28 May 2024

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Newsletter Issue #494: 07 May 2017

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Welcome welcome!

It's official! NZMM is here! Every year we go all out to bring YOU the very best of our news, updates and features covering this special month, which means you can be kept in the loop at all times and not miss out on some of the fantastic live music and releases throughout May.

We have another newsletter bursting at the seams in support of our favourite month for you and we kick it off with the latest interviews from our Inside the Music video interview series, with Armed in Advance and Coridian promoting Curlys Jewels 'The Skin We Shed' tour (we'll be talking to Curlys Jewels next month). We also talked to Brendon Morrow of The Map Room about their new about Weatherless.

Further down we talk to These Four Walls, His Masters Voice and Armed in Advance about the recent Family of Strangers tour, and we even had the chance to speak to Nail from Devilskin.

And just because it's NZ Music Month, we also bring you features from Dead Favours, Checaine, Dark Water and the Thomas Brothers, as well as all the latest NZ music news and views

What is Music Month?

Well, if you live in New Zealand and are a bit partial to music, chances are you may have seen/read/heard all about this special month that happens every year for the duration of May, that is extremely important to a little country like NZ.

But if for some reason, you live under rock and still don't know, here's the low down from the official NZMM website:


Firmly entrenched as part of our cultural landscape, the month of May has gone from a period of encouraging radio to play more local tunes, to a 31 day celebration of homegrown talent across the length and breadth of the country.

NZ Music Month is a promotion run by the NZ Music Commission that takes place each May, in association with other organisations including NZ On Air, Recorded Music NZ, APRA, The Music Managers Forum and the Radio Broadcasters Association. And obviously NZ Music Month could not succeed without the support of the country's labels, media, the general public, and, most importantly, the artists themselves.

Of course, NZMM would NOT be possible if it weren't for the incredible support of our bands, artists, venues, promotors, broadcasters and especially, we, the music lovers that download/stream/buy the music, that go to see our bands and artists play and show our support.

Every year, NZME brings something different to the table with an annual theme and this month kicks off with the incredibly important theme; music discovery. This is the perfect chance for you to get out there and do exactly that (just in case you're not doing so already). Maybe it was that new band you saw and told your friends about over dinner last week, or that random CD bargain bin purchase that hasn't left your CD player in a week. Whatever it is, you're helping do your bit to support our NZ music. It means a lot, not only to them, but discovering new music is quite possibly the most exciting and live-in-the-moment experience everyone should have. Isn't that what life is all about? A series of moments, made to be lived in and enjoyed.

I encourage you to continue your support, and if you're new to NZMM, it's never to late to start.

Get out there and DISCOVER.

- Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team

INSIDE THE MUSIC: Latest Video Interviews

Interview with JP Carroll from Armed in Advance and Kris Raven from Coridian 

Alex and Chris recently interviewed JP from Armed in Advance and Kris from Coridian as part of our Inside the Music video series. Armed in Advance and Coridian are playing supports for Curlys Jewels as part of their upcoming mini tour for their new EP The Skin We Shed. Find out all the details about the tour here.

Click Here to watch the video!

Armed in Advance are Hugh Hokopaura (bass), Ryan Thomas (drums) and JP Carroll (guitar, vocals).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Facebook Page 
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Youtube Page
Bandcamp Page

Photo Gallery:
 Armed In Advance @ The Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 9/03/17

Album Review: Change/Evolve

Coridian are Dity Maharaj (vocals), Mike Raven (guitar), Kris Raven (drums) and Nick Raven (bass).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page 
Facebook Page 
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ReverbNation Page 
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Photo Gallery:
 Nivara Lounge 18/3/17

Single Review: Blind Faith 


Brendon Morrow from The Map Room

Alex and Chris also sat down with Brendon Morrow of The Map Room to discuss their brand new album Weatherless and dive in for a look Inside The Music.

You can watch the video over on YouTube below:

The Map Room are Brendon Morrow (vocals, keyboards, guitar) and Simon Gooding (vocals, guitar).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website 
Facebook Page 
Twitter Page 
Bandcamp Page

Review: Album Review: Weatherless

THE FAMILY OF STRANGERS TOUR: Interviews with These Four Walls, Armed in Advance and His Master's Voice

James from muzic.net.nz caught up with various members of These Four Walls, Armed in Advance and His Master's Voice prior to the Family of Strangers tour taking place, to talk music, pockets, spirit animals and sausages. Here’s what went down: 


Hi. How are you doing?

Pretty damn fine, thank you!

How does it feel to be coming back to NZ for the Family of Strangers tour?

It feels incredibly long overdue! This whole tour started as a conversation between the tour promoter and myself probably 2 years ago. He was really behind doing a tour that was in the same vein as the old Family Values tours, with a group of bands all travelling together and putting on shows. We've always struggled to get that kind of line up together to travel – More often than not, we'll take a main support with us on tours through the whole run, but rarely have we taken openers as well, which Is really damn exciting. And of course, with the release of the new single Bravery, it's great to have something totally fresh to promote.

