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Newsletter Issue #495: 04 Jun 2017

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June 2017

Welcome to June everyone!

Its officially the middle of the year which also means the start of winter.
Is anyone else really happy of the long winter nights ahead? It somehow makes it more meaningful to make that effort to attend gigs when its sub zero temperatures outside. Sure, its hard to leave the cosy confines of your home (or bed) but bands and artists seem to appreciate the turn out when you make that effort.

So next time you're ho-humming the thought of catching that local band you've been wanting to see for a while, stop thinking and go. Life is too short, just buy the concert tickets :)

We have a much smaller newsletter for you all this month, but it is in no way lacking. We have some great interviews from up and coming acts, Lucifer Gunne and Gold Medal Famous plus a great feature on NZ's Insomnia Radio, as well as all the latest music news. 

Kerry & the Muzic.net.nz team


The Red King, released on April 29th is my first ever EP, and after many long months of hard work I’m super excited to have it finally released! The standout songs to be found on The Red King are track 2 - Angels Mark, and track 4 - Lucifers Ward. Angels Mark is the real heavy hitter of the EP, truly captivating the energy of The Red King, whilst track 4, Lucifers Ward, brings some needed relief in the form of a primarily vocal and acoustic driven song.

Lucifer Gunne is me, Rory McDonald, a singer/guitarist/songwriter from Wellington NZ. Originally from the UK, I have been playing guitar since 2008, and started writing songs in 2014. Written in an alternative style with metal influences, The Red King is my first EP and is a collection of songs which swing between Angels and Devils/Good and Bad, with a pendulum between the two. My style has been shaped by listening to artists such as Marilyn Manson, Stone Sour and Gorillaz. Though The Red King did start out as a solo project and until very recently was one, I have finally met some fellow musicians I’m happy to work with, and play gigs with in the future. We haven’t been a full band project for long, but myself and Don Mackenzie, lead guitarist for the band, are already writing new material, and some of this will be played at our upcoming gig at the Thistle Hall, Wellington on June 10th. This gig will also double as our EP release party, so anyone wanting to get their hands on The Red King will be able to come down, listen to the show, and buy the EP. Our current plans aren’t set in stone for now, but what we do know is that we will keep writing and performing for as long as we can, and keep writing the music we love.

How did you become involved in music?

Both my parents are musicians, my dad is a drummer and my mum plays clarinet and saxophone. Music was something that always appealed to me even from a young age. I have a vivid memory of watching the American Idiot music video on TV and everything just kind of clicked from that point. It’s always just been a great outlet for me to do whatever I want without any creative limitations.

If you could perform with anyone in the world who, would it be and why?

Marilyn Manson is definitely a name that comes to mind. Whether you’re a fan or not there’s no denying that he’s a smart man if you choose to listen to what he has to say, rather than judging a book by its cover, plus I just love his music full stop.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

I would have to say on this release it would definitely have to be Lucifers Ward. Without trying to sound cocky, I feel like I brought something original to an acoustic piece, which is something I haven’t heard from any artist in a while.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

My short answer here is probably gonna be Alternative, but I wouldn’t stick it to just that. I listen to a lot of different music, I’m really into rap type music, and Kendrick Lamar being a huge influence on me (To Pimp a Butterfly is one of my favourite albums released in recent times). Nu and Industrial Metal also play a big part, such as System of a Down, Slipknot, and previously mentioned Marilyn Manson. I’m not sure how these influences come into play, speaking in terms of my music, but there are definitely a variety of sounds I hear in my music, not usually from the same person or genre.

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

Nothing is set in stone at this point, but I’d really love to try and get some material out with my current band, even some touring outside of Wellington would be awesome to do. I’m just going to be trying to get this project up and running and see where I can take it for the most part.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Mishap's killed their last EP. I’ve been listening to it a lot recently and really love it. I can’t wait to hear more from those guys. Nothing else local has been appealing to me recently to be fair.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

I haven’t got anything really substantial here, just get up there and if you’ve put the effort in beforehand it’s really gonna show when you’re up on the stage. It’s always good to have nerves to make sure you’re not going overboard, just don’t let it get to you and you should be sweet.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc?

