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Jason Kerrison - EP Review: JKEP2

02 Mar 2016 // A review by mciver29

The second part to Jason's E.P set is definitely a stronger musical offering than JKEP1 which I found to be a over produced somewhat shallow offering from an otherwise gifted singer/songwriter.

Jason's new E.P, titled JKEP2 strikes me as somewhat experimental and I think that is a cool thing. I like it when musicians try new things and step outside the box, in saying that you have to try new things and sometimes fail in order to grow.

The theme to the new E.P is based on the sacred geometry of the Phi ratio and recorded at 432 htz....for those that don't know what that means it is a tuning that is in between standard concert pitch and half step (Eb) tuning. This is something I have played with myself but thought it sounded weird and off key, in this case it sounds nice but I have a hard time agreeing that it is universally healing as is claimed by various people... it reminds me of something David Avocado Wolfe would make a meme about.

So the first song on the E.P is 30 seconds long and the following 2 or 3 are similar lengths which to me just sounds like 3 unfinished songs that could have been great but 30 seconds in they just stop dead in their tracks, all intentional but creating a sense of somewhat unfinished work.

My review of JKEP1 was pretty critical due to it's pop shimmer and lyrical content so I'm glad that this new offering is much deeper lyrically and sounds much more thought out, something I was actually expecting in the first place.
So as we get past the 30 second songs the E.P grows into a much more concise effort though I found the last song, All Of Your Senses, about 5 minutes too long and more resembles something I would enjoy while getting a massage, it's relaxing and pleasant but doesn't really go anywhere.

It's kind of a blend between songs that are too short to get a point across, songs that are what one would expect and then a song that is far too long.

In saying this I know some people will totally connect with it all and others will think it is lacking something – I am of both parties.

If you are a Jason Kerrison fan this is worth getting though, he has put it up for download for the price of “you choose”, whether it's 50c or $15 so there is nothing to loose really and it feels like a much more honest release this time around though I felt it is lacking consistency.

I like choruses and hooks and for the first half of the E.P they don't really happen, so that kind of set the tone of my review though like any review I write I encourage readers to make up their own minds and to check out the music for themselves, so get to it!


About Jason Kerrison

Jason Kerrison is a multi-platinum, multi-award winning Singer, Songwriter, Producer from New Zealand. He is one of few artists nominated twice for the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Song Writing Award, winning in 2008.

He was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (M.N.Z.M.) for services to Music in the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, presented on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen by the New Zealand Governor General.

He was also recognized for organizing the biggest free concert ever held in New Zealand (160,000 attendance) for the people of earthquake stricken Christchurch.

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Year: 2016
Type: EP
Year: 2015
Type: EP

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