What are you looking forward to most on the tour?

Just being able to play. It's tough getting back to New Zealand to do one off's, which we've been doing over the last 15 months, so now we actually get to play a run of shows in succession. It's been almost 5 years since we've headlined a show in Wellington which is really exciting for us. I'm really looking forward to all the adventures you can get up to with a touring party involved. It's going to be 4 bands causing a ruckus at each stop, playing loud rock and roll and imbibing some of the delightful Epic Beer that's coming with us – who wouldn't be excited about those prospects?

What can punters expect from the shows?

4 killer bands, a lot of music diversity and great production – symptoms may include a feeling of euphoria and a soft ringing in the ears for a few days afterwards. I can’t speak for the specifics of what the other bands are bringing to the table, but I know everyone's excited and we all want to bring our A game. As for us, I think this is one of the most ambitious set lists we've ever put together. We're throwing in some of the new songs that no one's heard before, as well as mixing in some of the older crowd favourites. We may or may not be dusting off some of the deeper cuts, and there may or may not be some very cool surprises mid set. Who knows? Well, I guess the people who come and enjoy an incredible night will know...

Tell me a bit about the new single Bravery and when is it being released?

We’ve been working on new material for the last couple of years, and we have some pretty wicked new stuff that we’re excited about, but the writing would sometimes go in some different directions. Like, we would write a cool song, but it would sometimes sound like another band. It didn’t feel right, you know? When we came around to doing this song, Bravery, it was the first one in our new batch that really felt like it belonged to us, but was also a progression from what we’ve done in the past. A heavier, grittier version of our sound, that’s super fun to play and will be an awesome track for the crowd to bounce around to. It came together really naturally in the practice room, and it quickly became clear that this is the song we should lead with going forwards.

The music video is in the final stage of editing and the song will be out one week before the tour begins. We’re really pumped for everyone to hear it.

Editor Note: The excellent new single from These Four Walls, Bravery, is now available on Bandcamp.

Which of the other bands are you looking forward to playing with/seeing the most?

You can't ask me that, man! All of them – they're all fucking amazing bands and if anyone comes to the show and misses ANY of them, then you've only cheated yourself, really! We've had the pleasure of playing with Armed in Advance multiple times, so I know they're going to blow everyone away. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing His Master's Voice yet, but I've been lucky enough to see those guys in some of their other bands, so I know how damn good they are at what they do. Blue Ruin will be a bit of a wild card for everyone – they're unapologetically bad-ass and they're super abrasive which I think is so damn cool. We've known those cats for a long time through them being fans of ours for years – so to be able to be a part of helping them get their name out there, is just a really cool thing for us to be able to do.

Read the full interview here.

These Four Walls are Steve Gibb (vocals, guitar), Gray Vickers (guitar), Brad Vickers (drums) and Elliot Burton (bass).

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ARMED IN ADVANCE - Hugh Hokopaura, JP Caroll and Ryan Thomas

Hi guys. How are we? 

G'day, Amazing thanks 

You guys recently completed a NZ tour, how does it feel to be back on the road again for the Family of Strangers tour? 

Really great, came away from the last tour with a serious case of PTD (post tour depression) so can't wait to get out and play some shows with some awesome bands. 

What are you looking forward to most on the tour? 

Playing some new venues, we have never played at Darkroom in Christchurch or Totara Street in the Mount so that's always exciting and fun. 

What can punters expect from the shows? 

At least 3 devilishly handsome men, sweating like they've just come out of a sauna, pounding you ear drums with some sweet heavy ROCK, along with a diverse range of goodness from our other tour companions.

How have the tracks from Change/Evolve been going down with audiences? 

Really awesome, having people shouting their favourite songs at you and it's only been released as a album track and not a single. It shows people have been giving the time to listen to the whole album which is greatly appreciated.

Read the full interview here.

Armed in Advance is Hugh Hokopaura (bass), Ryan Thomas (drums) and JP Carroll (guitar, vocals).

Website Links

 Photo Gallery: Armed In Advance @ The Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 9/03/17

 Review: Album Review: Change/Evolve



Hi. How you guys doing?

Pretty good. We’ve been busy finishing off our latest EP and gearing up for the release in the next couple of months. 

You guys seem to be out on the road a bit, how does it feel to be on tour again? 

It’s great, we always have a mean time playing out of Auckland. We’ve met so many good people over the last few years. It’s always cool to go to new places we haven’t played before too. More recently we’ve been playing weekends here and there and not really blocks of touring so that is a bit different for us this time.

What are you looking forward to most on the tour? 

Playing with bands we haven’t played with before is always cool. I think we may have played with Armed in Advance before, but that was a while ago. Also a couple of venues we haven’t played before, the Darkroom in Christchurch and Totara Street in Tauranga, so we’re really looking forward to that.

