gem that manages to blow my mind, musically and lyrically and leaves me feeling completely satisfied with undulated happiness and excitement.   Mastering the Shakes is the 2009 debut from the self- proclaimed grunge phenomenon band, Happy Hearse.
The Rock 1500 Countdown Party @ Powerstation, Auckland - 15/09/2017
18 Sep 2017 // review by Kerry MB
One of the biggest nights for Rock fans recently came to an end, and while many celebrated with a well-deserved day off work to start their own festivities early, many more were fortunate to attend the place to be; The Rock’s first ever 1500 countdown party at Powerstation, Mount Eden. The beloved venue, no stranger to a Rock gig or two, was ready and waiting.
Gig Review: Pukekohe High School Compilation Release Gig @ Pukekohe High School - 06/09/2017
11 Sep 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Little Leviathan are three talented teenagers from Pukekohe High school who are on the road to great things with their brand of foot stomping Heavy Rock. The band is just one of the many talents to come out of Pukekohe High, and part of the school’s music project Mondays Rock, a programme aimed at encouraging and supporting budding musicians and artists in the school.
New Age Leper - EP Review: The Day The Stranger Came
07 Sep 2017 // review by Kerry MB
New Age Leper hail from Wellington and are something of a commodity with their eclectic sound of Rock with enough softness, that even small children would enjoy. Expecting the unexpected would sum it up the best.
Sea Mouse - Album Review: Sea Mouse
01 Sep 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Sea Mouse is the solo project of Wellington Singer/Songwriter, Seamus Johnson. A musician who is no stranger to Wellington’s live music scene with an impressive ten-year track record performing as an artist and with other bands.
Ammp - EP Review: This Chaotic Symphony
29 Aug 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Hailing from Wellington, Ammp is a four-piece, pop-rock, indie outfit full of melody, warmth and eagerly awaiting your listening ears. If you’re familiar with the band’s debut album, From The Back Of The Sun, you’ll recognise the same clear, harmonious vocals from Andrew Masseurs and the effortless musicianship from the rest of the band, Matthew Powell (guitars) Jason Murphy (bass) and Andrew Richardson (drums).
Aaron Carpenter and The Revelators - Album Review: Pretty Lies
13 Aug 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Bluesy, gritty and honest with plenty of swag best describes Aaron Carpenter and The Revelators’ debut album, Pretty Lies. The quintet hail from Waiheke Island, also known as "wine island", only a ferry ride away from the bright lights of Auckland.
Gig Review: Hanson @ Town Hall, Auckland - 27/06/17
28 Jun 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Celebrating 25 years of Hanson togetherness, and 20 years since the release of their debut, Middle of Nowhere, the official Middle of Everywhere tour finally reached Auckland, and if you’ve ever been curious to hear what a few thousand (mostly female) screaming Hanson fans sounded like, then Auckland Town Hall was the place to be last night. The Town Hall is a majestic, beautiful heritage building with lavish Edwardian Baroque design and plush interior, there is a sense of something special when you see anything in such a spectacular setting and just added an extra touch of class to an outstanding night.
No Sky - EP Review: i
05 Jun 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Indie is an interesting genre of music. I think of it like a seeing an experimental piece of art.
Violet Highway - EP Review: Breathe
25 May 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Auckland band Violet Highway have a new EP, and it’s a punch to the face, in a good way. The 5 track EP, Breathe, is an assault to the senses, making no apologies for its extreme catchiness and superb musicianship.
Mishap - EP Reivew: Not Feeling This
01 May 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Mishap are back with their second EP, Not Feeling This, and straightaway, I have to say, I really dig this band. It’s my first introduction to these punk power pop trio from Wellington, and they have been kicking around since early last year (2016).
Checaine - EP Review: Symbols
01 May 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Hamilton rock quartet Checaine are back and they're making some noise about it. Their latest slab, Symbols is a follow up EP to their 2014 debut, Turn the Stone and my ears were not disappointed.
Kenington - Album Review: Going Nowhere (Faster Than You)
27 Mar 2017 // review by Kerry MB
Going Nowhere (Faster Than You) is the debut album from UK born, Auckland based musician, Kenington. A slab of pure honesty and melody is laced throughout the eleven tracks coupled with refined lyrical ability gives this album a soft and quite beautiful feel.
