27 Sep 2021

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Arrays - EP Review: Motives

25 Aug 2017 // A review by rebelsoundradio
Well, the old adage goes “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. It’s a shame that no one expanded on this and added: “It’s at least ten times better when you do it with heavy riffs”.

Arrays is a one man effort with the emphasis being placed on recording on a budget. No flashy studio wizardry here, just good old Kiwi number eight wire mentality and hard graft using a simple home studio set up. From experience, I know that this can be a perilous task and can quickly evolve into sleepless nights adjusting compressors and searching for the perfect delay. Without vision and focus, you will start to resemble Tom Hanks marooned on a deserted island.

Getting straight into it with the lead track Centre of the Earth, I can tell that time has been spent in the right areas and great song writing has been married with a focused production effort. The guitar layers are sounding large and spacious, the rhythms are locking in and the vocals are present and clear with the right amount of weight and treatment.

I have heard worse “professional” recordings, I like the edge that these tracks have and the rawness that they possess. It’s refreshing to hear something that hasn’t had the life polished out of it.

My personal favourite track on the Motives EP is track 2 Grindstone, It’s a sinister sounding track with an addicting groove. The interplay between the guitar rhythm and the vocals in the verse attracts interest and is a nice point of difference. It’s a well arranged track where each section of the song is adding something different and the song contains a powerfully simple message.

All five tracks are good and the EP flows nicely from one track to the next, the vocal melodies are catchy are getting embedded in my mind after my third listen through. It is a solid effort, well tracked, mixed and mastered and sounds huge considering the relatively low cost set up.  

Good song writing aside - Arrays' strength is that it resides within a genre where you can get away with programmed drums and amp simulation as it is commonplace and still lends itself to the mix, in comparison, a country rock band is screwed if they want to sound epic on a budget...    

Within reason, I have always felt that production is subjective and we have become far too conditioned to a “polished” product. The devil really is in the detail and when it comes to good music, heart and soul always trumps splashing the cash.


Review by Jessie James.


About Arrays

Arrays is the solo studio project of JP Carroll - the archetypal one man band. JP writes, performs and arranges the songs, records and produces the tracks, and even handles the mixes by himself. Music is his obsession, from writing a song, to mixing it and releasing it.

The new album Light Years is a tour de force of melodic, guitar heavy, metal-infused rock. This record is proudly independent, self produced and funded, and another way point on the journey JP is on to achieving the sound he hears in his head.

No Way Out presents a visceral, aggressive aspect of Arrays, driven by a palm muted riff, before the syncopated, stomping bridge lands. Little Blue Dot reveals a softer side, until the anthemic final chorus. Home is a twisted time capsule for our shared experience in lockdown, and the title track sets off the record with introspective lyrics and an arrangement big and wide enough to carry them.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Arrays


Light Years
Year: 2020
Type: Album
Year: 2017
Type: EP

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