20 Jan 2020

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Thomas Oliver - Album Review: Live at the Crystal Palace

21 Mar 2018 // A review by Kerry Monaghan

Thomas Oliver has been around for some time, and if you haven’t ever heard of him, where have you been all these years? It’s time you take note and listen.

Thomas is an award-winning singer/songwriter hailing from Wellington with a diverse and solid sound of blues, rock, soul and roots.

Known for his engaging demeanour, a fantastic backing band, mind-blowing vocal range and slide guitar playing skills, he is internationally recognised with legions of views, fans and followers on just about every social media platform. He has toured with some phenomenal local and international artists and bands, and through all his successes, remains a humble guy, living out his dream of playing music.

Thomas Oliver released his debut album way back in 2011, and he has gone from strength to strength in his musical abilities, including 2013’s all instrumental album, Beneath the Weissenborn, which you may have figured out by the title, is just he and his Weissenborn lap slide guitar. A stunning piece of work that is well worth the listen if you are familiar with his style.

Live at the Crystal Palace is his latest release, and a showcase of some of his discography from 2017’s studio album Floating in the Darkness. This is his first debut live album, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Recorded with a full live band over two nights, his stage presence is humbling as he pulls out all the stops with incredible renditions of covers from Bob Marley's Is This Love to Neil Young's Helpless - Thomas even invites his father onstage to play guitar with him during this number. The stunning set list also includes a re-release of Bad Talkin Man from the debut album, Baby, I’ll Play.

Thomas’s soaring vocals are beautifully delicate with so much power it gives you goose bumps. There is no comparison from studio to live with such fantastic musicianship like this. The audience is well and truly enamoured by this live show and you can hear every bit of passion in every nuance sung by Thomas. Engaging, dynamic and breath-taking all in one.

If you are like me and have managed to miss out on seeing Thomas Oliver live, this is the next best thing. But it should come with a health warning for your ears, and possibly your neighbours, because you’ll want to turn the volume up all the way.

Live at the Crystal Palace is available here.

Review written by Kerry Monaghan


About Thomas Oliver

Thomas Oliver is an award-winning singer-songwriter who is known for his tender vocals, his engaging demeanor on stage, and his slide guitar playing skills.

In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award for his hit, If I Move To Mars, from his new album, Floating In The Darkness, which debuted at #6 on the NZ Album Charts. Floating In The Darkness is a dynamic journey of the heart which showcases Oliver's distinctive blend of Roots, Soul, Folk and Electronic music, and also features a collaboration with renowned producer/composer, Rhian Sheehan.

With millions of views and streams across different platforms, Thomas has developed an international audience from his home base in New Zealand, and has performed throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Vietnam, and has toured and shared the stage with such legends as Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton and Fat Freddy's Drop. The most recent tours showcase an all-new lineup of band members, and a live show that's more spirited and powerful than ever.

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Live At The Crystal Palace
Year: 2018
Type: Album
Buy Online @ Mightyape
Floating In The Darkness
Year: 2017
Type: Album
Buy Online @ Mightyape
Beneath The Weissenborn
Year: 2013
Type: Album

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