Devilskin - Devilskin @ Stampede Bar and Grill, Papakura - 16/12/2016
23 Jan 2017 // review by Kerry MB
For the first time, Stampede Bar and Grill in Papakura hosted its first Rock gig. The unlikely establishment, known more for its BBQ style cuisine and Friday night DJ’s, stepped out of the box with a night of difference.
Tablefox - Single Review: Under A Broken Smile
23 Nov 2016 // review by Kerry MB
On the eve of their forthcoming EP, Tablefox are back with their new single, Under A Broken Smile. If you’re a fan Tablefox’s sound, you’ll hear another slab of perfectly crafted indie rock, tinged with melody and oozing sweetness.
Devilskin - Album Review: Be Like The River
02 Nov 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Devilskin are back and sounding more ferocious than before. Be Like The River is their new album, due for nationwide release on 11th November.
Bakers Eddy - Single Review: Big Man
02 Nov 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Wellington Rockers Bakers Eddy are back with their latest single, Big Man. Their signature sound of rise and fall crescendo’s, crunchy riffs and sing-a-long vocals is what makes Bakers Eddy such a great band to listen to.
GT42 - GT42 - Album Review: GT42
19 Sep 2016 // review by Kerry MB
GT42 is a Wellington duo that deliver a hypnotic blend of edgy melodic rock that is flawless and brilliant. GT42 is their self titled debut album and is comprised of fourteen sublime tracks that defines their 80s and 90s crunchy riff laden melodies, with a tinge of pop.
The Hopkinsville Goblins - Album Review: Posts From Planet Earth
26 Aug 2016 // review by Kerry MB
The Hopkinsville Goblins are a Wellington artist/band representing a mish mash of genres under the guise of Alternative Rock, but in many ways, vary far from that. It’s a little difficult to pinpoint whether the Hopkinsville Goblins are merely a gimmick, or actually serious with this album, Posts From Planet Earth.
Tricks & Sleeves - Album Review: Locked Out Of Space
26 Aug 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Locked Out Of Space is the debut album from indie rockers, Tricks & Sleeves, showcasing the bands ethereal Pop melodies and infectious hooks. Following on from their self-titled debut EP, Tricks & Sleeves seem to be going from strength to strength, and are a band that I hope are very aware of their talent and future potential.
Ceolskog - Album Review: Made In My Bedroom 2
19 Aug 2016 // review by Kerry MB
The second coming of Made In My Bedroom 2 from Ceolskog, AKA Adam Helliwell is another superbly crafted slab of Folk Metal, tinged with uniqueness and filled with potential. Following on from its predecessor, Adam has stepped up to the plate and come forth with a more riff laden album.
Ceolskog - Album Review: Made In My Bedroom
02 Aug 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Ceolskog is the brain child of  solo artist Adam Helliwell and Made In My Bedroom, is, as the title suggests, a home made album.I'm always open to listening to genres that not often cross my path and I liked the cross pollination assault that Adam has created.
Violet Highway - Single/Video Review: Desire
20 Jul 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Violet Highway is an up and coming, infectious Auckland band with some seriously swag sounds and a cool look to boot. In their latest single, Desire, depicting a night in the lift of a lone Taxi driver (or Uber driver!
Evangel - EP Review: Sea Of The Dead
29 Jun 2016 // review by Kerry MB
If you haven't yet heard of Metalcore four-piece, Evangel, keeping read, you're about to find out. The quartet originally hail from Hamilton and formed in 2007.
Villainy - Gig Review: Villainy @ Galatos, Auckland - 16/04/2016
29 Apr 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Galatos is an almost hidden secret venue when you consider its location, but I was pleasantly surprised with its vast interior once inside. With great acoustics, it was a great spot to be catching Villainy as part of their Dead Sight tour around the country, along with City of Souls and Decades.
The Datsuns - Gig Review: The Datsuns @ Kings Arms, Auckand - 1/04/2016
15 Apr 2016 // review by Kerry MB
It’s not easy getting them all in the same country at the same time, but back for the first time since 2014, Kiwi rock n roll pioneers, The Datsuns still know how to put on a damn good show and fill a crowd. Kicking off the night with support from Bloodbags.
