21 Feb 2024

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Furniss Brothers - Album Review: Drift Away

08 Dec 2023 // A review by Chris Chick

The Furniss Brothers comes to us with the 12-track album Drift Away, which is really apropos to how my mind felt whilst listening to this beauty. I am not going to lie, at one point I was so relaxed, I feared my heart had stopped. This caused me to have a quick heart engaging running on the spot session to revitalise me.

The Lakeside (3rd song on the album) really caught my ear with a very cool sounding guitar groove through most of the 2nd half of the song. If anything, these guys have really perfected the art of slick sounding grooves that pitch perfectly with a range of different instruments, to say I am a little jealous of their musical prowess is an understatement.

Let's Plant A Tree (5th song) Naturally I gravitated to this song for its title as a tree hugger myself. It had a very beatlesque, hippie feel to it. A vibe I was hoping for and got with a song title as stated. It is amazing how different people gravitate.

Relative Calm (8th song) I really liked this instrumental piece, it is only just over two minutes long but fits very nicely into the whole album. It does not distort the mood of the album but certainly evokes a new mindful reaction from me, the listener. In a very cognitive way, it actually made me more excited to find out what will be coming next.

Sing Sang Sung (Bonus Track) is a cover of the French duo Air hit from 2009, like all good albums, having a cover that does the original justice, is always a welcomed bonus. Just like sitting down for your Sunday roast, and out comes your mother with the gravy to complete the meal, how could you not smile. If you are a fan of Neil Young, their cover of Don't Let It Bring You Down is also a very good take.

This has been my first exposure to this band and my first impressions are one of really good musicians who know how to put together a tight, wonderful sounding album. They should be as pleased as a child who has just managed to figure out the padlock code on the lolly box. The album brims with a lot of poignant lyrics and notions of a peaceful existence which should never be overlooked, especially in the times we find ourselves in the present day. A pat on the back for this timely album and a very strong B+ from me, your headmaster, this of course is not true but please do enjoy the symbolism.


About Furniss Brothers

Auckland musician and songwriter Ben Furniss (vocals, guitars, keyboards, production/engineering) formally of 60's tinged popsters Superturtle and Alt Country groups Broken Heartbreakers and White Swan Black Swan as well as Surrealistic, takes a diversion from singing in Psych Surf Trio Shady Brain Farm to produce albums, with Melbourne based sibling Matthew Furniss (drums and percussion, production) as a side step from Ben's main band Shady Brain Farm.

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Drift Away
Year: 2023
Type: Album

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