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Newsletter Issue #473: 07 Jun 2015

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Winter has begun!

Welcome to Winter everyone!

Earlier in May, as part of the muzic.net team, I was privileged to have been invited to the annual MMF Awards at Vector Area. The night was a great success, tasty nibbles and epic talent all hosted by the hilarious Anika Moa (her jokes had everyone in stitches!)

The MMF Awards celebrates all the blood, sweat and tears managers put in behind the scenes supporting our incredible musicians, artists and bands. The event was so much fun and a real mark of respect for everyone involved. Hearing all the stories of deserving managers and awards presented for categories, such as Best Live Venue (which went to The Powerstation in Auckland) was a really proud moment for anyone involved in the music industry. The full list of winners is here.

Well done to all!

Kicking things off in our June newsletter we take a look back at one of our favourite 90’s bands - Stellar* in our Where Are They Now feature. We also have all the details about the new single and video from musician and muzic.net.nz reviewer/interviewer James Castady-Kristament, as well as an incredible interview with Nicole Andrews, a native Portlander (Oregon), who now calls Wellington home.Ryan Kershaw has written another epic column, which is definitely worth the read, and we catch up with Team Kill after their 'A-Bomb A Nation' tour.

Stay warm everyone, and remember to check out muzic.net.nz for more information about artists featured in this newsletter.

Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team.

Where Are They Now? Stellar*


Stellar (stylised Stellar*) was a New Zealand pop/rock band led by vocalist Boh Runga, sister of acclaimed recording artist Bic Runga and the lesser-known but just as equally talented Pearl Runga (who sung No One Like You on the album Count Backwards From 10 with the Strawpeople back in 2004). 

They have had four RIANZ top 10 singles (the highest being Every Girl at #3) and two No. 1 albums. The band's signature song was Violent, which at the 2000 New Zealand Music Awards won the Single of the Year award, as well as winning Runga an award for best Songwriter. Other popular songs included Part of Me, Slowburn, Undone and Whiplash.

The band won seven awards, among them the Best Album award for their debut, Mix. This was followed up by 2001's Magic Line and 2006's Something Like Strangers. The band officially disbanded in 2010 after releasing their greatest hits compilation in 2010.

Boh Runga - Vocals/Guitar

After the release of Magic Line and the subsequent touring of New Zealand, Australia and Europe, Boh headed to live in Los Angeles to hone her skills as a songwriter at the invitation of her American-based music publishers, Chrysalis. In 2007, after a fortuitus introduction with gold bullion company The New Zealand Mint, Boh launched a jewellery range featuring her designs. She has also released a Monarch butterfly inspired rug design for Designer Rugs 'Kiwi Icon' collection and there is a Shiseido make-up product launched under her name.

Boh Runga continues to make music as a solo artist, with her debut album Right Here released on 14 July 2009. In 2010 she joined forces with Che Fu and wowed audiences at the Winery Tour.

Kurt Shanks - Bass

In the summer of 2010/2011, Kurt started working on his own solo material, with talented musicians Wayne Bell (producer and drummer), Andrew Thorne (guitar) and Mark Hughes (bass) coming on board. Collectively live they are Kurt Shanks & The Drakes. Kurt released his first debut album Blood Line Heart in July 2012.

Chris Van De Geer - Guitar

Chris has been involed in the music industry for many years. Since 2010 he has been a Producer and Music Engineer for Bigpop studios in Auckland, working with bands such as Ammp and These Four Walls.

Kurt and Chris now also perform in Delete Delete with Lani Purkis from Elemeno P and Foamy Ed.

Andrew McLaren - Drums

Andrew has also has been involved in the music industry for many years and continues to work as a Music Producer, having worked with the likes of Carly Binding and Greg Johnson.

Nicole Andrews

Nicole Andrews is a self-taught pianist from Portland Oregon, now based in Wellington New Zealand. Her eclectic debut album, In the Shallows, is a collection of introspective songs with echoes of Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Massive Attack. Nicole answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Tell us about your album In The Shallows.

