23 May 2022

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Joanne Chester - 'Where's The Time' EP Review

03 May 2010 // A review by BrendaF

This is a 5 track EP from Joanne Chester is solely grounded in the Blues/Jazz genre.

While Joanne’s vocals lack the sultry power usually associated this genre and at times were just plain flat, the intention and emotion behind the lyrics is quite spectacular. You could feel the dedication to the music.

Track 1 'Where's The Time?' and Track 2 'Not Thinking Of You' had hints of big band swing and I enjoyed the saxophone element, while the three remaining tracks were more mellow and slower, bringing a more rich and deeper sound.

That being said, there was no real stand out track for me. Track 4 "Forever" did have me thinking of elevator music in the instrumental segments (not in a bad way though).

The album was overall very easy listening and well put together. A little more vocal coaching and Joanne would become a great soul singer.


About Joanne Chester

Joanne's musical roots can be traced back to the tender age of one-and-a-half when her mother forced her to sing songs such as 'Insy Winsy Spider' and 'The Wheels on the Bus'before she could actually talk. Never-the-less, the pre-school music class was thoroughly impressed with her pre-lingual talents and so the paparazzi dodging began.

Throughout her primary years Joanne didn't miss an opportunity to learn an instrument and by the age of 12, was a master at violin, recorder, piano, clarinet, trumpet and pacman. At High School, Joanne spent more time in the music department than she spent sleeping, eating and hunting put together (not that she ever went hunting). She immersed herself in every musical group she could and started her guitar career by learning some highly complex jazz chords like D, Am and G. She played trumpet in the world famous Northcote College Jazz Band and as part of that experience, got opportunities to travel to the Manly Jazz Festival in Sydney as well as the Monterey Jazz Festival in California.

In addition to loving instrumental music, Joanne's desire to sing continued to grow. She left school at age 18 to pursue a Bachelor of Music Education, where she fronted bands such as 'The Music Education Band' and other such bands with no names. At uni, she also had the revelation that she still couldn't play enough instruments so jumped at the opportunity to study jazz bass intensively for a year. She also took her guitar playing to a new level playing maestro chords such as Dsus and Am7 and G7.

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Where's The Time?
Year: 2010
Type: EP
Where's The Time
Year: 2008
Type: Album

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