His Masters Voice - Gig Review: The Forge Of His Masters Downfall @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 5/03/2016
17 Mar 2016 // review by Kerry MB
The warm air and the promise of a great line up set the night for The Forge Of His Masters Downfall at the Kings Arms March 5th. A clever play on words featuring all three bands in the title (can you guess them all?
Tokyo Rock Machine - EP Review: Batteries Not Included
06 Jan 2016 // review by Kerry MB
Tokyo Rock Machine are a three-piece London-based, Kiwi band with straight up and down good old Rock n Roll. This is their first EP, Batteries Not Included.
Ctrl Freak - Album Review: In Retrospect
06 Dec 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Originating from Auckland, Ctrl Freak is a self-produced project by musician Richie Bennett. In Retrospect is his first solo album and straight off the bat, it is nothing short of spectacular.
Tablefox - Album Review: Objects
26 Nov 2015 // review by Kerry MB
A superbly crafted album that is emotional and powerful. Tablefox are a five-piece rock band skilfully blending elements of indie, folk and pop to create in what I can only describe as a brilliant debut album.
BigBomBo - EP Review: BigBomBo
26 Nov 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Auckland newcomers, BigBomBo are Rock n Roll titans with a Spanish flair. Their debut five track EP recorded earlier this year is an eclectic medley of great riffs and melody that is infectious, leaving your head bobbing and toes tapping.
Helgorithms - EP Review: Realisation // Revelation
03 Nov 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Helgorithms is a three piece metal assault on New Zealand’s music scene bringing a unique blend of experimental post metal to life. Their debut EP, Realisation // Revelation was released a few months ago but after discovering there had been no review done for this EP, I jumped at the chance.
Ekko Park - Album Review: Know Hope
29 Oct 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Nominated for best Rock Album at the 2013 New Zealand Music Awards is an achievement many New Zealand bands hope to have at least once in their career. For Auckland band, Ekko Park, it came a lot sooner than anticipated.
SOL3 MIO - Album Review: On Another Note
29 Oct 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Sol3 Mio is possibly one of New Zealand’s finest classical music trio at the top of their game. While classical music isn’t my preferred genre I certainly can appreciate the musicianship in it, which is why I decided to take this review on.
Gig Review: Metalliance - The Paradox Tour 2015 @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 25/10/15
27 Oct 2015 // review by Kerry MB
The future of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Touring and Promotion has launched! Before I had even set eyes upon this much needed event/music promotion, I too had often pondered the hope that something new and exciting in Music Promotion would come in the near future.
Hunt The Witch - Gig Review: Hunt The Witch @ Backbeat Bar, Auckland 10/10/15
12 Oct 2015 // review by Kerry MB
For anyone who hasn’t yet ventured into the small but perfectly formed Backbeat Bar on K Road, be sure to go check it out. For a venue that’s very much blink and you’ll miss it, it’s quickly been added to my list of great music venues around Auckland.
Hunt The Witch - EP Review: Into The Black
08 Oct 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Hunt The Witch are an Auckland quartet who unabashedly make great Rock music. For this I thank them.
Villainy - Album Review: Dead Sight
16 Sep 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Auckland rock monsters Villainy are back with a follow up to 2012’s debut, Mode. Set.
Stretch to Mould - EP Review: Painting Faces
11 Sep 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Stretch To Mould are no strangers to releasing good rock music. Their debut album Shadows was released in 2012 and packed a solid punch of hard hitting riffs and was laced with melody, but now they’re back again with a bigger sound and if you haven’t heard their music yet, now would be a good time to pay attention.
Medusa Glare - Single Review: Rock Your World
19 Aug 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Hamilton Rock outfit Medusa Glare may still be relatively new on the music scene, but they’re quickly gaining a following. Their second single, Rock Your World is good, insanely good.
Bakers Eddy - EP Review: Plastic Wasteland
01 Aug 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Bakers Eddy hail from Windy Wellington, and their debut EP has just landed to my awaiting ears. Plastic Wasteland shows the capabilities of a young band who have worked solidly to become a tightly oiled machine with infectious riffs, melodies and flair.
