10 Jun 2023

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Eliezer - Album Review: Kingdom Come

13 Apr 2023 // A review by Ben Ruegg
Eliezer is a rising artist in the hip-hop scene, and his latest album Kingdom Come showcases his undeniable talent and passion for music. Produced in collaboration with Ten.Oh, this album is a testament to Eliezer's ability to deliver quality records consistently.

From the opening instrumental track Sunrise, listeners are immediately drawn into the world of the album. The first full track, Certified Professional Dreamer, is a testament to Eliezer's smooth flow and effortless delivery. The guitar-driven beat complements his verses perfectly, creating a laid-back yet engaging atmosphere.

Throughout the album, Eliezer demonstrates his versatility as a hip-hop artist. For example, Honey Butter has a more West Coast style sound, with a piano-driven beat that incorporates elements of modern hip-hop and trap. The catchy hook and smooth flow make it an ideal candidate for mainstream radio.

I Love Your Love features a triplet flow that works seamlessly with the relaxed vibe of the beat. The quality of the production on this track, and throughout the album, is a testament to the love and care that Eliezer and Ten.Oh put into each cut. The hooks and arrangements are all expertly crafted to create a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience.

Eliezer's nod to classic gangster rap can be heard in For The Fame/Many Men. The beat has a gritty feel that harkens back to the 50 Cent songbook, but with Eliezer's own unique spin. By the end of the track, listeners will be nodding their heads to the infectious beat and feeling the energy of the song.

Wake Me Up is an innovative track that incorporates auto-tune for artistic effect. Eliezer uses this tool expertly, showcasing his ability to embrace new sounds and techniques while still staying true to his own unique style. The song features an epic half-time breakdown, adding even more depth and excitement to the track.

Let It Go features a reflective beat and string arrangement that perfectly complement the power of the lyrics. The production here is once again on point, allowing the lyrics to shine through and really hit home. The catchy hook is sure to have everyone singing along, especially during a live performance.

Eliezer collaborates with another producer, Chillmadebeats, on the track Cruising. The song paints a vivid picture of getting into a car, with the sound of the radio speaking of Eliezer blending seamlessly with the beat as if we are watching a movie. Eliezer speaks about how beats inspire him, and how he allows the lyrics to flow through him naturally. This song is a prime example of Eliezer's ability to listen to each beat, feel it, and create a unique and powerful message. It is something that is consistent throughout the album and all of his works.

The album closes with Memories, a track that perfectly encapsulates the album's overarching themes of reflection and nostalgia. The two chords and wonderful guitar lines create a sense of reminiscing, and the lyrics about remembering important moments in Eliezer's life hit home. The hook features slowly stacked harmonies that lift the feeling even higher, leading to the end of the track where past audio melds into the hook again.

In conclusion, Kingdom Come is a fantastic album that showcases Eliezer's vision and brings it to life through expert songwriting, production, lyrics, and delivery. Eliezer's ability to incorporate a wide range of styles and techniques while still staying true to his own unique sound is truly impressive. This is an album that deserves to be heard, and Eliezer is an artist to watch in the years to come.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Eliezer

I am a London born, Auckland raised rapper, singer, songwriter who produces and engineers all my own music with my best friend Jake. I meet Jake, known as Ten.Oh, while playing online video games. Since releasing my first song in 2018, I have developed a loyal fanbase from all over the globe which continues to grow. With versatility and a wide variety of multi-genre music I plan to put NZ on the map for mainstream hip-hop.

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Kingdom Come
Year: 2023
Type: Album
Diary Entries, Vol. 1
Year: 2022
Type: Album

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