I just released my debut album In the Shallows, which received support from Creative New Zealand. The album is very piano driven, so the songs were all recorded on a concert hall Steinway and then the vocals and other instruments were recorded at Surgery Studios in Wellington. I ended up producing the album myself, but got to work with some amazing New Zealand musicians. For example, David Long from The Mutton Birds played ebow on the track Good Girl. Then Thomas Voyce from Rhombus did the programming and production of the track Goodnight Sweetheart, which is a bit more electronic. Reuben Bradley, who is a Tui award winner, wrote the strings for the track Pixelated Roses.

My band was made up of Andrew Bain from Fur Patrol on bass, Daniel Ryland from OdESSA and Sorceress on guitar, and Lance Philip on drums. I wrote the songs over the last six years, and probably wrote enough material for several albums. I think getting the first one out is more of a challenge, cause you want everything to be perfect. In retrospect, I think it's great that I gave the songs as much attention as I did, but I won't be waiting so long to put out my next album.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

There are a few songs that really stick out in my mind when I think of my album, so it's hard to say I'm proud of just one. I think the song Good Girl was the most surprising when it was finished. Mostly because I had done a big rewrite of the piano just before recording which suddenly made it a 7 minute long song. I couldn't figure out how to chop it down without losing a few of the elements that felt really special for me. I talked to David Long, who played ebow on the track, and he said he loved it at that length so I just went for it. The recording process for this one was a bit arduous and I think I felt like this song was slightly cursed, because it took the longest to finish and we had the most obstacles out of all the songs. It became the “now we gotta deal with THAT one” kind of a song because it was almost a guarantee something would go wrong. Then, once we got the other instruments added, I knew what it would sound like on the recording and could start experimenting a bit more with the mix. It just suddenly all fell together and since so much of it was experimentation in the studio, I just had no idea what the end result might be. The first time I heard the final mix I cried because it surpassed my expectations.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

I did a tour of the South Island last year, and had this gig at Taste Merchants in Dunedin which was epic. It was a completely packed room and everyone in the audience was 100% focused on the music and made no sound during the performance. Except for these two girls who sat right up next to me, practically at my feet, singing along to my songs. I have no idea how they knew the songs since I didn't have an album out, but I guess they must have just been watching my videos online or something. At the end of the show people really stuck around to get to know me and chat about music. It just felt like such a tight knit music community and people just ate it up.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

This probably sounds super silly, but one time I was getting ready for a gig while I was home alone and I couldn't get my dress zipped up all the way without help. So I just decided to keep getting ready and wait until my partner got off work so that he could reach it for me. Except by the time he got there I had forgotten all about it and just threw a jacket on and walked out the door like that. Once we got to the venue, which was packed full of people sitting waiting for the show to start, I took my jacket off and started setting up my gear. I even went through a full soundcheck like that before anyone noticed; with my dress just flopped open at the back. Luckily I was good friends with the host for the night and she saw it and zipped it up. She thought I was making a fashion statement, but definitely not.

What can we expect to see from Nicole Andrews over the next year?

I'll definitely be touring New Zealand in the next year to promote my album and I hope to put out a few music videos for some of the songs. I've already started writing for my next album, but it will be a slow process that will likely slip into the mix over the next year.

What are your long term goals?

I need to be creative to feel whole, so I will always be working on a new project and collaborating with other creative people no matter what the outcome. My long term goal is basically just to keep growing as an artist and try to break my own personal bests with each step. I'd love to have my music in movies and I'd love to headline a world tour, or open for one of my favourite musicians on their world tour. Sadly Nick Cave didn't have an opening act when he came through. Maybe next time Nick?

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Just do it and don't give a damn what the outcome might be. I feel like a lot of people (including myself) wait too long to dive into something because they are waiting for the perfect storm before they get started. My biggest lesson is that you just need to put yourself out there and make your mistakes. Otherwise you'll end up doing what I did and take six years to finally make the album.

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Album Review: In the Shallows

Charlotte Yates, Gil Eva Craig & Rob Thorne North Island Tour

Setting the scene in the first part of the show, Rob Thorne (Ngati Tumutumu) and Palmerston North resident will explain and show the tools of his trade, their sounds, historical uses and construction …. Traditional Maori instruments made of stone, bone, shell and wood.

