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Newsletter Issue #315: 05 Dec 2010

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From humble roots reggae beginnings in 1997 as a covers band with a name inspired by The Wailers debut album 'Catch a Fire', to their current status as troubadours of Pacific spirit, Katchafire have refined their craft with their latest offering - a testament to organic Aotearoa reggae. Three magical years in the making, and with a charged sensibility on their new album, Katchafire breathe new life into their reggae odyssey with On the Road Again. It is an album that that rings true to the faithful, holding a flame to the fine balance of classic roots reggae, with a r'n'b and funk rub. Thanks to Logan for answering these questions:

What can we expect to see from Katchafire over the next year?

A huge world tour... collaborations and working on another album.

Who would you most like to support live?

Jamiroquai, cause he's cool... or the Little River Band cause there mean!

How do you believe Katchafire fits into the NZ music industry?

Reggae pioneers, big brothers.

What can you never leave home without?

My iPod.

What is in your CD collection at home?

Everything, listening to Julian Marley's new album 'Awake' right now, very nice.

What is your favourite place in NZ to be?

Next to the water in summer with a cold one.

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

Through the website and social networks - Twitter, Facebook etc.

Katchafire is Logan Bell (guitar, vocals), Jordan Bell (drums, vocals), Grenville Bell (guitar), Jamey Fergusson (saxophone, vocals, keyboard), Haani Totorewa (vocals, keyboards), Leon Davey (percussion, vocals) and Tere Ngarua (bass).

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Luger Boa

Luger Boa whipped audiences into a frenzy all over the country headlining the sold out State Of Rock tour in the winter time, confirming their status as one of the most electrifying live acts around.  The first single ‘LAZY’ from the forthcoming 2nd album is a certified radio hit, and right now their new single ‘PARALYZED’ is gate crashing the airwaves with many describing it as the soundtrack to the 2010 Summer!  Unpredictable, Wild and always entertaining, Luger Boa are an experience not to be missed! (See at your own risk).  In 2011 "Luger Boa are planning to set fire to the stage at the Big Day Out in preparation for the aural storm that will be the release of the highly anticipated sophomore album, 'New Hot Nights' in early 2011.  From there expect another chaotic national tour to celebrate the release, before the Boa turns its eyes offshore and embarks on a series of high octane international shows.

Luger Boa is Jimmy Christmas, Ryan Thomas, Sam Lockley, Simon Nicholls and Joe Mac.

Luger Boa answered some questions for muzic.net.nz. You can read their answers here.



On My Mind 

I Wanna Girlfriend

What Is Real

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The Checks

The Checks formalized their status as the best Rock Band in the country at this year’s New Zealand Vodafone Music Awards taking away the coveted BEST ROCK ALBUM Tui for their album 'Alice by the Moon'. It just proved Noel Gallagher was bang on when he personally requested they be added to the Oasis tour. Critically acclaimed with an unrestrained, adrenalized, vital and consistently thrilling live act, they’re sure to get you loaded, rockin and out of control!

In 2011 The Checks are focusing on recording, releasing and touring the third album! They’ll be touring in Australia and hopefully re-visiting the northern hemisphere as well. Here is a link to www.thechecks.net for free download of 'Party Beats' – A 100% free Christmas single for the fans!

The Checks are Edward Knowles (guitar), Karel Chabera Jr (bass), Jacob Moore (drums), Sven Pettersen (guitar) and Callum Martin (guitar).

The Checks answered some questions for muzic.net.nz. You can read their answers here.

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The Earlybirds


The Earlybirds have had an outstanding 2010. They completed the recording and launched their debut album 'Favourite Fears' which smashed into the RIANZ charts at #7. 'Favourite Fears' was heralded with 5 Star reviews and has established the band within NZ. They continue to increase their following with their dynamic live performance. 2010 has seen them play alongside OpShop, Midnight Youth, The Feelers, Luger Boa, The Checks, Birds of Tokyo and UK Supergroup Stereophonics.

The Earlybirds have also delivered two No 1 video’s this year. Filip Kostovich said working with NZ Music video director of the year Tim van Dammen on 'I Can't Live Without You' and their latest hit video 'Low' was an amazing experience, he taught us so much, we had a great time filming both video and look forward to working with him again.

The Earlybirds are in a great space creatively, new songs are being written and we can expect them to be incorporated into their live performances through 2011. They are looking forward to the festival season with the highlight being Big Day Out. Look out for a national tour to be announced, The Earlybirds will be in a town near you soon!!

The Earlybirds are Filip Kostovich (lead vocals, keyboards), Mike Cannon (lead guitar), Jared Aisher (bass), Kane ter Veer (guitar, backing vocals) and Sean Patterson (drums).