What can punters expect from the shows? 

I think it’ll be a pretty good mix of a few different facets of Rock and Roll. Something for everyone as P.T. Barnum would say.

How do you think the more bluesy sound of HMV will go down with the audiences? 

Hopefully quite well, I guess it depends on the audiences on the night. Hopefully there will be a few faces from gigs gone by at the shows, and we’re always looking to win over some new punters. We always put everything into our set and try to entertain the crowd as best we can, in our own way. We really enjoy playing live, probably more than anything else, and I think that comes across in our performances.

Read the full interview here.

His Master's Voice is Jesse Sorensen (vocals, guitar), Az Burns (guitar), Rene Harvey (drums) and Brandon Bott (bass).

Website Links


Review: Gig Review: His Master's Voice @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 15/10/16




The Family of Strangers tour also features:

Blue Ruin 



The Family of Strangers Muzic.net.nz Tour Feature



INTERVIEW: Q&A with Nail Vincent from Devilskin

James briefly caught up with Devilskin guitarist Nail Vincent after Devilskin's London at Underworld on 22/03/17 for a cheeky Q & A session, here’s what went down:

How did you enjoy the show tonight?

It was a great show. We had a blast, it was so awesome to see some familiar faces from last time as well as some new ones.

How has the tour been going so far?

The tour has been going great, we have been really looking forward to getting back to the UK  and this time around we've managed to get to some different towns as well which has been nice. The UK crowds have been really receptive to us.

Any stand out moments?

Yeah having a noisy crowd right here in London chanting for an encore is a pretty cool moment. The crowds at home chant for us and that’s so awesome but to hear it on the other side of the world is something else.

Who have been the stand out support bands?

Eva Plays Dead have been on tour with us and have been nothing short of professional. Everyone in the band has serious chops and they have smashed it every night.

Favourite venue so far?

I would have to say the O2 Academy in Birmingham.

You guys have been spending a lot of time in the tour van what do you do to keep yourselves sane?

Honestly trying to catch up on some sleep takes priority. It’s a matter of catching up when you can. We also listen to music and watch the occasional movie

Read the full interview here.

Devilskin are Jennie Skulander (vocals), Nail (guitar), Paul Martin (bass) and Nic Martin (drums).

Website Links

Photo Gallery: Devilskin - Taupo - January 2017

 Review: Devilskin @ Underworld, London - 22/03/17



After forming in early 2016, Auckland band Dead Favours have kicked things off to a flying start. In November the band traveled to Melbourne to record their debut EP with producer Tom Larkin (Shihad) at his 'Studio’s in the City'.

The band have since released their debut single Dig to a great reception from both commercial rock radio and local music fans and the track is steadily climbing the Radioscope charts – currently sitting at #14 on the Rock Chart (the second highest rated NZ rock song). Dig has remained in that position for 8 remained in that position for 8 weeks and counting.

The video for the song, depicting a mannequin challenge house party (full of local musicians), was also very well received gaining over 18,000 views on Facebook in its first month, helped by nearly 150 shares.

Spotify have also added Dig to their biggest Rock playlist in Australasia, 'Rock Out'. – an impressive effort from a brand new band.

Dead Favours have been playing frequently with a wide variety of acts over the last year, quickly gaining a strong following and are currently planning the video for their follow up single High Flying, with help from NZ on Air funding. High Flying is due for release in June 2017 as a part of the build towards their EP release in July. They are then set to hit the road on a national tour (to be announced) with another strong up and coming kiwi band to support the EP’s release.

The band comes from a rich history of New Zealand music with members originating from bands including Grammy nominees Steriogram, Fire at Will, Bloodnut, Eqwanox and Kara Gordon’s Wreckage amongst many others.

Dead Favours are Jared Wrennall, Charlie Smith, Ross Larsen and Kyle Wetton.


Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page


Checaine are a melodic/progressive hard rock band from Hamilton. They bring powerful hooks to their songs and a progressive style that keeps the music evolving and exciting. With brand new EP Symbols out now, numerous shows under their belts and support slots for DevilskinI Am Giant, The Deep End and Melic, as well as recognition from international acts like Sevendust, they have made short work of gaining fans. Regan answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

I was forced to play the Piano when I was young (parents deny this LOL) and like most young 10 year old boys: hated it. I went along to a 12th B’day party and saw this electric guitar and amp. I had a tinker and was hooked. I persuaded my parents I would practice the guitar hours on end, rather than 5 minutes, once a week before Piano practice, if they let me learn the guitar.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I would love to play music with Tool's Guitarist Adam Jones - The ‘out of it’ time signatures and evolving, story telling riffs are mesmerizing. I would also love to play with James Hetfield - The riffage king who has this seamless ability to morph one riff into another.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Definitely Symbols. This was one of those songs that wrote itself. Once the chord structure and accidental 3/4 time signature was established, everything else just fell into place. It really shows Checaine’s deeper, more progressive style.