I feel extremely lucky with my current position musically. Both my parents are helping out where they can, my dad especially, who helped with the majority of the recording at our home studio as well as trying to get my music out there. Without his help there’s no way this EP would’ve been released. My job doesn’t get too much in the way either, as everything the band does is usually in the afternoon anyway. All of us band members just talk on social media about ideas for songs and gigs as it is, so I’m not really juggling my job and music career at the moment. It mainly just comes down to practice and writing, and nothing else gets in the way.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Anything, really. Anything that bugs me or makes me feel a certain way will usually be written down to be used as lyrics. I also love concept albums as well, such as American Idiot or Antichrist Superstar. It’s just like fitting a movie into 8 or so songs, and each track is a scene from the film. That is  something I really want to try and go for on whatever we release next.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

I don’t have much, but I think the best thing to do is just go for it, y’know? I didn’t even have a band during the whole process of writing and recording The Red King, but I still took the opportunity up because I knew I had to go for it. I have to at least try and see where I can take this. Whether I have a band or not, I’m still going to keep writing and releasing music because it’s just something I love. If you love music then there shouldn’t be any limitations, and it took me a while to realise that, but it’s true.

Lucifer Gunne is Rory McDonald (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Don Mackenzie (guitar),
Troy Woods (backing vocals, bass) and Henry Thomas (drums).

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Gold Medal Famous is a three-piece genre fluid electropop act founded in Wellington in 2008. Known for their captivating live performances, complete with intense audience interaction and comedic stunts, you might love or hate them, but you won’t forget what you’ve seen. Chris answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music

I started playing in two bands as a teenager in Invercargill in the 90s: Deliverance With A Fat Room who recorded an album called Boring Shit and N20 who made album called Somnolence.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

John Waters. He’s one of our favourite cultural figures. He’s also been known to MC music festivals.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

John Key is a Dick because we recorded 14 versions of it, from modal jazz to chillwave to BBQ reggae. Something for everyone. And I think he’s the worst PM we’ve ever had.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Genre fluid electropop. Full spectrum pop music from ambient to metal. Check out our back catalogue to see what I mean.

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

Shows to promote our new album Activity out now on Powertool Records, more recording and work on a best of compilation.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Mr Sterile Assembly, an amazing two piece bass and drums outsider punk from Wellington who do a great show. Scarlett Lashes and Natattack, two performers who are really entertaining. Moon Lander, an excellent new Wellington indie pop band. The Doubtful Sounds, fine jangle pop.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Cross Channel Multi-Tap by High Dependency Unit, Popular People Do Popular People by The Prophet Hens, It’s All Over – Mr Sterile Assembly.

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

Valhalla in Wellington. Great staff, excellent PA system. Huge variety of acts from experimental noise to electronica to various metal sub-genres.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Organise your gear and make sure it all works. The more you play live, the less nerves will bother you. It’s hard to see the audience any with bright stage lights.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc?

Have a band set up that doesn't require much practice. Get enough sleep. Don’t have kids. 

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Listening to lots of different music. Going to lot of gigs. My lyrics are a way I can complain about things.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Look after your hearing. It’s difficult to make money out of music in New Zealand so have a day job you can put up with so you can make the music you want to.

Start a band with people you like. It’s no good if you’re guitarist is amazing but you can’t being in a car with them. 

Upcoming shows

June 9 Paekakariki, private house party with Scarlett Lashes, Natattack, Jason Tamihana-Bryce
June 10 Whanganui, Lucky Bar + Kitchen with Scarlett Lashes and Natattack
August 19 Wellington, Moon with Moon Lander and The Doubtful Sounds

Gold Medal Famous are Vorn Colgan (keyboard, laptop, kaossilator, backing vocals, percussion), Tamsin Grigg (guitar, backing vocals, percussion) and Chris Wilson (lead vocals, theremin, noise boxes, percussion).


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Insomnia Radio is a small tight-knit family of volunteers on different continents working to bring you a wide variety of quality indie music since 2004 (At one point we had 12 Podcasts bringing in specialist Shows from Australia, U.K, U.S.A (7 different major Cities), Canada, Portugal & my show in New Zealand. Now there is 4 Active Podcasts including one that is a daily download and has exceeded 1000 consecutive daily postings. Usually rock-centric, we consistently dive into the musical ether for the love of helping quality independents, for the appreciation of discovery, and the pure joy of being music fanatics. I believe than even with the 4 shows we still are exposed to regular downloads from listeners of the whole network when we were at our peak of 12 Shows.

All songs posted at Insomnia Radio are for promotional purposes only, in order to help light the fire amongst our indie army of listeners, who we hope will also spread the word in their own way (whether it is via friends or on their own shows, blogs, or other social networking). Our shows are generally downloaded in podcast form using iTunes or a variety of other podcatchers like Podcast App or Google Cast App on a Mobile and Feedburner…. no more flipping stations in primitive fashion to find quality indie music.

