24 Apr 2024

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Frau Knotz - Single/Video Review: Supernova

15 Sep 2022 // A review by taffynz

Frau Knotz (Lauren Nottingham) has what her former Mexican host family would describe as cojones. She found herself stuck in Mexico City - not the world's most placid of places - for eight months during the height of the pandemic, thanks to a cruise ship gig being cancelled three days after she arrived there. She not only survived but composed the current single Supernova, a song the lady herself describes as encouraging people to be fierce; to overcome their insecurities and to celebrate their strengths.

The track itself falls under the Electronica genre. Now it's important to understand the genre (or family of genres) as outside of the USA it's a much wider reaching art form, intended to be as easily consumed at home or out and about with headphones as in a club - in fact more so. The USA views it as a genre intended for the club.

Why do I mention this? Well, the song is mixed by Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace Studios and mastered by Chris Chetland. The mix and mastering have gone for a more treble-led sound under an ethereal vocal. If one were looking for a club mix, a far more prevalent bottom end would need to be dominant. This isn't a criticism of the work. I'm just explaining the importance of understanding that Electronica is not especially intended for the club, with regard to this release. As it stands, minus the lack of dominant bass if that's going to bother you, the balance is fine.

Really cool vocal from a lady with a great look, and an attitude that emanates from her presence on the screen. The video, created by Drax Project's Ben D'Ath, shows what one can do with imagination, a vision, lights and a leading lady who is obviously comfortable in front of the lens. Filmed in New Plymouth (she's a 'Naki lady after all!), the video definitely lends a hand to the release.

If you like cool Electronica you'll like this. If you UNDERSTAND cool Electronica you'll LOVE this. Please do put this on your list, support the local acts. Frau Knotz is worth the investment, and I hope to hear more. Only dropping one star from the rating because I'm a grump who likes a lot of bottom end to my music. Long lost is the wishing well!

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Frau Knotz

The original songs of singer, pianist, producer and composer Lauren Nottingham have touched down on Earth under the moniker Frau Knotz. These avant-pop tracks simulate echoes of an extra-terrestrial yet power-packed video game soundtrack in which La Roux, Grimes and Robyn are characters With lyrics that draw from daring, playful scenarios to heartfelt, ubiquitous musings faced by modern society, added to dramatic synths and driving rhythms, Frau Knotz is not afraid to expose all sides of her three-dimensional character. Her voice is powerfully emotive and futuristic, often juxtaposing human tenderness and fragility with a post-apocalyptic, synthesized alter ego.

Complex modulations of harmony glitter throughout her music from a university degree in jazz and over a decade of fangirling over progressive rock legends such as Devin Townsend, Frost and Dream Theater.

Channeling rave nostalgia and Eurodisco, Frau Knotz toggles between whimsical fantasies and dark truths, switches propulsive rhythms and expansive balladry and tunes glamor with gameplay to concoct elixirs of dance. Get ready; Frau Knotz vows to take you on a deep sonic odyssey beneath her blissful blonde brain.

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