8 Dec 2022

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Arrays - Single Review: Forget Fast

03 May 2022 // A review by Carl Hayman

Remember the Names Armed In Advance or Stitches? Perhaps you should! This is one of my favourite local bands to come out of the New Zealand rock scene in recent years.

Their founding member and lead singer is a man by the name of JP Carroll who is probably one of the most talented musicians I know. 

Covid lockdowns have been extremely hard  on everybody, but I’d like to think that some good has come of this in less political terms, and by far my favourite thing to come from it has been JP’s solo project band Arrays.

This morning is my first spin of Array’s new track Forget Fast, so let's get this tune on and let rip.

First impression? Filth! but of the best kind. It’s dark, it’s loud, it’s offensive, it’s dissonant. It’s PERFECT! JP throws down some dirty as hell detuned Korn style guitar chords, followed by JP’s signature screaming vocals blending metal over the top of what could almost described as a pop-rock tune, but still so very far from it. JP’s drums over the top of it aren’t half bad either, in fact they are as good as anything I’ve heard from international artists. It’s got a very cool feel to it, he’s picked the timing perfectly at mosh tempo. If I close my eyes, I visualize a venue like when I saw the foo’s play Auckland Town Hall and the entire floor jumping up in down in sync with that solid kick drum.

To make this even more impressive, I dare say that it’s all been produced and mixed by JP himself which makes everything so much more impressive. The whole track is so angry its almost off the charts. Somehow JP has managed to capture all of this anger, drip feed it into a cauldron containing a concoction of all his musical talents, and the end result, is a brand new track that you absolutely MUST listen to.

If you’re feeling mixed about what's happening in this cold dark world right now, grab this tune and give it a spin, because those emotions that you’re feeling ARE Forget Fast.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Arrays

Introducing Arrays, the creative sandbox of Auckland Musician/Producer JP Carroll.

For JP, music is an ache to soothe, and an itch to scratch. JP’s drive to create a breadth and depth of oeuvre has led him to become a student of recording and production techniques, as well as general industry knowledge, to allow his work to reach as many willing ears as possible.

JP’s production skills have earned him top 40 NZ Rock chart placements, as well as being anointed as ‘one to watch’ by the NZ Official Music Charts. The ultimate goal for JP is to be able to live sustainably from creating music, and Arrays serves as one such avenue to pursue this outcome.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Arrays


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Year: 2022
Type: Album
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Year: 2017
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