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Newsletter Issue #468: 01 Feb 2015

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February 2015

All on board for February! This year is cracking up to be a stunner with Summer in full throttle. I hope everyone is back into the swing of things at their respective work places and enjoying the beach weather as much as possible! Some of you may have holidays planned now that the crowds have died down and the school holidays are drawing to a close. I’ve had the pleasure of contributing reviews and interviews for Muzic.net.nz for a few years now, something I love with a passion, and I’m excited that this is my first editorial, in my new role as Newsletter Co-ordinator. I’d like to thank the wonderful Lisa, who has always done an amazing job with the newsletter and everything Muzic.net related. How she does it with two small kiddies and a husband to look after, I’ll never know! Hats off to her.

Since our last issue went out in December 2014, we have interviewed some great NZ bands and we've included interviews from Devilskin and Stitches in this issue for your reading pleasure. I'm looking forward to bringing you some more incredible interviews in our next issue, which is going out on 1 March.

I'm sure 2015 will be another memorable year with lots of new music to discover and write about. Muzic.net.nz is a brilliant outlet for this, and I love reading new reviews and interviews from the mass of contributors who pour their passions into every word, and checking out the photos taken by our dedicated photographers. What a great place to be a part of! We're always looking for more people to join our team too.

Following on from last year’s December issue, this year will be even better with even more reviews, interviews and photo galleries added. There will be some awesome concerts and festivals coming up in the summer months and throughout the year, so stay tuned!

This month’s newsletter is also the start for a new feature that will hopefully appeal to a lot of readers; Where are they now? Ever wondered where some your favourite Kiwi band and artists ended up after their songs stopped being played on the radio? Remember that great album they had? Maybe it sparks a conversation between you and your friends, when you hear that song that everybody knows. There was a lot of great Kiwi rock in the 90's that just vanished, so in tribute to NZ's great music, every month will showcase a particular band or musician from different eras. Suggestions and feedback will be welcomed!

- Kerry Monaghan

Where Are They Now? Push Push


Push Push - The early days

Former Auckland Rangitoto College students Mikey Havoc (vocals), Ken 'Kenny' Green (drummer), Andy Kane (aka Andy Wilson, lead guitar), and Steve Abplanalp (bass) formed Push Push in 1985. Silver (Shayne Silver, guitar) then joined, followed by Scott Cortese (drummer, formerly in the band Whiskey and Lace) who replaced Green. The Glam Rockers released their debut album A Trillion Shades of Happy in 1992. Their first single Trippin' was recorded at Airforce Studios (Auckland), with the drum track for done in one take. The song went to #1 in New Zealand. The bonus track I Love My Leather Jacket was recorded at The Lab. Backing vocals on the track Dig My World were provided by Jan Hellriegel.

Push Push opened for AC/DC at Mount Smart Stadium in 1992. Apparently the band drew straws to see who was going to walk onstage first as there were around 50,000 people in the crowd so they were all pretty nervous (Scott Cortese the drummer drew the short straw). Their set ended prematurely however because a fire started under the stage and Mikey Havoc announced this to the crowd which the promoters didn't like. They also blew up the speaker system so AC/DC weren't able to play as loudly as they normally did. The band performed this on the first Hey Hey It's Saturday (Australian entertainment) show broadcast in New Zealand. Song 27 and What My Baby Likes were further New Zealand Top 10 hits for the band, although neither charted in Australia.

In 1991 Push Push was awarded the top band award and best video award for Trippin' at the RIANZ awards.

Where Are They Now?

Mikey Havoc (vocals)
Real name Michael Roberts

In the mid-nineties Mikey moved into television on New Zealand's short lived MTV channel with the 30 minute live weekday night magazine style show Havoc with his bFM co-worker Jeremy Wells. This show moved to TV2 in an hour-long weekly format. He continued on TVNZ with the shows Havoc and Newsboy's Sell-out Tour and Havoc's Luxury Suites and Conference Facilities. During the Tour in 1999, he labelled Gore the gay capital of New Zealand (a claim proved false by the 2006 census) - the mayor of Gore was quoted in the news saying Havoc would be run out of town if he ever returned. In 2004 he moved to TV3 with Havoc Presents Quality Time.

During the late 1990s he owned and managed The Squid nightclub in inner-city Auckland. He is now a Rock n Roll DJ for Hauraki.

