23 May 2024

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Newsletter Issue #490: 04 Dec 2016

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Last Newsletter Of The Year!

Come on in, and gather round! It's the final Newsletter of 2016!

What a year it has been! And like a flash, its nearly over. The countdown to Xmas and New Year's is weeks away and Summer has finally reared its hot, sunny head.

Before we crack on with the stellar line up we have for you all, I would just like to thank Lisa for her dedication, blood, sweat and tears that she breathes into Muzic.net.nz. Her tireless passion makes me, and hopefully all of you reaffirm our own passion for music. Personally, Lisa has been a brilliant mentor to myself and her continued support in helping me with the newsletters, her ideas and advice (and my own review advice/feedback) has been of great value, and as always I look forward to another year working alongside such a solid and dedicated bunch. Thanks to all of you.

Now, "we" as a team only make up half of that equation and of course Muzic.net nz would also cease to exist if it were not for the incredible bands, artists, promoters, venues etc. Without them, there would be no music, no passion, no life, which would be an extremely sad  and scary world to live in, so a round of applause goes out to them. We do what we do, because of you.

Now before I waffle on further, lets finally get into what you have all really come here for! The music!
To smash out our spectacular year that was, we have some epic features with Hamilton 'high octane punk' The Recently Deceived, and the intriguing, "where Soul & Rock collide'' Wellington band, Merrin.

We also have the latest Rock news, including more on the Christmas Charity, RockFest as well as the latest music reviews completed by our wonderful, talented team!

We'll be taking a well earned break over January and will return refreshed, ready to kick start 2017's newsletters on February 6!
Stay safe during your time off, be good to one another and rock on.

See you in the New Year!

Kerry & the Muzic.net.nz team


2016 Thanks!

The end of the year always comes with a certain amount of nostalgia, and 2016 is no different. This has been our busiest yet to date, partly due to muzic.net.nz becoming involved in several new media and radio partnerships thanks to the Independent Music Industry Forum and there is definitely a lot of good things about 2016 that are worth remembering.

The muzic.net.nz team is now at its largest, with 44 members, and we branched out overseas with our 5 international correspondents. Our incredible team of volunteers have completed 161 reviews, 37 interviews and a brilliant 170 photo galleries, including several for international acts.

As well as all this, we have featured over 40 bands in our monthly newsletters, added 9 new informative articles to our FYI Forum, most of which were provided by Paul Harvey from Splitrock Media Productions, created more than 181 Artist Pages and featured over 33 tours in our Tour Features.

We've updated our links Directory, started working through a huge update of our Artist Pages, created a YouTube Channel and done everything we can to support and promote as many NZ bands and musicians as possible.

We've also had our logo appear on a few posters - The Road Rage Tour, His Master's Voice, Rockfest 2016 and the Silence of the Wolves tour, among others.

Plans for 2017

We have some huge plans lined up for 2017, with a massive announcement set to take place early in the year. We'll be providing more promotional opportunities, introducing new interactive features and making muzic.net.nz bigger and better than ever before. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


And so, without further ado, we'd like to thank all of these amazing people for their assistance, support and partnerships during 2016:

Our Reviewers

Peter-James Dries (Amos/Anon), Kerry Monaghan, Matt McGrath (Headroller), Paul Goddard (Party Garden Riot), Sarah Sampson, Nick Wilkinson (Poison Skies), Jessie-James Castady-Kristament (JCK), Andrew Smit (Frankencopter), Crystal Myers, Matt Henry, Kerry Kingi (DJ Freecell), Carl Hayman (Poison Skies), Rob Shirlow, James Hanright (Rebel Sound Radio), Trevor Faville (DateMonthYear), Jason McIver (Primacy), Lou Mitchell, River Tucker, Ria Loveder, Aaron Smith (The Blue Grizzly Band), Terry McIntosh, Charlie Phillips (Merrin), Karl Wootton (Merrin), Alistar Wickens and Tony McDonald (PlasticGroove).

View all our reviews here


Our Interviewers

Kerry Monaghan, James Castady-Kristament (JCK), Sarah Sampson, Carl Hayman (Poison Skies), Ria Loveder, Peter-James Dries (Amos/Anon), Terry McIntosh, Charlie Phillips (Merrin) and Karl Wootton (Merrin).

and an extra special thanks to Francis Wheeler.