How would you describe Checaine's music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Pounding stomp riffs with a melodic spin that at times delves into emotional heavy territory, both sonically and lyrically.

What can we expect to see from Checaine in the next year?

Hopefully doing a NZ summer tour alongside some big NZ Hard Rock bands.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Villainy - They rock.
Shihad - They rock.

More underground bands that have enormous potential, but don’t have anyone backing them. There are a plethora of good NZ bands out there who just need airplay.  

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

I can’t say I have been exposed to anything recently, but you can’t go past Villainy’s recent Dead Sight album and  Shihad’s FVEY.

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

Raglan’s Yot Club - It’s a place where you can really let your personality shine through in the music you play. All the locals and tourists are open-minded and up for anything. It’s a ‘get loose’ party vibe.  You don’t feel like you’re being judged by other musos - everybody is just out for a good time.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Drink plenty.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc?

It’s a tough act to balance alright. I’m a full time intermediate teacher, have a wife and 2 young kids, love to surf and of course love to create music and share it with people. You have to be a little bit selfish to follow your music passion and I am thankful I have a supportive wife. Back to your question - I do my best to have a healthy balance in life.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

I enjoy music that takes you on a journey and music that tends to be more moody. Because I’m a Guitarist, I am constantly playing around with new riffs and putting melodies over top, using a looper pedal. And I would have to say analog delay is the greatest effect ever LOL.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

If you want to base yourself in NZ and grow your fan base, you need to foster resilience and be persistent. Above all, music for most is a hobby and passion so make sure you have fun along the way and don’t take it too seriously.


Checaine is Fraser Coombes, Regan Aspden, Pete Westbury and Chris Prenter.

Website Links

New Video for Checaine (press release) 



Thanks Nathan (vocals & guitar for Dark Water) for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start with the band. You’re a 3 piece from Taranaki, and you’ve been around since 2009. What got you all into the music scene?

Dark Water started in a gun club in the middle of a paddock, with a stereo as a PA, guitars that couldn’t tune properly and a kit that had rope for a cymbal stand, so a few things have happened along the road to where we’re at now, but ultimately what got us all into the music scene was just that - 'music'. Everybody on the same page, wanting to write original music and to contribute to NZ music.

Who are your biggest influences, both international and within NZ?

So I was a youth of the 90’s and the type of music that exploded through the world then was “grunge” and that was no exception for little ole New Plymouth. Bands like Nirvana, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains and Tool just to name a few, and for NZ bands, the likes of {Shihad} and {The Feelers} was the music that we as teens were listening to, and in turn influenced by. 

You describe your sound as post alternative rock. That encompasses a wide range of music and musical acts. What makes your brand of music unique?

Music usually tends to follow a format of sorts, especially mainstream, right down to the time signature, so as far as the brand of music we play, we tend to keep it open minded and don’t keep it to any real formula, for example a song could have several time signature changes throughout, and be heavy in one section then melodic and atmospheric the next. People just don’t know what’s coming, it keeps it interesting for me and as well as the band. Doing things like that can be detrimental to us though regarding the audience, cause familiar music is appealing for people, and people just know the format of a song inherently due to the music that mainstream radio plays, so when you play something that’s not of that familiarity it can make the listener feel some what awkward especially at gigs, cause the songs don’t necessarily end the same as they started.

Have you noticed an increase in the popularity of “post” and “alt” bands in recent years?

Um, to be honest, I’m not sure, cause “popularity” is such a subjective thing and the music scene, as I see it, seems to be somewhat swamped with just music in general, I mean there are great bands around but music has changed since the digital era has come into full effect, there’s just so much music around in all genres, you know, anyone can do music now, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying maybe not everyone should...haha!! Nah, again that brings me back to "popularity" being subjective, music/art are also subjective and comes down to personal taste. Regarding “post” and “alt”, I think really anything after the alternative rock scene (grunge) is essentially post alt rock, so bands coming out now in the “alt rock” genre are essentially “post alt rock” bands.

The music video that you’re releasing is for a track from your 2016 album You’re Only As Addicted As You’re Willing To Be. Was there any overall theme or inspiration behind that record?

The record itself isn’t really theme based or been inspired by anything in particular apart from life experiences and observations, which is quite broad.

The title, You’re Only As Addicted As You’re Willing To Be, stems from the idea that addiction is somewhat of a choice, I mean we’re all obsessed with something, and what ever that something is it can have an effect on your life whether it be good or bad. I suppose I’m using the term “addiction” not only with the understanding of abuse or dependency, there just seems to be an underlying comparison between addiction and obsession, but its not the substances or the thing that made the choice for you to embrace it, ultimately it was you…. and in this case, the addiction was music and the album is the result on how willing we were to produce it.