Scott Cortese (drums)

Scott (pictured) is best known for playing with the New Zealand Rock band Push Push in the early 90’s. Since Push Push called it a day (for the time being) Scott has continued to play with various NZ musicians and currently plays drums alongside his former Push Push band mate, Steve Abplanalp and his cousin (you might recognise the surname!) well known Kiwi actor/singer, Shane Cortese in the Shane Cortese and The 8-track band.

Steve Abplanalp (bass)

After Push Push called it a day, Steve went onto work with Kiwi musician Jan Hellriegel on her studio album Tremble. Steve has played and recorded with many bands since, and continues to write, jam and perform live. Most notably, he continues to play bass (and lends a hand on vocals) in Shane Cortese and The 8 Track Band around New Zealand.





Devilskin have had a phenomenal 2014 with outstanding tours and the release of their highly anticipated album We Rise, which was followed by the incredible Live At The Powerstation DVD. We here at muzic.net.nz agree that Devilskin deliver on all levels whilst going from strength to strength and we can't wait to see what Devilskin brings us in 2015. Ryan Kershaw spoke to the band in December, and here's what they had to say:

Hi guys and gal – well done on your Live at the Powerstation DVD and CD release. Some amazing bands have played that stage from Fear Factory to Marilyn Manson and now Devilskin! We’ll start with a pretty obvious question – how was it!?

Paul: We had an awesome night and were all fully aware of the amazing artists that that played on that stage. It was pretty exciting to be in such good company! The crowd was off the hook and really gave it their all as is evident on the live DVD!

The band has done extremely well since you last spoke to Muzic.net.nz - a no.1 album, gold certification, sold out NZ tour, live album release… but you have also worked bloody hard for it, which is good to know for those of us that are also musicians. Now you have a tour coming up starting in late December; apart from a successful tour, what else was on your Christmas wish lists?

Paul: I think we'd all like to throw our jobs in and get overseas with the band asap. Apart from that, the usual... socks and undies.

Your Surrender Summer tour started in late December with support from These Four Walls. What are some other NZ bands that you like?

Paul: There's so many.... Team Kill, Earthshield, Suede Arcade, 8 Foot Sativa, Fire At Will, In Dread Response, The Nod, Magic Eye, Slipping Tongue, Bulletbelt and my favourite World War Four!

Speaking of other NZ bands – Nail, I first discovered your previous band Chuganaut when I was in the Battle of the Bands that you were in, in 2003. I remember going to New Plymouth a couple of times and would get a weird vibe at that corner bar but would go down the stairs and love it when you guys were cranking. Do you still keep in touch with the other members?

We had some pretty crazy nights down there and have some very fond memories. We always looked forward to the New Plymouth crowd, their so hospitable down there, as they still are now. It's become like a second home crowd for Devilskin now. I still see the other guys in my old band and are all still good friends.

I think you captured the energy in the solo really well for fade – it’s not always easy to do with solos in the studio. How do you approach writing… do you write your solos around an idea, or improvise, or a combination…?

Thanks, I had a set idea for that solo for a while and stuck to my guns on it rather than deviating. It's very easy to have an idea with solos and get side tracked and ending up nothing like what you had originally planned. Not that that's a bad thing, sometimes they can work out better. But in this case it was based around an idea.

Jennie, Slipping Tongue was your previous band. Many musicians reading this interview will be changing bands or in multiple bands… what are the differences between being in Slipping Tongue and being in Devilskin. How do you operate differently?

Well I'm a bit older and wiser now and I feel my time with Slipping Tongue was a bit of a learning curb, I found out the highs and lows of being in a young band trying to make it big. With Devilskin you have Paul and Nail who have been doing the band thing for years so I seem them as red bearded yodas. We know what is and what isn't going to work for us. We sit down and discuss situations rather than taking chances

Your vocals are respected not just from fans but also the other band members (that’s always a good thing!). Who are some of your influences (singers) that Muzic.net.nz readers can check out, and do you warm up before shows?

My influences vocally would be Mike Patton, Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Cedric Bixler Zavala, Claudio Sanchez and Jeff Buckley just to name a few! I do warm up before shows, I never use to but now it is part of my routine of getting ready. I tend to do a bit of core exercises (sit ups, planks etc.) as well as warming up the voice. :)

I love some of the changes in the tune of the vocals. It’s awesome in Fade when it goes from “just another one” and then goes higher for the “to fade” part of the lyric. Do you just sing what you feel and that it’s usually the early tune of the singing that sticks, or do you craft it? How do you usually go about writing the vocal parts?