View all our interviews here


Our Photographers

Steve BoneCalden Jamieson, Ben Goh, Chris Zwaagdyk, Matt Henry, Grant Stantiall, Amanda Ratcliffe, Ngamihi Pawa, Lou Mitchell, Ria Loveder, Ben Winters, Bradley Garner, Stella Gardner and Karl Wootton.

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Our International Correspondents

Gray Vickers - Brisbane/Gold Coast (These Four Walls), Lora Thompson - Melbourne (Cheshire Grimm, Winter Moon), James Donaldson - London (Agent), Ryan Kershaw - Ireland and Dani Bolton - London.


Our Management Team

Steve Bone (Photo Co-ordinator) - with extra special thanks to Matt Henry and Lou Mitchell.
Peter-James Dries (Review Co-ordinator)
Kerry Monaghan (Newsletter Co-ordinator)


All the bands and musicians that featured in our newsletters

Urge Empire, His Master's Voice, These Four Walls, Amos/Anon, Percieve, Broken Season, Cheshire Grimm, The Recently Deceived, Illuminus, Ryan Kershaw, Agent, Damien Binder, Villainy, Pills For Breakfast, Dilz, Primacy, Jackal, Violet Highway, Rebel Sound Radio, Set On End, Evangel, PlasticGroove, Ceolskog, Michael Murphy, Government Pest, Checaine, Yasamin, Marshmellow, Social Shun, Supergroove, Armed In Advance, Bleeders, The Zoup, GT42, Churlington, Poison Skies, Coridian and Devilskin.

..with an extra special thanks to Paul Harvey and Jann McMichael for providing us with several excellent articles for our newsletter.

All the bands and musicians that had tour features

Tunes Of I, Katchafire, Sons of Zion, Kora, Ladi6, The Black Seeds, Armed In Advance, Bakers Eddy, Villainy, Mermaidens, Beastwars, The Jordan Luck Band, Avalanche City, Broods, Skinny Hobos, Curlys Jewels, Lucid Effect, Gareth Thomas, Yukon Era, Soda Boyz, Dead Beat Boys, Skelter, Primacy, Remote, Checaine, His Master's Voice, Hunt The Witch, Dead Favours, Patriot, Cheshire Grimm, Rebel Sound Radio, Poison Skies, Devilskin, City of Souls, Coridian, Anemoia and Bleeders.

..with an extra special thanks to Carl Hayman, Nick Wilkinson, Jamie Denton, Jessie-James Hanright, Jason McIver, Paul Martin, Kris Raven, Lora Thompson, Charlie Smith & Heather Wood, Kingsley Smith, Robert Morgan, Jared Ipsen and Marcus Powell.

The bands and Musicians that sent us t-shirts and music for our news broadcasts

Coridian, No Broadcast, Armed in Advance, Rebel Sound Radio, Merrin, Bakers Eddy, JCK, Poison Skies, Starving Millions, Cheshire Grimm, Headroller, Skinny Hobos, Kong Fooey, Tablefox

We'd also like to thank

Chris Yong, Kingsley Smith, James Dylan, Neill Fraser, Francis Wheeler, Keir Scott, Andrew Treeby, Paul Martin, Craig Bennett & Matt Bell, Murray Shaw, David Bain, Sarah Sampson, Brian Byas, Noel Mohandoss, Megan Moss, Carwyn Henigan, Joel Thompson, JP Carroll, Dillon Lamb, Jamie Denton, Chris Prenter, Mahoney Harris, Cushla Aston, Craig Gunn, Nancy Blackler, Teresa Patterson, Vasely Sapunov, Joanna Vestergaard, Liselle Finlay, Dean Cameron, Olivia Young, Rebecca Caughey, Josie Campbell, Alec Withers, Maria Robinson , Dan Clist, Lorraine Barry, Lauren Clough, Lucy Macrae & Lisa Paris, Katie Macrae, Nigel Braddock, Nicole Thomas, Janine Russell, KDee Waters, Danny McCrum, Leesa Tilley, Kylie Leggoe, Matt Smith, Georgia McNaught & Samantha Lee, Glyn MacLean and everyone else who has worked with us, supported us and promoted us during 2016.

and we'd like to wish you all a musical Christmas and New Years!


