9 Jun 2023

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OdESSA have a solid reputation as one of New Zealand’s most exciting live bands. Their addictive blend of Rock RnB, electrifying grooves and phenomenal energy are sure to grab your attention.

OdESSA kick along the dusty centre-line where Rock 'n' Roll and R 'n' B first cross-mutated, with memorable songs played inside out – night after night.

OdESSA is a fluid and inventive rhythm section, with searing licks and dirty guitar grooves, polished off with strong, soulful vocals – playing wild to hot, sweaty crowds going crazy in a heady swirl of streetlights and hormones – exactly the way it's supposed to be. The 2021 edition has the addition of a horn section and keyboards.

The warmth and excitement generated by OdESSA has been the source of inspiration for an awesome and supportive fan base across the New Zealand.

Band Members:
Matthew Sean Pender (vocals)
Paul Mouncey (bass)
Chris Armour (guitar)
Thomas Friggens (drums)
Ben Hunt (trumpet)
Lily Rose Shaw (saxophone, vocals)
Oscar Laven (saxophone)
Ayrton Foote (keyboards)


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  • Wellington

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muzic.net.nz Admin

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New Release for Odessa
Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:06 am

muzic.net.nz Admin

Joined: 17/07/02
Posts: 5090
Location: Manawatu
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Odessa Album Release
Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:56 pm
ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT OdESSA have a talent for coming back from the dead like the often recounted episode of their debut album being accidentally deleted from the studios harddrive upon completion (which brought them instant fame within the national music community for exactly
the wrong reasons).

ASIDE FROM THE FACT that the hastily rerecorded album ‘Oak Park Avenue’
(released September 2005) went on to achieve respectable wordofmouth
success, cracking the Indie top ten and hitting number 2 on the ‘Heatseekers’ chart in its first week, and was bestowed with generous reviews (The Sunday Star Times gave it fourandahalf stars, breathlessly hailing its creators “...The band that can make all of New Zealand stand up and dance.”)

The single ‘Bring The Money Back’ became virtually inescapable during the next twelve months, included in countless short films, news stories and popular TV shows (Outrageous Fortune, Insiders Guide To Love) and even across the Tasman on Australian sports highlights shows.

Second single ‘Promises, Promises’ continued the momentum with director Simon Ward (Shihad, The Fanatics) winning Best Indie Video at the 2006 Juice TV Awards, while the video for cult hit ‘Baby Don’t Go Home’ by Grant Buist was a finalist at the 2005 Handle The Jandal awards.

ASIDE FROM THE FACT that OdESSA had earlier triumphed with another peoples choice honour coming out on top of the polls for a Jack Daniels sponsored competition to win the opening slot of the 2006 Big Day Out ahead of 82 other bands they toured virtually nonstop between late 2005 and early 2007, playing over 200 shows during that period across the country with highlights including the celebrated A Low Hum tour with The Ruby Suns; playing to thousands lining the streets of Wellington for the premiere of Peter Jackson’s King Kong; a sensational performance at the 2007 bFM Summer Series; and, successive appearances for the Surf Aid Charity held at the Capital’s Town Hall alongside national luminaries such as Trinity Roots, The Phoenix Foundation and Opensouls.

ASIDE FROM THE FACT that OdESSA boast one of the country’s tightest, most widely respected rhythm sections in recent memory (Matt ‘Puba’ Swain on drums, Paul Mouncey on bass) plus the jawdroppingly gifted guitarist (and newest member) Daniel Ryland, it is impossible not to notice the immediate, simple fact that singer Matthew Sean Pender is a star – a brilliant, natural stage performer in the tradition of Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury or Prince.

ASIDE FROM THE FACT that their songs cover virtually every imaginable genre from powerpop to bluesrock, country folk to the sexiest, sweatdrenched funk jams anywhere, (or in the words of bFM’s DJ Rockpig “Funk with balls!”) they rehearsed a new album’s worth of material for new studio sessions in January 2007.

