24 Feb 2024

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Iveta & Simone - Single Review: L.O.V.E

16 Jul 2019 // A review by Epitomised_Drummer

Iveta & Simone have just dropped their hot new single L.O.V.E and it’s red hot right now.

With an impressive musical resume, Iveta Vasileva has won Eurodisc, and been the recipient of the Grand Prix of Art Rock Center. In recent years, she has paired up with Simone Brook, who has an impressive musical history herself having performed on TV talent shows such as Chickaboom and Opportunity Knocks. With this amount of experience, you’d be expecting something big right? Well you’re not wrong.

With influences such as Celine Dione, Faith Hill, Cher, Leona Lewis, and a lot of diversity in their ethnic heritage, you can imagine that this isn’t going to be your typical Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus pop single, but it’s just as impressively produced (actually IMHO, there is probably more music-writing talent in Iveta & Simone’s music). Their vibe is very distinctly a movie soundtrack type of production. I hope I don’t offend anyone here because I mean this with the utmost respect, their music somewhat reminds me of Enigma or Deep Forest and a few other musicians from around their era (early to mid-90’s for you millennials).

Both Iveta and Simone have incredible vocal control, they clearly have mastered their instrument. Both mellow and soothing vocals but can both belt it out when they want to. Their vocals compliment very nicely too, weaving through each other distinctly but both an exact match for this single. The only criticism I have is that it sounds like maybe a little more compression has been used over Simone’s voice to Iveta’s, but I don’t think it takes away from the credibility of the track at all, it’s just sounds a little more fresh.

This track is a fantastic piece of work from the pair, and it looks like it really is going places. Well done ladies – you should be absolutely proud of this piece of work. I hope it gets the kudos it deserves.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Iveta & Simone

New Zealand’s Iveta & Simone Announce New Single, L.O.V.E. Catchy new age single slated to be a summer smash.

On the rise female vocalist duo Iveta & Simone have just announced the upcoming release of their highly anticipated new single, L.O.V.E.

The new single infuses Iveta & Simone’s signature artistry and vocals as only the duo can. They have released other tracks to great success, including the singles Sunshine and More Than A Man. The song L.O.V.E. also integrates their fusion of new age, contemporary, and alternative rock genres into a single, meaningful, and intoxicating sound that captivates audiences.

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