The Recently Deceived are described as being a 'power house' four-piece from Hamilton, providing high octane blistering punk with an offering of heartfelt lyrics spat over melodic hardcore rhythms. Their new EP Use Your Head has an "immediate familiarity about it" where The Recently Deceived "aren't copying their influences so much as wearing them on their sleeves". Terry and Timo from the band answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

We were all actually hand-picked by the gods of Rock n Roll at an early age, except Reece, music was the only profession that suited his blonde spaghetti hair.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Well, to be honest there's this guy that stands by the Warehouse in Hamilton and busk, he plays guitar and harmonica. We're all just trying build up the courage to ask to play with him! If he’s not available, then to play with the bands that influenced us and that we looked up to when we were younger would be amazing.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Probably The Simpsons theme, as we originally wrote it but our people have been in court with the Simpsons people for the last 25 years arguing the case for us ...

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

A good description would be like a homeless man: not pleasant on the eyes, has quite an odour when you get close, but when you sit down and talk with him you find he has a lot of wisdom. You can also tell he's 100% nuts, and you realise that his babble now makes sense to you. You then question your sanity! That's what The Recently Deceived sound like!

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

We plan to focus less on music and more on our stage banter, and building up our tolerance to alcohol… A lot more shows around Hamilton and Auckland and maybe a few other stops around the North Island. Another EP is on the cards as well.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Let’s build the damn punk scene!!! Let’s party like it's 1996!!! Seriously though just want to see more people come through the doors to see live original music. We, like others, pour every ounce of our existence into creativity. No wonder we don’t have anything left in the tank to do decently at our day jobs!

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Battlecat... Great local Hamilton punk, they've got a great little EP called Live Bullshit. Our other Hamilton brethren Rebel Sound Radio have just dropped a tasty little EP Regret Nothing as well... Get that up ya!

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

Nivara Lounge in Hamilton. It’s a good size for bands like us, with a decent size stage, couches to chill out on, and Ivan the owner is a big supporter of local music. Yot Club in Raglan is awesome too.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

1 or 2 beers normally do the trick, although we don’t really get too nervous. A couple of drinks with our mates before a gig are always good though.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc?

Well, we prioritise music WAY higher than anything else in our lives... Family and work really do get the crumbs off the table.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

As songwriters it's pretty straight forward really: we all have built in USB ports, and each night we just plug in and download our creativity from the computer generated rock gods. Reece doesn't though because he doesn't actually play an instrument... Drums don’t count.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

We are still aspiring musicians! If we could give advice to our younger selves it would be to get out there and play as much as possible and just have fun doing it. And move to Auckland, because the smog and traffic congestion WILL make you famous.

The Recently Deceived are Terry Johnston (vocals, guitar), Tim Bolt (guitar, vocals), Timo Fogelberg (bass, vocals) and Reece Gerrits (drums).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Facebook Page 
Twitter Page 
Youtube Page 
Bandcamp Page 
ReverbNation Page

EP Review: Use Your Head

The Recently Deceived EP Release (press release)


Rock Under Construction...

Emerging with a new line up and an explosive new sound, Merrin incorporates the goodness of high energy rock with soul and passion.

Lora spoke to Charlie and Karl from Merrin for muzic.net.nz:

Charlie/Karl – I'm blown away by the unique soulful Grunge/rock sounds the songs on Don't Forget to Breathe – Of course every interviewer always asks 'How would you describe your sound?' - I was wondering with this EP, what are some of your main influences in particular? 

Awww thank you. When Karl and I first decided to write music together, our goal was to make it unique to us. Influences... simple, LIFE and lessons learned, from a lyrical perspective. We both love Rock so that sound was always going to be our go to. A rollercoaster of emotions were happening for both Karl and I at the time. I had made hard choices in my life and moved to Wellington hoping for a fresh start. Karl had just come through his 2nd Renal Transplant (2009), his 1st one happened when he was 13. If anyone has walked in his shoes, they will empathise with how much dreams and goals can feel just out of reach, yet he never let that stop him. He told me about his life. His survival method was to flood his mind with music. He found it hard to continue music studies in his teen years with constant health problems.

Karl dreamed of creating a Rock band called {Merrin} as a child, he told me why and asked me to help him make it a reality. At the time, I had given up on songwriting and had lost enthusiasm to sing but this encouraged me to feel excited about music again, so I jumped at the chance. We played out as a duo at the end of 2010, we just started with the basics, writing and meeting great people. At the end of Nov 2011, we spent 3 months creating a band which at that time consisted of Brendan Candy (Drums) and Lisa Tagaloa (Bass and Bv’s). Mushed up together with slugs, spice and everything freakishly quirky and shazaam, Don’t Forget To Breathe EP was spawned.

