27 Feb 2024

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Junior Junior - EP Review: In the Light

30 Oct 2023 // A review by Sharne Molloy-Turpin

The sound of Junior Junior belongs to a summer night gig in Aotearoa. The band grew their talent in Hawkes Bay and Tamaki Makaurau and with pleasure, they sound reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys. The band consist of four excellent musicians with lead singer Sione Roberts, bass guitarist Tuva'a Clifton, lead guitarist James Butler, and drummer Dan McDonald. What gives the band a unique sound is their fusion of surf rock, soft rock, and funk rock. Furthermore, they have a heartwarming element of heritage by also mixing Samoan and Maori styles of music. On their new EP In the Light they have some enthralling melodies and songs that have emotional storytelling.

Don’t Walk Away is the single to celebrate the EP and the chorus is catchy with the exact elements you want from a good pop rock song. The emergence of the drums holds its rhythm extraordinarily to match the beat of each guitar strum. As well as some echoes of background vocals that add depth to the sound and create a spacey atmosphere.

In the Light has a 70’s disco undertone with a mix of classic rock, like it belongs in an underground bar with extensive music enthusiasts. I believe what establishes the power of this song is the rhythm that the guitars seem to guide.

My favourite song from the trio is Revenge. The narrative and perspective share a trail of thoughts and feelings. “What a pity, what a shame…why I did this to you, I don’t understand.” I’m particularly captivated by the robust intro which is then followed by a tone change to flow into the lyrics.

The lyrics of all three songs are distinct and very palatable. It leaves room for the opportunity for the band to develop a full album. Possibly in moments a restrictive formula was used for their rock sound, but there’s a clear itch to be all the rarer in their sound and lyrics. Their talent paints their sound with the ability to unite techniques from the rock genre. I can see these guys having plans for the future with great music projects and hopefully an album soon.


About Junior Junior

Junior Junior is an upcoming Auckland four-piece band. With influences ranging from indie rock, to jazz, to R&B, along with a couple of nods to bands like LAB along the way; Junior Junior is sure to get you moving.

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In The Light
Year: 2023
Type: EP

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