How has the reaction to the album been?

We’ve had a couple of pretty good reviews regarding the album and good feedback from those that have heard it, which we’re stoked about.

Why did you choose Little Time as the track to be given an accompanying music video?

Yeah, that’s a good question cause it was going to be for the track Harmonic Tinker Toys at first, but that fell off the tracks, though not to say completely off the tracks. I had an idea regarding time, on one occasion when I arrived at a friends house who was under the influence of liquid fun, and I ended up filming him in time lapse and got him to play the drums as slow as he could, and the result of it was real cool, hard case, freaky and strange all wrapped up in one, and I thought that it would make a cool music video, so there inlaid the concept. After playing around with it a bit more, the track Little Time just seemed appropriate to that concept, and after fleshing it out further for the idea of altering time to the song, it became more and more apparent that Little Time was the track that complemented the idea- thus we had a music video project. So i suppose it was more the concept that choose which track we used. The theme was loosely based around a “Mad Hatter/ Alice in Wonderland” idea cause that also touches on time, with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare being stuck at 6pm. Then it became costumed based which we sourced and of course come time, come clocks, so clocks were rounded up and put around the set that was designed.

It took two 12 hour days to shoot. Was it fun to film? Were there any challenges?

Yeah it was a couple of long days, hard work but definitely fun. The challenges came down to the logistics of the concept really and the location, props, costumes, just the general organizing of a shoot. Because of the nature of the video concept, the audio had to be slowed down and sped up for play back, as well as needing a crew to operate the camera/dolly and to cue the audio, not a big crew (2) but never the less very important. Once all that had been established with a shot list and a general understanding of the direction/vision of the project, then it all had to be put together, as in building the set at the location which consisted of rope, sheets, pegs and polythene to be erected in a shed, the ole something from nothing scenario, but it all worked out great! It’s these challenges of organizing what’s needed and how its going to be done that determines the work flow and in turn the vibe on the set and the productiveness that makes it all worth while and fun!!

Basically it all worked like clockwork, excuse the pun.

What is next for Dark Water? / Where can we listen or purchase the single/album?

So following up with this music video, we’re looking at doing a 'Little Time' tour in various towns as well as writing new material which we’re in the process of doing, and slowly accumulating a good amount to go through to another album, but I imagine a single or EP being released before that.

Our latest album is currently available for stream/purchase here. At the moment we’re in the process of lining up an aggregator to distribute it to a wider range of music platforms e.g. iTunes and Spotify but to keep updated on what we’re up to you can check us out here.

Dark Water are Nathan Waipouri (vocals, guitar), Merran Dixon (bass, vocals) and Ross Kilgour (drums).

Website Links

New Video for Dark Water (press release)


Whether it's being chased by a gorilla, cramming the entire band into a mini, flirting with old ladies or fighting off bullies with newly found superpowers, we are really enjoying telling stories through music videos. After four years recording, we were excited to release our debut album Thomas Brothers late last year. 12 tracks mixed and mastered in New Zealand and New York. Since then we have filmed and released eight music videos which has seen us needing to film most weekends.

We put a lot of heart into our music videos, always trying to create a unique story. We also film a weekly Vlog for our YouTube channel.


We are four New Zealand brothers who all developed a love for music from an early age. Performing in live shows, film and TV soundtracks; including the feature film Someone to Carry Me.


In 2012 we began appearing in interviews (such as TV show Seven Sharp) as pop band the Thomas Brothers. In the past year we've been featured on MTV, Seven Sharp and 1 News Now and have had over 1,000,000 online album streams.

We are currently in the studio recording our second album which we hope to release before the end of the year. Come join us on our adventure...

The Thomas Brothers are Samuel Thomas, Joshua Thomas, Joseph Thomas and Benjamin Thomas.


Website Links


Naught for Nothing is a four piece Auckland-based band formed in late 2015. In a Northcote garage, childhood friends Jono (Bass), Fergus (Guitar), Andy (Guitar/Vocals/Keys) and Stephen (Drums) quickly began to find a unique and occasionally challenging Alt rock sound.

Naught for Nothing draw from influences such as Radiohead, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Jeff Buckley, Grizzly Bear, Dot Hacker, Alt-J and The Dear Hunter. In 2016 they embarked on a mission to create an album with the goal to write, record, produce and mix the project themselves. In March 2017 they achieved that goal and digitally released their self titled debut album to the world. It can be found on iTunes, Spotify and all other online retailers.

NFN can be found playing a few small shows around Auckland and are looking for more local acts to perform with. Over the next year the band aims to begin writing more material, working towards studio album number two. Also on the agenda is the creation of a few music videos for their recently released album.


Naught for Nothing are Andy Reid (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Fergus Bassett (guitar), Jono Brentnall (bass) and Stephen Waite (drums).