Don’t Forget To Breathe has our heart and soul at the core, laced with elements of artists that helped get us through some of those hard times. Live, Chris Cornell, No Doubt, Skunk Anansie are obvious ones that spring to mind, there are many more though. Later we added a Lead Guitarist Dan Murray, and our new drummer Rich. Dan eventually had to move back to Australia bringing us back to a four piece. We managed to record more songs and released one song called Angerfist. They are all insanely talented people so we feel very lucky to have been able to work alongside them. We wanted our music to relate to anyone who felt the way we did, so we thought about where we had come from and went from there.

How has the sound of the band changed/developed over the last 3 years since this release, and who is currently in the line up? 

In the past we have seen ourselves as ‘Soul Infused Rock’. This was mainly due to the soul fuelled vocals emitting from myself and Lisa when we sang over our rock feel. This latest line-up is evolving differently. We are still definitely Rock but our sound is becoming something vibrant and heavier in its own right. The rhythm section is driving and pumped, keeping us all amplified. At this point, we have decided we are ‘Rock under construction’. The Rock/Metal scene is so broad, we feel we don’t need to be tied down in the reconstruction process. I think I accidentally found myself vocally this year, while recording a song called Repentant, which will be available at our live shows soon. Many of our fans think we have taken our sound to a whole new level. We feel that we just want to awaken what is aligning us all musically. I also asked the guys for their thoughts, in case more came out of it. Logan: “It’s shitloads different... we’ve become brutal famz” m/(^-^)m/. Rich: “It’s gotten a lot heavier, darker... ruthless. It’s like we’ve gone through a rebirth”. We all agree.

Secondly, our current line up is: Karl Wootton (Guitarist), Charlie Phillips (Vocals), Richard Maxwell Jnr (Drums), Angelo Pantelakis (Lead Guitarist) and last but not least Logan Wood (Bass). We all write, we all compose. 

What is the most exciting show you guys have played to date?

I am struggling to think of one so... I Am Giant, main support was Hollywoodfun Downstairs and we won 2nd support. That was an epic gig. We felt honoured to play main support in Wellington for Everclear from the USA alongside Silence the City and King Laser, that was amazing. They are all fantastic musos, we still catch up online with most of the band members, even now. It may seem insignificant in the bigger scheme of things, but we all agree after this new line-up recently played 'Bitchfest', that was grand too. This is a female-fronted concert in Wellington held annually. We were placed with some smashing artists we hadn’t seen before, Wintyr Dreaming and Miss, and good mates Axaeon, Diamond Sutra and Curlys Jewels

It's certainly an exciting time in NZ Rock for female fronted bands – with the recent radio breakthroughs of artists like Devilskin and now also Decades - into a radio market that previously didn't really play much music by females at all (apart from the odd Tadpole song) – although in many ways it’s a shame that I guess being 'female fronted' is considered a genre, is it comforting to kind of see these breakthroughs anyway/experience solidarity with these other bands even though your sound is very different? Or would you say that this is not particularly relevant to you in your approach to the NZ market? 

To be honest I’ve always taken to the mantra “if you can do it, I can too!” even if that’s not always the case. Oh the stories I could tell haha I guess it’s my tomboyish way of steadying my heart and giving me broad shoulders to keep moving forward as pressure’s arise in life. The music industry is tough at times, you must work hard at it. I don’t believe it will come to you and take you by the hand to make you successful overnight #realtalk. Seriously though, music has no boundaries so being female or male is irrelevant to us. 

I feel like “just one of the bro’s”, who like to create music together. It’s all about the signal, connection, family and people. It’s the adrenaline released as we see people at shows excited to watch us, and us equally excited to share our perspective of the world with them. 

I think great music speaks for itself and a focussed business team to keep you humble and on track, is essential no exceptions. Every exciting story I’ve ever heard about artists breaking into the scene as household names, have often shared another side to them. “Oh I’d been playing for 16 years before I really got noticed” or “This is a side project of a band that folded that were really close to becoming that household name, after so much hard work had been achieved”. It’s a slow, long road. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all. One of our close friends, Heather Wood has taken on general management alongside Karl and I over the last couple of years. Balancing business and art can be overwhelming at times so she has helped us to stay a lot more artistically sane. For Karl and I, this means we can be solely focussed on being artistic with the guys when it’s crucial, and just know that things are ticking over on the business side, we see her as a member of the band.

I've seen in your bio it really details some of the personal heartaches that both of you have endured and it describes being disillusioned by the world – Would you say that you describe your music as Melancholy? 

I guess there are melancholy elements in there but we believe it may be more straight up and in your face, high energy rock. It’s more a sense of telling ya how it is or how it’s been from where we stand. Feeling the frustrations, feeling alone, dark, or even finding positive release. 

