29 Nov 2023

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The Recently Deceived - The Recently Deceived @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 3/12/16

06 Dec 2016 // A review by rebelsoundradio

The Recently Deceived – EP Launch @ Nivara Lounge Hamilton.
Reviewed by “is this year still going??” Jessie James

I like the Nivara Lounge, I like it a lot. I also like loud in your face punk music so this show was a no brainer for me although admittedly, I was a little bit torn as there was also another show on at Biddy Mulligans with Armed In Advance, Skinny Hobos and Cheshire Grimm and Wolf Wizard... coupled with a huge gathering in garden place for some big Christmas tree thing/event/shenanigans, all those boring people who campaign relentlessly that there is nothing to do in Hamilton on a Saturday night suddenly had reason to pry themselves away from their Netflix lair and Facebook’s illusion of a social life and human connection… but did they?

The night had a great line up and a decent turn out it was great to see so many people out celebrating live music, something that has been in turmoil over the last few years. 2016 may go down as one the worst years for a myriad of reasons but Hamilton gigs have been pretty solid for the most part so that’s something… glass half full and what not.

Mudshark made their maiden voyage from the land of overpriced houses and gridlocked motorways to put on a great set to open the show. They bring high energy to the stage and showcase some real individualistic talent. I hope to see them in this neck of the woods more often as their onstage banter is also top notch.

Hamilton locals Alpha Coda followed and also put on a great set, their dual guitar attack and take on modern hard rock creates a massive wall of sound. Singer Rob battled through some singer issues but would not accept defeat and soldiered through the set regardless, as a singer myself I have been there many times before and the struggle is real. A solid effort and very commendable.

Finally, The Recently Deceived took the stage and pelted everyone with their fast punk, gang vocal, jumpy power chord goodness. They have all ingredients that a good punk band needs and put on a very high energy set. They didn’t let up the whole night and the energy transferred well from the stage to the crowd. They are the kind of band that take me back those golden years of third wave punk i.e. The Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, The offspring – all that great music that moulded a generation of skateboarders and pursuers of extreme sports.

In summary, I had a blast and I always do whenever I go down to the Nivara Lounge. Ivan Muir has done an amazing job building this place up and it is (in my humble opinion) Hamilton’s last bastion of hope for smaller original shows before all our bars turn into lifeless, Newmarket-ish, borefests with a guy playing acoustic in the corner doing his best impersonation of elevator music. 


About The Recently Deceived

Hailing from Hamilton, the city everyone loves to hate, comes The Recently Deceived... a 'power house' four piece, providing high octane blistering punk.
The Recently Deceived offer up heart felt lyrics, spat over melodic hardcore rhythms... yes your ears will bleed, but... they will be pleased!

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Use Your Head
Year: 2016
Type: EP

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