The Earlybirds answered some questions for muzic.net.nz. You can read their answers here.

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Blue Blood


What can we expect to see from Blue Blood over the next year?


Releasing the follow up hit and second single 'Walk Away'.

The first single 'The Reason' featured on the NZ on Air Hit Disc. Pushing the band from just rock radio to commercial radio. A huge feat for a hard rock band.

Co- headlining Off the Record Live! festival.

Playing the bands final show for 2010 in Christchurch on the 17th of December at Als bar.


Headlining Bay Rock Fms Summer of Rock Festival.

Blue Blood are working with NORML in a major fundraising event to help end pot prohibition in NZ.

The release of the Blue Bloods’ third single 'Magic Mary' and accompanying video clip.


The release of the bands Fourth single 'Red Light Lover' and accompanying video clip.

The release of the bands debut album 'Top Shelf Woman' available at all leading record stores.

A full national tour with 10 dates across New Zealand.


Currently in negotiation with a major headlining act to tour 31 dates through Europe.


Back into the studio for the recording of the bands second record.


Australasian Tour with a Major announced Headlining act.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don’t kid yourself. Be realistic about what it takes to be a recognised musician. In this day and age it is easier to become an internet millionaire then it is to become a recognized musician. Believe in yourself because no one is going to for a long time yet. Never give up and don’t take no for an answer.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

All the lyrics from this album come from true stories that the band has experienced. Blue Bloods lyrics are about sharing ideas and experiences that people can relate too. We are a people band.

Who would you most like to support live?

Jimi Hendrix playing lead for Cream.

What is the best part of being a musician?

Getting up on stage and moving people with sound. Giving people an outlet to release their frustrations and their satisfactions of living in a modern age. Also the sex and drugs are killer too.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Anything that pushes the boundaries and that represents us as New Zealanders. The kiwi pop charts are filled with cheap American knock off artists. Its fuckin weaker the weak.

What inspired you to become a start Blue Blood?

I have been in the music industry for many years, and I grew tired of hearing all these bands following the latest trend, regardless of genre. It seemed every time a major American artist was released it spawned a dozen New Zealand imitations. I just wanted to focus on the era of music that was real, vital and experimental .The era that defined modern rock music. To stay true to my roots but adding musical flavours of the past thirty years to add spice and adapt these 70s styling’s. Basically Blue Blood stands for Fuck pop bring back the Rock!

How did you come up with the name Blue Blood?

I have Blues in my Blood.

What rumour would you like to start about Blue Blood?

Rumours are for the birds. Blue Blood is a wild enough party machine of controversy without needing any propaganda to feed the gossip hags and scene queens.

Blue Blood is Joel C Blood (guitar, vocals), Digga Hole (drums, percussion), Nathan Cooper (keyboards), Matt Elston (bass) and Westie West (guitar).

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Ninja Monkey

Hailing from sunny Hawkes Bay, Ninja Monkey is a pop rock foursome with a penchant for catchy hooks and big guitar solos.

Since coming together in 2009, Ninja Monkey have gone from strength to strength and, in May 2010 debuted at the Cabana Hotel to positive reviews.  Since their debut, they have been playing regularly and have supported visiting acts such as Mile High, Decortica and Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.

We caught up with Cara (bass/vocals) who gave us a little insight into the band and what’s coming up for Ninja Monkey in 2011.

How did you come up with the name Ninja Monkey?

We were throwing around names one evening in the studio and it came down to “Spooning Judge Judy” and “Ninja Monkey.” I guess, in true ninja form, the ninja won out!  Owen then came up with the logo and it stuck.

How do you describe Ninja Monkey’s music?

A healthy blend of pop rock with wicked female vocals and huge guitar solos.  With our lead guitarist having been influenced by the likes of Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and Paul Gilbert, you’d expect nothing less!

What can you never leave home without?

A pocket full of picks and vocalzone lozenges (tastes bad but work so well)

What is your favourite NZ venue?

I think we all have a soft spot for The Cabana in Napier as that’s where we have taken off from. Roy, the owner, is a great chap and we’ve had some great times hanging out with other musicians, talking and drinking to the wee small hours.

How do you keep in contact with your fans?

The internet is the best place for us to keep in touch with the world – we can interact with our fans, they can let us know what they think of our stuff and we can really get a feel for who they are and what they like.  Our website, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter are all great for keeping people updated to what Ninja Monkey are up to and give our fans the chance to give us their feedback.  Gotta love the internet!

What can we expect to see from Ninja Monkey over the next year?