To close the night off Rob will create a transcendent aural experience through the use of modern loop technology and those traditional Maori instruments shown from the first part of the evening to touch the soul with timeless beauty, and a very personal exploration of the spiritual and healing qualities of an ancient practice.

A musician with over 25 years’ performance  experience in bands and solo, Rob’s work with traditional Maori instruments has led to an MA in Social Anthropology, working both academically and musically with master musician, Richard Nunns QSM, as well as collaborating with Phil Dadson, Dudley Benson and Ariana Tikao. He has researched, taught and demonstrated at museums and marae throughout the country and travelled to the Peruvian Andes to experience and research ancient indigenous sound-healing techniques.

On this tour Rob performs Whaia te Maramatanga, a highly concentrated conversation between past and present – and a personal exploration of the healing qualities of an ancient practice through the medium of sound.

Sometimes the whole thing feels like a lost instalment of Brian Eno’s ambient series. At other times it might be a field recording of the Earth sighing in its sleep.’ Nick Bolliinger, The Listener

‘Thorne has successfully re-imagined and reconstructed traditional Maori instrumental music for the 21st century.’ NZ Musician.

Many will remember Charlotte Yates from the iconic 1990s band When the Cat’s Been Spayed.

Since then, besides recording six albums of her own, she’s studied contemporary music technology and composition in Australia, produced two Melbourne Fringe Arts Festivals, been artist in residence in Christchurch (2002) and directed and produced the critically acclaimed CDs, Baxter, Tuwhare and Ihimaera.

Charlotte is joined on this tour by award winning sound designer and multi-instrumentalist Gil Eva Craig – the two will perform songs from Charlotte’s album Archipelago, co-produced and arranged by Gil.

‘Yates' fine voice and astute pop songwriting are more than ably backed up by her intuitive guitar work.’  North and South

‘Had she been born a few decades later, the Kiwi music machine would be all over her talent and hooky semi-acoustic songs like the proverbial rash. Archipelago sees her paired with producer-musician Gil Eva Craig, who adds extra colour and texture to the confident unguarded emotion that is the hallmark of Yates' work.’ Nick Ward, Stuff



Wed June 10th - Meow - Wellington - 8pm
Thr June 11th - Feilding Little Theatre - Feilding - 8pm
Fri June 12th - Whanganui Musicians Club Drews Ave - Whanganui - 8pm
Sat June 13th - The Dark Room - Palmerston North - 8pm
Sun June 14th - 4thWall Theatre - New Plymouth - 7.30pm - Aotnz
Tues June 16th - Dome Room Poverty Bay Club - Gisborne - 7.30pm - Aotnz
Wed June 17th - Tauranga Art Gallery - Tauranga - 7pm - Aotnz
Thr June 18th - The Storehouse - Taupo - 7pm
Fri June 19th - Kauaeranga Hall - Thames - 7.30pm - Aotnz
Sat June 20th - Bank St. Social Club - Whangarei - 8pm
Sun June 21st - Little Theatre - Kaitaia - 2pm - Aotnz
Tues June 23rd - Senior Citizens Hall - Opotiki - 7pm - Aotnz
Wed June 24th - Playhouse Theatre - Hastings - 7.30pm - Aotnz
Thr June 25th - Sitting Room Session Private Concert - Napier - 8pm
Fri June 26th - Burgundy Room Downstairs Bodega - Wellington - 7.30pm
Sat June 27th - St Peters Hall - Paekakariki Kapiti Coast - 8pm
Sun June 28th - Greytown Little Theatre - Greytown - 3.30pm

Team Kill: Tour Follow-up

Team Kill have recently finished their 'A-Bomb A Nation' tour of New Zealand, where they visited Whangarei, Auckland. Tauranga, Nelson, Wellington, Palmerston North, New Plymouth and Hamilton. During their tour they were supported by incredible bands such as Amachine, Just One Fix, Seasons, and Thy Assassin, among others. From all accounts, it was an epic tour which was enjoyed by many and Team Kill made loads of new fans along the way.