I personally started listening to the Insomnia Radio Network in 2005 and in 2007 I got the New Zealand show off the ground whilst living in Glasgow, Scotland. Back then I was using MySpace and bands were sending me CD's from New Zealand.  It was slow getting music Submissions back then however now its very fast with bands being very open to get airplay on my Podcast and often have full albums sent to me minutes after chatting with them on Facebook messenger or email request.

Future plans are all ideas I constantly think off! Mini-flyers or Business Cards to give to bands at gigs to get back in contact with me. T-shirts for me to get noticed easier at gigs. Maybe taking over the Australia Podcast (as its not-active currently) if I have time in the future. Maybe small Sponsor to fund giveaways or regular airtime during my podcasts.  Possible giveaways from Bands at their will? 

What I need from Bands/musicians to feature on future podcasts to make my passive live on is to email me details of their bands possible band bio or electronic press kit, Plus all music album or just singles whatever the artist is willing to share with me in MP3 Format for selection of future shows (it will be max of 2 tracks per show). Plus ALL Social Media and website links I can put onto the Podcast Podcast Blog for listeners to easily find to purchased and learn more about the artist.

Here is the Podcast Post for my last show (to get a understanding of how it looks):

All Podcasts are uploaded to http://insomniaradio.net and http://newzealand.insomniaradio.net.

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Winners Announced for the 2017 MMF Music Managers Awards

Last night The Tuning Fork hosted managers, industry professionals, artists, and celebrities, to celebrate the people behind some of the biggest artists in the New Zealand music industry at the MMF Music Manager’s Awards.

For 13 years the awards have been held annually to reflect and celebrate the achievements of artist managers, many who are often out of view of the public. The awards have become one of this country's most respected music industry events.

Alastair Burns was awarded the prestigious Recorded Music NZ ‘Manager of the Year' award for his work with Marlon Williams and Julia Jacklin. Under Alastair’s wing, Marlon Williams has sold 30,000 albums, performed on Later with Jools Holland, and completed a global album tour, which included appearances at Austin City Limits, London, and Los Angeles. Alastair also secured Julia Jacklin an SXSW appearance, which led to international record signings, and twenty major festival appearances including Glastonbury and Splendour in the Grass. Last year Alastair won the Breakthrough Manager and International Achievement Awards.

This year a new award was introduced. The ‘Emerging Manager of the Year’ award is for managers who have just started managing in the last two years. The award was won by Nicole Thomas and Paula Yeoman for their work with the artist Theia. Nicole and Paula Yeoman have made great strides with Theia’s career in a short time. After securing her a record deal with Warner NZ and Australia, Theia released her first single Roam, which quickly became a Spotify favourite amassing 6.5 million streams. It made viral charts across the globe and became a hit in New Zealand, peaking at number one on the New Zealand Airplay charts where it remained for seven consecutive weeks. 

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Jody Direen and Chester Travis claim Country Music Awards honours

Country fans flocked to the Country Music Awards in Gore tonight to see New Zealand’s most talented country musicians.

Jody Direen’s Shake Up was awarded the Recorded Music NZ Best Country Music Album and Chester Travis received the APRA Best Country Music Song for Toothache.

Shake Up is Direen’s third album, her second nomination for Best Country Music Album and the first to win a Tui. The album captures Direen’s high energy and personality which she brings to every performance. Its first single Gimme The Beat peaked at #1 on the New Zealand Heat Seekers Chart and she will also be acknowledged at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards at the end of the year.

Chester Travis is part of the rising duo Great Danes. He penned Toothache for their 2016 debut EP, and the catchy tune digs into classic country themes of yearning, loss, regret, and heartbreak. Great Danes are currently putting the finishing touches on their first album in Berlin which will feature Toothache and a duet with Kimbra. It’s expected to be released later this year.

Other finalists for the Recorded Music NZ Best Country Album were Hamilton County Bluegrass Band for These Old Hands and Phil Doublet for Endless Highway.

Kendall Elise Todd’s Heart Full of Dirt and Ginny Peters’ The Reasons to Stay were the remaining finalists for the APRA Best Country Music Song.

Full Article

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Help Save Radio Active

40-year old Wellington alternative radio station Radio Active 88.6FM has been given a new lease of life with the formation of a charitable trust to rescue the iconic station from imminent closure. A loud and proud supporter of local music and creative communities for four decades, Radio Active now calls upon its listeners and the wider Wellington community to donate in support of the station as it works back to financial stability.