We’re currently working on fine tuning our songs and picking a handful to record for an EP so keep an eye out for that.  Also, a tour is on the books, as well as a limited release of Ninja Monkey merchandise for our fans.


Ninja Monkey are Cara (vocals, bass guitar), Paul (drums), Joe (guitar) and Owen (guitar).

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NZ Music News

BIG DAY OUT 2011 Second & Final Line-up Announcement

With over 40 amazing acts from home and around the world already on board it’s time to complete the picture of what’s in store for the 2011 BIG DAY OUT festival.

The Phoenix Foundation

Bret, that particularly witty fellow from Flight of the Conchords sums it up perfectly – “If Captain Cook was to explore the South Pacific in 2010, The Phoenix Foundation would be his greatest discovery.” It’s true; they’re definitely one of the hottest bands in the country right now, having just been named Best Group at the 2010 Vodafone NZ Music Awards.

Computers Want Me Dead

Computers Want Me Dead are a two-piece electro-synth pop band from Auckland consisting of Sam Harvey and Damien Daniels and delivering tasty box-loads of what they describe as “Erotic Pizza.”

Mt Eden Dubstep

MT EDEN DUBSTEP (comprising of Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner) are quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the local and international d’n’b and dubstep scenes.

Knives at Noon

From the deep, dark south of Dunedin soars a brand new band and the self proclaimed initiators of the 'doom pop' genre.

Luger Boa

These five handsome dudes with the choicest album/poster artwork this side of Rob Zombie are bringing their unique brand of glam/rock/pop to us lucky buggers at Big Day Out this year.

Bang Bang Eche

Fresh from touring the European festival circuit for three months, Bang Bang Eche are home for the summer while they work on a follow up to their Sonic Death Cuntttt EP.


Blending the mystical lyricism of writers like Townes Van Zandt and Gene Clark with an inborn flair for strong melodies and three-part harmony, The Unfaithful Ways music stays true to the age-old themes of “Love and loss and everything in between.”

Surf City

New York’s Oh My Rockness magazine wrote “New Zealand's Surf City are getting such big buzz that the hype has made its way halfway around the world.”

Tommy Ill

Tommy Ill, is a svelte yet metaphorically obese young man with a reputation for haphazard live sets and humorous tales that document the foibles of your average, slightly awkward fellow tackling the everyday issues of hangovers, heartache and bills.

Grayson Gilmour

Hailing from the thriving metropolis of Palmerston North, classical pianist Grayson Gilmour has been making solo records from his bedroom from the age of 16 and is the first artist to be signed to the relaunched Flying Nun label. 

Aural Trash

Aural Trash aka DJ’s Angela Fisken & Greg Churchill have been spreading their unique blend of dirty house, electro, breaks and bassline mayhem to the nations dancefloors for bloody ages.

Harry the Bastard

Harry the Bastard has recently relocated back to New Zealand after being based for many years in New York & London.

Three Houses Down

Three Houses Down is a 10-piece reggae band of irie-inspired neighbours, formed in 2004 and built on a strong choral tradition.


Not safe to be consumed by those who confuse Chris Brown with James Brown and Hip-Hop with what Nana went into hospital for. HomeBrew is dishwasher safe and contains twice the amount of Vitamin C as oranges.

Family Cactus

Family Cactus populate their multi–textured and hook–laden songs with a variety of characters and perspectives: from miners facing tragedy in crumbling coal towns to bored suburban teenage punks bent on petty destruction.

DJ Meltron

Meltron aka M-Tron Bomb has been a radio and club DJ for almost a decade.

The Earlybirds

From that North Shore hotbed of indie goodness – Devonport, comes this super young 5-piece soaring pop-rock outfit, THE EARLYBIRDS.


This motley bunch of globe-trotting geezers (with their own official question on the New Zealand version of hit board game Trivial Pursuits!), have spent the past year spread out across the universe entertaining themselves with random personal projects, however mid 2009 saw the band reconvene in Los Angeles to record what is undoubtedly the bands strongest offering yet.

Full Article
Big Day Out 2011 Feature
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Jim Beam Homegrown 2011 Final Announcement

If you want the absolute cream of Kiwi music there really is only one gig this summer... Jim Beam Homegrown. With 6 stages and 45 bands, New Zealand music doesn't get any better than this!

The festival has sold out every year and with a veritable feast of Kiwi music flowing out along the beautiful Wellington Waterfront, why wouldn't it?

