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Articles By mciver29

Devilskin - Gig Review: Devilskin & Halestorm @ Great Lakes, Taupo - 8/01/17
10 Jan 2017 // review by mciver29
Taupo is a funny wee place, being smack dab in the centre of the North Island you might think a few bands would come through but the reality is that it's the polar opposite. The only real exception is UB40, Icehouse, Bonnie Tyler and The Alan Parsons Project.....
Gig Review: The Church Tour @ Chapel of Christ The King, Hamilton - 22/09/16
03 Oct 2016 // review by mciver29
As a 32 year old former Catholic the idea of going to a Church to see 4 artists that found recognition in the early 80's was a strange one, I had a few conflicting feelings but also knew that Churches quite often have fantastic acoustics and have often wondered about playing in grand cathedrals myself. I suppose my first feeling was a little disappointment when we arrived to the venue and it wasn't a cathedral, rather a large Church but still had the big pipe organs etc...
Andy Richards - Album Review: Shine On
05 Sep 2016 // review by mciver29
Shine On is the second album release for Warkworth based singer/song writer Andy Richards and is testament to the NZ DIY ethic. Shine On was recorded over a year at a friend's home studio, free of stress and the pressures of working to a budget and time frame.
Rebel Sound Radio - Single Review: Liberation
09 Jun 2016 // review by mciver29
Reviewing singles is often trickier than reviewing an EP or album as a body of work can help an overall sense of a band as opposed to just one song, in this case, it's the single Liberation by Hamilton based three-piece Rebel Sound Radio. This is all I have heard of the band, and as a first single it's on the right track, it has a hint of The Offspring in the frontman, Jessie Hanright's voice and a strong melodic hooky chorus.....
Mice on Stilts - Album Review: Hope For A Mourning
18 Apr 2016 // review by mciver29
At first glance the name Mice On Stilts doesn't really give any indication of what the band might sound like - I hadn't heard the music before, but had seen the name a lot. To be completely honest, it wasn't until perhaps the third listen to their new album Hope For A Mourning that I started to connect with it, and started hearing the influences more clearly and somewhat understanding the intention.
Jason Kerrison - EP Review: JKEP2
02 Mar 2016 // review by mciver29
The second part to Jason's E.P set is definitely a stronger musical offering than JKEP1 which I found to be a over produced somewhat shallow offering from an otherwise gifted singer/songwriter.
You Barbarians - EP Review: Helioshiva
21 Aug 2015 // review by mciver29
I'm guessing Wellington alt rock band You Barbarians are a newish band on the Wellington scene though there is quite a mature sense to the song writing featured on their 5 track EP, Helioshiva.   The packaging of the EP is very cool and unique with almost a type of greeting card style to it, it looks good and made me want to check out the music and seeing where it was mixed (at STL studios, Wellington) definitely made for some strong appeal.
Seasons - Album Review: Patriarch
13 May 2015 // review by mciver29
The first thing I noticed when I graced my eyes upon Patriarch, by Auckland progressive metal band Seasons, is the cover... and as much as they say “don't judge a book by its cover” I judged it right, I love the artwork and the music meets the mark.
Jason Kerrison - EP Review: #JKEP1
27 Mar 2015 // review by mciver29
For those new to Jason Kerrison's music, he was also the frontman for platinum selling Kiwi pop/rock band OpShop. To be honest I didn't even know OpShop had disbanded, I wasn't a follower but they had some good catchy songs such as No Ordinary Thing and One Day, so naturally I had some preconceived ideas of what to expect when I came to do this review.
Mahoney Harris - We Didn't Feel Alone Album Review
28 Sep 2014 // review by mciver29
I have to admit that it took far too long for me to get around to reviewing Mahoney Harris's newly released album, We Didn't Feel Alone. It kind of stared at me every day with a looming deadline staring me in the face, funnily enough it suited now more than it would have suited then.
SHAYNA - Calling You Single Review
15 Aug 2014 // review by mciver29
It wasn't long ago that I reviewed Shayna King's debut album, The Day Is Young, which showed a young singer/songwriter starting to find her footing as a recording and touring artist.   After one listen to her new single, Calling You, I could really see and hear a huge leap forward.
Jan Hellriegel - Because You Single Review
28 May 2014 // review by mciver29
I've been guilty of instantly cringing when hearing of artists that usually have guitars in front of them decide to delve into electronic music but as we all know many of these artists have come out the other side with an expansive body of work that transcends them into a new plain of song writing. My first memory of Jan Hellriegel was from Rip It Up magazine in the mid 90's while I was at High School, I always thought she had a underlying darkness to her and her music but some where along the line she stopped releasing music to have a family and settle down for a while.
Liam Finn - The Nihilist Album Review
12 May 2014 // review by mciver29
I've had long standing respect for Liam Finn ever since seeing Betchadupa play at Trafalgar Park on New Years in Nelson when I was 16, and although I'm aware of Liam's growing back catologue, I haven't followed his recent music very much.You will see, no doubt, that I have been quickly taken with this album, as an album in the true sense.
SHAYNA - The Day Is Young Album Review
13 Mar 2014 // review by mciver29
Shayna King is a Christchurch based singer/song writer though perhaps not in the most traditional sense, I was refreshed to find that she has a full backing band that helps add a little grit to the performances on the album.The opening tracks on her debut album, The Day Is Young, are your typical acoustic, melodic, pop songs, they are well written but didnt jump out at me, that being said the production is clear and well balanced, well achieved for a self funded album.
Megan Sidwell - Forever On A Sunday EP Review
06 Dec 2013 // review by mciver29
Megan Sidwell is yet another emerging artist that cut their teeth competing in the SmokeFree RockQuest and it seems to be doing NZ well, introducing us to a lot of the kiwi musicians we all enjoy today. Megan won the Female Musicianship award two running in the Tauranga 2007 and 2008 regional RockQuest heats and is now based in Auckland while she studies music at Auckland Uni.
Daniel Bedingfield - Stop the Traffik - Secret Fear (special edition) EP Review
26 Aug 2013 // review by mciver29
Here we have the third release by UK bred, Kiwi born singer/song writer Daniel Bedingfield titled Stop the Traffik - Secret Fear. We've seen him as a judge on NZ X-Factor and we've heard him crying in the rain on his #1 2001 single If You're Not The One.
8 Foot Sativa - The Shadow Masters Single Review
05 Aug 2013 // review by mciver29
I admit I had been slack picking up the new 8 Foot Sativa tracks, I had seen all the online posts but was skeptical that maybe they had seen their best days after all the line up changes over the years, The Shadow Masters put those worries to rest quickly. With original frontman Jackhammer and Brent Fox (bass and formerly of Sinate) back in the band and with the addition of a new lead guitarist (Nik Davies) 8 Foot is back at what they do best ~ in your face, aggressive metal with plenty to prove.

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