With Daniel Ryland now on board – whose guitar work on the album is some of the best you’ll hear this year – and producer David Long (The Muttonbirds) the group worked up new songs and arrangements and completed tracking in just two and a half days, engineered/mixed by Mike Gibson (Hollie Smith & Steriogram).

SO, ASIDE FROM THE hundreds of acclaimed live shows, the awardwinning
videos, the evergrowing army of devoted fans across the country, the setbacks and the comebacks; OdESSA have just completed their brand new second album, with stunning artwork by the formidably talented Simon Morse and Inject Design.

It’s called ‘The Prize’.

And it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.


Matthew Sean Pender – Vocals
Daniel Ryland – Guitar
Paul Mouncey – Bass
Matthew Swain – Drums


Joined: 29/07/03
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New Album out this week!!
Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:50 pm
Our new album 'The Prize' will now be available NATIONWIDE on monday SEPTEMBER 24th - but for you Wellingtonians, you can get it THURSDAY THE 20TH EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE C.D STORE ON CUBA STREET where we will be doing an in-store performance at 1pm. Come share your lunch with us!! Then on FRIDAY we have our release party at San Francisco Bath House with special guests, the brilliant THOMAS OLIVER BAND kicking off at 9PM. with us hitting the stage 1030pm SHARP - so get there early and have a good time with all of us.

muzic.net.nz Admin

Joined: 01/01/02
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OdESSA - New Album coming...
Posted: Sat Sep 8, 2007 11:46 am
After firmly establishing themselves as one of the country's most exceptional live acts over the last 5 years, OdESSA are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of their brand new second album The Prize available in stores soon.

Check out the new single "Bleeder" – a stand-out crowd-favourite – now at www.odessamusic.net.

Juice TV presents The Prize album release tour:

Fri 21 Sept ~ San Francisco Bath House, Wellington
Sat 6 Oct ~ 4:20, Auckland
Fri 12 Oct ~ Al's Bar, Christchurch
Sat 13 Oct ~ Backstage, Dunedin
Fri 26 Oct ~ Latitude Live, Napier
Sat 27 Oct ~ Poverty Bay Club, Gisborne

muzic.net.nz Admin

Joined: 17/07/02
Posts: 5090
Location: Manawatu
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OdESSA - New Single - 'Motel Machine'
Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:57 pm
OdESSA announces the release of ‘Motel Machine’ the first single from the forthcoming album

Free download from www.myspace.com/odessamusic 19–21 Feb 07

'Six o'clock this morning, flying on one engine
Seems my lucky streak was just hallucination...'

'Motel Machine' – the first single from the brand new album recorded in January ’07 at Trident Sound Studios in Wellington. The album will hit stores later this year, once we find time to mix the rest of it in-between our touring commitments over the next couple of months.

This song we recorded and mixed in one day. It perfectly captures the spirit we took into those sessions. All of us in on every take; drums, bass, guitar, vocals - live and loud, leaving nothing behind. Do two, three takes, choose the best one and move onto the next.

After writing and rehearsing non-stop for 3 weeks straight - 'til we were in the best shape musically we could be - we were gagging to get started with the real business. For those first 3 days, we throbbed with energy. We had a laugh and we got it all down.

Outside, summer was at last rearing on its haunches. The glimmer of dirty heat clung to the black concrete as bright sunshine danced off the hurtling traffic. We were under the footpath - David Long producing and Mike Gibson as sound engineer - a veritable Mount Rushmore of Wellington music.

We nailed 'Motel Machine' fast. A good take; we all knew we had it immediately. It's nice when that happens.

And how many singles out this year have a one minute bass solo?

Matthew Pender (Vocals)
Dan Ryland (Guitar)
Paul Mouncey (Bass)
Matt ‘Puba’ Swain (Drums)


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Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 10:53 pm
ok ok i dont want to be a groupie..............


Joined: 20/10/04
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Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 10:52 pm



( cant wait to hear you live)

(im not bias)

(can i be a groupie)

(please i can learn to group)



Joined: 29/07/03
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Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2003 3:56 pm
Odessa RulZ!

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