10 Jun 2023

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ARLi - Single Review: Uninvite Me

06 Dec 2022 // A review by Jack Grabham

Born Alice Foulds, ARLi is an Auckland-born and bred singer-songwriter who's been developing the sound we get here for the last seven years of writing and performing. Now, do I like this stuff enough to mark it highly?...

OH DEAR LORD YES! The single, Uninvite Me, is an audio homage to her childhood musical roots within the post-Grunge punk-pop era. Bands like Blink 182, Offspring, Alanis Morissette and that ilk, that's where the vibe is born for this rock star in waiting.

An absolutely pumping bottom end, sharp rhythm section allowed to snarl, wonderfully mixed rhythm and lead guitars with deceptively cool layering. A flawless rock vocalist performance and great, understated backing vocals. Recorded and produced by Toby Lloyd at Tiny Triumph Studios, mastered at KOG. Toby has done a really great job of giving what has to be a future live show favourite real justice; catching the raw energy of the genre, not losing the organic feel that can often happen with a sure-fire hit single during the mix/master. He's to be commended.

The song itself is catchy and still edgy, which is where the Alanis Morissette comment comes in. ARLi has her own voice though, so don't think of this as a tribute to Alanis or any other of those lovely people. Great flow, really sassy lyrics - including the odd rudie one, oopsie! ;-) - and I can visualise the video already. In your face, grinning while flipping you the birdie. ARLI!!! DO A VIDEO!!!

I could gush about this one all day. Seriously in the top drawer of my preferred styles. It's going onto my Spotify. Five out of five feels miserly! Absolutely rockin'! Play it loud.

Fatal strikes, we lie on the wild side.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About ARLi

ARLi is the fresh rebranding of Auckland born singer/songwriter Alice Foulds. Having completed several successful NZ tours, ARLi steps into a new unapologetic era in music, embracing her childhood influence of artists like Blink-182, Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne.

Her brand new single Uninvite Me releases Dec 3rd 2022.

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