Hamilton based Team Kill is comprised of brothers Rob (Chuck) and Nate (the Butcher) Walker, on guitar and drums respectively. These 2 powerhouse musicians helped create the band back in 2011, and along with Phil Smathers, whose rumbling bass rhythms combine to form the brutal core of the band - laying down devastating riffs that provide a solid platform for the incredibly talented Jake Booth to add face melting shredding solo’s on top of.

Jake and frontman Luke Holder (Brick) joined the band in 2013, and brought with them a whole new dynamic to the sound - the impressive vocal styles giving everything a more aggressive edge, and twin guitars enabling them to explore bigger soundscapes. 

In 2014 they delivered their debut EP Age of Disease, produced by the acclaimed Nathan Sowter, and recorded at the Porch Recording Studios in Hamilton. The EP has racked up impressive sales and received regular airplay on the “Axe Attack” metal radio show.

Citing a diverse range of influences, such as Pantera, American Headcharge,  Sepultura and Meshuggah, they also recognise the effect kiwi heavyweights have had on their sound - bands like 8 Foot Sativa, Sinate, Cripple Mr Onion, Dawn of Azazel, Shakahn, and New Way Home

Collectively described as having “more grunt than a tractor pull”, Team Kill are definitely the new standard of NZ heavy metal. 

What's next for Team Kill? They are currently piecing together a DVD of all the 'A-Bomb A Nation' tour footage, which will include cell phone video footage taken by fans who attended their shows. They are also preparing for the release of their new EP, and there'll be more upcoming show announcements coming soon.

Team Kill is Jake 'Teddy' Booth (guitar), Phil Smathers (bass), Luke 'Brick' Holder (vocals), Nate 'The Butcher' Walker (drums) and Rob 'Chuck' Walker (guitar)

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Bandcamp Page
Facebook Page

JCK: New Single

Shake It by JCK is the new single off of the upcoming album Land Of The Wrong White Crowd now available on iTunes.

The video is garish and crude but reasonably entertaining. With the JCK mascot Jumpygeuse taking the role of the circus ring leader who provides amusement for the audience by interacting with flying lyrics and sexy dancing girls.

The song is more polished than the music video however and is actually a pretty decent pop tune even though the chorus is quite ridiculous with the hook 'dancing dancing, shake it like an epileptic' repeating in your ears. 

This song come with a warning. Be careful because you might catch yourself humming it the next day.

Shake It on YouTube

JCK is James Castady-Kristament

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Single Review: Cogs 'n' Wheels
Single Review: Tipee Tipee Taa Taa

Ryan Kershaw: Keep The Faith - The Eyes of a Musicians Heart

Having faith that things will work out great is such an important trait to develop. Without it, there are simply too many rejections, obstacles and doubts that come along with being a musician to keep going.

Let's look at what faith is for a moment. It is easy to instantly identify the word ‘faith’ as directly related to religion, but it is actually something that is essential no matter what your spiritual/religious beliefs or non-beliefs.

Faith is putting confidence into the thought that something you are hoping for will happen, despite facing obstacles that could prevent the outcome from happening.

The progression of the world is built on faith. If the Wright Brothers did not have faith in their abilities, they would never have flown. If Edison had no faith in his pursuits, he would not have transformed the world with the incandescent light bulb as he did.

Bring it back to a day-to-day level and you will see that faith is so important to a musician’s success, whether you are a grass roots muso, or a worldwide superstar.

Although fans often only see the end result or highlight reel of a musicians output, we all know that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. Things as seemingly simple as hiring a new band member can be a daunting task. Often it feels like there are 10,000 guitarists in your area but no decent drummers or bass players.

Accepting someone into your line up can present to you with some important questions that could go either way: is the new person reliable? Will they turn up each time? Are they fun to work with? Do they bring any issues or baggage with them? It’s not hard to have doubts or feel uncertainty, especially if your track record with hiring new band members has not been good, but after using your better judgement, faith is then needed to let the relationship develop.

A few years ago I created an event called the NZ Underground Festival. I was sick of hearing the same bands over and over on radio all of the time, and wanted to showcase local talent that was truly deserving but slipping under the radar. The event was a success but had I not consciously used faith – it would have never happened.

