26 May 2022

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Scorn Of Creation - Album Review: Scorn of Creation

23 Feb 2018 // A review by terry666

To start with Scorn of Creation's line-up gets you excited. The group is made up of veterans of the NZ Metal scene. The members have been in bands such as Bulletbelt, Backyard Burial, Depths and The Dauntless. Each of them are extremely accomplished musicians and here they have produced a technical piece that covers all the intricacies of Death metal. In a lot of ways this appears to be a somewhat tribute or homage to the roots of Death Metal and, with that in mind, no two songs sound the same. There is a common sound, so they do have their own identity, but it explores and reminds you of what you love about Death Metal in the first place.

Seth Jackson is outstanding on guitar and not only are there some smashing riffs that pulverise your skull, there’s plenty of burning leads that leave you seared and blistered. I’ve seen him in a few bands in the past and he has always impressed me and once again he has more than delivered. Kris Gillan has the voice of a demon lord and provides a fitting accompaniment to the chaos below. Shaun Anderson is a machine on drums and smashes it as he always does - there aren’t many drummers in New Zealand as talented as Shaun. Every band needs its backbone and George Prowse comes to the party, providing solid riffs to pull it all together. Just when you think it can’t get any better two of my favourite singers get in on the act with Dan Birrell from Carnal and Jolene Tempest both making appearances.

Stand out tracks to me were Rebirth (The Promise of Pain to Come), Dante (Traversing the Unknown), The New Crown and Rebellion Unleashed. Oh hell, that’s half the album oops well I did really dig this album.

Fans of Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide should buy this album - it will reignite your passion for Death Metal again. For me, when my fingers start to twitch, my head starts to nod and the blood starts rushing, nothing beats it. This is the power of music in its rawest form.

Review written by Terry McIntosh


About Scorn Of Creation

Scorn Of Creation are a Death Metal band hailing from Wellington.

New album Annihilation Cult available for NOW from Bandcamp and all other streaming platforms.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Scorn Of Creation


Annihilation Cult
Year: 2021
Type: Album
Scorn of Creation
Year: 2018
Type: Album
Buy Online @ Mightyape

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