Website Links

Album Review: Naught For Nothing

Naught for Nothing - Debut Album Release (press release)



New Plymouth alternative Rock band Dark Water are excited to announce the release of their first official video as a three-piece, for the single Little Time.

Watch the video for Little Time here

Going live today (1 May 2017) to coincide with the start of New Zealand Music Month, Little Time is a punchy and interesting track from the hard-hitting and gripping 2016 album You're Only As Addicted As You're Willing To Be.

Described by the band as being "more or less about making the most of the 'little time' that you have, in this life", Little Time opens with an a strong multi-layered riff that immediately piques the listeners curiosity as to what will happen next. The song then takes you on an energetic journey which twists and turns, building up to a driving crescendo for the second half of the song. 

Full Article

The Official NZ Music Month Summit Announced

The Official Music Month Summit returns for 2017 with a new format and a new venue.

This year the Summit will be held at Auckland Museum in the amazing Auditorium on Saturday May 20, which is also the last weekend of the acclaimed Volume – Making Music in Aotearoa Exhibition.

Titled FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC – Industry Professionals Talk Their Passion, the 2017 Music Month Summit is themed around Passion, with 15 Music Professionals or Artists talking about how music has inspired or changed their lives.  This is not about covering off a list of topics, but the rare opportunity to listen to people who are truly passionate about an aspect of music or their involvement in the Music Industry.  Presented in blocks of four speakers, there will be a Q&A session after each block.

Tickets for the Summit are FREE but must be reserved from mmf.co.nz/2017-summit

Full Article
May 1st Marks the Start of NZ Music Month 2017 (press release)

Important NZ Musician Press Statement

After 29 years and 172 issues the publishers of NZ Musician have announced that the April/May 2017 issue will be the magazine’s final regular publication. While leaving the door open for possible future ‘special’ issues the respected free local music title will no longer be published bi-monthly. Instead, the magazine’s editorial team will be developing future content exclusively for publishing on the magazine’s nzmusician.co.nz website. 

“While obviously very saddened to be saying goodbye to the print version of NZM after nearly three decades we intend to continue publishing a similar range of content online, as well as providing a significantly enhanced digital menu,” says the publication’s long time editor Richard Thorne.

“With the magazine’s extensive history, the value of its archives and the evident enthusiasm for it from readers, subscribers and contributors we felt it important to stage this exit from print in a managed way,” Mr Thorne says. “To that end we recently developed a fantastic new online platform that will allow the inclusion of a range of new and exciting digital initiatives.”

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The Taite Music Prize 2017: announcing this year’s winner

The winner of the eighth annual Taite Music Prize 2017 is Street Chant for the album Hauora released on Arch Hill Recordings.

Henry Oliver, a member of this year’s judging panel reviewed the album for North & South on it’s release. He said "Hauora is a portrait of the lives of a certain breed of the twenty-something, creative middle/under-class; over-read and under-employed, drinking too much and earning too little, busing from an existential crisis to a house party, walking from breakup to hangover."

Named after the late Dylan Taite, one of New Zealand’s most respected music journalists, the prize-winner receives a cash prize of $10,000 to be spent as they wish, thanks to 

Taite Music Prize founding partner Recorded Music NZ; recording time at Red Bull Studios Auckland; a year’s supply of Red Bull product; and a year’s supply of Corona beer!

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Finalists Announced for the 2017 MMF Music Managers Awards

The New Zealand Music Managers Forum with support from the NZ Music Commission, Recorded Music NZ and OneMusic is proud to announce the finalists for the 2017 Music Managers Awards.

The relationship between artists and managers is one of the strongest and most important in the music industry, and for thirteen years the MMF Music Managers Awards have been celebrating the importance of the people at the centre of this relationship who are shaping the careers of New Zealand’s biggest artists. 

Out of view of the public eye, music managers work hard to strategise and build an artist’s career in the ever changing and evolving landscape of the music industry and choosing a manager is one of the most important decisions an artist will make.

The award categories include NZ Manager of the Year, Breakthrough Manager of the Year, International Achievement, Self-Managed Artist of the Year, Best Independent Tour, Best Small Venue and Best Large Venue. Another award category has also been created this year for Emerging Manager of the Year, recognising the achievements of the new managers in the industry.

Also awarded on the night are the Industry Champion Award as voted for by MMF members, and the MMF Mentoring Achievement Award as voted for by MMF Mentors.

The MMF Music Managers Awards will be held at The Tuning Fork in Auckland on Wednesday 10 May with the attendance of managers, industry professionals, and artists.

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Moana musicians and record breakers among Pacific Music Awards finalists

The finalists for the 2017 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards are announced today which include a wide range of new artists and established legends.

18 finalists across 11 categories represent a strong line-up of Pacific artists set to be honoured at the awards ceremony on 1 June at the Vodafone Events Centre.