I do a bit of both, I'm always thinking of where and when I want  the vocals to be powerful, sometimes I may have a vocal part sorted then I change it around a bit. If you listen to the original recording of fade the there is no note held on at the end. I started extended the note on stage so decided to put it in the new recording. Paul also helps out  bit with melodies.

Paul – Nice to see it happening for you man, it’s been a long time coming and I think all of the band deserves the awesome support that it’s getting throughout NZ. It can be a fickle industry, even here in NZ – what are the things that Devilskin has done to get the industry listening? There’s that saying in the industry that if you are making enough noise the industry will listen but I don’t believe that is always the case and I’m pretty sure you have seen a lot of good talent go to waste over the years. What three things can artists do to try and get that side of their music progressing – the side that’s not on stage but dealing with the business issues, and is it important to try and know a little about how things work in the music business, not just on stage?

Paul: Yes it's a tough industry and we've all seem some fantastic bands go by the wayside. You really have to back yourself if you want to get anywhere in this game. First and foremost Devilskin has always taken our songwriting very seriously and coupled this with a really staunch work ethic, and enticing. We gig a lot and we're not afraid to get in peoples faces and show them how seriously we take our band and our music. We'd dress up the stage to make it look exciting and enticing. We like to spend time talking to the people who come to the shows.

Have you noticed a change in peoples attitude towards you since your music and videos have done so well, who perhaps may have not given you respect before, and do you think it is easy to become pessimistic about that with success? Or do you not give a shit and don’t think about it… or is it like with music, a mix of both perspectives and you just focus on the good and try and be aware of the fake?

Paul: Yes it's easy to spot the fakes and there's always a few in any industry. I certainly got some interesting emails and friend requests from some 'industry' folk (who had ignored me for years) after our album smashed the charts "I've always believed in you Paul!" haha but really I prefer to focus on positive things and positive people. 

Nic, kudos on your drumming career so far man. Playing at BDO at 13 is pretty wicked and your playing is tight. The toms at the start of Fade are cool too, rather than just starting on the beat with the other instruments. Who are some NZ drummers that you respect that we can look up?

Thanks very much! I vividly remember a young drummer named Dylan Elise performing for my school in 2007 (I would've been about 11-12 at the time). He played Moby Dick and my mind was blown; so that was one of the first New Zealand drummers that really made an impact on me. Since then I've met and seen a large number of drummers absolutely kill it. Tom Larkin, Joe Brownless, and especially Sam Sheppard and Corey Friedlander. All talented and amazing guys, definitely worthy of a search, you would've definitely heard of who they have played for/with.

Although not so much of an issue at the moment, you have balanced being in an active gigging band with school. How have you balanced the two physically but also mentally – school can be tricky after playing a good live show. The realities are a bit different but I’m guessing you have done well with knowing the importance of both. There are lots of students in that situation – what would your advice be for them?

Balancing school with the band was always going to be tricky, especially in my last year of high school (2013) as Head Boy. School has always been important to me - and I believe it should be to everyone, to some degree - so I was determined to see it through to the end. It was all about compromise on both parts; I couldn't take too many Thursdays and Fridays off school but I couldn't just say 'No' to every show that came up on a school day. It was hugely draining physically and mentally but it was also incredibly rewarding in both areas. My advice to anyone else in this situation is to just go with your gut; I stayed in school because I wanted to finish. Some students simply don't have that same desire. Also, let people support you! I would've lost my marbles long ago if I didn't have my family and friends supporting me every step of the way.

Okay to the band: Time for a couple of questions from fans. Amber Wolf asks: “Why do you find it appropriate to do black face in your videos?”

Paul: Hi Amber, we did it to add a visual stimulus to the video to add an artistic contrast and get peoples attention, nothing sinister...

Jase Backhouse’s question is: “How did the cover of Aimee Allen's Revolution come about?

A good friend played it to us, it was obvious it had a lot of potential and suited our sound. We contacted Aimee and she gave it her blessing. I rewrote the lyrics to make it a bit more personalised and keep the message positive in it. It obviously worked as it’s really gone off for us.

A question from Haley Torpey: Do you plan on playing a show in Awhitu in the near future?

Hiya Haley, I wasn't aware there was a venue there, if there is, give us some details!