The NZ Underground Festival was funded totally from my own pocket, which had a budget of $0 at the time. There were certainly a lot of setbacks: a bouncy castle guy charged me more on the day than he had quoted, organizations were not fully supportive because as it was the festivals first year they had not heard of it before, the weather was unpredictable leading up to the event, there were 5 other festivals in close proximity on the day, setbacks with musicians pulling out, and a whole myriad of other organizational dilemmas. But I had faith and it served its purpose – musicians joined bands that they met at the festival, ended up on radio and even topped the Reverb Nation charts! I faced many doubts but my faith that it needed to happen is what got me through.

Bands must use faith in a similar way when touring as a self-managed act. Hopefully they set a budget first but there are things that remain out of their control – a sudden change in weather, sickness of band mates, even sabotage. Though to think of these possibilities and let them stop the tour would be silly. You have to have faith that it will work, and that you can handle what comes your way.

Another personal example of a time where I needed to use faith is when I travelled to the United States from New Zealand for a live event of a course I was studying.

The event itself was over two or three days, but the flights I could get meant that I had to stay for a day each side as well in order to get a flight home. This resulted in having to stay for 5 days. This sounds great but at the time I didn’t have enough money to stay that long. I didn't actually have enough money to stay at all, but thanks to the amazing generosity of a fellow course member (Thanks Don) I was able to share a room.

Day four of my stay came around, and my generous roomy left for their hometown. I was left in the U.S.A not knowing how I would stay an extra night, and planning on sleeping outside. I entered the last day of the seminar and we were shown the ‘card exercise’ I now share in my seminars. It’s basically an exercise where you stand up and announce what project you are pursuing and where you need help. The rest of the class writes down how they can help and each person has a go at speaking. My turn came around and I nervously stood up and said that I am planning a music tour and other music related projects but just didn’t have the money… I needed financial help – whether that be with money itself or the knowledge of how to earn it! I didn’t mention the fact that I did not know how I would stay in a bed that night and was hungry but it was playing in the back of my mind. I had big dreams but some good-sized obstacles at that point too.

After the exercise one of the head coaches came up to me and handed me an envelope with a card inside. He told me to open the card later but it didn’t last long before curiosity got the better of me and I had a look inside. Geoffrey had written a beautiful note, saying that he believed in me and that someday I would help a lot of people. Inside the card was $200 – just enough for me to stay another night at the seminar venue and get to the airport. Now I don’t know what you would call that but I’m sure glad that I had the faith that it would work, and that someone else had faith in me!

So check yourself now and think – do you have faith in yourself? It may have been cast aside for a while due to rejections, obstacles, or life's hurdles. But that’s all part of the journey. You can always get faith in yourself back too. Sometimes you just need to flick the switch.

- Ryan Kershaw is a board member of Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ) and recipient of the 2012 Music Managers Forum (MMF) 'Mentoring Success' Award. The creator of http://www.youtube.com/musictalksTV and the NZ Underground Festival. Author of the world's first book to combine personal growth and music tuition 'Use Your Buzz To Play The Guitar', Ryan is also an accomplished musician and member of the muzic.net.nz team.

Use Your Buzz To Play The Guitar is now available on Amazon.

NZ Music News

The Charts 40th Anniversary

Not only is the month of May NZ Music Month, this year it also marks the ruby anniversary of The Official NZ Top 40 Music Charts.

The Charts have measured popular music in New Zealand since May 1975. From the first ever chart topper - Helen Reddy’s Free and Easy - to this week’s #1 hit ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth, it has seen many incarnations of what Kiwis deem to be the week’s hottest music tracks.

To celebrate the milestone, 16 artists from both here and abroad are being recognised this evening (Wednesday May 27) at a special industry event. The event celebrates local and international acts that have topped the albums and singles charts in four categories: Most #1s, Most Chart Entries, Most Weeks in the Chart, and Most Weeks at #1.

Full Article

Tuis Calling All NZ Musicians

It’s that time of year again to celebrate all that’s great about Kiwi music – nominations for the country’s biggest night in music officially open today (25 May).

This year marks the 50thanniversary of the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, which take place in November at Auckland’s Vector Arena.

Nomination requirements can be found at http://www.nzmusicawards.co.nz/. Unless otherwise specified, awards are open to New Zealand artists who have had recordings commercially released between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. Nominations stay open until 5pm on Monday 6 July.

