13 Apr 2024

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Electric Tapestry - Gig Review: Electric Tapestry @ Meow, Wellington - 14/12/2023

15 Dec 2023 // A review by Sharne Molloy-Turpin

Electric Tapestry takes traditional rock and adds a revitalised soundwave of numerous styles. What I first observed was how well-bound the band was on stage as they were equipped and prepared to showcase their harmonies, rhythms and styles. Last Thursday I got to see what Electric Tapestry had to offer at Meow. I had not previously heard of Electric Tapestry, and the band had a gratifying charm including their post-rock sound. Post-rock doesn't conform or allow itself to be defined by a strict format which I find most appealing. With this in mind, the band also add some metal sound, a hint of 70's rock and roll, and 80's magic. Which is a lot to offer their audience. It reflects how they are inspired by great artists and bands such as The Beach Boys, Ladysmith, and Van Halen. I think they benefit from balancing fresh and familiar. And it’s all because of the collective talents of Aaron (guitar) Alex (bass) Geoff (guitar, vocals) Nick (guitar, vocals) Paul (drums). Electric Tapestry mimics a New Zealand version of Radiohead with a personal touch of Dunedin's sound.

With an affectionate crowd of supporters, Electric Tapestry held our attention at Meow. They were attached to support their headlining band Melting Faces along with This Silent Divide, Voodoo Bloo and Underwire. The other supporting acts were delightfully congenial to Electric Tapestry. I have seen This Silent Divide perform before, and when I found out they were also on the list of performances I had a good sense of how the night was going to go. This is due to their ability to provide the same fast-paced energy and clear uphold of rhythm.

Voodoo Bloo mirrored the other bands by providing the same vitality. But with this band, there was a personal hint of Indie rock and Alternative Rock. Voodoo Bloo are a young witty band with a beyond-their-years stage presence. We as an audience were hyped because of the vernacular language coming from the stage between each song. It’s beneficial and more positive when a band (especially supporting) can interact well with the audience. My plus-one also mentioned the guitarists were particularly powerful.

The main act Melting Faces showed their legendary hard rock sound. They gave a warm welcome under the red and blue lights and began their psychedelic funk. It makes sense the band is Wellington-based as their music has a positive eccentric nature to it. With a lot of produced music in their pockets, they showed us what they had to offer with the capacity to use their instruments and mixture of styles. Underwire was also at the show, and they played alt-rock like they had a distinct goal to have fun. On doing research I found they write and develop their songs to be catchy, fun and uplifting. This transitioned to the stage with a real punch, and I could tell that the note stating that Underwire has hundreds of gigs under their belt was soulfully true.

Back to Electric Tapestry, Each member had a nonchalant presence while standing in front of the iconic bookshelf stage. It showed their ability to have an awareness and presence for the audience to engage with. Even during set up they had fun on the guitars. In a way, the band contrasted the venue's aesthetic but certainly belonged at Meow. The classical paintings and vintage mirrors could have smashed in the best way due to the guitar work of Aaron, Alex, Geoff and Nick.

Before seeing how comfortable the band was on stage, I found their discography. Their most prominent work was an EP called Adrift. This band is best appreciated by seeing them from a stage because they have an additional experience than just their music. Post-rock seems to always be amplified when amongst the energy of a crowd.

What I liked most was that they had familiar Rock but with a funk rhythm that carried the flow of each of the instruments. For example, the drums provided a sound similar to Nevada. This is the kind of band you expect to see at Meow, and it gets rock enthusiasts excited. Electric Tapestry has the strength of a well-rounded rock band and can produce even more, I just know it.

Photo Credit: Colin McLellan


About Electric Tapestry

Created out of a desire to combine the atmospherics of post rock with the immediacy and sensibilities of pop, Electric Tapestry weave together a wide range of elements from a variety of genres to achieve a unique sound.

Three very different guitar players founded the band out of frustration with their previous musical groups, and decided to fully utilise their numerous effects pedals to create rhythmic noises, echoing harmonies and sonic washes to fill their soundscape. Riding atop this wave of sound can be heard familiar melodies from music originating from disparate styles across the decades of rock.

The shimmering Dunedin jangle sound is often utilised, in combination with occasional funk rhythms. Meanwhile, vocal lines that are reminiscent of South African pop can be heard from either of the two vocalists, only to be interrupted by layers of warm fuzz, crystalline blues lines à la David Gilmour, or a heavy metal lead guitar lead. The band is inspired by groups as diverse as The Beach Boys, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, King Crimson, Genesis, Van Halen, Radiohead; not to mention New Zealand bands such as Crowded House, The Chills and Straitjacket Fits.

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The Origins EP
Year: 2021
Type: EP

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