4 Aug 2020

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Missy - EP Review: Strange

13 Jun 2019 // A review by Ben Ruegg
At 25, Missy is someone that you must keep on your radar. From the moment the EP starts, it is evident that Missy means business. The production quality is incredible. Clear mixes that sound spacious, that breathe dynamics like a storm that swells with gusts and quiet periods. This is next level stuff. The detail in each track demonstrates care and attention to songwriting, building up sections to have payoffs. For example, in the song Monster there is so much happening vocally, so much being thrown at you from a stereo sense that you can feel a sense of dread building and building. It is produced at an international standard. And this is self-produced. There is a lot here to nod your head in admiration.

When we get to the track Missy, you get a sense that the whole EP is going to have a similar sound. This is not detrimental to the EP at all. In fact, it is a benefit. Instead of a collection of songs that are just put in a playlist and called an EP or an album, Missy has crafted a complete story and theme inside within the tracks. And is it dark? Yes. Yes, it is. A lot of discussions and talk about how she feels, reflections on past situations and commentary on how she feels about life in general. The music suits it perfectly. It is a marriage of lyric and music that makes for an almost movie-like experience.

My only confusion came when I listened to the tracks Hate Me and Strange. In Hate Me Missy is singing "I want you to hate me" over and over like a mantra during parts of the song. I wasn’t sure if what the intention is there, as in sarcasm or some other motive. Then, in Strange she sings "I don’t want to be the token odd girl that everyone hates". I listened to both tracks a lot and I not sure I completely got it. But it a small thing. Overall, the EP just works.

I hear a lot of influences here. I hear some Massive Attack, NZ’s own Minuit, along with a bit of an electric style of Portishead. Missy should be proud of her work here. It is a tight package that showcases what she is capable of.

Highly recommended, especially on a great sound system or good headphones. Take it all in.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Missy

Missy is a New Zealand producer, singer and songwriter.

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Year: 2019
Type: EP

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