Merrin have been around in New Zealand since 2011, releasing a few singles and also an EP Don't Forget to Breathe in 2013 – what's next for the band/what have you guys got planned for 2017? 

We are evolving our sound and that takes time to gel. Lots of bonding drinks, Youtubing bands we love, it means food and watching good ole horrors, more drinks, more laughs, more experiences, oh yeah did I say food usually in the form of pizza and of course daring each other to do crazy shit cause let’s face it, it’s freakin’ fun. Then of course there are loads of writing and jamming together. We have 2 single video releases in the pipeline, the first is for Mr. Dominant due for distribution on the 1st of January 2017 and the 2nd is in the middle of the year for Sin, touring follows both of these releases. We are also writing our first album and will be recording that after Sin is released. 

The Album will be released in Jan 2018. 

When's the next live show, and where can people find you online? 

Dates for the start of 2017 are:
27th Jan @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
11th Feb @ Valhalla, Wellington
18th Feb @ City of Song Festival, Upper Hutt
3rd Mar @ Cabana, Napier
4th Mar @ The Stomach, Palmerston North
18th Mar @ Churchills Live, Christchurch

Check us out at: http://www.merrinmadness.com/ We are also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Merrin are Karl Wootton (guitar), Charlie Phillips (vocals), Logan Wood (bass), Richard Maxwell Jnr (drums)
and Angelo Pantelakis (guitar)

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Official Website 
Facebook Page 
Twitter Page 
YouTubee Page 
Bandcamp Page 
ReverbNation Page 
SoundCloud Page 
iTunes Page

Single Review: Mr. Dominant


NZ Musicians Unite For Bob Marley Tribute Album
Northland fans to celebrate the legend, Bob Marley

When Andrew Smit from muzic.net.nz talked with Jason Kerrison about his upcoming Bob Marley Tribute shows and album, there was no doubting the level of his interest in the music and the man that was Bob Marley. Jason was relishing learning more about Bob, watching documentaries and checking out online material with delight, “did you know he was shot, and that he loved soccer and that he died from a melanoma he got in his foot?”

What are your first memories of Bob Marley and his music?
Jason answered energetically "I was about 9 or 10 years old with the family playing pool in the garage and I was taken by the wonderful music that had the beat in the wrong place!” and then the warm memories of the family singing along to Could You Be Loved.

That's a similar story for many in New Zealand I think?
"Yes, no doubt. Outside of Jamaica, NZ has the highest album uptake, his music is well and truly entrenched into NZ music identity."

You seem to be enjoying learning about Bob?
"Man I am getting into finding out who he is to me". he quipped with genuine sincerity. Jason admitted he is not a religious man but the impact of Bob and his music is "deep and spiritual even".

It’s this passion that he brings to his role as musical director of the 'Marley - NZ All Stars, celebrate the Legend' shows on Dec 9 at Tauranga, Dec 10 at Hawkes Bay and Feb 17 at KeriKeri. Jason spoke excitedly about his role as musical director, he confessed to being nervous and even intimidated about working with such a large group talented musicians, saying jokingly “to think I have to tell them what to do”. The vocals will be shared by no less than 9 singers from all over the NZ music landscape, with Tiki Taane, Boh Runga, Logan Bell, Ria Hall, Laughton Kora, Anna Coddington, Fran Kora and P Digsss, all joining Jason behind the mic. They are backed by the NZ All-Stars band, featuring Grenville Bell on guitar and Leon Davy; percussion, Fran Kora; bass and vocals, Lucien Johnson; sax, Barrett Hocking; trumpet, Paul Russell on drums; Joel Shadbolt; guitar; Shelton Woolright; on guest drums and we have Godfrey de Grut with our very own I-Threes on backing vocals, Boh, Ria and Anna.

You have mobilised a supreme pedigree of talent?
“Oh yes, everyone we wanted has come on board”, Jason proudly confirmed, “and they all complement each other so well” he added.

Tell me about the set list?
"We have chosen about 26 songs, with all the popular hits and some not so obvious ones too", declaring “there may be a few key changes and small tweaks here and there, but all are true to the originals”. Jason announced that from his studious research that he realised they needed a second keyboard to provide “the bubble” thus making sure that when they play crowd favourites like; Get Up Stand Up, 3 Little Birds, Stir It Up, Buffalo Soldier, No Woman No Cry, and more they will have that genuine Roots Reggae sound that Peter Tosh and Bob Marley created all those years ago. But with this crop of talent he professed “they will sound fresh and alive with a Kiwi flavour, while still sounding like they do from our collective memories of the man and music that is Bob Marley”.