Along with a great live show, you have other things which help spread the word of Devilskin like merch and a street team, and you also work with sponsors. Would advice would you have for other musicians in terms of sorting out the ‘non-playing’ side of things?

Think outside the square, Every band needs support from their friends, family and as many outside parties/businesses as much as  possible.

Any words to the fans?

Paul: I'd like to thank the people that have bought our albums/DVDs and come to the shows. To see people singing all the words to the songs is a really special feeling I think all of us regard as very precious."

Devilskin are Jennie Skulander (vocals), Nail (guitar), Paul Martin (bass) and Nic Martin (drums).

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Photo Galleries

 Devilskin @ James Cabaret in Wellington 2 Aug 2014 
Photos by Bradley

Devilskin @ Real Groovy, Auckland 23 Nov 2014 
Photos by Megan

Devilskin Summer Surrender tour @ Station Village 3 Jan 2015
Photos by Ben


We Rise Album Review
Written by Kerry

Devilskin @ The Powerstation, Auckland - 16/08/14
Written by Carl




Another of our personal favourites is the unmissable Stitches, who also had an incredible 2014 with the release of their debut EP Harder Times, as well as touring with Villainy and SansArcade. They recently performed at the Music is Dead launch party alongside Fire At Will, Static Era and Dead Beat Boys. Kerry interviewed Hugh about their Harder Times EP and plans for the future:

What song from the Harder Times EP are you most proud of and why?

I really love the bass line from F* Them, so groovy and grinding, really enjoy playing it live.

How is work on Stitches first full length album going?

Good, Just working on some tracks in the band room at the moment but its sounding massive and super fun.

What can we expect to see from Stitches in 2015?

Hopefully bigger and better things, playing some kick ass shows and releasing some tunes and continuing to love what we are doing.

What albums are you currently listening to?

Lately so many great Kiwi bands have been dropping some awesome things, for example Shihad, I Am Giant, Devilskin, but also I'm always listening to older stuff; in my CD player I have everything from GNR to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Who are some of your favourite bands and musicians right now?

Definitely I Am Giant would be in there and I recently saw The Datsuns play which took me back to my dirty rock n roll roots.

What plans do you have over the Xmas/New Years break? 

Spending time with family, surfing and all round chilling out after such a busy year.

What is your favourite holiday spot in NZ?

Mount Maunganui without a doubt, I grew up there so it always feels good getting back down there.

What is your most embarrassing moment on tour or at a show?

Hmmmmm probably being up on stage and wondering why I can't hear my backing vocals, then being told by the sound tech to turn the mic on..... 

What can you never leave home without?

A Hat of some sort, plus the standard 3; keys wallet and phone.

Stitches are Hugh Hokopaura (bass), Daniel Purchase (drums) and JP Carroll (guitar, vocals).

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Photo Galleries

Stitches @ San Fran in Wellington 4 Oct 2014
Photos by Bradley

Stitches Live @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 3 Oct 2014
Photos by Calden


Harder Times EP Review
Written by Carl


5 Ways to Start the New Year Right

Thanks to Ryan Kershaw for providing muzic.net.nz with this article: 

  1. Put Down the De-Vices

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy pace of modern living, especially for those of us that live in suburbs and cities. Checking emails too often and being on social media every 5 minutes only adds to the mental fatigue, so keep these to a minimum. A common trait with people that get things done successfully is focusing on one thing at a time. That does not mean that you can’t have multiple projects on the go, but it does mean that when you are undertaking a task or practicing an exercise or song, give that task your complete attention.

    Cutting back on the frequency of email checking gives you more time to focus on what you want to do – play the guitar! You will be more energized, and remember – checking your inbox is following other people’s agendas. Watch Brendan Burchard's video How Millionaires Schedule Their Day where he explains this concept beautifully.

    My action step for you: after watching the video mentioned above, make your time a priority and set a low maximum number of times that you will check your email and social media (e.g. 1 to 3 times per day only). Stick to it for 4 weeks and notice the difference!

  2. Set Goals

    Musicians should have goals. Goals you direction and something to aim for, which creates momentum and helps you to feel like you are moving forward. Even if we don’t quite achieve the goal, it is through the working towards the goal that we learn, grow and get out of feeling stuck.

    Goals can be set at your own intensity level, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that goals are not interesting, or too formal for music. A lot of people recommend using the ‘S.M.A.R.T goals’ system (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). This can be useful for smaller goals however if you have a bigger dream in your heart, the A and R part of it can be limiting (too many folks’ version of realistic means easy and many musicians don’t give them enough credit for what they are able to achieve).