Sonic Delusion - Album Review: Without Warning
25 Jul 2015 // review by Kerry MB
New Plymouth based band Sonic Delusion sound a little unexpected as their band name suggests, but upon listening I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to enjoy this album. Without Warning is the band’s not-yet-released third album, and it’s a sensual delight to the ears for anyone who enjoys folk with something a bit different.
Illuminus - Album Review: Until The End (Remastered)
14 Jul 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Explosive, heavy and fast sums up Auckland trio’s Illuminus and their assault of noise that descends as opening track, The Machine erupts into life. Illuminus have decided to go back and re-master their 2012 debut album, Until The End.
Illuminus - Album Review: Fading By Degrees
13 Jul 2015 // review by Kerry MB
When Auckland band Illuminus released their debut, Until The End in 2012, it was their unique sound that received rave reviews by many. This latest offering, Fading By Degrees has the same progressiveness that will keep the fans happy.
Mucus Kids - EP Review: Mosh 4 Jesus
18 Jun 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Unabashedly crude yet oddly fantastic. Auckland trio Mucus Kids have released their newest EP, Mosh 4 Jesus and it’s a brilliant assault on the eardrums.
Gatherer - Album Review: Heavy Hail
18 Jun 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Heavy Hail is a delicious album. A sensory overload of everything you want, and the yet undiscovered.
Cheshire Grimm - EP Review: Cheshire Grimm
06 Jun 2015 // review by Kerry MB
Hamilton/Melbourne trio Cheshire Grimm are ones to watch with the flurry of attention surrounding their debut self titled EP that was released a few months ago. A wicked blend of genres can be heard from rock, pop and metal.
The Diamond Dead - Single Review: Dumb
19 Jan 2015 // review by Kerry MB
2015 is the start of great music already, and what better way to kick start summer than with a new single from Hawkes Bay’s finest rock-metallers, Diamond Doll. In 2013, this female fronted band released their debut EP, Plus None, a hard hitting assault of heavy noise and the perfect blend of melodic heaviness.
Armed In Advance - Interview: Stitches
27 Dec 2014 // interview by Kerry MB
Stitches are performing at the Music is Dead launch party on 17 January 2015 alongside Fire At Will, Static Era and Dead End Boys. Kerry interviewed Hugh (bass) about their 2014 EP Harder Times and their plans for the future.
Shihad - Newsletter Interview: Shihad
25 Nov 2014 // interview by Kerry MB
  Shihad recorded their first album Churn almost 21 years ago and ever since then, they have proven time and time again that they are one of New Zealand's leading Rock bands. They describe their new album FVEY as "total brutality from start to finish".
Black River Drive - Quicksand Album Review
31 Oct 2014 // review by Kerry MB
Quicksand is Kiwi rockers Black River Drive’s most recent release. It’s a decent hit of hard driven riffs, melody and everything that made you like them in the first place.
Dragonstone - Dragonstone EP Review
21 Oct 2014 // review by Kerry MB
Dragonstone is a two piece Wellington duo, exploding with potential in the most primitive way. The three tracked self titled EP doesn’t give enough away.
The Datsuns - Bad Taste Single Review
25 Sep 2014 // review by Kerry MB
The first single to be lifted from Kiwi favourites, The Datsuns' sixth album, Deep Sleep, is sure to please. With a hilarious and really well done Claymation video (with the band all looking like they have dreadlocks) the single, Bad Taste is a foot stomper of a tune with classic Dolf De Borst trademark throaty vocals and booming riffs.
Devilskin - We Rise Album Review
06 Sep 2014 // review by Kerry MB
The long awaited debut from Kiwi rock metallers, Devilskin in all its glory. Finally!
This Flight Tonight - Never After Video/Single Review
29 Aug 2014 // review by Kerry MB
A beautifully simplistic song and video clip sums up this delicate gem by artist, Ralph Warren Engle. The video depicts the acoustic guitar playing Engle inside a home, intercut with segments of a happy, smiling woman, who often looks contemplative.
Parents - Low Life Album Review
25 Aug 2014 // review by Kerry MB
Gritty, dark and raw best sums up Auckland quartet Parents. Ravaging your ears with full force noise obliteration with opening track Change, Parents are no strangers to a Black Flag/Burzum medley of assault.