Disney blockbuster movie Moana took Pacific music to the world and grossed over $600 million internationally. Its soundtrack featured Vodafone Pacific Music Awards finalists Opetaia Foa’i, Olivia Foa’i, Vai Mahina/Sulata Foa’i-Amiatu and Matthew Ineleo.

Breakthrough artist Kings is a finalist in five categories including Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist, NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist, MAINZ Best Producer and Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album for KINGS EP. Kings is also up for APRA Best Pacific Song for Don’t Worry ‘Bout It, which broke the Official New Zealand Singles Chart record with 32 weeks at #1.

After a string of success off the back of her latest album Brown GirlAaradhna is centre stage again as a finalist for four Vodafone Pacific Music Awards: Virgin Australia Best Pacific Female Artist, NZ On Air Best Pacific Music Video, Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album, and APRA Best Pacific Song.

Local reggae group Three Houses Down are finalists for three awards, including Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist and Radio 531PI Best Pacific Group, as well as NZ On Air Best Pacific Music Video for their latest single Love & Affection featuring General Fiyah.

Other nominees include Onehunga hip hop crew SWIDT (Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist, MAINZ Best Producer), Unity Pacific (Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album, Radio 531PI Best Pacific Group) and rapper Savage (NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist).

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Jazz Awards to recognise talent at Wellington Jazz Festival

The Wellington Jazz Festival will be home to the New Zealand Jazz Awards in 2017, where the winners of the Recorded Music NZ Best Jazz Album and the APRA Best Jazz Composition will be announced on 11 June.

Myele Manzanza’s OnePointOneJonathan Crayford’s East West Moon and the Mike Nock Trio & NZ Trio’s Vicissitudes are the three albums in the running for the Tui award.

And the finalists for Best Jazz Composition are Callum Allardice for Deep Thought, Bruce Brown for It’s A Good Time (To Be A Man), and Jasmine Lovell-Smith for Familia.

One of the three founding members of New Zealand NZ soul group Electric Wire Hustle, Myele Manzanza, left the band in 2013 to pursue a solo career and released his debut solo album One.

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The APRA Silver Scrolls are heading to Dunedin

We’re delighted to announce the great southern city of Dunedin will host the APRA Silver Scroll Awards for the first time in 2017.

The much loved and anticipated date on the music calendar will take place on Thursday 28th September at the Dunedin Town Hall, and will include the usual line up of stellar performances, acclaimed awards, and moving tributes.

The APRA Silver Scroll Awards have been held in Christchurch and Wellington in the past with great success, and this year it is the turn of the many hundreds of songwriters from the south to share in this annual celebration of New Zealand’s best music.

“The APRA Silver Scroll Awards are unique and it’s a privilege to showcase great New Zealand music in a city so steeped in its own musical heritage. There are more songwriters in Dunedin per capita than any other city in the country so it’s time we shared this celebration with them” says APRA’s Head of NZ Operations, Anthony Healey.

We’re also very excited to announce the Music Director for 2017 is the illustrious Shayne Carter. The man behind Straitjacket Fits, the Double Happys, and Dimmer, a prodigal son of Dunedin himself will be taking the helm and curating all the excellent musical performances which take place throughout the night.

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Bradley Garner Creative: NZ Music Month Industry Discount

We support New Zealand music and this May we are saying thank you with discounts across all content creation services. We love working with you and we want to continue our relationship by creating some epic content for you as we celebrate NZ Music Month.

These discounts apply to all in the New Zealand music industry which includes but is not limited to artists, managers, promoters, agents, venues, studios, production companies, producers, engineers etc.

Book today to ensure you don’t miss out.

For more information, FAQ and to book, visit us here


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NZ Music Month 2017 May Gigs & Tours

(in no particular order) 


The Topp Twins
18 May @ Southward Theatre, Paraparaumu - 20 May @ Civic Centre, Feilding - 21 May @ Town Hall, Dannevirke 

19 May @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 20 May @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 26 May @ Darkroom, Christchurch - 27 May @ Factory, Timaru

Head Like A Hole
11 May @ Galatos, Auckland - 12 May @ The Yot Club, Raglan - 13 May @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth - 18 May @ Station Village, Lower Hutt - 19 May @ The Royal, Palmerston North - 20 May @ Valhalla, Wellington - 25 May @ Refuel, Dunedin - 26 May @ Re Music Lounge, Timaru - 27 May @ The Bedford, Christchurch

Thomas Oliver
12 May @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch - 13 May @ San Fran, Wellington - 24 May @ Mussell Inn, Takaka - 26 May @ Sherwood, Queenstown - 27 May @ Repertory House, Invercargill - 28 May @ Pequeno Lounge Bar, Dunedin

The Chills with Anthonie Tonnon
11 May @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 12 May @ The Raglan Club, Raglan - 13 May @ Kings Arms, Auckland