Categories in 2015 are Album and Single of the year, Best Group, Best Male and Female Solo Artists, Breakthrough Artist, Best Music Video, Best Maori, Rock, Urban / Hip Hop, Electronica, Roots, Pop, Alternative, Best Worship album and Classical albums. There are also technical award categories of Best Producer, Best Engineer & Best Album Cover.

Full Article

Top country music winners announced

Tami Neilson’s Dynamite! is the nation’s Best Country Music Album for 2015, while Kaylee Bell and Jared Porter’s Pieces is the Best County Music Song.

Both awards were presented this evening (May 23) at the New Zealand Country Music Awards in Gore.

It’s the fourth time Tami Neilson has taken home the Tui for the Recorded Music NZ Best Country Music Album. Her previous awards came in 2009, 2010 and 2012. In 2014 she also added the APRA Silver Scroll to her impressive list of accolades for her song Walk.

Neilson toured New Zealand, Australia and North America extensively where reviewers credit her ‘haunting ballads of heartbreak’ and ‘foot stomping country blues’ as making her live performances memorable.

The New Zealand Country Music Awards are hosted as part of Gore’s Gold Guitar week. The festival attracts more than 5,000 fans annually and is in its 41st year. For more information visit http://www.goldguitars.co.nz/.

The other finalists for Best Country Music Album were Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams for Sad But True Volume 3 and Glen Moffatt for Superheroes and Scary Things.

Tami Neilson was also nominated in the APRA Best Country Music Song category for You Lie, as well as Bill Morris for Hinterland.

Full Article

MMF Music Managers Awards winners announced

The MMF New Zealand, Recorded Music New Zealand, APRA AMCOS, Neuw Denim and the New Zealand Music Commission are proud to announce the winners for the 2015 Music Managers Awards.

Tonight the Tuning Fork has hosted a star-studded awards ceremony, celebrating the amazing successes that the managers behind New Zealand’s biggest acts have achieved over the last year.

Artists and industry specialists alike have raised their glasses in toast to the endless contribution that managers make to the New Zealand music industry, and celebrating all those who took home awards this evening.

First time winner Ashley Page took home the prestigious ‘Manager of the Year’ award for his work with the artists Broods, Joel Little and Jarryd James, a very-well deserved award for a manager who always goes above and beyond for his artists. The last year has seen his brother-sister duo Broods break into the UK and US markets in the same year as their Breakthrough Artist win at the 2014 VNZMAs. Joel Little, one of Ashley’s long term clients, has been enjoying the greatest success of his career, working with an ever-growing list of artists including the likes of Lorde, Sam Smith, MØ, and Ellie Goulding as well as taking home Best Engineer and Best Producer for his work on Lorde's Pure Heroine. Ashley’s work with Jarryd James has also achieved incredible success, with his debut single Do You Remember going Platinum and reaching #1 on the Australian iTunes charts.

Full Article

Josh Rennie-Hynes Announces National New Zealand Winter Tour

Josh Rennie-Hynes will be crossing the Tasman in June of 2015 for his second full-length solo tour of New Zealand. See details listed below.
Rennie-Hynes is a rising Australian artist in the Americana and Folk genres, with strong New Zealand family connections.
Support acts include a selection of local New Zealand artists including Will Wood, Reb Fountain and Clara Van Wel.
Rennie-Hynes released his debut album February in July 2014 to acclaim and national radio coverage. February was produced by ARIA award winning Australian artist and producer Shane Nicholson. February is distributed by MGM.
Rennie-Hynes toured his album across New Zealand in late 2014. He returns to share more songs and be inspired by the New Zealand winter.
Rennie-Hynes says, “I love New Zealand as a country. Visually, It’s just a stunning place to tour. I played some great rooms with audiences who really listened. Why winter? I love the cold and I love the snow"

Full Article


You can read all the latest NZ music news here.

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Mt Eden
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NZ Top 10 Singles

    Benson Boone
    Teddy Swims
    Future And Metro Boomin feat. Kendrick Lamar
    Ariana Grande
    Noah Kahan
    Fred Again.. And Baby Keem
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