Tickets are available from Eventfinder

Photos courtesy of Steve Bone Photography


Christmas Charity RockFest

Burning Embers Inc and Jenimal at Large Entertainment have joined forces to make a difference for those that need our help by running a all day/night charity event for the Wellington hungry and homeless. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Compassion Centre and Soup Kitchen on Tory street and The Wellington City Mission. We might not be able to cure the on-going problem but with our contribution at least we can help make things easier. 

Music has so many healing properties and this is one of them. 

20 bands have volunteered their time and energy in hopes of making a difference for the less fortunate this Christmas.
We all deserve to celebrate the festive season and we have an opportunity to put smiles on deserving faces. Christmas is about family and giving and we endeavour to do just that. With your help we can make a difference. So if you want to help those in need then this is a great way of doing so, and be entertained by some of New Zealand's unsigned heroes in the process.

Throughout the event there will be spot prizes and giveaways, charity auctions and special treats that will be revealed on the day. Come and meet the artist and mingle amongst our up and coming stars. This is one event you don't want to miss.

Full Article

Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards Winners 2016

Broods have won five Tuis at the 2016 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, rounding out another incredible year for the brother and sister duo who took home four awards in 2015.

The Nelson born LA locals have topped the award categories for Godfrey Hirst Album of the Year for their sophomore effort Conscious and Vodafone Single of the Year for their track Free, as well as winning Best Group and The Edge Best Pop Album. 

They also won the Vodafone People’s Choice Award, beating out their record of four Tuis received at last year’s Music Award ceremony. 

Aaradhna earned Tuis for Fiji Airways Best Female Solo Artist and Best Urban/Hip Hop Album for Brown Girl, which fired to the top of the Official New Zealand Top 40 chart earlier this year.

The Best Male Solo Artist award was received by Maala, who has had a year of strong releases and singles – including the smash hit Kind of Love off his debut album Composure.

Full Article
Muzic.net.nz Live Updates

New Zealand Music Foundation Releases Community Wellbeing Report

The New Zealand Music Foundation provides support to members of the local music industry in times of illness, distress and hardship, and develops and assists projects across all areas of society that use music to positively influence the lives of those in need. 

The charity has today released a full report from its New Zealand Music Community Wellbeing Survey. Conducted in July this year, the survey is currently the world’s largest per-capita quantitative research project to examine the health and wellbeing of the music community. Over 1350 respondents answered 40 questions about their working hours and income, sleep, nutrition and exercise, drug and alcohol use, mental health, support networks and more.

Initial results from the survey, released in September, showed that over a third of songwriters, composers and performers report having been diagnosed with a mental health disorder - almost double the incidence in the general population (1)- and were two and a half times as likely to have been diagnosed with depression as the general population (2). 

The full report further reveals that songwriters, composers and performers are almost three and half times as likely to have an issue with hazardous drinking as the rest of the population.

Full Article

NZ Music Icon Ray Columbus Passes Away

60s New Zealand music Icon Ray Columbus has passed away peacefully at his home north of Auckland today after a four year battle with ill health.

Ray Columbus enjoyed more than three decades at the top of NZ entertainment as a singer, songwriter, bandleader, music manager and TV star.

He won every major award in NZ show business including, Entertainer of the Year, The Benny Award, APRA Silver Scroll (twice for top songwriter), Top Entertainer on TV and Promoter/Manager of the Year.  With his band The Invaders he received The Legacy Award at the 2009 New Zealand Music Awards and was the first pop star in the British Commonwealth to be awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Full Article


Announcing A Taste Of The Winery Tour 2017

Auckland’s biggest backyard party returns 

 Important Announcement regarding Auckland City Limits

 Hamilton Underground Press Presents ‘Future City 2017’

WOMAD New Zealand adds 5 new artists to the already stellar 2017 festival line-up 