Curlys Jewels with Armed in Advance and Coridian
26 May @ Lovelands, Wellington - SOLD OUT

The Jordan Luck Band
12 May @ The Old Butter Factory, Whangarei - 19 May @ The Howick Club, Howick - 20 May @ Ferrymead Ale House, Christchurch - 27 May @ The Brownzy, Browns Bay, Auckland

Echo Children, Velvetland and Sushi Cats
13 May @ Portland Public House, Auckland

Louis Baker
19 May @ REC, Auckland - 20 May @ San Fran, Wellington

Clap Clap Riot
12 May @ REC, Auckland - 13 May @ Caroline, Wellington

NZ Music Month @ Space Place
14 May - Newtown Rocksteady - 21 May - Teeth and Earth Tongue - 28 May - The All Seeing Hand

Winter Deluge, Malevolence, Vargafrost and Place of Skulls
20 May @ Darkroom, Christchurch

Battlecat, The Carradines, Dead Simple and Liberated Squid
13 May @ The Incubator, Tauranga

Tami Neilson
25 May @ Charles Luney Theatre, Christchurch - 26 May @ Plato, Dunedin - 27 May @ The Sherwood, Queenstown

Christchurch Rock City Showcase with Skelter, Smokin' Voodoo, Thunderwulf and Psych Emergency
12 May @ Darkroom, Christchurch

13 May @ Kamo Hotel, Kamo - 19 May @ Frank Bar, Whanganui - 20 May @ Crab Farm, Napier - 26 May @ Altitude, Hamilton - 27 May @ Totara Street, Tauranga

Hunt The Witch with Thunderwulf and Ginzu and The Steak Knives
27 May @ Thirsty Dog, Auckland

Coridian, The Eternal Sea, Checaine and Legion of Dissent
19 May @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui

Coridian, Skinny Hobos and Animalhead
20 May @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland

Sonic Delusion
11 May @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 12 May @ Yot Club, Raglan - 13 May @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 4 May @ Nikau Cafe, Waikaretu

Luke Thompson
11 May @ Walton Street, Te Awamutu - 13 May @ Meow, Wellington

19 May @ Meow, Wellington

Ha The Unclear 
13 May @ Sawmill Cafe, Leigh - 18 May @ Golden Dawn, Auckland - 20 May @ Caroline, Wellington - 26 May @ Space Academy, Christchurch

Nation with Lisa Tomlins
19 May @ Prefab Hall, Wellington

19 May @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 24 May @ Darkroom, Christchurch - 27 May @ Two Tails, Dunedin

David Dallas
25 May @ San Fran, Wellington - 26 May @ Powerstaton, Auckland  

Jonathan Crayford
3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 May @ Golden Dawn, Auckland - 13 May @ Freida Margolis, Auckland

Skinny Hobos
4 May @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 5 May @ Valhalla, Wellington - 12 May @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 13 May @ Old Stone Butter Factory, Whangarei - 19 May @ Cabana, Napier - 20 May @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland

20 May @ The Batch Winery, Waiheke Island - 26 May @ Golden Dawn, Auckland

The Latest Fallout
4 May @ Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton - 19 May @ University of Waikato, Hamilton

Shady Brain Farm with Wukong The Monkey King and Mini Simmons
12 May @ Paddys Bar, Kumeu

26 May @ None Gallery, Dunedin - 27 May @ Darkroom Christchurch


Green Day
13 May 2017 @ Vector Arena, Auckland

Devin Townsend Project
17 May 2017 @ Powerstation, Auckland

19 May 2017 @ Town Hall, Auckland

Tash Sultana
26 May 2017 @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 27 May 2017 @ Powerstation, Auckland

Fleshgod Apocalypse
30 May @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 31 May @ Valhalla, Wellington

Living Colour
11 May @ Powerstation, Auckland

Brant Bjork
13 May @ Valhalla, Wellington - 14 May @ Whammy Bar, Auckland

Crystal Castles with Crooked Colours
25 May @ Powerstation, Auckland

All Time Low with Openside
10 May @ Powerstation, Auckland

The Faceless
14 May @ Valhalla, Wellington - 16 May @ Kings Arms, Auckland

Julia Jacklin
27 May @ Tuning Fork, Auckland

Ryan Adams
20 May @ Civic Theatre, Auckland

Sun Kil Moon
28 May @ Tuning Fork, Auckland 


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In the build up to Lincoln Greene’s Gig at the Wine Cellar in Auckland on the 27th of April, Ria sat him down for a chat about his style of music, River Phoenix and future projects.


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Skedaeddle - Single Review: Episode 8 in the continuing saga of Donna and Mark
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Gig Review: Checaine @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton 29/04/2017
Written by Alex

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Written by Sarah

Lucifer Gunne - EP Review: The Red King
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Written by Corinne

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Looking For Alaska
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Albi and the Wolves
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The Darkness with Push Push
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