    The reason that I don’t favour “smart” goals for bigger ambitions is because a goal should push you enough, so that by working towards it you achieve things that you haven’t before. When you do that you gain confidence through experience.

    Action step: Set 3 goals for yourself this year (this column is focused towards musicians but these principles can be applied to any endeavour).

    Set one ‘short-term’ goal, one ‘mid-term goal’ and one ‘long-term goal’. Always remember to put a date with your goals, as the specific deadline increases focus and boosts drive to achieve it in time.

  3. Listen to Positive Audio

    What you hear on a daily basis has a big impact on how you feel, and in turn affects how well you practise and how you enjoy what you do.  There is so much negative information going into our minds from the news, moaning people and outside stresses; making it is easy to start doubting what we do. The good news is that we have the ability to change our thinking. One of the easiest ways to help this along is to listen to positive audio each day – preferably in the morning.

    Action step: You will benefit from advice and input from successful people with strong, constructive thinking. Listen to positive audio every day this week starting with The Success Principles audiobook by Jack Canfield, Set of the Sail by Jim Rohn, or The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.

  4. Take Responsibility and Action

    Your fingers need to move if you want to see improvement on the guitar. It still almost amazes me to talk with guitarists who don’t put effort in with physical practise, but are still confused as to why they can’t get their legato clear, or their chord changes smoother.

    Knowing how to get things better is all fine and well, but without action it is dormant knowledge and unproductive. You need to physically move and practise what it is that you want to achieve, and start to be how you imagine yourself being. Check yourself for pointing the finger. It is too easy to blame the radio DJ for not playing your song, or your parents for not encouraging you as a child, or the state of the industry for being different to your perfect picture. None of this blaming will help you and it can even hold you back. Take no less than 100% responsibility for your reactions to challenges and setbacks, and keep this formula in mind: E = R = O  (Event + Response = Outcome).

    Action step: Make a list of your current challenges. Common concerns are often to do with time, money or feeling stuck. Rather than let these issues continue to linger in the back of your mind, work on solutions for each of these problem areas. Focus on the solutions more than the problems and, using small steps every day, take action this week to turn the problems around.

  5. Interact with Good Musicians

    Creative people aren’t always the most sociable of creatures. Coupled with work or school hours and other responsibilities, it can be easy to become a bit of a hermit. It is crucial though, that you get used to interacting with other people. Whether you like it or not, having a music career involves other people.

    Clubs and organizations are a great place to start, as there will be like-minded people who relate to your way of thinking. You will also unlock opportunities for your own growth as a musician through jamming with others, or even just observing and taking things in.

    Action step: Make a list of local music organizations related to your field. For guitarists you could start with the Guitar Association of New Zealand, or the Auckland Blues Club. If you would also like to learn more about the music business or industry side of things there are also organizations such as Independent Music New Zealand and the Music Managers Forum. Set aside a day this week to do some research and list at least 5 other music clubs or organizations that you haven’t previously heard of.

  6. Visit http://www.ryan-kershaw.squarespace.com/ or more information on the author of this article, and Ryan Kershaw’s artist coaching service to get you closer to your own goals.


NZ Music News

Cairo Knife Fight - The Isolator EP - out now

Written and recorded over three countries and two continents, The Isolator is the latest release to come from New Zealand rock act, Cairo Knife Fight.

Differing from previous releases, this EP sees frontman Nick Gaffaney expanding his writing horizons to include working with some of the best talent on offer within New Zealand and beyond.

While staying true to the duo ethos of the band in recording, The Isolator features writing appearances from New Zealand musicians Aaron Tokona, Joel Haines, Laughton Kora, William Knapp, Alexander Edward Winter and Samuel K.

Cairo Knife Fight will showcase new material, alongside all their psychedelic rock classics as they kick off a series of free iHeartRadio shows at The Kings Arms in Auckland on February 4.

Fans will need to register for free tickets at iHeartRadio.co.nz.

