30 Sep 2023

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The Recently Deceived - EP Review: Use Your Head

21 Nov 2016 // A review by Paul Goddard

I have fond memories of Hamilton, having lived there for a few years and hosting a show on the now defunct Backbeat FM. Some people might knock the Tron but throughout the world cities like this, places that people drive through to get somewhere else, constantly throw up great bands. When there is nothing else to do people make great music.

With venues like Hamilton's Nirvara lounge now firmly part of the gig circuit things are looking up in Hamilton. Having The Recently Deceived call Hamilton home means the future is looking bright for the city of the future.

I just had some new headphones arrive so christened them with the Use Your Head EP. I don't know if the Recently Deceived are recently conceived but I hadn't heard of them so didn't know what to expect. I never look at bio's until after I have listened to a band, so with an open mind I jumped right in.

The opening track Mayday had an immediate familiarity about it and wouldn't sound out of place on a Rise Against record. it is obvious from the opening riffs that these guys know what they are doing. The aren't copying their influences so much as wearing them on their sleeves. 2 mins in and I am hooked and fumbling for the volume controls.

Volume levels set to destroy and Survival Revival keeps the energy going. Whilst not as immediate or punchy as Mayday it's refrain sticks in your head and it feels like I am not listening to a New Zealand band. The punk influence is coming through strong and so are the songwriting skills.

Next up Summertime (Just Pretend) kicks things up another gear and is the first track that hooks me into the lyrics. The sing/shout along chorus punches in and these songs instantly get into your head. It's a short blast of up-tempo skate punk that works well.  

Let The Games Begin is a bit darker and probably the one track on the EP that takes a few more listens before I get into it. Like all good lyrics the words will mean different things to anyone listening but as a married man I think I know the meaning behind this one. 

Then there is The Simpsons I would call this an interlude rather than a track and I guess it's a bit of fun before we head into the closing track Inmate Insane - a great way to end this series of punked up slabs of noise and melody.

These songs are going to be killer live so get in your car and head to Hamilton and check out The Recently Deceived. Leap around, sing along and buy the EP on your way to wherever you are going.


About The Recently Deceived

Hailing from Hamilton, the city everyone loves to hate, comes The Recently Deceived... a 'power house' four piece, providing high octane blistering punk.
The Recently Deceived offer up heart felt lyrics, spat over melodic hardcore rhythms... yes your ears will bleed, but... they will be pleased!

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Use Your Head
Year: 2016
Type: EP

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