Soundsplash Festival Keeps It Green 

Splore’s rich and diverse performances will enliven festival 

Auckland Live Summer in the Square has officially arrived


New Releases

Albi & The Wolves - One Eye Open
Fly My Pretties - String Theory
The Recently Deceived - Use Your Head
Sacha Vee - Luminous
The Grow Room - Friends Collecting Friends: Volume One
Yukon Era - Consume + Scratch
Hollie Smith - Please
Kaylee Bell - Getting Closer
Three Houses Down - Love and Affection
Devilskin - Be Like The River
Myele Manzanza - OnePointOne
Bonfire Baby - Bonfire Baby
Madeira - Bad Humors
The Nudge - Dark Arts
Cut Off Your Hands - Hate Somebody
Princess Chelsea - Aftertouch
The Bats - The Deep Set and Antlers
Maisey Rika - Tira
Alien Weaponry - Urutaa
Kora - Carolina
Alae - Alae
Kings - Kings
Ria Hall - Love Will Lead Us Home
Fat Freddy's Drop - Fish In The Sea
Bekah - Yet To Be Named
The Slacks - Big Aroha
Diaz Grimm - Sinse 7
Nadia Reid - Preservation and The Arrow & The Aim
Pacific Heights - Collide
HUP Compilation - Life Beneath A Gravel Streak
Lydia Cole - The Lay of The Land
Times x Two - Run


December 2016/January 2017 Gigs & Tours

(in no particular order)


Head Like A Hole
with Edward Gains and The Human Remains, All Hail The Funkillers and Rebel Sound Radio
31 December @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
Sol3 Mio
15 December @ Waitangi Park, Wellington - 17 December @ Waipara Hills, Christchurch -
18 December @ Villa Maria, Auckland
27 December @ McEwan Park, Petone Beach - 29 December @ Sacred Hill, Napier -
31 December @ Cooks Reserve, Riwaka
Devilskin and City of Souls
8 December @ Cloverlea Tavern, Palmerston North - 9 December @ Opera House, Hastings -
10 December @ Cossie Club, Gisborne - 16 December @ Stampede Bar, Papakura -
17 December @ Tokoroa Club, Tokoroa - 23 December @ Altitude, Hamilton -
28 December @ Regent Theatre, Greymouth - 29 December @ Aorangi Stadium, Timaru
Devilskin, Halestorm and City of Souls
30 December @ Rhythm n Alps, Wanaka - 31 December @ Cathedral Square, Christchurch -
2 January @ Trafalgar Centre, Nelson - 3 January @ Walter Nash Stadium, Wellington -
4 January @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth - 6 January @ ASB Baypark Arena, Mt Mauganui -
7 January @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland - 8 January @ Great Lakes Centre, Taupo -
21 January @ Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai
Clash of the Titans with Dragon, Mi-Sex and The Feelers
28 December @ McEwan Park, Petone Beach - 29 December @ Cooks Reserve, Riwaka - 31 December @ Coroglen Tavern, Coroglen - 2 January @ Butlers Reef, Oakura - 4 January @ ASB Baypark Arena, Mt Maunganui -
5 January @ Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai - 6 January @ Powerstation, Auckland -
7 January @ Blackbarn Vineyards, Havelock North
Bernie Griffen and Kirsten Warner
5 December @ Devonport Folk Club at The Bunker, Auckland
Katchafire, Sons of Zion, Aaradhna and Kora
26 December @ Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai - 27 December @ The Duke Tavern, Russell -
28 December @ Coroglen Tavern, Coroglen - 29 December @ War Memorial Hall, Whakatane -
30 December @ McEwan Park, Petone Beach - 6 January @ Opononi Hotel, Opononi -
7 January @ Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai
Miles Calder and The Rumours
16 December @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
Albi and the Wolves
9 December @ Nectar, Auckland - 16 December @ Common Room, Napier - 29 December @ Rhythm and Alps, Wanaka - 30 December-2 January @ Whare Flat Folk Festival, Dunedin - 5 January @ Invercargill -
6 January @ The Sherwood, Queenstown - 7 January @ The Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru -
8 January @ Alvarados Mexican Cantina, Christchurch - 11 January @ Nelson - 12 January @ East Street, Nelson -
13 January @ Wellington - 14 January @ Coro Sonic Lab Fest, Coromandel - 19 January @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton - 20 January @ New Plymouth - 21 January @ The Rogue Stage, Rotorua - 22 January @ The Hop House, Mt Maunganui -
26 January @ The Old Stone Butter Factory, Whangarei - 27 January @ Rocksalt, Kerikeri -
28 January @ Thirty/30, Paihia
Drax Project
17 December @ REC, Auckland
6 December @ Clarence St Theatre, Hamilton - 7 December @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch -
8 December @ Opera House, Wellington
World Monkey Day
with The Scones, Superturtle, Galveston and Permission To Speak
14 December @ The Clare Inn, Auckland
Bob Marley Tribute Concert
10 December @ Blackbarn Vineyard, Hawkes Bay
The Slacks
8 December @ Wine Cellar, Auckland - 9 December @ The Mount Mellick, Mount Maunganui -
10 December @ Dome Cinema, Gisborne - 14 December @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington -
16 December @ Apiti Tavern, Manawatu - 17 December @ Butlers Reef, New Plymouth
Electric Coastline: Broods, Kings and Theia
27 December @ Cooks Reserve, Riwaka - 3 January @ Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai -
4 January @ Coroglen Tavern, Coroglen - 5 January @ ASB Baypark Arena, Mt Maunganui
Die! Die! Die!
31 December @ A Low Hum, Tatum Park, Ohau - 5 January @ Smash Palace, Gisborne -
6 January @ Hop House, Mt Maunganui - 7 January @ Nivara Lounge, Hamilton -
12 January @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch - 13 January @ None Gallery, Dunedin -
14 January @ River Range Festival, Cromwell - 19 January @ REC, Auckland -
20 January @ Whanganui Musos Club, Whanganui - 21 January @ Caroline, Wellington
Jon Toogood
2 January @ Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai - 3 January @ Coroglen Tavern, Coroglen -
4 January @ Rising Tide, Mt Maunganui - 6 January @ The Yot Club, Raglan - 7 January @ Butlers Reef, Oakura -
12 January @ The Sherwood, Queenstown - 13 January @ Water Bar, Wanaka - 14 January @ Hilltop Tavern, Akaroa
Fat Freddy's Drop with Ladi6 and Team Dynamite
14 January @ Villa Maria, Auckland
Bay Dreams
2 January @ Mt Maunganui
Fly My Pretties
7 January @ Coroglen Tavern, Coroglen - 12 January @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch -
13 January @ Neudorf Vineyards, Upper Moutere - 15 January @ Waipara Hills, Waipara -
21 January @ Blackbarn Vineyards, Havelock North - 22 January @ Botanical Gardens, Wellington -
29 January @ Cable Bay Vineyards, Waiheke Island
20-22 January @ Wainui Reserve, Raglan
East Coast Vibes
28 January @ Gisborne Soundshell, Gisborne
The Winery Tour 2017 with Brooke Fraser, Bic Runga and Benny Tipene
27 January @ Wharepai Domain, Tauranga - 28 January @ TSB Bowl of Brooklands, New Plymouth
5 January @ Waihi Beach Hotel Summer Festival, Waihi - 6 January @ Totara St, Mt Maunganui -
7 January @ The Dome, Gisborne - 8 January @ Cabana, Napier - 12 January @ Rouge and Vagabond, Wellington -
13 January @ The Playhouse, Nelson - 14 January @ Mussel Inn, Onekaka -
19 January @ Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland - 20 January @ Soundsplash, Raglan -
27 January @ Opononi Hotel, Opononi - 28 January @ The Butter Factory, Whangarei
The Naked and Famous
10 January @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
Sweet Az Sun Fest
28 January @ Lansdowne Park, Blenheim
Yoko-Zuna, Bailey Wiley and Third3ye
4 January @ Luke's Kitchen, Coromandel - 6 January @ Leigh Sawmill, Leigh


