23 Feb 2024

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Sounds Escape - Single Review: Haunted

22 May 2023 // A review by taffynz

Sounds Escape is the project band name of one-man show Logan Wedgwood. The release of the EP Echo Cinema sees Logan releasing the track Haunted as the EP's promo single. Produced - very well - by Emily Wheatcroft-Snape across her own Studio 8, plus Roundhead and Parachute studios (a veritable array of name-drops for prestigious recording premises), Logan composed, arranged and played 100% of the instruments.

Now, frankly, I could swing one of two ways here. While exquisitely produced, and with undeniably high quality musicianship, the single Haunted, when played as a stand-alone, is two thirds rhythm guitar playing a power chords homage to some avant-garde movie soundtrack that Tarantino would nod agreeably towards, bottom end supported by some decent drums and bass; all finishing rather well with additional lead melodies on guitar. But nothing of wow factor. Which pains me to say, as a muso myself, when so much time and attention has been put into this - let alone the cojones of a solo muso in putting their stuff out there.

It felt like it was incomplete. It felt like I was missing something.

I was.

I played the single in order alongside the rest of the EP. I took the title of the EP into consideration. Then I got it. That Tarantino reference is exactly what this EP is pushing you toward. This is an introverts mind's-ear snapshot of the sounds of the darkness of the theatre, the twist and sting in the tail of directors of the ilk of the man mentioned. It's the soundtrack to what Logan's movie would need to sound like. It's an introvert telling us how his world would sound in a Hollyweird bio and all the garish, inglorious plastic that would bury it in the insincerity and grime of the industry's underbelly.

The single becomes dark. Understated on purpose. The last third asking you "have you been listening? Tell me where your mind just went, because I know I just took you away from there." As a single on a purely promotional front for such an EP, Haunted is perfect, because it's all rhythm guitar and rhythm section driven, with sparsely placed leads and piano drops here and there.

If this intrigues you, give it a go. You need to be in the dark. Very, VERY late at night, with something loud and energetic having just been left behind. It needs to be raining, and you need to have the light from the street coming into the room. Always, always play this through headphones. Jack and coke, or light one up. Your own choice. And sail away somewhere and find the final gift of this release - you'll sail away into your own dark bio, and you might just come out just a little bit... Haunted.

Take a ride.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Sounds Escape

Sounds Escape is a music project capturing sound scapes that take listeners on an emotional journey through music (not lyrics) letting the instruments create the feeling and connection so listeners can build their own internal narrative.

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Year: 2022
Type: Album

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