In February, the station’s owners Radio Active Limited announced that the loss-making station would close unless new owners could be found. A group of ardent fans including past and present staff and DJs have banded together to form the Radio Active Charitable Trust, which took ownership of the station from 1 May. The trust is supported by a broader advisory panel drawn from Wellington’s creative arts and business communities, who will work together to develop a new vision for the station.

Having achieved its primary goal of keeping the station on air, Radio Active is launching an ambitious Givealittle campaign aiming to raise $88,600. Chairman of the Trust Ross Steele explains: “Thanks to half-a-dozen generous local donors who have pledged to help keep Active on air in the short term, we have three months to find our way from running at a loss to financial stability. Radio Active’s listeners can help us by donating to secure the station’s future as a vibrant voice in Wellington radio. We ask everyone who has enjoyed Radio Active over the past 40 years to give what they can to help reactivate Radio Active.”

Full Article

Aaradhna and Kings win big at Vodafone Pacific Music Awards

All eyes were on Aaradhna and Kings at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards tonight with the both artists winning multiple awards at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau, Auckland.

Aaradhna picked up four awards including the coveted Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album Tui as well as the Virgin Australia Best Pacific Female Artist, the NZ On Air Best Pacific Music Video and the APRA Best Pacific Song.

Kings took home the NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist, the Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist, MAINZ Best Producer, and the NZ On Air Radio Airplay award.

The highlight of the night was an outstanding performance from Manukau Institute of Technology Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Brother Love playing his timeless classic Ruketekete Te Mamae aka The Roimata Song.

Opetaia Foa’i became world famous for his hit We Know The Way which featured on the Disney smash-hit Moana. He was recognised at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards with the Special Recognition Award for outstanding achievement. His daughter Olivia Foa’i won Sunpix Best Pacific Language Song for Tulou Tagaloa, which was also featured on Moana

Full Article

Entries open to Auckland bands in the Ding Dong Lounge Bands Competition 2017

Entries are open to the Ding Dong Lounge Bands Competition 2017, offering Auckland bands the chance to win a free single recording at Depot Sound Recording Studio, cash prizes and more.

Ding Dong Lounge is Auckland's Premier Rock Bar with live music and Rock DJs Wednesday to Saturday.

Entries close Friday 2 June at 5pm.

Full Article


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June 2017 Gigs & Tours

(in no particular order) 


10 June @ Cabana, Napier - 24 June @ Backbeat, Auckland
7 June @ St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki - 8 June @ Meow, Wellington - 9 June @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth -
10 June @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui - 11 June @ The Ballroom, Napier - 15 June @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland -
16 June @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 16 June @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 17 June @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland -
18 June @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh
8 & 9 June @ Suite Gallery, Wellington
16 June @ The Hollywood, Auckland
29-30 June and 1 July @ Pah Homestead, Auckland
17 June @ Meow, Wellington
10 June @ Matterhorn, Wellington
23 June @ Meow, Wellington - 24 June @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 25 June @ Queenstown Winter Festival, Queenstown The Miltones
16 June @ Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh - 17 June @ Old Stone Butter Factory, Whangarei -
23 June @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 24 June @ Village Cinemas, Tauranga - 30 June @ The Boathouse, Nelson
9 June @ Paekakariki - 10 June @ Lucky Bar, Whanganui
30 June @ Golden Dawn, Auckland
Heats 17 June & 30 June
30 June @ Caroline, Wellington


28 June @ The Foundry Bar, Christchurch - 30 June @ San Fran, Wellington
27 June @ Town Hall, Auckland
7 June @ Town Hall, Dunedin - 8 June @ Horncastle Arena, Christchurch - 9 June @ Claudelands Arena, Hamilton - 10 June @ ASB Baypark, Tauranga - 11 June @ Municipal Theatre, Napier - 14 June @ EEC, Rotorua - 15 June @ Opera House, Wellington - 16 June @ Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland
9 June @ The Studio, Auckland
20 June @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch - 21 June @ Opera House, Wellington - 22 June @ Town Hall, Auckland Polish Club
30 June @ Whammy, Auckland
14 June @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
15 June @ Raumati Social Club, Kapiti Coast - 16 June @ Whanganui Musicians Club, Whanganui -
17 June @ Uxbridge Arts and Culture Theatre, Howick - 18 June @ Butlers Reef, Oakura 


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