22 Jul 2024

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No Man's Land - Single Review: Darling

23 Jun 2023 // A review by Kerry MB

If you haven’t yet heard of four piece, all female band, No Man’s Land, then don’t panic.

Having been on the scene for a while now, they have released a swag of singles since 2022, so there is plenty to catch you up on.

With a sound that blends sometime acoustic, indie and alternative, I can definitely say, as generic as those genre’s may be at times, No Man’s Land certainly doesn’t fit the mould and have something that is uniquely theirs.

With all aspects of this single done wholly by the ladies, including the recording, mastering and mixing, it just adds to their solid musicianship and what can be achieved.

Darling is their latest single, and despite the commitment of university (yes, all four members attend) it’s amazing that they still carve out time to write and record music.

Darling is a stunner of a track. Beautifully arranged with even better melody and poise. It is a track that has a lot of heart and lyrically, very emotive. You can tell how much passion there is collectively, but interestingly enough it translates individually too. That sounds a little strange to say, but let me elaborate. Every musical inflection you can hear from each member as well as collectively. That kind of pronounced musicianship is something I don’t hear very often, and it's refreshing.

A whole lot of love for this track and No Man’s Land. Keep at it ladies because music needs more of this.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About No Man's Land

No Man's Land is a band comprising of four female musicians who all attend University in Wellington.

These young musicians have been busy writing and performing their own original sound for several years now and are now also enjoying recording, mixing and mastering their works.

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