8 December @ Great Hall, Auckland
5 December @ Studio, Auckland
Angel Olsen
12-13 December @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 14 December @ Kings Arms, Auckland
16-17 December @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 18-19 December @ Kings Arms, Auckland
Vince Staples
6 December @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 7 December @ Powerstation, Auckland
Julia Jacklin
8 December @ Golden Dawn, Auckland
Scrotal Vice with Starving Millions
8 December @ Whammy, Auckland - 9 December @ Snails, Palmerston North - 10 December @ Valhalla, Wellington
7 December @ The Bedford, Christchurch - 8 December @ Studio, Auckland
28 December @ Lake Hawea Hotel, Lake Hawea
23 January @ Powerstation, Auckland
18 January @ Kings Arms, Auckland
PJ Harvey
24 January @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland - 25 January @ Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington
Dinosaur Jr
23 January @ The Studio, Auckland
29 January @ Vector Arena, Auckland
Lake Street Drive
11 January @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
17 January @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington - 18 January @ Vector Arena, Auckland
26 January @ Kings Arms, Auckland - 27 January @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington -
28 January @ CPSA, Christchurch
Basement Jaxx - AKL17
21 January @ Mantell's On The Water, Auckland
Ty Dolla $ign
31 January @ Shed 6, Wellington


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