20 Jun 2021

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Cage Demise - Cage Demise - 13/11/2010 @ The Factory, Palmerston North

23 Nov 2010 // A review by terry666

Cage Demise - 13/11/2010 @ The Factory, Palmerston North

The Factory was only half full on this night but the crowd that was there were not about to let that stop them having a great time. They still had a pit and there was plenty of moshing. 

This was only Death's Door second gig and yet they opened like they owned the place. They're a 5 piece with 2 guitar players trading off leads. The second song they played was an original called 'Never Say Die' which I had have a little mosh along to. It started as a low rumble then spewed forth and ripped peoples head off. I loved it. Their set also included covers including Lamb of God's 'Laid To Rest' and a nod to their Kiwi metal roots with 8 Foot Sativa’s 'Believer' and ended with a stomping version of 'Walk' from Pantera. They played 10 songs in what I thought was a great solid set. I’ll be dead keen to see these guys next gig.

Terrortide is also a 5 piece which were more in the hard rock/heavy metal arena than full on thrash or death but did show some leanings towards this. One of their guitar players had Dimebag written all over him even down to 2 Dimebag guitars long hair and goatee and played with the same passion. Weak vocals at some points when he would switch from a growl or scream to sing but hey he could have been having a bad night because his growl and screams were strong almost sounding like Henry Rollins from Black Flag. I would like to see them again just to see. Their set was a mixture of covers included Metallica’s 'Seek and Destroy', Korn’s 'Blind' and Slipknot’s 'Psychosocial' to which the crowd went nuts. 

Suppression is a 4 piece from Wellington. They put on a impressive show with a ministry like industrial sound with black metal leanings. The crowd started to really get into it by the time these guys played and the singer joined in the crowd a few times for a mosh.  

By the time Cage Demise came on the crowd was amped and with good reason. They ripped into a set which was made up completely of originals in which they basically played their debut album from start to finish. They were great with their crowd interaction and the audience loved them. Cage has a very clean tight sound. They have a strong mix of American metal in the vein of Lamb of God but with a strong dose of 8 Foot Sativa and Sinate showing their Kiwi metal roots. At one point Jamie (guitar) broke a guitar string and had to borrow another guitar but the show went on without missing a beat. The set ended with the crowd pleaser 'Rudi’s Demise'. Can’t wait to see these guys again they put on a monster show.


About Cage Demise

Cage Demise is a 4-piece metal band hailing from Palmerston North. Formed in late 2006, Cage Demise has prepared and written over 15 original tracks and shared the stage with the likes of 8 Foot Sativa, Sinate, Wrath, Subtract, Set on End, Tainted, Human, Pariah, Gunt, Cell, Slave Cadaver and Australia's Beyond Terror Beyond Grace plus many more.

Influenced by the likes of Pantera, Lamb of God, Parkway Drive, Unearth, Killswitch Engage, Dethklok, As I lay Dying, Sinate, Wrath and 8 Foot Sativa, Cage Demise brings a mixture of Metal and Hardcore to create an original Heavy Metal sound. Backed up by a brutal stage presence and over 100 shows under their belts, they know how to entertain a crowd.

The Wick EP was released in May 2008 which included 7 original tracks. 12 Months of shows around the North Island followed by some well deserved practice time has seen a new breed of Cage Demise unleashed in 2009. With the addition of good friend Damo on bass and Ryan taking over the front man duties, Cage Demise was set to unleash a new breed of Metal.

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The Wick EP
Year: 2008
Type: EP

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