Nick Ferretti - Never Leave Your Lover Alone Album Review
20 Jul 2014 // review by Kerry MB
The name may not be familiar to some, but his voice will be. Listening to Nick Ferretti, you stop, whatever it is you’re doing and just listen.
The Flaming Mudcats - Mistress Album Review
18 Mar 2014 // review by Kerry MB
The Flaming Mudcats return with another brilliant slab of their eclectic roots infused tunes, full of toe tapping, good soul feeling stuff. Craig Bracken’s jazzy vocals ring true and clear on their second offering, that makes you turn the volume up that little bit louder.
Five Mile Town - Other Ghosts EP Review
29 Nov 2013 // review by Kerry MB
Bittersweet expectations - two words that spring to mind on the first listen of Auckland quartet, Five Mile Town. A strong vibe of Mumford and Sons blends effortlessly with some heavy rock overtones on stand out on fourth track- Cigar and a 78, a stellar song that shows the bands true mark, and by far my favourite.
Rose and The Wooden Hearts - Digging Holes Album Review
09 Oct 2013 // review by Kerry MB
Simple and charming; just a few choice words to sum up the overall vibe, of indie folk rockers, Rose and the Wooden Hearts. A refreshing change from the more male dominated role in Indie; female vocalist, Rose Fischer, bringing a sweet melody that gives the rest of the Wooden Hearts a light, feminine feel.
Needless Cane - The Sun Did Not Shine EP Review
23 Jul 2013 // review by Kerry MB
Alternative metal in Wellington is not a dying scene; in fact, it’s very much alive when you have local act, Needless Cane and the release of their latest offering, The Sun Did Not Rise. This seven track EP brings that heavy, yet melodic sound that conjures up instant dark imagery and blackness, before swiftly bringing a strong industrial sound that finishes off the last three tracks.
Jesse Sheehan - How The Light Gets In EP
29 Jun 2013 // review by Kerry MB
Still relativity new in Wellington’s music scene, Jesse Sheehan is fast shedding some light as to why he’s about to become the next big thing in the Capital’s indie scene. This young talent is creating a stir in the indie folk world, just having released his second EP; How The Light Gets In.
The Diamond Dead - Plus None EP Review
03 Jun 2013 // review by Kerry MB
EP’s are perfect for the reason that they leave you wanting more as soon as the last track finishes, but you’re left with the feeling that it wasn’t long enough to placate your ears. If you have never experienced that feeling, you will with Hawkes Bay foursome, Diamond Doll band.
Newtown Rocksteady - Goin' Steady Album Review
21 May 2013 // review by Kerry MB
Rewind a month or two back and you’ll feel like its summer all over again, with the new offering from Wellington favourite, Newtown Rocksteady and their second EP release Goin’ Steady. Putting forth some sweet soulful mixes, you can hear the smooth blend that makes these Newtown locals a big name for some of NZ’s finest reggae roots and grooves.
Melic - Nowhere I'd Rather Be EP Review
19 May 2012 // review by Kerry MB
It’s easy to see why London based Kiwi rockers, Melic have opted 'Nowhere I’d Rather Be' for their first single off their upcoming third EP, also named 'Nowhere I’d Rather Be'. The first thing that catches your attention is the simple but infectious soft hook, laden with melody, that gives way to some catchy strong vocals, from vocalist and guitarist, Mark Hitchcock.
The Johnny Possum Band - Short Summer Album Review
05 Mar 2012 // review by Kerry MB
A beautiful arrangement featuring mandolins and violins makes The Johnny Possum band stand out in their eclectic mix genre of folk pop rock, with a lots of melody and feel good vibes. Short Summer is the band’s fifth album to date, comprising of vocalist, Bryan Peters, Margaret Pickering, Sean Whitaker, Keith Taylor and Jonathan Rosanowski.
Burning Embers - Open Road Demo EP Review
05 Mar 2012 // review by Kerry MB
If the sound of heavy drums, crunchy riffs and melody catches your ear, then look no further than Wainuiomata rockers, Burning Embers. Despite being unsigned, the seasoned musicians have been around for a good three to four years, gigging almost anywhere they can and rocking out audiences with their mix of heavy rock, tinged with toe tapping melody and lots of impressive solo’s that would give Slash a run for his money.