Full Article

Until The World Ends EP - State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire

Auckland drum and bass duo, State of Mind have collaborated with Black Sun Empire for their latest EP release, Until The World Ends. The EP consists of six tracks - all heavy hitting and undoubtedly due to re shape dance floors around the globe in 2015.
The duo is made up of New Zealand based Stuart Maxwell and Patrick Hawkins. Since 2005, State of Mind have released four studio albums and one live album. Their last album released ‘Eat the Rich’ was hugely successful, Winning 2014 Drum and Bass album of the year  at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards in the UK - there’s no doubt this EP release will be just as exceptional.
Black Sun Empire are a drum and bass trio hailing from the Netherlands. This isn’t their first collaboration with State of Mind. They have teamed up in the past creating multiple tracks together, including Unconscious. State of Mind are now signed exclusively to Black Sun Empire’s label, Blackout Music.

Full Article

Great North claims second folk Tui

Up In Smoke
by Great North has been announced as the winner of the 2015 Best Folk Album at the Auckland Folk Festival in Kumeu.

It is the second folk Tui for the Auckland-based band, their previous victory coming in 2013 with Halves.

Great North is a sextet comprising Hayden and Rachel Donnell, Dale Campbell, Strahan Cole, Ryan Attwood and Matthew Hutching. The band is produced and engineered by David Parker.

Up In Smoke features a powerful and diverse range of songs written by front-man Hayden Donnell. A mixture of instruments and choir vocals complement the lyrics which explore disillusionment and spiritual uncertainty.

The other finalists for the 2015 Folk Tui were Palmerston North-born Rachel Dawick for The Bounty Riders and Pigalle by Paris-based soloist Flip Grater.

Full Article

Music Is Dead presents Friday The 13th

Six massive bands. One night. Auckland's King's Arms Tavern. $5 From every ticket goes to Youthline. 

Lead Us Forth: The Auckland born metal band that was forged from a desire to speak out a message of hope and encouragement from a platform of intelligent and intense music. They're currently writing their debut album, the follow up to The Wayward EP

His Master's Voice: The Devil's Blues. Hailing from Hades beyond the River Styx these four men have sold their souls to a Rock and Roll that's steeped in a groove with a classic feel. Debut album Possession out now!

Seasons: The cyclical changes of the atmospheric patterns within nature. 
And so it is with the band Seasons. Fusing jarringly heavy grooves with progressive trickery and smash-mouth rhythms with eclectic expressionism, the West Auckland natives represent an inventive and dynamic tour-de-force in modern New Zealand metal. Debut album Patriarch out now!

Be My Anchor: Hailing from Tauranga city they're a blend of melodic hardcore that's quite unlike any other. With slots on Festival One and Admonishment BMA are kicking in the door of New Zealand metal. 

Seas Of Conflict: Five guys. One dream. Still teenagers, Seas Of Conflict are bringing their music to everyone that will listen. Their new single Leviathan is out now!

Altered States: With five releases under their belts (a combination of singles and EPs) Altered States are moving from strength to strength. EP Ghost Heroes out now!

Tickets $20 on the door or from Under The Radar.

Full Article

iHeart Radio NZ Presents - Free in Feb

iHeartRadio NZ will host four insane nights of free Kiwi rock music in February at Auckland’s home of Rock ’n’ Roll – The Kings Arms. There won’t be any tickets on sale so music fans will need to head to http://www.iheartradio.co.nz/ to register for free tickets.

The first show will kick off with legendary rock band Cairo Knife Fight – a must see live act of power and excitement, who are pushing the limits of what two musicians can do on one stage. Kitsch will join them on stage to play material from their latest album Plastic Lives, alongside all their pop-punk classics we know and love.

Four-piece rock band Clap Clap Riot will bring an energetic performance to the stage on the second night, performing hits from their second album Nobody/Everybody in 2014. They will be joined by indie charmers Cut Off Your Hands, who are flying singer Nick over from Melbourne for your listening pleasure.

Songwriter, producer and artist Alexander Wildwood will bring an eclectic sound to the stage on the third night with his indie/rock/folk music. The warm, distorted sound of She's So Rad will also grace The Kings Arms following the release of their latest single Cool It and in anticipation of the rest of the album Tango set for release in 2015.

The last night plays host to psychedelic, powerpop quartet Dictaphone Blues who will be performing their indie guitar hit Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave amongst others. Kiwi rock favourites Goodshirt will be drawing the series to a close with all your favourite songs as well as their latest creation Sierra Leone – a cover of the 1983 kiwi pop classic. 