Whatever your taste Jim Beam Homegrown has it covered. For more info and tickets check out http://www.homegrown.net.nz/

Jim Beam Rock Stage
- Blindspott - I Am Giant - The Feelers - Midnight Youth - Elemeno P - The Checks - Black River Drive

Vodafone Dub & Roots Stage
- Shapeshifter - TrinityRoots - Tiki & the Dub Soldiers - Katchafire - Six60 - Salmonella Dub - Downtown Brown - Jayson Norris

Vodafone Pop and RnB Stage
- Dane Rumble - J Williams - Nesian Mystik - Savage vs. Scribe - PNC - Kidz in Space - Ivy Lies - Motocade - Supermodel - DJ Logikal

Nokia Electronic Stage
- The Upbeats - State of Mind - Optimus Gryme - Dick Johnson - Tim Phin - Maya and Vanya - Clarke Gayford

Redbull Studio Live Stage
- The Clean - The Phoenix Foundation - Die! Die! Die! - Kids of 88 - Artisan Guns - The Ruby Suns - Family Cactus - Cairo Knife Fight - Coco Solid - Tommy ILL - DJ Lotion

Amphitheatre Stage
- 3 on 3 breakdancing - Sunshine Soundsystem - Brazilbeat Sound System - Jayson Norris

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Jim Beam Homegrown 2011 Feature
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Scratch 22 Wins Red Bull Thre3Style Comp

The national Red Bull Thre3Style finals reached high temperatures on Saturday night. 800 party goers crammed into 'The Studio' to witness New Zealand's finest DJ's face off in a bid to get the sea of people moving to their tunes.

Combining the Auckland regional's and National finals into one night, saw the crowd in for the long haul. The DJ's had their work cut out for them to get the crowd bouncing, but once they brought the goods, the ignition in the masses was obvious. The crowd would surge forward and cheer them on making it clear to the judges who knew exactly how to rock the party.

After 4 hours of party starting beats the Auckland Regional winner, Scratch 22, was also crowned New Zealand's top party rocker DJ after narrowly beating out the Wellington finalist, Alphabethead.

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Jazz Tui finalists announced

The three finalists for the best Jazz Album of 2010 have been announced and they include one musician who gets two shots at taking home a Tui.

Jazz drummer Reuben Bradley from Wellington is a finalist for his own second album “Resonator”. He also drums as a member of fellow finalist Tessa Quayle’s quartet on her debut album “Whisper Not”.

Christchurch’s Sumo Jazz quartet is the third finalist with the album “Throwing Salt”.

There’s also a new venue for the announcement of the 2010 Jazz Album of the Year with the Tui being presented at the 2011 National Jazz Festival in Tauranga next Easter.

April’s 2011 National Jazz Festival in Tauranga is in its 49th year and in 2010 attracted a 60,000-plus audience over the five days of Easter.

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NZ Music Awards Official Website

Decknology 2010 Grand Champion Announced

The Concrete Club was heaving at the Decknology grand finals, where the top 5 DJs who made through the grueling heats and semis battled it out infront of a tightly packed but amping crowd. At the end, one man remained and that man was Thanks.

The quality of mixing and track selection throughout the whole competition this year was incredibly high and had the judges sweating, with some of Christchurch’s finest DJ talent competing. A large number of entrants saw an eclectic array of styles and genres which only served to make for an amazing event, where Thanks was crowned Grand Champion 2010, with his unique mix of hip hop and dubstep, combined with mad turntablism skills.

Thanks will receive an Akai APC40 and full version of Ableton live 8 thanks to the Rockshop, plus promotional mentoring and campaign thanks to CHART, a free PA hire for a gig thanks to the Greenhorn Company, a set at the M*A*S*S*I*V*E 15TH anniversary gig, and his name blazing forever on the Terminator – RDU’s DJ trophy of glory!

Full Article

Roundup 2010 Grand Champion Announced

This year’s competition saw an exceptionally fierce battle with a record number of bands entered – a whopping 60 signed up which made the heats incredibly busy but very entertaining. In the end there can only be one band left standing and that band is four piece garage punk band: The Guest. They will join the ranks of previous Roundup winners such as

The Tiger Tones, Bang! Bang! Eche!, Shapeshifter, The O’Lovelies, The Deceivers, Heavy Jones Trio, P Bass Expressway and 2009 overall winner; Sleep Age.

Next step for The Guest will be recording a single with the crew at Tandem Studios, with the track being mastered by Ben Edwards from the Sitting Room. Once it’s sounding slick, the people at Little Sister Films will shoot a music video to help promote it further. The Guest will also receive $1500 credit thanks to the Rockshop, a live mastered recording of their winning performance thanks to MAINZ and Tandem Studios, a promo photo session with Dean Mackenzie photography, poster run for an upcoming gig thanks to Phantom Billstickers, management membership and mentoring thanks to Music Managers Forum, a live to air over the b.net from Auckland’s Red Bull studios and finally promotional support and mentoring thanks to CHART… all well deserved!