Geoff Ong - Pictures EP Review
14 Dec 2011 // review by Kerry MB
If you haven’t yet heard of up and coming talent, Geoff Ong, you will soon, with the release of his first EP, Pictures, making quite a name for himself in pop. Pictures, is a great mix of pop soft rock melody, just in time for summer and those long hot days, giving listeners just a glimpse of what Geoff Ong is capable of musicially as an artist.
The Flaming Mudcats - Gave You What You Wanted Album Review
03 Dec 2011 // review by Kerry MB
Otis Redding, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, just some of the late greats of 1950’s American Blues. Fast forward to New Zealand 2011, and The Flaming Mudcats could soon be amongst them.
The Bats - Free All The Monsters Album Review
08 Nov 2011 // review by Kerry MB
The first thing I notice when popping in The Bats new release, Free All The Monsters, is the distinct ‘Dunedin sound’ to which The Bats have been a part of, in their impressive thirty year career to date. Less is more with jingly guitars and loose drumming, summing up the Dunedin Sound perfectly.
Bond Street Bridge - Spring Summer Awesome Winter Album Review
16 Oct 2011 // review by Kerry MB
As a self confessed novice to some styles of the Indie genre, I wasn’t sure what to expect when popping in Bond Street Bridge’s second effort; Spring Summer Awesome Winter, but I was pleasantly surprised at the unique melody and softness of opening track ‘Aimless’ with its Mark Lanegan-esque style vocals that is suited to the blues/indie folk genre; one man band wonder, Sam Prebble is the man with the voice, string arrangements, mandolin and guitars behind Spring Summer... his follow up album to 2008’s The Mapmakers’ Art.
Kerretta - Saansilo Album Review
01 Oct 2011 // review by Kerry MB
Experimental rock from Auckland, Kerretta, has been making quite a scene overseas lately with their powerful live shows and heavy instrumental sound. Anyone familiar with their debut album, 'Vilayer', released in 2009 will be reminded of the potential that inevitably has followed in the shape of their second album, 'Saansilo', released September 18.
Acoustic Gig @ Bar Medusa, 18 August 2011
04 Sep 2011 // review by Kerry MB
A freezing cold and windy Thursday night did little to deter the crowd from a hearty acoustic set courtesy of NZ Live Entertainment at Medusa. A last minute change of plan saw Darrel Vickers, vocalist for bands; Funkacybin and Smashed Potatoes (the latter originally scheduled to play) bash out a beautiful acoustic set of originals with awe and depth.
The Adventures Of Mikejoffa - Eventures EP review
26 Jul 2011 // review by Kerry MB
Upon seeing Adventures of Mikejoffa at their Eventures EP launch gig at Medusa back in May, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before they took to the stage, as I only had heard snippets of a song or two. An hour and a half later I was grinning from ear to ear at what I had just heard, so I was excited to finally get my hands on their EP.
Kyuss Lives! @ Hunter Lounge, Wellington - Sunday May 15 2011
25 May 2011 // review by Kerry MB
Stoner rock, desert rock, acid rock; doesn't matter what you call it, there's no mistaking the sound of Kyuss when they hit the Hunter Lounge in Wellington, Sunday Night. The Hunter Lounge is a venue I'm not familiar with, located within Victoria University grounds, it boasts its own cafe and bar; a pretty classy place during the day, come nightfall and it transforms into the perfect venue for gigs, comedy nights and other events.
The Adventures Of Mikejoffa - Eventures EP Release Gig @ Bar Medusa, Wellington on 6 May 2011
25 May 2011 // review by Kerry MB
Making my way to Medusa bar on a freezing Friday night, I arrived with the happy notion of discounted drinks and my long awaited copy of Adventures Of Mikejoffa’s EP, Eventures, thanks to Doug ten Broeke. Familiar to Medusa’s small but perfectly formed size, I was a little taken back at the vacant space I could see all around me, wondering when or if it was going to start filling out by the time metal titans Red Dawn took to the stage.

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