Full Article

The Symphony of Screams Release Live & Unplugged album

Auckland-based group The Symphony of Screams describe their music as ‘grungy metal’, and to quote that bible of heavy, Kerrang! magazine, sounds like “NZ Napalm who hammer it home all the way.” Metal Music Archives magazine stated "If you enjoy grunge style metal, and want to hear one of the finest examples of that style you are ever likely to come across, this is it! ". The power and energy that TSOS bring to the stage is amply demonstrated by the fact that they were sought out by Capital C Productions to be the main New Zealand support act at the famous 2008 Rock to Wellington shows, where fans of more than 25,000 per night were treated to their brand of uncompromising rock assault.

When they released their second album Radio Candy in 2013, they undertook a special acoustic show at Auckland’s Nathan club rooms, which was recorded for posterity. Towards the end of 2014, having just completed a successful co-headline tour with label mates Seventy One Sunset, the band then took the opportunity to revisit the tapes from that night and shared them with some friends. The reaction was unequivocal, and everyone kept asking when they would be made available to fans, so here it is! In all there are eight songs, with seven taken from the first two albums plus the newer song Skyfall, which has rapidly become a concert favourite (and was performed on the recent Live At Galatos TV show).

Full Article

Read the muzic.net.nz review here


You can read all the latest NZ music news here.

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The following musicians and bands have been added to the muzic.net.nz website since December 2014:

Eyreton Hall Velvet Strain Band
Braves Hipstamatics
The Boom Cat Strangely Arousing
Chris Priestley Chuck Norris
Dearest Enemy Jerkstrom
Douglas Lilburn Kaylee Bell
Macombee and the Absolute Truth Marian Burns
Phil Broadhurst Reuben Bradley
Scared Of Girls Skinny Hobos
Skulls The Altered States
The Brightly Coloured Cocks Trash City Victims

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The Symphony of Screams - Album Review: Live & Unplugged 
Written by Terry

fleaBITE - Album Review: The Jungle is Jumping 
Written by Matt

Gig Review: Kitsch @ Kings Arms 28/11/2014 
Written by Carl

Diamond Doll - Single Review: Dumb 
Written by Kerry

Gig Review: Shihad, The Datsuns, I Am Giant & Cairo Knife Fight @ Matakana Country Park 3/1/2015 
Written by Andrew

Nathan Haines - Album Review: 5 A Day 
Written by Andrew

Jackal - Single Review: Funny Side 
Written by Tony

Single(s) Review: the Before Ete Tape 
Written by Peter

Miho Wada - Album Review: Miho's Jazz Orchestra - Live at The Lab 
Written by Andrew

Sol3 Mio - Gig Review: Christmas in the Vines @ Villa Maria Winery 21/12/14 
Written by Andrew

EP Review: Drax Project self-titled EP 
Written by Andrew

Alexander Wildwood - EP Review: South of No North 
Written by Peter

Eyreton Hall - Album Review: Featherstitch 
Written by Andrew

Jason McIver - EP Review: The Big Blue 
Written by Carl

Gig Review: Luger Boa @ The Kings Arms, Auckland 12/12/14 
Written by Andrew

Voe - Album Review: Paradise 
Written by Peter

Gig Review: Poison Skies @ Paddington, Auckland 5/11/14 
Written by Andrew

Album Review: Latinaotearoa in Latinoamerica
Written by Alistar

Gig Review: Agent @ Kings Arms, Auckland 27/11/14  
Written by Andrew

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New Photos

Photos by Calden

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
The Datsuns
Cairo Knife Fight
I Am Giant
Raggamuffin 2014
Rhythm and Vines 2014
Photos by Bradley

The Datsuns
Photos by Stella

These Four Walls
Photos by Ben

Ekko Park
Silence The City
Thin White Lines
Photos by Lou

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Sons of Zion Interview

Summer Tour Q & A with Sam from Sons of Zion
Questions asked by Emma

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NZ Blokes Interviews

Silence The City, Thin White Lines, Static Era, Fire At Will, Braves, Stitches and Ekko Park

Thanks to Francis and the wonderful team at NZ Blokes, you can now check out Francis' latest interviews with NZ bands and musicians via muzic.net.nz at the links below:

NZ Blokes Interview with Silence The City
NZ Blokes Interview with Thin White Lines
NZ Blokes Interview with Emma and Chris from Static Era
NZ Blokes Interview with Fire At Will
NZ Blokes Interview with Braves
NZ Blokes Interview with Stitches
NZ Blokes Interview with Ekko Park

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