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Shapeshifter Remix Competition

This summer, Shapeshifter are offering a unique opportunity to all the talented producers out there.

Hot off the back of an acclaimed series of UK and European performances in support of The System Is A Remix through prestigious English drum and bass label Hospital Records, Shapeshifter will release their remix album locally in January 2011 under the title System Remix.
To complete the release of System Remix, Shapeshifter seek a final remix of 'Longest Day' to showcase alongside a stellar series of re-imaginings of songs off The System Is A Vampire from Kiwi bass music figureheads including The Upbeats, State of Mind and Pacific Heights, and a handful of respected English and European drum and bass producers which includes Netsky, Logistics, B-Complex, Camo + Krooked and UK hip-hop legends The Nextmen.

To level the playing field, Shapeshifter are holding a competition to find this remix. Name recognition and reputation have no bearing on the outcome here.

The remix competition opens on 1 December 2010 and runs until 5pm Friday 7th January 2011.  All details and stems for the 'Longest Day' remix can be found on www.shapeshifter.co.nz

Catch Shapeshifter live on tour around the country this December and January.

Tour Dates:

26 & 27 December @ Mangawhai Tavern
29 December @ Opononi Hotel, Hokianga
31 December @ Coromandel Gold, Whitianga – SOLD OUT
2 January @ Riwaka Hotel, Motueka
3 January @ Butler’s Reef, Taranaki
7 January @ Brewer’s Stadium, Mount Maunganui
8 January @ Waihi Beach Hotel

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David Dallas Partners With American Hip Hop Label Duck Down

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Well, rapper David Dallas has already made his mark overseas in his native New Zealand. Now the half-Samoan MC has inked a P&D and marketing deal with Duck Down Music and looks to conquer hip-hop’s birthplace.

“Most of the artists that I look up to and like come from America,” says Dallas, whose 2009 album Something Awesome reached No. 1 on New Zealand’s iTunes chart. “I want to do stuff that’s to the level of American artists, but I don’t want to lose my identity and I don’t think I do.”

The unique deal that Dallas signed with Duck Down is in conjunction with Dawn Raid Entertainment LLC and Dirty Management. David has been signed to Dirty Records/Management since 2005. Dawn Raid and Dirty Management are two iconic international Hip-Hop labels based in Auckland, New Zealand. The prolific labels have released Gold and Platinum selling records for over 15 years in the Asia/pacific territory with marquee artists Savage, Scribe, P-Money and Deceptikonz. Collectively the labels have sold over 3 Million records worldwide across 50 releases. 

After the single “Swing,” by Samoan rapper Savage broke the Billboard 100 in 2008 and was subsequently certified 2xs platinum by the RIAA in 2009, Dawn Raid Entertainment and Dirty Management set their sights on establishing their brand of international Hip-Hop in North America. David Dallas is the first priority act under the new P&D and Marketing deal with Duck Down Music.

Duck Down Music is an independent Hip-Hop label and Music Marketing Company based in New York City, which just celebrated its 15-year anniversary.  The label is home to authentic Hip Hop Acts such as 9th Wonder & Buckshot, Pharoahe Monch, Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun, Sean Price and Skyzoo to name a few.  As a brand Duck Down has released over 35 albums and sold over 3 million records collectively.

Full Article

Upcoming Releases and Videos

Sleeping Dogs Reduce The Myth Behind Their Much Anticipated Album

North Shore Pony Club release hot new video for ‘Sex, Drugs & A Drum Machine’

Little Monster Studio presents 'A Very Little Christmas'

Auckland’s adopted sons, THE MIDNIGHTS, release their much-awaited debut, Outside

Upcoming Tours and Gigs

Christmas Comes Early Feat: Cobra Khan, Black Tuesday, Gatherer, Out Of Step

Motocade's EP Release Shows

An Unprecidented Night Of Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

Off The Record Live! The Very Best Of Kiwi Rock Radio

MGMT to return to NZ for 2 very special shows!

Jimmy Eat World to play in NZ for the first time ever!

Electric Wire Hustle Returns to NZ

ZOWIE Announces First Auckland Shows

Guitar Legend Santana Announces 2 NZ Shows

Six60 and I Am Giant Summer Mash Up!!

Moonshiners Festival



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    Future And Metro Boomin feat. Kendrick Lamar
    Ariana Grande
    Noah Kahan
    Fred Again.. And Baby Keem
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